Canadian Environment Minister Predicts Ice Free Canada

Catherine McKenna and Don Cherry

Catherine McKenna and Don Cherry. Catherine McKenna by US Embassy Canada – Flickr, CC BY 2.0, Link. Don Cherry by By Don_Cherry_and_Tony_Daniels.jpg: Jeremy Gilbert aka Canada Jackderivative work: ConnormahFile:Don_Cherry_and_Tony_Daniels.jpg, CC BY 2.0, Link

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Canadian Environment Minister Catherine McKenna has demanded climate skeptic Hockey commentator Don Cherry think about all the children who might one day not be able to play outdoors on the ice in Canada.

Don Cherry says “cuckaloos” believe in global warming

Don Cherry calls people who believe in global warming ‘cuckaloos’

Hailey Montgomery

Digital Reporter

Sunday, February 4, 2018, 6:16 PM – Known to many as the most outspoken man in sports, iconic Canadian commentator and television personality Don Cherry is once again facing criticism after offering input to a discussion well outside of the hockey world.

During his CBC Hockey Night in Canada segment Coach’s Corner on Saturday, a day after groundhog Wiarton Willie predicted six more weeks of winter, Cherry implied that Canada’s ongoing cold weather was contradictory to the concept of global warming.

“He predicts six more weeks of cold weather”, Cherry said, seated in front of a plush-toy likeness of Willie. “Now, I’d like to ask you with your left-wing pinko friends: What about the warming trend,” he asked co-host Ron MacLean.

When MacLean tried to change the subject, Cherry persisted.

I’m just asking, the cuckaloos always say ‘the warming trend’; we’re freezing to death,” he said.

“We’re not totally cuckaloos if you look at some of the thing’s going on in our world,” MacLean replied.

The formed Boston Bruin’s coach has been known to be unapologetically opinionated on and off screen, making his two-cents known as to Toronto’s bike lanes, politics, European imports to the NHL, and weather or not female journalists may go inside NHL locker rooms to seek interviews.

Cherry has faced criticism on social media for his comments.

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If there is one country in the world which could potentially benefit from global warming, that country is Canada. Most of the population is jammed up against the “warm” southern edge of the country, leaving vast empty wildernesses to the north. A few degrees warming might make those vast empty regions more habitable.

As for Canadian Environment Minister Catherine McKenna’s suggestion that ice in Canada might someday be a thing of the past, I think I’ll go with Don Cherry’s position on that kind of prediction.

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      • Those “Ice Road Truckers” will need to start driving Hovercraft instead if they still want to make deliveries out at Tuk

    • Canadians should be rejoicing.
      Imagine all the tundra and what was permafrost becoming farmable with this lovely warm spell.
      All the huge Canadian north could become productive!
      Imagine an immigrant rush to fill all that land.
      All sorts of other advantages, why is everyone complaining?

      • “Imagine all the tundra and what was permafrost becoming farmable with this lovely warm spell.”
        – according to Lysenko, it already is! Rejoice, Comrades ( – or else…)!!!

      • Dang, I missed this Article and having trapped on St Ignace, Canada’s largest Island in Lake Superior in the early 70’s where I observed layers of dust in the snow when shovelling snow on Lake Ice for beaver sets. I shared my aged observations on a Cbc Blog on Climate Change > Co2, wondering if this could be the cause of Pre-mature Thawing of the Greenland Ice Cap about 9 months ago. I was laughed off the Blog and told I should offer my faulty observations to NASA.
        An Inuit came to my defence Posting a Link with Pictures of Soot and Particulate on Greenlands Ice Cap. Within the week Environment Minister McKenna changed the name of the Carbon Tax to a Pollution Tax. I Copy and Paste into Files, but 3 weeks later thought I would just Re-Google the issue. Five Pages later there was NoT OnE Article on “Black Carbon on the Greenland Ice Cap”.
        My In-Box was also NoT receiving Cbc, National Observer, WUWT and the Tyee Newsfeeds for about 6 weeks. and alas when gardening in my driveway pots one day, a vehicle stopped across the street and a fella exited with an acrylic face shield carrying a strange device, It was a New $mart Meter, and I questioned him why they were changing it when it was relatively new, the beginning of Ontario’s Greed Energy Program. Surprise, my Newsfeeds appeared in my In-Box again.
        Arctic Restoration — Go Beavers! | Watts Up With That?
        Dec 20, 2017 – “As other species move north with climate change, are arctic beavers actually helping them adapt?” Goldfarb suggested moose might be one species to benefit. Beaver ponds could allow more willows, a favourite food of moose, to prosper in the harsh landscape and give them the ability to branch out into …
        I Posted on Cbc Blogs that the Manitoba Cree would Burn Off Beaver Meadows when there was still snow along the Bush Line. They would then jab fresh cut 12” long Poplar Stems into the soil as they always Re-Root. If the Inuit want to accelerate New Feed Growth for the Beaver, this works very well. I have lots of young 12’, Poplar Saplings for the cause. My property was called Beaver Valley and I have about 100 acres of Black Poplar Clearcut that was over-mature and flopping over until a Pulp Mill decided they would Buy Bambagillia wood chips.
        Since Deciduous Trees excel at Converting Co2 to Oxygen, this is a noteworthy project that could accelerate Carbon Capture. Go figure, “Down with the Carbon Tax, Leave it to Beaver”.
        And Ontario’s Ministry of Mis-Managed Resources still allows Spraying of an Agent Orange type Herbicide Defoliant to Kill Deciduous Tree’s in their Mono-Cropped Softwood Forests for the Pulp & Paper, Sawmill Industry.

