Cold Snap Brings Snowfall to the Sahara Desert – for the second winter in a row

As much of the northern hemisphere endures record cold temperatures, we get this report from Severe Weather EU via Twitter:

Spectacular scenes today in Algeria as snow covered the sand dunes in Ain El Safra! Snow visible also in imagery by NASA’s Terra satellite.

After a 40 year absence, this is the second winter in a row for this occurrence. In late 2016 it was reported by the Telegraph as being not seen in 40 years:

Incredible photos capture freak snowfall in the Sahara Desert, believed to be first time it has fallen on the unforgiving red dunes in almost 40 years.

Now, it’s happened again. Have a look.

Photos by rt Sidali, Gian Alonso, Rabah Ripou Ouchen, Issam Bouchetata Bouchetata

You can also see the snow on the MODIS/TERRA satellite image service from NASA. Ain El Safra is the lone white section in the center of the photo from January 5th, 2018:


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I guess we now know where Al Gore was last week.

Barbara Skolaut



Hope he stays there.


Nah, it’s not snow, it’s white sand. Dr Vine was correct : in the future people just won’t know what snow looks like. 😉

avra zen

Greg it’s real snow i’m from there


Perhaps this will prompt Al Gore to say that because of climate change, kids in the future might not know what sand is.


Hopefully, kids in the future wont know who the heck Al Gore was and what the climate change bubble was all about. I suppose they could look it up on the Internet – if such a thing still exists. Will probably have been worn out by bitcoin and all the rest of the rubbish. Fast turning into a sewer overall.



Frankly, you could post what you want, I’ll read it.

birdynumnum is a favourite expression in our house, we don’t have parrots so for 30 years the dogs have been fed their birdynumnum’s.

Classic scene few other will get.

Ha ha , I have been a user of the old birdy num nums going back to my school days and still do now. I live in Sydney and have large numbers of birds seeking num nums every day, I look out on the deck right now and there are three Galas, a family of rainbow lorikeets, two sulfur crested cockatoos and a turkey. All scratching around for left over birdy num nums and having a drink.
Re those satellite pics. does that look like an isolated extreme global warming weather event to you guys? Or more like the kind of weather conditions we might see as normal in a resumption of icing such as the last minimum?


Hrundi V. Bakshi!

Alan Robertson

I hope they do know who and exactly what Al was. I hope this era is taught as one of the big lessons that mankind had to learn.

Marc Saunders

We could ask the Boston people if they like “to know” what frozen sea water in the streets look like.


Tell AP’s AGW propagandist Seth Borenstein. He just wrote an article claiming that while North America was cold, the rest of the world was cooking.




According to DMI the average Arctic surface temperature is currently the coldest it has been at any time in the last 2 years, except for a couple of days around day 52 last year, not what you would expect with a large cold displacement over NA. Last year if you remember there was an ‘Arctic heatwave’ according to alarmists!


not according to the DMI “Daily Mean Temperatures in the Arctic 1958 – 2018” reported here:


It looks like summer temp is remarkably consistent, with recent winter temp being 15C warmer than average. As average Arctic winter temp is -30C, the AGW/CC people are claiming ice is melting. Can we argue with that logic?


“not according to the DMI…”
The graphs in your link show just what MrGrim said


The DMI data is for areas north of 80N latitude. The Arctic is much larger than that.

Also, the DMI average is from 1958-2002 and mostly predates the current climate average period 1981-2010.

Steve Fraser

Ok, 3.5 more degrees of latitude.


Yer thanks MKFBoulder – the source I was referring to, which you linked to, CONFIRMED what I said – doh!

To reiterate, depsite the big displaced cold pool of air over NA, the Arctic has remained colder than last year, and is continuing to cool. Normally a displacement causes a notable RISE in Arctic temperature as per the ‘heatwaves’ last year.

Obviously it is a few degrees above the medium term average, we are at a warm phase in the natural cycle, last peak c.1940.

Current Arctic temps (according to HADCRUT) are comparable to c.1940 and very unlikely related to man-made climate change or any ‘Arctic Amplification’ nonsense.

C.K. Moore

People like Borenstein keep “forgetting” that January in the northern hemisphere is mid-summer in the southern hemisphere and hoping no one else will remember.

