Monday Mirthiness – Trump, and Comey, and Gore – oh my!

From the “weather is not covfefe” department

Lately, the political world has gone mad…especially after President Trump exited the Paris Climate Agreement. Conspiracies and subterfuge are being seen everywhere, scapegoats season is open, congressional hearings expected to produce heads on a platter are turning into big fat nothing-burgers, and the left seems unable to come to grips with it all. This cartoon, being bandied about on Twitter pretty well sums it all up.

Thanks to Dr. Patrick Moore for bringing it to my attention:



146 thoughts on “Monday Mirthiness – Trump, and Comey, and Gore – oh my!

  1. Trump is way subtle. I would never have got that message if it hadn’t been explained to me. Clearly these people exist on a plain that I can’t even aspire to.

      • It’s really not that difficult simply;
        Delete more than 50% of your active brain cells, (pot could assist with this)
        Bang your head against the wall to limit the capability of the functioning remainder (pan could assist with that)
        Study Psychology 101 with Professor Lewandowsky so that conspiracy ideation can be properly identified.
        Study Virtual Reality Climate Model Science and it’s relation to Hockey with Professor Mann.
        Study Statistics and Recording Data Practices with Dr Cook
        Study Data Manipulation Practices with Professor Karl
        Study Methods and Practices of Fiction Movie Making with Mr Gore
        Register to vote as Democrat and vote party line regardless

    • plane
      [No, no ‘Tis plain to see, they are on an entirely different level, well below the heights one can get to by plane; a level below the earth’s flat terrain. .mod]

    • I agree, certainly different. This is the so-called Presidents thoughts on the human body, these are his words when talking about giving up athletics at college. He “believed the human body was like a battery, with a finite amount of energy, which exercise only depleted.” Digest that little nugget, oh I will also quote Anderson Cooper to a Trump supporter, “If he took a dump on his desk you would defend him”. I think he nailed it. Different? No, a buffoon.

      • James F. Fixx, who spurred the jogging craze with his best-selling books about running and preached the gospel that active people live longer, died of a heart attack Friday while on a solitary jog in Vermont. He was 52 years old. [July 1984]
        Donald Trump is 70.

      • Trump was quite correct with the battery anomaly. What else stops runners from completing a marathon, when they are drained of energy?
        He chose not to mention recharge, but it was not needed for his analogy.

      • Your body is a battery. It’s a massive chemical battery that stores energy in the form of fat and muscle…
        How do you people make it into adulthood without knowing how the human body works?
        Are you one of those weirdos that believes in magic?

      • Steve, that buffoon began a very high responsibility, brand new, career at the age of 70.
        Think you could?

      • It really is sad how low the quality of our trolls has become.
        Perhaps we should take up a collection in order to pay for an upgrade.

      • “Perhaps we should take up a collection in order to pay for an upgrade”
        I’m in, MarkW. ;-p

      • Buffoon, perhaps it takes one…
        He certainly beat the rest of the LESSER BUFFOONS that were in the race.
        He was even preferred to Hillary to just enough of a percentage of the Liberal Buffoons.

      • “steve June 12, 2017 at 5:26 pm
        I agree, certainly different. This is the so-called Presidents thoughts on the human body, these are his words when talking about giving up athletics at college. He “believed the human body was like a battery, with a finite amount of energy, which exercise only depleted.” Digest that little nugget, oh I will also quote Anderson Cooper to a Trump supporter, “If he took a dump on his desk you would defend him”. I think he nailed it. Different? No, a buffoon.”

        What your comment does indicate is that your are roughly equal to Comey when it comes to deduction.
        Anderson Cooper’s statement is equivalent to the classic “are you still beating your wife”; inherent slander by intimation.
        Clearly marking Trump as not the buffoon, though your guilty without evidence assumptions, blatant libel is rather indicative of you.

      • …and that’s why the original saying (from “My Fair Lady”) uses the verb, “stays” – because the rain that falls in the mountains makes its way toward the plains via gravity.

