WUWT at 10+ years – I need some help, please

UPDATE 6/14/17: Michael E. Mann just can’t stand this, see below.

Hello everyone,

I feel like many of you are family, you’ve been with me and this endeavor so long. I started in November of 2006, and I’m approaching my 11th year. In all that time, WUWT has been providing a daily service to readers with original research, commentary, and humor where appropriate.

During this time, we’ve witnessed many great things together: Climategate started here in 2009, and the implosion of the Copenhagen conference as a result. The unmasking of the IPCC, showing that many of the “voodoo science” claims against skeptics made by IPCC chairman Pachauri, were based on fake datashockingly bad science, and even grey literature. Now the tables are turned, and he’s out in disgrace. Then there was the time that I proved without a doubt that both Al Gore and Bill Nye were not just incompetent, but liars too, faking a science experiment. That finding by me was later backed up by a peer reviewed paper in the American Journal of Physics. Then there was the leaking of the IPCC AR5 documents here, showing how corrupted their thinking is, and how the final product was sanitized. Then there’s the Paris Agreement, watching it unfold, shaking our heads at the inanity of it. Even Dr. James Hansen called it a “fraud”. Then, just two weeks ago, watching President Trump remove the U.S. from it. It was truly a great day, with the bonus of watching all those heads explode.

Some people say that WUWT was a force or a catalyst in contributing to these things happening, but I don’t know. I just did what seemed like the right thing. Dig for the truth behind the headlines, and never, ever, give up.

It’s been a great ride. But, to be honest, I’m facing burnout. I need a break, so that I can continue another 10 years. I have not taken a real vacation from WUWT during the entire time. Ric Werme, who tracks WUWT, I think once said it’s been about 7 years since WUWT went a day without at least one story, and often there are five or six. It’s a lot of work. The ride has personally and professionally had it’s fallout for me. I’ve had clients cancel on me because of my views, and I’ve been through a personal hell too.

But, I continued, and I want to keep contributing, but I need a break to do it. I think I deserve one. Steve McIntyre of ClimateAudit once told me in a face to face conversation that “You and I both have done the work of ten men. I think we’ve given them a good run” (he was referring to the “Hockey Team et al”). Steve has essentially retired [from] blogging, because he has other pursuits. He feels like he’s done his fair share. I’d say his contribution was monumental.

I still have more stories to tell, I still have more research to do, I still have more to contribute.

One of the great things about WUWT is that we’ve had so many guest authors. This keeps it fresh. But I still have to administer it all. I do it from my phone, my laptop, and my home and office PC. I’ve never really been out of touch from it

Here’s the stats over the past 10+ years.

  • 16,496 stories posted
  • 49 reference pages (some of which sorely need work)

There’s no other website that focuses on Climate Science that can even come close to that track record. That’s not a boast, but a simple fact of numbers. Many people said I’d fail, that I’d be undone, and there’s been a lot of pressure and outright hatred and smearing directed at me personally to make me quit. I even had an offer once to “buy me out” as a way to get me to stop. I told them to shove it.

I had help getting here, from readers like you, guest authors, and many many scientists who have advised me from behind the scenes. I’m greatly appreciative to all of you for bearing those slings and arrows with me.

What convinced me that I really need a break was a really stupid error I made yesterday. I posted a story thinking it was Wednesday (Hump Day Hilarity) when it was actually Monday (Monday Mirthiness). Readers caught it [in] comments, and I was too tired to notice until hours later. It’s a simple error that has since been corrected, but it’s a wake-up call for me. It’s a clear sign of fatigue.

Here is what I want to do: Take a month off. Disconnect.  Then come back fresh.


To do that though, and keep WUWT running, requires help. It’s not without precedence. Back in 2007, Steve McIntyre took a vacation to the desert southwest USA, with a mission in mind, to gather some tree ring core samples of his own to dispute Mann’s findings (though he didn’t say that at the time). Long time readers may recall he asked me to take over ClimateAudit during that break, which I did gladly, and it continued, ready for him when he returned.

I think I can do that here, I’m sure many of our guest authors will step up and our moderators can keep the comments flowing, albeit perhaps not as speedily since we have fewer moderators than we used to have.

I’m asking for two things: help with content/moderating, and some donations, so that I can choose a place to go disconnect, and not worry. I don’t want a staycation, and if that darned Koch Brothers check that many Mann-like people seem to think I’m getting would just show up in the mailbox, I’d not have to ask. There’s another reason too. I have an idea for a temperature data study, along the lines of some of the UHI studies I’ve done in the past, but I’ll need to purchase some equipment to run the experiment. And, when I return (assuming I can get help to keep WUWT running) I want to migrate WUWT to a new web platform. The last overhaul was in September of 2014, and since then things that I keep asking for from wordpress.com keep getting ignored (such as comment editing by end users to fix simple mistakes). I’ve been asking for almost as  long as WUWT has been on wordpress, and it’s become clear to me that wordpress.com just doesn’t care because they keep adding social media enhancements rather than real meat and potatoes features. Time to move on to something that works better and requires less time to administer.

In other news, I just finished a new book chapter, it’s at the proof stage at the printers, and it will be available soon. I’ll let you know when it is available.

So, dear readers and contributors, here is what I need:

  • Volunteers: for moderating, for guest author content, and for scheduling publishing of the kind of stories and press releases we normally carry. Use the About》Contact form from the drop down menu under the header.
  • Donations: for recharge, and for new ventures to be designed and published
  • Patience: while I figure out how to do all this.

Thanks for your consideration. Those that want to help with moderation, guest content, and scheduling can either leave a comment or use the contact form to direct message me.

For those that wish to donate towards a break and a new setup and experiment, here’s the link and button. Anything is welcome, no matter how small.

Donations accepted

I’m going to leave this post up for a couple of days as the top head post, to make sure casual readers and regulars alike see it.

Thanks, sincerely, to all of you. -Anthony Watts

UPDATE: Mann and the usual suspects have had a twitterstorm over this.

It’s driving them all batshit crazy that:

1. I’ve survived 10 years, even though I’m apparently too stupid to have accomplished anything in that time.

2. People actually like me and want to help.

3. More people read WUWT than all of their blogs combined.

I’m very blessed. Thanks to everyone! – Anthony

707 thoughts on “WUWT at 10+ years – I need some help, please

    • Me, too, Anthony. I am willing to do ANY-thing you need for this site: moderation (whoo-hoo! 🙂 ); writing mini-research paper kind of articles; whatever you can think of that a non-tech professional can do to help you.
      I will now go click on the “Donate” button! — Gladly.
      Thank you, so much for all you have done for TRUTH!!

      Make it 3 months

      — 1 will go by so fast you will not even have started to rejuvenate.
      [The mods wonder.
      “1 (month ?) will go by so fast …”
      or “I will go buy so fast …” (If so, one must grab the checkbook before Janice leaves.)
      or “one” (person) will go by so fast …” (If so, two people may need to grab the checkbook first.) .mod]

      • DITTO Janice. Looking forward to your articles, too. Since 2007, my day is incomplete without a visit to WUWT for honest discussion of climate issues. My $50 has been sent, and I’ll send more if needed for a 2-month vacation. I recommend Bora-Bora or another island in French Polynesia.

      • Partly in response to the sneers of the miserable detractors of Anthony, a true American hero doing his utmost to keep us free from envirostalinism (see above update), and partly in response to all the liberal partisan hatred which this morning culminated in a deeply disturbed man picking up a rifle to be their foot soldier and mostly because I just love my country so much….
        On this

        Flag Day

        , we remember all the blessings we have, thanks to God’s
        making that flag stand for a land free from tyranny, ideological as well as physical, ….
        and we remember how much we love our land of freedom….

        First, a prayer:
        God, Bless America (Celine Dion)

        United, we stand… .
        Then, because we Americans will NOT bow to bullying by ANY-one and, thus, life goes on —
        a typical American patriotic PARADE! 🙂

        (youtube by John DeVault)
        Finally, the key to freedom and peace — the most powerful force in the world: love.

        You shall love your neighbor as yourself.

        Ancient Jewish Writing (Lev. 19:18)

      • Janice Moore June 14, 2017 at 9:27 am

        and partly in response to all the liberal partisan hatred which this morning culminated in a deeply disturbed man picking up a rifle to be their foot soldier

        Yup, the blame for that “Republican shooting” lies directly on/with the highly vocal “anti-Trump” Congressional Democrats, …… their highly vocal “anti-Trump” liberal Democrat partisan donors and supporters …… and the liberal Democrat partisan news media that insures the aforesaid anti-Trump hate rhetoric gets repeated “night n’ day”.

      • Janice,
        That ancient Hebrew writing in Leviticus 19 only applied to other Hebrews:
        18 Thou shalt not avenge, nor bear any grudge against the children of thy people, but thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself: I am the Lord.
        19 Ye shall keep my statutes. Thou shalt not let thy cattle gender with a diverse kind: thou shalt not sow thy field with mingled seed: neither shall a garment mingled of linen and woollen come upon thee.
        20 And whosoever lieth carnally with a woman, that is a bondmaid, betrothed to an husband, and not at all redeemed, nor freedom given her; she shall be scourged; they shall not be put to death, because she was not free.

    • I think Anthony is finally realizing its getting more & more difficult to continue to deny science in the face of the overwhelming amount of contradictory evidence. The planet is warming because of the emissions released by the burning of fossil fuels that release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere which is the cause of global warming. For all those replying, you do so thinking you no more about science than NASA, the Royal Society and even Stephen Hawking. Really, ….. you are still going to reply, wow, bring on the abuse, I love it.

      • I don’t think I “{k}no{w} more about science” than NASA, et al., Steve. My response is simply this: regarding your assertion, “the planet is warming because of emissions released by the burning of fossil fuels…,”
        prove it.

      • Steve, the entire face of Autism changed because PARENTS knew more than the PhD’d scientists. There are many examples of scientific paradigm shifts due to amature input. If you are unaware of this, clearly you are not a scientist, nor an amature either. You appear to be just a mouth. So shut it!

      • Steve
        If you really like abuse, you should try changing sides. Many of your fellow alarmists get quite shitty when the weakness of your argument is pointed out.
        Steven Hawking, really?. I’ll see you with Freeman Dyson, and raise you an Ivar Giaever , if name dropping gets you off.

      • you do so thinking you no more about science
        Well for starters the word you are looking for here is “know” not “no”. Beyond that, when debating alarmists, I rely almost exclusively on the data and science as reported by NASA and the IPCC. It is not a matter of knowing more than them Steve, it is a matter of knowing what their science actually says rather than blindly accepting the over hyped rhetoric of activist reporting.

      • I think we should coin a name for the simple(ton) Steves of the world- how about Dunning Krugerites or DKs in short?

      • In my narrow corner of science I definitely know more than NASA, the Royal Society and Stephen Hawking.
        So what? That proves nothing. Literally. If a couple of people listen to me and a few thousand people derive some temporary benefit, I figure we have a square deal.
        I just read the document on the non-problem of Lake Chad, one of AL Gore’s poster places that was linked by a contributor on another post. That is a link provided by Anthony Watts’ work and suffering. It leads to the independent investigation of truth, a core requirement for an ever-advancing civilisation. With NASA, the Royal Society ad Stephen Hawking all working to promote global warming fallacies and with AL Gore’s examples of fake climate porn, we must take personal responsibility for staying the hand of the oppressor and speaking truth to power.
        It is well nigh impossible to demonstrate any effect of AG CO2 on the climate of this planet because there is far too much internal variability. Changes caused by AG CO2, if there are there, are below the limit of determination (LOD). Until the changes are large enough, or the LOD is greatly improved, we see nothing out of the ordinary, based on only the surviving written record. Looking further back into the paleorecords, there is nothing unusual happening other than sustaining the foolish memes circulated by a deluded fraction of the community of physical scientists.
        Anthony’s efforts to provide a neutral space where natural enquiry can flourish has been a godsend to the English-speaking world. In times like these, the world needs heroes, even unlikely ones.

      • After seeing your TROLL post, I doubled my Anthony “recharge” getaway donation.

      • What wrong with you? Haven’t you been paying any attention at all? Been sleeping in the classroom? Geez…

      • Hi Steve,
        Have we seen you here presenting devastating evidence to school all of us?
        Thought not.
        Carpe Diem, dude.

      • “Steve June 13, 2017 at 7:51 pm
        I think Anthony is finally realizing its getting more & more difficult to continue to deny science in the face of the overwhelming amount of contradictory evidence. The planet is warming because of the emissions released by the burning of fossil fuels that release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere which is the cause of global warming. For all those replying, you do so thinking you no more about science than NASA, the Royal Society and even Stephen Hawking. Really, ….. you are still going to reply, wow, bring on the abuse, I love it.”

        More tripe from the peanut gallery.
        Show, explicitly, the overwhelming evidence!
        • The Arctic is still full of ice, unlike other times in the Holocene.
        • The Antarctic is quite frozen and increasing in mass.
        • Greenland is increasing in ice mass.
        • No animals have died, in spite of overwhelming extinction predictions.
        • The seas are not rising any faster than the previous century.
        • Ocean temperatures are not warming.
        • Storms are not more frequent nor more damaging.
        • Snow still falls.
        • Rain is not more or less frequent.
        • Coral is bleached by exposure to air, not so much warm water.
        The OCO-2 satellite disabuses anyone from believing that specious claim of “mankind’s fossil fuel emissions” being substantive GHG contribution to the atmosphere.
        You should wonder why NASA doesn’t use the actual CO2 emission information rather than their quite erroneous models?
        For you and your very false strawman argument:
        A) No one claims to know more science than NASA.
        B) NASA/NOAA were hijacked by activists; facts that are revealed in the Climategate leaked documents.
        C) There is no excuse for an alleged science institution to manipulate data. NOAA’s abuse of data iss egregious.
        D) There is zero evidence that the “Royal Society” is following science. The sham cover-up and whitewash that allegedly investigated exposed FOIA and Climategate shenanigans is prima facie evidence against said royal society.
        E) Is there some reason you believe Hawking is omniscient? Perhaps you can display the Climate research papers Hawking worked on?
        Totally bogus steve! How much do the sham climatologists pay you to post such utter trash?

      • Steve is yet another drive by troll. (hasn’t got the balls to stick around for a while)…

      • Steve, the “denial” lies in the minds of people who persist in claiming things established as fact. Becoming dogmatic is symptomatic of a failure to imagine and to think. It reflects magical rather than scientific thinking. Despite the silly persistence of calling people like Anthony “deniers” any one capable of actually seeing and then reading what Anthony for one, or Steve McIntyre for another, NEVER argued that CO2 does not contribute to the planet’s status as habitable. Quite the opposite within the camp of sceptics Anthony has often been referred to as “luke warmer.” Instead of adding one and one and getting 3.5-deg. K of warming, he never has taken the chicken little pill.
        The question is not “whether” C02 contributes to our comfortable state, but whether human output is enough to alter that state catastrophically, which is a very far cry from “denial.” The question is of whether or not human action is warming the planet, but whether our out put of CO2 is a bad thing, or a good thing. The biosphere of the planet requires free carbon, and the consumption of free carbon by the biosphere is not a “cycle.” Geologically, CO2 is quite clearly a steadily declining resource. Living matter fixes carbon and some of the carbon does not go back to the biosphere. Instead it lost, buried by geological processes and time. The second law forbids perpetual motion. A lossless “balanced” carbon cycle is a perpetual motion system, forbidden by physics. So, once again, from the biosphere’s point of view, is human CO2 output bad, or is it possibly very slightly delaying the next Permian level event?

      • “… you do so thinking you no more about science than … Stephen Hawking. Really …”
        And you think you know more than Freeman Dyson and, Nobel Prize Winner, Ivar Giaever? Two can play the appeal to authority game”.

      • That is a troll post, try not to feed the trolls. And there is no use arguing science with a someone presenting a religious argument. The argument stated is, “Look at my Priests! Look at my Church! Do you dare challenge my god?”

      • Steve: “I think Anthony is finally realizing its getting more & more difficult to continue to deny science in the face of the overwhelming amount of contradictory evidence”.
        It is, indeed, more and more difficult to fight alarmists because they present, indeed, more and more contradictory evidence. They contradict each other every other day. It is difficult to fight them when they make so many contradictory claims.

      • Dude, If you’re looking for something to just believe in, without any need of a robust proof, try reading the Torah, or the Gospels, or the Quran, or the Sutras, or the Vedas.
        There is know room for faith based science. Scepticism is required for learning and is at the heart of noledge. As any fule kno.

      • Oh Stevie! You poor ignorant dupe. This sentence is the clincher. “For all those replying, you do so thinking you no more about science than NASA…” Please, please give us your credentials for even being able to judge whether the NASA politicians are more credible with science and Islam than are the real PhD’s who come to comment here.
        Then I looked a little closer and wondered if there wasn’t some Freudian slip in your ignorance of the difference between no and know. “For all those replying, you do so thinking you no more…” Are you hoping for harm to befall those who gather here for real information and unbiased knowledge? Are you hoping, as have others from your side, that the great questioning minds that inhabit WUWT die? Or the fine scientists who contribute here will be no more, and soon?
        And for those who wonder, sarc off.

      • Hey ATheoK –
        Just as a point of order:
        “• The Arctic is still full of ice, unlike other times in the Holocene.
        • The Antarctic is quite frozen and increasing in mass.
        • Greenland is increasing in ice mass.
        • No animals have died, in spite of overwhelming extinction predictions.
        • The seas are not rising any faster than the previous century.
        • Ocean temperatures are not warming.
        • Storms are not more frequent nor more damaging.
        • Snow still falls.
        • Rain is not more or less frequent.
        • Coral is bleached by exposure to air, not so much warm water.”
        None of those would be evidence that human CO2 emissions are the cause.
        And, even with Steve’s obvious appeal to authority, we all are still waiting for that actual evidence.

      • “For all those replying, you do so thinking you no more about science than NASA, the Royal Society and even Stephen Hawking.”
        How much do you ‘no’ about English?

      • Atheok:
        “• The Antarctic is quite frozen and increasing in mass”:
        Climate Audit has a great discussion at https://climateaudit.org/2015/12/02/antarctic-ice-mass-controversies/
        I see a preponderance of evidence that Antarctica’s ice sheet has been losing mass since 2008. And Antarctic sea ice recently set a record low, although not long after setting a record high (in the microwave sounding satellite era that started with 1979).
        “• Greenland is increasing in ice mass”:
        Greenland’s ice sheet has a positive surface mass balance. But this is snowfall gain minus loss from melting, and does not include loss from ice calving from the ice sheet and floating away in the sea. Greenland’s ice sheet is losing about 200 Gt/yr. According to DMI. See:
        As for the great natural sources and sinks of CO2 shown by the OCO2 satellite: They are seasonal. And it was already known that seasonal sources and sinks outweigh mankind’s contribution to increasing atmospheric CO2 even for the whole northern hemisphere, as shown by the annual squiggle in the Mauna Loa curve having an upslope and a downslope steeper than the longer term upslope. The results of the OCO2 satellite don’t negate the fact that atmospheric CO2 is increasing at about half the rate that humans are adding CO2 to the atmosphere, which means that worldwide year-round, decade-round nature is removing about half of the human contribution, and not as a whole year-round adding any to the atmosphere.

      • Steve writes “For all those replying, you do so thinking you no more about science than NASA,”
        I can spell “know”.
        NASA does not know science. Some people *at* NASA know various bits of science, some this, some that.
        It is entirely possible that within my realm of expertise I know more than most of the people at NASA.
        Science is not a singular thing that is “believed” or “not believed”. You make it sound a lot like a religion (which indeed it has become).

      • Science said the Earth was flat; Science said that we could never fly; Science said we couldn’t break the sound barrier; Science said BSE couldn’t transfer to humans; Need I go on. Science is there to be challenged and even when things are “Proven” they can be changed in the light of new evidence. If the world took what “Scientists” said as indisputable, we would never progress. WATTSUP has opened up discussion and provided a wonderful space for learning. Thank you Anthony, have a wonderful rest and please come back and keep helping me stay informed.

