The Tuesday Tittering: The big knobs of climate control

Josh writes:

The latest posts on ENSO influence made me think of a cartoon.



Another paper blames ENSO for global warming pause, calling it ‘… a major control knob governing Earth’s temperature.’

‘Mind blowing paper’ blames ENSO for Global Warming Hiatus


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Jimmy Haigh

“Climate scientists”. Definitely not the sharpest tools in the drawer…

David Ball

Love the “Spinal Tap” reference Josh !!

Lance Wallace

The other unknown climate control computers fading into infinity (beyond the Sun) is a stroke of comedic genius.

Thanks, Josh.
A picture worht a thousand words!

Love it!


That’s the Spinal Tap reference…

Eric in SDCA

Is this the reason EPA has announced controls on water vapour emissions?

Janice Moore

Control Freaks. NICE JOB! You say so much with just a little ink and a few lines.
Love the body language of each pitiful little freak. I can just hear them, “Hmmmm….. the Sun….. .”
“Uuuuuuuuuuh, hm.”
“Ooooooh, well, hm.”
“Now, (ahem). What’s this do?”
etc, etc….. #(:))


Nice! Will they add a Late Breaking News section to the IPCC report?

Louis Hooffstetter

“Climate scientist” is my new favorite oxymoron.


Water vapor goes to 11. Well done…


Looked, and laughed.
Read comments, re-looked, and laughed again.
More comments – another look – and another laugh!
A lovely – and deep – artwork.
Many thanks indeed for brightening my evening here in England. Greatly appreciated.

Love it! One of your best cartoons ever! I also like the several sun controls on the side.


And, because it’s so good, have added it to the pictures that appear on my desktop.


I also like the fact that the CO2 knob is the smallest, but is getting the most attention…


…and the CO2 knob appears to only adjust in one direction…

Kevin Lohse

One sketch shows that Josh has a better understanding of the warmists than any psychologist, I for one am glad to be on his side.

Pamela Gray

My mind went completely in another direction and my first thought was, “Oh Josh you didn’t!” He didn’t.

chris y

Speaking of amusing connecting of the dots, this just in-
Seth Borenstein reports on Sept 3, 2013 that a new study finds that financial stress monopolizes thinking, resulting in a temporary loss of 13 IQ points. Someone from Harvard is involved, so it is not to be questioned.
This is a stunning result. Think of the IQ loss when people are stressed about something much more dire, like catastrophic climate change and dirty weather and flaming faucets and 400 ppm and an underwater west side highway!!!!! I suspect there may be a ‘tipping point’, where runaway IQ loss takes over, and otherwise smart people start chaining themselves to gates and fences.
This helps to explain the empirical observations of David Roberts who wrote, back in October 2011, that “those who strongly support climate action do not do so because they’ve been rationally persuaded; in fact, they tend to be quite ignorant of the scientific details.”

Tom G(ologist)
Richards in Vancouver

But shouldn’t there be a control knob for hurricanes?
Going up to 6, of course?


Would James Hansen be one of the ‘knobs’?


Tom G(ologist) says:
September 3, 2013 at 12:12 pm


The Great Glowball Warming Scam & Scheme Walk Back has begun.
Gore, Suzuki, Mann, Trenberth, Hansen and the all the rest . . . there is still time if you begin you own personal “Do the Walk Back” to attempt to salvage something of a decent reputation, a step in the right direction to salvaging your damaged and lost careers.
But you have to get on the Walk Back Train now.
Just admit you were wrong, apologize for the $$$$$Trillions wasted around the globe on useless greenie CO2 scams and beg for forgiveness.

Kevin Kilty

A knob that goes to eleven. Recycled from some old rocker’s sound board.


One more item is needed in the cartoon: As a contrast to the befuddled warmists pondering the large, outdated mainframes, the cartoon needs to include Anthony, sitting in the foreground, typing away on his laptop, updating his blog!

Pamela Gray

Tom, that is FUNNY!!!! The vaporous mechanism. In a nut shell. Lines one (CO2 folks) and two (solar folks), please read.

John West

I especially like that the sun has multiple components.
Well done!


“Well, it’s one louder, isn’t it? It’s not ten”

D Matteson

The CO2 knob reminds me of the heater control knob on an early 1950’s VW.
You could turn it all the way on but still get very little heat.

