Game of Thrones: Who is Michael Mann?

Daenerys Targaryen

Screenshot of Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen (with dragon) on Game of Thrones. By Uploaded by TAnthony, Link

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Vanity Fair asked academics to name which Game of Thrones characters match the personality and roles of their climate heroes.

Who Is the Jon Snow of Climate Change?

Game of Thrones-loving climate experts explain how every major player has a real-world climate warrior counterpart. (Tyrion Lannister is Leonardo DiCaprio!)

“There’s squabbling among the kingdoms about issues that seem pressing. But meanwhile, far away, there is this looming threat that could eclipse all of it,” says Katharine Davis Reich, associate director at the UCLA IoES Center for Climate Science. She’s talking about Game of Thrones—and also our response to climate change.

Of course, there’s at least one major difference between the two: winter is coming to Westeros, but disappearing on Earth. Still, both worlds’ most pressing problems involve a rejection of information gathered on the front lines, migrations of vulnerable populations that unsettle adjacent communities, and a potential tipping point past which there is no hope of survival.

Peter Griffith, a scientist in Baltimore, MD, who works in the field of carbon cycle and climate, made the connection early while reading the first book in George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series: “Any time there was news from the Wall, and it was ridiculed by King’s Landing—the old stories that nursemaids tell to scare children—there was an immediate sense of, boy, this sounds familiar.”

James Salzman, professor of environmental law at the UCLA School of Law and the Bren School of Environmental Science & Management at UC Santa Barbara, admits that there is not an obvious analog for the Khaleesi, mother of dragons and hero to the oppressed. Then again, “maybe she’s Angela Merkel.

Wildlings = Pacific Islanders

“The Wildlings are the first to feel the effects [of the threat], not unlike Pacific Islanders and people in the tropics,” Griffith opines. Reich agrees: “If the Wildlings are the ones being terrorized by White Walkers, that’s like people in the tropics, who are already getting hit with climate-change impacts, such as sea-level rise in the Pacific Islands, or the permafrost melt that threatens Alaska villages.”

Jon Snow = Michael Mann

First, Salzman considers Al Gore: like the former vice president, Snow “is telling inconvenient truths. The Night’s Watch obviously doesn’t like what Jon has to say.” But after a bit more thought, he says, “Michael Mann would be better. He’s been pilloried.”

Really, the similarities are undeniable. In a phone interview, Mann explains his role as an activist: “I didn’t come to politics, politics came to me. Back in the late 1990s, when I suddenly found myself under assault by climate-change deniers looking to discredit it, and to discredit me, I found myself in a battle I never signed up for. Even though I would probably be happier spending my life the way I had originally intended—in the lab, educating the next generation—I don’t think there’s any more noble pursuit than trying to inform the discourse over what might be the greatest challenge that we face as a civilization.

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There you have it – Michael Mann is the pilloried hero who saves the world, by venturing into the darkness and discovering the truth.

140 thoughts on “Game of Thrones: Who is Michael Mann?

  1. Comparing reality as they perceive it to high fantasy. That is sort of appropriate, as climate change politics is mostly fantasy. a willing suspension of disbelief.

    • It’s actually a perfect metaphor for how today’s left thinks about the world. Everything is a heavily scripted drama in which they are always the “good guys”. And Reality is always what you wish it was, nothing more.
      Don’t watch GoT at all, but if there’s ever a little trained monkey on screen, that’s who I think Michael Mann would be.

    • The primary fantasy that is being created by the warmistas is any similarity to a wildly popular HBO drama. The analogy is a false one. In GoT’s fantasy the existential threat is real, but many of the players still dismissive.
      In real life the real threat is the teeth-gnashing and hair-on-fire actions by the ignorant masses who have been incited by charlatans promoting a wild exageration.
      If any true analogy were made it would place Al Gore and Michael Man as “White Walkers” directing the minions of the undead. Just like the hordes of undead, “never underestimate the dangers of stupidity in large numbers”.

    • Tom,
      You wrote: –
      “Tom Halla
      July 6, 2017 at 9:11 pm
      Comparing reality as they perceive it to high fantasy. That is sort of appropriate, as climate change politics is mostly fantasy. a willing suspension of disbelief.”
      I quite agree.
      Which pantomime character best represents characters/players in Major league Basketball?
      Which Playing Card best represents actors [all sexes] nominated for Nobel prizes this year?
      I will not go on.

