Hilarious: Identity Fiddling Ex-EPA Chief Demands More Transparency

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

h/t John, Daily Caller – Lisa Jackson, who may have broken federal law by using a fake email alias during her tenure as EPA chief, has demanded more EPA transparency.

Apple’s Lisa Jackson says the EPA hasn’t changed, leadership has changed

Apple’s Vice President Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives Lisa Jackson has a lot to say about the Environmental Protection Agency. She served as the administrator of the EPA during Obama’s first term, and she now thinks Donald Trump’s administration is causing a great threat to the agency.

“The Environmental Protection Agency is, to me, an extension of the Department of Defense,” she said. “It protects something really important in this country, which is a huge competitive advantage. We have clean air to breathe, water to drink and land to develop and build on.”

“And I just have to say the EPA hasn’t changed. There’s a leadership change, which is beyond politics in my mind. The EPA has been run by Democrats, by Republicans, but has never, in its history that is 40+ years old, been run by someone who seems to be determined to do the one thing that could destroy its credibility, which is not making it transparent.”

Read more: https://techcrunch.com/2017/09/19/apples-lisa-jackson-says-the-epa-hasnt-changed-leadership-has-changed/

Lisa Jackson stepped down from her role as EPA chief in 2012, in the middle of the “Richard Windsor” scandal, when it was discovered she was using the alias Richard Windsor in some EPA email correspondence. Lisa Jackson, who now works for Apple Computers, denies that she used the alias to try to circumvent Federal record keeping laws.

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  1. And I just said this a few moments ago in the previous post.
    Gunga Din September 20, 2017 at 7:01 pm
    When she (or any others members of “The most transparent administration in history”) looks in a mirror, I wonder if she sees anything?

    • It’s an interrogation room one-way mirror. Opaque to us, transparent to them. Just the way they like it.

    • Rofl!! Maybe they think they are transparent because we can see right through them!
      Or maybe they really are blood sucking vampires, in which case, no reflection…
      Transparent….”you keep using this word. I do not think it means what you THINK it means.”

    • “Lisa Jackson… denies that she used the alias to try to circumvent Federal record keeping laws.”
      Then why did she use it?
      Criminals use aliases to avoid prosecution.

    • So now I have another significant reason to despise Apple Computer (and the camels they rode into town on.)
      What Apple has done to the liveability in Silicon Valley with their delusions of grandeur, is beyond belief.
      I can’t drive anywhere in the regions around my house without getting perpetually trapped in a road digging continuum of disruption where someone is digging up every road in the neighborhood for the sole benefit of Apple Computer.
      There is a major Very High Voltage PG&E transmission line, that runs right along the front of Apple’s new Space Ship building complex on the Wolfe road / Arques Avenue corner; and it completely destroys the aesthetics of that building.
      There can be little doubt that once Apple completes that Space Age Taj Mahal, they will be agitating to get that entire transmission line system removed. I keep meaning to ask PG&E what the Voltage is, but I would guess it is at least 100 kV.

    • “It was the most opaque administration in history.”
      The Obama adminstration was opague because they had a lot of crimes and corruption to hide. They are now coming under scrutiny by various agencies of the federal goverment and Congress. Obama criminals thought they got away with their crimes, but not so fast!
      It turns out the Obama adminstrtion was using the U.S intellgence agencies to survail Trump before and after he was elected. Trump was right, these low-life, dangerous politicians *were* “wiretapping” Trump for political purposes. Turning the power of the State against the oppostion political party. That’s how dictators operate.
      Fortunately, Trump is not a crook. Obama and his cronies cannot say the same thing.
      We want justice! We want the Obama administration to be held accountable.
      It’s going to get real interesting in the future as the focus is placed on the Obama administration and it’s activities..
      Former FBI Director,James Comey lied uder oath to Congress. Bill and Hillary took millions of dollars from the Russsians and many other nations, in a pay for play shakedown, using their position of power for financial gain.
      This may really get messy for the Obama adminstration. It looks like they were involved in a huge deception, that is now slowly coming to light.
      The Attorney General of the United States should get busy going after these people, whether thei name is Joe Smo, or Hillary Clinton, or Barack Obama. We want blind justice.

