Canadian Government: "consider the gendered impacts of climate change"

Catherine McKenna

Catherine McKenna. By US Embassy Canada – Flickr, CC BY 2.0, Link

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Catherine McKenna, Canadian minister for the Environment and Climate Change is training “woman negotiators” to combat global warming.

Canadian Climate Minister Urges Attention to the ‘Gendered Impacts’ of Climate Change

by THOMAS D. WILLIAMS, PH.D. 10 Mar 20183407

Canada’s Minister of Environment and Climate Change is urging environmental activists to address the “gendered impacts” of climate change, especially its effects on women and girls.

In a recent post on Twitter, Catherine McKenna, the 47-year-old Trudeau appointee from Canada’s Liberal Party, called on followers to “consider the gendered impacts of climate change on women, girls and children” while praising Canada’s leadership in training “women negotiators” in the fight against manmade global warming.

Apparently, at least in the minister’s mind, the weather is now waging its own “war on women.”

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I am shocked by the narrow minded gender insensitivity displayed by Catherine’s comment.

How can you possibly consider the gendered impacts of climate change without also considering the transgendered impacts of climate change? Why restrict the training program to women negotiators when there are so many other under-represented genders? Of course I am using the word transgendered in its broadest sense, no offence intended to people who identify as perigender, vapogender or any of the constantly growing list of other genders.


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The climate’s “war on women” is as ephemeral as the moon’s impact on the typical honeymoon.


That’s a relief as its now Women made global warming. Lol.


Headline – World ends tonight – WOMEN AND MINORITIES HARDEST HIT!!!!


Well, they invented hot flashes, didn’t they???


I heard it was the manufacture of Blond Catherine McKenna Barbie dolls working 24/7 over little computer’s to calculate Climate models favorable to the green blob vision, that are contributing to the woman made climate change disruption and that nasty Co2 presently ravaging Canada!
Warning Ban on all Co2 Fizzy drinks coming soon to all insane nations soon!!!!

The Expulsive

We are dealing with a government here that seems to be more concerned with the ephemeral nature of many things, which like shiny objects attract their attention for the purposes of a headline or virtue signalling. When they don’t achieve what they spoke of, they quietly move on to a new message signaling their commitment to some other virtue and hope no-one remembers. In trade they talk about the same importance, resulting in rejection by places like China. In internal trade they fail to uphold the need to trade what we have to trade, letting the Marxist leadership of BC dance its happy dance.

John Harmsworth

As a Canadian it’s embarrassing but on the other hand they apparently have a constituency for this intellectual tripe. However, Justin is down a fair bit in the polls and a recent national survey says 70% of Canadians think we should have balanced budgets. I cling to hope but he’ll probably win the next election, maybe with a minority.


The problem with a balanced budget is that most people think it should be balanced by raising taxes, on other people, and by cutting subsidies, used by other people.

F. Leghorn

They aren’t worried about anyone remembering their previous lies. After all – we’ve always been at war with Eastasia.

Nicely said RockyRoad:))


Shouldn’t she be at home raising children or something? Canaduh is lead by women and children.
It’s how every civilisation eventually destroys itself. The men give up and say ” meh, why bother”


Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.


Canada’s Trudeau:
“No country would find 173 billion barrels of oil in the ground and leave them there”.

Paul r

Let’s face it we men are just bastards that are responsible for everything that’s wrong with the world. Well us and divorce lawyers

Tom in Florida

Yeah but god made us that way so why blame us. That’s my excuse and I am sticking with it.


Marriage, the only reason for divorce lawyers.


Research has shown that 97% of divorce cases involved marriage. Correlation or causation?


Sorry, it is only the tiny minority of men who are of Western European origin who are bastards. Don’t you know that none of the other men of the world are ever sexist, racist or damaging to the environment. I know that must be true because every single day CBC interviews people who assure me that Canada is the worst place in the world. They only moved here to save us from ourselves.


Yep, you would be very hard pressed to find an African-American that is sexist, and/or treats women poorly, in any way at all.