  2. Vanity Fair is comparing two fictions. And the “academics” join in.

    • That is the best summary I could have come up with! Thanks. Especially like the quotes around the word ‘academics’.

    • Well done !
      Have you worked in animatronics/robotics yourself?
      For those in the know we refer to it as the Hawkthing now.

      • I think Hawking died years ago and the thing that’s trotted out for the cameras is run by an A I programmed by a far left staff to say the most ridiculous things possible.

  3. I’m just wondering how long it’ll be until the BBC’s resident “science & environment” clowns pick up on this particular story and make it another piece of “headline” news! I don’t think we’ll have long to wait, sadly! Let’s face it, it’s all just show business for these people, in one form or another…..
    Today they are busy reporting that Volvo will cease to make anything but electric cars from 2019 and that France’s Macron and his environment minister will ban petrol/diesel cars from 2040. All just stuff to grab headlines for the new darlings of the left, regardless of reality.

    • I think the majority will be hybrids with many of the belt-driven components (e.g., air conditioner compressor) replaced by electric driven ones, which is intended to take load off the engine and increase gas mileage.

      • Yes! I realise that the attention-grabbing PR release by Volvo (now owned by the Chinese?) was probably more a gratuitous advertising exercise than anything else and that most of their vehicles are likely to be hybrids of one form or another. However, the story regarding France would appear to be “serious” insofar as the usual, arm-waving, lack of future accountability by most politicians goes. Again, I’m sure this little French gambit was designed to give Macron some extra stature ahead of the G20 meeting so that he can show he is a climate warrior just like Arnie!!! Again, however, the BBC picks up and headlines these stories in a shameless attempt to brainwash people with a complete lack of balanced reporting on the practical realities and economic difficulties of such difficult transformations. That was the main point of my comment. Thanks!

      • Mr. Rae, I do not disagree with you. Energy transformation efficiency will determine if this will work. Eventually, as liquid fuels are no longer abundant, vehicles will transition to electricity, unless there is a technological break through.

    • France rely to 73% on nuclear power, the highest in the world, and is a major exporter of electricity. They also export nuclear technology. It is in their self interest to push the transformation into electric cars, which is fine to me. Germany, demounting their nuclear power, will have to buy electricity from France. Macron have a plan – France first, or maybe it is an old one!

      • Although under Hollande Nuclear was going to be phased out in favour of “renewables”. I have seen nothing in the French Press to suggest that this policy is going to be changed any time soon. Looking at the link below suggests the march of windturbines continues unabated despite local opposition.

      • Lars…..Yes! I’m aware of France’s position wrt nuclear power and the very high %age of its electricity sourced from nuclear and I have no major problem with that either. However, there are ~35 million passenger cars registered in France and I’m curious about what changes will need to be made to its electricity infrastructure to support equivalent numbers of electric vehicles in the future. It’s not so simple to replace half a billion bbls per annum of oil consumption……! I’m very happy for France to try and it will be a good test case. I understand the logic for a country with limited conventional hydrocarbon resources. However, if they lifted their domestic ban on shale gas fracturing, they might find they have lots of cheap natural gas to fuel their country. Just a thought….

      • The old one (that I first heard thirty-five or so years ago) goes, “France is for the French.” And don’t ever forget that guillotin(e)s were a French invention that was motivated by equality of treatment for all classes of people.

      • Electric cars are lonely good for local trail. The charging time and inconvenience of having to recharge after every leg of a longer travel wastes time and changes the goals of the driver. Filling a gas tank means you can not worry about propulsion for 300-400 miles, even in hot or cold weather. An electric car uses your propulsion energy supply to run any other devices, heater or A/C, the driver needs or wants to use. Also batteries need to be heated when cold to be efficient, which uses some of the energy, and age rapidly in hot weather. Fast charges are bad for batteries, also aging it more rapidly than normal. And batteries tend to be heavy and/or made of toxic and/or unrecyclable materials. Electric cars use so much energy during manufacture that you have to run it for eight years to match a normal car.
        In cities, electric cars would work for a taxi fleet, with half the cars charging while the other half are out on the road. But, they are local use only, just as they would be for a privately owned electric car. It’s either of limited use or a (Tesla) toy.