Yeah, cooked. Thousands of cars had been trapped in Spain because of the snow. As the snow is rare in Spain or very shallow when it is cold, some drivers could not care less to use snow chains on the tires, they were trapped when some cars could not move any more, and some thousands of people got trapped in the cold, exhausting the gas, or discharging the battery because they were often starting the car to have some heat, and switching off the car fearing to exhaust the gas. Some ten hours trapped in the snow because of global warming.


Did that look anything like the photos in this Trib article?
It’s only been 7 years, come February 1, since that episode of snowy weather. Hit everything, including my storm door – 4.5 feet drifted against it.
It was indeed like cement. I appreciate avalanche rescue teams enormously now.


So renouncing the Paris climate agreement results in climate cooling. There’s a nice easy solution to AGW.

In the spring, we get out our “rock skis”, usually an old pair to use when the snow pack gets thin, so we don’t wreck our new boards.

Maybe in a decade or two the good people of Algeria will be able to ski on the dunes:

Emir: “Hey Abdul – get out the “sand skis”, the snow pack is getting really thin!”
Abdul: “Yeah dude! I blame Global Warming! Hah! Hah! Remember that horse’s a$$ Al Gore and his Global Warming BS? What a maroon!”


Love that peach and vanilla ice cream affect 🙂


I wonder if seb will acknowledge this prediction of mine ( or will he just keep on with the blather.

Patrick Powers

The world is probably seeing the beginning of another cold period. If any scientific hypothesis fails to predict reality then it is wrong! see:



Thank you for that. I’m a layman, no scientific qualifications whatsoever, and I have always said, science starts with a guess, for which I have been roundly vilified by those ‘more knowledgeable’.


Increased the number of species, too.

They now have Snow Camels.
comment image


I like the apparent look of confusion on the face. Kind of looks like a climate scientist trying to figure out what he’s going to blame this on.


+1 😀


Camels are very good mathematicians, according to the (late) Terry Pratchett. They could no doubt model climate better than the current crop of climate academics. (And they’re better looking than a good many of them!)

Well he’s got the hump!


My model shows that the snow camel is endangered.


Kent Noonan

Endangered Polar Camel needs protection

Lee L

Who’d a thunk?

Camels actually evolved in North America. Yes it is true ( look up Beringia).
They wandered around the Yukon and Alaska 3.5 million years ago.


Camels, giraffes and horses started over here.

Is someone still trying to clone woolly mammoths? Just wondering. We might need them again.

A few years ago, some Russian researchers managed to revive a Siberian pink that had been extinct for 10,000 years (Silene sp.), found in the tundra with a dead woolly mammoth, by cultivating the polar bodies that were found on its roots and still viable.


Do the Warmians and CAGWers know that there are wild dromedaries in the Gobi Desert? I’m guessing, but I’d say they’re the descendants of the dromedaries used by traders on trips on the Old Silk Road when it was busy, a very long time ago.


I suspect they are Bactrian camels not dromedaries. Two humps.


Yes, you’re right. I always get those two mixed up. The Gobi gets quite cold and has regular snow storms. I’m trying to remember which Animal Planet episode had the videos of the camels lined up in the snowy desert, exhaling clouds of warm air into the freezing cold. They looked quite healthy to me, too.

Steve Fraser

To tell the difference: turn the pic unstill the legs are on the left. If the humps for a B, it is bactrian.if the hump forms a D, it is Dromedary.

Brian R

Just look at the poor guy, he’s famished. He can`t stand and all that snow has kept him from hunting his favorite food, the desert penguin.

Mark L Gilbert


Bob boder

Great now the alarmist will be talking about the extinction of polar Camels, thanks Andy


That is why camels have those big soft fleshy feet – they are snow shoes…..


Our children just wont know what camel toes are. Or will camel toes get even bigger?

I can’t see the snow in that photo.

It’s fake snow — a special white fake snow
filter on the camera.

You can’t trust the skeptics.

And if not fake snow, it was real snow
shipped in from Iceland for the pictures.

Not that it matters,
snow in the desert is just “weather”.

Real climate change comes from computers.
BIG computers with big shot PhD scientists
standing next to them.