Will they ever put a cork in it?

M.W. Plia.

Not anytime soon Steve.
It’s rather amazing. In Ontario (where I live) and the rest of Canada our educated, political, media and corporate elites do not publically question Al Gore’s alarmist AGW narrative.
Other than places like WUWT I’ve yet to witness a detached and reasoned explanation of the uncertainties surrounding the issue. IMHO the deception has infected the whole planet.


‘ educated ‘ !!!!!!!!

Gerry, England

Being a complete moron seems to be very helpful for a career in Canadian government.

Tom Halla

But they are rather good looking dull-normals. to use a later euphemism.


Not just the Canadian government.


The fitting title is morosoph: n. a learned fool.
Lots of knowledge with no sense on how to apply it.

Colin Peterson

it’s not that bad. Mulroney said she was going to cancel the carbon tax. I bet Doug Ford will do the same. his platform is not out yet, but he mentioned Tanya Allen in his speech, and she is more conservative than Mulroney Tanya is endorsed by Brad Trost who openly declares global warming to be a hoax. so with Tanya a certain in the new government Ontario may become more climate change denier than Trump.

M.W. Plia.

You may be right Colin. Hopefully Ford will bring some long needed balance to the discussion of the importance of “The Green Energy Act” and the logic may spread to the rest of the country.
Ontario is one of the best (worst?) examples (per capita) of the $damage man-made global warming alarmists can do. A fiscal boondoggle of waste unmatched in Canadian history.
And it’s approaching $100 billion so electricity prices can only go up. Shutting down coal (even though our air quality was and remains superb), refurbishing old nukes (that should have been de-commissioned), building huge, costly wind and solar parks with the necessary and also costly conventional back-up and finally, the excess power from wind, solar and nuclear sold to the spot market for a fraction….total $fiasco and no reason for it.
All they had to do was keep the coal going, shut down the old nukes and hook up to Quebec’s abundant hydro power…but what do I know?….instead double digit $billions of debt….madness, just madness.

Ontario (with one of the best environmental records in the world/one of the worst environmental records in Canada) is 97% made up of pristine wilderness. Along with the rest of Canada, Ontario has the most to gain from a little warming. Yet they are doing untold harm to their economy in a hopeless attempt to curb warming. It is the offspring of the guilt complex of the wealthy.


Climate Barbie is yet again showing her insanity.


now it’s clear to me. everything bad in the world comes from CO2 and everything good comes from vagina.


Half right… maybe.


No this is straight out of the ICC playbook from the last COP meeting. I commented at the time it was strange the whole gender push to climate change.

Komrade Kuma

Climate Barbie is the perfect ( I initially typed ‘pertfect’ now isn’t that ironic) companion to your Ken doll PL. I just loved his excruciatingly sycophantic ‘dress ups’ during his Indiaa trip. At first I thought the pics just must have been Photoshopped but no they were real. OMG, he is like some 14 yo who was awarded “PM for a week” for beeing soooo pretty. Have we seen anything like this since the floating world of Versailles in the 18th century or do we have to go back to first century AD Rome and Caligula or Nero?


George Carlin said:
“You know how stupid the average person is, right? Well, half of them are stupider than that!”

George Carlin – on global warming alarmists (warning – language)

I agree. Ken is just as ravaged by global warming.

Mickey Reno

Maybe not. She’s living it up in Cancun in late winter, on the taxpayer’s dime. Nice work if you can get it.
Meanwhile, the Brietbart article quotes another snowflake woman living it up on the Mexican Riviera that’s just too funny that I must quote it here:

Environmental activist Leehi Yona has written that climate change is connected to an array of issues spanning from transgender justice to immigration reform.
Writing in The Nation, Ms. Yona denounced the President for his appointment of a string of “climate-change deniers” before expounding her own theory of the centrality of climate change in understanding every other issue.
“Climate change isn’t just about the planet. It’s about justice: racial, social, socioeconomic, reproductive, and environmental,” she wrote. “It’s about immigration reform, LGBTQIA+ rights, and religious freedom.”
“I find myself unable to think of climate change on its own,” Yona writes.