      • “Electric cars are lonely good for local trail.” @ higley7
        Takes the cake for introducing an otherwise great comment. WTF?
        Dan Kurt

      • Dan_Kurt,
        “Electric cars are lonely good for local trail.” @ higley7
        “Electric cars are only good for local travel.”
        I’ve had more than my share of spelling mistakes due to any number of reasons (fat fingers on small key board, hitting two keys at the same time, beer, etc.), and it wasn’t hard for me to figure out.

    • Volvo just demonstrated how to preempt yourself out of a major market like Texas. The local GCIR (Global Columnist in Residence) for the Houston Comic…sorry, Chronicle. . . gushed in the morning paper ” . . . Volvo’s decision to go electric is a bad sign for oil” and that “. . . a global transition in transportation is getting underway.” Which indicated he’d never driven across Texas. The logistics of installing enough recharge stations to handle the daily volume of traffic on Interstates 10 and 20 out of Houston and Dallas to El Paso, and on across New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona to California is, well. . . Can’t remember which WUWT writer/reader outlined how exciting it would be to fight a war with electric vehicles. Oh boy. It’s like waking up in a new world every morning.

  4. Ironically, this make-believe fairy tale is discussed as though there were some basis in fact. IN that regard is exactly like discussions about other figments of the imagination, such as global warming, climate change, a ‘greenhouse effect’, and the ubiquitous ‘greenhouse gases’. Such discussion once took place in earnest regarding witches, goblins, werewolves, and zombies. Along came the Renaissance and someon shone a light on the nonsense. Far past time to shine a light on this AGW nonsense.

    • SHUR NUFF IS ….. “Far past time to shine a light on this AGW nonsense” via a neo-renaissance, …… I just hope it doesn’t take quite as long to re-educate the populace as did the past renaissance.

      Renaissance – the activity, spirit, or time of the great revival of art, literature, and learning in Europe beginning in the 14th century and extending to the 17th century, marking the transition from the medieval to the modern world.

  5. Theon Greyjoy = Michael Mann
    Reply: If you stop changing your display name, you’ll stop automatically ending up in moderation~ctm

    • Charles – You are depriving us of part of the game, you have the inside knowledge of the email, we are supposed to guess the true identities of the alts by the things said (or mistakes made!), it’s part of the fun and good training for “elsewhere”.

    • Didn’t know the first one posted. Wasn’t logged in, made the comment with my name and email. WordPress popped up a dialog box about the profile, so I clicked ok on whatever. Didn’t think it was going to be double posted. I’ve tried to delete the profile, but it keeps coming back. Things may display differently using facebook login too.

      • Thanks for blaming me for the behavior of a wordpress bug and the accusation of ill intent, though. Please tell me how I can delete the profile.
        Reply: There was no intention of accusation of intent. My apologies for the ambiguous wording. People change display names all the time, often to the name they really want to appear and to reverse things done to them. I avoid using “log on with Facebook” as much as possible wherever offered, but that’s just me. I have no idea exactly what happened or how to reverse it. I was just pointing out that if your screen name keeps changing, you keep appearing to THIS site as a new user and ending up in moderation.

  6. Gore? He’s Bronn. A sellsword. Don’t forget his Island Creek coal royalties on his family’s seam…. though tempted to go with Hodor as they are roughly peers in terms of oratorical ability.
    Leo? Loras Tyrell is a no-brainer. All ineffectual flash.
    Mann? The Night King is too flattering. More the Red Priestess as his pious babbling turns out to be errant and destructive nonsense. A bit of Joffrey for his wafer-thin skin and petulance.
    Judith? the Queen of Thorns.
    I nominate Watts for Beric Dondarrion and all you folks as the Brotherhood Without Banners.

    • Yes, and it’s also where we come from. link
      Your brain probably doesn’t work the way you think it does. The part where you have your inner dialogue is mostly the left hemisphere. It has most of the language and logic. The right hemisphere is largely unheard consciously because its language ability is much less than the left hemisphere.
      The right hemisphere provides context. It’s our bs detector. People whose right brains are disabled will tend to believe anything as long as it doesn’t have huge logical inconsistencies. They will underestimate the difficulties of tasks and will usually be disappointed with the results. link Liberals disable their right hemispheres by focusing more on analysis than on domain specific knowledge because that’s how college trains them. That’s how they can cling to hypotheticals in the face of obvious screaming facts on the ground.
      The right brain operates much more like a pattern recognizer than a logic engine. link That’s where stories come in. Stories provide patterns that we can use to recognize the situation we’re in. For example, story readers have seen way more patterns than non-readers and are much better at evaluating new situations. link
      You can debate people for hours on the details of why seemingly intelligent educated folks will believe in CAGW, or you can talk about the Emperor’s New Clothes. The story cuts right to the heart of the matter.

