After publishing new book critical of Al Gore, climate scientist has website shut down by attacks

This is the equivalent of a modem day book burning.

As reported on WUWT on Tuesday, New book from Dr. Roy Spencer on Al Gore’s fallacies: An Inconvenient Deception – How Al Gore Distorts Climate Science and Energy Policy – Al Gore has provided a target-rich environment of deceptions in his new movie.

Now, Dr. Spencer reports his website has become inoperable due to attacks:

Hell hath no fury like an alarmist scorned. I’ve been the victim of The Wrath of Gore too..

After Climategate, reported that all advertising they sponsor via Google Adwords was inexplicably pulled from their servers whenever it was displayed on WUWT. When executives requested a meeting with Google to explain this, it was at first granted, then canceled 24 hours later with no explanation and attempts to reschedule fell on deaf ears.

Mr. Gore of course, is on the board of  directors for Google.

So let’s send these fools a message, by Dr. Spencer’s book: entitled An Inconvenient Deception: How Al Gore Distorts Climate Science and Energy Policy

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UPDATE: about two hours after this post was published, service was restored. – Anthony

177 thoughts on “After publishing new book critical of Al Gore, climate scientist has website shut down by attacks

  1. Well, that explains why I can’t get to his site.
    Anyone that tries to pull back the curtain has to be silenced it seems.

  2. Assuming this has been done on purpose, doesn’t it hurt the alarmist cause rather than help?

      • It’s time to declare ANY sort of information access denial on public or private media to be Terrorism.

    • And don’t expect anyone inside the alarmist circle jerk to actually know or care that this happened.

    • Yes, it does hurt their cause, but only if their actions are widely broadcast. Sometimes it never even gets out and they get away with their dirty tricks.
      I bought my copy as soon as I heard about the book and it is safely tucked away in my Kindle App in the phone!

    • they don’t have many tools at their disposal, when it comes down to it.
      slander, bullying, suppression, and changing the topic are about the extent of it.

      • “The one thing that global warmists have given us is slander and bullying”
        “That’s 2 things!”
        “The 2 things global warmists have given us are, slander, bullying and suppression”
        That’s 3 things!”
        “Among the many things ….””

    • I consider that it does more harm to the warmist agenda since it reaffirms that they are aware that the science is anything but solid and it cannot withstand the the rigours of debate and honest examination.

  3. Hopefully, Dr. Spencer has GOOD web and IT people at Huntsville, not second rate by any means. This now becomes an “intelligence battle” on the battle ground of technology. ERGO the “religious fanatics” (AKA, Gorebull Warming crowd) go into the battle, UNARMED.

    • It will probably be blamed on Russia.
      And whilst we can’t accuse Gore directly, the whole thing stinks.
      Best we can all do is post it on FB & Twitter.

  4. Already purchased Dr Roy’s Kindle ebook on This was originally to support the good Dr but now has added significance as one in the eye to the online vandals.

  5. Total disgrace, Dr Roy Spencer is one of the most even handed, mindful scientist out there. He lets the evidence shape his theories not ideology. If the evidence strongly supported CAGW he would most assuredly back that view, it doesn’t so he doesn’t end of story.

    • Yes, Dr Spencer may have been born dangling from the right wing, but when it comes to climate science he’s right down the center…

  6. Amazon sales rank 952! This morning when I bought it, it was in the 1100’s. Come on people, let’s move it up a bit. It’s the price of a cup of coffee.

    • Err, I think you might not be seeing the error message that comes up —

      What happened?
      You’ve requested a page on a website ( that is on the Cloudflare network. Cloudflare is currently unable to resolve your requested domain (

  7. I went to Amazon using the link above, and bought the book. If the idiots hadn’t shut down Dr. Spencer’s website I probably would have just got the same info there. So Dr. Spencer can thank them for another book sale.

