Malicious WUWT troll sees police show up at his door

Sometimes, you just have to fight back. This is a personal note that goes along with the recent news of the bullying of Dr. Susan Crockford and Dr. Judith Curry.

Thanks to the Chico Police Department and officer Jim Parrott, I learned today that we were able to shut down a person living in Windsor Ontario who has been serially harassing me and threatening me and my family for over a year. He was doing this because of my views on “climate change” and my website:

Officer Parrott reached out to the Windsor Police Department (Constable Strong in the WPD Major Crimes Unit) and provided him all the research I’d gathered (including setting up an Internet “honeypot” to trap him) and today we get word back that the suspect has been identified, and has had police officers show up at his front door.

This particularly malicious troll is one of the “Arctic sea ice zealots” that inhabit Jim Hunt’s “Great White Con” website on sea ice. Both Jim and this troll were long ago banned from WUWT for serially bad behavior breaking our commenting policy multiple times, but this one troll couldn’t let it go. He escalated, and continued to do so.

Of course, the troll embraced the crazy and patently wrong views promoted by Dr. Michael Mann and many others that I’m an “agent of the Koch brothers, and on the take to run WUWT”.

As I’ve said many times in the past, I’ve never taken a dime from the Koch’s; they don’t even know who I am. WUWT is entirely supported by advertising and donations.

My opinions published here and the opinions of guest authors is entirely our own, and not “for hire” as some weak-minded people assert. One of these days, Dr. Mann is going to find himself on the wrong end of a lawsuit for promoting these falsehoods that incite people like I’ve had to deal with for over a year. In fact, this particular troll claimed he had enlisted Dr. Mann as part of his plan to “expose me” (the troll’s words). He also said he’d enlisted Sou aka Miriam O’Brien of Hotwhopper in his cause against me. Of course, it turned out to be nothing but bluster, but wow, this guy had quite an imagination and hatred for me in his heart.

Thanks to the work of the Windsor Police Department and the Chico Police Department, this malicious Internet troll won’t be bothering me again.

Thanks also to a number of bloggers who helped me zoom in on this guy by sharing information. Thanks also to “Poptech” whose research was very helpful. Great thanks to our own “Charles the Moderator” who helped me stay calm and focused on the “long game” rather than let this toad get under my skin.

Its quite a feeling of satisfaction to [get some action on] this case, especially since this dirtbag had assumed multiple identities, used fake emails, and other techniques to hide his identity. Much like some of the other trolls we deal with here daily, but this one stepped over the line, time and time again.

For example here are excerpts from a long rambling email I received (along with Charles the Moderator who was helping me) Tuesday, November 07, 2017 4:28 PM

Great news perverted WOMEN HATERS;)

Saul and Reggie are now officially “retired”

(Saul pulled it off and remained invisible, aren’t you impressed, my two little twinkies? Hehehe, just 11 followers)

Lawrence is job hunting,  raising money for @MSF 
Currently negotiating the sale of the ironically named @4salePeer, to a semi retired gentleman from Down-under:
 I believe you two girls are soon to be the laughing stock of the Reality Based Universe,
and there is only one way out, 
as my Buddhist Tokyo Rose says,
Never bring shame to your family, 
always do the honourable thing.
Funny thing, she once worked as an exec at TGNA, 
at a tech center based in USA
There is nothing more I can do to help you,
I have told you WATT was required,
A real man would have accepted
Because they were very reasonable requests
And you tried to weasel out with some weird link
That went to a 404
Watch you back #fakechristian
Welcome to hashtag hell
#Randi has got himself another television evangelist
Those crazy texas evangelical wingnuts have lots of guns,
lots of anger inside
 You’re one redneck Texas Christian
two cases of beer
A pickup truck full of guns
and a fun filled country music listening drive
away from meeting you maker:
Say hi to satan when you get there
Too bad you didn’t use some of that cock-sucking $$$,
You make grifting Koch/Cato talking points,
To make the requested donation to @MSF
Too late now 
I hope you  girly men know that there are dozens of  genuine SCIENTISTS,
who are currently in on this humiliating lesson #u2twinkies are experiencing,
and the future pain #FakeChristians like 
and who are laughing their asses off watching you and your motley crew of scientific misfits,
run away and hide from #TMOSAT
First Lesson:
Exponential growth
Why are you silly science deniers so afraid to debate The Master of Space and Time and Potholer?
It is because you know you are going to lose,
 and running away and being laughed at is less painful,
Isn’t that childish???
How many thousands of banned and blocked accounts,
does it take to create a virtually silent twitter feed
Just look at little clueless joe bastarda,( I changed his name to the feminine Italian),
because little joe has no balls), he has been humiliated,
and ran away,
 not much masculinity seen from lil joe, 
Do steroids explain his lack of balls???
Do you realize that running away and hiding Is going to make you look pathetic?
Your cowardly silence validates my algorithm
Which validates weather and climate models,
and on Nov 12th will be used to show how your silence
and the silence of so-called sceptics,
proves man-made climate change.
You are not allowed to respond 
Your owners will never allow it
You are not allowed free speech
Slavery to big oil
 isn’t the way to live
And it’s a worse way to die
you have dug your own grave