So who are you going to trust,
your own eyes, or a sophisticated computer
— actually a SUPERcomputer —
which has correctly predicted the average temperature
within a few degrees, for 30 years

Gunga Din

Fake snow?
I know that Al’s clip of glaciers calving in the original “An Inconvenient Truth” was actually CGI’ed Styrofoam from another movie. But here, who would let them spread a bunch of Styrofoam beads all over the area just for a PR clip? Don’t the Eviros hate Styrofoam? (Al’s ozone “hole”,CFCs, and all that.)
All that snow couldn’t have been fake snow.
Gosh! It must have been real snow! In the Sahara!
(I’m sure Mann, Gore, or at least Hansen predicted it. Sahara “snow; is not just cold H2O, it is cold H2cO2!)

Charlie B.

You forgot to add big shot phds that are paid a lot of money which controls the results of their big shot Big Time fancy computers.

Crispin in Waterloo

The writing on the picture is fake too. You know what is says?

“So’s yo mama!”

Tom Billings

A small correction. The picture shown is in Morocco, not in Algeria. The small coastal embayment with the peninsula to the left of it is Nador, Morocco.

Philip Mulholland

Some additional charts for the mix.
This plot from NIC shows the High Atlas covered in snow on Sunday 7th Jan
Here is the Earth.NullSchool wind chart display for 6th Jan at 1500 with a 3-hour Precipitation Accumulation overlay.
This is what a meridional climate pattern looks like. Expect more of this in the coming years.


Doesn’t count….there’s no thermometers there….they will take the next best….somewhere in south Africa where it’s 110F……..


new “hot” snow, brought to you by the climate BULL

Michael Jankowski

Two straight years after 40 blank years…must be due to climate change.

Incredible odds considering that we’re supposed to be in the “end of snow” period.


“end of snow”… yes, tell that to the juncos and sparrows and those confounded mourning doves who come to my feeding station every day. I’m sure they have a few things to tweet about the ‘end of snow’ mythos.

Bruce Cobb

They’d better find the “missing heat” soon, or we’ll all freeze to death.

F. Leghorn

The missing heat has been subducted to the deep sand.



Snow in desert = unusual weather

Unusual weather = climate change

Climate change = global warming

Global warming = Al Gore was right

Don’t be a science denier

And that snow camel looks happy to me, too.

The science is settled.

97% of scientists agree.

Al Gore says so

He took two science courses in college – he knows

The pope says so too — most Popes have great science knowledge

And how about Barak O’Bummer?

Al Gore, the Pope, and OBummer, are well known as:
The Three Stooges of Climate Change

Blog where you can discover the truth about the future climate:
It’s going to get warmer,
unless it gets colder,
or stays the same.
And I’m certain of that !.


Will someone tell us what grades AL Gore got on his 2 science courses?

Before you believe Al “The Blimp” Gore’s
ridiculous scary climate predictions:
Consider the fact that Gore
took only two science courses in college,
getting a “D” in Natural Sciences 6 (“Man’s Place in Nature”),
and a “C+” in Natural Sciences 118,
as reported by the Washington Post in 2000.

Bob boder

“Blog where you can discover the truth about the future climate:
It’s going to get warmer,
unless it gets colder,
or stays the same.
And I’m certain of that !.”

you forgot “whatever it is it will be really bad”

But if global warming loses its ability to scare people,
like global cooling, the hole in the ozone layer,
and acid rain, did, something else will replace it
as the leftists’ next boogeyman — I’m predicting
exploding silicone breast implants —
I have nightmares about them,
could poke an eye out.
This is a serious post.

ivor ward

Camelus dromedarius arcticus, more food for Ursus Maritimus.


Ursus Maritimus will walk a mile for a Camelus dromedarius arcticus.

Gary Pearse

Few old smokers on line Jorge!! The old joke about this famous cigarette ad was a parody: “9 out of 10 men who tried camels preferred women”. Oops I can be arrested for the half dozen diversity abuses, particularly for the odd one out slur.

AGW is not Science

In George Carlin’s immortal words (from his “sex on TV” skit), “Id walk a mile for a Camel MMMMMMmmmmmm.”


And if the weather models are correct parts of N. Africa should get more chilly episodes before the month is out.



Also in February 2012 Tunisia experienced lots of snow, unfortunately most of the reports have been removed from the interweb as politics overwhelmed the keeping of weather data. However still has reference to it.


The satellite shot looks like it is a wider spread of snowfall than last winter’s snow.

Snow in the Atlas Mountains is not unusual. There is a ski resort in Morocco in those mountains. but for it to snow in the dunes and stick like that, and it does look like a bigger spread – well, durn!

Did Kuwait get snow again, or is it too early to ask about it?