I believe she does not like being called that, even tho that who she looks like and is maid with a plastic personality. Perhaps she is one of these new fangled robots w AI I keep seeing stories about. A woman like that makes me head for hills.


The Lettuce, Bacon, Gherkin, Tomato sandwich needs consideration.

Ron Long

Paddy, you forgot Q, which I think stands for Queso, or cheese in Spanish. Around 80% of Canadians live within 150 miles of the USA border, why they don’t want ti to warm up so they can spread out a little is beyond me.


Lettuce, Bacon, Gherkin and Tomato Quiche.

Another Doug

Leftover Bacon, Gravy and Tabasco Quail


Canadians being upset by global warming, man-made or not, is in keeeping with our national objective to be economic failures. Based on that objective, Climate Barbie is the “man” for the job.

I may have posted this before but it fits here better.
For seventy-five winters I have grown old
But seldom have seen a New Year so cold
Supposed to be warmer I’ve heard them say
Was not very obvious, this New Year’s Day
To fight climate change we have to pay
Taxes on heat to keep winter at bay
It’s becoming a sin to drive to the store
Cause driving our car will make it warm more
Excuse me for saying I think it’s a crock
Our leaders only tell lies when they talk
I think it is funny a Canuck can be told
We have to pay more to make it stay cold

Jeff Labute

I find “B” for “bi” perplexing since it refers to Male and Female, and not gender. Once we convert Bi to mean gender, then we will get an infinite number of variations… example, we now must add ‘Tri’, and ‘Quad’, which add more gender categories/letters so now we have to add ‘Quint’ and ‘Sex’ which is more gender categories and therefore more combinations of genders you can be attracted to… and so on. There could be some people who are dodeca… attracted to 12 different genders. Counting the days to the end of the liberal reign.


Wow, I was really out of touch with the choice of “genders” we have these days. It’s better than the choice of self-mixed paints at your local DIY shop.

“Biogender: a gender that feels connected to nature in some way”

Jeezus, we even have something that “feels” related to nature? Maybe that is just there to cater for the odd freak who still thinks gender has something to do with biology and the reason we are on the planet and not politics.
Hey, I’m a biogender ( dick’n’balls flavour ) !! I feel so much better now I know who I really am !


I have a mate who is at the Non PC end of the spectrum and he is seeking to be recognized as a toaster for his gender. He figures if these idiots want to open things up that wide he is going to take the mickey out of them.

Roger Graves

Don’t forget sprenchgender, which encompasses those of us whose gender is defined by an all-consuming passion for sprocket wrenches. And by the way, we absolutely insist on our own pronouns, which as I’m sure you all know, are zhing, whang and b’dong.

Tom in Florida

What about the Honeymoon Sandwich? You know, lettuce alone.

John Darrow

‘lettuce’ alone – I like that!

I found the perfect loon to lead the charge.


Hi Max,
A long time have I watched this one and I must confess that I no longer think she believes what she says (any more anyway).
Just an intuition.
It’s like she has just found a niche that pays well and sheer cynicism keeps her going at this point post-red-pill.


Wow , that is one seriously dumb bitch. Not the slightest idea of how stupid you sound saying the majority on people in a country are “still the minority” ( despite being in the majority ).
If women want to be treated equally they really need to stop talking this kind of decisive, hypocritical shite.


When men hand the leadership to the women folk, this is what happens. Every. Time.
Next, they lower the voting age and by proxy, women hand the reigns over to the teenagers.
Eventually you get a 16 y.o. PM. Seriously, you think that can’t happen, when men give up?

Doug in Calgary

Conservatives want you punished if you break the law… the left want you punished because they think you might break the law.


Ha! Love it!


Or might not be enthusiastic enough in obeying the law.


I think she’s a trans-girafe. Look at her neck. Can the blood rise up there?