NOVEMBER 12th 2017

This is just one of dozens of crazy emails with threats I received over the last year and a half. Some contained thinly veiled death threats, some like this one were irrational rants, some were incomprehensible references to things he “knew” but I had no idea what the hell he was talking about. The reference to November 12th in this email was a “drop dead date” for an extortion attempt (I was supposed to donate to the Canadian organization Medicine Sans Frontiers aka doctors without borders to avoid my exposure of “Koch dollars”). Of course, I’m not easily extorted, because I knew this jerk was just making things up out of his own Koch-fueled imagination.

My mistake was originally treating him with respect over a complaint he had about WUWT, and replying using my personal email. That was a dumb move of trust on my part that I won’t repeat again.

So, we nailed him. Despite his cowardice and shapeshifting, we prevailed, and we used his own stupidity against him to trap him in the “honeypot” so a positive ID could be made.

I won’t share the technique I devised, but it’s safe to say he had no idea what hit him when officers showed up at his door in Windsor. While it is very very tempting to share the file I have on him thanks to the police, I’ve learned long ago that “discretion is the greater part of valor“. I’ll just keep it handy, just in case I need to exercise my rights further.

Right Thomas? aka “Lawrence Martin”, aka “Reggie”, aka “Reginald Perrin” aka “Saul from Montreal”, aka “Solomon Gursky”, aka “Master of Space and Thyme” among others… here’s a partial photo of Thomas the troll from the file:

In the meantime, potential dirtbags that might be thinking of threatening me or my family or any other climate skeptic should think again. We won’t tolerate it. Climate skeptics are fed up with the threats and smears as we’ve seen against Dr. Curry and Dr. Crockford, and we aren’t going to take it anymore.

So, in closing…

Troll, troll, troll your boat gently down the stream…

Merrily, merrily, merrily merrily, anonymity is but a dream.


BTW, I forgot to add this note. There’s precedence for arresting Internet trolls in Canada, such as this notorious one who got 16 counts and a psych evaluation:


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Les Johnson

Is that Blowtorch Reggie?

Wow, Tony Heller will be gutted. (/sarc)


Having a sponsor such as Koch Bros should not be a big deal.

After all the green and left are sponsored by such people as the Rockefeller Bros.

How do I know this?

Well the Rockefeller Bros have a search facility on their website where you can look up every donee. There are a lot of familiar names there.

Check out



John Silver

I want some Koch dollars. How do I getem?

Gunga Din

You left out Soros and a bunch of others richer than they are.


Ah but isn’t Soros on the left? I suspect if you want to instigate collectivism or wish abolish the right to free speech, he may well be glad to help. So long as one has an insidious plan that is. 🙂


Soros is neither left nor right. he’s a being who profits in chaos. A chaos god of sorts.


No truer words have been spoken. He does not care who “wins” or “loses”, either way HE profits and people suffer. Those are his only goals.


Blowtorch Reggie???…..good grief….he’s famous…..I’ve even seen him post

NW sage

“Good Work Anthony!!”
Remember what one buzzard said to another; ‘Patience my A**, I’m going to kill something!”