      • It is not “slowly coming to light”, rather it has been obvious for quite a long time. However, the party in question is extremely facile and easily able to avoid prosecution. Since the government itself refuses to see the problems, I am not sure if any amount of evidence can’t be ignored for those they want to protect.
        Here we have damning evidence of felony level criminality for many of the outgoing administration and not a whisper from Justice or the media about actually prosecuting it. While at the same time, wild unsupported accusations and fevered imaginings of the current administrations supposed offenses is obviously illegally leaked and raved about by both the media congress and justice, and impeachment is a constant (and very real) threat.

      • Trump is a crony. He pretty much admitted that he used his influence in the government for his own private gain. And I think you should be careful with words like “we”. I don’t think you are speaking on the behalf of hundreds of millions of Americans. If you claim so, you are no better than the climate alarmists. Using the “we”-word is the classic trick populists and dictators have used for thousands of years, and everytime i’m seeing that i’m just “oh, here we go again…”.
        I’m a skeptic too, but I have noticed that for some reason, many, more fanatical skeptics, like to bash Obama for everything while at the same time praising Trump and ignoring any negatives about him. For example if they see a negative news story about Trump, they are instantly going: “that must be a lie, because Trump is perfect!”. “Withdrawing from the Paris agreement is a good thing, therefore everything that Trump does is a good thing”. They seem to have this black and white worldview, which is the same thing liberals have (“everything that Obama does is a good thing, everything that Trump does is a bad thing”).
        We truly live in a polarized world. Instead of discussing these issues like civilized people, both sides just yell at each other and accuse the other side of corruption and deceit, while at the same viewing themselves as enlightened and wise. Extremely dangerous, I think. After all, Hitler and the communists didn’t commit all those atrocities because they viewed themselves as evil. They did them because they viewed themselves as good. Their enemies were the evil ones.

      • fredar, all big businesses try to use government for their own private gain. That’s why they hire lobbyists. I assume you have heard of them. That’s not the fault of big business; it’s the fault of our current government system. If your competitor donates to politicians or lobbies Congress to get special deals or tax breaks, you have do do the same if you want to stay in business.
        There was nothing illegal in the ‘cronyism’ Trump engaged in, as far as we know. So I can’t blame Trump for engaging in the process that the government created. I can, however, lay some blame on the Clintons. They helped expand the government cronyism we see today with their “pay to play” schemes. If you donated to their campaign, paid them exorbitant speaking fees, or donated to their foundation, you got greater access to them and a better chance of preferential treatment. For example, the sale of American uranium assets to Russia was denied until millions were donated to the Clinton Foundation. Then, the sale miraculously and quickly got all the permissions it needed from Hillary’s State Department.
        The key to fixing private-sector cronyism is fixing the government. Fixing government cronyism, however, is much more difficult and requires the election of honest people. The fact that “honest politician” is an oxymoron to most people shows how difficult it is. With all his problems, Donald Trump at least admits he donated to Democrat politicians in New York to get favorable treatment for his enterprises. I’m not sure he even had a choice if he wanted to do business in that state. Ask Bill and Hillary if they ever gave out favors based on donations or speaking fees. They have and will continue to deny it. Who is being more honest?

    • Bad thieves only know how to run. Good thieves know how to hide. Great thieves know how to hide in plain sight. The very best thieves get into public office so they can take our money legally.

  2. “Lisa Jackson, who now works for Apple Computers, denies that she used the alias to try to circumvent Federal record keeping laws.”
    What is really sad is that they think they are so smart and that simply them saying it ain’t so is supposed to make all the rest of us morons believe it. The hubris….the arrogance…. astounding.