    • People with special qualification are even more dangerous- Margaret Thatcher had a chemistry degree so politician choose her to say whether global warming exists so we have this mess. Formal education is overrated- plenty of semi-formal education is far better.

      • Started global warming stories to get the public to choose nuclear energy over coal to break the powerful coal mining unions.

      • different motive and she would be horrified at the outcome.
        Margaret Thatcher was(eventually) horrified at the outcome. She said so in her memoirs.

      • Margaret Thatcher was also a barrister (Lincoln’s Inn, 1954). She repudiated IPCC in later life (‘Statecraft’, 2003). The miners’ strike (1984-5) was before she started to back AGW (1988). The miners had defeated Heath and Thatcher was a lot tougher. Thatcher Derangement Syndrome was a foretaste of Trump Derangement Syndrome and the source of many similar myths. Labour closed more pits of course!

      • She changed her mind too late. She had already pushed the story into international politics. The damage was done, and she did it.

    • Those politicians who have had a job doing actual work making things or services are far better than those who have done a degree (usually politics) worked for a political party and been plonked into a constituency to follow the party line.
      The truth is heard at 1.40
      James Bull

      • If global warming is a threat to Canada’s winter sports, then I was thinking we should be able to see it already in the Winter Olympics medal tables. The logic goes like this: with global warming, the natural advantages of the cold countries would be eroded, and the hot countries would be proportionately less affected and therefore do better. Let’s have a look at hot-country Australia’s medal tally: 1994-1, 1998-1, 2002-2, 2006-2, 2010-3, 2014-3. Wow – up 2 medals per Olympiad, in just 5 Olympiads. There can surely be only one possible cause of such dramatic statistics – global warming. By contrast, over the same period, cold-country Canada’s medal tally would surely have gone down – let’s have a look: 1994-13, 1998-15, 2002-17, 2006-24, 2010-26, 2014-25. Yup, I was right. Canada’s medal tally has taken a massive hit. (NB. For this, you have to read Canada’s stats the climate-science way: ignore all the increasing figures and concentrate on the 2014 collapse, which was clearly caused by the 2016 El Nino).

    • Wow Mike Jonas! You’ve revealed a potential to squeeze climate clowns between a rock and a hard place – global warming can increase diversity at the winter games!
      (Brian Gumbel was unavailable for comment.)

  1. In the grip of frigid winter weather, these fools are trying to assert that Canada’s children ‘will not know what ice looks like’!
    Their stupidity is more dangerous than severe frostbite.

  2. “Catherine McKenna
    For hockey you can turn to Coach’s Corner if you want, for climate change, Canadians turn to scientists.”
    Like David Susuki?

      • Suzuki’s was originally a geneticist, famed for his work on fruit flies. Back then it was not a crowded field.

      • My son was reading me a list of the “10 greatest Canadians”. Suzuki was in 2nd place ahead of Frederick Banting and Alexander Graham Bell. WTF!
        PS, just now I was trying to find the list he had read me. I found a list that has Don Cherry at #7.

    • Turn to scientistsf? I agree. I turn to Richard Lindzen, among the first to be invited to participate in the IPCC process, an author in 2 of these and a lead author of the Physical Climate Processes and Feedbacks,” Chapter 7 of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Third Assessment Report on climate change.
      The man is beyond qualified, certainly well beyond Dave Suzuki who you quote, Catherine. Not that she would understand much of that as a social change lawyer. Unfortunately, my country is guided by her boss an equally unqualified dunce.

      • Writing letters and sending information to these ‘leaders’ is a complete waste of time. It is impossible to get through to them. This is a very dangerous situation. Politicians at all levels are being handled by non elected operatives and lobbyists, using tactics that need to be exposed. We need help and we need it now.

    • “…they would.” No. I think you meant to say “…they should.” The fact is central, eastern, and BC Canadians have drank the cool-aid, and would willingly enter another ice age to “save the world” from climate change.

  3. Even if there was a return to a Quaternary glacial epoch and there was a mile of ice over Ottawa, the Global Warmistas would still be worrying about a loss of snow and people dying of the heat.

  4. Canada ice free? HAHAHAHA, past several weeks of -35C at night, -25C to -30C daytime. Only 6 more weeks of winter? I WISH, usually have snow on the ground here mid October to mid May. JT and the Liberals have no clue, on pretty much everything.

    • Oh this was just the first 100ppm. The next 100 ppm will rise temps 1.5..4.5 degrees with Arctic amplification, so you could end up in -28C by 2070, if the IPCC is right. Ice melts at -20C if we ask the alarmists on how the Antarctic is melting. So there is a risk kids need to learn to swim.
      If it was a global cooling scare she’d be afraid children will not know how to swim.

    • We might be able to drive over lake Ice from Thunder Bay on the north shore of Lake Superior to Chicago at the bottom of Lake Michigan again his winter, like in 2014-15.Ref;
      Historical Ice Animation: NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research …
      NOAA GLERL’s ice cover dataset extends from 1973 to present, serving the Great Lakes community in research, application, and management. Large interannual and decadal variability are observed, as well as a downward trend. The map shows the extent of the maximum ice cover on the Great Lakes for each year. Data is …

  5. Funny how the NHL is thriving in Tampa. Perhaps she doesn’t realize what innovation and adaptation can really do. Go Bolts!

