Trump Gave The First SOTU In 8 Years To Not Mention ‘Global Warming’


While President Donald Trump touted policies to make the U.S. into an energy superpower, his first State of the Union (SOTU) address to Congress left out a hallmark of Obama-era speeches.

Trump’s address is the first in eight years to not refer to manmade global warming — nine years if you include former President Barack Obama’s 2009 address to Congress. Instead, Trump emphasized deregulation and boosting energy production — many of the regulations Trump rescinded were Obama-era global warming policies.

“In our drive to make Washington accountable, we have eliminated more regulations in our first year than any administration in history,” Trump said in his speech Tuesday night.

“We have ended the war on American Energy – and we have ended the War on clean coal,” Trump said. “We are now an exporter of energy to the world.”

Nearly all of Obama’s addresses to Congress explicitly mentioned climate change. Obama addressed Congress eight times, explicitly mentioning climate change in all but one speech.

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Roy Spencer

And not in the Democrat response, either? Hmmm. Sounds like a pretty serious oversight for such an existential threat to humanity.


Somebody commented: “The only thing left of Obama’s legacy is the memo and indictments.”
I think global warming is the last thing on the minds of Democrats.


All those Obama Democratic Party Deep Staters never expected a Republican to win, and especially not Trump. Otherwise they’d have followed more ethical paths in their duties at the IRS, DOJ, and FBI. Obama weaponized them with the implicit promise that they’d never be investigated and exposed. Oops.
And then then there are the abuses of intelligence unmasking of US citizen names for political purposes by his NSC staff and DNI staff within the WH. Eventually all that will come out, maybe not in a criminal investigation, but in tell-all books as the statute of limitations runs out.
The Demorats have a lot of skeletons still waiting to be exposed after 8 years of an abusive POTUS… which they figured would be followed by 8 more of the Clinton Criminal syndicate.


“All those Obama Democratic Party Deep Staters”
Oh dear. That statement in itself speaks volumes about the validity or objectivity of anything else posted by the author.


Just the author name “Gareth”, volumes about the validity or objectivity of anything else posted by that author.

I think you’re right. The Swamp Creatures are looking for burrows.

Hador NYC

For that alone, I gave a cheer to my tv when I watched them.


Congressman Kennedy was too busy drooling spittle and bashing mythical bullies to actually think.
And for Congresswoman Maxine Waters, well let’s just be nice and say rationality is not her strong suit.
Note: no Democratic Party Senators wanted the rebuttal job.



Henning Nielsen

Why don’t you guys get yourselves a proper royal family, instead of amateurs like the Kennedy clan? There’s simply no panache (no, it’s not a pancake).

T. Fry

Sorry to be a label Nazi, but: it’s “Democrat Party”, not “Democratic”.

NW sage

But he delivered it in ‘Kennedy Style’. It sounded good if you didn’t listen to see if it made sense.

Word is that Joe Kennedy’s drooling was due to climate change…

Was that drool coming out of Joe Kennedy’s mouth?
Marco Rubio had his awkward pause for a gulp of water. Joe Kennedy had his … drool?
The Democratic congressman’s mouth corners appeared especially shiny during his response to President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address — and many online were quick to accuse him of drooling during his address. The alternative theory was an overzealous application of lip balm.
“Marco Rubio had dry-mouth during his #SOTU response in 2013. Joe Kennedy has drool-mouth,” tweeted Frank Luntz, the prominent Republican pollster.
Another Twitter wit delivered this one-liner: “Ask not what your country can drool for you, ask what you can drool for your country!”
And all we’ll remember is the drool on his face.
[…] image

Bryan A

Of course it could have been a dollup of Herpecin covering a Phlemish blemish


He says it was chap stick…..but who smears chap stick all over their face
David, you missed the best one…Pelosi said to watch Trump slobber all over himself….then Kennedy actually does it….karma

Lucius von Steinkaninchen

Well, you know, less polite parts of the Internet quickly developed the theory that it was neither drool nor chap stick, but rather… something else.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Lucius ,
Are you suggesting he’s in bed with the Clintons ???


If beads of sweat could ruin Nixon’s presidential hopes, what will dollops of drool do?


I can’t believe the Democrats had Howdy Doody do the response to the SOTU.


The far Left is complaining that Joe Kennedy is too white, rich and privileged to be giving the Democrat response.