Wonderful news, well done! 👍🏻

Anthony Byrd

Where can I donate to help keep WUWT strong?

The Donate button is on the right side, above recent posts. If you can’t see it on a mobile, go to a desktop computer which shows the sidebars.

Tom Halla

Good work.


Well done Anthony!!


I simply can’t understand people like that. He looks young enough to be holding down a job. If he is working and spending his time doing that sort of stuff he should be fired. If he is doing that outside working hours then he should get some sort of ‘real’ social life.

Louis Hooffstetter

“Society wants to believe it can identify evil people or bad or harmful people, but it’s not practical. There are no stereotypes.”

Ted Bundy

Louis Hooffstetter

“I made my fantasy life more powerful than my real one.”

Jeffery Dahmer


He may be paid by George Soros.


yes! boot to the head!


No. Loss of freedom for many years is more effective.


fine- how about at your expense rather than mine?


If a person has an physical abnormality you would be violent to them?
Or do you believe they should be given help and medical assistance?
If someone has a mental abnormality you think that physical violence is a good method of assisting them and society, or is it just for your own gratification?

Yes he’s a nasty, vicious troll of the very worst kind, and may even have become violent. He is undergoing an mental assessment and may well be found to be mentally defective in some way.
That’s his problem, what’s yours gnomish for wishing to be violent to people with obvious mental abnormalities?


You are dangerously naive. Far too often people you describe go on, after “treatment”, to commit horrific acts of violence against innocent people. Will this one come after AW again? I doubt it, he will pick another target, one who has no clue what he is. And it is a good bet he will take this whole experience and become worse. Instead of helping him it will make him even more angry and he WILL seek outlets to receive that anger. The proverbial “boot to the head” may well be exactly what he needs. This idea that medical and psychiatric “treatment” can fix people who don’t want to be fixed is dangerous, and in far too many cases leads to innocent people being harmed or killed.



I take it you have verified figures for “Far too often people you describe go on, after “treatment”, to commit horrific acts of violence against innocent people. ”
I’m of the belief more research into treatment should be done and not more violence against the person. Violence does not solve the problem!
Your prognosis of giving people a “boot to the head” is truly vile and can not improve anything, certainly not any of society’s mental health problems. These people need effective treatment not violence!


Again, you are dangerously naive. Worst part is you are not the one who will suffer for it, innocent people do. Truly sad.


Again should the data!


Do your own homework, pick up a newspaper and read, all those rapes, assaults, child molestations? They are being committed by the people you are so eager to defend. Or is it all the victims’ fault?


Still no data, eh. Just your own jaundiced prejudice of how things are!

Greg Cavanagh

The majority can not be rehabilitated. They just learn how to act normal, sufficient to fool those who taught them how to act (i.e. the same people). They’ll reoffend as soon as they have opportunity, but they’ll be better at hiding now.


That may be so. I doubt such a diagnosis applies to all.


that was a most retardedly triggered comment, tom0mason
meditate on this wisdom as you seek inner peace.


Cheers gnomish, and I wish you a Happy Christmas too.

Jimmy Haigh

Name and shame the P.O.S.

Ian Cooper

A great result Anthony. A real team effort and great cooperation between two police districts got the job done! This might smarten the act up of those considering following in the trolls footsteps.

michael hart

I see this person as part of a wider problem in today’s ‘social-media’ world. Supposedly responsible people in the media, or people who get attention in the media, have long been playing fast and loose with both the truth and truthful language. They are often so blinded by a political hatred of people who disagree with them that they lose sight of what is considered normal respectful manners and consideration for other people. Thus if people who know better routinely, say, describe Donald Trump as “literally Hilter”, then there is going to be some small fraction of the population who start to think and act as if it might be true.

In Anthony’s case, it is the Michael Mann’s of this world who do know better, but simply don’t care where their baseless allegations end up. Nor do they accept any personal responsibility for having effectively incited less intelligent people to do hurtful things to other people who are wholly innocent of the imagined misdemeanors.