      • CB, you might be right, but I have my doubts about a lot of it. My dad used to explain life to me like this. At the time I used to think he had no clue what he was talking about. In retrospect, I now realize that he was mentally ill. Not trying to imply anything regarding your comment; just humorously reminiscing about my own travels and how right I was then.

      • Great comment commieBob. Probably explains why I keep throwing fictional story snippets into my comments/explanations. It’s a thing I started doing over 30y ago when trying to explain scientific stuff to students who just “didn’t get it” from the normal lecture. I found it worked (if you had a story snippet they recognised) so got into the habit of doing it and use it all over the place now. Great to have a real analysis of what it is all about.
        (Learning something new from WUWT every week – love it!)

      • Right-brain / Left-brain theory is mostly woo-woo nonsense. Neither hemisphere is dominant in a normal person, though some tasks may use one side more than the other. “Right brain” dominance doesn’t correspond to personality types. It’s fake science.

      • jorgekafkazar July 7, 2017 at 2:02 am
        Right-brain / Left-brain theory is mostly woo-woo nonsense …

        The fact that some people have stupid ideas doesn’t mean that all people’s ideas are stupid.
        The facts I am citing come mostly from The Master and His Emissary by neurologist Iain McGilchrist. Some folks argue with his larger thesis, that the entire society has become left brained, but the basic science is well backed up by patient case studies and lab experiments. There is a lot of data on what happens when peoples’ right or left brain hemispheres are deactivated, either permanently due to accident or illness, or temporarily as part of a lab experiment.
        All of the criticisms of the book that I have seen have been little more than vague hand waving. I haven’t seen any critic actually deal with the details of the basic neurology.
        Other books I have seen by various scientists treat the basic left-right structure as unremarkable. In particular, Sleights of Mind: What the Neuroscience of Magic Reveals about Our Everyday Deceptions is written by a couple of experimental neurologists. The take away from that book is that much of what passes for reasoned thought in our left brains is actually confabulation.

      • CommieBob July 6, 2017 at 11:42 pm

        Your brain probably doesn’t work the way you think it does.

        Right you are, ….. CommieBob, …… and that goes for you, …… and 99% of the world’s population, …… as well as 97% of all psychiatrists, psychologists, etc., etc.
        CB, the 1st and basic undeniable fact is that ……. “You are what your environment nurtured you to be”.
        With “you” meaning the functioning of your “brain-mind”.
        And the functioning of your “brain-mind” is solely dependent upon your inherited survival traits that are per se “recorded” in the conjoined DNA you received from your biological parents.
        And if all biological “thingys” go well during your prenatal development, then at the day of your birth, your environment becomes the nurturer of your brain-mind via your “sense organs”.
        And CB, the 2nd undeniable fact is that ……. “Your conscious mind is subservient to your subconscious mind”.
        A newborn has no “conscious mind” until after its environment has provided sufficient data/info that is nurtured (stored) in the DNA of brain neurons and synaptic links (connections) are generated so that “recall” of said data/info is possible, ….. which is prerequisite to the functioning of the “conscious mind”.
        No recall, ….. then no conscious thoughts/thinking.
        Like some people will often admit, ….. “My mind is blank”, …… simply because “no recall” of stored data.

  7. “what might be the greatest challenge we face as a civilization ” whew heavy .
    So who you going to call ? Super Mann riding his hockey stick ?
    Climate changes…. just not the way the climate Armageddon industry wants
    people to believe . The inconvenient truth is a trace gas isn’t going to be setting the earth’s thermostat any day soon and the world in any event is overall better off in warming periods . No denying that .
    Carry on “informing the discourse” does sound very noble but isn’t the science settled ?
    Isn’t science about proven repeatable hypothesis … not ” might be” climate boogie man scenarios ?
    Hmm… and what about those plug and play climate models that just can’t get it right ?
    Who you going to believe ? Failed politicians , actors and comedians ?

