Robert De Niro: USA is suffering "Temporary Insanity" on Climate

Actor Robert De Niro

Actor Robert De Niro. By Georges Biard, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

h/t Willie Soon; Actor Robert De Niro speaking at the Dubai World Government Summit stated “We don’t like to say we are a ‘backward’ country”, and accused the USA of suffering “temporary insanity” on climate change.

De Niro: US suffering from ‘temporary insanity’ on climate change


Actor Robert De Niro said the U.S. was suffering from “temporary insanity” on climate change, adding the country would eventually be cured when it votes out its “dangerous leader.”

He cited comments from Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) head Scott Pruitt that cast doubt on whether global warming is harmful to humans.

“I am talking about my own country, the United States of America. We don’t like to say we are a ‘backward’ country so let’s just say we’re suffering from a case of temporary insanity,” he said at Dubai’s World Government Summit.He added that the U.S. would “eventually cure itself by voting our dangerous leader” out of the White House, meaning President Trump.

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The Dubai World Government Summit is described on its webpage as … an international knowledge exchange platform at the intersection of government, futurism, technology and innovation. Each year, government officials, policy-makers, thought leaders, and private sector trailblazers come together to explore the future of government in the coming decades led by the advancements of mankind. …

De Niro’s apparent contempt for the USA is maybe something to think about next time you are considering paying your hard-earned to see a Robert De Niro movie. The star actor seems to think the USA is “backward”.


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Alan Tomalty

Who cares what an actor thinks or says?

Double ditto

Bryan A

But he is 100% correct in his appraisal of current “Vocal” societal beliefs. 97% of 77 Climate Scientists and the devout followers of those Climate Model Shamen are clearly deluded and “Suffering Temporary Insanity” from their obvious Zealotry regarding the never stable, ever changing climate.

You should be proud that America has so many celebrities that apparently know so much about the climate.
No doubt you are eager to hear their considered views on other scientific subjects they are also expert on?


Bryan A
77 replied off 79 to the survey which could be 3% of Climate Scientists? Which leaves 97% off Climate Scientists they dare not ask if you read between the lines!!!


If there was a market for these pontificates, would love buy the lot of them them for what they’re worth and sell them for what they think they’re worth.


77 of 79 answered yes to two questions that most of us skeptics would also answer yes to.

Carbon Bigfoot

He’s probably paid enviro-money by hypocrite Tom Styer– another moron. Sorry for the double insult but it fits.


I’ll say it … Dementia


Dementia, I used to know what that means.

Actors are literally paid to convincingly pretend to be someone they aren’t.


In case you don’t already know, check out the etymology of the word hypocrite, ie, actor
1175-1225; Middle English ipocrite < Old French < Late Latin hypocrita < Greek hypokritḗs a stage actor, hence one who pretends to be what he is not


Acting is essentially trained sociopathy.
Helps explain why so many big-name actors, despite all the money and status, keep their off-camera lives in a perpetual mess.


And here was me thinking it was a composite of hypo, meaning under or lacking, and critical, meaning questioning or examining.
Something to do with acting – I didn’t ever think that.

@gnome. Etymology online has it as coming from Greek for actor. That comes from hypo for under and krinein – to sieve or discern which is where critic comes from. The use of it for actor seems to come from the actor usually answering a question of another.


Merriam-Webster’s explanation

The word hypocrite ultimately came into English from the Greek word hypokrites, which means “an actor” or “a stage player.” The Greek word itself is a compound noun: it’s made up of two Greek words that literally translate as “an interpreter from underneath.” That bizarre compound makes more sense when you know that the actors in ancient Greek theater wore large masks to mark which character they were playing, and so they interpreted the story from underneath their masks.
The Greek word took on an extended meaning to refer to any person who was wearing a figurative mask and pretending to be someone or something they were not. This sense was taken into medieval French and then into English, where it showed up with its earlier spelling, ypocrite, in 13th-century religious texts to refer to someone who pretends to be morally good or pious in order to deceive others. (Hypocrite gained its initial h- by the 16th century.)

Alan D McIntire

In other words, they’re professional liars.


dred, a lot of professional athletes lead equally messed up lives.


Or a musician, talk show host, etc….

Or a Prime Minister of Canada.

Bob Denby

‘..Who cares what an actor thinks or says?..’
Unfortunately too many people do . . . sad!


Some bloke called de Crapio keeps banging on about Climate change too.

