Status update and sincere thanks

Last week, I wrote about facing burnout after running WUWT over 10 years without having any real vacation during that time. I’ll have to say, I’m overwhelmed by the response, the well wishes, and the offers for help.

It’s gratifying to know that I have friends around the world, some vocal regulars, some occasional commenters, and some silent readers. I heard from many people who were first time commenters, and many regulars too. I had suggested that I take a month off, and more than a few said that’s not enough time. Looking back, I think they are right.

I’ve received a kind offer to go to New Zealand, with offers of lodging and I’ll be taking up that offer in July. If there are readers in NZ that would like to meet up, feel free to drop a comment, or use the contact form. I may even be persuaded to give a short talk while there as I did when I toured Australia on a speaking tour back in 2010 😉

Following that, I’m headed into the mountains of the Sierra Nevada for three weeks, and then I’m going to cap off my hiatus with a visit to southern Oregon to view the total solar eclipse in August. I think it will be a fitting ending for a much needed break – to see one of the most awesome natural wonders. I’ve never seem a total solar eclipse, but I have witnessed several partial solar eclipses, and one annular eclipse.

There are so many people that deserve my thanks, and I’m awed by the outpouring of support. On an ironic note, one person in particular deserves mention, and that’s Dr. Michael Mann. Had he not tweeted this…

…I probably would not have had the outpouring of support I had. I mean wow, 698 comments.

Charles the Moderator is organizing a new moderation team (thanks to all who volunteered) and there will be new guest authors publishing during my hiatus. I’d also like to thank Ric Werme, who rebuilt the WUWT sea ice page last weekend, which had been plagued by roadblocks thrown my way by and by some of the providers themselves.

When I return in late August, I’ll start overhaul on other elements of WUWT, so that it keeps going strong for another 10 years. I may pop in for an occasional update, or if something catches my eye, write about it.

My sincere thanks to all and best regards – Anthony

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  1. Fare well, Anthony, and take Mann’s drivel as a supreme compliment!
    It most certainly is!!!

  2. Hope you enjoy this time off to re-create. You certainly deserve it. Thanks so very much.

  3. I am jealous and MM is a douche-bag of the first order;)
    Tomorrow I will not be jealous but, MM will still be a douche-bag.
    hattip W. Churchill

  4. Enjoy the time off and recharge your batteries! We’ll keep the lights on… with fossil fuels, of course.

  5. I’ll drop some beer money in the tip jar. Have a good break – you’ve bloody well earned it.

  6. I’ll drop some beer money in the tip jar. Have a good break – you’ve bloody well earned it.

  7. Late to the party, donation link still works. History will be kind to you when the CAGW scam is finally laid to rest.

  8. Enjoy the well earned break. Certain of the consensus community will mannishly envy you both the opportunity to travel and relax that comes with being an honest and highly industrious critic of bad science, and the enormous support you have and will always have for being the voice of reason.

  9. Anthony,
    don’t miss some Rugby Union matches whilst in NZ. Now that is a proper religion there.
    Mann’s petulant display is typical of an immature elitist. He has no idea that had he merely wished you well he may have garnered some respect, but that’s simply beyond his puerile temperament.
    We’ll all look forward to some nice holiday snaps when you return, but please, no shorts and knobbly knees 🙂

    • July in New Zealand is NOT the place for shorts and knobbly knees! Yesterday we had a high of 3 degrees C. Snow in the forecast today..Would love to go to a talk though!

      • Scottish Postmen laugh at 3 degrees, and carry on until it’s -3 before changing their shorts for their Trews.
        Kilt wearing Postmen scoff at -3 degrees and go on to -10 before adjourning, momentarily, for a cup of warming tea.
        I laugh in the face of your 3 degrees, NZ 3 degrees can’t even sing!
        Nor is there a Jock on the planet with knobbly knees!
        However, good luck in the test. I wish I was there, with my Kilt. 🙂

      • Talking about weather where you are planning to go — maybe you want to reconsider Oregon as the location of choice to watch the eclipse. A cloudy day will spoil the view. If you are talking about Eastern Oregon it might be a safe bet, but probably not near the coast. The path is maybe 2000 miles, and lots of spots where rain or clouds are not as likely. A note to eclipse watchers that I found most interesting in the last two near full eclipses: be somewhere where you can watch the effects of the light coming through trees and creating thousands of sparkling little crescents on the concrete. Totally unexpected the first time, and kind of thrilling to watch.

      • Better 3 degrees than Scott Base yesterday at minus 40 actual and minus 60 with windchil!
        My line decends from Lewis along with the Donald !

      • Been on the ropes for a long time mate. They just won’t stop kidney punching and head butting. And the ref? It seems he’s just stepped in the ring, after a long bout.
        Now we get them off the ropes, and start slugging it out, in the centre of the ring, where they have nowhere to hide.
        Ding, Ding………Final round.

    • When in NZ, if you can, do visit the Kauri museum. I found it fascinating but rather sad. Then go and see some of the surviving big trees, for which the word awesome is for once appropriate.
      Enjoy your break, we all appreciate your exceptional hard work. Your’s is the first blog I visit each morning.

    • This suggestion that Anthony should go to a rugby match is nonsensical. The sport is enjoyable only to those who have a tribal interest in the outcome; to anyone else it’s beyond understanding and boring in the extreme. Nor is it a religion down here; apart from internationals, most games are played in half-empty stadiums.

      • Rugby, like cricket, is the chess of field sports.
        Tribalism has nothing to do with the game, it is immensely technical, highly skilful, and violence is admirably rare considering the opportunities.
        I agree, I exaggerated about the status of the game in the country, however, a small island nation has dominated the sport for generations in both the Northern and Southern hemisphere. That achievement is quite extraordinary considering the growth of the professional game in Europe over the last 20 years, and the level of competition in just the 6 Nations to which NZ has no access.
        There is no more passionate a sportsman than an AB playing Rugby for his country.