Gunga Din

Maybe it needs a PR knob? Its gauge should be red-lined. 😎

Lewis P Buckingham

Anthony Watts says:
September 3, 2013 at 11:36 am
Using the mark one eyeball it goes to thirteen if the dial goes all the way round.


Who’s the scientist on the right?

Follow the Money

I think some of our US govt. “climate scientists” are behind the “evidence” of the mysteriously very under-evidenced chem “attack.” They implicitly sound like this cartoon above. No security agency is lending its name to the “evidence.” The “evidence” is based on gut feelings, and a viewing of videos on youtube. It’s “meta-anaylsis!” Meta-analysis for war! Oh, and maybe some detections of chemicals from chemical fertilizers and food nitrites.
I think it’s really about something personal…maybe the govt. doesn’t want another loss from the Syr. rebels after we failed to save our MB allies in Egypt. Or Team America just can’t figure out when the next info dump on Benghazi is coming out…maybe they thought it was going to come out last week, and when it didn’t…delay. But the science behind their presentations is such a joke. It is so bad, an insecure CNN is overheating its calls for war. “We are beyond the facts that there was a chemical attack.” That sounds just like the “the science is settled” b.s. line in climate science.

D Matteson

“Who’s the scientist on the right?”
I think it’s Roy Spencer.


Va Pour = Will Pour.
The scientist to the right is peering at the sunny side.

John F. Hultquist

Josh is perceptive and talented. Thanks.
D Matteson says:
September 3, 2013 at 1:17 pm
“The CO2 knob reminds me of the heater control knob on an early 1950′s VW.
You could turn it all the way on but still get very little heat.

You got heat ? !


The ‘face” of Earth Climate machine is a big “Face”. The gauges at top are the eyes and the water vapor dial is a giant mouth ready to gobble those naive little climate scientists up!


On my ’74 TR 6 when I turned the heater on, all the radiator fluid would leak out around the heater control valve. LOL Too bad the money to support the AGW folks doesn’t” leak out” when we expose them.

Pedantic old Fart

The top dial reading should be “unprecedented”.

Jimmy Haigh says:
September 3, 2013 at 11:25 am

“Climate scientists”. Definitely not the sharpest tools in the drawer…

Apparently, neither are some building designers…

EXPERTS yesterday said the hot ray of light reflected by the Walkie Talkie is on an “unprecedented” scale – as City A.M. found the heat on Eastcheap in mid-afternoon is hitting 70°C.
“I’m flabbergasted,” said Dr Philip Oldfield, an expert in tall buildings at the University of Nottingham’s Department of Architecture, who warned other parts of London could be hit by the light beam.
“At street level it’s unprecedented. The scary thing is that the light won’t always be on that part of the street. The sun angle will change through the next weeks and months – and in the winter the localised hotspot will have moved substantially.”
The Walkie Talkie casts an unnatural light on the street belowThe Walkie Talkie casts an unnatural light on the street belowThe Walkie Talkie casts an unnatural light on the street belowCity workers shield themselves from the ray of light
©City A.M. / Laura Lean
Yesterday City A.M. revealed how the curved shape of the building at 20 Fenchurch Street – now dubbed the Walkie Scorchie – is focussing an ultra-bright ray of light that has even melted parts of parked cars.

John Trigge

I want the t-shirt.

Ted Clayton

John West @ September 3, 2013 at 12:55 pm
“I especially like that the sun has multiple components.”
Those are vertical sliders, set progressively lower, like an audio-fade. ‘Down, down, down’.

“Love the “Spinal Tap” reference Josh !!”
Could someone explain that to me please?


I see that they still haven’t found the “Sun Control” yet!


Excellent! A highlight of grad school at Stanford was the annual Xmas bash, where the students wreaked anonymous revenge on their advisors. One year, for a petrology prof a bit-too-fond of models, the students built a “datas” machine that was all levers and dials and knobs, and produced endless rolls of narrow paper filled with numbers…….. Thanks Josh for the memories!

Owen in GA

markstoval says:
September 3, 2013 at 4:28 pm
“Love the “Spinal Tap” reference Josh !!”
Could someone explain that to me please?

Look up “This is Spinal Tap” on IMDB, a cult classic mockumentary about the lives of a made up rock band called Spinal Tap. More would be saying too much.


The layers of satire, innuendo, and crushing reality are divinely inspired. Coming from an atheist I think I have had a conversion.
Priceless clarity.


Josh, my friend, you are good, very good.