R. Shearer

Leonardo dropped out of high school but eventually earned a GED. De Niro is just a high school drop out, so he is especially qualified to take up the AGW cause and lecture the rest of us.

Patrick MJD

I started watching his “Before the flood” doco on Netflix over the w/e just for a look see. I could not get past the first few minutes.


Just another actor reading lines written for them by someone else!

Mike McMillan

Robert De Niro action clip. Pirates. Swords. Gorgeous gowns. Music by Jacques Offenbach. Argghhh !

Go Home

Democrats do. They court their public opinion on these issues.

Define dufus: a stupid, incompetent, or foolish person


Tell De Niro to shut up and act.

Hot under the collar

I notice these very well paid actors never appear to get upset or show any sympathy for the increasing number of consumers suffering from energy poverty. Although perhaps the real blame for their misguided view should be placed toward the alarmist ‘scientists’ who fill their heads with nonsense and hype the outrage.
Robert De Niro’s next speaking event on an actor’s highly regarded view of quantum physics is widely anticipated.

Hot under the collar

Reading the link icisil has provided below, it appears that Robert De Niro’s views on climate change haven’t stopped him from exploiting Hurricane Irma and the people of Barbuda to buy a beach resort. Maybe catastrophic sea level rise due to climate change is planned to only affect resorts he hasn’t an interest in?

Its pretty common for those harping on about sea-level rise to buy sea-side property at bargain prices. One could could, erroneously of course, suspect criminal activity

Clyde Spencer

After all, he is good at memorizing lines in a script. That must count for something! sarc/


A couple of million per movie.
I can’t wait for the day when computer graphics and sound can make actors unnecessary.

Henning Nielsen

It is a very strange idea that we should pay heed to what actors, writers, artists etc. think about any specific topic in society. They are no experts, they only float on fame. They just want to utter the correct noies at any one time. It’s like finding the magnetic pole with a weather vane.

I hope Bob lets his fellow actors know that they should be selling their Malibu beach homes before prices drop. Bwahahahahahahah!


“Who cares what an actor thinks or says?”
106 in 4 hours and counting… We all do apparently.
The evil genius of Eric on display.

He’s also a high school dropout … at the age of 16.
Why should anybody care about his opinion on a complex scientific issue that even the ‘experts’ can’t agree on?


Perhaps, we could get the noted climate scientist and sometime actor, Mr De Niro to write a piece to be posted here at WUWT.


“Who cares what an actor thinks or says?”
Well it seems someone here did….. enough to write an article.


“Who cares what an actor thinks or says?”
Well it seems someone here did… enough to write an article.


The fact that they have trotted out an old has-been actor with no scientific qualifications worth mentioning in a vain attempt to bring some sort of global attention to their silly summit tells me everything.

Bob Meyer

What’s the problem? DeNiro memorized his lines and spoke them correctly with the required intonation. Granted, he was a lot better as the young Don Corleone but good parts are hard to come by at his age. It’ll still help him get a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Academy.


‘AGW’ discussed at Dubai’s WORLD GOVERNMENT Summit.
Bingo! That’s what most of the ‘global warming’ nonsense is all about.

Eamon Butler

What is it with Hollywood celebrities? All of a sudden they are all qualified Climate scientists. Let’s hear from the plumbers and Chefs. I know a few Landscape artists who are not pleased with all the Turbines spoiling their lively hood.

Another Ian

Well he seems to have the idea right but forgot to add that Trump seems on the way to fixing it

Ron Long

Especially an actor who dropped out of High School, joined an Italian street gang, and never went to any University of any type. He has played Italian thugs with personal experience in the matter. His comments are another manifestation of the Thurman Munson Syndrome.


I thought the AGW position was that anyone who didn’t have a degree in “climate science”, (whatever the heck that is), should sit down and shut up?
I guess that only applies to scientists in other fields that don’t agree with you.
When it comes to high school dropouts that support your position, that’s another matter.

When I my brother in law started quoting De Nero in making derogatory comments about Trump over Christmas I quietly asked him why he thought an actor, someone who makes a living speaking the lines someone else has written, would have any greater knowledge or authority than someone, anyone with a differing view of the world and of Trump in particular. I.e., why he would consider the opinion of De Nero of great value or worth agreeing with. He spluttered and umm’d and arr’d for a bit, then said that De Nero had been the first restaurant owner to provide free food to the rescuers in NY when the Twin Towers were destroyed. Once again, he was unable to explain why this made De Nero an authority on the value or otherwise of Trump as POTUS. Such is the (lack of) thought process and logic of someone I had previously considered reasonably intelligent. Ho hum.