      • Not everyone at NASA has the same opinion. Generally speaking, when a subset claims to speak for an entire group, that everyone in the group has the exact same opinion, and that said opinion is the only acceptable opinion, that subset is lying. Humans do not naturally think as a bloc, especially when the subject is not simple (for example, the sky is blue, though people may still describe it as different shades). Even if people have the same general opinion on complex matters, they differ slightly (at least) on specifics.
        Groupthink runs rampant in some circles, with a particular party line espoused as THE ONE WAY. However, this is primarily enforced through social pressures. Harassment, ridicule, and shunning are among the preferred tactics to “punish” non-conformists. Praise, preferential treatment, and approval serve as “rewards” for supporting the narrative. This is extremely effective in a social species. History shows that individuals will go along with just about anything if they think that the “majority” back it. Even if they do not fully accept the ideology as dogma, many will keep their head down and stay quiet out of fear of retaliation or sanction.
        You do not have to know more (no more if you prefer) than someone else to believe/think/know they are mistaken. It is possible for reasonable people to disagree, and for people to look at the same data and draw different conclusions. However, it is disingenuous to reject/ignore observations that do not support your conclusions or to promote claims that are flawed*. This applies to all sides.
        *Flawed according to standards that are generally accepted for a community. Particularly if the side promoting such a claim has denounced an “opposing” claim with the same faults.

      • “JohnWho June 14, 2017 at 7:18 am
        Hey ATheoK –
        Just as a point of order:

        “• The Arctic is still full of ice, unlike other times in the Holocene.
        • The Antarctic is quite frozen and increasing in mass.
        • Greenland is increasing in ice mass.
        • No animals have died, in spite of overwhelming extinction predictions.
        • The seas are not rising any faster than the previous century.
        • Ocean temperatures are not warming.
        • Storms are not more frequent nor more damaging.
        • Snow still falls.
        • Rain is not more or less frequent.
        • Coral is bleached by exposure to air, not so much warm water.”

        None of those would be evidence that human CO2 emissions are the cause.
        And, even with Steve’s obvious appeal to authority, we all are still waiting for that actual evidence.”

        Interesting and rather baseless attempt at straw argument. A diversionary attempt to, again, invoke the false premise that the null condition must “prove” anything.
        My one liners address the abject and continuous failure of CO2 cultists to accurate predict anything, let alone properly define, test and prove CO2’s atmospheric temperature effects.
        Almost thirty years false predictions coupled with total failure to accurately document CO2’s explicit atmospheric absorption/emission physics.

      • Dems B. Dcvrs: “After seeing your TROLL post, I doubled my Anthony “recharge” getaway donation.:
        … and I think I’ll join you in that. I’m a regular sucker for irony and the sheer beauty of an alarmist halfwit being directly responsible for funding Anthony Watts is way too delicious to miss.
        Cheers little Stevie!

      • Yes Steve, I have a tiny bit of high school science and I think I know way more than NASA, RS and Hawking if only on the basis of the 97% consensus bs. I knew it was bs just from all the doom and gloom, arm waving and demands for billions and trillions quickly or we are all going to die. They sound worse than door to door sales men. Foolishly I thought the charade would fade eventually but it has not because it never was about the science. It was always politics and power and left has gone insane with their lust for power.

      • Sadly Steve, frogs croak because other frogs croak so they think it’s the thing to do. Try to listen for a while!

      • There are many instances of the mainstream scientific community being slow to acknowledge the obvious. One example is the discovery of an infectious cause (H.pylori) of peptic ulcers in 1985. The evidence was clear, but the mainstream ignored it for ten years. One of the authors of the paper went so far as to infect himself with the bacterium and document the resultant gastric inflammation, as well as its resolution upon treatment with antibiotics. Even that was ignored and mocked.

      • Again, Steve provides no evidence of his own other than the words ‘overwhelming’ and ‘contradictory’, a couple name drops, and a restatement of the company line, complete with the ‘deny science’ label.
        And yes, Steve, I ‘no’ you love the attention – like any good troll.

      • Donald L. Klipstein June 14, 2017 at 7:30 am
        “• The Antarctic is quite frozen and increasing in mass”:
        Climate Audit has a great discussion at https://climateaudit.org/2015/12/02/antarctic-ice-mass-controversies/
        I see a preponderance of evidence that Antarctica’s ice sheet has been losing mass since 2008. And Antarctic sea ice recently set a record low, although not long after setting a record high (in the microwave sounding satellite era that started with 1979).
        “• Greenland is increasing in ice mass”:
        Greenland’s ice sheet has a positive surface mass balance. But this is snowfall gain minus loss from melting, and does not include loss from ice calving from the ice sheet and floating away in the sea. Greenland’s ice sheet is losing about 200 Gt/yr. According to DMI. See:
        As for the great natural sources and sinks of CO2 shown by the OCO2 satellite: They are seasonal. And it was already known that seasonal sources and sinks outweigh mankind’s contribution to increasing atmospheric CO2 even for the whole northern hemisphere, as shown by the annual squiggle in the Mauna Loa curve having an upslope and a downslope steeper than the longer term upslope. The results of the OCO2 satellite don’t negate the fact that atmospheric CO2 is increasing at about half the rate that humans are adding CO2 to the atmosphere, which means that worldwide year-round, decade-round nature is removing about half of the human contribution, and not as a whole year-round adding any to the atmosphere.

        Ahhh, the dulcet sound of specious strawmen spread like manure on the wind.
        Map of the accumulated surface mass balance (in mm water equivalent) from September 1st to now.
        Keeping in mind that this representation is from a model, not reality.
        “Greenland’s ice sheet has a positive surface mass balance. But this is snowfall gain minus loss from melting, and does not include loss from ice calving from the ice sheet and floating away in the sea.”
        What masterful phrasing, such erudition, such bogus conflation.
        A) Increase means increase.
        B) Calving icebergs. Why not tell them everything Klipstein? The glaciers calve from ice sheets already at sea, called sea ice.
        * a) The greater the ice mass, the greater ice flows eventually to sea. This is normal ice movement and greater flow rates are caused by greater ice mass, not less.
        * b) Calving from sea ice is not a Greenland specific change.
        C) Conflating iceberg formation to Greenland loss.
        Then there is that reference to Steve McIntyre’s wonderful extremely credible ClimateAudit site; as if there is some succor or support for the alarmist notions for Antarctic ice loss.
        ClimateAudit’s excellent analysis removes a huge amount of doubt and quite proves alarmist GIA manipulations and ice mass estimates are deficient in reality.
        Perhaps you will explain why it takes so long for satellite observation sourced papers to reach publication? Is it, perhaps, to allow alarmists excuses and complaints as regards updated data?
        Following that Klipstein starts on the strawman distraction regarding natural sinks and mankind.
        The obvious OCO-2 facts are that emissions and absorptions from natural sources vastly overwhelms all mankind emissions/absorptions.
        Any “CO2 remainder” speculation requires definitive research, testing and proof. Otherwise it is just so much more baseless claim handwaving and .
        Though after thirty years of research, without any serious CO2 atmospheric knowledge advancement; it is doubtful that the climastrologists are capable os serious research.
        Instead alarmists and their specious spokespersons focus on strawmen, distractions, baseless claims, unproven models. Insipient attempts to consider CO2 alarmist predictions as the NULL condition; letting climastrologists off the hook of providing CO2 scientific proof.

      • After reading Michael Mann’s snarky tweets and “Steve’s” developmentally disadvantaged comment, I doubled my contribution. Simples!

      • “I think Anthony is finally realizing its getting more & more difficult to continue to deny science … For all those people replying, you do so thinking you no more about science than …”
        Steve, there’s a period in childhood development where the little boy wishes mommy divorced daddy (or the little girl wishes daddy divorced mommy) and married him (or daddy married her). It occurs between the ages of 5-6 years old. Freud referred to it as the Oedipal. According to some researchers the purpose behind this readily recognizable behavior is for the child to come to recognize that people have their own motives (i.e. mommy and daddy’s commitment to each other) that can still still coexist with the child’s needs for itself. In other words; we all have separate minds no one can penetrate; we’re all our own free agents. When mommy and daddy don’t get divorced, but still love and take care of him/her, the child learns this and completes that developmental stage.
        You’re going to need to do better Steve if you can’t recognize that Anthony Watts legitimate desire to take some time off has nothing to do with melding with your own mind. He is his own free agent as we all are. We can’t penetrate others’ minds. Nobody’s required to agree with you.
        And, you know what? When the powers that be want to enact policies that will affect everybody’s (but, not necessarilly their’s) livelihoods, jobs and employment, income, homes, travel, consumption, energy and general costs, and lifestyles; well, I think they have a right to have a little say so in it. And; if a scientist, who’s beak is dipped deep in the government’s watering trough; and who has not matured past the Oedipal stage; says we all have to comply with that monumental lifestyle reduction, well, my response is to say, “bug off and grow up”.

      • Steve,
        Is this the science you’re referencing?
        Premise 1: CO2 traps heat and is largely responsible for the earth’s climate.
        Premise 2: We have greatly increased the CO2 in the atmosphere.
        Premise 3: When you increase something that traps heat, you trap more heat.
        Conclusion: Therefore, we are causing the climate to change.
        It goes off the rails at premise no. 1.
        Note: Above logic copied from “Basics of Global Climate Change: A Logical Proof That it is Our Fault” at web site “The Logic of Science”. (https://thelogicofscience.com/2015/01/30/basics-of-global-climate-change-a-logical-proof-that-it-is-our-fault/)
        Thank you Anthony for your relentless efforts to shine the light of truth on this issue. Let us know by the end of the week if more donos are needed.

      • There are only two things I have to no to no that CAGW is baloney. And I don’t need a Phd. to no it. Any relatively intelligent third grader can figure it out. One, natural variability causes drastic changes in climate as evidenced by glacial periods and interglacials. Two, computer models do not prove anything. Case closed.

      • Not only don’t you know how to spell ‘know,’ you can’t even write a coherent sentence.

        The planet is warming because of the emissions released by the burning of fossil fuels that release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere which is the cause of global warming.

        You might get a little more respect if you could demonstrate a command of the English language. As it is, you write like a third grader. Third graders don’t have the ability to carry off your brand of snark.

      • Atheok, in regards to your Greenland map and surface mass balance and calving: The calving is from ice sheet ice flowing to the sea, and that loss from the ice sheet is not included in DMI’s surface mass balance because their surface mass balance is only additions (snow) minus subtractions (melting) from the surface of the ice sheet. DMI says Greenland’s ice sheet’s surface mass balance is positive *and* the ice sheet is losing 200 Gt/year, they say both in the web page that I cited (http://beta.dmi.dk/en/groenland/maalinger/greenland-ice-sheet-surface-mass-budget/), and both are true because the ice sheet is losing mass in a way other than at its surface (as in other than the surface melting which is outpaced by snow accumulation) – ice mass is also leaving the ice sheet by flowing to the sea.
        Now, it looks like I should have said “flowing to the sea” instead of “calving”? So, at what point does ice become no longer part of the ice sheet? When it is over water instead of land? Or when it breaks away (calves)? Either way, that ice is leaving the ice sheet without being a negative for surface mass balance because the surface melting of that ice occurs after it leaves the ice sheet.

      • In the next 5 years we will have another solar minimum.
        The global temp will be the same as today. Best case or about .1c warmer. ..There will be less ice.
        The CRN network will be almost 20 years long..
        The so called bad stations will match the perfect stations as the have for last 10-15 years. .
        AND. ..
        Wuwt will still be here..
        At some point in the future maybe 10 or 15 years from now skeptics will look more like flat earthers.
        History will record the strange effort of one man to fight the science.

        • Steven Mosher wrote “At some point in the future maybe 10 or 15 years from now skeptics will look more like flat earthers.”
          “Looking like” is a property of the beholder, not the thing beheld.
          Inasmuch as flat earther is a subset of class skeptic, it is more true to say a flat earther looks like a skeptic but it is not reliably true that a skeptic looks like a flat earther.
          If this is the logic you bring to the table I can see why your science is unpersuasive.
          I sometimes put myself back in time a few hundred years, mentally of course, and imagine myself in court discussing Galileo’s astonishing belief that the Earth goes around the sun rather than what seems obvious, the sun goes around the Earth.
          I hope that I would at least allow for the possibility, and then I would ask, “How can you prove it?” Well in his day, he couldn’t, not persuasively. It was Newton’s laws of motion, and better telescopes, that finally provided the evidence needed. To be sure, even the Sumerians knew about retrograde motion, but that’s just what planets DO.
          Global warming is a huge demonstration of BELIEF, scarcely different than in Galileo’s day. Your belief may be well founded; it may yet turn out to be correct, but you don’t have a way to prove it beyond reasonable doubt.

      • More manure scent on the wind…

        “Greenland’s ice sheet has a positive surface mass balance. But this is snowfall gain minus loss from melting, and does not include loss from ice calving from the ice sheet and floating away in the sea. Greenland’s ice sheet is losing about 200 Gt/yr. According to DMI. …”

        Donald, you brought the topic into the discussion.
        Let us know when you discover when ice flowing out to sea becomes sea ice and a loss to the glacier.
        Maybe by then the climastrologists will stop inflating GIA estimates and the actual ice estimates will once again be free public knowledge.

      • I don’t hold Stephen Hawking in very high esteem, especially after hearing his computer say the universe just popped into being from nothing, because the laws of Physics do not rule that out. Maybe my brain is not very intelligent, but I have a problem, with that much mass and energy appearing by magic!!!

      • Dan Sage June 16, 2017 at 4:13 pm
        CACA advocate Hawking’s position was defensible as long as the math worked, but now it appears that it doesn’t.
        Nor that of his colleague Harlte and “tunneling” cosmologists.
        The latest math suggests that Einstein had it right, ie that at the Big Bang, the curvature of spacetime was infinite. So the mystery remains to be solved.
        But when it is, other problems are liable to fall into line, such as the unification of gravity, whatever that might be, with the other three more powerful forces which have been unified, and the nature of dark energy and matter.
        Exciting times for a scientist to be alive.

      • As someone who spent most of my career working with NASA creating and using very complex computer simulation models, I can say that yes, in many ways I know more about the subject than “NASA” (that was the reason I had that job). NASA is only made up of human beings doing their jobs. Some are bright and innovative, some work hard and, like any big bureaucracy, many are neither of these. Some will do the right thing, risking their careers, but most won’t. 99% of them have little useful knowledge of any particular subject – they know about the things they work on. Someone like Steven Hawking has little more knowledge on a specific subject than Katy Perry.
        What I can tell you all is that the climate computer models that we are supposed to use to destroy millions of people’s lives would never be considered valid or useful by those who do real computer modeling for the real world.

      • ‘At some point in the future maybe 10 or 15 years from now skeptics will look more like flat earthers.”
        At some point in the future maybe 10 or 15 years from now you malicious, mendacious data fabricators will be held to account for the evil that you have visited on the population of this planet.
        I hope you’re prepared for that.

    • It make sense to bring back any good mods you have had in the past, but you are looking for new ones too.
      I can help in Moderation here as I am already a moderator on a big wordpress based science blog,which I can confirm in the E-mail. The blog owner who chose me to help Moderate the site can vouch for me.
      E.mail me,

    • You have my E-mail. I don’t use PayPal. If you will send me an address where I can send a check (made out to you, personally) I WILL donate all I can afford. And probably some more on top of that.

      • Hi, Stan,
        [snip, I’ll get it to Stan ~ctm]
        And, good for you!
        Janice 🙂
        P.S. I know, it WAS a “+1,000,” no doubt, but, I don’t want to keep track of my rating record and want to be consistent, so, I just stick with +1 (sometimes bolding it or adding a ! if I feel like it). I’m not really saying “one” as opposed to “10” or “50;” it is just a “thumbs up,” mainly. Good for you to give due honor to that excellent windmills = subsidy farms comment, Mr. Stendera (a WUWT science giant!!)! 🙂
        [The mods wonder what is the thumbed-up fruit salad average of +1, +1!, +!, +11, a thumbs up, +10, +50, and +1000, and a thumb up … Regardless, Janice always seems to fall outside of the standard deviation (er, definition) of your standard average standard. .mod]

      • Well. Dot mod. How nice to hear from you once again. 🙂
        At least you took the time to “talk.” Thanks, lol.

    • This is “all hands on deck for the WUWT followers. Let’s go guys and gals. Let’s roll.

    • Hi Anthony
      Cash donation sent from NZ. Thanks for all you have done.
      You and WUWT have been one of the keys to my knowledge increase,
      and confidence to challenge the alarmist norm in NZ.
      May President Trump’s removal of USA from Paris Agreement, result in
      the collapse of the fraud that is CAGW.
      Look forward to WUWT continuing…
      Murray Lane

    • I’d love to see corroboration between the different climate blog authors. Tony Heller is a pit bull when it comes to this stuff. He’s really breaking new ground with Lexis/Nexus. Wouldn’t surprise me if Scott Adams (Dilbert) could author a piece now and then. There are other great blogs, too. Strength in numbers.

    • hi Anthony, just donated a few euros from holland. enjoy your break. if you ever visit Europe you can stay with me.

  1. Should proposals for article topics still be made through the existing channel?
    You definitely need and deserve a sabbatical, both working and pure vacation.
    Look forward to the book.

  2. Anthony Watts, you are owed an unpayable debt of gratitude and acknowledgement, which generations of the future will realise.

    • $50 winging your way, Anthony. God bless, and enjoy your vacation. A number of years ago, I asked the Universe for one wish–for “global warming” to not be true. The evidence presented here, with the help of your many contributors, has granted that wish. I now go forward into the future (as a farmer, no less!) with optimism and the knowledge that the Universe is working things out just fine, as it should. You have done no less than restore my faith. Nature and Nature’s Truth always prevail in the end!

      • same sent, same thoughts! I started reading this blog a bit in 2007, and got hopelessly hooked in 2008. Can’t believe its been that long!
        I’ll go so far to say that if it wasn’t for Anthony’s work, we’d ALWAYS have Paris!

      • Wow, you mean you believe you “asked the universe” and it granted you your wish and you reference a made up friend in the sky! Then you deny the science that proves greenhouse gas emissions are warming the planet!! WTF!! Your position is one of delusion, look it up!
        [???? .mod]

      • Steve June 13, 2017 at 7:34 pm
        Alas, there was a time when alarmists mounted a serious effort to promote their side of the argument with actual facts and discussion. Now all we get is this kind of drivel. A sad reality, is it not, when this is the best that alarmists can muster on their own behalf?

      • Then you deny the science that proves greenhouse gas emissions are warming the planet
        there is not a single scientific study that proves anything to be true. this is not limited to climate, it is true of all the sciences. as soon as someone says that science proves something to be true, you can be sure they are not a scientists.

      • davidmhoffer said: “Alas, there was a time when alarmists mounted a serious effort to promote their side of the argument with actual facts and discussion. Now all we get is this kind of drivel. A sad reality, is it not, when this is the best that alarmists can muster on their own behalf?”
        I doubt very much that many of the thousands of climate and atmospheric scientists spend their time here. They publish papers on their research. If you don’t agree with their results or conclusions, that’s fine. No matter what they publish, the objections will always be the same by skeptics – 1) that they used bad or corrupted data and therefore the conclusions are not valid and/or 2) the impact of natural variation was not considered in their work.

      • Chris: Steve has locked up the “lamest troll” certificate for this site, but we appreciate that you are trying harder. Seems that, no matter what is posted here, alarmists will (almost) always respond with “pal-reviewed” authority while using universals about what all sceptics always do. You and your friends never seem to notice that your authority figures are so busy publishing, they never put together an actual experiment. And my two universals actually apply.