      • Tribalism, HotScot, has everything to do with the game’s popularity . . . as it has to do with all sports. Would I get up at 5am to watch a yacht race from the other side of the world between, say, Sweden and Japan? Don’t be daft, of course I wouldn’t. Would I get up at 5am to watch a yacht race between the USA and New Zealand. Damn right I would. As will hundreds of thousands of my fellow Kiwis tomorrow morning, the vast majority of whom have never been on a sail-powered boat in their lives. Will any residents of Scotland be watching the racing from Bermuda. Maybe a handful.
        All support for sport is tribal.
        And rugby especially so. You reckon it’s “immensely technical, highly skilful”. Really? Have a close look at the hookers, props and locks who play the game, even at the highest level. Not an athlete among them. The only skill they have is tucking a ball under their arm and running into opposing players. And when they’re asked to pack down in a scrum, it generally takes them five minutes to complete the task, in most cases the whole sorry mess being ended by the referee’s whistle and an arbitrary free kick awarded.
        New Zealand dominated world rugby because they were one of only two nations which took it seriously and the only nation where it was the game of the working classes — a cohort who have always been better at sport than the upper classes.
        The truth about rugby in New Zealand is that it is dying. As mechanisation takes over agriculture and the nation becomes urbanised, country clubs are either closing or amalgamating.
        Add to that the dominance in the lower grades by physically impressive Pacific Islanders, especially Samoans, and young Pakeha and Maori New Zealanders are deserting the game in droves.
        Here ends the rant . . . except that I’ll add what I put in another post — Anthony is going on holiday; he will be hosted by people who know him; they’ll plan his stay. Leave the man alone.
        And for God’s sake, don’t ask for him to be punished by rugby.

  10. Thank you Anthony for one of the most important efforts of my lifetime.
    The total value of your effort may not be known for many years, but I believe
    that my grandchildren will be major beneficiaries.
    They will certainly know your name.
    Thanks, Jerry Henson

  11. The complete EIKE team wish Antony you a wonderful vacation and excellent recovery. You and your team did a great Job. God bless you. Best regards Michael Limburg VP EIKE

  12. Thanks for everything you have done and for all you do. And thanks to all those who commented and contributed to help make this break possible. It is hard to gauge the impact this blog, and a few others like it, have had on the debate. But I suspect it would be easy to understate it. Enjoy yourself.

  13. You richly deserve a meaningful break Anthony. Enjoy it and thanks again for all of your dedicated toil. Ignore Mr Mann’s ungracious rejoined, doubtless you will, alas his spite reflects his disappointment in failing to con the world.

  14. Have a good one Anthony. Bob Tisdale has been off for four months now. You two have done so much for truth over the years. Thank you.

  15. Dear Antony, the whole EIKE team wish you a wonderful vacation and an excellent successful recovery. You did a wonderful job. God bless you. best regards Michael Limburg VP EIKE Germany

  16. Bon Voyaging, Mr.W. If ever a guy needs and deserves a decent break, it’s you. I hope you have a terrific time and we all look forward to the stories of your adventures when you return.
    Best regards, Eamon.

  17. Thanks Anthony for all you have done to keep many of us informed of the facts and data.
    Enjoy your well earned time off, and thanks for the plan moving forward.
    All the best.

  18. Best wishes! I hope you get your blood pressure down to “normal operating range”.

  19. Re the posts from Tomwys1 and MarkW, it certainly is fare well, and definitely not farewell. (The aged (later middle aged, I prefer) pedant writing). Enjoy NZ, try the hot pools at Waiwera. or Rotorua or both. Best Wishes from Oz.

  20. Wow, indeed. Glad to hear you will get a break.
    RE: total solar eclipse —
    In 1970 (I think), we were in Atlanta for the summer, somewhat involved with Georgia State University. A biology class had a trip planned to the Okefenokee Swamp to record what various animals did as the sky went dark. One problem was that it was so hot a few animals of interest were not much out of the water — alligators & turtles. Still, it was a really fun thing to be involved with. [Being from Atlanta, a couple of the young ladies were “of color.” The fine folks of Waycross were impressed.]
    You might try to find a natural area to be in when the sky goes dark and see what happens.
    Cheers, John

    • Hi John, did you find Big Dave’s body in Miller’s Cave?
      Just thought you might have taken a side trip from Waycross whilst you were there.

  21. No thanks needed it’s us that owe you for all your efforts, you are a big cog in the engine of freedom.
    Thank you again Anthony.

  22. Don’t feel bad, even Climate Scientist need a vacation once a year, this time in Bonn Germany. Morocco last year was a little too close to the equator for their liking.

  23. Well earned; I hope that we’ve all donated enough so that you can do all of this without financial stress.

  24. Anthony, thanks for all your hard work. You and the members of WUWT have given me a lot of insight into the debate and the science. I’ve been a doubter ever since the exposure of so many flawed weather stations 20+ years ago. Now I’m certain the scientific method has been lost in the politics.
    A few pennies for the piggy jar coming your way.
    Above all, HAVE FUN!

  25. Mann’s “established science” means just that: “science” acceptable to the Establishment, which of course means more control, more taxes, more lame excuses over individuals who are put in second place and the collective is the premier entity, legally and socially.
    Mikey thinks of himself as an elite when all he’s become is another Establishment Lackey.

  26. Have a great time, Anthony! And then come back and preside over the demise of AGW, which will hopefully happen in less than ten years (especially with the US pulled out of the Paris Accord, pretty much ending their redistribution scheme).
    As to mikey mann: State Penn is still waiting for you!

  27. Hi Anthony, I have been a fan of your site for several years and check in at least a couple times a day. I guess that I fall into the “silent reader” type as this is my first ever comment. I want to wish you all the best on your time off, it is much deserved. Thank you for all that you do giving us hope that the scientific method is still alive and well in this world.

  28. I am (until now) one of your many silent readers who are so grateful for all your hard work and that of your “support team”, contributers, everyone who makes WUWT the place to go to for hard facts and sensible discussion. Anyone who works as hard as you to try to bring science back to reality deserves an hiatus or two.

  29. “… I probably would not have had the outpouring of support I had. I mean wow, 698 comments.”
    I am afraid that I must disagree again.
    That tweet by “Dr.” Mann did not add to your support nor to the people who support you thinking that “now is the time to help”. The regular people have always been supportive.
    I again suggest that you always give your community the credit for being ready to help in the fight against the alarmists. There are disagreements as to what causes this and that — but there is unity against the left-wing alarmists.
    One final thought: don’t ever reach the point where you think (as G. Bush the younger did) that “you are either with us or against us”. Even allies can have disagreements.