  8. So two little blogs, WUWT and Dr. Spencer’s, are such dangerous threats to the well financed AGW/Climate Change™ industries that there can be no debate, these blogs must be shut them down, or at least have their normal business interfered with.
    Jo Goebbels would be proud of AGW exponents of große Lüge.
    Well done WUWT and Dr. Spencer you must be really upsetting them — keep at them.

  9. Amazon enables gift copies and sends the recipient an email about the gift with any message you would like to accompany the gift notice. I gifted Dr. Spencer’s new book to Naomi Oreskes at Harvard, Admiral Tittle at Penn State, and Chris Mooney at WaPo. Well worth the 12 bucks. Must have made somebody mad.
    Perhaps others here could do the same to their ‘special’ climate scientists. Katherine Hayhoe certainly deserves a copy amongst many others like Gavin Schmidt and Joe Romm.

  10. My word, why do they even bother? Dr Spencer’s web site is hardly high traffic. These fools are only aware of it because it was featured here. This criminal activity will probably not prevent even one person buying his e-book
    If they are so sure of what they say, this science is so “settled” and climate disaster so obviously “here and now” , why do they even need to bother with this feeble effort to stop the tiny traffic going to Dr Spencer’s site?
    they only underline how uncertain they are themselves by this kind of crap.
    Funny the way the PC warriors are so ready to throw science, freedom of speech and the constitution under a bus just to win one policy argument.

    • RWS february 20, 2014 6:39am:
      “This website had over 80,000 unique visitors last month, and almost 500,000 page views.”
      Greg, i don’t know what would fit the definition of “high traffic”, but here are some numbers that he gave out a few years ago. What do you (or anyone else) think?
      BTW, learned about viewing an eclipse in a puddle of water back in ’84. So this is well known AND i’ve done it myself, back then and now. Eyes are fine (no pain, no pain)…

  11. The book ‘they’ tried to stop,
    Dr. John Christy and Dr. Roy Spencer, the scientists so dangerous ‘they’ tried to silence them perminently, ….
    NOW Dr. Roy Spencer tells all!
    Get the book before ‘they’ ban it.
    Get the book before you loose your money, your rights, your future.
    Buy it now, before it’s too late ….

  12. Heresy cannot be tolerated. The inquisition continues.
    Unfortunately these buffoons aren’t using “pointy cushions”.
    Sadly, the true victim is trust in communication and exchange of free ideas.

  13. Google and its wholly owned Youtube have been removing search results and demonetizing speech it disagrees with for months now.
    Boycott Google, Facebook and Twitter. Write major advertisers and let them know you will not be reading their ads on these services. Write your representatives and insist that RICO investigations into Google, Facebook and Twitter collusion be started. The simultaneous censoring, search removals and demonetization are not a coincidence. The class action lawsuits recently filed against them are not enough to change their behavior.

  14. Looks to me like a DNS attack rather than hits directly on the web site. So if this article had contained the IP address (looks like numbers and dots) we could still reach it.
    Anyone got the IP address?

    • I tried temporarily changing my DNS settings from automatic to the Google public DNS ( for primary and for secondary) and still had trouble. But after changing my DNS settings back to automatic, I was able to reach again after an hour or two of lack of access.
      Meanwhile, I used traceroute to get what I think is‘s IP address. It did not work for me so I am not sure it is correct, so I won’t publish the IP address I tried. The results I got from entering my result into a web browser is “direct access not allowed”.

      • “direct access not allowed”
        In many or most instances a web server has a large number of sites using the same IP address, and it inspects the request header to figure out which one you want. If there is no request header, such as the URL was just an IP address, typically there’s a default web page that is handed out; in this case the defatul web page says “direct access not allowed” but in fact it *is* allowed — and that is the content thereof!

      • Donald,
        Nowadays a server may host several hundred/thousand web site at the same IP address. The web server treats these sites as “virtual”. The only way it can differentiate which “virtual” website is being accessed is by the FQDN (Fully Qualified Host Name), like instead of

  15. I hope this gets maximum publicity. Decent people deserve to understand the sort of people who are Climate Change activists.

