EU Appoints Climate Skeptic as Environment Council President

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Pro-EU greens are in shock, after the appointment of Bulgarian Environment Minister, Trump fan and Climate Skeptic Neno Dimov as President of the EU Environment Council.

A ‘Climate Skeptic’ Just Took Charge Of EU Environment Policy


JAN 25, 2018 @ 12:00 PM

Neno Dimov, the man who took over as the president of the EU’s Environment Council on Jan. 1, got an earful yesterday when he appeared before members of the European Parliament. Some of his past words were coming back to haunt him.

Lawmakers were aghast that a man who once called climate change a fraud and described himself as an opponent of climate science was going to be coordinating the EU’s environment policy for the next six months.

You personally have been questioning climate change and whether human activity is the cause; you even challenged the theory of sea-level rise,” Dutch Liberal MEP Gerben-Jan Gerbrandy said to him. Other MEPs demanded he clarify his personal stance.

Dimov demurred. He would not say anything about his personal opinion on climate change, noting only that there is a “political consensus” within the EU on climate change and that he will “keep this consensus alive.” However, he said, there is always room for “challenges and doubts.” A vocal admirer of U.S. President Donald Trump, Dimov has in the past said global warming is being used as a tool of intimidation.

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This appointment has more to do with the EU’s unusual politics, rotating various positions between national governments, than any signal of a shift in EU policy.

Having said that, its amusing to watch greens squirm for once as the EU’s undemocratic system delivers them a serve. Perhaps a timely reminder that even green leaning tyrannies like the EU can stop being fun, when greens discover they have no democratic means to derail a decision they don’t like.

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      • Trump left them with their mouths hanging open at Davos.
        He gave a brilliant speech and nobody walked out on him. They said all the seats were filled and even the standing room was filled and lots of people outside who couldn’t get in.
        The Leftwing Media had been expecting and predicting large protests of Trump at Davos, but none of that happened, much to the lefty reporters surprise.
        The only person slamming Trump at Davos was George Soros. Trump is turning Soros’ world upside down and he’s not happy about it.

      • Soros reportedly lost hundreds of millions of dollars in November 2016 on markets positions and hedge bets he made regarding the Presidential election outcome. When Hillary lost, Soros lost Big Time. So delicious. Hopefully the next 3 years will see him losing many billions$ on failed investment bets.

      • “Latitude January 26, 2018 at 3:40 pm”
        Trump’s speech is being rubbished here in the Australian MSM, which is not a surprise. Aussie MSM have been trashing him since he came to power.

      • The MSM is rubbishing President Trump everywhere!
        That’s the best indication that Trump is thumping the MSM into oblivion.
        Considering the Fake Russia, Russia, Russia meme, it couldn’t happen to a more complicit bunch of clowns.
        Oh, and wait until the nefarious political subterfuge of the last administration rolls over the MSM like a landslide. Millions upon millions of their viewers will be 100% pissed.
        Bye bye, Democrats!

        • RR, take this stuff to the bank:
          1) Democrats/Liberals/Socialists always push it too far; regular people see their extremes.
          2) Politicians/Extremists always forget the law of unintended consequences; #ME TOO ensnaring everybody and limiting women’s opportunities, Russian witch hunts boomeranging on Democrats (especially Obama and Clinton) and the FBI, etc. ad infinity.

      • joelobryan: I ove your posts. Does anyone think that Soros is hedging his bets in order to MAKE money. It would be interesting to see an analysis of his hedging agains his own views… given that Trump is making the right, Right moves…

    • The way the left talks about the cause of climate change as being human activity is completely anti-science. It is purely political and has no business being associated with science in any form. Simply put, what is happening with climate dynamics is within the range of natural variability. There is simply no detectable correlation between planetary climate and human activity. Claims and assertions are easy – real proof is difficult, and so far, non existent.