    • I chucked in an extra tenner on the basis of Mann’s tweet; I’d be surprised if I was the only one.

  30. Oh my h*ll…Mickey Mouse (he’s certainly not a man of any kind) is SUCH a baby!!! Isn’t he suing Steyn for MONEY???? And isn’t he “defending” his case using other people’s money??? Good grief, an anvil of irony couldn’t get his attention.
    Yay for vacations! Especially well deserved ones that last long enough to truly relax, breathe, refresh, and re-inspire. No one I can think of deserves such a thing more than you do.
    We will miss you terribly, and I cannot imagine what a certain woman at a certain website that shall not be named is going to do with herself all summer with her primary obsession off the grid….*evil grin*

      • Oh good heavens! I forgot about that! Luckily, it’s legal to hunt Captain Cook Boar year round there, so maybe he’ll get in some successful hunting while he’s there and give the world a permanent hiatus from her feral rantings. 🙂

  31. Anthony, you, your team and your website have done the world a great service, vastly outdistancing any Dr Mann or his comrades in crime will ever achieve. Enjoy you well deserved (unpaid) sabbatical. Come back stronger, ready to put the final nail in the AGW Hoax coffin! CO2 is a resultant, not a driver or control know!

  32. No surprise that the Manns, generously paid by taxpayers, with many weeks of paid holydays, comfortable pension plans and first-class travel arrangements tailored for them, have no clue how demanding it is to do serious work without all this. And stay honest.

    • I was thinking this same thing when I read his tweet. Michael E Mann wouldn’t even last a day as a carnival barker as he has neither the charm, the people skills, or the physical stamina required.

  33. Mike Mann’s Twitter photo says a lot about his mentality.
    A picture of himself in full rant, mouth open, with the guy to his left turning and gazing at him submissively.

  34. Enjoy your vacation Anthony. Your website transformed my viewpoint on climate by introducing me to the calmer and much more rational “side” of the debate (and some cool people).
    As for Michael E. Mann, well, he is just showing off the shallow, shrieking, and primal side of human nature … and isn’t worth a second thought.

  35. Hi Anthony,
    please let me join the chorus of all those who thank you for the extraordinary work and tenacity (and good humour) you made for such a long time… please reload your batteries slowly and enjoy your break!

  36. What’s the difference between M & M’s and MM?
    One has the taste of sweet. The other has the taste of ______________ … [amazing what a blank space can conjure up, isn’t it?]
    Less is more, and I am sure that you will, more or less, agree with me here.
    … still no law-suit notices. I’m living on the edge (or should I say “tipping point”?)

  37. Anthony I would like to suggest to you that you hop over to Townsville AU. Such a lovely town. I think it is where Bob Carter lived. I’m sure there must be several of your supporters there that would love a vist from you.

      • I must have missed them. I was there most of 2005 and don’t know anything about them. Don’t tell me that they were something great because after all the dues I paid on Flinders Street I couldn’t stand it.

  38. Indebted to you for the opportunities to guest post, and for your support overall. Trust me on this, a vacation away from the madness of AGW is a way to recharge. I do this once every summer for a week, poor as I am.

  39. Hi Anthony. I live north of Auckland, Whangarei Heads. If your visit to NZ happens to include travel North of Auckland (Northland) happy to have you stay and show you around our rather beautiful coastal region.

  40. Good for you, Anthony, you have been through a lot. I greatly appreciate what you have done, this blog is an every day stop for me. Go to Hobbiton while you are there, it looks great!

  41. As John mentioned up thread you will want to get away from the city for your eclipse viewing. There should be plenty of areas to fit the bill in southern Oregon. Were going to eastern Idaho on the north side of the Snake River. It should be quite a show.

  42. Way to go, we look forward to the continued work. BTW; Mann’s exotic conference schedule alone is insane, no worries on your break!

  43. >>
    I’m going to cap off my hiatus with a visit to southern Oregon to view the total solar eclipse in August.
    It’s probably not needed to remind you but don’t forget your eye protection. I’ll be nearby–I hope. And I hope the weather will be clear–it never is in Seattle.

    • Anthony,
      Do NOT miss the eclipse. A partial pales in comparison to a total. For some it is an epiphany. I saw my first total on the tarmac at the airport outside of La Paz. There was a sunrise-like glow, only around the entire horizon. Roosters nearby started crowing. Dust Devils sprang up in the nearby desert, and the temperature dropped about 1 deg F per minute (I was measuring!). It reminded me of some of the Hollywood movies of The Crucifixion on the Mount. It will be a fitting resurrection for you.

      • Note the “flat hat” corona with long equatorial streamers during the 1961 eclipse, typical of eclipses near solar minimum. During solar max the corona is brighter and more rounded, with stubbier streamers all around the sun.
        This year’s eclipse should be more of a solar min type, as seen by Barabbas (although he was cruelly placed with his back to the eclipse in the movie).
        I’ve seen 6 totals, was clouded out at two, and missed another when the Army sent me “out of town”.
        I also missed some because I couldn’t afford to go – raising kids & paying for their semesters overseas.
        I plan to never miss another one, now that I’m retired, as long as my eyes are open.

      • Oh wait, that WASN’T Barabbas up there. The gang was duped into giving him the Passover pardon, of course.

    • My brother lives in Bend OR, I’ll be visiting him for the eclipse, we’ll camp out the day or two before well away from paved roads and jammed traffic.
      I’ll be bringing my temperature data loggers from (the ad is on this screen at the moment, it will likely be up and to the right later).
      My father’s house in Plymouth NH was on the center line for an annular eclipse. There were a couple curious effects, but not worth traveling across the country for.

      • Yeah, I think I’d rather read an account of the total eclipse by Willis than pay the airfare. .

  44. I would hope you have good climate on your travels, Anthony! Whatever the weather. rest assured it will be nearly identical to the early 1970’s! No telling when you might get back there so take your time and enjoy yourself.

    • Griff has, in my limited experience, always been polite on this blog. He’s a credit to alarmists and M. Mann could take a leaf out his book and learn something about manners.
      Thank you Griff, you take a lot of stick, but you are to be admired.