  16. You’re my hero, Dr. Spencer. Keep smiling. These attacks seem to me to be free speech violations. Has anyone told this story for Fox News to report?

    • From that page:
      ” It looks like it may be an Anonymous attack targeting the Dreamhost DNS to try to take a white supremacist website called ‘punishedstormer dot com’ offline.”
      Coincidence, methinks, not a warmist conspiracy.

      • The page essentially tells us this had nothing to do with Dr. Spencer’s book, just a particular nasty group that that Anonymous seems to have targeted, which happens to use DreamHost.
        Nothing to see here, move along.

    • The page essentially tells us this had nothing to do with Dr. Spencer’s book, just a particular nasty group that that Anonymous seems to have targeted, which happens to use DreamHost.
      Nothing to see here, move along.
      (Mods, feel free to delete my comment in moderation. Next time I’ll be careful what words are in a quote. )

    • Yep. Anthony’s post is all about people and motives, and jumps straight to a conclusion based on that, with no consideration for other technical factors.
      Let this be a cautionary tale of what happens when you only bring ideology to a technical fight.

  17. After Climategate, reported that all advertising they sponsor via Google Adwords was inexplicably pulled from their servers whenever it was displayed on WUWT. When executives requested a meeting with Google to explain this, it was at first granted, then canceled 24 hours later with no explanation and attempts to reschedule fell on deaf ears.

    What means ‘pulled from their servers’?
    That the campaign appeared closed immediately after it was ‘tainted’ by wuwt?
    So there was someone doing sabotage at Google according to your service provider?
    Sounds like you do stuff people hate with passion. Good.

  18. I think it time Greenpeace was subjected to a similar attack on an even greater scale. Either that or we see proper policing of the environmental groups for anti social behaviour and suitable criminal charges brought in all cases.

  19. I bought my copy off Kindle. I love the intro and so far it’s a good read. Science fiction vs science fact.
    Also, I was briefly able to get to his site. Now, there’s an error and it won’t come up. I stopped using Google for my climate/environmental searches about a month ago because their bias was so blatant. Skeptical science and other disreputable sites kept on showing up at the top of my searches. It was very aggravating to have to dig for non-ideological information.

  20. The current version of the “memory hole”. ManBearPig probably thinks “1984” was an instruction manual.

    • Read it – if you keep an open mind rather than a religiously obsessed AGW one you wiill find you have been hoodwinked by Gore and his ilk.

    • Maybe its time we all stopped using google and switched to other search engines – I am as of now.

  21. I have just sent an email to RT (Russia Today) and referred to this article.
    Crosstalk at RT has been skeptical in the past, but we will see.

  22. The most popular way to shut down a website is a Distributed Denial Of Service (DDOS) attack. Basically, a bunch of infected computers all try to contact the victim website at the same time and it can’t handle the traffic. The zombie computers doing the attack are called a botnet.
    A DDOS attack is not free. link You have to pay the hackers who created the botnet. The fact that the DDOS attack on Dr. Spencer’s website didn’t last very long indicates that the perpetrators didn’t have deep pockets. It probably cost them less than a hundred bucks.

  23. Not only did I buy the book, I used the Amazon Gift card my CO2 is harmful environmentalist daughter gave me for my birthday.

  24. Just tried to buy the book on Amazon:
    See more
    4.9 out of 5 stars (17) Reviews
    This title is not currently available for purchase
    Add to List
    Format: Kindle
    “Not currently available”
    🤔 Jeff? 1984

  25. The Al Gore effect is alive and well where I live, St. Cloud, MN Ever since his new movie came out it turned cold!!!
    From the SCSU Meteorology dept:
    Getting Closer to one of the 10 Coldest Augusts
    Even our sunny days aren’t enough to push the August temperature warmer. Thanks in great part to yesterday morning’s 47-degree low, the St. Cloud August temperature has dropped to 64.7 degrees, 3.9 degrees below average. The most reachable of the 10 coolest Augusts in St. Cloud records are 1927 and 1950 with an average temperature of 64.4 degrees. The more clouds we have through the weekend, the closer we will get to top 10 status. Note from the chart that 20 of the 23 August days so far have had below average temperatures.