      • Until the ruling the EU claimed that all their pellets came from what was left over after the tree was harvested and processed for other purposes. It was a lie and this ruling was intended to rectify that. But it is just plain stupid to import such fuel when right under your feet you still have coal deposits.
        And you can sell your trees to whom ever you want for whatever purpose they want as far as I’m concerned. But you of course know that is not the real issue here.
        BTW I was listening to a farm report on AM radio when driving in yesterday. They say that soil sulfur levels in the fields are being found to be deficient and if they are too low it effects yields and quality. Said it used to be that acid rain kept the concentration up to an adequate level for free for most crops but now they are dropping below the range needed. Recommended that farmers specifically ask for analysis of the sulfur concentration because testing for it is not part of the regular soil analysis and they need to bring the concentration up to the range best for their crop.

      • RAH
        Re soil sulphur: you are quite correct – there is a shortage in the places that were downwind of coal fired power plants in the USA. SO2 was helping agriculture particularly in the East and now farmers have to buy and add more.

      • But it is just plain stupid to import such fuel when right under your feet you still have coal deposits.

        Yes, but their logic (?) is that the trees are within the carbon cycle and therefor, CO2 neutral.
        Coal is outside this cycle = bad CO2,
        There should be a case here for CO2 equality.
        Social Justice Warriors unite . .

      • ferdberple: I love your posts. In fairness, the cycle was referenced correctly, as “this” cycle… in that trees growing and being burned. But the statement also raised a flag which you correctly referenced… carbon from fossil fuels “all” came from vegetation.

      • Tree is in the cycle when you cut it down, and a new tree grows. Fast. Here, I assure you this is the case.

    • It’s a great scam. Wood pellets put out 15-20% more CO2 than coal, but none of that CO2 is included in total CO2 emission calculations. Utilities even get gov’t subsidies to burn wood in Great Britain to help it comply with EU CO2 emissions requirements.

      • Not only do wood pellets emit more CO2, they are less efficient and result in an equipment derating. Burning whole trees also erodes the CO2 sink.

      • BigWaveDave: Rightly stated! –and perfect efficiency, which is the cleanest most efficient burning equals CO2 and H2O… none of which is pollution.

    • The green obsession that only tree waste and residue should be used for wood pellets is ridiculous and shows how out of touch with reality they are. When you log a piece of property for lumber what’s left behind besides waste is the damaged, deformed, leggy, crappy, etc. trees. Makes sense to turn all of that into wood pellets and start over with a healthy managed forest.

      • Yikes! I’m logging out my timber, but the guy has a masters in forestry and is taking only trees that are diseased or post-mature so I will have less dead standing wood in the future. I have a choice on many of my Oaks, cut them down and make money for good wood, or watch them die and burn the wood, spreading the Oak disease.
        Besides, it’s always good to thin the forest canopy for saplings and forest floor species to proliferate.
        The biggest challenge is to control non-indigenous and invasive plants.

  1. Maybe there’s still hope for Europe to be de-cuked before going FUBAR. It’s starting in the East – in places like Poland and Hungary – and so it’s not exactly surprising that Dimov is from Bulgaria…

    • Never visited the East when I lived in Europe. I would have liked to see Bulgaria – dangerous gangsters, gorgeous women, like an old detective thriller come to life.
      Sadly the gorgeous Bulgarian woman asked me out after I was already married, and the gangster turned out to be a lot less interesting than the stories, he looked like an accountant, just wanted me to buy his imported machine guns.

      • Rick Steves has done a very good travelogue on Bulgaria – the video can probably be ordered. Their newspapers headlined his visit.
        I always think about the allied bombers from North Africa and their bombing runs on the Ploesti oil fields.

      • She was dangerous enough – strong willed, extremely intelligent, blonde, gorgeous, high paying investment banking / math job, restless, wilful, intense sexual magnetism.

      • Gil: Ploesti oil fields were in Romania. Still, some gutsy bombing raids from North Africa to the heavily defended fields. On A Wing & A Prayer.

      • She was dangerous enough – strong willed, extremely intelligent, blonde, gorgeous, high paying investment banking / math job, restless, wilful, intense sexual magnetism.

        So, when are you going back, Eric?

  2. Appointment is for only 6 months. I doubt there are many conservative politicians with any chance of getting appointed to this position in the next 20 years.

  3. I am (sadly) confident that it is only a matter of time before someone finds a loophole that allows the use of “undemocratic means” to derail decisions the elites dislike. Assuming they have not already done so.