        • The most charitable reading of Apple hiring Gore and Jackson for their board is sheer protection money to the political establishment. Giving the regulators cause to believe that they, too, might get a similar position would deter their zeal to regulate Apple.

      • Lisa Jackson and Al Gore at Apple – who knew?
        I have two iPhones, but it stops now.
        I will never buy another Apple product.

      • I would also dump any Apple products if I had any; I’ve been religiously avoiding any and all Apple products, virtually since they came out. No one could even give me one of their products.
        Apple (and other organizations) take your money, then turn around and donate it to ultra-left causes, of all flavors. I suppose it’s a form of buying “protection”, but how do you justify paying good money to someone who then uses it against you?
        Wasn’t it Vladamir Lenin who said, “The Capitalists are so greedy, they’ll sell us the rope we’ll use to hang them with,” or something to that effect?

      • There was a scandal a few years ago in Germany, in which it became known that Apple employees had to make sects rituals. Morning common songs and attunements to customers belonged to it. Also employees were monitored all day with cameras, which is forbidden by German law. This caused me to stop buying Apple devices. The working conditions at Samsung are synonymous not the yellow of the egg, but still miles better than with Apple. In addition, Apple devices are simply too expensive for the performance offered. Since the name must be purchased, similar to the automobile sector Porsche or Mercedes.

      • re: “What is wrong with Apple that they would hire someone like Lisa Jackson?” LL
        I can think of three reasons:
        1) Apple is run by Liberals and Liberals virtue signal constantly. Hiring a Batshit Crazy environmentalist is a high order virtue signal.
        2) The chief executive of Apple is an emotional girly man (He was teary eyed talking about the late Steve Jobs during the Apple Event last week.) and queer as a three dollar bill so he can be expected to make less than rational decisions. Up until the crazies took over the control of the Psychiatric area of medicine in the 1970s being homosexual was considered a mental disease, individuals were committed for being queer.
        3) Al Gore is a member of the Apple Board. Nuff said.
        As long as Apple keeps making money hand over fist there is little to control its executives’ mistakes.
        Dan Kurt

  3. Dear heavens, the insufferable gall, hubris, and arrogance of Lisa, AKA “Richard Windsor” are simply beyond belief.
    For me, she is one of the few people in this whole climate farrago that should face legal action, for using an illegal secret email to conduct secret deals. Shameful.

  4. WOW!
    Apple’s (Timmy Cook’s Most Celebrated Lesbian … If Timmy could have a Vagina … It Would BE Jackson’s!) Own Now, Lisa Jackson …. Demands … More Transparency! WTF OBAMA VIETCONG!
    It will tat several years to “weed out” the Obama Vietcong and Sandinista’s within the DC and States bureaucracy’s.
    That will take millions of dollars and Lower – Upper Court cases!

  5. Been tired of Apple products for a while. Didn’t realize they had hired this nitwit hack — ‘the EPA is an extension of the DoD’… That seems to explain the US Democrat and especially the Obama admin’s approach to using the EPA, the CIA, FBI and NSA as weapons against their perceived enemies.
    Time to start retiring my old Apple devices/toys.
    Linux works just fine on a new laptop.
    Old iPhone about to die, and I can cope with one of the Android-alternatives, maybe Sailfish or Plasma or Tizen.
    iCloud is a waste of time.

    • I switched to Linux about 18 months ago and absolutely love it.
      PS, It also works very well on my 8 year old desktop too. Much faster than Win 7 ever was.

      • I am still using a 15+ year old Compaq tower computer with NTFS legacy software. easy to use, reasonaby fast and haven’t bought an upgrade for over 10 years. Everything works just as it should. Over that time frame I have fried two MS based laptops and three Macbooks!!!!
        Compaq made a great machine. I use it for medical information, some financial information and some health tracking from “new” devices. Plus it had a boat load of invaluable information on it.
        Great computer. The rush to cram so many silly Apps on computers, Pads, and phones makes them unreliable and crash prone.
        Love my old tower. It WORKS and pays its way.