  8. I think I would give Joffrey Baratheon, the boy who would be king/bastard son offspring of an incestuous relationship, to Leo DiCaprio. And Robert Baratheon would be All Gore the blustery slaughtered King. Though I might give Tyrion Lanister to Michael Mann although I do respect Tyrion to much to do him that disfavor so pets give Lord Varys to Mann

  9. RE: “There you have it – Michael Mann is the pilloried hero who saves the world, by venturing into the darkness and discovering the truth.”
    Ugh!!! Gag me with a smurf!

  10. Off topic but South Australia have just signed the contract with Elon Muskrat for the worlds biggest battery .

    • We should be very thankful that South Australia has volunteered to show the world where not to go, in their search for the Holy Grail of a zero emissions environment. With a bit of luck, it may prevent the rest of us Australians from jumping into the abyss.
      Then again, we may all still get finkelled.

      • “We should be very thankful that South Australia has volunteered to show the world where not to go,”
        Isn’t that the truth!

      • Here’s a hillarious quote from an alarmist about South Australia’s green energy program:
        “Tackling climate change creates great opportunities for those of us taking early action,” Jay Weatherill, premier of South Australia said in the press release. “More and more states and regions, like South Australia, are taking strong action to simultaneously tackle climate change, attract investment and create jobs.”
        end excerpt
        It sounds like Mr. Jay Weatherill is living in a dreamworld. South Australia’s politicians are actually taking stupid actions regarding “climate change” that will drive investment away and reduce jobs. Periodic electricity blackouts are not conducive to investment or jobs.

      • “finkelled”? Not familiar with that one. Right up there with “smeckeldorfed”… “that’s not even a word, but I agree with you!”
        or cruxildyfific (not sure I spelled that correctly…)

      • For those on the other side of the big pond, Finkel is Australia’s Chief Scientist that is currently proposing that all of Australia follow South Australia’s example.

      • For those of you who have yet to be assaulted by American television, the other made up words are from Sponge Bob, and South Park.

    • Have you seen the spec for the worlds biggest capacitor? The dielectric has got CO2 in it (not much though).

    • And everyone is STILL saying it will have a 100MW capacity when MW are NOT a measure of capacity!
      Is tgat really 100MW, and if so, for how long? What is thr existing power usage of the SA grid? How long will this fabled and expensive battery Musk is selling them last for when needed?

    • At kast! The first report I’ve seen actually talking about capacity correctly.
      So, 129MWh, output 100MW. So a little over 1 hour of power to 30k homes.
      That’s not gonna be enough to mitigate the intermittentcy of renewables.

  11. I told you that when Anthony was on the plane we would be having:
    1. Slayers Party (Bring your own DRAGONS).
    Anyway I think I am about 2 series behind watching GoT so I expect a few of my favourite characters have met a gory death by various means by now. Anyway you can still choose an appropriate costume, even if its an ex-character, when we have the real party. Coincidentally (not) one of my alternative usernames in the blog-o-sphere of climate incorporates “Daenerys”, I think that was from about 2 years ago but I don’t go there much now. Daenerys the Den1er had a nice ring to it!
    I cannot tog up as the Mother of Dragons myself as you will realise I have the wrong chromosomes (not that it should stops some of us – just saying). A few years (decades?) ago my wife would have made a passable Daenerys, I still have in my wallet a picture of her indoors taken 40y ago with a similar costume and blond hair style. Like Emelia “Not Blond & Not Stupid”.
    Q. What do Soup Dragons drink?

  12. “Peter Griffith, a scientist in Baltimore, MD, who works in the field of carbon cycle and climate, made the connection early while reading the first book in George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series: “Any time there was news from the Wall, and it was ridiculed by King’s Landing—the old stories that nursemaids tell to scare children—there was an immediate sense of, boy, this sounds familiar.”

    I was under the impression that Peter Griffith is a cartoon character with nonexistent morals, low self preservation impulse, negative common sense ability. His dog, Brian is the polar opposite.
    Scare stories and frighten children? Very familiar; it’s called climate alarmism.

    “Michael Mann is the pilloried hero who saves the world, by venturing into the darkness and discovering the truth”

    Delusional egocentric manniac!
    Beware! Beware!
    Mad mann in full treachery mode.