    • Canadian snowbirds wintering in Tampa area supporting hockey while they get away from the cold, snow and ice?

      • No. The Tampa Bay Lightning have built a very strong local fan base. It started with us former northerners who love hockey and after 25 years now seeps into every part of the city. Having one Stanley Cup in hand and with a very strong possibility of another very soon doesn’t hurt, plus the Bolts are currently the top team in the NHL with many young stars. But the main reason is the fantastic job the owner and management have done with marketing and community outreach. Last weekend the NHL All Star game was held in Tampa and showed the entire hockey world this is now a true hockey city.

      • Tom is right. The Canadian snowbirds wintering in Tampa hava a hard time getting tickets to the “Sold Out” Lightning games. Local support is as good as it gets. The Tampa Bay Lightning have been named the No. 1 professional sports franchise by ESPN.

  6. “…for climate change, Canadians turn to scientists.” Unless those scientists say that man has very little to do with climate change. Then they are censured and lose their funding.

  7. From here in the antipodes, I can’t help but think that dear besotted, Cathie should maybe invite Fidel’s love child into her barbie world for a short trip on her sleigh, or perhaps Snowmobile, down to Minnesota, in the land of the midnight Trump….
    Arrh… God help the beautiful country of Canada!

    • With the current speed of greenhouse effect, global warming cooling will change Kenya to Greenland before 2100 🙂 No seriously I should not be this snarky. Snow in Sahara is weather, as you know, as snow in Canada is also weather. Floods, droughts, hurricanes, storms, warm spells, glacier melt and advancing glaciers are climate.

      • Nonsense, because snow in the Sahara occurs in recent years much more often than in previous decades. However, snow falls there only in locations over 1000 meters. The same can be seen in the temperatures at the German stations on the mountains. Feldberg, Brocken, Fichtelberg, Großer Arber and Zugspitze have reported declining temperatures for years, while the temperature level on the ground is still rising slightly. I think the latter is urbanization effects, whereas the stations that are decoupled from the ground show the true temperature development. According to the theory, the temperature development would have to be quite the same. Incidentally, that’s one of the reasons why I’ve become skeptical of AGW.

      • Hugs, Hans-Georg has a valid point, It is well known that Urbanization, paved parking lots and heated furnace emissions create a Heat Dome. Forgotten effect of Atmospheric Rivers like the 1861 California Flood, [Houston 2017] I witnessed this phenomenon in 2004 on the north shore of Lake Superior from the Camp 81 Forestry Road on the Trans Canada Highway east to Gravel River. The only way I could describe it was that every Rain Cloud from around the Globe must have gathered and dumped over that 20-mile wide area. Every culvert and Bridge approach was washed out with the Canadian Pacific Trans-Continental Railway Line left with rail and ties hanging in the air. There were trees hanging in Telegraph Wires.
        The volume of rain was startling not knowing that the phenomenon had a name and History. Locally gardeners were unhappy with the cool summer of 2017. We did well with 22 Large Garden Pots on the asphalt driveway generating extra heat produced better than the garden beds. Go figure.

  8. Not gonna even dent that Cherry. What the heck is a “Wiarton Willie “?
    Get antibiotics for goodness sake!
    Don’t mess with Hockey People folks…. you will lose

  9. See, cold makes you very stupid. She is exhibit A Anyway, didn’t we already see this moving with kids won’t know what snow is?

  10. What’s she going to do?–ship all of Canada’s ice to the USA?
    We’ll use it, of course, as long as they pay for it.
    (And wait until Canadians find out their “climate scientists” have been just as dishonest about their craft as the DOJ and FBI have been in the US! Oh, the humanity!)

  11. I’m a Barbie Girl
    In an Ice Free World
    I can Ban All Plastic
    I am SJW Fantastic.
    C’mon Blondie Barbie let’s Go Arctic
    C’mon Cathy Let’s Go Rogue Antarctic…
    Oh Oh Oh!

  12. Maybe climate scientists should get involved in the sport. Then , as well as telling don that historic games took place at lower temperatures than were recorded at the time, they could also adjust the historic scores down to produce an accelerating match score trend.

    • Given Climate Barbie’s apparently unlimited government funding she should sponsor a PSA (like the Iron Eyes Cody “Keep America Beautiful” ad) with Wayne Gretzky crying in front of pond with horrified teenagers in the background, skates in hand, anxiously watching from shore as their make shift hockey goal slowly sinks through thin ice.
      Tagline – “Keep Canada Cold!”

  13. This kind of comments will only stop coming after world has tasted green utopia for a good 25+ years, after which it will be realized it was a targeted and calculated lie, no different than communism, disguised as good intentions to save the planet – and children – from bad men.
    Barbies ego needs this enlightened warrior image on the surface, but deep down she knows she is only after the power of control.

    • Why has this discredited movement not gone the way of so many others by the natural order of attrition after 30 years despite lack of evidence? Because it is the essential cornerstone of the NWO [and far bigger than just Canada.] Consequently the propped-up funding will be bottomless and ongoing, so don’t expect it to go away anytime soon without an equal and opposite reaction.

    • Ain’t it amazing how you are no longer allowed to acknowledge any difference between men and women – unless you’re counting them?

    • Listen to what Jordan Peterson said recently about incompetency due to ideological decisions regarding gender:

  14. Part of this is on the subject:
    Foreplay in different countries.
    In “Lower Slobovia”–Hey Ruth, are you awake?
    In Canada–Hockey game’s over!”