      • re: Griff being a perfect gentleman:
        Given his still-standing attacks on Dr Crockford & Dr Curry (both female), and your admiration for him, count me out.
        Griff is simply a sometimes amusing but underpowered pet troll.

      • Javert Chip
        I did say “in my limited experience”.
        Nor do I suspect many on here are immune from having a go at some alarmist scientists.

  45. Hi Anthony
    Have a great time. I find that a trip away from home leads to some sort of change…almost always positive. Keep in touch, and send pics. Perhaps you can persuade Willis Eschenbach to join you at some point and write a companion essay.
    Ethan Brand

  46. Fair wind and following seas to you. When you are following the Eclipse perhaps I’ll be able to buy you an adult beverage at one of the few local places that can be done in. You will surely turn up there while looking about! Be safe

  47. Delighted with this news! Rest well and have a great time Anthony and thanks again for all you do!

  48. Maybe you can send back a shout about going from the start of
    summer in California to the beginning of winter in New Zealand.

  49. à bientôt Anthony. And thanks to all the moderators and contributors for my evening entertainment and education, particularly those who have stepped up to let Anthony take a break.

  50. Take care and may God bless you on you journey. I will be in the Midwest for the eclipse. I have never seen a total eclipse either and I hope you enjoy it as much as I plan too. I’ve been following you since early on in the project. You have been a inspiration and a great instructor. Thank you.

  51. Anthony, for a decade now you have provided a well-balanced, scientific, and rational perspective to a contentious topic, and it appears the we are beginning to see a slight course correction on the part of some of the heavyweights in the climate community thanks to your fine efforts. Enjoy your time off; you greatly deserve it.

  52. Enjoy your time off! Meditate, rest, and logoff.
    There is an old kungfu saying – to make a good punch, you have to draw back first.

  53. Hi Anthony,
    Lake Taupo Lodge has some wonderful hot springs! People from around the world visit their to bath in the hot springs and most say that it is very restorative! New Zealand is a fabulous place, people are wonderful, food is great, and I particularly liked the Lion Brown Beer! I hitch hiked the entire north island camping as I traveled. It was one of the best 10 days of my lifetime.
    Thank You For All You Have Done and Have A Wonderful Time
    Mike Brown

    • Anthony,
      I have been to NZ a couple of times. If I might, I would like to suggest that you take in one of the ‘Maori Hangi Festivals’ put on for the tourists in the Hot Springs area. They put on quite a spread. The people are wonderful (away from the really big cities — my rental car was broken into 2 hours after arriving in Auckland). They seem to be interested in how Americans view the world, but they aren’t pushy. Be sure to see the Southern Cross at night outside a city. Also, take a boat trip in the glow worm cave. Try some Lemon and Paeroa.

  54. Fortunately, I will be able to see the total eclipse and never leave home. I’m in a rural area and clouds at mid-day are not common in August. Should be interesting and awesome.

  55. Anthony,
    You have done a great job with WUWT! I am thankful for posting some of my articles. Have a great time in the next few months. You sure deserve it!

  56. Thinking fact checkers need safe havens from the organized mass hysteria, much like other refugees. Thanks you for the safe haven.

  57. @Anthony Watts, As you travel, relax and formulate your plans going into the next phases of life and work…I’d like to pass on a little tidbit that gets me through some tough times…
    When you wake in the morning simply remember
    The CHICAGO CUBS are the reigning Major League Baseball WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS!!!
    In our lifetime!!!

  58. Thank you, thank you, thank you Anthony. Your posts are a bastion of fascinating fact, truth, and fun in a world of all else. God bless and restore you!

    • “You must have done something to really irritate Mann”
      Yeah, phaedo – he exists.

    • It all started when Anthony sent Dr. Mann one of the WUWT calendars. That quote up above,

      “…flashy (apparently widely distributed)”- Michael E. Mann

      is about the calendar, not the blog. The link explains it well.
      Well, that and posts about Mike’s Nature trick, and everything else….

  59. We will also be going to the eclipse. We live in Idaho about an hour and a half east of the Oregon border. Be forewarned, traffic everywhere is “predicted” to be horrendous. Be where you are going to be early! Due to a work schedule, we will not be able to leave home until 4 a.m. I hope we can make it into the path of totality. This will be my third eclipse. The first two were in 1979 (Oregon again) and 1980 in Tanzania, Africa. This one will only be for two minutes, but those are two minutes of your life that you will never forget! Do take your eyes away from the main event for just a bit to observe the surrounding landscape, flora and fauna and it’s changes due to an unexpected morning darkness. Here’s hoping for clear skies, (no range fires in the area) and cooperating traffic! Enjoy your awesome vacation!

  60. Enjoy your rest Anthony, you have most definitely earned it and as an added bonus you have rattled Mann’s cage one more time before you take your much deserved holiday. I am sure on your return when refreshed you can repeat this action, but even more devastatingly!

  61. Accommodation available here for you here in Gisborne, the first city in the World to see the Sun. (On the East Coast of the North Island….. bit off the main track ).
    I’ve mentioned your intention to travel to NZ on our main Climate-change blog site.

  62. My entire congregation wish you a Happy Holiday and look forward to our regular daily visits to WUWT for years to come. Hope to hear more about your ideas for research/experiments on your return, this being an area which we are actively pursuing ourselves here in the UK. My wife says NZ is a great choice, some good friends of hers went to work there as MDs many years ago. And personally I can vouch for the experience of a total eclipse, definitely something everyone should see at least once in their life. Have a great time!

  63. Anthony, my best ever holiday was five months working with race horses in NZ. A fabulous place, great food great people. When I was there it always seemed to be breezy and a benefit of this is not stupid wind turbines but excellent sailing. So you can engage in some sailing talk please take in the finals of the 35th America’s Cup that starts up again this weekend. New Zealand is winning 4-0 and may make up for their lose in San Franciso at the last Cup event. Wind powered sailboats they are called but they are more airplane than boat. Speeds up to 45+knots and lots of action…worth a watch and of course; make lots of new friends which will lead to many great memories!
    Video of this months action in Bermuda for America’s Cup 35

    • Actually NZ being in the roaring 40s and having hydro to balance is one of the better places in the world to use wind. Definitely part of the investment strategy alongside geothermal. Coal is disappearing and NG is only economic for mid merit and peak loads.
      I guess we aren’t America.