  26. i want to go on record here saying no matter what harvey does and is at landfall the media IS going to call this a major hurricane………similar to the one that hit the east coast where NO hurricane force winds were found on land but it was still hyped as a category 2 at landfall.

    • You can bet money on that. Every weather event will be connected to CAGW, especially hurricanes. The alarmists see CAGW behind every rock.

      • TA,
        Don’t you mean, “The alarmists see CAGW from beneath every rock.”?
        Dr. Spencer’s book is a great informative read.

  27. Gore is a player. He knew the rules. Getting on the board of Google was not only for his own (shares) benefit.

    • I seem to recall when he was VP he promoted releasing military satellite pictures to the public.
      Don’t know if theirs any connection to Google Maps or Google Earth.

    • Anthony wrote, “Mr. Gore of course, is on the board of directors for Google.”
      It’s well known that he’s on the board of Apple. Is he on Google’s board too? It would seem like a conflict of interest.

      • I would have a major concern about any company dumb enough to have Gore as a director.
        He is a despicable piece of sh*t has been for several decades.

  28. Good link to Roy’s book! Just need to find a linux app that can display a kindle e-book.
    Looks like NHC is helping Gore too! They are now forecasting Harvey to be a major (>110 mph winds) for tomorrow (Friday). Looks like the “Hurricanes Striking US drought” will end on Saturday … unless!
    Ha ha

  29. DDoS attacks are common and can be organized by a very small group or possibly even a loner. This may be the work of a nutter (or 3) not a planned attack from “the other side”. Difficult to tell, even after the event. Best policy is have usefully strong DDoS defences.
    As to advertising on sites the company, or third party, has the right to pull adverts for any reason whatsoever (unless contractually prohibited). You cannot really take issue with that but the complications surrounding targeted advertising with Google might throw up other consequences.
    Censorship is endemic all over the internet now. Each little (or larger) fiefdom thinks it has the right to exclude certain opinions / persons because “It’s my blog and I set the rules”. Sometimes they think they can justify even the most hypocritical rules while proudly claiming open debate and criticising others. Climate blogs are no worse or better than other areas in my opinion (I lurk in many places!).
    I run a few small chat groups myself (not related to climate) so am aware of the problems but am working towards a more open form of censorship/banning. We still get to keep out the trouble makers but everyone can see who is banned, when, why, what they say under right of reply etc. I think that is better than moderator snipping which keeps things invisible.
    Spencer’s book certainly looks like an interesting read, must get a copy after my holiday. I’m Off-line for a week or so while I sample the climate in a country I have not been to before, see you all when I get back.

    • Badger, i agree with those who censor. Blog owners are the ones who have to live with their blogs day in and day out. This takes an emotional tole as internet forums are an unnatural medium. So it’s a bloggers right and duty (to one’s self) to run a blog as he or she sees fit. If folks don’t like that, they can go to another blog or start their own. A blogger does not owe anything to anyone…

  30. Roy: 33% through your book there is a sentence with one or more missing words:
    “But one might legitimately ask about global hurricane activity.”

  31. For once, even Buzzfeed gets it right.
    All the major services on the Internet — not just Google but Youtube, Yahoo, Facebook, and so on — have so little competition that they can effectively shut off our access to information (and especially our ability to act as publishers ourselves) whenever they feel like it. What’s worse, the 8 (or so) media conglomerates that control most TV, radio, phone, and publishing networks worldwide are trying to institute regulation to make it much harder for anybody new to enter those industries.
    This must be resisted in every way possible. Creating competitors for these services (as Gab now competes with Twitter) helps, but not much, since both Apple and Google have banned the Gab app from their app stores for allowing uncensored “hate speech.”
    I’ve started a petition to have the law prevent the Internet being closed this way.