Tom in Florida

Apparently not.

John Darrow

Uh yes – osmois


Did you get the part where Tucker asks her about men opening doors for women, and she replies that opening doors for some women would be considered abuse and NOT opening doors for other women would be considered abuse, too!
So are women going to be required to put signs on their forehead indicating their preference, or will we just have to avoid women altogether?
I can see two types of signs:
“Open a door and I sue, buddy”
“Failure to Open a door and I sue, buddy”.
Talk about abject, pure, and unadulterated INSANITY! (Although I nearly laughed until my sides ached at that contradiction.)
And that’s not the first time this woman has be-clowned herself on Tucker Tonight.
Yet I must digress: should I call her a “wo-person” because the word “woman” contains that nasty word “man”? Or has “man” suddenly become the exclusive domain of the feminine gender and those of us with an extra appendage must find another word; perhaps “mo-person”, but I’m just guessing: There’s no logic with insanity.
These people are circling the drain and they’re dragging everybody else down with them.

John Harmsworth

How about locking the door so she can’t get in? What’s she gonna say about that?


“There is no logic with insanity”. Why then, do we keep engaging with them? Just ignore them.
I once held a door for a female coming along behind me. She started with the “What are you doing? I can open my own doors, thank you.” My reply was ” So sorry. I thought I was dealing with a lady. Obviously I was mistaken.”

Richard of NZ

No the word person includes the word “son” which is male sexist. To use a non-sexist made-up word perhaps wo-per-offspring would suit. Wo-child is no good because child is usually ageist.

Wopeople, to follow Justin’s rules.

Gunga Din

Abolish the word “Mailman”?
What would she replace it with?
What a kook.
PS Why is it that anyone who disagrees with what the (US) left is promoting is filled “hate” or has a “phobia”?
How “inclusive” is that?
Would this gal send everyone to jail that is allergic to nuts? 😎

Coeur de Lion

I feel harassed. Who do I sue ?

Since 2017 when a pressure group successfully lobbied the Canadian parliament, you no longer “sue”, you now “kevin”. It was thought that the verb “to sue” was oppressing women of that name because of its unpleasant connotations.
That said, I don’t know who you should kevin about this.


As this woman seems to discriminate against men, I’m not sure.


You sue everyone and often apparently for gender bias.


My wife used to get mad at me when we would be driving along and I would see some people along side of the road and say “They obviously should not be allowed to breed”. She doesn’t anymore.


So the people along side of the road are breeding and your wife would like to unsee? I’m sorry I’m not getting your message.


Obviously u have berated her into submission. the poor dove.


I’m sure Saudi Arabia would be very receptive to being told off by them and ordered to cease pumping out all that sexist carbon poison.
Go girls!.
Just popping out for some popcorn……

John V. Wright

The Labour party in the UK – the right-on home of all that is Politically Correct – has got itself into a delicious bind, much to the delight of everyday folk. This is the political party that long ago adopted women-only short-lists for MP candidate selection in some parts of the country in order to try and find a more ‘gender-balanced’ House of Commons which they see as too ‘male, pale and stale’.
With the advent of men who are ‘transitioning’ to be women, these po-faced guardians of gender neutrality have been vociferous in the media that such people must be treated as women even if they only self-identify as women and are just at the start of their ‘journey’. The women MPs of the Labour party have been particularly noisy about the need for everyone to accept that these men as women, one even tweeting that “just because you have a penis does not mean that you are not a woman”.
Then, horror of horrors – these transgender blokes started applying to join the all-women groups of candidates for MP selection. Cue squeals of outrage from yes, you’ve guessed it, female Labour MPs who insist that these lists are only for ‘women who were born as women’. They even formed a secret committee to identify those who were promoting trans-men to join the short lists and getting them expelled.
That’s the thing about those who demand we all change our societal attitudes to the latest political show-pony cause celebre – it only applies to US not THEM.
Needless to say, this hilarious tale of unintended PC consequences has been massively ignored by those hard Left bastions of British ‘journalism’, the BBC and the Guardian who are so morally transfixed by this unexpected dilemma that they cannot bring themselves to write about it.