  15. “But Don Cherry might want to think about all those kids who might not have outdoor rinks to play on some day.”
    Unless you’ve grown up on outdoor ice skating/hockey rink, you might never know the screech of a sharp pair of ice skates vs ice at about zero Fahrenheit.
    Nor the crunching sound of that same ice, when an opponent (that outweighs you by 30 pounds) is bearing down on you.
    Nothing that 5 stiches in the chin can’t fix.
    All part of the learning experience.

  16. Talking Barbie, pull the string and she says something … world peace, climate change, nice car, …
    Talking Brad, er Justin, pull the string and he says something … that’s not who we are, I’m a feminist, how’s my hair?, …
    Talking Don, push the button and stand back. nice suit.

  17. To cold for hockey.
    The guvamint built an ice rink in Ottawa for $5.6 million (C) and an additional $2.5 million (c) to keep it open until the end of Feb 2018. But it is too cold for hockey, and cracks have developed on the ice surface which forced a temporary closure.
    Keeping Canada 150 rink open will cost taxpayers an additional $2.5M

  18. “could potentially benefit from global warming”
    This is what Mr Worrall offers you against all the warnings of scientists and climatologists who actually know what they’re talking about and aren’t part of some sort of Blog “Enterprise”.

    • Odd. All of those “scientists and climatologists” get their entire billions of lab budget grants and travel and salary directly from the government whose research grants they applied for (under Obama) specifically to get his climate research grants based on their conclusions and support for HIS climate assumptions.

      • Almost as bad as confirming the validity of a “dossier” to a FISA judge with a news article about it.

    • Donald, do you mean
      scientists and climatologists who actually know what they’re talking about“,
      such as Prof Peter Wadhams who (5 years ago; and several more times) forecast that the summer sea ice could be gone by 2015?
      There are lists of such failed predictions. And cartoons. And poems. And videos.
      You can find them, just look.

    • Donald;
      This is what Mr Worrall offers you against all the warnings of scientists and climatologists who actually know what they’re talking about
      In the interests of educating me Donald, could you spell out the specific scientists and climatologists your are speaking of? I’d be very interested in knowing their names so that I can read their papers. TIA.

      • Uhm Donald, its been almost a whole day. I’m very anxious to look up what the scientists who you say know what they are talking about have to say. Could you please tell me their names?

      • Well a day and a half and no answer to my question from Donald. We used to get alarmist scientists dropping into this forum to discuss science. They generally got their butts kicked. Now we get trolls who say we should listen to the scientists who “know what they are talking about” but can’t be bothered to even tell us the names of the people we should supposedly be listening to.

    • Quite a few warnings have proved to be off by quite a bit. Putting it mildly. Worall makes one very good point since the prediction is that night-time temperatures in higher latitudes will rise the most. You don’t need a degree to realise you can grow crops further north if that happens.

    • The IPCC has stated that warming up to 1.8C would be generally beneficial for the world. Unfortunately, CO2 is utterly incapable of moving that needle as present temperature and trends illustrate. So sadly, the AGW crowd will destroy the economy and we won’t have our beneficial warming either.
      The Left is at the controls for yet another lose-lose effort. Do I have to say thanks?

  19. Talking Climate Barbie….. just pull her string and listen to her recite Green Blob sound bites.
    Just whatever…. just don’t ask where that string comes out on her body.

    • Yes. Very funny. But as nobody later explained, it was not a stupid mistake but done deliberately, to show that Canada is totally inclusive and awesome and welcomes climate refugees from all hemispheres.

  20. Just a bit of info for the next person who has a face to face with Climate Barbie.
    Much of the air pollution in third world countries, which is killing all the children she is so concerned about, comes from people burning anything they can get to heat their homes or cook their food. Power plants actually produce only a small proportion of “air pollution”.
    Remember London’s “Pea Soupers”? The were eliminated when Britain turned away from coal fired domestic heating to gas and other sources of heating. Ditto in Canada: the “smog days” she repeatedly referred to, last happened about 100 years ago.
    There are liars, and there are statisticians. Then there is Climate Barbie.

  21. This might be the time to let everyone know that the Arctic is ice free as we write. Under the new definition of “ice free” any ice extent less than the entire extent of the Arctic Ocean is now considered “ice free”. Never mind that the NW Passage is still impassable. You need to learn to ignore the man behind the curtain so that people like Catherine McKenna can continue to tell us what is best for us.

  22. It’s even worse than we thought…….
    “Melting ice poses one of the greatest threats to the modern world, a top Australian climate change professor has warned……………….Prof England says up to 15 metres of Antarctica ice could melt into the oceans if the Earth gets hot enough over the next several centuries.”

  23. I dont live in Canada so i dont care, but i will keep my fingers crossed he has by some miracle of nature guessed right for the wrong reasons.
    Canada would be just as beautiful with no snow.
    Just think how many more immigrants Canada could take.

  24. It’s interesting how the climate sceptic community think that the whole issue of climate change is something that is simply a hoax with no substance to it.
    Several businessmen are already positioning themselves to take advantage of the climate change revolution in terms of technologies being developed to abate its effects. It seems that sceptics are uninterested in finance and prefer to see the US’s competitors take the lead and thus put the American economy at a disadvantage. Strange – I always thought Americans believed in the power of free market capitalism…

    • Capitalism works because people are free to make their own decisions. Personally I think CCS is lunacy. Other people are free to take other views. My only reservations are I don’t want them to spend my money on this idiocy, and I don’t want a CCS facility anywhere near where I live, as in within 30 miles of where I live – I have no wish to be caught up in a manmade Lake Nyos disaster.