      • Right now NZ is importing coal to keep up the winter loading because of dry weather in the South Island lakes. Collapsed coal prices lowered our mining tonnages, but this is now changing. Don’t count King Coal out this century. North Island hydro lakes are full though. Wind, and we do have the best conditions for it, is about 6% IIRC and unlikely to be much more. Wisely, because of load balancing. Geothermal has been the big improver, with our development of re-injection, and much volcanism…..

      • Coal was a temporary import to avoid a bigger local commitment, and various projections suggest a third of added generation over the next ~30 years will be wind

  64. ahhh New Zealand..a most wonderful country!! I went in 1980, explored both islands and all the amazing geologic features..and human (Maori adaptations) from hams cooked on a rope hung down a natural steam pit to deep icy fijords, and massive bubbling mud pits where you expect to see a T-Rex bones truly is a nation like “seven different countries in one” (from an old ad campaign). Gotta love a country that just puts a little fence around a geyser popping up in the road..and drive on… and 23 sheep per person ratio…wake up in a little motel and find huge furry beasts ‘bahhaaaing’ outside the sliding doors. Free cream and milk in little refrigerators in hallways… I will stop the memory lane tour.. I am envious!

  65. Mikey is done . Rant on Mikey but your 15 minutes was up years ago .
    Climate science silencers had a good run but it’s over .
    Climate gate , the earth has a fever , drowning polar bears , ice free Arctic . Boring .

  66. Safe travels, Anthony!
    You’ve given us 10 years — enjoy your break.
    People (good people) value truth and honesty and fair play. WUWT has been a beacon of what the human endeavor to understand the world should entail. There are small, unnamed “men” that don’t realize other facets of our nature are yet more important than “climate data.” As such, your efforts… scientifically and personally… will live on… and rightly so.

  67. Enjoy the more than earned vacation.
    We were in New Zealand for the first time in April, beautiful country and very nice people, rather like where we live, Canada. It’s a perfect place to relax.
    Thank you for your contribution to presenting factual information in a world of spin.

  68. Enjoy the eclipse, Anthony (as well as the rest of your vacation) – I’ll be doing the same on the other side of the country. My sister and I are going to drive down from Virginia the day before; got our eclipse glasses ready (though I’m still thinking of renting a welding face shield).
    Have fun – and thanks for all you’ve done! 😀

  69. Check your vitamin B12 levels. There are blood tests for this. If you take acid reducers or blood sugar reducers, or if you are a vegan, you’re vulnerable. The symptoms: feeling exhausted after “running WUWT over 10 years.” Take supplements and get back to work. Don’t you realize, this is what THEY hope for, that WE get tired or die out and they’ll be the only ones left.

  70. Bon voyage and safe travels! Kick back, tip a few cold ones and ponder upon the joy of how jealous Mikee is of you. And be careful in the Sierra Nevada, don’t want to extend your vacation with a hospital visit.

  71. Hi Anthony, Welcome to NZ, I’m sure we will host you appropriately for all the work you have done to bring sanity to the climate debate. Keep us posted on your itinery, remember however that it is R&R not just a change of location for continued work.

  72. Many thanks Anthony! Enjoy the upcoming NZ adventure! Well deserved! Forget about MM for a while, he doesn’t deserve a minute of our attention. Although, his tweet made me open the wallet for you!
    Without your blog’s informative articles and push-back to the alarmist folks, we would probably be paying much higher taxes. So I hope that our monetary support last week buys you at least a fine lunch while in the deep south of this wonderful planet. I wish you well and hope that this trip will freshen up the brains and get you enough energy for another 10 years…..

  73. Hi Anthony
    I am in Raglan NZ. (2 hours south of Auckland). Most people head for the snow and mountains of the South Island this time of the year but if you want to spend time in the central North Island I would enjoy a meet up over lunch or the like. I can give pretty strong briefings on geology and farming systems
    When it comes to weather NZ is a moody girl. Much of the NI enjoys 60 + inches of rain but lovely warm winter sun can break through at any time at which time we will look very green. Dairy cows a mostly dry, being kept on rations until they calve in July-August. Banks of feed (pasture) are building up ahead of them so the easier lowlands will be looking very lush. You wont see many sheep unless you get off the beaten track. They are out there on the hills, 30 million of them, due to start lambing in August.
    Should wine and viticulture be of interest I suggest a wine tour in Hawkes Bay or Marlborough. A search should find them. Marlborough in particular is one of NZ’s great success stories. 40 years ago there was virtually not a vine in the place. One company recognised the environment and took the plunge
    Michael C

  74. Here’s hoping for you to have the best vacation ever! I’ll be watching for the occasional post, and looking forward to your return in August!

  75. No greater satisfaction than knowing you live rent free in your chief tormentor’s mind.

  76. I’m so grateful to you, Anthony, for giving Canadians a forum for intelligent feedback on the intransigence we face up here regarding the alarmist propaganda we’re being fed on a daily basis. The horrors of the industrial wind turbine fiasco in Ontario are the direct result of this deception.
    I spend almost every evening learning through the conversations on this site. The wit of the people you’ve attracted to this site appeals to me.
    You deserve the best of everything.

    • Hello Sommer! I’m in the Niagara Peninsula and have a score of those 600-foot monstrosities within two kilometers of me. Hope your situation is a little better.

  77. Thanks for all your work over the years – please come back after a well earned break. By the way we had “record breaking ” temperature today in the UK of 33.9C exactly the same as June 1976 !

  78. Hey, what are you doing posting? You’re supposed to be on vacation 🙂
    Stop it! Here is an oldie but a goodie. May you find and have a ton of fun in your Margaritaville

    Cheers and happy holidays.

  79. I’d trade locales (winter da’n undah) for a few days. I envy you. Enjoy seeing constellation Orion standing on his head – and in the northern sky, moving the wrong direction! Still can’t get over that. Also thanks for the tip, I wasn’t aware a total eclipse was coming.

  80. While you are in Godzone (New Zealand) it is a short hop across the ditch (Tasman Sea) to super natural Tasmania. If you would like to come to Launceston Anthony, I will be glad to show you the island that Errol Flynn suggested to Adolf that he keep for himself.