Louis Hooffstetter

I’ve come to regard Michael Mann more as a troll than as a scientist. But even bad as he is, he appears to be orders of magnitude less crazy than this ‘Blowtorch Reggie’. And while I’m not in favor of gun control, we definitely need to figure out a way to keep guns out of the hands of loons like this. He’s truly scary.

Michael Hornbrook

He lives in Canada. Unlikely he has anything more dangerous than a steak knife, although he appears to have weaponized stupidity.

Jeff Labute

I’ve recently looked at Michael Mann’s twitter account to see him use references to a Bruce Willis/Joel Osment movie called Sixth Sense where they use the line “I see dead people” which Michael mann translates as “I see deniers”. Appears as though he wants all deniers, dead. Call the cops!

“people who get attention in the media”, this may be a false alarm, but beware Bill Nye, he has someone in his sights in an upcoming documentary about him.

I see that there is a new show on Netflix called “Bill Nye Saves the World”. I didn’t watch it, but what a guy. All of his supposed fame is going to his head.



Excellent. About time the warmunist scum learn that skeptics will eventually hit back. Hard.

LOL @ristvan, you think the Chico PD is going to have this guy extradited, and pay for his transport from Canada to California over a “telephone harassment” charge?

You may be a lawyer, but you haven’t a clue about reality.

Elmer, I never thought any of your fevered imagination. The troll has been caught out by Canadian laws in Canada. Those are, per Mark Stein, much worse than in the US. Get a grip.

“The troll has been caught out by Canadian laws in Canada.”

LOL, I didn’t realize you had the inside info on what the Canadians were up to. And I assumed you were an American. I apologize.

Now tell me, are the Canadian authorities going to pay for the transport of the witnesses from Chico to attend the hearings?

Please give us al your “learned” opinion on “jurisdiction” in this case Ristvan.

“per Mark Stein”
1) Mark is not a Canadian lawyer
2) His last name is spelled “Steyn”


oh dear, another obsessor

Clyde Spencer

Elmer Fudd,
You can be assured that if Anthony needs to go to Canada to testify, we readers will come up with the money to make it happen. I’m also getting fed up with loonies and think it is time to start standing up to them.

george e. smith

I think this chap committed enough Canadian law mayhem to keep him in big trouble for a good while.

No need to waste the energy required to actually ship the carcass to some other jurisdiction.

As they say, the Mounties eventually get their man.


Doug in Calgary

FYI Elmer, up here in the Frozen North uttering threats is against the law. He’ll probably be charged in Windsor. Also noticed that he will get a physc eval. That and those several charges will give him some legal fees to remember.

Good on ya Anthony, you took out another one of those operating in a brain free environment.

F. Leghorn

What the hell? Do they just line you guys up? Anthony manages to have one nutbag brought down and you run up to take his place?

Enjoy your imagined superiority while it lasts “Elmer”.


Why would the Canadians expedite? He broke Canadian laws as well as American ones.


extradite, not expedite.
Should not post before that first cup of coffee.


Hopefully they will expedite this prosecution! (couldn’t help myself, sorry)

Is your last name “Fudd”?

Man Bearpig

My dearest Elmer, there is a tip box here that got Anthony to the UK a few years back and Donna Lafromboise to a conference she wanted to be at. It would not take much to get all the witnesses where they need to be and because of the nature of the allegations I suspect the tip jar will overflow with generosity.

Eric Barnes

Thanks for having the backbone to put up with this nonsense Anthony.

Dave Kelly

Well done. Was he charged? Or did they simply scarce the crap out of him?


What would this guy be charged with? What is the chargeable offence he committed?

Dave Kelly

Based on the description above, harassment or attempted extortion come to mind as POSSIBLE charges.

In any event, please I notice I asked if he had been charged.

I did not claim he committed an offense to which he could be charged.

Crispin in Waterloo but really in Bishkek

He probably lost his computer, for a while at least. The Ontario Provincial Police computer forensics guys are wa-ay competent. They may find multiple other probable causes to dig even deeper. He’s toast.


Careful with this perp; his actions and writings are indicative of serious mental illness.


Yeah, he seems a little deranged.

Carrying is good! 🙂

I’m not too familiar with Canadian law but I think they have a lot of laws about what you can and cannot say on the internet. What kind of charges, if any, does this guy face?