  4. What is the “theory of sea level rise”? The Dutch should be well aware that sea levels have been rising since the end of the Little Ice Age.

  5. I love the sound of greenie heads ‘sploding in the morning. And at noon. And night. It sounds an awful lot like winning.

  6. “you even challenged the theory of sea-level rise,” Dutch Liberal MEP Gerben-Jan Gerbrandy said to him.”
    When does a theory escape challenges? Just shows how unscientific they are.

  7. ‘EU Appoints Climate Skeptic …’
    I’d bet you ten thousand dollars he’s not a climate skeptic, Eric . .
    I bet he’s just a climate alarm skeptic, like you and I ; )

  8. Short lived position and let’s see what he accomplishes. CAGW fits EU goals so don’t expect any changes but just the schadenfreude is worth it.

  9. I always think about the allied bombers from North Africa and their bombing runs on the Ploesti oil fields.
    That would be Romania not Bulgaria.
    However I do enjoy the irony of the EU having someone not PC in a position where hopefully he can achieve something. I honestly wonder at the stupidity of the EU and when will the citizens realise they are effectively living in a dictatorship. Mind you, we in Oz are going the same way. Thou shalt not have independent thought!

    • As noted above, the appointment is for only 6 months, Quilter52 (One year younger than my wife?). Just think of the U.S. Deep State socialist bureaucrats surviving through 4 and 8 year periods. If your politics agree with theirs’, then OK; if not, nothing happens.
      Been there, saw that.

  10. This appointment confirms peoples BS tolerance has been crossed . Climate -conmen better use the time wisely . Wipe hard drives … check
    Cell phone crushed ..check
    Current passport … check
    House in kids name … check

  11. Yesterday evening, the BBC, Channel 4 etc were all over the Trump speech with their anti-Trump hatred. Today there is no mention of him on the BBC website. He has been written out of history.

  12. The committee will almost certainly be loaded with greenpiss supporters from Holland and belgium

  13. “you even challenged the THEORY of sea-level rise,” Dutch Liberal MEP Gerben-Jan Gerbrandy said to him.”
    At least he referred to sea level rise as a theory!

    • He should have replied by asking the MEP if he could actually describe the theory he was referring to. Like when such people describe somebody of being a climate(change) denier, they are never actually able to articulate what they think is being denied. Probably because they have never even asked themselves the question but just gone straight to the insults.

      • I get the question all the time. Do you deny climate change? My response is twofold. First, I say rhetorically, what do you mean –Global Warming? Because the meme stopped being Global Warming since it was not happening as predicted… and now it’s a straw-man meme –Climate Change. Then I say, I believe in “non capitalized” climate change… yes, the climate changes… thank GOD we are no longer under a mile high glacier, for which man cannot take credit. Crickets and deer in the headlights response!

  14. Concerning EU’s curious biomass energy policies: you might read this letter by 63 (yes: sixty-three) scientists or personalities published in Euractiv hyping the necessity to use biomass (= mainly wood) as a “renewable” energy source…look here. One keeps wondering about the noble motifs of scientists fearing to loose their butter and bread…

  15. Neno Dimov’s “past words…coming back to haunt him?”
    Nonsense. The EU clearly supports Mr. Dimov.
    Dimov claimed that “global warming is being used as a tool of intimidation.” The European Parliament graciously gave a convincing demonstration.

  16. *** Some of his past words were coming back to haunt commmend him. ***

    Clearly, Mr. Keating, “contributor,” (of the above-quoted article) is a true believer or, at least, obediently writing what his enviroprofiteer-influenced (largely via advertising dollars) no doubt, masters ordered him to write.