  32. Wouldn’t be surprised in 5 or so years if the internet is greatly controlled and restricted. Globalists, leftists, communists, control freaks, and similar ilk don’t like the freedom of speech it offers.

    • Kramer, the only problem with your opinion [jest?] that the collectivists will win out is that I and other free people own weapons. Collectivist takeovers of the political systems in the U.S. would be resisted by the common man having the means to defeat them. Over 300,000,000 guns and counting!
      With current technologies, attempts by the collectivists to control information flows are identifiable by small actors. Small actors have and will reveal the machinations of global socialist actors in the of government arenas they try to manipulate. Brexit and Trump expose socialist weaknesses in the arenas of information manipulation.
      Second Amendment rules!
      Screw the collectivists. There still and always will exist real free men and women of determination that will defeat them.

  33. Fahrenheit 451
    Wiki says …
    Fahrenheit 451 is a dystopian novel by American writer Ray Bradbury, published in 1953. It is regarded as one of his best works.[3] The novel presents a future American society where books are outlawed and “firemen” burn any that are found.[4] The book’s tagline explains the title: “Fahrenheit 451 – the temperature at which book paper catches fire, and burns…”

    • And here I thought it was what Al Gore ( “”) keeps saying the temperature will be … tomorrow.

  34. I was wondering about that. I check on him daily, but couldn’t get through. It’s no surprise.

  35. As others have pointed out, there was an attack underway, but there is 0 evidence that it had anything to do with Spencer and his book, and strong evidence that it was designed to take down the service that was hosting a white supremacist page.
    It is foolish to look at a situation with technical issues, and simply draw your conclusion based on ideology.

  36. To avoid attacks linked to Al Gore, one must make an architectural addition to one’s home or office called a “Goregoyle” — basically, a little creepy looking demon statue that wards off the bad spirit of Mr. Gore.

  37. The ad hom was extreme with attacks on his religious beliefs, with Galileo getting brought up often so let’s get a few things clear.
    Jesuits were supporting Kepler as they argued with Galileo.
    Galileo was pushing the models of Copernicus who was not persecuted but even rewarded for his work by the Pope at the time.
    Galileo was given a stipend by the Pope to work on his ideas. If he hadn’t insulted his former friend and not tried to use the Bible to back up his ideas, he wouldn’t have been tried for heresy. As it was, the punishment was on par with being whipped by a wet lettuce.
    The Ptolemaic model was quite good or at least no worse than the Copernicus model in predicting the movement of planets. As mentioned here, it saved Columbus by helping him predict a lunar eclipse. That predictive ability is all they had to judge scientifically the merits of models.

  38. Roy: At the book’s end you dealt with Gore’s efforts to get India to use solar rather than coal. Here’s the latest on that:

    India diverts Rs 56,700 crore from the fight against climate change to Goods and Service Tax regime [About $10 Billion GWPF est. May be $14 billion.]
    Unused money in the National Clean Energy and Environment Fund has been diverted to compensate states for loss of tax revenue.
    By Kumar Sambhav Shrivastava, Scroll. In (India), July 24, 2017 [H/t GWPF]
    “’Basically, the fund is now dead wood,’ a senior finance ministry official said.”
    Coal to stay king in India as power mainstay, says Niti report
    Coal would remain at the centre stage in India with its share in energy mix not declining below 46% in 2047, claimed a report titled ‘Energising India’, jointly prepared by the NITI Aayog and the Institute of Energy Economics, Japan.
    By Staff Writers, Financial Express, Dew Delhi, July 26, 2017

  39. Antifa/BLM, they are all about silencing people, just like google and apple. Leftist ideology is ALWAYS about crushing anything that does not submit to their sick assed, anti-human ideology.