      • yeah. I got fed up with windows aro
        und xp time, tried a mac and it was worse, and now am 100% linux apart from a small XP VM to run some legacy cad software.

      • Linux since 2003, never looked back.
        Leo, I need basic CAD for a small CNC mill I’m building and have not found anything that looks like a viable solution on Linux. I take it that is the reason you are retaining that VM soluiton. What CAD are you using?

      • At the moment, there are already Windows 10. This and the fact that most of the programs are tailored to Windows would have to give you the prove who is the better operating system, I think. Or do you think that Apple is bringing nothing to the NSA and its supercomputers? They have windows, both Windows and Apple. Too bad that there is still no operating system from China, this would probably be safer. For what interests the intelligence service of one billion Chinese the one German from 80 million. Since the NSA looks different.

      • Leo, Greg, I’ve been using FreeCAD (available for MAC, Windows, Linux) for my part designs of late.There’s bunches of tool bar sets so the learning curve can be fast or slow, depending on how you think and what you’ve used previously. You can make 2D drawings and loft or rotate them into 3D, or take 3d shapes and stretch/add/subtract, or make meshes, …

    • The last Apple product I bought was an Apple 2. Those were the days!
      Today I wouldn’t buy anything from Apple for a variety of reasons.

    • Having the EPA as an extension of the DoD certainly helps to explain this:
      “Among the weapons purchased are guns, body armor, camouflage equipment, unmanned aircraft, amphibious assault ships, radar and night-vision gear and other military-style weaponry and surveillance activities, according to a new report by the watchdog group Open the Books.”

    • I’m afraid recently bought a high end macbook as a mobile complement to my Linux box. Girst thing I did was removing 80% of the preinstalled apps which were clearly aimed at juveniles. However, I’d be interested in advice about installing Linux on an older windows laptop I have hanging around.

      • Same here, I have an old Linux desktop and I bought a high end Macbook a year ago. I bought it at eBay almost new (only 5 battery cycles), for a very reasonable price. The price they should be asking for IMHO. I am happy with it, very fast, very light, and it works wonderfully.
        I installed windows in dual boot mode, because there are some programs that only can be run under windows. For the rest I prefer MacOS, which, by the way, is UNIX underneath. Linux is also based on UNIX, as you may know. There are tutorials to install and dual boot linux on a mac. You can search the web and youtube for examples. I have done some reading and there are people saying that they have triple boot (MacOS, Windows and Ubuntu 16.04) I do not see the point, though. since you can install linux programs on a mac.

      • Sorry, I misunderstood your question. If your old laptop has a free USB port you can create a bootable Ubuntu USB stick. Here are the instructions:
        I tried that and it works, I have my own Ubuntu USB stick and I can run Ubuntu on any PC, but with limited functionality, you can browse the web, use open office and such, but you cannot install (almost) any program. Once you are running ubuntu from the USB stick, there is an option to install Ubuntu on the hard drive of your computer. Please notice that the old Operating System and all the data in your old laptop will be erased. So, back up first.

    • We have an Apple free home. When we have “the talk” with our kids about booze, drugs and sex, we also make sure they understand that Macs are not allowed in this house and that as parents we will not provide iPhones or iPhone products to them on our cell phone plans. 🙂

      • I only run Desktop GNU/Linux… No smart phones or tablets.
        My six year old mildly autistic child has zero problems navigating Openbox and opening the Brave Browser… or running SuperTux Kart with the right-click popup menu and no “Start button”, tiles, or even icons.
        It’s amazing that people really believe that either of the major proprietary operating systems is “easy.”

  6. Full Closure for All
    I suggest that all scientists/futurists/businesses/universities/federal agencies/NGO’s/forecasters/analysts/energy predictors/environmental activists, should have to disclose the following material information:
    1. Disclose if, where, how much and from whom they received funds if it relates to their predictions or studies;
    2. Disclose the authors along with the general and specific sources of information and methodology used to formulate their prediction;
    3. Disclose an accounting of their previous predictions much like Wall Streeters do: 1-5-10 year’s results of their prediction;
    4. Disclose their new prediction(s) with a future timeframe.