  81. Have a great time off Anthony. I am thinking that Dr. Mann should consider subjecting his Tweets to peer review before publishing them. I hope that there is a direct and reverse relationship between your enjoyment over the next few months and Dr. Mann’s misery.

  82. Anthony
    It’s incredible to think of the monster you have created in your website to fight the fight against the greatest moral issue of our times, Global Warming Alarmism. As has been evidenced by the responses you have had you have created an army of loyal followers to fight for the future of civilisation as we know it. I am in awe of the courage you have shown in maintaining the site so effectively against a massive and well funded opposition. With the appointment of Trump the tide is definitely turning and the screams and wails of the warmists is testament to how much progress has been made. There are still huge numbers of warmists in denial and I can only hope that in Australia the global warming spell that has entranced our politicians and institutions will one day be broken but in the mean time I get great pleasure and knowledge from the site.
    So, enjoy your well earned break and hopefully you can do a short detour to Australia where there are a huge number of silent supporters like myself who would like to make you welcome.

  83. Have a great time in New Zealand, Anthony. Michael Mann deserves a one-way ticket to central Antarctica for his miserable comments.

  84. The only reason I said nothing is that I didn’t want you to go…
    But you had your own life to gallop.

  85. Wherever you are, wherever you may be, always remember to relax and enjoy because:
    It’s Five O’clock Somewhere (my favorite version) Enjoy!!!

  86. New Zealand is beautiful, the north and south islands. Getting excited?? Have a fabulous holiday. All the best, Faye from Oz.

  87. New Zealand, woohoo! No GW in the SH!! Charles has my email address, drop me a line I’d love to catch up while your here. Enjoy the hiatus.

  88. Good travels, and thanks for all the great information over the years. This is probably my third comment since I started following you many, many years ago, but your site is a wealth of real information amidst all the drivel. I cannot imagine what a work load this site has been, but please know the work has been well appreciated. (Now if only you could get those dastardly oil companies to cough up a few seven figure checks, eh?)

  89. Thank you Anthony, this site has been prominently discussed in our home/social circles for last 8 yrs – no doubt you’ll be missed but taking care of yourself is most important. We’ll await your return and hopefully some interesting posts and pictures from your many destinations. Take care Anthony.

  90. Enjoy NZ Anthony, but take thermal undies, it’s the middle of winter and there is nothing between Antarctica and NZ when a southerly blows. So much to see, so little time. IMO, you have chosen a great time to visit NZ.
    Kia ora Anthony.

  91. I would love to see the response if Mann said he wanted some support!!!
    I doubt he would get many invitations but probably plenty of ‘advice’.

    • Anthony asks for something, his readers voluntarily respond.
      Mann wants money, he uses sleazy science to wheedle grants from a biased bureaucracy funded through the IRS. It would truly be interesting to see how many (if any) would fund him voluntarily.

  92. Safe travels sir.
    Wishing you an enjoyable, relaxing, exciting, and restful time in all of your travels.
    You have done so much to bring attention to what is doubtlessly the most important issue of our time.
    To say thank you for all of your efforts and attention seems so entirely inadequate but…Thank You!
    I know I speak for a great many people when I express heartfelt gratitude for all that you do and have done.
    Stay safe, and Bon Voyage!

  93. Anthony,
    If you happen to get across the Tasman, I’d be please to travel the 160 Kms. to Melbourne just to buy you a beer.
    Also, while in NZ, check out flights to the Cook Islands. Aitutaki is as nice a place as there is!
    Have a great trip,

  94. Dr. Mann’s the one cleared by the same team of moral geniuses who cleared Sandusky.
    He’s also the cheerleader of the group who told the world they had invented an entirely new form of math, climate math, and it turned out to not just be a hockey stick generator – but a clunky one with loads of extra lines of code: examiners determining nearly universally that – their being there, was in order to hide the fact the program was nothing more than a short, simple hockey stick generator.
    The other arm of ”climate statistics” and ”climate math” turned out to be NASA’s Dr. Hansen claiming if he had a nitrogen cooled computer he could calculate the temperature of compressible phase matter using the law for incompressible phase matter. Of course that yields a 33 degree shortfall in the calculated temperature.
    Dr Hansen’s name for this? The green house effect.
    It was also Dr. Mann who told the Senate it was hard to get the equipment to the trees to take core samples, when in fact they’re taken by people of all ages, seniors and youths alike, using a coring drill bit and handle, that weighs about a half pound.

  95. Anthony, may I suggest one entire week being unwired…no phone, internet, TV, newspapers, etc. A friend of mine accidentally dropped his work cell phone in the ocean during a day fishing trip while on vacation and he said it was the best thing that ever happened.
    Enjoy your long overdue and much deserved vacation!

  96. Anthony ! Australia is just a quick flight away from NZ. While you’re in NZ, come over and visit us here in Melbourne for a weekend.

  97. Thanks for your hard work and incredible dedication and contributions to a very worthy cause. Have a great trip! +$10

  98. Enjoy the well deserved break Anthony. This is such a great blog. I’ve learnt so much from it.

  99. Once you hit NZ, everyone will warn against travelling to Palmerston North-the city with most of nothing – however – its best kept secret is a nice little organic dairy farm on the outskirts of the city that you’d be welcome to visit and chew the fat.

    • I did not write the above, but the farm in question is operated by farmerbraun, a sometime commenter here,and is a good example of the wholistic resource management that was discussed in the Alan Savory thread here on sustainable agriculture.
      A good place to do a stopover at Anthony, and you’re welcome to use our facilities.

      • One further thought Anthony. I own a ski chalet in Ohakune. You are welcome to use it, gratis, if the dates line up. Email me if it might work for you,

  100. Have a wonderful time Anthony!
    Make sure you have a new camera and portable computer-communication devices.
    Only do what you want, really want, to do!
    Just in case, bring along any presentations you’ve been working. Just in case you run into a need for showing the presentation or interest in understanding your passions.
    Don’t marry the first lady that you get smitten with!
    We’ll see you in September!

  101. Have fun. Life is too short. Next: move out of the land of fruits and nuts.

  102. Long time reader and poster. Stopped checking here regularly when politics took over from science.
    All the best, Anthony. Enjoy NZ, it’s great here.

  103. Anthony, when you get to NZ, and if you come down the West Coast of the South Island, there is probably a night of free accomodation in Greymouth if you need it. Let me know by email and I will block out a night for you.