Wait, I thought the Democrat response was “huh?”.




Or, Doh!!

Joel Snider

‘Sounds like a pretty serious oversight for such an existential threat to humanity.’
They’re so blinded by hatred, they don’t even know what they’re fighting for anymore.
But don’t let anyone be confused – they’re not fighting for us. Never have, never will. And they could not have demonstrated it more conclusively than they did last night.


It was a very great speech.
I listened to it from start to finish.
I also saw the Democrat Congress people sit with stoney faces when great things in favour of ordinary US citizens and the USA were said.

Have to feel sorry for them in a way.


A great speech, even democrits were touched, and close to crying….like Pelosi…:)

“And [Global Warming alarmism was] not in the Democrat response, either?”
Was this an oversight by the Dems, or have they decided that Global Warming is a DEAD ISSUE – no-win, toxic, false hysteria that they must abandon, like a rotting fish on a riverbank?
It’s never been about the science – the science of catastrophic global warming was never valid – it’s always been about the scare factor, and people just aren’t scared of global warming anymore. After Americans froze their butts off this winter, the popular joke was “I blame global warming!”.
Once they start laughing at you, you’re finished.

It is NEVER something they WANT to talk about when votes matter. Remember the presidential 2012 election? Romney didn’t bring it up (foolishly), so neither did Obama. Climate Change mitigation is not a pathway to power, it is rather a powerful tool OF power.


Actually it wasn’t a joke. Al Gore and friends ARE blaming climate change for all the relentless cold weather across North America. Of course, by changing the terminology from “global warming” to “climate change” , any deviation from a clear 21C day can now be interpreted as “climate change”. Sleet, snow, rain, droughts, cold, heat, are all factors contributing to climate change so let’s not quibble any longer and accept carbon taxes and the proven UN competency of redistributing wealth from the “haves” to the ‘have-nots”. 100 billion a year was the starting point until that damn Trump came along.


One other refreshing thing. As opposed to the previous administration, this speech was dominated by the use of “we” and “our”, as opposed to “I” and “my”.


I was thinking the same thing!


Bernie Sanders was all bent out of shape that Climate Change was never mentioned.
Hey Bernie – he never mentioned Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny either.

Climate change must’ve caused this too…

In a Perfect Metaphor for Socialism, Bernie Sanders’ State of the Union Video Response Craps Out
BY TYLER O’NEIL JANUARY 30, 2018comment image
Self-identified “national socialist” Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) couldn’t let Rep. Joe Kennedy III (D-Mass.) speak for him in the Democratic response to Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address. But, in a perfect metaphor for his economic system, Sanders’ own response experienced “technical difficulties.”
For almost a full three minutes, Sanders’ response was down, and the screen read, “We will be back momentarily!”
Venezuela has become the poster child of this failed economic policy. Last year, amid a bread shortage, the government’s response was genius — seize control of the bakeries! The country has run out of things like toilet paper, and animals are tragically dying in zoos because workers cannot take care of them.
Never fear, Venezuela’s socialist President Nicolás Maduro endorsed Bernie Sanders in the 2016 presidential election! It may not work over there, but why not give it a shot over here?
[…] image

Bryan A

The Political Climate is definitely Changing
Now THAT’S Climate Change

Joel Snider

The ACLU complained that the US President used the word ‘America’ too many times.
I’ll say the for Trump – he makes people reveal themselves.




Democrat Gutierrez had to flee the room and find a safe place, when a chant “USA, USA” started up in response to a statement by Trump.


Let me get this straight: The AMERICAN Civil Liberties Union is complaining about Trump using the word “American”.


What a refreshing change after, eight years of the Narcissist/Nihilist-in-Chief, and his parade of sob stories rather than everyday heroes.


The public interest is so far down the list of priority’s that even the loony tune left – left it out


“We are now an exporter of energy to the world.”…as it should be

Didn’t watch, but if this is true, it means a raging Al Gore prolly sent his pool boy to the servants quarters without a stop at the dessert bar… more for Big Al, anyway, right?

Here in the UK the SOTU got very little coverage in the MSM, and of course the little coverage was highly critical of DT.


What else would you expect.