Robert De Niro needs a better script.

Extreme Hiatus

Some marketable potential here. Robert De Niro the Climate Hero could team up with Bill Nye the Science Guy and Al Gore the Total Bore for some kind of epic fake documentary.
More revealing: Dubai’s World Government Summit. In case anyone missed what CAGW is all about.


UN Environment
Law Division
Division Of Environmental Law And Conventions (DELC)
Select any publication
Follow the menu and links.
Sheds more light on the role law and lawyers are playing in the present situation. This has been going on for more than 25 years.
Includes both international laws and national laws.


UN Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD)
Est. by: UN General Assembly,December 1992
Timeline and Documents:
More information that may pertain to the present situation.


UN / Audiovisual Library Of International Law
Re: Climate change & IPCC
Can also select any item on the menu.


Geneva Environment Network (GEN), Switzerland
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Organization information: Est.1989


CIEL/ Centrer for International Environmental Law
Smoke and Fumes Org.:
Climate science, big oil


CIEL / Center for International Environmental Law, Founded 1989
Re related sites: Smoke and Fumes and other sites. Or Smoke & Fumes.


Better to be thought ignorant and remain silent than to open ones mouth and remove all doubt! Or something like that


Amazing to me…they are so intelligent…that they alienate half their customers/audience


Add a “not” after your “so” and you’d be 100% accurate.


Most war movies made by Hollywood in the last 30 years or so have been flops.
Yet they continue to make movies that portray US soldiers as the ultimate in bad guys.


The prophecy of Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming… Climate Change.
There is only one viable response: go Plan yourself.


Ha let’s all listen to what an actor says. Meanwhile:
Robert De Niro Accused of Exploiting Hurricane Irma to Build Resort in Barbuda

Richard M

The problem here is why would an actor be asked to contribute to this event. He has none of the skills that are described. It is pure politics and a sad commentary on the event.
I imagine DeNiro gets all of his news from leftist media sources. He is simply repeating what he thinks is true. He is obviously not smart enough to know he is being brainwashed.


Richard M
He’s a wealthy celebrity. Of course he’s a socialist. But don’t dare try to share out his money.

P Walker

Typical display of Trump hatred and ignorance.


P Walker
I find it incomprehensible that a POTUS who states ‘America First’ and sets about achieving that objective, is vilified by so many Americans.
Good luck USA, I think you have a great President.
From across the pond.


Most of those who do the villifying have either been vocal about how embarrassed they are to be Americans, or are upset because Trump is threatening to cut off the flow of OPM. (Other People’s Money)
BTW, for those who are truly embarrassed to be Americans, the law provides a way to renounce your citizenship. Yet for some reasons, these paragons of public virtue never manage to put act on their declarations.


At this moment in time, I would be proud to be American.
I wish we had a British PM who said Britain First.


Yes, and Clinton and Sanders wants to just spread “justice, peace and equality”. Just like the communists. Every single politician says nice empty words, they wouldn’t be politicians otherwise. Talk is cheap. Anyone can claim anything. “America first!” “Yes, we can” What does those even mean? We should judge people based on their deeds, and not what their say. Though I suspect you already know this. Otherwise you would probably be a democrat.
Personally I don’t give a [pruned] what politicians say anymore. I like what Trump has done in energy, but dislike all the [pruned] protectionism he is preaching about. And I hate that political discussion is so polarized and black and white these days. Trump is either evil or saint, depending who you ask. Just like Obama, only reversed.

sy computing

“And I hate that political discussion is so polarized and black and white these days.”
Interesting you should mention “black and white” within the context of how much you choose to “hate” it. Isn’t hating something pretty much taking the hardest position to one side that one is able to take?
“Every single politician says nice empty words, they wouldn’t be politicians otherwise.”
“Every single”? That seems pretty black and white to me?
“We should judge people based on their deeds, and not what their say.”
This statement appears fairly definitive…
“Personally I don’t give a shit what politicians say anymore.”
Now this is certainly a declaration that leaves no middle ground!
“I like what Trump has done in energy, but dislike all the shitty protectionism he is preaching about.”
There’s no mistaking your position on this issue either?
Are you sure you’re such a hater of the concept of “black and white”…you seem to embrace it fully! And if you think about it, doesn’t doing exactly that, i.e., embracing it, just make common sense?