      • paul courtney,
        I am crushed – crushed! – by your troll accusation. Coming from an eminent scientist such as yourself who has published exactly 0 peer reviewed papers.
        My point still stands. Why on earth should active climatologists engage on this site? Give me one good reason. As I noted before, this is how things roll on WUWT:
        1) All temperature data except RSS is corrupt, even though all data, INCLUDING RSS, has adjustments made. For RSS it is things such as orbital decay, changes in sensor sensitivity. For land based it is things such as changing the time of day when a logger is read, or to correct drift issues. Yet somehow RSS is solid and to be trusted, and ground based not.
        2) Climatologists are corrupt and in it for the money. Except, of course, when a climatologist publishes a paper that supports the skeptic view. Then their work is rock solid!
        3) It’s all due to natural variation, even though climatologists account for that in their analysis.

      • Chris: Hope your recovery goes well. So we all roll one way here, which is exactly one good reason a climatologist should stop by, tell us all about his/her reproducible experiment showing atmospheric warming from CO2, and put us out of our uni-misery. Sure would save ’em a lot of adjusting.

      • paul, as you very well know, a reproducible experiment that includes all of the earth’s variables – oceans, land mass, atmosphere, etc – is essentially asking for another earth upon which this “experiment” can be conducted. Science is carried out all the time where the impact of other factors is included in the analysis – it’s done all the time in health studies. in the case of AGW, that would be variables such as ocean heat takeup, cloud cover, ocean currents. if you don’t believe the results of the many papers published on this topic, fine. But don’t use the reproducible experiment copout.

        • Chris wrote “Science is carried out all the time where the impact of other factors is included in the analysis – it’s done all the time in health studies.”
          Health studies are studies, not science per se. More statistics than science. I take your meaning as to doing the best you can under the circumstances, but experiment is part of the scientific method of observation, hypothesis, testing. “Studies” is a poor substitute for testing.
          “But don’t use the reproducible experiment copout.”
          Why not? It seems pretty effective. It forces into the open an admission that this whole thing is not entirely scientific. That’s no secret but there’s a huge (and effective) meme pretending it is all settled science. My brother comes at me with accusation that tens of thousands of scientists believe in imminent catastrophe from global warming (the IPCC SPM if I remember right).
          To focus his thinking (he’s a government worker) I asked him why the government needed 10,000 climate scientists. Got names? Of course not. I suspect all regulars here can name the dozen or so actual relevant names from memory. Most of this whole show isn’t climate scientists, it is politicans, journalists and so on.
          I pointed out that what you really have is a much smaller number of scientists each of whom over the years has issued many papers, of which a tiny fraction deal directly with global warming. So 10,000 *papers* mention global warming in some manner (pops up on a search, as will this comment), which John Cook then rates as implicit endorsement. But the *explicit* endorsement is minuscule in that huge pile.

      • Chris June 14, 2017 at 11:55 pm
        RSS is about to become corrupt, leaving only UAH and the balloon data as actual data.

      • David M. Hoffer wrote: “Alas, there was a time when alarmists mounted a serious effort to promote their side of the argument with actual facts and discussion.”
        I think I remember that. Was it a couple of years in the early 1990s? It seems like the appeal to consensus and the constant stream of ad hominem attacks has been around for ever.
        I vaguely remember having some actual discussions on the facts in the early days. As I recall, the crisis supporter would eventually retreat and invoke the Precautionary Principle as a last defense. “What if you are wrong?” they would shout. “How can you risk doing any harm?” They really could not see the harm in making energy more expensive and less available to the world, even though it was a far more obvious and ‘real’ harm than a theoretical warming of a few degrees over 100 years. Of course, the precautionary principle is neither precautionary (using is often leads to harm) nor a principle (principles cannot be self-contradictory). After I pointed that out, they would just go away.
        I am sure I was one of thousands of people doing the same thing. It didn’t take long for the crisis mongers to just stop debating at all. It was fun while it lasted. Now we just have armies of ‘Steve’ clones walking around saying “all the scientists agree”, and “your stupid”!
        Alas, there was a time…

  3. $10. I’m very fixed income but this is the most ‘worthwhile’ of all donations. I think any of us can afford that.
    It really IS for our kids and grandkids. So they dont have to live on Government doled out energy.

    • Absolutely! My $100 is on the way. WUWT is one of the few sites that can be trusted. Enjoy your holiday.

    • $100 on the way. You have more than earned this vacation … for all the work you put into keeping this site up and running, and making it a decent place in which to hang out. Also, for driving Michael Mann ‘batshit’ crazy … well done!

  4. I’m happy to make a contribution to the fund, but I’d suggest putting the whole site on ice rather than risk losing something of the essence of it while you’re away.

    • Bloke down the pub
      I think you have to keep a presence otherwise you lose momentum but I for one would be happy to see just one story a day and debate it thoroughly rather than half a dozen which go by in a blur.

      • Tony, or even just one every other day. I volunteer a few guest posts that have been marinating in the background. More on models, more on ‘sound bites’, more on nonexistant supposed bad stuff… My proffer is direct to AW via email, so the interregnum comm channel needs to be worked out.

      • I entirely agree. I often don’t check in for a few days as I know I’ll get overwhelmed…

    • One thing that has been evident here is tolerance (within site policy) of views Anthony disagrees with.
      I think The Mod Squad has learned to be tolerable of views they disagree with here, as a Mod, because this is his site, not theirs.
      I don’t know how the Mods interact with each other but I think they’ll help each other from drifting too far.
      They can do the same, “behind scenes”, for any “temps”.

      • Comments disagreeing with the WUWT view(s) are what keep this site from being an echo chamber, and should be welcomed. Too often commenters here ridicule and dismiss relevant comments from the consensus side. This is more than poor manners – it’s an indication that the prevailing view here are afraid of contrary comments.
        It’s like dissents in Supreme Court opinions, which sharpen the issues if they are well presented.
        I would go further and moderate out gross incivility – such as calling someone a liar just because he(she) doesn’t see things your way. I can go on about this subject if anyone is interested.

  5. WUWT is the most indispensable site on the web. Donation made. Go chill for a bit, you certainly deserve the extended break.

  6. Hi, Anthony!
    If your reference pages update automatically, I’d suggest that the excellent individual articles that you usually post be substituted by those that Marc Morano puts on “Climate Depot” for the duration of your well deserved “sabbatical.”
    Hopefully a seamless “re-transition” will not be too far into the future, but the rest and break in the action you seek is most assuredly, well deserved!!!

    • Tom, good point, there could be a few ‘sticky’s’ with links to other bloggers on the subject matter to keep people busy. Particular articles could be linked while comments still left on WUWT. Win-win for both sides for traffic and activity purposes.

  7. You certainly deserve a break and us faithful readers will wait. Just please make sure its obvious to even those who don’t read this post. Will donate after payday!

  8. I agree with Bloke. If you need a break – then take a full break with no worries in the back of your mind.
    Trolls can breed quickly. If you have one moderator that is a free speech absolutist, and one moderator that wants to crack down on any ad hominem attacks in the comments, then you could have two smart people that are trying to carry your burden still working at cross purposes. You will then feel obligated to step in and make things right.
    I personally will certainly suffer from “WUWT Withdrawal Syndrome”. However, I can survive 30 days of that malady.

    • Perhaps a header for each post,
      “The inmates are running the asylum. The Warden will return as soon as he wants.”
      It won’t come to that. Too many flawed but good people to let that happen.
      PS Turn off your cellphone, laptop, tablet or whatever for at least a week. Our world is real, Pixels aren’t.

      • TYPO!
        Error of omission.
        “Too many flawed but good people to let that happen.”
        Should be:
        “Too many flawed but good people here to let that happen.”
        (Yeah, ability for a commenter to edit their own comment would be nice.8-)

  9. Don’t think I could help much with the site, but can make a donation and have lots of patience, so two out of three ain’t bad, is it?

  10. Donation coming on next paycheck. You deserve a break more than anyone I know. Pick someplace peaceful, and quiet, and beautiful to relax and evaluate. I’m sure many of us would gladly host you in our homes if you wanted to do a world tour! Be kind to yourself and know you are loved.

      • P.S. And keep a brief journal — and write a little report of your vacation for us. We sure would love to hear about it…..

      • Janice, you’ve gone from anthony’s 1 month to 3 months and now to 6 months (sounds like you’re trying to bump ‘im off the blogosphere… ☺)

      • Arthur! lol — I just know how fast a vacation can — “What!?? Only 1 week to go????! Arrrrgh.” — go by. Summer break from school was NEVER long enough. And to see “the world,” well, that would take even longer than six months…. Just want Anthony to really have a good “sabbatical.” And I realize you knew all that, but, I didn’t want anyone (people misunderstand me on a regular basis, here) to think I was at all hinting at such a thing.

      • Anthony returns from his year long sabbatical only to find that the name of his blog has been changed… MUWT (Moore Up With That)

      • Ha! “Climate news, hilarious humor, and…. Moore!” (oh, brother, I can hardly believe I wrote that)

      • MartinR!! Wow. Thank you! 🙂 (I realize, for anyone who might possibly read this that Martin does not speak for all WUWTers) Well. Thank you, so much, for getting my Thursday off to a good beginning!

      • Bobl June 15, 2017 at 4:24 am
        Of course, it could just be Moore Watts up With That…
        How about :
        Watts up With That and Moore

      • Wonderful guys (just wonderful)…
        Though my little joke was tailored with the implied impishness of a power grab in anthony’s absence. When you grew up in the era of dangerfield, you’ve gotta make it sting a little:
        My kids say, “Ma, Ma, the house is on fire!”. My wife says,”kids be quiet, you’ll wake up Daddy”.
        (no respect, no respect)…

      • JohnWho: carbon footprint – the bigger, the better. There’s a world of hungry plants out there. We need to reach 1000 ppm.

    • When my USAF Dad got restationed from England to George AFB in So. Cal, in 66 we spent a month driving cross country, the Gov dropped us off in NYC knowing his next post was in California, go figure 😉 we spent some time in Oregon, forget which National Park but it was lovely

  11. I can’t give anything but bucks, but that you have, gladly and with gratitude for your work.

  12. I’m pleased to make a donation Anthony and if I had any idea what I was talking about I would offer to contribute in other ways, but I’m a dunce.
    However, my eyes have been opened by WUWT, and not just on climate science. I had never realised quite how evil distorted socialism is, but I damn well do now. Similarly, how manipulative the greens are.
    A couple of years ago (maybe less) I started asking questions about climate change. I was convinced the world was going to burn in hell (well not quite, I had enough doubts to at least question the proposition).
    I went to some of the prominent alarmist sites and was savaged for even daring to ask questions. Man, was that enlightening. I visited WUWT and, to be honest, expected worse, but I had a friendly and welcoming introduction to the science and the politics. No question was to extreme, too awkward, too difficult or too alarmist, they were all dealt with patiently by many different contributors. Many I’m sure struggling to contain their mirth at my ignorance, probably still are 🙂
    I still can’t read a graph to save myself, but I can still ask.
    Thank you Anthony for your work, enjoy your holiday.

    • Thanks for that story, HotScot!
      Armed with only earnestness and common sense, you will get far. You are more equipped to explore these issues than the 97%.

    • That’s me to a tee HotScot. Thanks for that; saves me trying to put it together.
      My donation has been sent AW – please come back after your sabbatical.

    • to contain their mirth at my ignorance
      For most of us, when trying to answer a question, the issue is trying to provide an answer at the level of expertize of the person asking. For example, a question about radiatively active gases (the so called greenhouse gasses) might be that sort of question.
      One problem is that some people have been answering questions since the site went live. I came in the fall of 2008. When busy, it is easy to not answer a question if it is already a many times asked one.
      Anyway, we are all here to learn and help. So thanks for being here and sharing.

    • Socrates (about 400 B.C.) said that well educated is nothing compare to well reasoned. He claims always to know nothing but willing to learn through “reason”. He said also that often education make man less able to reason. I can give you any translation in English but I suppose you can find easily on Internet.

  13. I just sent some money. Mr Watts, you are a hero. You have been so valuable to people all over the world in terms of debunking nonsense. I remain sceptical about both sides of the debate; but without you there would may well have been no debate at all. Your efforts have done so much to encourage climate “scientists” to be relatively honest (not those who prove by their comments that “science” is an alien concept to them). Have a fantastic break and then come back and keep (to use an old fashioned English expression used by my grandfathers and their friends without any innuendo) your pecker up.

  14. I don’t know what I would do without WUWT, it keeps me informed of the truth. Many thanks from the UK.

  15. PS…….If you fancy a few days in the garden of England (Kent) you are welcome to come and stay. We have a very comfortable, private, large summerhouse at your disposal and I’ll pick you up from one of 5 airports around London.

  16. I could help moderate, literally 0 in checking acct so can’t help there and not able to write articles.
    but more than willing to help moderate stuff, am prety much around all the time.

  17. You should set up a Patreon account so you can get a more steady income from keeping WUWT running.

  18. Anthony,
    I’m fresh out of ideas at the moment for what needs to be addressed. However, I’ll send $100 immediately.

  19. I got redirected to a bogus scam site. Is the surfacestation link the right one for you? It seems to work ok.

  20. Love your tireless work to expose the hypocrisy of the Warmanistas. Take a well deserved break. I’m happy to contribute.

  21. Unfortuantely I don’t have the time at present, but here’s $20 for your vacation.
    And I wish all the volunteers a fun moderating time.

  22. Anthony,
    If you aren’t registered as a not-for-profit educational organization, I’d suggest that you do so. That may keep the IRS off your back for the $100,000 your readers are going to donate to you! 🙂 Let me know if you don’t get quite enough for your well-deserved sabbatical. I’ll see about helping out some more.

  23. $100 sent. My day would be incomplete without reading WUWT… have a good rest Anthony, you are that bright ray of sanity and reality in the dark morass of political correctness and eco-marxism.

    • Concur. This is a daily “must visit” site, and I’ve been visiting since 2008. When I first had doubts about Global Warming, some kind soul directed me here. It’s been an education. Anthony, Manfred’s post is absolutely bang on. You have every right to hold your head high. Donation on it’s way.

    • But don’t forget a go fund me takes 8% or more of the top. Here the credit card only takes 2.5%. So send $102.55 if you want him to get $100.

    • Exactly my question above. My previous submission direct link possible guest post link to AW obviously will not be available. Charles the Moderator? Janice? Eric Worral?

      • Hi, Rud,
        I have no idea. I’m just an ordinary blogger, here. I’ve never even tried to submit an article to WUWT. I have contemplated the mere idea, but, thought, “Oh, man. Do I want to spend hours and hours writing an article to put it into what appears to be a highly uncertain “you might get chosen” queue (the submit articles option)?
        I’m only going to write articles if I KNOW they will be published (given they are deemed kosher, I mean).
        I’m not at all on a level with Charles or Eric.
        Didn’t want to use too much space talking about me AGAIN, lol, but, I wanted to clear up that misimpression.
        I’m just a big talker around here — and that’s all. 🙂

      • @ Janice:

        I’ve never even tried to submit an article to WUWT.

        You did that fantastic 10 Year Retrospective of WUWT not so long ago.
        Truly a Tour De Force.

      • Well! Thank you, TonyL! THAT was something I felt quite certain would be at least be given a mention, given its nature (and my goal to make it a WUWT fundraiser), but, a regular article ….. I don’t want to take the time to write one, given that it “may or may not” be published.
        Thank you again for the encouragement!
        When you have a great education, but all you qualify for are minimum wage jobs due to your lack of experience AND you see people 20 years younger hired into amazing positions with almost NO relevant education — it gets very depressing. Thus, just your little comment encouraged me, so much!! Thanks for taking the time. 🙂

      • Janice says “I’m just a big talker around here ..”
        Janice rocks!
        {I just was on a geology field trip into the Cascades (Rimrock Lake area) —
        likely you are aware of how geologists talk.}

      • Hi, John H.,
        Thank you veddy much! 🙂
        Lol, not really, but I can guess: with a sort of gravelly voice? Saying to each other, “Jim, rocks!” and “Ann, rocks!”
        Glad you had a fun outing. Rainy and cool — AGAIN — Wednesday and Thursday. Yay! (oh, brother — well, at least it makes sleeping at night much more comfortable — no AC in my current abode….).
        The only time I’ve ever been on what I’d call a “geological expedition” was when my biology teacher grandpa drove us kids up Chuckanut Drive where we collected palm fossils (on large rock chips that regularly fall off the rocky walls next to the road). Must have been much warmer in western Washington back then…. Hm….. wonder what that might mean….
        I heard some fine fiddling as background music in a video I reviewed yesterday and thought of Nancy. I hope she is enjoying her fiddling and is also “fit as a.”
        Take care over there — enjoy your sunny climes!

      • Well, that’s good, Arthur. Very glad to hear that you are not stoned all the time.

    • Click on the “Submit Story” tab at the top of any thread and follow the instructions.

  24. A widow’s mite from my little corner of the world (Guernsey); I can’t wait to see the day when this scam is well and truly exposed, once and for all.

    • Yes Sara, but somehow we’ve got to get this ugly case history into future curricula at schools and universities to show we must be vigilant, we must be thoughtful skeptics and it is our duty to question any schemes on scales this large and so potentially destructive.
      Most followers of this kind of stuff are decent folk who are basically ignorant, somewhat lazy and trusting of authority. This ugly stuff will be back in a different guise.

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  28. Funds flung…. and glad to help. Highly recommend extended exposure to sand and surf, as well as late evenings spent staring into the coals of bonfires while enjoying amber liquids shared with close friends!
    And Thanks(!) for doing what you do, so well!

  29. Enjoy the vacation and take as long as you need. I believe the climate cycles are way longer than any vacation you could take, and we will survive. Wish I could do more, but I did make a donation. Cheers ! Harry

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    Donation made and I only wish it could be more.

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    • I urge great caution if considering WUWT filing for United States 501(c)(3) status. To wit:
      1) Requires a formal organizational structure (President, Treasurer, and perhaps Board of Directors) and records of meetings. Some records must be made available to the public.
      2) Requires strict accounting, maintaining by-laws and financial “books,” and annual tax filings even if no taxes are due..
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    • Could you provide a link that substantiates your cost analysis that that is not a Does dream?
      [? .mod]

      • @mod –
        Just my attempt to respond to Leo StSauveur’s statement that “a hundred bucks” would be a “Does nightmare”.
        I guess I’ve just not met the does he knows.
        [“Nobody noes the does I’ve scene” … Sounds like the beginning of an old cowboy artist’s song about square dancing deer. .mod]

      • Leo & Clyde and JohnWho: it can depend on where an apostrophe is placed – either before or after the s in Does. A hundred bucks: doe’s nightmare but does’ dream (if enough does). Does that clarify it?

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  40. Donation sent. Many thanks for this daily dose of real climate science I’ve enjoyed for almost 10 years now. Enjoy your well-deserved vacation.

  41. Wherever you go to recharge, if I may suggest, you should spend a few days here:
    Quiet, relaxing, away from all the hub bub. Easy to get to via Ft Myers International Airport.
    And a few $$ for the trip.

  42. That was a good post. Glad to hear you are thinking of taking a break and relaxing. I just came from the Doctor and he said I had better learn to relax or else. (so I can’t volunteer at this time — too stressful) You need to get away and recharge. But you also, in my opinion, need to get away again after that and think about the site.
    I’ll remind you of some advice I gave years ago. Don’t take every darn post to heart as if you wrote it. Some posts can be unpopular without it being the fault of A. Watts — right? And think about the site policy that forbids any debate on the GHE itself. (yes, CO2 just might have a sensitivity close to zero)
    Anyway, my main point is to learn to be the CEO of WUWT and not worry about every little bit. (or you might end up with a cardiologist saying to take it easy or else) Let others help you run the site. Get some people you trust and let them make a few mistakes — most of us are human after all. In other words, let the community that grew here be an ongoing community that will outlive you and me.

    • Take care, MarkStoval. You’ll be in my prayers. Good for you to take care of yourself.