    • They want it to mean only whatever it is they want it to mean and for them it is the ultimate weasel-word , but what they don’t want it to mean is open and accountable.

      • The Obama administration billed itself as the most transparent in history, so whatever they did is their definition of “transparent”.

    • “Democrats keep using that word.”
      When George Orwell wrote Nineteen Eighty Four he intended it as a warning and not as a manual. His word “newspeak” sums up what is happening. There are currently many examples of words being used to direct and control thought.
      Climate Change is one such expression. The alarmists use it to mean man-made climate change so when someone agrees that climate change is happening it means different things to different people.
      ANTIFA is another. It is a contraction of “anti fascist” but a more Fascist organisation would be difficult to find. They even wear black shirts just like Mussolin’s Black Shirts.
      Freedom of speech is another. That means you are free to say exactly what we have decided you can say and no more.
      Liberal is another, then their is diversity, racism, gender etc etc.

  7. What is especially galling is that the Environmental Protection Act, establishing the EPA, was sponsored by Representative Jerry Lewis, Republican of Redlands California (my representative in Congress, to whose [unopposed] campaign I contributed when I couldn’t make my house payment). I won’t go into the rest of the history, other than to say that Jerry screwed me royally, for no reason whatsoever. He deserves to go down in history as one of the greatest enemies of mankind ever.

    • Exactly on Orwellian. When the Democrats accuse someone of something, I immediately start wondering where they have done that which they’re accusing someone else of doing. Bluster and smokescreen and diversion.
      Lots of examples, especially with both Clintons.
      The shamelessness and chutzpah is creepy. More likely they’re just deluding themselves and are sociopaths and psychopaths.

    • Aren’t you forgetting a few important things? Clintons are both in poor health: Bill Clinton has severe heart disease and she nearly had a stroke from the heat when she was campaigning. And Obama? He may seem like he’s impervious to a lot of things, but he just wants to be ‘loved’, whatever that is, so he goes where the money loves him baack and then disappears. The interest in him will fade. Just give it time.

  8. Personally i was wondering about the ‘credibility’ that the EPA is supposed to have. Tough to destroy something that isn’t there.

    • It will be tough to destroy the incredulity of those EPA personnel left over from the Obama administration toward the correct collection, interpretation, and implementation of scientific data.

    • With respect to: “…do the one thing that could destroy its (EPA) credibility, which is not making it transparent.”
      Transparency, Mr. Windsor, is defined as:
      a :free from pretense or deceit
      b :easily detected or seen through
      c :readily understood
      d :characterized by visibility or accessibility of information especially concerning business practices.
      Dick (please excuse the familiarity), which EPA management practice, departmental operation, or proposed regulation (throughout the Obama administration) met the above definition?

  9. “The Environmental Protection Agency is, to me, an extension of the Department of Defense…”
    I guess that’s why the EPA needed to spend …
    ‘… $2.1 million purchasing guns and ammo up to 300MM – the majority of these expenditures were on weapons “up to 30MM” ($1.73 million) …
    … other checkbook entries included body armor, camouflage and deceptive equipment, unmanned aircraft, night vision, radar equipment, tactical sets, kits, and outfits, transport vehicles passenger and troop, and $6.6 million in joint “policing” projects with Homeland Security. EPA also purchased shotgun ammunition, Bushmaster rifles, mobile GPS units, puncture-protective gloves, amphibious assault ships, and much more …’.

    • What the hell is this stuff for? Some of it looks more suitable for starting a small war, not protecting the environment. And who has got all this equipment now?
      Surely this should be a serious national security concern. It reminds me of the exile Cuban arms depots raided by the FBI during the Kennedy presidency. Is the EPA planning to invade someone?
      Perhaps one of the Trump voting states. I simply can’t imagine any agency of government in the U.K. Being allowed to arm itself to the teeth in this way to allegedly protect the “environment ” or anything else – I realize it is different in the USA, but that different?