And he continues to question vaccines when we currently have a measles epidemic in many countries. Plain stupidity.


not when then measles vax doesnt work cos the gen modified variant they used isnt the same as “wild” one was and the wild one seems to have mutated somewhat.
all of us who had measles as kids and had what should have been lifelong immunity naturally…are now at risk of catching the vaccine variant ourselves;-(


Actors, sports figures, “reality stars”, or anyone famous for the their social contribution to society (and nothing more) are the chosen spokespeople for the Climate Change meme because 1. They are easily manipulated to the latest cause by slathering them with superlatives about their impact on people. 2. They exist in elite bubbles and think it will shower them with redeeming substance 3. There’s a segment of society that looks up to them (for the wrong reasons). Look at the line of actors that to this day believe Obama is the best President ever despite his dismal records in all facets of government and society.

eddie willers

Since so many artists are liberal (seems to come with the territory) I try very hard to ignore ignorance else I’ll be limited to James Wood and Pat Boone. So it’s hard to get on my “No Go” list.
De Niro has made it easily.

michael hart

“…he said at Dubai’s World Government Summit.”

I’m guessing there’s probably quite a few Americans who can’t recall Robert de Niro being on the ballot paper when they last voted for people who get to be the government of the United States.


Exactly. Last time I looked, pretending to represent the United States is a crime.


There’s no shortage of people pretending to represent the United States.


Like dead people are dead and don’t know that they’re dead but their plight can be very unfortunate for the living. Stupid people don’t know they’re stupid but can be very annoying to everyone else.

Would that be vaccine DENIER Robert De Niro ?


Career move no doubt.

Gary Pearse

Synonyms are antonyms in the New “Progressive” Barbarians dictionary. This presents itself most commonly in the form of their accusing opponents with heinous crimes, sculduggery and mental illnesses that they are best identified with. De Niro can act, and that is a valued skill in fantasy “reality”.


I have a message for Dr. De Niro. The insanity is the mass delusion created by a consensus among scientists about a non-existent problem. The great unwashed masses humbly follow along, lead by public figures like De Niro and De Caprio who wouldn’t recognize a scientific debate if they tripped over it. You specialized in acting. Stick to your craft. You know nothing about this complex subject and are just virtue signaling while you jet about the planet generating tons of the gas you and your likes demonize. If you truly believe your country is backward in its stance on the climate, go live elsewhere (France is taking in conscientious objectors), stop using fossil fuels and show us the way.

John Robertson

Trebla hits it right on the money.
Even an actor can get it right for entirely the wrong reasoning.
This wave of Mass Hysteria will pass, so some countries are temporarily insane.
Shame he has it backwards.
But what else can we expect from another “authority on climate” from Hollywood.

Heartless, cruel….
I am struggling with this…
What did he expect?
A few polar bear hugs next up then?

Bill H

DeNiro has long been an open NWO (New World Order) person and a proponent of their agenda’s… Hollywood appears to be nothing more than depository for this kind of dung.. Why anyone would listen to these people is beyond me.. ‘I am not a scientist, but I play one on TV.’ Makes you wonder who is really writing his script..

Melvyn Dackombe

Perhaps ‘ suppository ‘.

Rhoda R

Doesn’t China own a good hunk of Hollywood these days. Along with just about everything else, it seems.


30 years, it was Japan that was buying everything.

Tim Beatty

“government officials, policy-makers, thought leaders, and private sector trailblazers.” Was DeNiro trespassing? It’s a long way to swim.

El Duchy

DeNiro is a prime example of how an actor is only as good as the story. I was impressed by the fact that he gained all that weight to play older Jake La Motta and then learn how to be a real boxer in Raging Bull, a brilliant film. But he was out-acted by Joe Pesci and as recent films show he is only as good as the writers. If he is writing his own political speeches he is a fool, if he is letting the pseudo intellectuals do the writing for him he is an idiot.


DeNiro is on record as a Trump hater. Who cares what he thinks.

Not too many people listened to him, except in CA, NY, OR, & WA…Throw out those state votes for President and see what you get for a popular vote in the USA…


Absent CA and it’s efforts to make it easy for illegals to vote, and Trump won the popular vote.

R. Shearer

High school drop outs are often like that.