    • “. . . most of us are human after all.”
      Only most of us? Well, except for our host, who has done super-human work for the past ten years.
      /Mr Lynn

    • “And think about the site policy that forbids any debate on the GHE itself. (yes, CO2 just might have a sensitivity close to zero).” –M. Stoval
      Personally, I think that because climate/weather parameters include transient effects and negative feedbacks, there may be periods where the net GHE is zero. But last time I checked, the score was Windmills 1, Don Quixote 0. It’s important to choose our battles wisely. GHE ~ 0 may be true, but we have no proof of that hypothesis, and theory indicates otherwise. Better to expend our effort in other areas where it will be more effective.

    • markstoval’s comment about rethinking “the site policy that forbids any debate on the GHE itself” went over my head. The policy as I read it prohibits references to sites “which have the misguided idea that the greenhouse effect doesn’t exist”. Doesn’t prohibit discussion of GHE at all, which is a good thing, since there is a lot of discussion about that on this site.
      Or do I need remedial English?

      • Perhaps I can explain.
        One may talk about the “Green House Effect” all day as long as one really means the “radiative Green House Effect” or rGHE. There are groups who believe that the “green house effect” is due to something besides back radiation.
        That line of reasoning is off limits here and I am not even supposed to give you a link to any site that might propose that. If I did I would be talking or linking to “Sl*y*r Sh*t”. Please see the “Policy” section for clarification. (note: “those people” don’t really say there is no GHE, they say there is no rGHE which is another thing — but we still can’t go there at this site)
        I abide by site policy here since we are all guests of the host and he wishes to avoid ever having to debate all that again. Especially with that very mean Canadian scientist.

    • markstoval wrote: “And think about the site policy that forbids any debate on the GHE itself. (yes, CO2 just might have a sensitivity close to zero).”
      Yes. The absorption and emission of radiation by GHGs has been carefully studied in the laboratory. There is little doubt that increasing GHGs will decrease the rate of radiative cooling to space. The law of conservation of energy requires that the planet warm the Earth until radiative balance has been restored. The big unknown is how much surface warming is needed to increase heat flux to space by 3.7 W/m2 – ECS.
      If 1 K of warming is need, we say that the climate feedback parameter (CFP) is 3.7 W/m2/K. Dividing 3.7 W/m2/doubling by 3.7 W/m2/K gives an ECS of 1 K/doubling.
      If it takes 3 K of warming to drive an addition 3.7 W/m2 to space, then CFP = 1.23 W/m2/K and ECS is 3 K/doubling.
      When you say that ECS is can be close to zero, that is equivalent to say that the climate feedback parameter is high. For ECS to be 0.5 K/doubling, then 7.4 K of warming is needed to drive an addition 3.7 W/m2 to space. For ECS to be 0.2 K/doubling, 18.5 K of warming is needed.
      Increasing heat flux to space can be obtained by: 1) an increase in emission of LWR (thermal IR or blackbody radiation) or 2) an increase in reflection of SWR (albedo). The most thermal radiation any object can emit is blackbody radiation, so the most LWR radiation to space is 3.7 W/m2/K. This gives us a “no-feedbacks ECS” of about 1 K. If you assume a graybody model or a the radiation transfer modules from AOGCMs, you get CFPs of 3.3 or 3.2 W/m2/K and a no-feedbacks ECS of 1.15 K/doubling.
      So the only way to get an ECS below 1 K/doubling, is to reflect more SWR to space as the earth warms – negative cloud feedback. Currently, the planet reflects about 100 W/m2 of W/m2 (albedo 0.30). If we want an ECS of 0.5 K/doubling, we need a 3.7 W/m2/K increase in reflected SWR – plus more to compensate for any positive feedbacks. Increasing water vapor slows radiative cooling to space by acting as a GHG than increasing radiative cooling via a lower lapse rate. Currently the best estimate for WV+LR feedback is 1 W/m2/K. Warming will certainly decrease surface albedo. Currently the best estimate is 0.3 W/m2/K (0.1-1.0). So, if you are hoping ECS is 0.5 K/doubling, your are hoping that negative cloud feedback is huge and dominates everything else, about +5 W/m2/K. That is a 5% increase in albedo (100 W/m2 to 105 W/m2 SWR reflected per 1 K increase in surface temperature). And this increase does NOT change much even if VW+LR and surface albedo feedback aren’t a positive as the IPCC believes. If you are hoping for an ECS of 0.2 K/doubling, you need to reflect an addition 20 W/m2 to space (20% change) for every 1 K of surface warming. Observations and simple rationals are grossly incompatible with the existence of the dramatic increases in cloud cover with surface warming need for an ECS of 0.2 K/doubling, and even 0.5 K/doubling looks problematic.
      So, if you accept some tenets of GHE theory (you don’t have to), it is unreasonable to hope that climate sensitivity can be near zero or even well below 1 K/doubling.
      Finally, the planet warmed 0.5 K during two recent El Nino’s due to fluctuations in heat exchange between the surface and the deep ocean. (El Nino’s are unforced or internal variability, they are caused redistribution of heat within the planet, not “forced” by changes in radiation entering or exiting the planet.) So, there is no point in trying to draw conclusions about the existence of an enhanced GHE or estimate climate sensitivity from short-term observations such as the “Pause” – which ended dramatically in 2014. Nevertheless, many do.

      • Frank, it seems to me that you have omitted the ocean as a heat sink in your analysis. Heat can leave the system not only via outer space, as you have alluded to, but also the oceans. And that heat does not necessarily come back. The ocean has a temperature gradient, top to bottom. To raise the sea surface temp means that a whole new temperature gradient is to be established, which means ocean warming for centuries. It has been said that, in a sense, the heat sinking capacity of the oceans act as a negative feedback for atmospheric temperatures…

      • “So, if you accept some tenets of GHE theory (you don’t have to), it is unreasonable to hope that climate sensitivity can be near zero or even well below 1 K/doubling. ”
        You believe that any GHE must be “radiative Green House Effect” or rGHE. Since those who believe otherwise are not allowed to debate or provide links — You Win.
        That was easy now was it not. Go out an celebrate. (Physics was harder when I taught it)
        However, I am allowed (I think) to say that CO2 vs. Temperature has shown Temps go up first and then CO2 after a lag. At all time scales. Odd that.

      • @markstoval “Temps go up first and then CO2 after a lag. At all time scales.”…..NOPE Since 1998 had a 20+/- year pause in rising temps, but CO2 continued to rise.

      • >>
        Michael darby
        June 18, 2017 at 3:41 pm
        . . . NOPE Since 1998 . . . .
        In ice core samples, there’s about a 800 year lag in CO2 rise vs. temperature. About 800 years ago was the Medieval Warm Period. You may be referring to the wrong temperature-CO2 relation. CO2 might not respond to temperature rises immediately–or it hasn’t in the past.

      • Jim Masterson, markstoval said: “At all time scales.” …..take it up with him.

      • Darby, the thinking goes that if the pause were to continue indefinitely then co2 would also eventually stop rising (a new equilibrium state having then been reached). If that is the case, then mark is correct…

      • Frank “The absorption and emission of radiation by GHGs has been carefully studied in the laboratory.”
        No doubt; this is a part that seldom if ever reaches public consumption. on the occasion that an advocate is correct he is likely to not be heeded by his opponents; and on the occasion he is incorrect those errors will be ignored by his friends.
        There is little dispute that CO2 can absorb infrared within certain wavelengths, and given an opportunity will re-radiate that energy as another photon, in an unpredictable direction but often enough downward. It is however likely to transfer its energy by physical collision with air molecules. What then? Well the air is heated, more than it otherwise would have without the added CO2. What then? More energetic convection where, at the Top of Atomosphere, added CO2 is able to radiate into space. That is likely to produce a slightly steeper gradient of warmer at the surface and cooler at TOA.
        Whether I should give up heat, light and transportation to try to not let that happen is unclear, but probably not.
        “There is little doubt that increasing GHGs will decrease the rate of radiative cooling to space.”
        On the contrary, at TOA such increase will increase radiative cooling into space, for what its worth since the concern is surface temperature.
        “The law of conservation of energy requires that the planet warm the Earth until radiative balance has been restored.”
        I suppose the Earth is obedient to human laws 😉
        As it happens I believe you; but I also think that the Earth has never been in perfect radiative balance. In my opinion it is always cooling or warming; always playing catch-up to energy inputs.
        “So, if you accept some tenets of GHE theory (you don’t have to), it is unreasonable to hope that climate sensitivity can be near zero or even well below 1 K/doubling.”
        Yes, it seems unlikely. I have no reason to argue against the clustering of estimates, except when my politicians think to use those estimates to change my lifestyle in dramatic and untested ways.

      • afonzarelli, mark said all time scales. I showed him one (past 20 years) where it does not apply, therefore he is incorrect.
        Mr. Masterson, if there is a 800 year lag in CO2 rise, please show me the temperature peak in the 800,000 year ice core record that corresponds to the cause of the 400 ppm concentration of CO2 we have today. There should be a seriously off scale 4+ degree spike to cause 400 ppm:

      • >>
        . . . please show me the temperature peak in the 800,000 year ice core record that corresponds to the cause of the 400 ppm concentration of CO2 we have today.
        As is typical, you’re equating proxies with actual measurements (and yes, the CO2 in ice cores is a proxy). Show me a current day ice core reading that has the same measured 400 ppm value.
        [???? Ice cores require 50-80 years to “seal” the current dates’ gas bubbless into the ice surface and freeze over that surface entrapping the gasses inside the bubbles inside the ice core’s upper layers. “Today’s gasses” cannot be measured by ice cores until year 2100-2150. .mod]

      • Darby, what you are saying holds true for all time scales as well. Even in ice cores temps could be falling as co2 continues to rise. Key is that the co2 eventually falls, too. THAT is what is meant by a lag. (Mark is not claiming anything else) Temps are flat lining now and if co2 eventually follows suit then co2 is lagging temps as we speak (as it has yet to flat line but eventually will)…

      • Mod, law dome has a much quicker closing time for the bubbles. The mcfarling data goes all the way to 2002 and is consistent with mlo. (i’d give you a link, but it’s late and i have to go to bed… ☺)

      • >>
        [???? Ice cores require 50-80 years to “seal” the current dates’ gas bubbless . . . .mod]
        In other words, it can’t be done currently. How do I show a temperature correspondence to 400 PPM in an ice core that isn’t going to appear for another 80 years or so? And because it’s a proxy, it will probably not appear as a 400 PPM reading in the ice core anyway.

      • >>
        [???? Ice cores require 50-80 years to “seal” the current dates’ gas bubbless . . . .mod]
        Yeah, you confused me, mod. It's been a while since I studied this. The pinch-off occurs in 50 to 80 year old snow-ice. It's trapping today's atmosphere. The firn is porous and allows current-day atmosphere down to pinch-off.

    • @ Michael darby
      “afonzarelli, mark said all time scales. I showed him one (past 20 years) where it does not apply, therefore he is incorrect.”
      You did not show me squat. You just tossed up your beliefs.
      We have no decent temperature readings for planet earth over the last 20 years, but we do belief there has been no statistical warming. There are posts here all the time about that. At the same time CO2 has stayed high or gone up which is the opposite of the claimed “CO2 causes warming” that both the alarmists and the luke-warmers claim. I am surprised you did not try claim CO2 and temps rose since the end of February in the NH and that proves your point. Oh my goodness.
      It is interesting that so many wanted to comment on this tiny sub-thread. After all, what got it started was my complaint that those of us who do not hold with the rGHE but rather see other forces at work — are not really allowed to debate.
      Perhaps we should be allowed. At least toss up a post and thread once a month where we could discuss it.

  43. Anthony — your site is very much appreciated, would be delighted to donate and help with your reset button!

  44. One Month !!?? That’s Crazy !!?? You Need A Year Sabbatical At Least !! Thanks for Your Sacrifices !!

  45. Anthony, you certainly deserve a holiday now! From here in the UK I wish you a strong and stable vacation!
    WUWT can be safely left in charge of its participants, it might be like when I was 18 & my parents went on holiday on their own, there could be a party or 2 you disapprove of but we will clear up before you get back and it will look just the same, no need to check up on us….
    Week 1. Slayers party. Bring your own dragons.
    Week 2. Beach party. Competition to see how hot you can get your own patch of sand using only radiation from cold things.
    Week 3. Guest lecture from D**g C**ton. “It’s all in my book”.
    Week 4. Tidy up, put the furniture back, hide those scratches and DENY it ever happened (an easy skill now).
    Don’t forget to send us a postcard.

    • (Badger, then there was the little problem of explaining to your parents that the police showed up at the party)…

      • The only time we had the police show up was when we were experimenting with making our own fireworks and the mixture was a bit “rich”. On reflection it was probably a bad time to do home made explosives as we were at the height of the IRA bombings in the UK. We talked our way out of it quite successfully though. Worst “parents coming back” situation was when we had to re-tile the kitchen floor the morning after the party, about 10 of us, 17-18y old, never done tiling before.We actually made a damn good job of it (no youtube learn how to videos then either!.

  46. PayPal sent. Thanks for this blog. I seldom comment but I’ve read it almost every day since the Stevenson Screen/whitewash experiments.

  47. Small contribution but I hope it helps. I just read your “personal hell” commentary from 2014. I found it comforting. I’ve enjoyed the dedication to scientific truth on this site for years, and appreciate all your hard work. All the best on your well deserved vacation! God bless!

  48. here is a great place to vacation from the rat race Mackinac Island Mi ( mackinacisland.org )

  49. Just think Anthony… you could read WUWT just like the rest of us for a change! Maybe even comment!
    Take your much-deserved time off. Sure, there are other blogs… but there is only one WUWT. We’re not going anywhere and will be here when (or IF, if Janice keeps extending your vacation!) you return.

  50. Anthony, your honesty, integrity and dedication is without question. Ironically it might be your humanity that is your best virtue. If this is all you accomplish, for the goodness of your fellow brethren, it is more that most in a lifetime. Hold your head high, you deserve it.
    Thank-you from Canada – Duncan

  51. July and August are a good time to get out of the Central Valley of California, even if only in its more northerly Sacramento Valley portion.
    I recall traveling from Palo Alto to the Stanford Sierra camp at Fallen Leaf Lake in 1972. By the time we reached Sacramento at about 9 AM, it was already 121 degrees on the freeway. Cars were pulled over with radiator explosions, littering the side of the highway like wagons on the way West.
    Hope you enjoy to the fullest whatever you do wherever you go!

    • Guess the Weather (climate?) has cooled down a bit since then. As a resident of the Sacto area,.. we seem to bump into the 109deg range these days. ‘A balmy dry 109’,….

      • Then, it was weather.
        Now it’s “climate change” and requires the dismantling of Western Civilization.

  52. Money on the way, been here a long time, rarely comment just lap up the knowledge from people more knowledgeable than I. You take a time out Sir! but you come back or their will be a riot 😉

  53. Sounds like a friendly mob. You can do great things if you don’t care who gets the credit, not sure who said that first. Sounds like you also get the credit you deserve. Forget the mistakes, they come with the territory.

  54. I will send a few shillings your way to help keep the lights on at WUWT Central. I’ll admit I haven’t been keeping up with donations lately – that should change. :-/ Enjoy your time off, grab a few good books and forget about everything else for a few weeks. 🙂

  55. $100.- from PayPal now in your account. You should do this more often (d.attisani). You work is more valuable than the 10’s of books I have purchased and read on the various subjects of interest to those who frequent the site.

  56. You need a vacation!!
    I am trying to donate via Visa debit card and been getting the run-around by PayPal…haven’t used them for several years. I want to donate more than I donated to Ted Cruse, you have done more to advance this country’s liberty, etc.
    … any suggestions on how to use my Visa card to donate? A check sent from Mexico here might take 6 months…no kidding.
    I will try again to get through PayPal…or whatever…

    • Maybe late at night PayPal will be more responsive.
      I check WUWT probably 2-3 times a day and read all the articles. Just hope I can help in some way. I’ll check my PayPal account. They may have me as Jon P Peterson or J Philip Peterson or Jon Philip Peterson or purecolorartist…but you will get my donation as it is important that you get refreshed and some actual support.
      Can’t believe that some millionaires or billionaires haven’t supported you, as you have done more for climates science than any other website.

    • Philip, use a non-debit Visa card if you have one. Or just borrow one and pay them back in cash. The link is secure, second time now using it for me, last time a year ago or so.

  57. $102 Canadian ($75US). Gee, I wish I could do that with my age. I would only be 48 years old US.

    • If Anthony were to vacation in Venezuela (used to be a good place to get away) you could send him $100 in bolivares. That would come out to 748,000 Bs. Hmmm… Better send along a wheelbarrow.

  58. I’m new to this site and find it very informative. As a working stiff that has been personally educating myself on sciences since my early teen’s when it was global cooling, my studies have been limited to whatever was available in local libraries until my first home computer in 1998. Since then I’ve learned more, faster than those previous years. I don’t have the formal education many on here have, but I understand what is being said by those, where I think in layman’s terms and see correlations with other sciences causes and effects that those with extensive knowledge in a single field may not see. So I hope whomever takes up this offer in your sabbatical absence is up to the task. Anthony, Good luck in your time away. You deserve it.

  59. I can’t help much with Climate expertise so at the moment I have submitted a small contribution. Thanks Anthony for all the work is exhausting just reading what have been done. You need a break or fall over. I can do some graphics. Advice – do not take Janice with you Anthony.

  60. This is one of the sites I visit almost every day. Just sent a donation via Paypal. Take some time off and recharge! The work you do and what is presented on this site is valuable beyond description. Thank you Anthony and to all the contributors and moderators that make this site one of the best on the internet! Let me not forget the people who post comments. I get as much out of the discussion as I do the articles.

  61. A donation will be on the way next check (fixed social security income).
    As you will be moving off WordPress servers, I would suggest Ramnode. I used them for many years before I semi-retired from online activities. They are fast and reliable. All the online HD storage is solid state drives.
    A site this size would need a plan from the Massive category.

  62. Anthony, thank you for your dedication and thoughtful articles. You have been my go-to site for 8 years now. My donation is on the way. Sending money is so impersonal and I wish I could do more as I feel indebted to you for your years of service.

  63. Dear Mr Watts, Contributed to your fantastic website. Thanks for all your very hard work. Wet Coast Rob

  64. Years ago, I pondered why we democrats supported public housing, when it seems like such a bad atmosphere. Actually harmful to your safety, health, and well-being.
    I decided I could retain my “democrat” views, but would personally have the attitude that I will only support ideas demonstrated to work – to achieve stated goals.
    Then, as a young married man, my wife asked what we would do if we got pregnant without planning it. I felt abortion would be bad, myself. This set me on a path of pondering why I felt it would be bad, and as I figured that out, I then had to ponder why the democrat party was so enamored of abortion.
    I became free to ponder anything I wanted to, and realized I had better be critical of the various ideas and causes my compatriots were endorsing.
    Across years and years, I think I have developed a sense of how to evaluate arguments and data and motives, and how to smell a fish and see the wool getting pulled over my eyes.
    Then, I (purposefully) had my first kid, and the time for immunizations came up. At that point I faced the immunization-autism issue for real. I knew I could dig up some data and figure out the immunization-autism thing myself. I was reassured by decent data, and the kids have been immunized on schedule.
    Having achieved that, I soon after pondered whether I could figure out, on my own, whether the Manmade Global Warming story was genuine, or more propaganda.
    I began poking around the web looking for information, and found the SurfaceStations site. WOW!!!
    I now know I have been along for the ride, as a reader and volunteer color commenter for WUWT for most of its tenure. Time flies!
    In my reading, the “progressives” are playing out a huge agenda and AGW is simply a cover story, a scam, for their ulterior motives. Frankly, I believe all of the “overpopulation” and medical establishment enthusiasm for government-funded birth control/”reproductive justice,” from vending machines, in public schools, by telemedicine, in all nations, etc., merely is part of their ulterior motive.
    I appreciate AW and the Mods tolerating my comments in this area of population politics, tangential but not quite off-track.
    Having been on this adventure across these recent several years, I now see God’s truth, as presented in the Judeo-Christian Bible, as reified more and more; I know this is a point of disagreement amongst loyal readers, but I really do appreciate being tolerated in this crowd when I have made occasional Christian-based comments, where many have quite differing views on the nature of the universe. A great thanks to commenters and mods who have been civil while voicing disagreement. I am not the only one who is thankful for this opportunity to express views arising from a logical, coherent, complete view of this physical and moral universe of ours.
    I don’t donate too often, but have made yet another donation. In these Orwellian times, it is great to hear a bit of unexpergated truth amidst all of the propaganda.
    I must note that, yet again, I will fail in my late-summer plans to kayak to the North Pole – the REAL North Pole, since my donation has put a cramp in my plans to fund that trip. Oh, well – there is sure to hardly be any Arctic Ice next year, so the trip will just be that much easier if I delay yet another year.
    –I was glad to also support WUWT by purchasing one of the prints of Stacey’s May 2012 Eclipse time-series photo – it is an automatic compliment-getter, and is a good conversation-starter.
    AW, Have a great sabbatical!