      • Bill Gates, the second richest man in the world and a genius entrepreneur, seems to disagree with you regarding CCS – and I think I am more inclined to go with what he thinks is the future (no offence).
        Also, if you are a fossil fuel advocates – as I assume you are like many on WUWT – why should you be concerned about a CCS facility near you? Climate sceptics argue that CO2 has no harmful effects and, as such, there is no atmospheric pollution or AGW. In fact this CO2 in their eyes is making this planet greener.

      • He he – Bill Gates is free to try, there is no guarantee he’ll succeed. Even if Bill succeeds, if his CCS facility is as buggy as Windows OS, I definitely want my 30 mile buffer zone.

      • Bill Gates is good at hiring people who can write operating systems, therefore he is an expert in climate change.
        Is that really the best you can do Ivan?

      • “Bill Gates is good at hiring people who can write operating systems”
        Having been involved with a certain operating system continuously from the version that didn’t even have a version number (I still have the SDK, including the 5 1/4 floppies), if I could be bothered I might take issue with that…

    • If it (CSS) can be profitable without Government subsidy, then here’s wishing Bill all the success in the world. So far, it appears to be just “catch and release”.

    • “Several businessmen are already positioning themselves to take advantage of climate change rent-seeker subsidies in terms of useless and potentially dangerous technologies being developed to supposedly abate the non-existent effects of the imaginary problem.”
      There, fixed it for you.

      • Yeah, yeah, yeah. You think everything connected to AGW is subsidised. Fossil fuels receive huge subsidies as well … but of course that’s not something you ever write about.

      • @ivankinsmen;
        Oh, playing the “fossil fuel subsidy” card eh? It must be lovely living the life you do, an existence untrammeled by facts or reality. So, name a subsidy for fossil fuels. Let me start by short-circuiting your likely first answer and point out that depletion allowances are available for any resource that’s pulled out of the ground.

      • “Let me start by short-circuiting your likely first answer and point out that depletion allowances are available for any resource that’s pulled out of the ground.”
        So what? It’s still a subsidy. That’s like saying corn subsidies don’t count because wheat farmers can get subsidies too.

      • It really is sad how the trolls cling to their disproven lies.
        There are no fossil fuel subsidies. But you can be assured that Ivan will be back, over and over again, to claim otherwise.

      • BTW, everything associated with fossil fuels is subsidized, either directly or indirectly via mandates to buy, regardless of cost.

      • Chris, so you believe that anything that reduces taxes are a subsidy? Would you care to apply that logic to the subsidies that your family uses? Or is it only a subsidy when someone you don’t like uses it?
        It’s a general principle that anything that decreases the value of company results in a right off. Why should only the fossil fuel industry be exempt from this rule?

    • Say “Hi’ to Vlad for all of us next time you stop by the Kremlin to pick up your paychreque.

      • If anyone is pro-Russian it is you my friend. Sceptics and fossil fuel advocates – by consistently denigrating renewable technologies, Evs etc – and promoting fossil fuels, that are Russia’s main source of revenue, are holding America back. You represent a 5th column doing Vlad’s dirty work. What is it like? Are you happy keeping the ex-KGB spymaster in power?
        [??? .mod]

      • John has it 100% backwards, amazing. The countries most dependent on fossil fuels for their national economies are some of the most repressive in the world – Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Venezuela.

      • Lets see if I have this right.
        By opposing the left’s attempts to free up America’s fossil fuel development, we are playing right into Putin’s hands?
        BTW, Putin is well aware of the fact that renewables will never replace fossil fuels. Or anything else for that matter, that’s why Putin has been so active in funding the various “environmental” movements.

    • Ivankinsman, sure those businessmen are positioning themselves to ‘take advantage…’. As they did during the dot-com boom and as they did leading up to the subprime mortgage frenzy. The sharpest of them made out like bandits. But in retrospect we know that the underlying ‘revolution’ turned out to be another extraordinary delusion made worse by the madness of crowds.

      • That is the world of money whereas AGW is about physical reality and lives are at stake. Sceptics are prepared to write off AGW as some kind of pseudo-leftist conspiracy with pc lefties wanting to take over the planet and create some kind of socialist paradise.
        My question is: What if you are wrong. What if AGW is impacting man’s environment? No second chances like with a financial crisis. You cannot compare like with like here.

      • Wow, lives are at stake? Really? Can you document whose life and where?
        Or are you just another of those idiots who proclaim that any change, no matter how small is gonna kill us all?
        BTW, the number and severity of all storms has been dropping in recent decades, though I have no doubt you will try to deny this well proven fact.

      • Ivankinsman writes,
        “Sceptics are prepared to write off AGW as some kind of pseudo-leftist conspiracy with pc lefties wanting to take over the planet and create some kind of socialist paradise.”
        I write it off as a FAILED conjecture because of the already failed PER DECADE warming prediction/projection from 1990 onwards. They also failed the Troposphere “hot spot” modeling projection as well.
        You also wrote this dead on arrival question, since it is well known that it is clearly a positive impact
        “What if AGW is impacting man’s environment?”
        It is a GREENING world, crop yields increasing, deserts are getting greener. Forests are growing larger…..
        You are off the rails with this one,
        “That is the world of money whereas AGW is about physical reality and lives are at stake.”
        No the worlds population is increasing….., your reality is from delusions over a super molecule that doesn’t even have a measurable warming effect in the Satellite data OUTSIDE of El-Nino events. How can the atmosphere cool down so much afterwards if the super molecule were on the job swallowing all that heat, making it vanish in a split second?
        AGW is a long failed conjecture that needs to be thrown in the dumpster.