Crispin in Waterloo but really in Bishkek



[Bullying is an offence.]

Cyberbullying involves the use of communication technologies such as the Internet, social networking sites, websites, email, text messaging and instant messaging to repeatedly intimidate or harass others.

Cyberbullying includes:
•Sending mean or threatening emails or text/instant messages.
•Posting embarrassing photos of someone online.
•Creating a website to make fun of others.
•Pretending to be someone by using their name.
•Tricking someone into revealing personal or embarrassing information and sending it to others.

Cyberbullying affects victims in different ways than traditional bullying. It can follow a victim everywhere 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from school, to the mall and all the way into the comfort of their home – usually safe from traditional forms of bullying.

For more on internet freedom of speech and libel.

charles simkins

Relative to polar bears and sea ice, from what I have read the polar bear and the brown bear are essentially the same species. From that I would expect that one migrated and evolved a difference in coat colors etc. This would then mean that there had been divergence at some point and probably convergence in the future. Net effect would be trivial and in any case, the ecosystem will change and the inhabitants of the area will change with it.


I think you should be posting about polar bears in some thread related to polar bears instead of here. There are many to choose.

Eve Stevens

It is embarrassing that it was a Canadian that did this but not surprising. Canadians listen to the news and they believe it. They are not too bright. Maybe they will not notice when they freeze to death.

Signed, a Canadian not living in that frozen wasteland they call Canada.


Hey, I was surprised.


That is very interesting. Most of the Canadians I have ever dealt with have been the most polite people around. Is there something going on up there that has changed that recently? The Canadian Air Force ladies and gentlemen I dealt with were always very polite and unassuming. I couldn’t imagine any of them doing anything remotely like this.

“Is there something going on up there that has changed that recently?”

Yes. A liberal government that is: welcoming ISIS fighters back into Canada, importing thousands of Islamic migrants to bolster their voter base; allowing thousands of illegal migrants to pour through non-ports of entry at an unprotected border to claim asylum; passing blasphemy motions to quell “Islamophobic” dissent; removing FGM as an illegal practice from citizenship guides; instituting escalating carbon taxes; crushing proposed pipelines with new emissions regulations (while allowing cement factories with twice the emissions to proceed with no regulation) – all while importing oil from terror states; a corrupt Finance minister whose family dumped $millions in shares days before a tax increase across the board.

The looney troll is a left wing zealot and online bully that likely soiled himself when the cops showed up. He’ll show up in court like a whipped dog, full of tears when he realizes that there is a real world out there with consequences.

Your comment makes me smile, as the nicest Americans I met up here in Canada were from our local military base, they were the same as your description.

Of late here – it’s sadly changed, more like a European state of mind than being for freedom and sovereignty of one’s own identity and culture. The current PM is one of the worst ones to date, in our short history. Global elites have been gobbling up Canada’s political landscape unfettered for at least a good decade or more.
But as they say, you deserve the gov you voted for – save for I personally didn’t vote for this disastrous PM.



And then there’s Canada’s southern protectorate:


“…Koch-fueled imagination…”

I’ve wondered for a long time whether a lot of warmist hysteria is the result of “better living through chemistry,” nerny perns, or Old Nogginthrob. Things don’t really go better with coke or similar substances.

Police showing up at one’s door is a common occurance.

Was he arrested?
If he was arrested what was the charge?

The case is not closed until a sentence, and all appeals are exhausted.


“Police showing up at one’s door is a common occurance.”

Perhaps in your case…

Why is that, I wonder?

Oh, and it’s “occurrence”, incidentally.

R. Shearer

Stay safe. There are 345 like minded crackers out there.


crackers, griffs, germonios are different

But in all, the wuwt is such an institution of contrarianism that it seriously attracts sick world saviours. From both ends. It is good to keep some distance.


You can say all kinds of crazy stuff and get away with it. Some stuff slides over into criminal law, and that you can’t get away with. A credible death threat will produce a criminal conviction. That, in turn, will keep the troll on the Canadian side of the border.


Saying things and harassing are two different things.


Here’s the relevant Canadian law.