    • Thanks for taking time for this thoughtful post. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone approached decision-making as you have. If you are still a Democrat, I hope you have been able to sway others toward the idea of civil disagreement.

      • Louis, frankly nearly all liberals have fallen into this Virtue-Cult. They have Special Knowledge about how capitalism is bad, and America is a terrible place. They convince themselves they are tolerant and rational.
        This is all a snow job to make them adhere to this Marxist line of thinking, while being unaware they are un-American.
        A Cult is a view of the world that is appealing because you get to be informed and be virtuous, while the rest of the world is either ignorant or evil. The problem is that the Cult world view does not hold up to simple examination.
        So, cognitive kill switches are needed to protect the cult members. So, when certain criticisms of the cult view arise, the members have knee-jerk automatic reactions – these are almost always name-calling, or changing-the-goalposts. For example, capitalism has provided the world with many things, and is the greatest force ever for lifting people out of a hand-to-earth miserable existence, and the flaws of Communism are all over history. If you bring any of this up, the “left” have automatic responses, instead of thinking things through or tolerantly listening.
        This Virtue-Cult is what has destroyed the holidays of so many families – regular people with regular, time-honored beliefs and values get called out by the Social Justice Warriors over Turkey and Stuffing at Thanksgiving, and they gloat about how they have either evangelized you or demonized you.
        I have been pointing things out issue by issue, plus pointing out the “world view” issue a lot – some can tolerate hearing that.

      • And Christianity isn’t a Virtue Cult?
        Where blatant irony meets blind hypocrisy.
        Please. Just try to get real.

      • Chimp,
        “And Christianity isn’t a Virtue Cult?”
        It doesn’t seem so to me . .
        “Where blatant irony meets blind hypocrisy.”
        Perhaps this all makes a lot of sense . . in your imagination ; )

      • John,
        I know very few Christians who don’t consider themselves more virtuous than atheists, when in fact virtuous behavior by those who believe that there are no post-death rewards or punishments is more worthy of merit than those who fantasize about such an afterlife.
        I also know those who delude themselves that they’re virtuous because they don’t drink, and must grossly misinterpret the Bible to believe that Jesus didn’t turn water into wine at the wedding in Cana (His) and that Paul didn’t urge drinking wine. My own church as a kid used grape juice for communion.
        In fact, Christians have killed more people than anyone else in history, although in the past century atheist and pagan regimes have given them a run for their money, however most of the killers themselves remained ostensibly Christian, as did the opponent governments. In any case, Christians put all other religions in the shade when it comes to mass murder, despite their pretensions of virtue.

        • Chimp “I know very few Christians who don’t consider themselves more virtuous than atheists”
          Strange that it isn’t 100 percent. I wonder how an atheist would define “virtue”? Maybe I can look it up.
          “when in fact virtuous behavior by those who believe that there are no post-death rewards or punishments is more worthy of merit”
          By whose schedule of merit? Yours? While I enjoy disagreeing with you, on this point you are likely to occasionally be correct. Virtuous behavior is self-motivated and might result in reward but that won’t be the motive for the virtuous behavior. The Good Samaritan is the example.
          “I also know those who delude themselves that they’re virtuous because they don’t drink”
          Such persons do not live very long. You can find their skeletons in the Sahara and other nasty places.
          “and must grossly misinterpret the Bible to believe that Jesus didn’t turn water into wine”
          A relatively harmless disbelief.
          “In fact, Christians have killed more people than anyone else in history”
          I am a Christian and I have killed no one (despite a military career). It seems your example is inaccurate.
          The largest killing seems to be that of the (non-Christian) Mongols: “The death and destruction during the 13th century Mongol conquests have been widely noted in both the scholarly literature and popular memory. It has been calculated that approximately 5% of the world’s population were killed during Turco-Mongol invasions or in their immediate aftermath. If these calculations are accurate, this would make the events the hitherto deadliest acts of mass killings in human history.” [https]://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Destruction_under_the_Mongol_Empire
          “however most of the killers themselves remained ostensibly Christian”
          Seems not.
          “Christians put all other religions in the shade when it comes to mass murder, despite their pretensions of virtue.”
          Seems not.

      • Chimp,
        “… virtuous behavior by those who believe that there are no post-death rewards or punishments is more worthy of merit than those who fantasize about such an afterlife.”
        What is virtuous behavior to you? On atheism there is no such thing, that I can determine . . The male lion that kills the offspring of the previous alpha male is not doing anything morally wrong, and neither would a human be, therefore, on atheism . .

      • John,
        I imagine nothing. Just stating the facts.
        Typically for a fundamentalist Christian, you have no idea of purely rational ethics.
        Why does virtuous behavior require fear of eternal damnation or some punishment in this life?
        Lions, like most carnivores and all cats, lack a moral sense, as humans view things. Some other mammals, to include humans, have evolved a sense of right and wrong, in our case reinforced with reason based upon the need for civil society.
        You’re even more ignorant of the philosophy of ethics than you are of the theology of your own avowed religion.

        • Chimp “you have no idea of purely rational ethics.”
          I have an idea that such a thing cannot exist. Underlying every rational thought is an irrational motive. Rational behavior seeks an objective and is aware that other people are also seeking objectives. Ethics in this context is the negotiated social contract and has nothing to do with right and wrong in any cosmic sense, although the words will be aligned to agree-with-social-contract or conflicts-with-social-contract.
          “Why does virtuous behavior require fear of eternal damnation or some punishment in this life?”
          I have no idea. Perhaps I can find someone that believes this. Avoiding some kinds of wrong behavior out of fear of punishment underpins essentially all of American justice, but avoiding wrong is not by itself virtuous behavior. Doing good is virtuous; there is no penalty for not doing good (but its accompanying reward may be absent).
          “Lions, like most carnivores and all cats, lack a moral sense, as humans view things.”
          Whereas dogs seem to have a moral sense and display guilt on having done a wrong thing.
          “You’re even more ignorant of the philosophy of ethics than you are of the theology of your own avowed religion.”
          Your description of a religion does not correspond to mine. Perhaps you should remove the beam from your eyes before commenting on the mote in mine.

      • Chimp,
        “I imagine nothing. Just stating the facts.”
        I don’t believe what you call “the facts”, are anything more than what you imagine to be the facts, sir. Here’s a fine example;
        “… you have no idea of purely rational ethics.”
        Obviously, that’s what you imagine, not what you know to be any sort of fact, right? I mean, you do understand that such an idea entering your mind is not an actual indication that it is necessarily factual truth, right?
        You see, there is rarely any indication in your statements of supposed fact, that you grasp that you are not actually seeing into other people’s minds (and hearts, so to speak) . . or that you are not really traveling back in time extensively and witnessing vast numbers of people being killed by Christians, or whatever. It looks to me as though you don’t grasp that ideas can somehow get into your mind, but not be absolute truth . .
        “Some other mammals, to include humans, have evolved a sense of right and wrong, in our case reinforced with reason based upon the need for civil society.”
        Perhaps, but that (obviously, I feel) does not mean that all humans share the same notions of what is right and what is wrong . . On theism, there can be an ultimate Authority in that regard, but not on atheism. On atheism, the very notion of there actually being right and wrong, can be (and has been in some cases) rejected, and essentially called a primitive artifact . . a vestigial impulse that will pass away as “we” evolve further.
        This is all rather basic stuff to me . . and your habit of declaring that I am uneducated or whatever, if I don’t treat this or that idea/”fact” you express, as something profound or unquestionable or whatever, is tantamount to childish tantrum throwing, to me. SJW/CAGW/etc. style intolerant absolutism, not civilized anything . .

      • John,
        You have repeatedly shown yourself profoundly ignorant of all science and of Christian theology.
        You have no basis whatsoever for asserting without a shred of evidence that Christianity isn’t a virtue cult. It clearly is, meeting every possible definition of the term.

        • Chimp writes “…Christianity isn’t a virtue cult. It clearly is, meeting every possible definition of the term.”
          Inasmuch as you can define “virtue cult” any way you like, anything meets that definition including Swiss cheese if you wish it to be so.
          Perhaps you will define “virtue cult”. Then, perhaps, define “Christianity”. We will see if they match (and whether my definitions resemble yours, which is unlikely).

      • Michael 2 June 16, 2017 at 3:53 pm
        The Mongols were indeed world class killers, but their rampage lasted only 162 years, while Christian atrocities have endured for going at least since Roman Catholicism became the state religion of the Late Roman Empire, ie about 1700 years. The Mongols were allied with Armenian and Crusader Christians against the Muslims. One of Genghiz’ wives, arguably his principle wife, was a Nestorian Christian.
        No other belief system comes close for mass murder and genocide. The Taiping Rebellion alone claimed up to 100 million, with millions more displaced, by far the greatest bloodletting of the 19th century. In the 17th century, Christianity perpetrated the Thirty Years’ War, the most sanguinary in Europe before the 20th century. In the 16th century even the oceans of blood spilt in the religious wars of Europe are a drop in the bucket compared to the massacres of American Indians on both continents from 1492 until c. 1890.
        That you haven’t killed anybody is probably typical for most believers of most religions, except maybe Thugees or Chechen Muslims, whose young men needed to kill a Russian as a rite of passage.
        Christianity is easily defined. You believe in the biblical one true God (originally the chief tribal god of the Hebrews), with or without assorted biblical giants, angels, principalities, etc,, anointed saints and other spirits, and that His Son came to earth in the guise of a man to die for humans and give some of them eternal life. I’m surprised you don’t know that.
        The adherents of a virtue cult imagine themselves more virtuous than adherents of any other belief system, or those with none.
        [??? .mod]

      • JohnKnight June 15, 2017 at 4:43 pm
        I don’t know your general level of education, but as I said, you clearly are profoundly ignorant of all sciences, Christian theology and the philosophy of ethics, at a minimum.
        So your general education would seem pretty low by the standards of commenters here, although for all I know above average.

      • Chimp June 16, 2017 at 4:25 pm
        Mods, why the ???
        I responded to questions. What’s the issue?
        Christianity is not only a virtue cult, but a death worshiping cannibal cult, as should be obvious.
        I’ve had it with this antiscientific, creationist-promoting Web site. Its CACA advocating critics are absolutely correct that it’s against science.

        • Chimp wrote “… as should be obvious.”
          I regret that it is not obvious. Perhaps you have a blog where you can explain your theory without being completely off-topic as seems to be the case here.
          “Its CACA advocating critics are absolutely correct that it’s against science.”
          Well, I suppose so. “Science” has become a religion; a thing you can be FOR, a thing you can be AGAINST. When used in this manner I suppose I am indeed against it; against the misappropriation of a word, against the social and political implications of it, against those who, like you, use the word as a bludgeon on your enemies.
          Science is simply a container word with no value of its own. Within the container of science are many things: Geology, astronomy, chemistry, physics (and many more). A person thus might be fond of geology, despises chemistry and have little awareness of physics. Is he for science, or against science?
          What I have noticed is that people like you desperately needing a religion have substituted this thing called “science” in the place where others might have Christianity. Just as various sects of Christianity denounce each other, here you are on the pulpit of science denouncing an invention of your own mind but calling it Christianity. I suspect you know less about “science” than I know about Buddhism.

      • Michael,
        Clearly you do not understand science. Indeed, you profoundly misunderstand it. All those disciplines you mention are fields of scientific inquiry, but they share the same method.
        Science is very much a thing. It’s not a religion. It’s a process, a method which can be applied to the study of any aspect of nature, whether the universe, the elements, planet earth, the sea, the air, the rocks or living things.
        Only someone with no understanding at all of the scientific method would be so deluded as to imagine that science is a religion rather than a method. It’s the most successful method of inquiry ever devised. Thanks to the scientific method, human population has grown from about 500 million in AD 1543 to pushing eight billion now, with a similar increase in general health and happiness.
        The delusions and misconceptions of fundamentalists never cease to amaze me.

      • Science (in the modern sense) was initiated, and until very recently dominated, by Christians, Gaybro . . I see much of what you guys are doing here, as very similar to SJW type accusatory undermining of Western civilization, frankly. Divide and conquer bullshit, to me.

  65. Donation sent.
    Here are a few things I do that are slightly relaxing:
    1. Epsom salt in my baths.
    2. Vibration mode for 20 minutes on my electrical hospital bed. (Some lounge chairs have this also.)
    3. One aspirin per day for heart/vascular health (slight side effect of relaxation).

  66. Congrats on the 10 years of fighting the fight. It always used to burn me up when folks would acccuse you of being paid by big Oil. Watching charles work for free all the years, working for free myself on the other side, I’ve always respected your passion, despite your positions. We agree on the Principles ( show your work, share your code, free your data,) but disagree on our conclusions.

  67. Contribution sent! Thanks so much for all you do Anthony! I hope you really enjoy your time away!

  68. I can’t write anything, and you don’t want me anywhere NEAR a computer other than reading from one, BUT donation I can – and will – do. Just a soon as I post this comment.
    And THANK YOU Anthony for everything you do.. Thanks to the guest writers and the mods, too. Have a good vacation.

  69. $100 on its way. You’ve provided a great service, and great, well documented information. Been following your blog site almost daily for well over 10 years.
    And BTW, I am retired. My degree was in physics, so I am not too easily misled. I would enjoy helping with moderating, or any other way I can be of service. It may help me figure out why all my comments go to moderation!
    Enjoy your vacation!

  70. Just another citizen where most of this stuff goes over my head, but I appreciate the work you and your “inner circle” do. You take the time you need, recharge, relax; we’ll be here when you get back.

  71. Just sent $50 Anthony. Thank GOD there are people like you who seek the truth and don’t just blindly follow the group like typical liberals do who just can’t seem to accept facts and logic. One of our friends has a sister who is a climate scientist at the university of Delaware and they think I’m a “denier” and they bullied me on facebook. They never even gave me the chance to explain my stance which is that I’m with John Christy, Judith Curry, Roy Spencer, and others who have a sane view of what’s going on. These 3 scientists have way more credentials than my friend’s sister — she hasn’t received any metals or testified before congress or can she be credited with inventing the satellite temperature record and actually writing code to implement the computer models like John Christy does. I have a big appreciation of that because I write software for a living.
    When I went to explain my view to my friend I paused for a moment and she just talked over me before I could even say anything. I figured it wasn’t worth my time. Best of luck with your time off and I hope you come back recharged and ready to keep things going. I think w/in the next 5 or 10 years we may finally get the breakthrough that is needed to put the warmists in their place. Cheers.

    • “I think w/in the next 5 or 10 years we may finally get the breakthrough that is needed to put the warmists in their place.”
      My hope is that there may be a breakthrough this year with the publication of Monckton’s dry lapse rate paper and “Watts 2012.”

    • Eric Malkowski, 6/13, 7:15: your friend’s sister who is a climate scientist at U. of Delaware and calls you a “denier” must be a colleague of Dr. David Legates, a tenured Professor of Climatology there, who is prominent in research, writing, and speaking about his conclusions skeptical of CAGW, endangerment of polar bears, accelerated sea level rise, droughts, etc. He has testified before Congress, including telling them about intimidation of those who do not follow the AGW party line. He was Delaware State Climatologist and was told by Governor Ruth Dinner in 2007 that his conclusions were at odds with her political views, so he should not use his state title on any of his academic work. He resigned as State Climatologist in 2011. Several state climatologists have been forced out because their views did not conform to the CAGW political agenda. Legates has been harassed by Greenpeace and by Democrat congressmen during the Obama years. I think that may stop now committees are chaired by Republicans. It would be interesting to ask your friend’s sister to refute or rebut Dr. Legate’s science.

  72. Anthony —
    The check is in the mail — err — i mean I used the donate button.
    Eugene WR Gallun

  73. Anthony, your work is a Pillar of Truth in a sea of misinformation. The Earth’s climate has too many degrees of freedom for meaningful predictive modeling. I run groundwater models for a living, very simple compared to GCMs, but I constantly run into the limits of data availability, distribution, period of record and data quality over time, heterogeneity of properties, grid resolution issues, etc. And GCMs ignore clouds. Really! The Earth is complicated. Nature is a Mother. The closing of Panama Straits between 4.2 and 2.62 Ma caused climate change, CO2 not so much! 30 clams headed your way, thank you for your hard work, and please enjoy your break. More than a month! Salud!

    • “Nature is a Mother.”
      Here’s the epigraph from You Sane Men:

      This I know: Mother Nature is a maniac.

  74. First time commenting, but have read this site for several years. My very best to you and enjoy your break. $100 from the HillBilly in the WV

  75. I honestly don’t know how you’ve been keeping things going as brilliantly as you have over all these years! Please accept my donation along with my utmost gratitude. I wish I could do more!

  76. Donated some shekels for a real vacation. You have to go someplace where there is not cell or internet access.
    And a nice bottle of wine or two…
    While I have disagreed with some of your guest authors, I read your site every morning religiously, along with my first cup of coffee.
    Come back recharged and raring to kick butt.

    • Look into the Ojo Caliente spa outside of Sante Fe. Get a room with the geothermal hot-tub and a massage. Nothing better, and awesome New Mexican food.

  77. Anthony I’ve long suspected that changing the world isn’t easy. And you’ve been doing it brilliantly for over ten years. Enjoy the time off. We’ll still be here when you get back. Many thanks.

  78. I’ve been following you since the early years, and although I post a comment only occasionally, I visit this site multiple times per week for a breath of sanity in this crazy world. I’m a therapist, I can say ‘crazy’ and mean it! 🙂 Please take that break, a month -might- do, but take whatever time you need. If it turns into full-blown burnout you won’t be able to even think about the blog for at least year. Please don’t let it get to that point.

  79. My little $20 is on it’s way. You deserve some time off. But PLEASE don’t ever let this site be shut down. I come here daily for a little sanity. God bless you, sir.

  80. I have never commented, frankly its beyond my level of expertise and education. (I’m an Arts major who has worked in the theatre up till my recent retirement) I have however been a follower of this blog since about 2008. You have kept me up with things and given me an amazing education. I can’t help in any other way but I have hit the donation button. Take a good rest, look after yourself.

  81. I, too, have gladly donated. Thank you for opposing the political and mostly unscientific juggernaut that is “gang green.” Take a break and come back refreshed.

  82. I’m not qualified to help you but have reveled in the reach of WUWT for the last seven or eight years.
    Please accept $100 and please take as much time as you need, dipping your toes in the (very) slowly rising waters on a warm, sandy beach while you enjoy a mojito.

  83. Take longer than a month mate.
    I read your blog every day. I live close to the GBR here in Clifton beach QLD Australia.
    You are a hero sir.
    Donation on its way.
    Robin W

  84. Anthony, next to R&R the next best nostrum for rejuvenation is Niagen patented by Chromadex and marketed by several online health sites. Niagen is Nicotinamide Riboside, a new (marketed since 2013) and natural B3-type vitamin which is way better than coffee and without any down-side – except it is a bit expensive. In a nutshell, Niagen essentially increases energy via the cell’s mitochondria.
    (Note I have no vested money or interest in any health company.)