What’s next? Mastodons and giant cave sloths and short-faced bears reviving?

And further to the south at 03°04′33″S 37°21′12″E …

Hemingway wrote a story titled The Snows of Kilimajaro. Al Gore’s 2006 movie claimed that wouldn’t happen anymore on Africa’s highest mountain: “Within the decade, there will be no more snows of Kilimanjaro.” However it’s an inconvenient truth that it’s still snowing up there. Here’s today’s forecast from

Days 0-3 Mount Kilimanjaro Weather Summary: A heavy fall of snow, heaviest during Tue morning. Temperatures will be well below freezing (max 19°F on Sun night, min 16°F on Mon night). Wind will be generally light.

Great resource, Ralph.

The chicken little ice-core borer, Lonnie Thompson, visited Puncak Jaya, a glacier in Indonesia, 4 degrees south of the equator, in 2010. He gave interviews, on NPR and PBS, screaming that the glacier was MELTING UNDER HIS FEET! He said the glacier would disappear, at this rate, in 5 years.

Your mountain weather forecast shows that Puncak Jaya consistently gets multiple feet of snow in weekly doses.

The Indonesian glacier is still there, 7 years later. And Lonnie is still running around the world screaming “the sky is falling!”


Kent, may I suggest giving Lonnie a bag to cover his head?

It might help him relax, especially if it has a drawstring that he can use to help keep the CO2 in the bag, so that he stops having these anxiety attacks.


Here’s Lonnie’s on-air freak-out over the glacier’s certain disappearance by 2015 (this was in 2010):

“Lonnie Thompson is a glaciologist at Ohio State University. In the summer of 2010, Thompson traveled to the Pacific island nation of Indonesia to collect ice near the country’s highest peak, Puncak Jaya. He said that Puncak Jaya’s ice is melting – fast.

“Lonnie Thompson: This is the first glacier we have ever drilled where it rained every day on the ice. We had one case where we had a tent that sat there for two weeks. After two weeks, when we took the tent down, we had lost 30 centimeters of ice from the surface down. If you do the calculations, you’re talking about potentially losing these ice fields in five years.”

Lonnie was “racing to save Indonesia’s ice climate record” …. or something. He, of course, is a hero!


Steve Oregon

Quad riding sand dunes covered in snow sure sounds fun.


At some point the top climate guru’s like Gore and Mann will have to stand up and be counted for their failed predictions. None of them saw snow in the Sahara coming but with powder comes great responsibility.

Ed Zuiderwijk

Will Algeria now send a bobsleigh team to the Olympics?


An obvious case of global warming causing moist air to be elevated into the troposphere by warmth induced turbulence until it freezes at more southerly latitudes than normal.


I am not sure if you missed sarc on the end, or if you are serious…??



“global warming causing moist air to be elevated into the troposphere by warmth induced turbulence” ???

Glad to see settled seance can is so flexible — from global warming making summer’s hotter and winter’s milder but wetter, to global warming causing more cold weather and more snow in winter.
Don’t tell me the unfalsifiable superposition of CAGW will probably now say summers will be wetter or drier, or colder, or … whatever … CAGW is not science it is just politics.

Gunga Din

An obvious case of “caGW” (the “a” being Man’s CO2) theorist ignoring reality.
The reality being, “They were wrong”.


DMac, is that what caused the snow there 40 years ago, during the global cooling scare, too?

Pierre Savoie

A mountain-range is not “sand dunes”. Things are colder at elevation.

Do not deceive us.


Pierre, those ARE sand dunes, not mountains. It’s the Sahara. The dunes are enormous. They don’t vaguely resemble mountains.

You can tell the difference easily. Sand dunes are curved with one face (the one to the wind) having a gentle slope and the face downwind being steep. They also have a smooth top edge. These are definitely dunes.

old construction worker

Looking at the photo it looks like the area is starting to turn green.

J Mac

Huh…. I thought the Sahara was the largest hot desert in the world!

Drifting snows on sifting sands
as cold invades once searing lands
refutes assertions of ‘global warming’ hurled
exposing Linear Thinking In A Cyclical World!

AGW is not Science


Peta of Newark

Meanwhile, on the front page of BBC News, we’re told about the hottest day evah at a place called Penrith, near Sydney Australia. 47 degrees Cee. ish.