264.1 (1) Every one commits an offence who, in any manner, knowingly utters, conveys or causes any person to receive a threat
(a) to cause death or bodily harm to any person;


The penalty is as much as five years in prison.

There is also law against harassment but it’s sometimes hard to get the police to deal with it. Threatening, on the other hand, is clear cut and the police are quite willing to lay charges.


Hugs: I don’t know. Looking at the US political situation, saying things and harassing seem to be considered basically the same thing.

Crispin in Waterloo but really in Bishkek


Thinking about a North Wall?


Folks with criminal records have a hard time getting into the United States.

Joe Crawford

Don’t know if it still holds, but several years ago some friends of mine tried to go through Canada on their way to Alaska for summer work. They were stopped at the border because both had DUI’s on their U.S. driving records. Canada wouldn’t even let them drive through.

Roger Knights

Anthony, you should sue DeSmogBlog (or that similar site) for its malicious falsehoods and misleading insinuations.

Larry Hamlin

Well done Anthony!!

Once this scumbag was identified what are the specific consequences he faces from the authorities?

We’ll done, and good riddance! I once hacked a honepot to trap an internet troll in the 1990s on the Yahoo Finance message boards, which solved the problem. No troll can resist a well-crafted honeypot. It’s a compulsion.



Now we need to get the “Science police” to pay a call on Michael Mann.


Well done, Anthony. Its a great pity that the Internet was initially designed without security features that would help prevent nasty stuff like this. But at least it is now possible for the police to track down and hopefully stop some of the perps. I am amazed that some folk let a mere difference of opinion take over their lives like that. Just for interest, I once heard a theory that extreme religiosity was caused by a virus that affects the brain. Hmm.

Keep up the great and good work, and stay safe!


“I am amazed that some folk let a mere difference of opinion take over their lives like that. ”

Some people are crazy and can’t help themselves.


Yes, I’d think this is from the almost medical end. But let the court decide.


Its a great pity that the Internet was initially designed without security features that would help prevent nasty stuff like this.

I agree with Ben Franklin.

Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety. link

Free speech is important. Anonymous pamphleteering is important so that folks can express unpopular ideas without exposing themselves to the tyranny of the majority. link

Freedom is what made America great. Destroy freedom and you destroy America.

Colorado Wellington

Its a great pity that the Constitution was initially designed without security features that would help prevent nasty stuff like this.

There, fixed it for him.

Back in the days of the ARPAnet, things really were mostly a big, happy community. It helped that its capacity was 256 nodes (many running timesharing systems, so more than 256 users). None of us had time to be idiots, we were too busy creating something truly awesome.

Sorry about how Email turned out.

Even then, we had the cannonical jokes threads. Imagine, I had over 3000 lawyer jokes, some of them totally tasteless, some of them so funny that lawyer friends of mine laughed with tears in their eyes. But, no, the vast majority of people kept it on the straight and narrow.

ARPAnet let me get a copy of the program “Proceedings of the X-15 First Flight 30th Anniversary Celebration.” Thanks Ms. Schaefer at NASA.

Javert Chip



The tendency to blame everything on a virus is no different than blaming everything on CO2.

Extreme Hiatus

The times are a changing and it is now time for more of this. Onward.


I don’t see how sending annoying e-mails and posting unpopular messages on blogs should be cause for receiving police at your door.


It isn’t annoying e-mails it is a death threat … the law doesn’t distinguish communication mechanism it is what it is.

Michael Jankowski

The police don’t show up on your doorstep for annoying emails. Duh.



“I don’t see how sending annoying e-mails and posting unpopular messages on blogs should be cause for receiving police at your door.”

Uh, did you even read the article? This seems even beyond harassment. I can’t imagine constantly getting this kind of ugly e-mail for a year and a half. It’s a lot more than “annoying e-mails” and “posting unpopular messages”. Nobody has a right to make threats. When something like this is going on, it can make life a living **** for someone. As far as I’m concerned, it’s no different than doing it in person.


Being threatened with bodily harm is not merely annoying.

Javert Chip


Does the term “clueless” mean anything to you?


Is that James Comey?

My mistake was originally treating him with respect over a complaint he had about WUWT, and replying using my personal email.