George Lawson

I’m not an American citizen, but I follow your politics with close interest. It seems to me that a man like DeNiro, shouting his mouth off on a world stage against his own President and country, and then producing a video to express his deep hatred of the President of his country is quite abominable. Has this man never heard of the word ‘democracy’ ? Does he not realise that Mr Trump was elected to office by a majority of the American people within the American constitution? This man is clearly rude and ignorant in the extreme, and every endeavour should be made to publicise his anti-American stance more widely across the US. Yes you can speak against a president who you might not have voted for, many people do, but to talk about wanting to ‘punch the president in the face’, or that ‘the country is going through a state of insanity etc., makes me wonder whether he is or ever was proud of being a member of such a great nation. He will undoubtedly live to regret his outrageous statements when America in a few years time will again be doing what it does best and lead the world in both economic growth and to a wider peace across the world as I believe it surely will. It was never going to happen under more recent presidents.

sy computing

“He will undoubtedly live to regret his outrageous statements when America in a few years time will again be doing what it does best and lead the world in both economic growth and to a wider peace across the world as I believe it surely will.”
You presuppose these and their ilk are capable of rational thought when it comes to Trump. Anything’s possible, i.e., it’s a 1 in 2 chance either way, but I would bet that no, individuals like De Niro and their kind will never live to regret the irrational hate they’re experiencing with Donald Trump.
It won’t matter that the Great States may indeed become great again. It won’t matter that the people of the Great States have been made better off because of the policies of Donald Trump, if they have. And I’m thinking we will. It won’t matter if the world is better off because of the policies of Donald Trump, if such has been the case. And there’s a 1 in 2 chance they will.
Rather, the hatred of the man will subsume the likes of De Niro and those like him into oblivion, regardless of his success or the success of the rest of us because of his policies.
Consider the following:
Students Hate Quotes from Trump’s State of the Union, Until Realizing They Are Obama’s
This is the general state of the modern Progressive mindset. Foolishness and irrationality. Not all, of course, e.g., Alan Dershowitz has kept his head about him for the most part…but certainly a greater number of them than not.
And I suppose Dershowitz is more of a classic Liberal than he is a modern Progressive.


Leftists only believe in democracy when the proles vote as the leftsts want.
Otherwise it’s a failure of democrcy that the courts need to fix.


sy computing, in another recent article students loved Trump’s tax plan when they were told that it was Obama’s plan.


I’d like to shake President Trump’s hand, he seems to represent me, and people around the world like me, instead of the rich and famous.
From across the pond.

sy computing

Thank you HotScot…from one who voted for the man.


I wonder what Jordan B Peterson, would make of that little kid tantrum!

Bruce Cobb

Climate cuckaloos like De Knownothing have it backwards; we suffered from temporary insanity under Obozo, and now, thanks to Trump, we are headed back towards sanity. His hatred of Trump, and of our country are noted, however.


As the old saying (several decades old, anyway) goes, “Ain’t technology wonderful.” Just think. If we didn’t have internet technology, would any of us have ever been aware that De Niro is a ditzy bozo bohunk?


Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder – T.A.R.D. Deniro is a ‘TARD.

Patrick MJD

I prefer the term used to describe actors in Team America. Film Actors Guild.

sy computing

Now I don’t care who ya are…THAT is funny!
Lots of funnies on WUWT that today…


You make a worthy point about the role of the internet in this polarised insanity, and the several other alternative versions of digital enlightenment.
I blame the humble and unassuming chap who I hear invented it – Al Gore.
I understand he’s better than you or me, better than everyone actually, which is rather nice.

Rainer Bensch

You misspelled his name: Deniero

Good thing President Trump pulled America out from that scam known as
America would have been on the hook for $5B
With other Countries standing in wait with open hands to receive the money
But…to you Mr. DeNiro
Feel free to donate as much of your own money as you like to Climate Change


De Niro would have left a much more respected legacy had he just kept his stupid trap shut. Didn’t know his politics and didn’t care until the last election cycle. Now I would just as soon hit him in the mouth as look at him or any film he is in.