I believe there is a book already written, comparing Trump’s unpopularity to that of Churchill’s unpopularity when he was first elected.
Churchill proved the man of the moment, a warrior in time of war; hopefully, Trump will prove himself as successful in time of peace, as a commercial leader of the world.
I have long maintained that governments need to be run by businessmen who are happy to cut the financial waste from our systems and get countries back to work.
In my opinion, countries are nothing more than big businesses. Amalgamating them into organisations like the EU is nothing less than monopolization and price rigging of entire continents.
Trump is giving small countries licence to compete on their own merits, as is Brexit.

David Johnstone

An encouraging start but Trump is like the boy with the wheel barrow – he’s got the job in front of him. Financial institutions against him, a compliant media attacking him from all angles, State governors against him, wind farms still being constructed, Buffet pouring billions into wind farms to get the tax credits, misinformed teachers brainwashing students from an early age, federally funded institutions from universities to NASA, NOAA, GISS against him and not too many singing his praises. Combined it’s a world wide propaganda machine BUT – he must prevail or the U.S. and most of the western world will self- destruct economically, socially and, ironically for Green activists, environmentally. A nation, no matter how wealthy, can’t maintain any of the above if it continues to squander trillions on a fools errand.

Steve Zell

Not all the financial institutions will be against Trump–they will certainly appreciate the lower corporate tax rate. Not all the state governors will be against him either–most coal states will appreciate the extra jobs, as will those states crossed by new oil pipelines Trump gave permission to construct, and those who will reap royalties from offshore drilling. As for Warren Buffett–he’s been opposing oil pipelines so he can make money shipping oil by railcar, so the new pipelines will cut into his bottom line, and he’ll have less money to throw at windmills.
Trump’s walking out of the Paris agreement will have a ripple effect. Without the USA’s contribution to the global warming prevention fund (aka slush fund for tin-pot dictators to rob rich countries), other countries concerned about global warming will have to pick up the slack. Then when the sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow and the “green” countries run out of power, we can always sell them some extra LNG at a price slightly below what the Russians charge them. A win-win for the USA, and a lose-lose for the green countries.

Gunga Din

And all of them, the MSM, the polls, etc. said Hillary would be giving the SOTU’s for years to come.
But then (despite many who don’t fit the definition) We The People of the United States voted.
Primaries and Midterm elections are coming up. He can’t do it alone.


The State of the Union address is a boring, ridiculous spectacle. After 50 minutes of one-line talking points and standing ovations, I finally gave up. A perfect reflection of life inside the beltway.
When Trump sticks to the script he comes across as smug and arrogant. At least he’s funny when he’s winging it.


Yeah, I know what you mean, scraft1 – when Trump acts like a Democrat he isn’t funny at all.

Bryan A

Well stated Sir Who

Joel Snider

I feel sad when I see people completely incapable of inspiration, or understanding it when they see it.


The only thing that inspires some people, is promises of large amounts of other people’s money.

Mario Lento

I found it inspiring, wonderfully fresh and a reminder that he is a leader with great courage. That’s what I got and hoped it would keep going. Then I saw the wet lipped Kennedy and a small crowd of non thinkers cheering at strawman statements that had nothing to do with responding to Trump’s SOTU address.

Joel Snider

The ‘last eight years’ featured a president who was deliberately in on the con – as I recall, both Obama and Valerie Jarrett were on the Chicago Carbon Exchange early on.

Thomas Homer

Carbon Based Life Forms everywhere applaud you Mister President!
Carbon Dioxide is the base of the food chain.

Christopher Chantrill

There was not one word in the SOTU that mentioned any of the educated ruling class’s pet issues. Not. One. Word.


I guess that is a sign that Peak Climate Reach has occurred or maybe a relative peak. A return of Advocacy Overlords is still possible where a President reads the script attacking anyone who dares question it like Obama did.


He is also the first President for eight years who has little understanding of science. After all, this is a guy who genuinely believes that vaccines cause Autism. Really.

Derek Wood

…As opposed to a President who genuinely believes that CO2 is a threat to the planet. Really.

J Mac

“He shoots – He scores!”


The reliable evidence supporting climate change in the form of warming is extensive, the reliable evidence supporting a vaccine/autism link is non existent. You may not like it, but that is reality.

Rainer Bensch

“evidence supporting climate change in the form of warming is …” not the point.”… by those 0.04% CO₂ of the atmosphere…” especially the “… about 3% of which we humans are responsible for” you left out.