  104. I absolutely love NZ. Enjoy. The Sierra Nevada’s in August may be one of the most beautiful areas of the States. There are a couple of lakes above Donner Pass (near Truckee as I remember) that have landlocked salmon (I think they are called Kokanee). The lakes are almost crystal clear, you can see the fish at the bottom of the lake. My Dad (passed away 2 years ago @ 89) took me up there when I was 10 in 1959 for a week of camping just with him. One of my fondest memories of my wasted youth.

    • It looks like the total eclipse in OR will be about the same amount of time as the Kentucky Derby – a little over 2 minutes (except for Secretariat).
      So make the most of it for those 2 minutes – you who are able to go there. And of course, protect your eyes, as looking directly at the sun can cause permanent damage, even with “sun glasses”…but most people on WUWT know that…

  105. First time commenter here, long time daily WUWT reader. Good choice on New Zealand! I lived there for 11 years and brought a Kiwi bride back to California with me. July weather in NZ is hit or miss – I’d recommend a stopover in Rarotonga or Fiji. If you really want to get away, I have a cabin on an island in BC, Canada that is boat and seaplane access only. The summer weather is awesome and the Chinook and Coho fishing is what brings us back every year.
    On the radio I heard mention to a story that someone on WUWT may want to pick up.
    I’d like to volunteer. Your recent appeal for help has made me think about how important WUWT is to me and a large number of regular readers out there. I’m something of an autodidact and had experience with writing, editing, graphic design and publishing. So give me a task big or small and I’ll come through for you and WUWT. Off to look for the donate button.

  106. You can’t come to NZ without visiting the untamed natural wilderness of the West Coast of the South Island. There’s plenty of action adventure, stunning scenery, brown trout that die of old age, or just sit back and relax in an old world pub. I have plenty of accommodation at my home in Greymouth and you would be most welcome to stay as my guest for as long as you like.

    • Anthony (Watts),
      If you make it to the West Coast of the SI, stop off at the Fox Glacier. Incidentally, besides finding driving on the ‘wrong side of the road’ challenging, I had a rental car that didn’t have enough power to make it up over the pass going east to Christchurch and had to turn around and take another run at it at higher speed! While less convenient than driving oneself, taking public transportation has the advantage of opportunities to meet and talk with the locals.

    • Another beautiful winters day on The Coast. Conditions CAVU. I can hear the big surf breaking on the deserted beach near my house and can clearly see the line of the snow capped Southern Alps extending into the distance with Aorangi Mt Cook clearly visible at 147 Km away. The bush clad hills are looking particularly clean and green in recent years for some strange reason. I think a casual drive up to the nearby Lake Kaniere for lunch could be on the agenda today. I haven’t seen or heard about a burglar or a bandit in recent memory so I expect it to be a safe and secure day in a pristine location that is, without doubt one of the most beautiful areas of the world to live in.

  107. Your presence here in Godzone Country will offset that of one Neil dG-T who is doing a short speaking tour of EnZed in July according to some advertising I saw on telly last night. I can also vouch for the comment by Anthony Farrell above. The West Coast, so called because the west coast of the North Island where I live is not THE West Coast, is at its best in the winter. With the back-drop of the Southern Alps to the east & south, the Coast is my favourite holiday destination. I hope that you are able to make it there next month and enjoy some relaxation because you have well earned it!

  108. Anthony,
    Take care of yourself.
    That’s the best you can do for WUWT and what you’ve made it to be.
    No need to be a martyr.

  109. Your blog is the ONE blog I read on a daily basis. I’ve learned a tremendous amount from you, your guests, and commenters. Enjoy a well-deserved vacation. I selfishly hope you never retire.

  110. .I’m just a lurker, but I so very much appreciate your site. Please have a great vacation. My wife and I are traveling for Minnesota to South Carolina to see the complete eclipse. I wish you all the best!

  111. I’ve lived in New Zealand for all bar seven of my 71 years. It’s no doubt better than most other places on the planet but it’s not quite the paradise painted in the comments above. One drawback: petty crime, fuelled by drug use — so always lock your car and know where your wallet is at all times.
    And anyone coming here in July, even to the “Winterless North” where I live, should wrap up warm and be prepared for an abundance of wet weather.

    • Graphite,
      The petty crime wasn’t a problem when I was there in ’79, but things had changed when I came back in ’89. Yes, it appears that drugs play a role in the Americanization of NZ. What a pity that the US has had that kind of influence.

      • What???!!! It’s America’s fault? How do you work that out? You sound like one of those Yanks who spend their lives apologising for the US, with no distinction between failure and success.
        Believe me, New Zealand is and always has been capable of turning out its own criminals, its own drunks and drug addicts, its own low-lifes, its own oxygen thieves of all descriptions.
        Finally, Anthony is being hosted in New Zealand by people he no doubt knows and who know him. They’ll have an itinerary sorted out and no input from outsiders is necessary.
        The man is going on holiday; leave him alone.

      • Graphite,
        Strange reply! First off, it was addressed to you, not Anthony, so there was no need to admonish me to “leave him alone.”
        It used to be accepted as a truism that NZ was about 20 years behind the US, culturally. When I toured there in 1979, that seemed to be about right. The people I met and observed seemed similar to what I experienced when I was in high school in the ’50s. However, when I returned in ’89, I experienced a theft immediately upon arrival and it appeared that drugs and the Goth culture had made significant inroads on the teenagers. Locals informed me that there were now problems with motorcycle gangs.
        There was far less TV to watch in NZ than I was accustomed to, and it seemed to me that it was divided between locally produced news and sitcoms, and Hollywood movies. I blame the Hollywood movies for providing undesirable role models for your youth.
        It is interesting that you think that a Kiwi knows better what a Yank might find interesting in your country than another American who has visited there. Certainly, residents may be aware of things that I’m not, but as to judgments as to things that are interesting, you are giving yourself too much credit for understanding Americans. It is not your place to tell me that my input is not necessary. Anthony is quite capable of making those decisions himself. You are a poor emissary for NZ, and quite unlike those I have met there.