A lot of actors ought to keep their stupid mouths shut.
I used to love Jackie Chan, but then he opened his stupid mouth and criticized the United States in a very nasty way (in order to ingratiate himself to the Chinese leadership, imo) and now I won’t watch his movies anymore.
To enjoy a movie one has to suspend reality for a while and get immersed in the character, but these nasty political remarks make it impossible to do. All I see when I look at these people now is a bunch of nasty leftists who I can’t look at as sympathetic characters. Their nasty reality intrudes too much.
Nowadays, my favorite actor is “The Rock”. I sure hope he doesn’t get too political in the future otherwise I won’t be watching his movies, either.


As I understand it, The Rock, Dwayne Johnson, is thinking about running for president.

sy computing

Oh please Lord let him win the DNC primary!
Not that they have anyone of any consequence at the moment anyway…


You know Martin Sheen is a total loon too but as a serious student of our Civil War I gained some respect for him because he played Robert E. Lee in the movie ‘Gettysburg’ (A movie in which all the actors, including the re-enactors, worked for free as a labor of Love) to bring the second book ‘killer Angels’ of the outstanding Civil War Trilogy to life. In my book every actor in that film gets special kudos for giving their time and talent to tell the story.


De Niro would have a respected legacy if he didn’t attack the French Justice system when he was interrogated in that pimping affair in Paris. He obviously couldn’t care less about sex trafficking.
Of course, De Niro’s attacks on France were “punished” by the socialist government by allowing him to escape justice.

AGW is not Science

Agreed. I think he’s a great actor but this stupid tirade makes me lose respect for him as a person.


We’re not suffering. We’re enjoying every minute. And hoping it continues for as long as possible.

AGW is not Science


DeNiro & De Caprio both good actors who can memorize their lines & parrot them,
…yet not understand a single word.

Nick Werner

… and wouldn’t know a chinook from a shnook.

Aaannnd Robert De Niro is whom?
I had to check IMDB; but the last Robert De Niro movie I’ve watched was a pitiful “Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle”. Even then I watched it on TV for free.
The only other Robert De Niro movie I’ve ever watched is the first Godfather movie; and exactly once. Yup! Never bothered to even peek at any other of the Godfather series. Tom Hanks in the “You’ve got mail” utterly failed to convince me to watch any more Godfather movies; I-Ching of business be dam*ed.
Obviously, I am not any sort of a De Niro fan.
One wonders exactly for what role in Dubai, did De Biro burn all of that fossil fuel and likely eat First Class food and expensive dinners?
Active member of a valuable organization? Definitely not what Actor’s Guild is to the world at large.
Elected representative of government?
Activist? Bingo! Another elitist preaching advocacy against the wishes of Earth’s citizen majorities.
It’s almost nice that De Niro believes he has any right to tell Americans, or the population of any country, how to live their lives and spend their time and monies.
I am somewhat amused that when I typed De Niro’s name into Bing, up pops:

Sometimes a parody writes itself’: Robert De Niro goes to Dubai to BASH the Trump admin on climate change

The topic must be very popular, because the search censors haven’t fudged the rankings, yet.
A topic that describes De Niro’s alleged mission extremely well; all ad hominems, bad science, ideological climate religion with zero actual benefit or potential benefit.
Where’s farmer with a loaded manure tank when you need them?

Gunga Din

DeNiro, without all of us “deplorables”, then what would happen to all of you “elites”?
We live in the real world.
PS It seems that most of “the rich” that espouse “The Cause” are also in favor “progressive” Government policies “Tax the rich to give to the poor” etc.
My question is, Why are so many Hollywood rich, rich politicians (The Clintons, Kerry, Biden, Polosi, etc etc), rich businessmen (Soros, Steyer, etc) that claim to believe Government should do that, still rich?
They don’t need the Government to allow them to give to poor directly? Why don’t they just practice what they preach?


Gunga Din, “My question is, Why are so many Hollywood rich, rich politicians (The Clintons, Kerry, Biden, Polosi, etc etc), rich businessmen (Soros, Steyer, etc) that claim to believe Government should do that, still rich?”
I think it’s because In order to have functioning “socialism”, you must have controlled society . . but once you have controlled society, the “leaders” don’t have to live up to what they promised to get people to go along with setting up the controls over them . . So, power hungry control freaks naturally claim they want to help the downtrodden and such. It’s got nothing at all to do with them actually wanting “socialism” itself, I don’t believe. It’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing dealeo . .

Rhoda R

So true. And the proof is the screams coming from Hollywood over the new tax structure. THEY never expected to see THEIR taxes go up – that was supposed to happen to the middle class NOT them.


I’m sure he’s an expert. Leonardo DiCaprio has also explained climate science, and hey, Al Gore won an Oscar!