(I used to live near Penrith – Penrith, Cumbria UK. A pleasant like place, in the Eden Valley, with middling to nice climate. Sheltered from the prevailing and very wet westerlies by the Lake District hills and a very good place to keep beef & dairy cows. Like wot I did but 30 miles away, still in Cumbria, but where The Climate was ‘a bit different’
That Carbon Oxide is sooooooo tedious. How does it do that?)

Yes, there is always something happening somewhere. Penrith is a suburb of Sydney; the city reached 43.4°C, also unusually hot. The Brits were probably noticing because their team was playing in a Test match at the SCG.


And Joe Root has been hospitalised.


Apparently it was the hottest Ashes Test match day ever. Now there’s a record!

Patrick MJD

“Nick Stokes January 7, 2018 at 2:05 pm”

Actually, 47.3C and NOT unusually hot for Penrith. But the Aussie MSM claiming it to have been the hottest place on Earth. Junk!

BTW, Bankstown was also a “record” breaker too. Wonder where the weather station is in Bankstown? Why, it’s at the airport of course! More junk!

Auto January 7, 2018 at 3:13 pm
And Joe Root has been hospitalised.

Yeah with heat stroke, apparently the heat stress monitor he was wearing registered 57ºC!

Patrick MJD January 7, 2018 at 4:03 pm
“Nick Stokes January 7, 2018 at 2:05 pm”

Actually, 47.3C and NOT unusually hot for Penrith. But the Aussie MSM claiming it to have been the hottest place on Earth. Junk!

Hottest Jan 7th at Penrith over the last 10 years 113ºF, next highest 98ºF in 2009.


Nick Stokes

Apparently it was the hottest Ashes Test match day ever. Now there’s a record!

How do you know that Nick?

The first ‘Ashes Test’ on Australian soil was in 1882-83. The BoM does not recognize Australian temperature records taken before 1910 (apparently they are ‘unreliable’).


“Apparently it was the hottest Ashes Test match day ever. “

Please show us the temperatures for all previous Sydney test matches, Nick.

Maybe you could do a “GISS” and just make them up !!. 😉


And of course, there have been no changes to the SCG over the years.

Its that DATA QUALITY thing again, Nick….. that you just DO NOT CARE about.


Nick Stokes:

the city reached 43.4°C, also unusually hot

On the 14th Jan 1939, the city reached 45.3°C (Observatory Hill).

Is that also unusually hot?


“the city reached 43.4°C, also unusually hot”


Why is it NOT UNUSUAL to see Nick LYING his assets off.

Sydney Observatory Hill recorded 45.3C in 1939,

and apart from some sort of data fudge in Feb 2013 that has never been explained, has NEVER been any warmer.
(the AWS readings were (time(temp)….. 14:49 (44.9C) and 14:59 (44.7C)
Yet somehow 45.8C was recorded as a maximum. FROARD writ large. !!

And that is after MASSIVE urban and road development around Obs Hill.


BTW Nick, days above 40°C in Sydney are not unusual.comment image



And that is after MASSIVE urban and road development around Obs Hill.

What urban and road development? (/sarc)
comment image

Thanks, Bruce. I’ve marked 43.4°C on your plot. Apparently it has been exceeded before just three times in January. I think that qualifies as unusually hot.
comment image


Shame the first time was in 1937.


Sorry, 1939.


BTW Nick, that is UHCN-D data, not bogus BoM data 😉

Where’s the CO2 warming?

As to an Ashes Test heat record,
The hottest Test day on record appeared to be 43.1 degree Celsius in Adelaide in 1908, the Bureau of Meteorology told the Sydney Morning Herald.” source
Sydney was 43.4.


Bureau of Meteorology told the Sydney Morning Herald

LOL – the blind leading the blind.


The hottest Test day on record appeared to be 43.1 degree Celsius in Adelaide in 1908

Just as well they didn’t play in 1939 hey Nick 😉
comment image

Bob boder


NIce graph Nick just one question where’s the global warming over the last 30 years sure looks like a lot more days over 40C in 30’s and 40’s. Did you forget to get the adjusted graph?

Patrick MJD

“BruceC January 8, 2018 at 12:33 am”

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Peta, the Penrith stuff is fake news. A lie travels round the world while the truth gets its boot on, or something. See Jo Nova,


My experience is that when it is really cold in Detroit, it is really hot in Melbourne. I am not surprised that it has been hot in Australia given how cold it has been in Detroit. An all-time record, questionable?


Now there’s a trend!