I’m sure the esteemed Edna would be outraged by such bias.comment image


so what pronoun is appropriate for the transfixed?


Vlads and vladesses

Leo Smith

No further comment


not available

Pamela Gray

Funny! Doesn’t match the persona of female pioneer stock, but funny nonetheless! However, I have, at times, demanded that fish bite my hook NOW!


Big problems with the petitioning of governments and corporations to promote women to higher positions of authority are: a) the ones doing the advocacy are political activists of a certain ideology, b) the women successfully being advocated for are very often beholden to those who lobbied to get them to their higher position.


You can read it yourselves here –
Best comment has to be “I bet a lot of female labour supporters will be sitting around scratching their nut-sacks trying to figure this one out.. “

AGW is not Science

LMFAO – that’s both priceless AND predictable.

Hokey Schtick

Women against carbon dioxide.


In 50 years > this < will still be your historical legacy Canada … not that there's anything wrong with that … at least you meant well … I suppose .. but experimental dystopia for idiots is now a thing.


Eric –
Re -Your link to that list of genders- Long though the list is (113 genders in all) there is no male and no female gender. I’m sure there are clearly some male and female people in the world, and they have every right to be alarmed and hurt by this thoughtlessness

save energy

I can’t Imagen what ‘gender fluids’ taste like

Mike Schlamby

I tried some vaginal jelly once. Didn’t taste anything like it.


I tried some vaginal jelly once
From the tube or some other, umm, place? Was it by accident?

Gunga Din


(A cincinnati radio guy who made crank calls.)


There’s no mention of chronogendric *things*. These people really lack immagination.

Jeff Alberts

Male and Female aren’t genders, they are sexes.

Dodgy Geezer

I can see that Climate Change is exceptionally dangerous to persons of gender.
So I have decided to have no gender at all…


Bruce Willis pitched it just right I feel……..

Pamela Gray

I don’t get it. Frozen meat?


“Manmade” climate change? How sexist. Don’t you mean Personmade climate change?!?

Thomas Gasloli

No, because womyn are not responsible for Global Warming, only us men.

I dunno. We could probably drop a great deal of carbon emissions by banning driving to the mall.

Walter Sobchak

“Person” is sexist because it has the word son in it which carries the freight of enforced gender stereotypes. Please use the phrase “anthropogenic climate change”, because absolutely no one knows what that means.


‘Anthropos’ is Greek for ‘Man’. Therefore, ‘anthropogenic climate change’
is ‘climate change caused by men’.

Walter Sobchak

Shh. There aren’t 3 sentient creatures under the age of 60, in the United States who know that. Greek is DWEM stuff. True SJWs abominate Greek.


According to a UN report,
“Climate change ‘impacts women more than men'”


CAGW is lowering the sperm count. That’s covered the men. Now let’s get some press releases out for the women.


“Women, children, transgenders and all minorities hardest hit”


Aren’t transgender people limited to one generation? Unless of course they resort to cloning like Dolly the sheep.

Peta of Newark

Look at that picture of her.. lets read some body language
Showing her teeth = trying to appease, to get into someone’s favour. She wants and needs to be ‘liked’
Generally she is nervous in that photo, she is scared= she is maybe being shall we say ‘economical with the truth’?
Enough of that.
What is it?
Easy you say: soft music, candles & low lighting, nice places, ‘romantic’ fiction & literature, fairy-tale weddings and honeymoons.
Honeymoon= The newly-wed pair retire somewhere into each other’s exclusive company for 28 days (a moon) and the drink fairly copious amounts of mead (fermented honey) – something almost guaranteed to cure any/most/all inhibitions.
Meanwhile on Planet Earth, a rather different narrative is at play, another one where everyone comes over all coy and hard-to-get..
Read(listen) and learnSorry, it’s not p0rn, not smutty or durty

Leo Smith

Shocking. Absolutely shocking.
At least in the UK we have left this sort of narrow prejudice behind and are using as Brexit negotiators, a Terrier a Great Dane and a Poodle.