      • The Dept of Education was also buying a lot of ammo and military gear during the last adminstration.
        I guess High School has gotten a lot tougher since I graduated.

    • Yes, but police in various cities were buying the same stuff when it was declared surplus by the federal government and sold off. Some of it was, in fact, given away to smaller municipalities that couldn’t afford the cash price.

  10. The behavior of this woman is certainly only the tip of it all. As this new American administration chews its way into the appendages of the last we may someday marvel at the instincts of the voters in this last election. I have no doubt DT does indeed intend to drain the swamp, alligators or not.

  11. I think this is a case for the folks on “Swamp People”. Troy Landry and his cohorts would clean it out in a single season!!!

  12. It is not so much “hilarious” as deeply depressing that such people can trample over the law with impunity
    simply because they are seen to be so politically correct .

    • In his press conference, the FBI director said that while Hillary broke many laws by conducting Sec of State business on a private server in her bathroom, he wouldn’t prosecute because she didn’t mean to, and besides, she said she’s sorry.

  13. I was disappointed when it was decided not to prosecute Susan Rice for her illegal use of intel against Trump team while still in office. Letting these people of the hook while they are prosecuting a fake Russian collusion of Trump campaign people is a big mistake. Letting Hillary off her misuse of office for payola to their foundation is another. And this gal too. Trump isn’t going to buy love from the deep swamp dwellers or have favors he can call. His supporters are not going to pleased either. The law is the law and we better reinstate it fully.

    • Start at the top . Prosecute Clinton for running an illegal email server at home and pretending not to know what (c) meant when she was Sec of State.
      One of the highest offices in the nation running communications out of a PC in her own bathroom.
      Richard Windsor should also get his day in court to explain his actions !

  14. Apple’s Vice President Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives
    and Al Gore on the board of Google?
    Silicon valley has been taken over by socialist piliticos. That’s the end of a gret era.

  15. Ex-EPA Chief Demands More Transparency

    Fully agree with you on this one Lisa Jackson.
    Starting with any taxpayer funded public civil service authorising official e-mail addresses for imaginary employees. Simple enough rule to be applied and audited in any public civil service without further ado.
    Lisa’s selected target has also other merits: no publicly funded organisations should have a mandate to place environment above human rights. In my opinion the public civil service mandates can be reviewed swiftly, immediately, retrospectively and even extended internationally e.g. IPCC, FCCC and UNEP. The audit standard can be e.g. UN declaration of human rights, but UN should not have the authority to audit itself.

  16. Shouldn’t Apple be sending her to China, that’s where all Apple’s environmental damage is being done.
    and the EPA
    Illegal experiments on humans
    Steve Molloy
    “Four years ago I broke the story in this paper that the EPA was conducting illegal toxicity experiments on human beings. In short, the EPA intentionally exposed hundreds of humans in a gas chamber to exceedingly high levels of air pollutants like diesel exhaust, soot and smog in hopes of causing serious health effects that the agency could point to as justification for its costly and stringent outdoor air quality standards. Study subjects included the elderly (up to age 80), asthmatics, diabetics and people with heart disease — the very people EPA claims are most susceptible to air pollution. EPA failed to tell these study subjects it believed the experiments could cause death.
    The experiments were fundamentally unethical and illegal as federal law prohibits treating humans as guinea pigs, especially for the mere purpose of advancing an agency’s regulatory agenda. Extra illegality was added by the agency’s failure to inform its human guinea pigs that it believed the experiments could kill them.
    After a series of articles in this paper, Freedom of Information Act requests and a federal lawsuit, Congress got involved by asking the EPA inspector general to review the allegations. The EPA inspector general eventually issued a March 2014 report in which it confirmed my allegations, including that the EPA had failed to inform the study subjects that EPA believed the experiments might kill them.”