Patrick MJD

Were was the weather station in 1939, where is it now and how much urbanisation has happened since (Fastest growing suburb in the Sydney region)? No-one ever factors these in to the figures. Sure it was hot yesterday, but it was dry.


Wehad ONE hot day in Melbourne.
Not an unusually hot day, not near record setting, not at all newsworthy.

Ask Nick Stokes – he lives here, and he likes to complain about hot summer nights – but only when they actually occur. 🙂


The Penrith measurement was done with an electronic sensor and any noise spikes were NOT filtered out or time averaged, so there is a possibility that this was an incorrect measurement.


Was that 43.4 C a one second “observation”?


Climate Change and the Iranian Protests

While liberals are fiddling while North Korea and Iran conspire to develop nuclear weapons, distracting the world from the real threats it faces by manufacturing this
Global Warming nonsense, President Trump is busy developing a battle plan that will end the Evil Empire once and for all. His solution? The exact one that President Reagan used to defeat the far more formidable USSR President Trump plans to use the free market and the industrial might of America to flood the world with oil. President Trump wants America to not only be energy independent, President Trump wants America to be energy DOMINANT!!!

4 Eyes

“You can also see the snow on the MODIS/TERRA satellite image service from NASA. Ain El Safra is the lone white section in the center of the photo from January 5th, 2018:” Not correct, Safra is further east outside the limit of the photo. There have been a few dustings of snow several hundred kilometers further south on the big dunes out in the plains in recent years, the one I know of occurring in 2006. Nothing like the latest occurrence though.


But I thought it was only a regional cold snap for the US? Or is it just a northern hemispherical regional cold snap?

I get confused by these things.


Weather is not climate. A snowstorm, or a hurricane, or a heat wave proves nothing about climate change.

Would your assessment change if “hell froze over?”

Well, two years of snow in the Sahara is pretty close.

Keep whistling.


You’re right Javier, but it’s fun to tweak the alarmists’ noses once in a while. I don’t expect much (ethically or intellectually) from journalists and eco-warriors, but it’s dismaying how often we’re told by arrogant, condescending climate scientists that every hurricane, drought, fire, and cold spell is caused by CO2. Occasionally, we have to give them a mental ‘swirly’, hoping to flush some of the garbage from their minds (politics, dependency, etc.), so they can take a fresh look at the data (real, unadjusted data, not model outputs) and start doing real science. Okay, I’m just kidding – I’m sure they don’t care how many people are laughing at them, as long as their checks clear. The only thing that might bring them back to reality is the fact that the gravy train derailed about a year ago. I voted for Hillary (kind of a Sophie’s Choice wasn’t it – sure corruption versus possible instability), but I hope to be proven wrong.


Justan, please forgive the query on my part but have your fears of instability eased somewhat?


I still have nagging doubts, but I think most of Trump’s antics are just to keep his opponents off guard. A year ago, tweets like the one to Dear Leader would have made me a nervous wreck, but now I think it’s part of a larger strategy. I also suspect he may be tricking Dems into singing Mueller’s praises, so they can’t complain when some of their own get charged. We’ll see – interesting times ahead.


“A year ago, tweets like the one to Dear Leader would have made me a nervous wreck, but now I think it’s part of a larger strategy.”

I think so, too.

Trump has to convince Kim Jung-un that he is serious. This has been made extremely difficult because Kim knows the past three American presidents were NOT serious about reigning in North Korea’s nuclear weapons program, so Trump has to convince Kim that he is different.

People like Kim Jung-un are essentially bullies. International bullies. If you can convince a bully that you can and will hurt him if he pushes his envelope too far, then the bully will back off. If the bully doesn’t think you will take him on, then he will continue to push his envelope. Why wouldn’t he?

Trump is trying to give Kim a reason to back off.

Of course, Leftists freak completely out when it comes to confronting international bullies. They don’t know how to deal with them and don’t want any part of confronting them, and the bullies know it and take advantage of the situation. And that’s why we are in the situation we are in now with North Korea.

Trump’s tough talk will either reign in Kim, or there will be war. So we should let Trump talk as tough as he wants, and maybe he will talk some sense into Kim.

And besides, Trump isn’t the problem. Kim Jung-un and his weapons of mass destruction programs are the problem. Trump got this problem thrown in his lap and he is going to fix it one way or another.