    • Yep. There’s an extra “M” in there… I just really like M’s 🙂 .
      [Plain? Or peanut? .mod]

      • ***!***!***
        Plain. lol I LOVE chocolate — the peanuts just get in the way (and ruin the taste a bit). And I also, just like “M’ s.” 🙂
        Now, the peanuts in a Baby Ruth bar enhance the flavor (love that candy bar) and … . Heh. I could keep on going, but, this is sort of a sticky topic… LOLOLOLOL

  17. A few comments here saying this will cause the right’s heads to explode with this appointment?
    No, not at all – it is simple logic.
    Actually this just shows they hate Trump and the USA more than saving the planet or even being political correct.
    When Trump offered USA corporations with 2.5 trillion (yes, with a “T”) of offshore money to be brought back into the USA at about 14% (in place of 33+%) tax rate, then billions and billions of dollars started to flow back into the USA.
    At that point, China had a bird crap, and THEN started offering for companies to bring in cash money into China at 0%.
    Now, all of the EU is going to look like Venezuela, or say Detroit in terms of economic activity if they keep up their business chasing away polices.
    So with Trump pulling out of the Paris summit, offering good deals for industry to return to the USA? Well, all hell is breaking loose in Europe, and large industry partners are simply stating that you better keep us here in the good old EU or good bye to the good old USA!!!
    And the EU most happy to wait out Trumps next two terms.
    With the USA becoming business friendly, then all of the Europe industry will start to flee.
    Elect a climate skeptic to head the EU – that way business and companies will not freak out, stay in the EU, and not fear business crushing policies from the EU.
    So this is just a desperate counter to what Trump is offering business around the world. So no problem with job killing regulations and carbon taxes in Europe.
    I mean if one duck dies in an oil tailing pond, then it front page news. But some windmills that chop up millions of birds per year? NO problem!
    However, having business start moving back the USA and making the EU look bad? Hell, the EU would offer Ronald Regan the job if he were still alive to thwart what Trump is doing.
    In other words, the EU hatred of Trump and their desire to stop what he is doing is FAR greater than any socialist value, left wing value, and in fact even saving the environment!
    And in fact they are willing to sell their mother or now, gasp???? They are even willing to appoint a climate skeptic to head the EU if that keeps one job from going to the USA.
    Remember, even China started selling out to western capitalist ideas once they found out that such money can fund their military and government rather nicely!
    Real socialists have no values.
    And this just shows their 100% hate of the USA, hate of what Trump is doing simply is a HIGHER hate value and HIGHER hate of anything else the EU can think of – including good environmental policies!
    And this hate of the USA and hate of Trump is even higher than the value of them appointing a skeptic!
    The idea that a skeptic would be allowed in the EU only makes sense in the above context.
    I see some really crazy mental disconnects by the left. In one sentence they say it VERY wrong to lump one group of people together based on some race or religion (so you can’t lump all Muslims immigrants together as one group). However, in the very next sentence the same person lumps all western white men as evil! (But I thought lumping a group of people together based on their skin color or ethnicity was evil!).
    So this just comes down to what the folks in the EU hate more. They Cleary hate Trump more than the political gains to be had by pushing global warming.
    And they hate the USA more than pushing a global warming policy.
    At the end of the day, these policies were all about destroying western ideas and economies. And it about world-wide social wealth re-distribution.
    Funny how if that wealth re-distribution not coming from the USA how fast the EU cabal changes their tune.
    So this is really smart move by the EU – many a business will now not have to flee Europe.
    Of course if business is silly enough to buy this scam, well, it not last long – but at least it will buy the EU some time and save some industry before even more industry flees the job killing EU policies.
    So selling out their mother, or selling out to a climate skeptic is seen has FAR LESS worse than adopting a policy that will help Trump and the USA at the expense of the EU.
    This is really simple logic – the only part one needs to grasp is how the EU hates the USA and Trump more than the value of global warming skeptic in the EU!
    I mean, normally a skeptic in ANY part of the EU is quite much a candidate for the gas chambers and some political death squad – but we see, hey no problem with this skeptic. But above explains the why.
    And where are all the papers and political death squads not calling for this person to resign? Oh wait – we hate the USA more than appointing someone that might not chase away even more jobs to the USA.
    So this all comes down to what values are higher – and Cleary hate of Trump and hate of the USA is deemed to be of a higher value and priority then pushing global warming by the EU folks.
    So no real surprise at this appointment. – it makes perfect logical sense, and such an appointment will not shake more money out of Trump’s government, but it might save a few business from jumping over to the USA.

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