  85. is there a way to donate through (international) bank transfer? maybe something to add in the article

  86. Funds Flung.
    While I’ll not recommend a destination for you, I will recommend this. Be with people. You have longtime friends you’ve never met pretty much everywhere. Nothing recharges the batteries like camaraderie and laughter. No matter where you go, you have friends already there, happy to buy you dinner, hoist a brew, puff on a cigar, spin a yarn. Let them.

  87. I hope that the contributions here are a sign to you of how much you are appreciated. If it would help, can I suggest the “Red Pill Expo” (G. Edward Griffin et al.) in Bozman, MT on June 23-24. Some terrific speakers, including one of our favourites: Lord Monckton himself.
    You would be among friends…

  88. Anthony noted:

    Ric Werme, who tracks WUWT, I think once said it’s been about 7 years since WUWT went a day without at least one story, and often there are five or six.

    That was so long ago that I forget how I determined that. Determined to check it right, I wrote a program to help out. It found, much to my surprise, that my database is missing parts of a couple months of posts. I’ll have to fix that some day soon. (This is the database that feeds my Guide to WUWT.)
    It also reported these are the last dates without posts:

    wuwt$ sort postsbyday.txt | grep '^ 0' | tail -5
     0 2010-05-28
     0 2010-05-29
     0 2010-05-30
     0 2012-07-28
     0 2013-12-25

    May 2010 is one of the partial months, the 2012 date was preceded by a note saying that posting would be suspended until this got published (on July 29th):

    This pre-publication draft paper, titled An area and distance weighted analysis of the impacts of station exposure on the U.S. Historical Climatology Network temperatures and temperature trends, is co-authored by Anthony Watts of California, Evan Jones of New York, Stephen McIntyre of Toronto, Canada, and Dr. John R. Christy from the Department of Atmospheric Science, University of Alabama, Huntsville.

    Dec 2013’s no post day was on Christmas.
    Going back further, it looks like the next “nothing to say” day was 2009 July 31. That looks like the most recent non-special day, nearly 8 years ago.
    Anthony – You need a break!
    Oh, and keep up the good work. 🙂

  89. Donation sent. I’ve been with WUWT from the beginning. Thanks, Anthony, for the decade+ of faithful service and the outstanding, well documented articles. Enjoy your time off. ~ David Flick

  90. This feels a little bit like the ending of It’s a Wonderful Life! Good to see so many people contributing 😉 I have done so as well. Take longer than a month as others have suggested!

  91. After reading ALL the replies, I have to join the century club. Another $50 is on the way. Please take two months and visit 3-4 places you’ve always wanted to see. You have earned the friendship and respect of people of like interests all over the world. Why not post your itinerary in general and invite readers to contact you about getting together for lunch or dinner while on sabbatical? You will be bored without some socializing, and you may be buoyed by sharing their friendship.

    • Yes, I have to agree…let us know where you’ll be and I doubt you’d have to pay for accommodation in most cities around the world! If you do happen to get to New Zealand and would like free accommodation at our astronomy themed B&B (stargazersbbdotcodotnz) just make contact. It would be an honour to thank you for all the time you have donated over the years.
      Donation made with pleasure.

      • Wow, Anthony, take Alistair up on this one! When Halley’s comet came around 31 years ago, I stayed with some astro friends near Lake Tekapo (South Island), and that night under the southern Milky Way (and the comet) I’ll never, ever forget.

  92. I rarely miss a day reading this website. Such a wealth of material here, it is awesome. With Trump pulling us out of the Paris Accord, it is a good time to take a much deserved break!
    Thanks for all your hard work.

  93. Money on the way. I earned it working for big oil. Actually, I did not earn it, it was from padding my invoices to big oil. Twenty years ago. Either way I feel it is important to make honest men out of your critics–“Paid off by big oil!” Have a good vacation.

  94. Anthony,
    I’m the NWS co-op observer for a site high in the Colorado Rockies, and after going to the MMTS system 13 years ago, I retired the standard Stevenson screen set-up. The screen is now a squirrel hotel.
    So if you want the screen for your experiments, it’s yours! The things are buggers to ship, so if your vacation includes a pass through Colorado (a rather nice place to travel in the warm thunderstorm season), you could throw it in your trunk. Or we can work something out.
    BTW, the screen is mine to give, not government property. I got it surplus 40 years ago.

  95. Anthony, you deserve this hiatus in spades. Contribution on its way. Have fun and if you do happen to find yourself in my neck of the ( paved over ) woods, lunch is on me.

  96. I came to the CAGW debate with an open mind. On the face of it, the man-made global warming hypothesis made sense, but thanks to Anthony Watts and others I learned that there were huge problems with the theory. Over time I went from “believer” to sceptic. After ranging far and wide over years I realized that wattsupwiththat.com was the best site on the internet to stay abrest of the debate. The articles are fantastic, either for information or debate,
    but I almost always learned more from the comments than I ever learned from the articles themselves. I and the entire world owe Anthony Watts, his moderators, and contributors an unpayable debt of gratitude.
    I have never moderated a blog but I feel confident that I can learn.

  97. I just sent you a donation and a message about my beautiful place in the U.S. where you are welcome to stay. I didn’t know how PayPal handles messages, so I didn’t include attachments. It is very peaceful and quiet, and you could exhale with no pressure or worries. Feel no obligation, but I think you’d like it. I am very grateful for your courage, integrity, and accomplishments. You have friends, Anthony.

  98. $50 from a casual reader in France. Enjoy your break and most definitely leave your mobile at home.

  99. Donation sent, you’ve put in a tremendous amount of effort and deserve a break, go, recharge your batteries.

  100. Some $ sent from deep winter in the south. I do appreciate the science here. Cheaper than a Uni course and much more diverse.

  101. Thank you for providing the opportunity to support you.
    You have done, and will do, great work here.
    Very best wishes.

  102. Donation sent – But I am sorry to say that the origin of the funds are Norwegian Oil Kronas (NOK), so now our opponents may argue that you are funded by Big Oil. I am sorry if this causes any inconvenience. Please spend them on umbrella drinks on a warm beach.

  103. Anthony
    Go man, go! If you say you need the break, you needed it a year ago.
    It’s been a tough ride. We’ll be here when you are ready to come back.
    Thanks for everything. Paypal button tickled.

  104. “proved without a doubt that both Al Gore and Bill Nye were not just incompetent, but liars too, faking a science experiment.”
    You mean completely incompetent morons.

  105. Paypal sent – sorry it couldn’t be more, but like others am on a small pension. If you leave this up I’ll try and do the same again in a couple of weeks.
    Many thanks to you.

  106. Sent….you deserve a break, but perhaps a real break, the sort of clearing your head break, that we all enjoy. Your choice. Either way, well deserved for all your hard work.

  107. Anthony,
    your work here is without precedence and a beacon of hope in a world gone crazy. I sincerely hope you will come out stronger after your sabbatical. I gladly donated to support your fine work.
    Since I am German and live in the No. 1 Land of Climate Lunatics, my appreciation for your work is probably even greater.
    That said: Should you ever need assistance in translation of German texts (e.g. from the infamous Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research) into English, let me know. I’d be glad to help you out. And wouldn’t it be satisfying for me to contribute to the unmasking of Schellnhuber et. al., who sit just a stone’s throw away from my office here in Potsdam.
    Keep it up!
    My thanks and best wishes for the future

  108. Hope you get all the rest you need and deserve. thanks for all the work, always a pleasure to visit your site, almost daily. Some Swiss franks on the way. best from Switzerland, Freddie

  109. Anthony, please accept $136 CDN err $100US. If the BoyKing and Wynne continue to govern in the same manner I expect our dollar to further decline. If Willis is around for part of your trip please get him to write a little story so we can be on holiday with you guys. Always a treat to read his articles. Thanks for many hours of enlightenment…

  110. Way to go Anthony, with you and your band of climate elves helping us all maintain our climate sanity. Get out of here and please come back refreshed to carry on. This fight is not over in spite of The Donald’s bold move.

  111. Anthony,
    You do indeed deserve a break. Take as long as you need to recharge. Take it to the same place Bob Tisdale has apparently gone .. someplace sunny and warm. I hope you relax and enjoy. I made a small donation to help you on your way.
    Thank you for all you have done over the years. Your efforts were instrumental in me making the journey to skepticism and helping me think for myself about this issue. Your (and some of the other posters here) unknowing support has also helped me survive the abuse that has come my way because of my beliefs about this issue.

  112. Hi Anthony
    Love to donate but your Credit Card donation insists on a Valid US state and Zip Code, can’t complete that from the UK. Please change and I will donate.
    Keep up the good work, your record of dedication to the subject is second to non.

  113. I don’t have a lot of money, but I’ve made a small contribution that I certainly wish could be more in line with the enjoyment I’ve received from this site.
    Sadly, I’m not personally equipped to make a contribution of time.
    Thank you Anthony for your tremendous effort and dedication. You do important work, and I hope you can take a good break that allows you to come back stronger than ever!

  114. I’m just a regular punter so can’t contribute copy beyond a btl comment or two, but I can buy you a beer or two while you’re recharging your batteries. Pay Pal have sorted it, so get outta here for a month and enjoy some down time. Regards, David.

  115. Thanks Anthony for all you have done thus far. You are very much appreciated to many of us. Don’t hurry back, but please come back.
    As soon as I found WUWT, I became a constant reader every morning. You have done a huge service, especially to us lay/people that certainly are not rocket scientist but we are intelligent enough to know a s/cam when we see it.
    ( and I do need my daily dose of Janice too, : ) , or whenever she’s around posting )
    $100 bucks your way. I hope you spend it on fishing !! ( I just caught 6 – 9 to 10 inch sunfish last weekend and it was so thrilling, yet such a relaxing joy)
    Have fun, relax, and free your mind.

    • Ej — thank you, so much. I’ve missed seeing your “smiling face” around here these past several weeks. Still praying about the goal, etc..

      • : )
        Sometimes I just have to sit back and just read, Janice. I try not to post much because I can be a fool sometimes. I’m just not that savvy at computer talking, I’m the ‘in your face’ in person, kind of person.
        I can’t type as fast as my mind thinks, which gets me frustrated.
        ( I think it’s good to realize that, after-all, I don’t understand some of the real technical stuff, even though I want to respond, I’m better off letting the real experts do that ).
        Thank You, Janice, you still inspire me and hopefully one day I could email you and really let you see what I do,
        Thanking our Lord in Jesus name for giving me this poor old girl many Blessings.

  116. Anthony, if you come to Thailand on your vacation I can show you an official Stevenson Screen collecting data less than 30 feet from a busy six-lane highway…oh wait, better to leave that hammer at home, may I suggest a jungle trek or rafting on the Mekong? lol. Donation on the way. Thanks for providing us with a tremendous community resource.

  117. Take a break, as you have been my constant sanity break for years now. Donation made.

  118. Recently discovered this site (2016) and have been reading every day since. Enjoy your sabbatical. Donation sent.

  119. Dear Anthony
    You really deserve some time off
    Thank you for all your hard work and drive to inform without prejudice
    I hope that lots of donations will be made and help you to recharge for the next episode

    • Here’s another story from the Guardian; it contains a quote blaming the fire’s spread on flammable cladding being “being introduced on the back of the sustainability agenda,”:

      Arnold Tarling, a chartered surveyor at Hindwoods and a fire safety expert, says the elephant in the room is the flammability of insulation panels that are being used to clad postwar buildings to bring them up to date with today’s thermal standards. A recent £8.7m refurbishment of Grenfell Tower saw the building clad with “ACM cassette rainscreen” panels, an aluminium composite material covering insulation panels, which could have caused the fire to spread more quickly up the facade of the tower.
      “The issue is that, under building regulations, only the surface of the cladding has to be fire-proofed to class 0, which is about surface spread,” says Tarling. “The stuff behind it doesn’t, and it’s this which has burned.” He says he recently inspected a new-build eight storey block in south-east London where there was no fire protection in the external cavity walls. “The insulation behind the external cladding is flammable polyurethane. I know because I took a chunk out and burned it.”
      Scott Sanderson, director at PRP Architects, has worked on the refurbishment of several postwar high-rise housing estates, including recently Bow Cross in Tower Hamlets, east London, where three 25-storey 1960s tower blocks were over-clad with insulated render.
      “The issue is about compartmentalisation,” he says. “Whatever cladding system you use, you have to incorporate fire stops at the line of each floorplate and every party wall around a dwelling to prevent fire from spreading up the facade. The current regulations are robust enough, but they have to be properly followed, and the architects drawings properly executed on site.”
      Dr Jim Glocking, technical director of the Fire Protection Association (FPA), thinks our standards need a fundamental overhaul. He says he has been campaigning for years to see fire safety standards improved, to no avail.
      “We have been very concerned about the introduction of highly combustible products into buildings,” he says. “They are often being introduced on the back of the sustainability agenda, but it’s sometimes being done recklessly without due consideration to the consequences. It’s not uncommon for buildings to have blocks of polystyrene up to 30cm deep on the outside, which is an extraordinary quantity of combustible material to be sticking on to a building. There are often ventilation voids between the rainscreen cladding and the insulation to prevent damp, but this also increases the spread of flames.”
      He says UK fire regulations are unique in focusing on simply evacuating people before the building falls down, but not on properly tackling the ingress of fire from outside. “Our regulations are generally very good at keeping people safe,” he says, “but they work on a presumption that fires start inside buildings and that the method for protecting people is to ensure that it stays in the room of origin, doesn’t get to any neighbouring rooms, and certainly doesn’t get to any floors above. But they do not cater for fires ingressing into the building from outside or spreading to the external cladding, which appears to be what happened at Grenfell Tower.”

      • I wonder if asbestos cladding will now be allowed. (I’ve read that the absence or paucity of asbestos insulation in one of the Twin Towers contributed to its collapse.)

  120. You got 3 Castars from Middle Earth, the rough equivalent of 50 Murican dollars. God bless you for all you do. I don’t post here much anymore, but do read some of the topics (less than I should!). Appreciate you and all the other contributors as well.

  121. Long time listener, first time caller…blah blah blah………..
    So, upon reading this post, my mind asked “how much should I send?” The response was “Well, what kind of value have you gotten from reading WUWT?”
    Crap, I don’t have that kind of money. Sending what I can.
    Suggestion: Don’t wait another 10 years to grant yourself a break after you return from Wattsapaloouza 2017.

  122. Thank you, and God bless you, Anthony. You, the moderators, and guest writers, (this website) have been a blessing to us.

  123. Enjoy your time off Anthony! I have been reading your blog since it began and I appreciate what it has inspired me to learn.

  124. Come to Halfway, Oregon. Enjoy peace and quiet fishing at multiple venues. And the solar eclipse is coming in August with Halfway being the best location on the West Coast for viewing. There are several places to vacation-rent here and many folks who would be willing to set up fishing for you. Climate change is considered normal here so no one would quiry you about the topic. And we have wifi…most of the time, if you still want to be connected.

  125. Funds flung. Anthony, if you are heading my side of the Atlantic be a great pleasure to welcome you.

  126. Regarding the Michael Mann update:
    So, did Mann send you a ton of money in hopes you wouldn’t come back?

  127. Anthony for having saved mankind from the falling sky you deserve much more than what we can give you but a months vacation has been authorized, more if we gave you enough. Many thanks.

  128. Mr. Watts: Enjoy your well deserved time off. Been reading WUWT for about 5 years and have learned so much. WUWT has been the home page on my browser since I retired. I’m sure it will be well taken care of while you’re away. Sent a few bucks.

  129. Cheers Anthony, you are a true American hero. You have proven your courage and honor every day of the last ten years right here for everyone to see. And this thread proves that you are rich in friends who will do anything to help you. We can certainly muddle along while you rest and recuperate.

  130. RE: Michael Mann
    I think a Man(n) busy saving the world would be too busy to notice, let alone help publicize, another person’s wish for a holiday.
    I guess it is just another clue the Mann isn’t rational.

  131. On a slight but relevant tangent, how could we go about affecting Mann’s funding, more directly, does anyone have any bright ideas?

  132. Donation made. Anything that winds up that first rate shit Mann is a good deed. Have a good break, and thanks for educating me over the years, and most of all, for fighting the good fight with all your might.

  133. If you were a team member needing a break you would use government grant money to go play with your hobby for a year and call it research.
    Of course for many of them that is their full time job.

  134. Anthony, I am sending a donation from Canada. I think you should establish a permanent “crowd sourcing” fund, to establish firm financing on a continuing basis that would allow you, and others you might employ, to keep up the good fight. When I think of the hundreds of billions of dollars that governments contribute to the global warming disaster hoax, it is appalling that the service you so capably provide should go wanting for funds.

  135. As much as I want to – I;m not in a position to offer Mod services or a donation..
    So I’ll offer the only thing I have in abundance – patience.
    Take your time, get “recharged”.

  136. Anthony, I think I go back to the very early days. I especially recall your Stevenson Screen experiments.
    I have been thoroughly astonished at your commitment and workload to keep this going. It certainly takes a toll and we hear less from many highly informed commentators like the Pielkes, Steve McIntyre, Andrew Montford, etc. While I am sure you will not appear in any Naomi Oreske’s history of the climate debate, I am certain an objective and reasonable historian of science will give due recognition to the gifted amateurs who have given cover to full-time academic and government scientists.
    Donation made. Enjoy your time away from your sisyphean tasks.

  137. Anthony, if you can, I think Janice was advising similarly above, take a few weeks off. I took one or two weeks off annually over 20+ years, and surrendered to a month off when I left my career. I found it really took three weeks to completely relax, having not done so in over two decades. All the best to you. Thank you for all you have done for truth.

  138. Not hard to donate for a well earned break for Anthony but it would certainly be a mixed blessing to donate for Michael Mann to undertake a permanent one. Still, there might be some consolation if the IRS treats unearned income more harshly than earned and quite a rainbow at the end of the pot of gold.

  139. I sent in $100. This site is my sanity on this issue as when I approach folks I know about this, and try to have a friendly, fact based debate, all I get back is negative.
    Consider it a thank you!

  140. I’m going to leave this post up for a couple of days as the top head post, . . .

    But it’s now #3 on the Recent Posts list, after less than 24 hours.

  141. Your priceless work over the last years deserves every support. Donation is on it’s way.

  142. $100 is cheap for all the information and knowledge I pick up reading at your site. Hell, the entertainment alone is worth more than $100. Have a nice vacation, come back refreshed and go at ’em again with renewed vigor. I’m looking forward to it.

  143. CACA is as far from “established science” as is possible. That the earth goes around the sun is established science. That man-made CO2 causes dangerous global warming, not so much.
    At least the charlatans don’t say “settled” as often these days.

  144. Thanks Anthony… C-note’s on the way.
    At least from my experience, it took the first 5 to 7 days of any of the 4 or 5 vacations I managed over 35 years of working hi-tech in order to get my head straight and push down all the sub-tasks. It took another 5 to 7 days at then end to restore ’em and get my head back in gear to face the rat race. So, a 2 week vacation left 1 or 2 days of calm. If I were you I would plan on a minimum of 5 or 6 weeks in order to have a good month for head restoration.
    Good luck… and hope you enjoy some time off. You sure have earned it.

  145. Donation sent, take a well deserved break Anthony! I have to say a personal thank you for everything this site has become. I’m not a scientist, and much of what goes on here is outside my realm of expertise but it seems a lot of the debate comes down to common sense that gets clouded in stats, numbers, projections, theories and mish mash. This site has helped me keep my sanity.
    As for the future format of the site, have you explored tiered sponsorships? That way you can get ad revenue and have people that pay a subscription fee to not see them, kind of the best of both worlds. Looking forward to a refreshed AW in a month or so.