Javier January 7, 2018 at 2:09 pm
“Weather is not climate. A snowstorm, or a hurricane, or a heat wave proves nothing about climate change.”

Tell that to the alarmist “scientists”. They continue to push the false premise that extreme weather is the result of climate change and most of us are just bashing them over the head for it, all the while knowing what your saying it correct.


Advocate scientists are a disgrace to the profession. That they are rewarded is poison for science.


Regards Penrith’s temp

“Sunday’s temperatures fell short of the scorching heat to hit the area in 1939, when the mercury reached 47.8C.”

“Sydney hits its highest temperature recorded since 1939 with Penrith reaching 47.3C”

So its hot but it’s been hotter before…

Cheers VB, I am from Sydney and can tell you that in the Beach suburbs it was hot…but not that hot. “They” choose some weather station from the hottest flattest heat sink part of Sydney with houses and roads everywhere and which has hugely developed over recent years to…”Prove their point” but castigate us for pointing to the entire Nth Hemisphere being in blizzard conditions as …a weather event. “They” are insane.


Despite massive urbanisation, Sydney is NO WARMER than it was 79 years ago.

Patrick MJD

Don’t worry, Nick will be along soon to tell us that’s been adjusted for.


Penrith 1930’s… Lots of open market and farmland
comment image

Penrith 2016.. Lot’s of light industry, commerce, warehouses, Massive residential expansion.
comment image

I’m guessing Nick et al would find some bizarre reason to adjust past temperature DOWNWARDS.

Patrick MJD

“AndyG55 January 7, 2018 at 10:22 pm”

Excellent find Andy.

Extreme Hiatus

But, but… it gets hot faster now!!!


So quickly, that they have to measure it by the second !!! 😉


And apparently the ocean floor is sinking because of the huge glacier melt. I kid you not!

Moderately Cross of East Anglia

Perhaps the alarmists are just lining up an excuse to explain why the rise in sea levels they predicted are not happening, like all the other shrill fear-mongering.

Can any of our Australian friends remind me when it was (in the 19th Century) that special trains had to be sent to evacuate people from the Australian interior because of the extreme heat?

Has that been necessary since global warming started to kill everyone?

Weather does not equal climate. But it sure is fun to have Mann claiming cold weather is expected from anthropogenic global warming. Maybe his tree rings also show this, even though temperate trees do not grow in winter—else there would not be tree rings.


..I never understood how he got away with tree thermometers
Trees don’t grow when it’s too cold or too hot….but they can’t tell you how cold or hot it was….and can’t even tell you for how long

Patrick MJD

“Latitude January 7, 2018 at 4:03 pm

..I never understood how he got away with tree thermometers”

Tree thermometers? Surely you mean tree thermometer, ie, YAD061.

Steve Zell

Tree rings are not a proxy for temperature, but only for the total growth of the tree during the warm season, from the time the first leaves come out in spring until the last leaves fall off (or turn brown) in autumn.

While a warm spell in March (in temperate areas of the Northern Hemisphere) can cause trees to bud early and lengthen the growing season, the total growth over an entire year is more influenced by summer rainfall than temperature. From about mid-May to mid-September, there is no risk of frost in most temperate areas, so that during that period the growth rate depends more on rainfall than on temperature–a tree will grow more during a wet summer (which may be relatively cool) than during a hot, dry summer (when some leaves will shrivel and drop off in August).

So that Mann’s tree rings were mostly measuring summer rainfall, not temperature. It’s interesting to note that between about 1975 and 1998, when the thermometer records were showing a warming trend, Mann’s proxy tree rings were showing slowing growth (hot, dry summers), so that Mann conveniently switched to the thermometer records in recent decades to create his hockey stick.

Warren Blair

Woops we made a ‘Penrith’ mistake.

John V. Wright

The second year running for snow in North Africa. Another polar bomb bringing deep freeze to the lower 48. A few years ago cattle were freezing to death in South America. Looks like we are moving towards the end of the interglacial…


John V. Wright,
Whilst I do not have the expertise to say whether you mey be right or wrong, I hope you are wrong.
Not becuase it wil;l prolong the CAGW nonsense – but because cold will kill more people.
Here in the UK a ‘Cold’ winter will have excess deaths – Eat or Heat problem.

Auto – happy to wrap up in another layer, even with the central heating modestly on.
No point in heating the neighbourhood!


It’s not the only place that unseasonably cold —
Bangladesh is having an extended cold snap, with the poor and old dying from it.