  40. Not yet noted:
    Proceeds from Mr. Gore’s books go to charity. No, no, no thank you – please don’t make such a – no, no, you musn’t…it is such a small .. no…the least I could do…
    Gore’s book sold a LOT, and his move was seen a LOT. Yet he gave proceeds to charity. How magnanimous! And how does he pay his bills?!
    We have to realize: this dude is super, duper, uber, wealthy. He and a pal established Generations Investment Management, LLP. They have done so well that thy are no longer taking any more investors.
    This firm takes institutional investments from VERY large investors (5m+) – COUNTRIES, the BBC, etc., and invests their pensions in green / “sustainable” investments.
    All of that is good and fine. Cities, counties, and countries need places to invest their pension funds. But here is the sick part: Al Gore is helping build the market in which he is trying to get you to invest. To invest on to angles: one: receive a yield – OK, good; the OTHER – hey, jump on the bandwagon of committing your country to devote investments in green, and devote effort to international treaties REQUIRING green commitment, and you get in on the ground floor! <–THIS is like establishing a treaty among nations to paint ALL government building rooftops white in order to reflect sunlight, AND having a monopoly on white paint.
    So, Al oversees HUGE investment funds. Huge. Even if he only skims a broker fee of 0.0001%, he is as rich as Solomon evar was. Think about it.

  41. Al Dork was on Google board.
    When Climategate broke, it was a popular story that Google would not support the search for “climategate” with auto-complete. You would type in “climateg” “climatega” and “climategate” would not pop up as as suggested auto-complete in Google search.
    This hit the news big time. Once enough people were pointing it out, they gave up on that specific bit of censorship.
    Now, I cannot find a web page covering that story – the search terms are too common. If anyone can post a link documenting this, it would be appreciated by me. And maybe others.

    • I have been trying to buy it on Amazon Kindle and it keeps responding there is a problem and I need to call them. Is this related?

      • Had this problem all morning. It downloaded now. Maybe too many trying to buy it. At least that would be cool.

  42. This sort of action should encourage sceptics.
    This sort of action confirms that warmists are concerned that the science is flawed and anything but settled, and are concerned that it can not withstand the rigours of debate and honest examination.
    This sort of action confirms that sceptics are on the right track, and hold the better scientific ground.

  43. Roy Spencer comments on a thread on his own site a few hours after the downtime:
    “[The ISP] confirmed it was a DDoS attack, but whether it was because of me we will never know. Took down most of the hosts network.”
    By which I presume he means other websites hosted by the same ISP were similarly affected; if so, then it’s not clear that this short outage was even directed at Roy’s site. Perhaps some here have overestimated the reach of Al Gore’s Machiavellian tentacles?

  44. As I understand it, DDOS attacks are highly illegal. One would think the FBI / CIA would jump on this particular DDOS as it is political in nature and therefore even more laws come into play, especially foreign collusion helping a particular political party.

  45. Bought it AND read it already. Excellent book. Well done, Roy.
    Amazon (UK) lists this book as #1 in 2 categories and #7 in another – that can’t be bad and is probably partly due to the interest that Anthony has generated by publicising it on this page.

    #1 in Books > Science & Nature > Popular Science > Weather
    #1 in Books > Science & Nature > Earth Sciences & Geography > Meteorology
    #7 in Kindle Store > Books > Nonfiction > Science & Maths

  46. Immediately after climategate, the Google search engine reported crazy “hit” figures for searches for “climategate” leading to suggestions that the real figures were being hidden and replaced by humanly-invented ones. The term Googlegate was coined, but eventually the issue was absorbed into a wider issue of allegations that Google was trying to manipulate both hit counts and search result prioritization for their own political ends, rather than simply running a business.

  47. I am very impressed with Roy Spencer’s eclectic publication topic range. In addition to a good number of climate books, he’s written books on economics (how free enterprise works), a literary/historical work on DH Lawrence, a book on how to draw the human body, one on how to draw children, a book on classic auto racing… No wonder we were treated to the shameful spectacle of Gavin Schmidt scuttling away from a TV interview like rat when Roy Spencer entered.the set to engage in a debate.Roy is indeed a formidable (though very polite) guy!

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