No understanding of “science”?
As I recall, it was Obama who refused to release ANY of his transcripts from ANY college, university or “law school” for ANY grade, no law school test, no record of courses, and no SAT/ACT scores. None.
We do know Obama claimed that the seas began receding – apparently because the began earth cooling upon his election – even though he had not signed any economic-destruction acts. Was it not Al Gore who failed out even of theology school – while taking no science classes at all?
A life-long builder – though not a degreed engineer himself – I’d say Trump knows more about structures and material and loads and heat transfer and equations and approximations and assumptions than most if not all in congress.

J Mac

Just so, RA!


RA, I don’t live in the US, but I understand you have some fine Universities, at least on a parr with Cambridge and Oxford, and in some ways better. Harvard is one of them. It’s where Obama studied law, and became the editor of the Harvard Law Review. Prior to becoming a politician Obama also lectured in Law at Chicago Do you have the slight suspicion, that such a prestigious University would have checked Obama’s academic qualification for such a role? After graduation, he became a civil rights attorney and professor, and taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School from 1992 to 2004. I also understand that to become an attorney in the US, you have to have certain qualifications.
Perhaps you can enlighten us with details of Mr.Trumps academic achievements?
Come on RA, at least debate from a base of some knowledge.

Bob boder

“RA, I don’t live in the US, but I understand you have some fine Universities, at least on a parr with Cambridge and Oxford, and in some ways better. Harvard is one of them. It’s where Obama studied law, and became the editor of the Harvard Law Review. Prior to becoming a politician Obama also lectured in Law at Chicago Do you have the slight suspicion, that such a prestigious University would have checked Obama’s academic qualification for such a role? After graduation, he became a civil rights attorney and professor, and taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School from 1992 to 2004. I also understand that to become an attorney in the US, you have to have certain qualifications.”
Overwhelming scientific credentials there! As usual you make your point with such clarity.

Bob Boder, quoting Gareth (earlier)

Do you have the slight suspicion, that such a prestigious University would have checked Obama’s academic qualification for such a role? After graduation, he became a civil rights attorney and professor, and taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School from 1992 to 2004. I also understand that to become an attorney in the US, you have to have certain qualifications.”

I stand by my question: Obama has REFUSED to release ANY record of ANY school he attended at ANY level: No transcript, no grades, no law scores, no history of grades, no application records where he might include past transcripts and past grades and past “achievements” or addresses or claims of anything. He did give occasional lectures in Chicago on what he claims was “constitutional law” but was never a “professor” nor did he grade exams nor run classes on a regular basis as a teacher. Yes, we are told he received a “degree” from several schools – but those schools also REFUSE to release in any records, transcripts or applications.
By the way, the professors and fellow students at Columbia Law School do not recall him attending classes, participating in lectures, or contributing to discussions or training sessions (mute court in usually the term). Obama was awarded “president” at the law school society that produces the prestigious Journal, but was NOT the working editor nor producer of the law school journal itself. He never wrote articles for the journal. Of his books, one required significant editing, the second is credibly attributed to a ghostwriter in Chicago, a fellow radical socialist.
You, Gareth, are making assumptions about Obama’s claimed qualifications and assumptions and applications based on no evidence. I am merely asking for ANY validation of his abilities and knowledge. Of law, of science, of anything other than organizing street groups for the politically powerful in Chicago.


“After all, this is a guy who genuinely believes that vaccines cause Autism.”
So what? Not everyone is a blind faith believer in a freaking word (vaccine) . . You are not going to be able to show us the multitudes of double-blind (actual scientific) study results to show they are all safe and effective, because they have never been done. I tire of fake science masquerading as “settled science”.


Actually John, there are a substantial amount of trials which show overwhelmingly that there is no link between Autism and inoculations. There is only one that did, and it was so corrupt that the author was struck off the medical register and can no longer practise. However, you will be re-assured to know that he makes a healthy living from ‘alternate reality’ health cures.
You could check this by reading peer reviewed papers in reputable journals. Try it.


“Actually John, there are a substantial amount of trials which show overwhelmingly that there is no link between Autism and inoculations.”
Show me the (double blind) test results for any given concoction, Gareth, and I will have a scientific reason to have some faith that the given concoction is safe and effective. Otherwise, it’s all just sales pitching to me . . I’ve heard many runarounds, and just don’t believe the blanket statements and sweeping generalizations anymore.