  146. I have two quick suggestions and a third observation:
    First, AW, you might be able to just hang a “Gone fishin’ ” sign on the door (i.e. on the home page) for a month or two and come back then. James Taranto, who wrote the immensely popular “Best of the Web” column in the WSJ did that for two or three months after he moved to be Deputy Editor of the Editorial Section and before James Freeman took over Best of the Web again. The regulars on the thread complained a bit and wondered out loud for weeks on end when the column would return, but it is now back to the readership it had before the break.
    Second, some years ago I became a founding member of the Open Atmosphere Society, and to my knowledge I see no task that society has taken on, nor do I even know the membership. Perhaps this would be a good way for the OAS to cut its teeth–take on the WUWT website for a time.
    Third: Mosher, way back upthread, you are misrepresenting things again. Few here deny the greenhouse effect, and only a few more deny that the planet is either warming or greening. The 99% of the debate beyond those two points is of some importance, and involve answering questions that are analyzed here regularly. The great niche that WUWT fills is to tackle that other 99% ( which some people think is 97% settled)–topics such as how much has the planet warmed; what portion is due fossil fuels; is the warming a blessing or bane; what can reasonably done about the warming; should we focus on adaptation; what will strategies cost; and so on….plus exposing the truly awful self-interest, flawed thinking, and rent seeking involved. Tell me, son, who else does this?

  147. I was more than pleased to donate Anthony. You deserve far more for all your hard work. The only thing I would like to donate to Michael Mann is my boot in his fat, arrogant arse.

  148. Take your break, Anthony. No one has earned it more than you.
    The world might actually realize one day, what a debt it owes you and a few select others who have taken the arrows. It’s a special kind of courage.

  149. Having resisted two local prison placement attempts, and to some degree fought in the long ground water crisis here, I know the intestinal fortitude it takes to resist axe grinding knuckleheads. But my travails only took a a year or two out of my life. My hat is off to you Mr. Watts.

  150. Anthony,
    Thank you for keeping the focus on the science of the climate as well as the sad state of climate science. You have provided a valuable service for the whole world. Enjoy a break, but do come back!

  151. I’m a daily reader and have been for several years. My donation is gladly given for all the marvelous gifts this site affords me.
    From the scientific papers to the many, many good folks that contribute to this site, I am obliged to contribute to any purpose you deem worthy. Vacation or not!

  152. Hi Anthony,
    Ten of your American Bucks on their way with my best regards.
    BTW: have you actually *asked* e.g. The Kock Brothers for your well deserved bung? Don’t ask, don’t get. Might be worth asking Messrs Gore, Mann, etc too – they can only say “No”

  153. True commie that michael mann is, he just can’t stand seeing Anthony reap the benefits of capitalism. (sorry mickey, anthony has far more market value than you)…

  154. Well we can see that Michael Mann never misses a WUWT post either. Obviously, his contacts, too, are riveted to the site. The terrible hurricane in climate science goes seemingly unnoticed – sign of deep деиуал – lying on the beach in the sunny eye of the storm.

  155. I donated. The effectiveness of this site has been worth the money in my life, choices, and preservation of what freedoms we manage to retain against the warmist religion.

  156. Have a great and well-deserved vacation, Anthony. WUWT has been a wonderful antidote to the mendacious dross peddled by the Guardian and other lefty news outlets. $50 donated once I can get PayPal to work.

  157. Hi Anthony,
    I’d be glad to help with the Reference page issues. It occurred to me, a WordPress links plugin programmer may be interested in writing a custom plugin in return for ad placement on the Reference pages.
    I have website design, publishing production (print and digital) and WordPress experience. So, manually fixing the links is also an option.

    • Mods,
      I know better than to do an extensive Reference pages site analysis using remote tools. It would hit the site too many times in prime time causing site lag from the WordPress servers.
      I did run a brief summary on one page – results indicate 3 403 errors and 13 404 errors – hit time took about 107 seconds.
      Given Anthony’s need for a break, I’d be happy to do the leg work and submit reports to a team for needed modifications to the various pages.
      I can check site stats to determine a time of least usage for the remote analysis but a maintenance team with site access is required.
      I can submit the error summary reports in XML, Excel, or any desired format.
      Please Advise

  158. I just donated, Thank you Anthony for all you have done. Get some well deserved rest. You deserve the Nobel Peace Prize for your work.

  159. Mann used Rutherford as his lackey when McIntyre requested info – just as he does all of his underling students – and he’s whining about you taking a break?

    • Subsidy-farming alien Elon Musk is the devil incarnate. Or at least a field grade imp from the lower circles of CACA Hell.

  160. Donated. Godspeed Anthony. My small donation can never repay the billions you have saved us all from fake Climate Alarmism mitigation efforts. Thanks for your tireless work. Some day the world will look back and recognize your bravery and heroic work.

  161. I’m still laughing that the world’s premier climate ‘carnival barker’, the carbon dioxide spewing, data manipulating Mann himself, has the gall. BWWWWAAAAA!!!! A small donation sent to ‘the ringmaster’.

  162. HA! Mann O Mann – That is funny!
    Psychologically speaking, Anthony Watts is living ‘rent free’ in mann’s head!

  163. Just donated… via PayPal. The receipt says it went to “Willard Watts”. Is that right? Or did something get messed up?

  164. Donation sent. I find it hilarious that Mann made an immediate post about this issue; it means WUWT is on his “Favorites List” and he comes here all the time….to find out what he doesn’t know?

    • ” it means WUWT is on his “Favorites List” and he comes here all the time….to find out what he doesn’t know?
      He must be on here virtually full time then!

  165. Please send me a snail mail address that I can mail an old fashion paper check to and tell me how to make it out.

  166. First, dittos to those who say, “Take a sabbatical, not just a vacation.” Six months, anyway.
    Second, dittos to those who advise creating a non-profit 501c-3 corporation. Call it the ‘AW Shucks Foundation’, or something. Someone up-thread offered to help you get it set up. This will enable fans to write off gifts as charitable donations, and also will make it much easier for corporations to make grants.
    Third, dittos to those who offered to help. A fair amount of the technical stuff here is over my head, so I wouldn’t make much of a moderator. But I’m a good editor, and have experience with two free WordPress themes (running two small blogs, Walking Creek World, and Hillbilly at Harvard—shameless plugs!), for whatever that’s worth.
    Fourth, modest donation on its way.
    Fifth, bring back Smokey! He was not only a moderator, he was entertaining. Nobody summed up the overriding issue better than he: (paraphrasing) There is no empirical evidence that mankind’s tiny contribution of CO2 has any measurable effect on the Earth’s climate—none.
    /Mr Lynn

  167. let me figure out a donation, it’s not gonna be a government grant but it’ll be something.
    it is hard to imagine where we’d be without you, steve, donna, Judy, tallbloke, on the phone so the list is gonna end there for now.

    • I’ll add a few to you list and suggest folks can find and read them:
      Jo Nova
      Paul Homewood
      Pierre Gosselin
      Euan Mearns

  168. @ Michael E. Mann :
    I always sorta gave you the benefit of the doubt.
    Now I see you for what you are.

  169. Money sent. I’ve been here a long time, well before Climategate. You and Steve McIntyre will be the ones remembered in History for your long and effective fight for science as done by the Scientific Method, and for documenting the deceit, dishonesty, and frauds of the anti-science, anti-human cretins who call themselves “climate scientists”.

  170. Until I started hanging out here, I wouldn’t have believed how much really bad science is being done out there. And how much public money is being squandered on it. Thank you Anthony for doing way more than your share of exposing the festering mass of circular arguments, faulty logic, pre-determined conclusions and “model” output masquerading as data that makes up climate “science” in the 21st century.
    My opinion – just put the site on ice for a month or two. We’ll all be here when you get back. Hungry for action. When I’ve gone to work in internet-free camps, I have survived without WUWT for weeks at a time! A few devalued loonies are on their way to help out with the vacation. Take care.

  171. God’s only begotten Mann trolls WUWT and uses a Lie for a quote!
    This is sweet!
    The folly of Mann show his deceit.

  172. Tried to send money but your system does not take debit cards. Can this be rectified

    • I’ve seen others with same problems, only VISA/Master Card (I think). Can you borrow a card and pay them back? The link is secure.

  173. Ephesians 6:13 – Wherefore take unto you the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.
    Isaiah 40:28-31 Have you not known? Have you not heard? The LORD is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He does not faint or grow weary; his understanding is unsearchable. He gives power to the faint, and to him who has no might he increases strength. Even youths shall faint and be weary,and young men shall fall exhausted; but they who wait for the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.
    finally, though a fictional character, the words are true
    “Let me tell you something you already know. The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s a very mean and nasty place and I don’t care how tough you are it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain’t about how hard ya hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done!”

  174. Thank you Anthony for all you and the crew here have done for the advancement of real science.
    PS: Ya got my 50 bucks, please enjoy your sabbatical. Keep your stick on the ice, OK?

  175. Anthony, you have made a tremendous impact and you totally deserve the break. I would love to help with content etc but I’m travelling for the next four months and won’t be able to. It’s tempting to say ‘just put the site on ice’ but it I think it really would be better to maintain the momentum if others can step in.

  176. We sent just $20, sorry it can not be more right now.God Bless you and there is a nice little place in SE Asia where folks speak English. It can be as remote as you want. Google Philippines and then dig deep for info. From there you can get to Laos, Cambodia and northern Thailand and from there you can get back to the Phils…(beware…you may decide to stay)

  177. Dear Anthony, You are so rare. For you to think you are “letting your work/us/yourself?” down because you are taking a “month off” after 10+ years of rigorous dedication, speaks volumes on how decent, loyal and (Aussie slang) true blue a mate you are.
    Burnout is awful. Only complete Turnoff will suffice and one month is too short, you’re only beginning to loosen up. Two months minimum, for sure, is needed.
    As a daily visitor to your site has kept me informed as best a non-scientific but commonsense person can be informed. I am proud to say I started with you just before Climategate and I am still here at Trump’s heroic dumping of the Paris Propaganda Package. Yippee! And I might add, there have been plenty of highs and lows, no boring stuff here at your site.
    Take care, we haven’t finished with you yet.
    The very best of everything,

    • I want to second what Faye says about taking more time off, Anthony. I’ve also suffered teaching and academic burnout in the past, and the brain needs more time. It takes at least three weeks to begin to relax and regain perspective! You will want to have a mental and physical rest for longer than that – and preferably somewhere without an internet connection!
      Although I’ve not been as regular a visitor as I was in 2008 and for several years thereafter, I keep coming back, as WUWT is a treasure-house of intellectual freedom, ideas and debate, and a valuable reference centre. You won’t lose us by taking a much-needed hiatus.
      Take care of yourself and reward yourself, Anthony. While history has thrust a sort of greatness on you, you have risen to the challenge and can take pride in your legacy of providing a haven for honest inquiry and the sharing of scientific ideas and thought-provoking questions.

  178. Donation sent today from Australia. Thank you so much for the service you are doing to enable the truth to be heard. All the best for your vacation.

  179. Anthony, your work is really a labor of love like that of many published authors is. I am just another contributor to this body of work you direct. But I am saddened that you have not reacted to the problem I had when I published an article in your blog in 1979. To start, I have a book out (What Warming?), an article on the Arctic (Arctic warming is not greenhouse warming) and an article in your WUWT (Karl does not know there are two hiatuses…). In the last one I pointed out that in the eighties and nineties there existed a hiatus until IPCC decided to change it into a warming period. This is fraudulent and illegal and I have proof it from NASA thanks to my readers. But for pointing out this fact I was attacked and vilified by comments submitted by Bob Tisdale. He went so far as to accuse me of fabricating data I showed. This was an out and out falsehood and I protested to you but was ignored. This false warming is still p[art of the IPCC global warming curve. Periodically I keep pointing it out but am simply ignored. The way Tisdale sides with IPCC he could well be a warmist agent who wormed itself into your confidence. As a scientist, he is way backward because the title of one of his his ebooks claims that global warming is caused by El Ninos. I am working on an article on carbon dioxide history, but if you are interested in any further contributions from me you must expunge all his slanderous comments to the article I wrote about Karl etc., referred to above. Let me know of your decision by email.

    • … you must expunge …” [Arno Arrak]
      Don’t be silly. As “Climategate” and “Hillarygate” show, once you commit something to the internet, the Sun will have to explode for it to go away.
      You stated your case, someone else did, and so on. That is the best you can do and the best you can get.

  180. Done. Thanks Anthony, an outstanding effort (and cheers to your behind the scenes supporters(.

  181. It’s driving them all batshit crazy that:
    1. I’ve survived 10 years, even though I’m apparently too stupid to have accomplished anything in that time.
    2. People actually like me and want to help.
    3. More people read WUWT than all of their blogs combined.
    I’m very blessed. Thanks to everyone! – Anthony

    And your“97%” isn’t due to a “run through the Lew”.
    It’s real and due to you.

  182. I don’t comment much and no longer read so much as I’d like to here, but I’ve been an avid WUWT fan a long time, almost since the start. I tell all my leftie friends that they can’t hope to follow the discussion unless they frequent this sits – alas they seem deaf to advice, and to the truth. They are too busy right now ‘defending science’ from us sceptics.
    They, and the likes of Mann, would do well to read this article on why there can be no consensus in science, with close attention. It originates from an impeccably scientific source:

    • Thanks Sam, the money quote from the article is still:

      Historically, the claim of consensus has been the first refuge of scoundrels…

  183. Anthony: If it were up to me, I would award both you and Steve McIntyre the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

  184. US$75 from sunny Perth.
    Your website has been a revelation, particularly when faced with the constant barrage of CAGW stories from the likes of ABC, BBC, CSIRO, etc.
    As an avid reader of other “Sceptic” websites, it would be great if some of those posting on WUWT could take a leaf out of Andrew Montford’s book (when his website “Bishop Hill” was more active). He was almost without exception:
    (a) scrupulously, almost painfully, polite to those who took the CAGW line;
    (b) had an absolute attention to detail with his arguments: and
    (c) didn’t rush to judgement but waited for events to play out so as to be able to give reasoned opinions rather than shooting from the hip.
    This made his website a pleasure to read and seemed to draw the sting from opponents generally making room for sensible debate.

  185. I started to follow this site shortly after it it started. As a former boy scout growing up in rural Washington State I had always been against pollution and litter. I was proud when my son came home from school and told me we needed to fight pollution. Then he said we need to fight carbon dioxide produced by cars. I corrected him and said yes carbon monoxide is dangerous and can kill you. He insisted it was carbon dioxide not being able to understand how the product of perfect combustion and plant food could be pollution I went to the web and that is when my head exploded the world had gone insane. Thank goodness I found this site. At the time it was the last refuge for those of us that actually learned about photosynthesis and understood combustion and dreamed in the 1970s about cars that would run on clean fuel and produce only H20 and CO2 and get their electricity from nuclear power. Since then I have followed the Global Warming debate here. I have a Masters in EE and an MBA and I am very happy to pay $100 for the ten+ years of priceless education you have provided.

  186. Anthony, please enjoy a well deserved time off. The struggle for reason is everlasting, but, hopefully, we will prevail.

  187. Anthony,
    $500 coming your way and it’s not nearly enough to compensate you for all the good work you have done. Have a mai-tai on my wife and I should you go somewhere tropical.

  188. I think we all can empathize – but only to a certain extent – nobody works harder than you do, Anthony. Nobody.

  189. Donated!
    Anthony, I hope you have a LONG (although you’ll be sorely missed!), WONDERFUL vacation!

  190. Anthony, you are not just an American hero, you are a world hero!!
    Wonderful work which is slowly winning.
    $500 sent from Australia. And I dips my lid to Jim Carson for his extreme generosity.
    I recommend Seven Terraces in Penang but I am sure you would get a warm reception in Paris.

    • Thanks. From each according to his ability, the saying goes. I’ve been eating the free ice cream I’ve found here since the beginning. Pretty sure I still owe more.

  191. Just saw the sneering of that f*%#g idiot Mann and immediately donated something. All the best Anthony, thanks for the amazing work!!

  192. Great work, Anthony. I was so glad to meet you when you made it to Hobart all those years ago so i will definitely contribute.

  193. I was umm-ing and ahh-ing about whether or not to donate. Then I read Michael Mann’s tweet above. Settled it for me. Just sent you US$50.00 Anthony. Hope you have a good time away and refresh yourself.

  194. Looking at Mann’s input, don’t you wonder what has gone wrong with ‘society’
    Why does a professional and educated person have to use, as a first resort, that sort of language?
    The guy has soooo shot himself in the foot and taken out a good few of his own teeth out doing so.
    There are hardly the words to describe such petty childishness, esp coming from someone of his position.
    Just amazing.
    What might we conclude about his science or about his fellow scientists and climate science in general?
    First Impressions really do count.
    Part 2 of my input on top of a few beer tokens=
    Please people, visit the weathershop and get yourself (ideally) 3 of the USB dataloggers.
    Make up a couple of little impromptu Stephenson screens (I used white plastic drainage pipe from the diy store.) No matter how clever, just make them as identical as you can and that the sun doesn’t shine directly onto the logger and that it stays dry.
    Put a logger in each. Hang one up in your garden where its got an open aspect and if you have access to a ‘friendly’ group of trees nearby (wood, mini-forest, major forest, plantation etc) put the second one among the trees. Both about 4 or 5 feet off the ground
    Put the 3 logger in a waterproof bottle/jar/container and drop it down the hole where your house/home/farm water supply stop-valve is, Or dig a hole in your garden. Just a foot deep will do.
    It’ll be a great education…. and exercise, fresh air, dirty hands, speadsheets, meet interesting people…
    What’s not to like?

  195. It’s the least we can do. My light bulb moment was years ago when the head of the Met Office had the bare faced cheek to say that they were better at predicting the climate in 50 years time, rather than next week. At that point I realised something was bat sh*t crazy about the whole system…
    Keep up the good work.

  196. Another donation from Oz “down under”.
    Thanks for all your work Anthony. I’ve been a daily lurker for many years and have always enjoyed the refreshing, honest, insightful and occasionally humorous perspective presented here.
    Enjoy your break.

  197. I call my ~15 months off work after overwork for over 2 years and a massive IT disaster here in Australia in 2012 caused by a workmate which contributed to my divorce a “sabbatical”. Sometimes you just have to get away from it all. Unfortunately I am in no position to donate right now, I will do when I can.
    For many years now, WUWT is my first port of call every day.
    I wish you well Anthony.

  198. So much fun over the years. Many thanks for keeping a sane point of view alive in the darkness of consensus. Donation sent, have a good one 😉

  199. I just saw that Mann tweet! Sheesh! Such an infantile “intellect”, shame it’s wasted and can’t grow beyond insults.

  200. Done. Make sure it’s a proper break, not just a period for planning all your changes!

    • Naaaahhh – clowns like Mikey keep a fleet of backhoes on retainer. They can ALWAYS go lower.

  201. I doubt if Anthony will get this far in reading all the comments, but if he does, heartiest thanks Anthony from an admirer in the UK who wishes you a really relaxing and totally well-earned break and has sent a modest contribution. The closed minds of those who insult you are sadly a fact of life, and your wonderfully generous nature knows and accepts that. Well done for this superb site.

  202. May I endorse every word that Gillespie Robertson has written. I have learnt more from science from WUWT than I ever did at school or college. It was/is a wonderful site, particularly as it gives a chance for the more knowledgeable warmists, such as Nick Stokes and Steven Mosher, to post their views. Sadly it also gives the Gregs and Griffs opportunities to post their nonsense. But that is what comes with a free press, unlike some of the CAGW satellite sites which attempt to censor any questioning of their propaganda.
    Thank you Anthony, you deserve your rest but even more you deserve a medal for having produced and run the best site for so many years.

  203. It think it’s obvious that Mike “the Fraud” Mann reads this blog but doesn’t have the evidence or the backbone to support his position.
    In typical Mannian fashion, he publicly tweets an ad hominem attack that demonstrates both his stupidity and his nefarious modus operandi.
    Yo, Mikey (because I know you’ll read this): “You are one despicable little dude and a class 1 fraudster”.
    (I hope that passes moderation.)
    Contrast that with the voluminous support Anthony is getting! (Nothing is more sincere than voluntary contributions for a well-deserved vacation.)