Maybe way off topic, but why is the UK negotiating Brexit. Why not just put immigration checkpoints at the Chunnel and along the Irish boarder and be done with it.


The reality is that the climate change we have been experiencing is caused by the sun and the oceans over which women and girls have no control. There is no real evidence that CO2 has any effect on climate and plenty of scientific rational to support the idea that the climate sensivity of CO2 is zero. The climate change that we have been experiencing is so small that it takes networks of sophistic sensors to even detect it yet this climate change has been going on for eons and will continue to go on whether woman and girls are still here or not. We must be careful to not mix up weather patterns and cycles which are part of the current climate with real climate change. We should not be waisting time, effort, and money trying to solve problems that we, including women and girls just cannot solve.


Well said!

AGW is not Science



oh lordy i hope whatever bug shes got isnt contagious! though it seems shes planning to try n spread it
fools like her and the bimbo on the carlson clip make me cringe as a female..
and make feminism/feminist a word of ridicule

Bloke down the pub

Perhaps Ms Mckenna should also consider that women and girls are also the ones who gain the most from the carbon based economy. All that time that they currently spend collecting drinking water and firewood could be much better spent if they had access to mains electricity and piped water.

Mike Schlamby

Yet another example of the “women and girls” madness (a.k.a marketing campaign):
I walk through a large transit hub daily. There’s now an advertisement there from some UN body saying that “water is unfair” because women in undeveloped countries have to go to the well and carry it back, and so therefore I should give them even more of my hard-earned money (they leave only poorly specified what they would actually do with that money).
It made me wonder why those women, if women are so smart, don’t organize themselves to build aqueducts (if they can’t afford pipes and pumps) from the plentiful stone that they trip over on their way to the well. The ancients did it.
It also made me wonder why, after decades of similar such campaigns (5 that I can remember), they still haven’t advanced.


If they did, they’d stop being heartstring-pullers and the contributions would dry up.
It’s the ultimate flaw of Big Charity. If it solves the problem it claims to want to solve, it loses the justification for its existence. And the administrators (read: bureaucrats) lose the justification for their paychecks. So only half-solutions are pushed, which always leave the original problem with a starter crop.

Rhoda R

The March of Dimes is the only charitable organization that I can think of that successfully transitioned once it’s original goal was achieved.

Gender is a grammarian’s term of art, and its ignorant use impeaches the user.


Global Warming Is Now A ‘Women ’s Issue’ Due To ‘Ecofeminism
Environmentalists are increasingly claiming that global warming is a “women’s issue” and that the world needs “eco-feminism” as a path forward.
Ecofeminists believe that women and nature are bonded by traditionally “feminine” values and their shared history of oppression by a patriarchal Western society. This patriarchal society is built on four intersectional pillars of sexism, racism, class exploitation, and environmental destruction.

tom s

My head is spinning….good God the idiocy, the dumbfoundedness, the the….ARGGGGGHHHH BOOM!!

Gordon Pratt

Your analysis explains a lot, including why white male trade unionists are such insincere bleeding hearts.
At bottom are the billionaires who think there are way too many people on earth. Not content with birth control, abortion, feminism, safe sex and same sex to reduce the rate of new births they seek higher food prices for an outright reduction to population.
Americans who travel in Canada notice two things. Both energy taxes and food prices are much higher north of the border. Taxes on energy are the cause because food production is energy intensive.
At the behest of the billionaires governments yield to enviro demands for higher energy taxes and food prices, compensate the Indians who in their own words “walk softly on the land”, fund feminism and obstruct development.
The above amounts to the worship of nature which the billionaires expect to enjoy more when the ” useless eaters” are gone.
The true radical will heed God’s words to Noah: Go forth and multiply!


Stop the world – I really, seriously need to get off this planet that has gone stark staring mad.