Dr. Deanster

How’s that flu vaccine working out this year? 10% effective is not worth the pain in the arm to get it.


Parachutes are not 100% effective, but I would still recommend them. If a flu vaccine is 45% effective, 450 people out of every thousand will avoid the disease. The mortality rate varies, but averages say 10% at a low estimate. That means 45 people avoid a nasty death from flu for every thousand who may have contracted the disease but did not due to inoculation. The other point worth mentioning is that a flu shot will mitigate the disease even if you still get it. So instead of a potentially lethal disease, you get a much milder viral infection.

Dr. Deanster

thats funny that you would compare the flu vaccine to a parachute. Really.

Bob boder

“If a flu vaccine is 45% effective, 450 people out of every thousand will avoid the disease”
Except in this case that’s not what it means, 45% effective would mean it has a 45% chance of containing the proper strain variety. So it would have a 45% chance of being effective with this years version of the Flu or a 55% of being totally useless.

Javert Chip

Where exactly did Obama get his in-depth understanding of science? He has an economics & law degree…


(Snipped the useless personal attack) MOD


Yet another constructive comment from Andy, full of information and remarkable insights. It would be great to say such things, but sadly the only thing Andy knows what to do is insult. Have a look at my previous responses Andy. You could do that as well if you tried. I may not agree with your points, but at least we would be debating on points of interest. As is, all you seem capable of is sticking your tongue out.


The same President who was smart enough to get America away from the absurd Paris accords.
Obama was a poor president on science matters, after all he chose QUACK Holdren as his science advisor.
Really Gareth you want to go down this path to absurdity?


Really, Wakefield has been fully vindicated.

Rainer Bensch

Only by those organizations who need him as an expert to persuade their deluded followers. Google “wakefield vindication”

Bob boder

“He is also the first President for eight years who has little understanding of science”
How exactly would you know?


I hate it that when thinking about Hillary, or Bill, or Chappaquiddick, my gag reflexes take over.
I always try to put it down to rabies, and the puppy that deserved what it got.


The following can probably be quoted by heart by most Americans, but I, as an alien, had to look it up because I thought I caught an echo of something in last night’s speech and wanted to be sure.:
Some of the paragraphs seem almost to be Trumpian .
It is of course FDR’s inaugural address .
As you all know it starts with:
” So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself—nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.”
Have sometimes thought that that exemplifies the irrational fear of AGW in some quarters .

Warren Blair

Investment tip – BUY popcorn futures.
Note to recently enlightened leftys/liberals, Boulder Canyon just introduced Guilt-Free Popcorn.

Reg Nelson

Stock up now. The FISA memo will most likely drop on Friday.

Mike Bryant

Thank God for Trump. Freedom will only prevail if we continue electing republicans. Don’t let congress go to the dogs.

Dr. Deanster

I’ll have to disagree …. Trump ain’t no Republican. No Republican would stand up to the left, the media, the brain dead protesters, or the corrupt beltway like Trump is doing …. nope … he is an American ….. no real ideology other than liberty and freedom.

Mario Lento

BINGO. I usually respond to someone’s diatribe of hatred towards Trump by letting them finish, and then responding “I thank god every day that Trump is our president”. Heads explode.

Mike Bryant

Agreed, Doctor… we need more just lile Trump. They’re still more likely to come through the Republican Party. Make America Great Again. Replace the Rinos. Drain the swamp.

J Mac

“…. and the times, they are a changing!”


Yet the Pentagon is very serious about Climate Change as it affects its bases…


“Yet the Pentagon is very serious about Climate Change”
Obama ousted 197 generals in 5 years. Those that were “off message” got the boot.

Patrick MJD

Fantastic. I am not really a fan of reading about American politics, or any politics for that matter however, I really enjoy reading about Trump and his administration. The Australian MSM and left leaning politicians (That’s ALL of them) are all suffering explosive head trauma. It’s a real hoot!
A message to the Aussie MSM and Australians who object to Trump; It’s none of your business, Trump was VOTED for, get over it!