      • Clyde,
        This sort of patronising comment — “the Americanization of NZ” and “What a pity that the US has had that kind of influence” — is what gets up non-American noses. Mine, anyway. As does this: “a truism that NZ was about 20 years behind the US, culturally”.
        Which part of America were we 20 years behind in 1979? Wilmington, Delaware? Boise, Idaho? Des Moines, Iowa? Huntington, West Virginia? Burlington, Vermont? Lubbock, Texas? Huntsville, Alabama? Or New York, New York? And are all those cities identical in their cultural chronology?
        New Zealand had a gang problem in the 1980s, still has, but only a tiny fraction of the trouble comes from motorbike gangs. Also, American bikes are looked upon as a bit of a joke down here; we went from British Nortons, Triumphs and BSAs to Japanese Hondas, Suzukis and Kawasakis without ever bothering with Harley Davidsons . . . apart from the midlife crisis guys; they love ’em; no riding skill required.
        As for “I blame the Hollywood movies for providing undesirable role models for your youth”, you can blame it all you like but believe me, no more than a handful of Kiwi kids are basing their lives on what Hollywood provides, good or bad. And isn’t that Goth stuff English in origin?
        As for me knowing better what a Yank would find interesting in my country, I would offer no advice unless I knew the guy personally. And as I don’t know Anthony personally I gave no advice bar in another post saying that taking in a rugby match would be a poor choice.
        My “leave him alone” admonition was prompted by the screeds of suggestions on what Anthony should do while he’s in New Zealand, one of them your idea, which I consider weird for a bloke who’s being hosted while here, that he should use public transport.
        And I repeat that — Anthony is being hosted while here. Let his hosts, who know him, organise his itinerary.
        As for me being unlike other Kiwis you’ve met here, well, if you’d stayed longer you would have come across my type. I’m not unique. I’m blunt, I’m opinionated, I tell it like it is and, above all, I don’t like people who piss in my pocket.

      • Graphite,
        Maybe Clyde doesn’t know that crime rates in the US have been dropping since the early 1990’s: (
        Or that the National Institute on Drug Abuse estimates that 23.5 million people need treatment for addiction to drugs or alcohol: ( they estimate that about 11 million seek help) That’s just 7% of the US population, so I find it hard to justify the insinuation that drugs are a major influence in all things “American” or that increasing drug use automatically equates with increased crime rates. Boredom and economics are also factors in petty theft.
        It’s bad enough that Clyde seems oblivious to the fact that being a “Yank” himself doesn’t make him an expert on every other Yank and what they do or do not find interesting, but he also seems to think that what he personally experienced or saw in 1989 (as in highly pathetic automobiles vs a much more effective public transit system) will surely be of use to Anthony now… 28 years later. I mean, he did suggest that the NZ people seemed to change, and not for the better, in the mere 20 years between his visits…so according to his logic, if them poor, innocent, easily influenced young Kiwis were so easily overwhelmed by the influence of them “fancy, bright lights and flashy picture stories from Hollywood” in 1989, (not to mention the addictive vices and evil behaviors that he thinks run rampant among Americans) then NZ today must be a veritable wasteland overrun by roving bands of teen savages who steal everything in sight so they could rent American movies and buy American drugs!!
        (snarkity snark snark…just sayin)
        I believe Clyde believed he was being helpful. I also believe, like Graphite, that his comments regarding differences between Americans and New Zealanders were offensive and easily viewed as condescending. Anthony did not request suggestions or ideas for his trip and I hope he spends every single moment doing exactly what he wants to, and ONLY what he wants to.

  112. Come to Cork City in Ireland and I’ll buy you a pint! You’ve done a fantastic job on this website and the scientific world owes you a huge debt of gratitude!
    As we say here in the real capital of Ireland, Michael Mann is a ferocious langer!

  113. Anthony, sorry I missed your original appeal for help. I’ve just caught up with WUWT today and have dropped a donation in your tip jar.
    Enjoy your time off for decompression. You’ve more than earned it!

    • The Arctic region I know best is Alaska. Here are winter record high dates for Arctic sites there:
      Barrow: December 1932, January 1930, February 1938.
      Nome: December 1969, January 1977, February 1986.
      Admittedly, Nome is high subarctic.

    • It was??? Then why are NOAA and other “credible” agencies reporting that 2016 was warmer in the Arctic??
      I’m having a problem understanding your point. What exactly do you think Anthony’s “post” is….and how exactly does him being at his post, or away from it, affect the weather in the Arctic?

  114. A warm welcome to New Zealand in advance for you Anthony .If you get a chance come to the Waitomo Glowworm Caves near where I live . New Zealand has incredible sports people ,the All Blacks are one up against the British and Irish Lions rugby team with two more tests to play .Team New Zealand have to win just one more race in Bermuda to take the Americas Cup back to New Zealand not to bad for 4 and a half million people .up against the USA.
    WUWT is the best anti alarmist blog on the web and we sure need common sense to prevail Anthony ‘
    I see some remarks about petty crime in New Zealand which is really only in some city areas the same all over the world but I have lived here all my life and only had a couple of items stolen in 74 years .Come to the country areas Anthony great places great people.

  115. You’ll get plenty of support in NZ from farmers; farming accounts for half the GHG emissions, a third in methane from ruminants.

  116. Yes Stephanie we farmers are fighting against this most stupid theory ..Our livestock eat vegetation ie,grass maize and other crops that all absorbs CO2 from the air . The livestock belch methane during there digestion and this methane lasts in the atmosphere for an average of 8 to 10 years and is broken down to CO2 and water vapor which is exactly what grass needs to grow .The average amount of methane in the atmosphere is 1,7 parts per million or there about . Activists and opposition politicians in New Zealand demand that the government apply a tax on all livestock which would take income away from farmers to go where ? The government has resisted and rightly so because 90% of our produce is exported to feed the world and no other countries are taxing there farmers therefore we would be penalizing our major export industry and loading another cost on to them when we are already paying levies on fuel and electricity to go towards buying carbon credits . We have some of the lowest cost farm operations in the world as the majority of our livestock are not housed in winter and farm management systems maximize grazed pasture all year round so that our energy use is minimized compared to most agricultural countries.

  117. Glad to hear you are coming to Oregon. Now if we can turn our I-5 left coast into patriots who also want to make us great again, life would be damned near perfect here in the Eastern 2/3rds of Oregon.

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