  204. Anthony, I did not participate much with comments and such, however I have found your work to be excellent and have used facts presented on your site many times for presentations that I have given. I have given several speeches (I am a Toastmaster) about the subject of manmade climate change and have been very successful in getting people to think and not just accept. I have brought several people from the dark side. Your site had been invaluable in informing people about manmade climate change. Donation is on the way. I got my big oil bonus check yesterday and I have a little walking around money now and decided that I would give you a portion of those obscene dollars. 🙂
    Thank you Anthony and take a well deserved break. Come back refreshed. Do not vacation near a coastline because it and you may be underwater by the time your break is over. That is according to Al Gore. 🙂

  205. Well done Michael Mann for encouraging me to donate. Have a well deserved break Anthony and then come back refreshed for the fight.

  206. Chris wrote: “Why on earth should active climatologists engage on this site? Give me one good reason.”
    Many readers (see list above!) waiting for your own good reasons.

    • As I said, there is no reason to engage here. Why spend the time to engage with folks who call you corrupt and in it just for the money? Which, by the way, if you know what academics make, is a joke of an accusation. It is not their job to engage here. And no, being a taxpayer does not give you the right to demand their time. Do I have the right to go up to an Army Corp of Engineers civil engineer and demand his design work on a project, and ask him to look at my critiques of his work? Of course not.

      • Hmmm. If you were a civil engineer and went up to to an Army Corp engineer and showed him/her analysis that said the structure they were designing/building was faulty, they shouldn’t listen to you? They are responsible for lives by the thousands and if you present coherent data and analysis, they had better listen. If they don’t and people die, they will end up in jail. You have every right to approach them.
        At this site, people are allowed to post data and analysis that supports either side of the argument. That is unlike the warmist sites where comments and analysis they don’t like are summarily deleted and the posters banned. If debate doesn’t occur here, then where?

      • “”Chris June 15, 2017 at 9:39 am
        As I said, there is no reason to engage here.””
        yet here you are Chris, the expert on “Love taps” trying to engage in conversation here.
        If you don’t like the atmosphere, just leave. It’s as simple as that.

      • The reality is that the Army Corps of Engineers holds public meetings on almost every project, publishing their assessments ahead of time and asking for public comment. They are an apt comparison, as there is no reason not to engage in in public critiques of projects that both affect and are funded by taxpayers.
        Here’s just a few of the public meetings from this month:

      • Chris replied “As I said, there is no reason to engage here.”
        There be many reasons, you obviously have a reason, and so might others. Reasons are not cosmic or global; they exist only in your mind. Thus, your reasons won’t always or very often be the same as someone else’s reasons. I have suggested the existence of a large number of reasons why a scientist might want to engage here where it can make more of a difference than preaching to his choir or fanbois.
        “Why spend the time to engage with folks who call you corrupt and in it just for the money?”
        I have no idea; maybe it is fun? Michael Mann is obviously engaged with Anthony Watts, probably isn’t getting paid for it, does it for the fun of ridiculing someone else.
        It seems that Shukla obtained a fair bit of money out of this stuff, so did Al Gore. I imagine some field scientists are out in the cold nasty places wondering when they are going to get a cut of those billions.
        “It is not their job to engage here.”
        A peculiarly leftwing point of view; do a thing only because it is your job; and it becomes your job because an Authority told you that it is your job so the herdlings obey.
        It also isn’t Michael Mann’s job to insult Anthony Watts; unless of course, it *is* his job to do exactly that.
        “And no, being a taxpayer does not give you the right to demand their time.”
        Trivially true; I have a right to demand anything I want solely based on my ability to make demands. I could demand a peanut butter sandwich from you right now but on consideration I think I’d rather have a B&J Cherry Garcia.
        “Do I have the right to go up to an Army Corp of Engineers civil engineer and demand his design work on a project, and ask him to look at my critiques of his work? Of course not.”
        Yes, you do. He can ignore you, or heed you. Now if he ignores you FOIA can be invoked if it is a public project. If you approach him on a construction site you are probably trespassing; you might consider making these demands when he goes to Mickey D’s for lunch.
        The key word is *public*. While global warming was just a hobby for some physicists and meteorologists, hardly anyone cared and public rights of inquiry were likely limited. But now suddenly trillions of public dollars are demanded; and in return, that triggers my right to be involved in all aspects of giving you my money for your hobby.

      • Michael, i’ve always wanted to buy a pint of cherry garcia, but i get sticker shock every time i try. (what, do they spike it with lsd or something?)…
        i very much appreciate your comments. By the look of the placement of them, i assume that you’re a moderator (and probably a good one at that). It’s always nice to come across a man who wears his education upon his sleeve. Spencer’s blog has a couple commentors like that. Very refreshing. Good examples of why it’s so important to “get an education”…

  207. Donation sent, thanks for all your hard work over the past decade. And if you or the moderators need any proofreading, spelling or grammar checking, etc., whether while you’re on vacation or any other time, please email me. Thanks again.

  208. Anthony,
    You site is well worth investing money in your well being. I thought it appropriate to donate $97.00. Perhaps a bit more than I should but the satisfaction of helping you out and irony of the amount donated makes my day just a little bit brighter. Even though there are times I disagree with what I read on this site, the discourse that takes place here and the information that is provided is very significant to providing a foundation to the development of what I hope is, an informed opinion.
    adaequatio intellectus et rei,

  209. Anthony!
    Instead of looking for someone to takeover, why not do “the best of Wattsupwiththat”. There’s a lot of material worth revisiting.

  210. Hit the button for a C-note. Very inexpensive for what I’ve learned here over the years.

  211. Wow, I got to the end at last. It’s taken me nearly all day – and now I’ve got another five articles to read!
    The world is a big place but should you find yourself in the north of Scotland on your travels, there’s always a warm bed here for you, Anthony.
    Funds flung with my best of wishes and thanks for all the work you’ve done and the education you have provided.

  212. If Anthony Watts is a “carnival barker”, then Dr. Mann is a junk-science dog, whose barking entertains us in this circus of climate science.
    … awaiting my law suit notice from the good Dr. now.
    I could respect Dr. Mann a lot more, if he just spoke his beliefs with passion, because then I would consider him a misguided soul, truly believing what he spoke. But when he calls people names, he loses any empathy from me, and I start to question whether he truly believes what he says.
    Happy Tweeting, Doc.

  213. I can do occasional editing. I once copy edited a 2000 page industrial operations manual. My GRE Scores: 800 Verbal, 800 Natural Science.

  214. A small contribution sent from somewhere near the top of the third planet around the sun. With heartfelt thanks to Anthony for his efforts and dedication. Hope you come back from your break well rested and healty.

  215. I donated, but wasn’t planning to comment until I read all the plaudits you are receiving. I’d like to add another plaudit. Besides the CAGW debunking, you have also given voice to other science myth debunking. You have no idea how tickled I have been, on this site, to occasionally debunk the myths of radiation effects via my specialty in Health Physics.
    Ignorance is neither bad nor good, but when ignorance gets translated into stupidity it causes great harm. Your site has been a beacon of light in its attempts to erase ignorance. This is a HUGE accomplishment and I wish I had the power to award you the Medal of Freedom and/or a Nobel prize. I had the honor of serving with the US Marines in combat, but I honestly feel that serving with you, and the others here who are fighting the war against ignorance (and maleficence), has been the bigger honor.
    PS: I put McIntyre right up there with you.

  216. When Anthony has had due time to rest his mind, perhaps he will have a grand awakening whereby he is born again, realizing that humans ARE the evil, that humans ARE catastrophically changing Earth’s climate, and that CO2 IS a pollutant. He will then go on to create another website, whereby he promotes what a low-life denier he used to be, proclaiming that he now sees the light, once obscured by the gross errors of his former, filthy-carbon ways. His new website will be named Watt Was Wrong With Me. He will amass an audience of new followers, as he converts his once dedicated skeptic audience into his new enemies,
    Spawn sites will then have to change THEIR names (e.g., Woot’s Up With That would become Woot Was I Thinking, as its founder would have had a similar, but opposite awakening, suddenly becoming a skeptic).
    Anthony will have friendly dinners with the likes of Al Gore, Michael Mann, and the rest, as he draws them all into an epic circle of friendship that historians will write about for centuries to come.
    Then, after a time in this new state of being, Anthony will announce one day, “Just kidding.”, and the fun starts all over again.

    • Wit is obviously not your strong point, but clearly being such a sad individual, we sympathise with your situation.

      • When I see a little indentation under a post that I wrote, I am assuming that the comment thus indented applies to moi.
        I assume sarcasm was the intent. Otherwise, I am indeed “a sad individual”. (^_^)

    • Well said and truly observed. Valid distinctions!
      You really couldn’t make up some of the unintentionally funny things those krazy katastrophic kids say and do.

  217. “Carnival barker” is the term that Camille Paglia used to dismiss Donald Trump in a Salon interview in 2015. I guess if one is going to plagiarize, one might as well plagiarize from the best. (Whether you agree or disagree with Paglia, you have to admit that her insults are magnificently crafted.)

      • Money can’t buy you love?
        Who says?
        I beg to differ, … seriously … I have known women whose loveometers are directly, and unmistakably wired to money.
        Money is, in fact, a measure of love for many.
        Hence, the saying, “Money can’t buy you love” is right up there with “Human-produced CO2 causes catastrophic climate change”. … Well, … maybe not that high up the absurdity totem pole, but, at least, two thirds of the way up.

  218. Just paid from Australia by Visa. PayPal offers to convert the currency or let your Visa supplier do it. I chose the Visa conversion which saves about $4 in every $100 USA.
    Remember when $A almost equalled $US?

  219. I’ve already contributed to your vacation, but realized I had not contributed to your new setup and experiment. So, here’s a bit more for that. Curious to see what that will be!
    Oh, and if you determine you need it for the vacation – more power to you!

  220. Glad to chip in for this. I concur that you should think about making it for two months Anthony! I am a faculty member at a local community college and have taught summer school for 24 straight years. Teaching in the summers prevents me from using up my vacation time each and every year. So I am taking the whole summer off next year (about 10 weeks) in order to return my vacation balance to less than 10 days.

  221. Given your work is part of the diaspora that has entirely replaced my daily news consumption a small contribution seems only fair. A small voice that now utterly dominates. Your civic donation to the world will not be forgotten.

  222. Pleased to help, Mann’s snotty comment clinched it.
    Your stance as a stalwart against bad science, like Mann’s, deserves much more recognition.
    Enjoy your hols.

  223. I added my $20 to the cause. You deserve a nice vacation. With Trump in office and erasing Obama nightmare we are winning

  224. Anthony, thank you for all the hard work, you certainly deserve the rest. Sent 102 Canadian Pesos, $75 US.

    • Darn! I’d already sent in my US $ Before I noticed all the “exotic” (at least to this ‘Merican) currencies.
      I could have arranged for my contrb to be sent in “Escudos”!
      I always liked that word. Sounds kinda naughty, or maybe a reference to an unnatural or unattractive act of some sort.

    • Richard has been severely ill, hit by a stroke, one side still paralyzed, but again responding from time to time with speak recognition…

  225. Oh, yah . . . 100 Somalians, which equals 100 Kazooties – about 100 Trump Tokens, AKA $100 of the Do-Re-Mi

  226. $50 sent. Have a good vacation. If I may suggest…throw away your calendar. Leave your laptop and tablet at home. Unplug your clock. Buy a ticket on a cruise between SF and Perth on a ship with no internet access and the line that has the most days out of sight of land. Take an adequate supply of Tom Clancy novels (or your choice). Let somebody else cook and clean. Get bored.
    However, if you want to drive the USA, there will probably be a room and plenty of food and drink supplied by your readers within a tankfull of gas or a charge to your car every night.

  227. Anthony, as one of the vast multitude who have read, but never before participated in, the many wondrous discussions provided by your Website, I applaud your decision to rest. It has been truly said, “If one does not go within, one will go without!”. So, forget the calendar! Take as much time as your Soul needs to restore itself.
    For you, Anthony, via your Website, and it’s many contributors and commentators, are battling, with Truth, the most important War mankind has ever waged for its very survival – against Fear, itself. And, even in your absence every contribution, here, regardless of its nature or purpose, will honor your leadership in that struggle.
    So, Anthony, recover and, when ready, return to your troops!

  228. Wow Mr watts I’ve never seen this many replies on a WUWT post. You’ve got quite a following. If this is just an echo chamber, its a big one.Thanks for WUWT
    I took two months leave from my job when I turned fifty. Saved up to do it.
    It was effective and I returned to work ready to go.
    The same will be for you. (I recommend the full two months.)
    (I’ve anted up.)

  229. I wonder how many of these replies Michael E. Mann might be reading.
    Just think, we all could be entertaining him in a perverted, S & M sort of fashion.
    He’s working on another grant, rather than wasting his time here. He’s busy writing new chapters of his fiction. … no law suit notices in the mail yet. .. keeping fingers crossed.

  230. Yo, Anthony, a strange thought just crossed my mind; If you want to meet the President at some point in your hiatus, I bet you could . . an’ get a photo and a story or two for posting (eventually) out of it, an’ maybe some big-time press exposure for the site . . and, well, you know, put a certain pedal to the metal, so to speak ; )

  231. Anthony, we met at the Heartland Institute conference in Washington in 2015. I would be glad to help with site maintenance, moderating, etc. You should be proud to be one of a tiny group of skeptics who saved the world from a takeover by UN kleptocrats. By the way, can we ask Michael Mann why no one refers to his “Hockey Stick” graph anymore? where did that one go? did someone realize the the input to a principal component analysis program is a covariance matrix, NOT THE RAW DATA?

  232. $50 sent Anthony. WUWT has definitely made a difference in the climate wars and I’m proud to help you continue this endeavour. Take all the time you need.

    • “…batshit…”
      And i always thought that b.s. stood for bullshit. (ah, the things we learn here at wuwt… ☺)

  233. Donated 30$ from Germany, the inventor of green fake news and home of ‘German angst’. Have a nice vacation.
    PS: Just try to disable comments for some days a week. http://diekaltesonne.de/ has no commenting feature at all and is still a valuable source for news.Just try it.

  234. Anthony, you deserve a long vacation, much more than anyone on earth for maintaining this blog. If I were 10 years younger, I would have offered to help moderating while you were resting, but my time for this type of intensive work has passed…
    As I am traveling in (too) hot southern Spain (must be global warming…), my contribution will be sent later, but anyway have a good rest and we will see you back in a month or two or more… in full speed mode again…

  235. I was planning on donating when I returned to civilization but Michael Mann just made my donation even more rewarding. Thanks Anthony and thanks Michael.

  236. I made a donation! Also, Anthony, I would be willing to help with moderation. I’d need some guidance from you/other mods on what the duties entail. Email me. I’m not a climatology expert, but I do have two science degrees, one ‘hard’ science and one ‘soft’ science.

  237. Thanks for all of the time that you’ve given to providing real information to us. You should take more than one month to recharge. Sent some $. Also, thanks to all of the authors. I enjoy the comments as much as the articles, so thanks for all of the voices and opinions.

  238. 665 commenters, the majority of whom have GENEROUSLY donated to this most-excellent cause.
    My heart soars like a hawk! *
    * Name that movie!

  239. Donation gladly made. Anthony’s site and his commenters are a priceless gift to humanity.
    Please us know if you ever need an article on algae biofuel-ishness, including government malfeasance.
    Thank you to all the mods and truth-tellers who labor here day after day.

  240. Andy: Made a donation. Could send a larger amount by check.
    Although I find WUWT interesting and sometimes useful (and more so in the past), I am extremely skeptical that reader comments adequately correct misleading published at WUWT. With 100’s of comments, it is nearly impossible to identify valuable comments that contain information that contradict or correct incorrect information contained in a post – which WUWT has provided a platform for distributing. In today’s world filled with “FAKE NEWS” – a world that is very different from WUWT’s earlier days – IMO you should be far more concerned about the possibility of disseminated incorrect or controversial information.
    Worst of all, some of your contributors never reply to ANY comments.
    To address this problem, you could ask your moderators to select the 5-10 comments and replies that seem particularly authoritative (from academics who work in the field, that contain links to the peer-reviewed literature, that seem rational and carefully written). When the debate ended (usually in less than a week), you could republish the post with a discussion section at the end with such comments and the author’s responses (if they bother to submit any).
    The end result might be a WUTW where controversial ideas can be presented AND properly discussed.
    Best wishes.

    • +1 Frank. Timely, as much of the discussion on the UK Grenfell Tower fire is ill informed and some inaccurate – some using media links as authoritative! Such comments devalue the essence of this valuable site.

  241. As a long time lurker, these articles and comments have kept me informed and educated. It’s well worth a donation – have a productive break.

  242. Isn’t it amazing that a little blog pretty much takes down the global warming argument? The movement was always about getting paid and consolidating political power (to get paid even more).

  243. $100 on its way. Your contribution to global sanity has been so much for the good, that dollar sums don’t express it. Have a good long break, and thank you for all that you have done.

  244. I have been a silent reader of WUWT since soon after Anthony started the blog. I had not paid a lot of attention to the AGW movement until our former vice president claimed that the science was settled. This set off alarm bells in my head and when I went looking for information I found WUWT. Finding this community has kept me sane during the last decade and the hysteria that has ensued. I read the latest post and Anthony mentioned the number of commenters as benchmark number so I felt compelled to add mine to the total.
    I want Anthony to know how much i really appreciate the work he has neen doing! I donated last week and I hope he has an awesome vacation and is recharged to continue the fight against the idea that science is ever settled.

  245. I donated right away upon reading Anthony’s original post. My wife (Ph.D. engineer) and I (masters CS) have benefited greatly from WUWT over the years, as did one of our parents (also Ph.D. engineer now passed). We have been mostly silent readers (like most readers I suspect). WUWT has been a beacon of sanity and an excellent resource for learning topics from engineering & science as well as logical thinking (a scarcity these days it seems). Heartfelt thanks to Anthony, to the familiar guest writers and to the many others who have contributed useful articles and insightful comments. All the best Anthony for your next chapter.

  246. Enjoy your time off Anthony – you deserve it. Amazing how you started with a blog and ended up with a movement in support of science.

  247. I feel indebted for much more than my financial contribution can express. Your knowledge and courage helped me write. Forwarding your WUWT to a slew of others undoubtedly opened their eyes. Money is on its way, and if you decide on a subscription in the future, you have mine.

  248. Not to pee in your pocket, but “Hero of our age” is not too strong a phrase for your contribution.
    You share the title, in my mind, with others like Steve McIntyre, Ross McKitrick, John Christie, Roy Spencer, Judith Currie, Freeman Dyson, Richard Lindzen, Willis Soon, and Australia’s own Bob Carter, Ian Plimer, Garth Paltridge, and Jo Nova. There are, of course, many, many more I haven’t mentioned.
    Without you folks, the whole lie would have been swallowed without question.
    Thanks again, Anthony, and I hope you are able to continue the good fight..

  249. Anthony, I tip my hat to you, and to all the contributors and moderators and technical people that make WUWT possible. This is my favorite web site in the world.
    My small donation is coming your way via PayPal. I wish I could do more. Enjoy your time off. Consider writing a great article after it’s over, like Willis does with his adventures. I always love reading those.

  250. I’m a long time lurker from London. Made a small donation towards your deserved break.
    Thank you for all your good work.

  251. I’m a little late here, but maybe Mr. Watts will see this anyway. If you should see fit to refurbish the weatherstations gallery and put it back on line, I think I have learned enough in the last eight years that I might possibly be of help.
    John Slayton

  252. You have helped to save the world from the craziness. Thank you. 100USD contribution from South Louisiana USA toward your sabbatical or any use as you like. I hope you come back stronger than ever. Praise be to science and the scientific method. My best regards sir.

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