      • ivankinsman… I addressed the issue you raised head on. Off you go changing the subject with
        “Lives are at stake… What if you are wrong. What if AGW is impacting man’s environment?”
        Answer… it doesn’t make much difference, does it? Natural variability and extreme weather have been impacting man’s environment for all of man’s history. Lives are always at stake with or without AGW. AGW didn’t cause the Galveston Hurricane in 1900 or Hurricane Hazel in 1954. AGW didn’t cause the drought that is thought to be why the Anasazi abandoned their pueblos in Utah nearly nine hundred years ago.
        AGW didn’t cause the ‘Year without a summer’ in 1816 and the ensuing crop failures and starvation. But we can learn a lesson from it… real-life historical evidence (actual ‘physical reality’) shows earth’s climate to be, at any given moment, approximately one severe and not particularly rare volcanic eruption away from sufficient cooling to be catastrophic for mankind.
        So in answer to your question… I’m not going to fret about a couple degrees of AGW. Whether you do is your choice and is influenced by which evidence you choose to ignore. And on top of that… where I am it was -30C when I got up this morning, and I’ve shovelled so much snow since early November that I don’t really care whether I am wrong about whatever you imagined I was wrong about. And it really is your imagination in play since (if you go back and read what I wrote) I never mentioned AGW, or climate, or even weather, in the first place.

    • Remember the pet rock? Just because there’s a market, doesn’t mean there’s inherent value in the product.
      I also get tired of pretentious idiots thinking they can win any argument by dangling money – that’s acting on a stereotype, which has been pretty much created by non-capitalists.

  25. There is an outdoor rink right behind my house. There is a notice board for hockey times and pleasure skating times. It shows no sign of starting later or finishing earlier than it ever did. Normal variation? Sure. Persistent warming? Not so much. Waterloo hasn’t warmed in 100 years. I hope it doesn’t start cooling. Street hockey is also fine by me.

  26. I’m just waiting for that improbable day when people can honestly and gleefully say, “Soon, kids won’t even know what Leftist demagoguery looks like…”

    • Don’t give up hope. Even Joe Stalin came to see the error of some ways, ways which we are all too familiar with today.
      It has brought out, in the first place, that in linguistic bodies both in the center and in the republics a regime has prevailed which is alien to science and men of science. The slightest criticism of the state of affairs in Soviet linguistics, even the most timid attempt to criticize the so-called “new doctrine” in linguistics, was persecuted and suppressed by the leading linguistic circles. Valuable workers and researchers in linguistics were dismissed from their posts or demoted for being critical of N. Y. Marr’s heritage or expressing the slightest disapproval of his teachings. Linguistic scholars were appointed to leading posts not on their merits, but because of their unqualified acceptance of N. Y. Marr’s theories.
      It is generally recognized that no science can develop and flourish without a battle of opinions, without freedom of criticism. But this generally recognized rule was ignored and flouted in the most unceremonious fashion. There arose a close group of infallible leaders, who, having secured themselves against any possible criticism, became a law unto themselves and did whatever they pleased.
      Joseph Stalin, Pravda, June 1950.

  27. Does Catherine go to the Dr Viner school of “Children just aren’t going to know what snow is,” CRU at the UEA?

  28. If i was the new Premier of Ontario, Election, June 9th 2018. i would fire every employee at the Moe, Ministry of Environment. My co-workers were in an Electrostatic Precipitator recently that was Not opened up oR repaired in SIX Years. And I’m on Cbc Blogs commenting that a Once a Year Shut Down may NoT be enough. When maintained they do a good job of removing Particulate and Soot from emissions. Ref: Pictures are worth a thousand words.
    Images for black carbon on greenland Ice cap
    Soot and Dirt Is Melting Snow and Ice Around the World – Latest Stories…/140610-connecting-dots-dust-soot-snow-ice-c…
    Jun 10, 2014 – A May 2014 study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences reported a link between black carbon from northern boreal forest fires and faster melting in 2012 of the Greenland ice sheet. And a study in 2013 documented that boreal fires in Alaska are burning more frequently now than at any …

  29. Cuckaloos!. The progs Co-opt the CUCK meme. Many fora/forums will censor cuck-, a clue to their politics. The cuckoo happily raises another father’s chicks. A cuckservative looks left for approval as it abets progressive policies, raising the progs’ intellectual ‘offspring’ .

    • The meaning of this word is closer to and derived from “kook”, wherever that comes from. But I get your point.

    • People might think that you’re joking but when dangerously low temperatures and wind chill combines, exposed skin can freeze and blister in short order. In our neck of the woods there have been too many days like that where any outdoor activity is short term only.

      • This winter has had some very nice warm spells (in Calgary), and early on I was commenting on how nice this winter was turning out to be. But now it has been one cold snap after another, turning this into the coldest winter since I moved to Calgary (21 years ago). And we still have 2 months of winter to go.
        Here in Calgary, there are very few outdoor rinks. The chinooks cause the outdoor rinks to melt repeatedly, so most rinks are indoor. But this winter the real problem would have been too cold. Our kids are not as hardy as past generations, and would not want to play in the harsh cold.