John Garrett

I just had the misfortune of wasting an hour of my life watching C-Span’s broadcast of “The Climate State of The Union” conducted by Bill McKibben and Bernie Sanders.
I subjected myself to this torture because I had never previously seen McKibben speak and was curious to form my own opinion of him. Now I know; the man is a genuine nutcase.
At least he was honest enough to admit that the sum total of his background and education qualifying him to be an expert on energy, physics, chemistry, computer modeling, mathematics, economics and climate is that he is a writer.
Perhaps WUWT should organize a fundraiser to purchase a custom-fitted strait-jacket for the delusional buffoon.


Donald gave a first class interview in the UK on ITV
He admitted not to be a feminist… and asked if he believes in climate change, Mr Trump told Morgan that the ice caps are “at a record level”. He came across as Lucid with an acid wit… even my 78 year old mum who does not care for him feels that the continuous barrage of negative press is misplaced and untrustworthy… and liked what he had to say.
The serious climate scientists here need to keep on his case even if it is through his assistants/advisors and make sure he has the basic facts of why climate change has nothing to do with humans… he needs help!!

N. Jensen

I wonder if he was using a teleprompter ?
If not, it was actually a quite impressive performance.
A bit dissapointed though, that he didn’t mention ‘fast breeder reactors’, wich within 10 to 20 years will deliver all the energy we will ever need.


I loved reading the “fact check” which was written as Trump spoke. I love how the fact-checkers tried to credit Obama with increasing the output of oil in America, and becoming less reliant on imported oil.
What the fact-checkers failed to mention is that Obama’s policies greatly increased oil prices. The high prices caused two things to happen, oil companies produced a lot more oil to sell at those prices, and domestic demand fell. America didn’t stop importing foreign oil, demand fell off so badly that there was no need to import it anymore.
An interesting thing about prices, when they are kept artificially high by controlling supply, or increasing costs through regulation, demand must fall. When demand falls, prices eventually fall, usually below their natural value to make up for prices which were previously unnaturally high.
Trump was fortunate to come into office when he did, with oil prices quite low, but not having been low long enough for the economy to begin to feel the effect. Many people are trying to credit Obama with the current economic growth, which is funny. Obama’s policies and regulations brought the economy to such a low point that the only direction it could go was up. It’s a lot like giving a person credit for growing new trees after he has burned down the forest.
Coming into office with energy prices low, the economy starting to get up after Obama knocked it off it’s feet, combined with tax cuts and deregulation, the next two years should see dramatic economic growth. My Japanese friends are quite optimistic. They know very well that Japan’s economy is dangerously dysfunctional, and so relies heavily on American consumption to keep their own economic ship from sinking under their feet.
Democrats looked sour during Trump’s speech. With the economy going strong, their prospects for the 2018 and 2020 elections have become much dimmer. The republicans looked somewhat smug, but they have more in common with the democrats than Trump. In reality, they are much alike. Despite what they say, they are very much in favor of high taxes, high regulation, open border, and fighting climate change. Politicians love to play the “good cop, bad cop” game on their constituents. If the republican congress and senate actually believed in the ideals they sell to their voters, they would have quickly abolished Obamacare, instituted tax reform, and deregulation. As it is, Trump has had to do most of these things on his own.
I remember watching Rachel Maddow wriggling in her seat when someone saying that Trump’s election was a referendum on the establishment. Maddow said if that was the case, republicans would be winning more seats in the congress and senate. What she failed to realize was that in those races there the only choice for the voters were establishment politicians, and no Donald Trumps.
I hope very much in the midterm elections, and the 2020 election that we get more Trumps, and fewer of the wolves in democrats or republicans clothing.


That’s one and counting.

It was masterful political theater. To counter the white supremacist tag Trump had a variety of people of color to honor and applaud. The Dem’s played their role perfectly. I’ve never witnessed a more hideous group of sour faced losers in my life. They reminded me of spoiled 2 year old’s pouting because they didn’t get their way. They couldn’t even get on their feet when Trump called on congress to come together to ensure that the poorest Americans had the opportunity to become prosperous.
I had hoped he would announce some results of his Dec 21st executive order. He declared a national emergency that corruption and human trafficking posed a threat to national security. The criminals named in the order have ties to some powerful people including the Clinton’s. There has been a complete media blackout on this. The broad wording allows the government to go after corruption much like what happened in Saudi Arabia.