2017/2018 northern winter:

It’s the Second winter in a row
for Saharan Desert snow.
Will next winter too, upend
climate predictions as a Trend?


Tell me again: who’s the crazy one here?


And Steyer thinks a significant number of them will actually read it? Half of them can’t even get around to reading the legislation they vote on no matter how important it is.


Is the snow in North Africa just the same oscillation in the jet stream dragging down cold air and moisture from Europe? That would be my guess but I am not a meteorologist. Be nice to have a real meteorologist like Anthony or Mike M explain some of the weather stuff going on. Then we could trust we wouldn’t be getting spoon fed the CAGW drivel.

‘Twas snowing again is Sahara

An end to the climate scare era?

It was cold there before

Little Ice Age got more

Return to the cooling Nightmarah?

Philip Mulholland

Location of the Naâma Province reporting desert snow in Algeria:-
Naâma Province, Algeria
H/T lenbilen


Global warming simultaneously increases and decreases total world snowfall. It’s magical.

From the horse’s mouth:

Algerian media reporting 10-15 cm snow. In elevations above 1000m. Snowfall expected to continue until Monday at 6pm.

Philip Mulholland
Timo Soren

Based on what clearly looks like Morocco, and the coast, the Sever Weather EU does not know the difference between “today in Algeria” and “today in Morocco” unless the sat image was of a second area covered in snow?

SO was it Morocco or Algeria?

Using Google Earth the isolated white spot on the map shown is IN MOROCCO, pretty much straight south of Nador and straight East of Casablanca in the area of Missour which is a good 160+ miles from Algeria

Ok so as far as I can figure out it has snowed in both areas; many places in Algeria and the large area in
Morocco. The sat image was only in Morocco however.

R.S. Brown

…and then again while the rest of the world was being induced to watch
the weather in Australia, China was dealing with white warming fallout:


Yes, a small area of cold air made it down to the Atlas mountains.
That among vast areas of above average temperatures in the NH.

“but castigate us for pointing to the entire Nth Hemisphere being in blizzard conditions as …a weather event. “They” are insane.”

I would suggest you are my friend if you believe that.

ONY parts of NE america saw blizzards (or at least the dramatically reported ones) – and despite the belief on here it is not the the entirety of the NH.


Meanwhile despite the waters being warmer than average in November, ice coverage of lake Erie is over 85% and growing quickly. comment image
On average the lake is frozen over by Feb. 10th, so this year the freeze will come nearly a month earlier than average. The shipping season on the lake officially ends January 15th but the only ships moving now are doing so with Coast Guard ice breakers leading the way.

So the lake effect snow season for those from Cleveland, OH through Buffalo New York is virtually at an end. The lower the temperature of the exposed water and the more ice coverage their is, the less lake effect snows one has to deal with. Once a lake is at 85% or so the lake effect season is pretty much over.

Lake Ontario is at 14.%. That deeper lake rarely reaches 100% coverage but I would settle for 60% or more.
Once that happens travel along I-90 in NY will be less likely to be a chore.

Huron is at 33.5% so strong lake effect still possible and in fact happening right now.

All of this has personal implications for this truck driver that goes out to the NE frequently along I-90 and is on occasion called to go to the Toronto area or up Hwy 21 to Owen Sound, ON. Hwy 21 runs a good distance right along the eastern shore of Lake Huron. During the summer a very pleasant drive usually. During the winter it can be a nightmare and the road is often closed due to lake effect snows and drifting due to high winds coming off the lake. I have had to drive the 401 all the way to London, ON then turn north and then come into Owen Sound from the east during the winter.

Surface freezing of all the Great Lakes is well ahead of the previous two years.


Proving that 2017 was one of the 3 warmest years since 1980, after adjusting for the cold weather anomalies. I.E. take out all of the unusually cold readings, it really WAS warm last year!


Warm globally. Very pleasant here in North Central Indiana. Never saw a high of 100 F in 16 or 17 and few days where it reached 90 F. Summer temps milder than usual.


I scan a lot of news sources and outlets and I don’t recall seeing this anywhere else. Thanks again.

Perspective is everything.

No thanks to LAT, NYT, WaPo, and many many others.

NY Post had it and the Express in the UK.

Chris Norman

The grand solar minimum gathers pace.

Despite all the global warming hype, let’s not forget we’re still in an ice age!