    • Growing up in Canada in the 60’s, when it was definitely colder, we played outside for hours at -20 and colder. Frostbitten ears lots of time, numb feet and nothing like getting hit on frozen hands with a stick. we would not have considered not playing as an option.
      Whoever the sportscaster idiot was who said Canadians weren’t tough enough to play basketball knew absolutely nothing about us.

    • Cool, in the 60s we played hockey on Fish Brook at the Topsfield/Boxford townline 20 miles north of Boston.

  30. For hockey you can turn to Coach’s Corner if you want, for climate change, Canadians turn to scientists.

    Except there’s no scientist predicting an ice free Canada year round. Only an Environment Minister can do such a thing.

  31. Yet another despicable post and comments. “Predicts ice free Canada” -no she does not! Followed by post after post criticising her for her appearance. She seems like an intelligent human to me -not a Barbie bimbo–absolutely despicable.
    Catherine McKenna holds a master’s degree from the London School of Economics where she studied International Relations, and a law degree from McGill University. She also holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Toronto.
    After graduating from École élémentaire catholique Notre-Dame (her father insisted that all his children be bilingual despite not knowing any French himself)[3] and then Saint Mary Catholic Secondary School[4] in Hamilton, Ontario, McKenna attended the University of Toronto and studied French and International Relations. After graduating from the University of Toronto, she filmed a documentary in Asia, “Real Travels: 60 days in Indonesia.” McKenna then completed a master’s degree in International Relations at the London School of Economics and a law degree at McGill.[5]

    • Economics degree, Law degree, International Relations, bilingual. NO TRAINING IN CLIMATE OR THE ENVIRONMENT, typical politician.

      • “Economics degree, Law degree, International Relations, bilingual. NO TRAINING IN CLIMATE OR THE ENVIRONMENT, typical politician.”
        Don Cherry did not attend university at all, he began playing hockey straight out of high school. And that’s the guy you choose to listen to over her.

      • I’ve known for decades that leftists are elitists, as Chris once again goes out of his way to demonstrate.

    • Typical politician. No scientific knowledge but somehow qualified to pass judgement on scientific issues and has the nerve to speak with authority. Does your dentist do your taxes?

    • Ghalfrunt

      Catherine McKenna holds a master’s degree from the London School of Economics where she studied International Relations, and a law degree from McGill University. She also holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Toronto.
      After graduating from École élémentaire catholique Notre-Dame (her father insisted that all his children be bilingual despite not knowing any French himself)[3] and then Saint Mary Catholic Secondary School[4] in Hamilton, Ontario, McKenna attended the University of Toronto and studied French and International Relations. After graduating from the University of Toronto, she filmed a documentary in Asia, “Real Travels: 60 days in Indonesia.” McKenna then completed a master’s degree in International Relations at the London School of Economics and a law degree at McGill.

      So, she has graduated from several university programs in several places: That background only authorizes her to write about and speak as a lawyer, specifically as a lawyer in international relations. Which actually only makes her a professional politician (er, liar) specifically with a background in professional lies about the economics and political positions between opposing and aligning professional liars (er, politicians) of other countries and other parties. What part of her background gives ANY ability or credentials to discuss thermodynamics, heat transfer, radiation, chemistry, physics, biology, or CO2 levels above the high school level, if even that?
      More to the point, her background and training AS a lawyer in international relations means that any “morals” and “ethics” that might have survived her initial college indoctrination (er, classes) got flushed out BY the need for competent lying and distortion and negotiating and “winning” AS a lawyer and politician appointee specializing in international relations! I’d much rather have a single HONEST and ETHICAL high school chemistry or physics teacher in that position than a politically-trained lawyer in international relations!

      • You don’t understand, once you have been properly trained in left-wing philosophy, you are considered to be an expert on every subject under the sun.

    • I have not been able to find evidence that McKenna actually said: “Predict Ice Free Canada”, either. This is what she said on her Twitter:
      “But Don Cherry might want to think about all those kids who might not have outdoor rinks to play on some day.”
      Not even close…..

  32. “Climate cuckaloos” has a nice, alliterative ring to it. Cherry was trolling of course, and McKenna obligingly took the bait.

  33. lol At least the Russians still know where to shove a Hockey Stick.
    I expect this is all part of a Putin plot….

  34. I had a hockey rink as a child in the early 1970s. Some years it was too cold to flood the ice. Other years the rink would melt in 3-4 days. In the late 1990s my children had a skating rink. Some years it was too cold to flood. Other years the rink would melt down to grass in 3-4 days.
    Now I have a pond in front of my house. Some years the ice is frozen solid, other years its open water.
    A warming trend of 0.1 degrees per decade would be completely lost in the seasonal swing of +/- 10 degrees over a period of a few days.

  35. “Now, I’d like to ask you with your left-wing pinko friends: What about the warming trend,” Just remember one of our hockey minds, extreme liberalism and right-wingness are equally dangerous. Climate change is a scientific and a practical problem.

    • Global warming is a science problem because no one can find t. That’s why the warmistas have to make stuff up.

    • No it is not a scientific problem. The moment it is applied it is an engineering one and should be subject to quality control and preferably external integrity checks if it really is life or death just as pacemaker design is where it is only a single life at stake.

    • Nice map. Vancouver island completely snow covered. When was the last time that happened? The only bit of Canada not covered is a small sliver of Northern Nova Scotia (which is really strange, instrumentation error?)