As if “Western society” is the only one that formed on patriarchal values. the western society is the first to grow past it though. But we aren’t given credit for that. Instead we are berated for perceived sins.

AGW is not Science

Yes, THAT. I’d like to see these eco-social justice warrior females sally forth into the middle east and southeast Asia and find out just how good they have it in their modern western societies.

Tom Judd

Apparently, any male who’s ever worked on an oil rig, or in a coal mine (even if they’ve never ever seen a woman in their life), can now be guilty of s•e•x•ual assault.

Drilling for oil = raping Gaia.
As millennials would say: literally.


Transgender woman in the bathroom:
“Just ignore that.”

Since women make up the majority of the human species it is scientifically incorrect to refer to manmade global climate change. “Womanmade climate change” you sexists.


Why not: “Whoever–you–Identify–as “made Global Climate Change and/or Warming.
Now that about covers it.


According her bosses way of thinking, the Castro and Mao loving soyboy, junior Trudeau, that should be, people made climate change.


comment image




Right you are.

what about us transsexual lesbians? and trans-race and trans-age?
if gender is an accident of birth then why not age and race. who is to say an ancient white man isn’t actually a hot young Oriental female with an interest in same? surely it is discrimination to not acknowledge this.
after PM trudoze playing Mr dress-up in India and being seen globally for the fool he is, nothing. should surprise us about the current government.


Yeah, Trudeau did kind of make a fool of himself over in India, didn’t he. This is called “cluelessness”.

Cold in Wisconsin

And caused his wife and children to do the same. Child abuse.


…and out of the other side of their mouth….they say we’re all equal and don’t need special treatment

Tom Halla

This discussion is almost as good as the Feminist Glaciology thread for sheer snark.


We can easily see what happens when you place people in positions based on gender rather than merit. This sexist bungling disgrace is just one example of what we have to contend with here in Canada under this Liberal government.


The “Gender Impact” of Man-Made CO2 has been Hugely Positive for Women
Identify politics have infected climate science, but this is a case where you had better be careful what you wish for, you just might get it. Canadian Climate Minister Urges Attention to the ‘Gendered Impacts’ of Climate Change In a recent post on Twitter, Catherine McKenna, the 47-year-old Trudeau appointee from Canada’s Liberal Party, called … Continue reading


What exactly are the “Gendered Impacts’ of Climate Change”? She failed to point them out in her tweet.
It’s all just another emotional appeal to promote CAGW. The Alarmists are flailing around in every direction to try to find something that will successfully sell the CAGW narrative. So now they try to make it out to be a gender thing.
They keep trying to sell CAGW but nobody is buying. That must be frustrating for the Alarmists.

Bruce Cobb

I see “Appeal to Gender” as just one of many “Appeals to Emotion” that the Alarmists have in their kit bag. And yeah, it has gotten old, but it’s all they’ve got.


Yep, sad, very sad, but true.


“… Golgafrincham is a red semi-desert planet that is home of the Great Circling Poets of Arium and a species of particularly inspiring lichen. Its people decided it was time to rid themselves of an entire useless third of their population, and so the descendants of the Circling Poets concocted a story that their planet would shortly be destroyed by a giant mutant star goat. The useless third of the population, consisting of hairdressers, tired TV producers, insurance salesmen, personnel officers, security guards, management consultants, telephone sanitisers, and the like, were packed into the ‘B-Ark’, one of three purported giant Ark spaceships, and told that everyone else would follow shortly in the other two. The other two thirds of the population, of course, did not follow and “led full, rich and happy lives until they were all suddenly wiped out by a virulent disease contracted from a particularly virulent telephone”.
The B-Ark was programmed to crash-land on a suitably remote planet on one of the outer spiral arms of the galaxy, which happened to be Earth, and the Golgafrinchan rejects gradually mingled with and usurped the native cavemen, becoming the ancestors of humanity … ”

Take a guess where it landed?