  17. This cow is right up there with Loretta Lynch who started to prosecute people under the RICO Act and had to bring it to a sudden halt when she realized the RICO Act violator was the guy who sent her that prosecutory demand letter. Remember that one?
    Such fine people there were in that administration! Sometimes, the stuff really does float to the top and stay there until it’s flushed.

  18. While the Obama administration was far more open with the corruption (who was going to stop them? Obviously, no one.), there has never been a “transparent” president or congress or cabinet probably in the history of the US. When people talk about the press “hiding things”, FDR and his inability to walk or stand for very long that was very effectively hidden by the press, JFK and his illnesses and medications, LBJ who came to Washington broke and left a milionaire (you can substitute a lot of names in that one) all come to mind. Most divisive president? Not Obama—he didn’t rule over a civil war. There’s no evidence that politics has ever been “clean”, just sometimes dirtier than others.

  19. Why are all of the Obama/Clinton people so similar?
    The mendacity and ineptness of Jackson, Wasserman-Schultz, Learner, Brazille, Holder, Rice…….. on and on.

  20. She gave herself a royal name on her illegal server while implementing industry and job killing regulations justified by a theory. And now she is claiming the EPA is cut in stone and she wants transparency.
    I doubt her job at Apple is any more than a figurehead appointment for political favors and Apple will not allow her to damage the company like she did the country.
    President Trump was elected, in part, to undo those regulations that are damaging to the US and its citizens.

  21. Lisa jackboot Jackson sez; ““The Environmental Protection Agency is, to me, an extension of the Department of Defense”. Yeah, we noticed. Except it isn’t, and for good reason. That way lies tyranny. Oh wait, that’s what you wanted.

  22. This has been a very effective strategy……….accuse somebody that you disagree with of doing what you do/did wrong.
    Climate change deniers got that name for looking at all the data, including the fact that global climate models were consistently projecting temperatures too warm vs observations.
    Those denying this and other indisputable scientific facts were claiming: “The science is settled/debate is over” and if you disagree…….even if you are right and can show the data, you are a denier.
    Effective marketing strategy 101 in today’s world that features non critically thinking masses that are led by narrative’s that sound as if they have an honorable objective………..”Transparency of the EPA”……….”Save the planet from human caused climate change”…….”hold Exon Mobile accountable for hiding their knowledge of human caused climate change” “People that disagree with human caused climate change are criminals, blocking the defenders of life from accomplishing their mission”. “Save the polar bears”
    Here is a better one: Save us from the fraudulent marketing schemes that intentionally mislead people with junk science and lies to accomplish an agenda.

  23. I am disgusted. When will someone prosecute all of these left over rats both in and out of the current administration? Justice delayed is justice denied.

  24. Lisa Jackson disguising herself as Dick Windsor in her emails? With all the talk of transgender bathrooms these days, maybe Lisa Jackson joined the crowd and thinks she’s a man. Or, with the last name of Windsor, maybe she’s a relative of the Queen of England…

  25. The far more serious issue with what Jackson is saying it that some how the EPA and its staff are sacrosanct. Like most of those on the Left it doesn’t matter to her and I bet many working at the EPA that federal agencies are in the executive branch and work ultimately for the President and those he appoints. Sadly, it is nearly impossible to fire a federal employee, so the present administration will find it difficult to change the “culture” at the EPA. So years back Whitman tried to implement measurable performance standards. Staff fought her tooth and nail and ultimately won. Jackson is trying to sell the idea to I assume the environmental base that the Trump administration is going to do way with all regulations on everything. Again she doesn’t appreciate that Congress has not repealed nor has Trump asked for a repeal of our Clean Water, Clean Air, etc Acts. Anything to keep the bases stirred up. Remember the 2018 mid-terms are a little over a year away.

  26. Drain the Swamp! Better be careful though, she might take the knee at the next opportunity and claim that ‘White privilege ‘ made her do it!

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