It could be a good idea to change your personal email every so often. I had to do that involuntarily twice and it’s a big pain with financial accounts etc. But it might be worth it.


Congrats 🙂

Absolutely shocking – sorry you had to go through all that Anthony and Charles.

Catastrophism is a moral slippery slope. What crime is inconceivable to someone who truly believes the world is on the brink of destruction?

Even people who aren’t true believers can use the guise of true belief as cover for their antisocial viciousness.

No different to Jihadis justifying their nastiness in the name of their holy mission to “save” mankind.


No different than a religious zealot of any stripe.

“Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” Voltaire

South River Independent

Actually, no one can make you believe or do anything. Only you can do that.

F. Leghorn

Anti-religious zealots suck too. At least they mostly just go around trying to prove how much smarter they are than those “believers”.

Though not all. The Ted Bundys and Jeffrey Dahmers were atheists too.

Andrew Cooke

Agreed squiggy. I have known some religious people that I would have rather never even heard of (and I am both happily religious and capable of rational thought), yet I have met some anti-religious individuals who were just as obnoxious.

I mock people who think that only people who believe in a metaphysical higher power are zealots. People who believe that human beings or governments are the highest power are quite capable of being overcome with obnoxious zealotry.

Followers of Marx, who wanted to do away with religion (belief in a metaphysical higher power), only wanted to do away with it so that the people would instead worship the state as the highest power. Humanists, which include atheists, prefer to worship humanity as the pinnacle of higher power, and that can also create zealotry.

Ill Tempered Klavier

“tis a pity there is no shortage of worthless nimnuls eager to do Satan’s work in God’s name.

It is great to see the heat being turned back on the worthless aggressive Trolls and to see that the Windsor Police Department and the Chico Police Department are working together and doing their job as expected. I hope that this malicious creature will not be bothering Anthony or anyone else in the future. He had been encouraged in his enterprise by the Leftist Hegemony.

[snip – wildly off-topic -mod]

[snip – wildly off topic -mod]

Yeah, but you saw it.

David L

Good RIddance to bad rubbish!


A lawsuit or criminal charges could go a long way to beginning to open some public discussion about climate science. I cannot believe how much heat (ahem) I get for even mentioning what I have learned here and elsewhere during polite dinner conversation. It’s disgusting. This kind of intellectual bigotry and self-righteous indignation, all based on a series of frauds, can amount to bullying at its finest. It tends towards a kind of totalitarianism, and it is not to be taken lightly. It is a mob and should be regarded as such. It has no redeeming qualities whatsoever, besides perhaps teaching you much about your ‘friends’, at least if you value free thought.

I realize this is a group largely geared toward science concerns, but rest assured there are more frauds in other domains from which elaborate, equally harmful belief systems have formed, and these can be dangerous. They function the same way.

It is wise to ask yourself seriously, How do I know this thing I have been told to be true?

public nutrition is a case in point. diabetes epidemic from junk science. US war dead in WW2 no heart disease. Korean war tons of heart. disease in young men 18 years old. smoking and animal fat blamed. both drastically reduced with very little increase in longevity.
no one asked what changed in the diet during ww2. it wasn’t smoking or animal fat. plenty before the war. margarine and hydrogenated vegetable oil was the big change. synthetic food humans were not adapted to eat via evolution. we are seeing evolution in action as people die early humans become better adapted to eating junk food.


The ‘diet-health’ hypothesis, Ancel Keyes and his Seven Countries Study, the role of the Sugar Association in lobbying to mislead the public through nutrition policy and more, the vilification of John Yudkin and the nearly complete destruction of his scientific career is of course an excellent example, and not much politically controversial so easier to discuss than ‘climate change’. (The term as typically used makes me cringe.)

There are others, and often poorly conducted (or outright fraudulent) studies are used to create a body of claims that become a belief system, and so are born various religions to which the rudderless may adhere.

One really must be vigilant.


And off the rails we go. Science is not an issue.

Leon Brozyna

Most excellent.

While the internet has unleashed great creativity and great minds, it has also revealed mankind’s darker sides … strange critters that lurk in most unexpected places.

Stay safe.