Tom Judd

I must apologize to Catherine McKenna. I realize how right she is. It’s simple: women, and especially children, are shorter than men. So, when the sea level rises from climate change, well, they go burbling under water first. Sorry, Catherine, I was too stupid to realize this.


I wouldn’t fret about it to much. When climate Barbie goes dancing, she straps on her jackboots and does the goosestep.


High-heeled jackboots.


This is such an absurd reach that women will recognize this as transparent attempt at identity politics. All but the most gullible or political women are far smarter than to fall for this nonsense and have more pride than to feign acceptance this sex pandering as a legitimate issue.


All I can think of is, that’s the face of vacuity.


More proof that climate change has NOTHING to do with the environment.


Unable to logically provide information on climate change this woman desperately resorts to the typical leftest approach of resorting to claims like racism, or women’s rights devoid of the facts of how constantly demeaning men has a negative impact and American men are actually in crisis.
Tucker Carlson provides some inconvenient facts.

She has a valid point. Should the alarmists agenda pass and the world descend into the energy poverty they desire, poor children and women are likely to suffer the most.


Exactly how do you figure the woman and children will suffer more … what exactly are the men doing at this point living on another planet?

Tom Judd

Yes. Women are from Venus. Men are from Mars.


Men are from Earth women are from earth. Deal with it.


Men are from Mars and feminists are from REEEEEEEEEEEE

ITs a matter of income, single women supporting children are likely to have less money available to pay for the ridiculously high prices of renewables.


I’ve read that global warming is turning all sea turtles into females. Is that what he’s talking about?


“When the only tool you have is a hammer, everything begins to look like a nail.”
By analogy, when the only thing you think you understand is gender, everything begins to look sexist.


When the only intellectual tool you have is an appeal to emotion, everything begins to look “ist”.
(I have a nail-gun & air compressor).

Cold in Wisconsin

Well the article did say that it was “manmade” climate change, which shows that it is obviously an assault on women. I am surprised that Trudeau did not specify that it was “peoplemade” climate change, but then again, he may agree it is all men’s fault.


Quote: “Of course I am using the word transgendered in its broadest sense, no offence intended to people who identify as perigender, vapogender or any of the constantly growing list of other genders.”
I don’t thing an apology is necessary to those mentally ill people who can’t figure out their own gender by taking a quick peek into their own drawers.

John Darrow

‘a quick peek into the FRONT of their own drawers’ – with cases like these you must be specific!

(Slightly OT re gender & climate)
Let’s take the ‘Canada and CO2’ argument (in the Warmists’ eyes) to its logical conclusion.
If CO2 were the control knob; and if reducing CO2 lowered global temps; and if lowered temps reduced the margin between current climate and the next glacial onset…wouldn’t a push to reduce CO2 by Canadians arguably be a push to hastening their own demise by inviting the Ice to ‘march again’ and cover the bulk of its land?
Seems to me that anyone who loves Canada would push for exactly the opposite… (btw I am not saying I buy into that cause/effect.)


As a woman, I can tell you that I do not support this in any way shape or form. And as a man, I think its pretty daft too.
I look at Barbie and I identify a new gender, the CondecenderGender

Christopher D Hoff

As a Canadian, I’m embarrassed. But it makes perfect sense that anyone dumb enough to believe in an anti-male gender supremacist hate ideology would also be a Luddite when it comes to science(with apologies to Luddites).

Eyes Wide Open

Expect no less from Climate Barbie!


Let’s find a place where we can welcome all the Socialists in the world so they can gather in one place to live their ideology. We can call it Venezuela. Next we can find a place where we can welcome all the people that believe sexual identity is fluid and they can make up their own minds and have other people pay for their self identified sexual fantasy (not to be confused with those that know what their sexual identity is and don’t feel the need for others to know). We can call it California. Last on the list is a welcome spot for all the people that believe using fossil fuels is a crime against humanity. We’ll call it Africa. Problems solved.

tom s

The STOOOPID runs very deep among LEFTISTS.


At least the truly stupid have an excuse sometimes. Not so for the smart-stupid, or smarpid.