      • Jeff ==> Hadn’t noticed that….I’ll check a couple of other Snow Cover sites and see if they have the same.

    • make work project for trudocchio to virtue signal to the UN. If we didn’t put these people in government, they would just end up teaching in the schools or universities. they wouldn’t survive in the private sector

  36. I wouldn’t be too hard on Minister McKenna, whose full title is “Minister of Environment and Climate Change”. Like most profiteers of CAGW, her professional/political career depends on being a true believer, so facts to the contrary are simply not tolerated.

  37. Seems like the Minister stole a page from JFK Jr.’s book…you may recall years ago Jr. lamented the prospect of snowless winters around D.C. that would rob children of the joys of sledding. Shortly thereafter, Snomageddon descended upon the nation’s capital. Many opportunities have followed through the years for those kids. Open mouth, insert foot…

  38. “But Don Cherry might want to think about all those kids who might not have outdoor rinks to play on some day. ”
    Minnesota will be a sub-tropical paradise some day.
    All the bears in the woods will have a jamboree someday.
    My left great toe will fossilize into a solid gold nugget someday.
    Prove me wrong.
    My favorite quote from “The Simpsons”-
    “You can make up statistics to prove anything, fourteen percent of people know that.”

  39. They haven’t shut down the outdoor ice rink in St. Louis, MO yet due to climate change. Apparently she doesn’t skate or she’d know that the best conditions are sunny days somewhat above 0C on a refrigerated rink, right after they run the Zamboni.
    We had around a foot of ice on our pond before the January thaw hit, but skating was horrible because the wind had caused the surface to be too rough. Fun to drive my old CJ-7 on, though.
    The best solution is to skate at our community indoor ice rink. All summer too.

  40. I gather the warming trend somehow missed regina this year. with nuts at the helm god help the good ship canada

  41. If that’s the case Liberals will have no problem spending millions to keep an ice rink on the Hill . My thermometer hit -28 last nite.

    • If our present ‘Climate Barbie’ Minister remains as is into the future and even if children won’t know what snow/ice is at least the they will no what an actual ‘snow flake’ looks like.

    • Doubt it, the Conservatives agreed with the liberal party to sign the Paris Accord. We are finished. For the foreseeable future anyways. Adios canaduh

  42. As much as I don’t really care for Don Cherry he is listened to by a lot of people in Canada. I hope he brings it up on a yearly basis as we sink into the cold over the next decade.

  43. What do you expect….
    Most ‘normal’ people don’t become politicians
    That is why we end up with brain washed agenda driven NUT JOB political animals calling the shots for the rest of us.

  44. Where will all the Venezuelan exiles from PDVSA go with their oil field skills now that Canada no longer welcomes anyone in the oil field sector? I guess it will be welfare as stateless citizens since they can’t go back to the ultra lib police state of Venezuela with hyperinflation.

  45. I am curious what special training and scientific evedince this environment minister is using to make this prediction? If there had been not photoshopping of polar bears, if the polar icecaps would have disaapeared as warrened in “an inconvenient truth” Los Angelas and New York were underwater as predicted by the same so called scientists in the same movie would have happened then maybe just maybe I might take her with a grain of seriousness but alas it has been proven that since the last ice age we have been changing and we are not facing world destruction as her idol Al Gore predicted I am going with she is bat shit crazy like the rest of them!

  46. My heart bleeds for the poor Canadians. No more ice hockey. They will have to live without it, like Australians.

  47. I went down town and listened to this Minister speak.
    She proudly boasted of her ignorance of the Climate Change File and Climate Change prior to being “made” Minister of the Environment&Climate Change..
    Then she continued to speak,proclaiming her continued ignorance of Climate Change,weather and the real world.
    Climate Barbie was coined by Faith Goldie of Rebel TV, a perfect label for this professional leech.
    Liberalism is a progressive disease.
    Progressive like rust.

  48. Here in the UK we have a standstill in many areas from albeit a small amount of snow but nobody in the media is highlighting the prediction of no snow made by the climate scientists and as in a reasonably sane world would result in an end to spending any money at all based on their predictions. I bet this sort of stupidity on the part of the politicians will be equally little coverage when it becomes clear they were totally cretinous at best.

  49. In other Canadian news, another Climate Warrior faces inconvenient problems:
    “OTTAWA—Elizabeth May is asking Green party members to help cover the “new and unexpected” cost of a workplace bullying investigation into her own alleged behaviour — an investigation that she called for herself in the face of accusations from former staffers last week.”
    Climate Change has so many effects…

    • Elizabeth May, leader of the party of 1, the number of seats the Green Party has in the House of Commons, born in Hartford Connecticut.

  50. Don’t worry, next JT cabinet shuffle she could be Minister of National Defense, or Minister of Health. Cabinet shuffles in the past have done this, qualifications don’t seem to matter in running Canada.

  51. Another nickname for her is “photo Barbie” from her habit if hiring a photographer to catch her at her most dramatic moments. For more details watch from 49 seconds at the posting Jeff Labute February 4, 2018 at 8:51 pm

  52. After 33 years of predictions that have not been realized, Global Warming caused by humans hasNO PROOF. To see why this has happened, and to see what Deadly Climate Change we should be preparing for, See It’s real science, not Political Science that has created a huge industry dependent on continuing the Global Warming story as long as possible. See Paullitely. Com to understand and plan for the future climate that will be undeniably obvious by 2021.

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