  13. This is what these clownish clowns think about on your tax payer bucks.
    This is the most ridiculous article on this yet.. seriously this tops “Climate change causes earthquakes” from the Guardian.

  14. oh and GOT is absolute rubbish. Since season three ended it has been complete gash and now the series is ahead of the books. ROFL

  15. BTW, by all rights, I’d have thought Mann should actually be Jon No Snow, considering the context!!!

    • It’s a good show. Lots of twists and turns. A lot of the good guys get killed and the bad guys prosper.

    • Did you miss anything? Not really. I must say I have liked it, one of only two TV shows I’ve even considered worth buying in the lat 30 years (I dont have TV itself). I actually found I cared what happened, which is unusual for me in TV shows.

    • Michael Mann is no Alliser Thorne, Shifty, devious, treacherous, evasive, manipulative. Littlefinger to a tee.

      • Naw, MM is more of a blunt instrument. He isn’t subtle enough to be Baelish. Thorne is the better fit.

  16. IMHO. all of the above posted commentary about the “Game of Thrones” is proof positive that our Public Education System has morphed into becoming an abject failure at educating the masses in reading, writing, arithmetic and science.
    Someone, ….. anyone, …… “QUICK”, …. think up a “Game of Education” for each of the different subject matters …… and get it implemented post haste into the curriculum of the PES.

    • Will there be betrayal, blood, battles, dragons, magic and heroes in the ‘Game of Education’?… This is starting to sound like history class… Except for the heroes, magic and dragons part… Oh yeah, will it be entertaining? :))

      • When I was at Grammar School in the UK we certainly did have betrayal, blood, battles, magic, heroes and dragons.
        And that was only on the rugby pitch.

  17. “Vanity Fair asked academics to name which Game of Thrones characters match the personality and roles of their climate heroes.”

    I must have gone to sleep as normal and woken up on planet Zog.

  18. I have not seen the series so I am going to pick up a character from other series. What about Mr. Hankey?

  19. Time for a Lewandowski survey: percentage of climate change believers who watch GoT vs. percentage of den1ers, followed by some lengthy fantasy about what it means. Sub-survey: percentage of GoT viewers who dress up in costumes or uniforms while watching the show.

    • “…percentage of GoT viewers who dress up in costumes or uniforms while watching the show.”
      I watch the show in my bathrobe…does that count? 🙂

    • Alan,
      I have never watched GoT, as I am not a fan of the fantasy ‘Social Justice Warrior’ meme that underlies so much of that ilk. I am an avid fan of ‘hard’ science fiction though, as it often gives perspectives on where our developing sciences are leading mankind.

    • following through with the analogies ….

  20. Michael Mann is Petyr Baelish — scheming perpetual liar who is singularly focused on self-promotion. All the “deniers” who have lost jobs or grants due to their honesty would qualify as Ned Stark. I’m hoping Scott Pruitt will be Arya Stark and bring justice to the criminals.

    • No, no … simply no. Ned Stark is clearly Al Gore. Let me break it down for you:
      1) Ned was always banging on about climate change (Winter is comin’!”)
      2) Ned was always second to the King (Bob).
      3) Ancillary evidence – the King to which Ned was SiC was an infamous philanderer.
      4) Ned’s attempt to seize power was doomed – clearly he was politically naïve and that, as much as anything, led to his downfall.

      • I’d say the better analogy for “deniers” is Bronn or Tyrion. Both are pragmatic and worldly wise. Both know where true power lies and seek to work with or around it. They are survivors. Plus they have all the best lines.

      • I forgot to add:
        5) Ned’s whole life story hinges around one big lie (who begat Jon).

  21. Worrall, you should have gotten a screen shoot of Emilia Clarke, season 3, episode 8 at about the 47 minute mark.

    • You’ll notice Leonardo DiCaprio in this scene from season 6 episode 5…playing Tryion Lannister.

  22. I don’t think this is what is meant when we ask kids who quote Harry Potter to “read another book…”.
    Seriously, if you follow the book/show, you’ll know that the dominant religion of the Seven Kingdoms is based on fairy tales…which makes it an apt comparison to climate change fanaticism.

  23. I can see the parallel to G.O.T. …. except, my view, and I do watch the series, the entire Leftist Cabal are pretty much all the various groups vying for power. All the characters, [and climate scientists of the left] are interchangeable. None of them represent Jon Snow .. nor any of the Stark clan.

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