Not a climate “scientist”, no beard. Cord jacket and t-shirt, could be an English Lit prof; can’t spell, scratch that, failed grad student? Looks like the Unabomber. Psycho-scary.


Legal recourse is appropriate. May be the only way skeptics will be heard.


Yeah, I think I know who he is,he can be really snotty at Jim Hunts place too,since Jim would ask him to stop swearing and similar to avoid getting his comments in the mod bin.

If there’s no groping involved, no one is paying attention.


If you’ve never been seriously harassed or stalked, count yourself lucky not to know the feelings it causes or the expenses it generates. Nails in the driveway, sugar in the gas tank, chased on the highway, and crank calls to family and employers take a toll. People who do this have some level of mental sickness that needs to be addressed — either by therapists or civil authorities. Good work, Anthony.

Sugar doesn’t dissolve in gasoline, your “sugar in gas tank” is an urban myth.

Mark T

Sand doesn’t, either, but it can still be a problem in your gas tank. Don’t be a jerk for the sake of being a jerk and people just might not treat you like a jerk.

Clyde Spencer

I don’t think that you have the whole picture. Why don’t you try putting a cup of sugar in your gas tank and get back to us after a week? You might be surprised at the results. If you are certain about it having no effect, you have nothing to lose.


Check again. Sugar is not tgw bogeyman but it is not good for engines.
The internet can be your friend.


Had a chemist analyze it. So maybe it was corn syrup. But that wasn’t the point.


It does work and I’ve seen it. It’s not catastrophic, but it’ll stop your car and cause expensive repairs to get rid of it. It works because it doesn’t dissolve.


Sugar has basically the same result as sand. It clogs up filters and is messy. It may stop the car, but not destroy the engine. There are far worse things that can be put in a gas tank. We should probably be happy that many people believe myths.

(Gary—I’m not saying the sugar doesn’t cause a problem. It does. I would be furious if someone tried it on my car.)


For sure. And it doesn’t have to go as far as nails in the drive or sugar in the gas tank. I’ve had more than one “neighbor from ****” – the problem was noise 24/7.

Glad you were able to get this guy, Anthony. It speaks volumes about how serious the situation is when the police see a need to be involved.


There are a bunch of wind farms down Windsor way. Maybe this guy lives near one and that helps explain his scrambled brain.


Wow, that was a barely coherent tirade. I’d say there are some legitimate mental issues, or he wrote it as a stream-of-consciousness exercise. I wouldn’t relax just yet, Anthony, some people aren’t easily dissuaded by the long arm of the law, unless they are in prison. Not someone I think that would respond to rational discussion either.


The only thing less coherent would be random letters.


Well done, Anthony! I hope the troll’s also well done!

I was in the process of executing an additional, and much more complicated plan to lead him to a honeypot.

Luckily, for my naturally lazy self, he fell for stage one before I had to put in much effort. And no, we will not tell you what I was up to.


I look forward to the thriller. I’d look forward to the movie too but Hollywood has no ability to tell the good guys from the bad…

John F. Hultquist

Is he related to Sarah Myhre?
Just kidding.
The fellow needs counseling.

I wonder if this is the same scumbag that forged my name to a series of hate-filled posts a year or so back? I always wonder how these people’s minds work. They know they cannot refute the argument logically or with evidence, so they forge fake posts. They have to know that they are wrong, surely? So why don’t they switch to the right side? Have they simply willingly chosen evil over good? Very puzzling. Anyway, great work, Anthony!

Tom Billings

From personal experience of living side-by-side with such a person for 11 years:

“They have to know that they are wrong, surely? So why don’t they switch to the right side? Have they simply willingly chosen evil over good? ”

No, …What they know is that they *must* be right, as they were told they were right the first time. All else is betrayal of themselves, so they will make up whatever interpretation of events is needed to believe that their assigned position, of being on top, is right. To do otherwise is the evil of betrayal of self. They are either on top of the world, by being right, or they are scum scraped off the bottom of the cesspool, and there can be nothing in between. Yes, they can kill someone when their belief pushes them to that. There were 4 attempts from him on my life in those 11 years. Their enablers are nearly as bad.


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