The USA is suffering from “temporary sanity” on climate change.
At least the administration (the Presidency) is. Maybe he misspoke…

Terry Gednalske

It seems there may be some very small return to sanity among the Hollywood “elite”. He does concede that President Trump would have to be VOTED out of power; not simply removed for “collusion” with Russia.

Pamela Gray

Sooooo glad the actor who played one of the dumbass roles in the insanely stupid Fockers 1, 2, 3 ad nauseam movies can wax so intelligent about the climate. Such credentials! I am humbled!!!


People that have no idea what they’re talking about, but that’s ok, because they’re brilliant.


Turn that ego the other way, De Niro. Ya’ blindin’ me.


From the article: “Each year, government officials, policy-makers, thought leaders, and private sector trailblazers come together”
It doesn’t say anything about actors being included.

Gunga Din

I think “thought leaders” is the group actors fall under.
They know how to read the script.


DeNiro is right. I don’t know why the Americans are so obsessed with climate change. It is some sort of craze. In most countries nobody gives a hoot about climate change and if you bring up the issue you get yawns.

Gunga Din

Same in the US.
It’s only those with the bullhorns that keep fussing about it.


Hey, are you forgetting Oz down under? Wall to wall climate crazies in both Houses.

Javert Chip

Amazing. Just amazing that he got this incredible understanding of atmospheric physics and he left formal schooling at 16.
Pure genius!


“Each year, government officials, policy-makers, thought leaders, and private sector trailblazers come together to explore the future of government in the coming decades led by the advancements of mankind. …”
That’s why a certain Constitutional Republic has simply got to go, I am convinced. They don’t want to have government(s) of, by and for the people . . They want to call the shots, and have virtual “diplomatic immunity”, such as we have recently seen (almost) play out in America, it seems to me . .
And they know they are gonna have a very hard time endlessly explaining why the most successful Government on the planet is one where the people have the ultimate say, and have troublesome things like inalienable rights . . not granted by the Government.
“Climate Change” was to be a major crisis that would justify “advancing” beyond rule by consent of the governed (in those few places where it actually exists), so these would-be gods, could play God, with impunity. Same old same old, really . .


What will all the warmunists say when we get really cold? Just think if the predictions by Dr Easterbrook ( or David Dilley ( start to happen.


What a prize dill. Same same DiCaprio and Blanchett.


Robert De Niro has nothing to worry about. As soon as the people pushing climate change find another environmental cause the “temporary insanity on climate” will end. Although they have been looking for the next big environmental cause for more than 20 years… Maybe they’re stuck?

Javert Chip

…there does seem to be a pause…


Oddly it is De Niro with a history of long term psychiatric issues.
De Niro does demonstrate a common issue that many climate extremists suffer from, namely projection.

I thought the USA had overcome its temporary (8 years) insanity when it got rid of Obama and didn’t vote for crooked Hillary.

Gunga Din

True. But the inmates think they are still running the asylum.

Peter Plail

When you are opposing the consensus position your opinion is apparently invalid unless you are a qualified climate scientist, however anyone, no matter how empty-headed, is allowed to make valid comments when supporting it.


That’s because they base their statements on “proper authorities” (as in only those who agree with their position, quality of work irrelevant).

Perhaps De Niro should stay in the Middle East. I’ve had enough of him.

Steve Borodin

No marks for science Robert but you just got As for arrogance and bigotry.


Soooo, he is not with the government, not a trailblazer, not a policy maker, so he must be a thought leader? Who woulda thunk it, LOL


I’d take 97% of the regular WUWT posters’ opinions on CAGW over 97% of celebritys’ opinions.


“The star actor seems to think…”
Ex actor’s opinions are a dime-a-dozen. They’ll say or do anything to get publicity for themselves.


Decent ex-actors stick to doing ads for diabetes supplies, term life insurance, mattresses, walk-in baths, and other geriatric-oriented stuff, targeted towards the age group that watched their movies as younger (wo)men.

James Fosser

Why does this person appear on Watts Up With That when my window cleaner cant even get a look in?

The Reverend Badger

Because you got the WRONG kind of double glazing units. You got those old fashioned leaky ones with argon in. The new ones have got pure CO2 in and they trap masses of heat and back reflect it into your room.

Steve Oregon

When a professional make believer tells you what he thinks there may be some make believing involved.