    • That’s exactly how Intelligence works. Look for a conspiracy everywhere. When in doubt, ask Professor Lewandowsky for help.

    • What I find is that many many people do not understand what Trump is saying. He speaks literally, where every word is important. Many many people however speak figuratively, their meaning isn’t so much in their exact words, but rather in the overall flavor of their words.
      So while it is quite likely that the flavor of what Trump said to Comey was “I hope you can let Flynn go”, I expect that if you listen to an exact recording the literal meaning will be quite different. The exact recording will probably read something like: “I hope blah blah you can blah blah let Flynn go”. Comey’s ears will have ignored the blah, blah because it didn’t sound important figuratively. But literally it will be.

      • The fact that Comey seemed disturbed by the frequency of his conversations with Trump raises my suspicions that he was not accustomed to talking straight with his fellow government office heads on certain sensitive matters.
        People have a way of talking around things and injecting bull sh** avoidance language, where precision or straight talk would be more functional (e.g., when talking about money or sex). There are times to talk sh**, and there are times to talk straight.
        I wonder whether Comey heard straight talk or whether he just heard select words and reformed his notes with creative fills that he added. Blah blah blah, Comey, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah loyalty blah blah blah blah blah turkey sandwich blah blah blah blah blah., translated in notes as Director Comey, I demand your undying loyalty in your promise to deliver me a turkey sandwich with all the fixings, before the day is out.

      • From Comey’s own testimony:
        January 6 Briefing
        The Director of National Intelligence asked that I personally do this portion of the briefing because I was staying in my position and because the material implicated the FBI’s counter-intelligence responsibilities. We also agreed I would do it alone to minimize potential embarrassment to the President-Elect.
        February 14 Oval Office Meeting
        I took the opportunity to implore the Attorney General to prevent any future direct communication between the President and me. I told the AG that what had just happened – him being asked to leave while the FBI Director, who reports to the AG, remained behind – was inappropriate and should never happen.
        so, from Comey’s own testimony, it is OK for Comey to meet one-on-one with the President on Jan 6, but then he is telling the AG the next month that this should never happen.
        this is clearly a set-up. Comey meets one-on-one the first time to give Trump the impression that this is how you meet with the FBI, then later when Trump follows the same procedure, Comey says it is inappropriate.
        Strange that no one took Comey to task for this situation, which he created along Clapper the Director of National Intelligence.

  2. For a really horrible thought==>if the Democrats are this crazed out of power, just imagine what they would do in power.

    • Don’t imagine.
      Going even further back than Billy.
      We, the World, dodged a big bullet.

    • Tom, good point, I have made that statement quite a few times. It is clear the loss of power has sidetracked an agenda which would violate the Constitution and “fundamentally change America” not for the good. Think they are nasty now, it would be even worse.

    • That is their problem. Appreciate Democrats were basically in power for around 50+ years holding the majority in Congress 75% of the time. While Republicans held majorities the remainder their majorities were always so small, especially in the Senate that Republicans could do nothing without at least some Democrats crossing the aisle. In other words compromise sometimes to the extreme was the word of the day. During the 2006 midterms that all changed. Democrats believed they had found the answer to not only getting their majority and therefore power back but in overwhelming numbers. They thought they had proved it to themselves in 2008. Yet by the 2010 midterms the world had changed. The Democratic Leadership changed the rules. None of their members could cross the aisle if they did they were cut out of the herd, not compromise and now no even been friendly. Republicans, especially conservatives are the number one enemy to the country according to Democrats. They are out of power, deathly afraid Trump and Congressional Republicans might be a success. Doesn’t take much study of history to realize those that once had power and have it no longer are ruthless trying to regain power. Throughout history they have done far worse than those seeking power that never had it in the first place. We ain’t seen nothing yet.

      • “They are out of power, deathly afraid Trump and Congressional Republicans might be a success. ”
        That’s it in a nutshell.

      • Love your use of the word “lide” for “ride”, harvey–as a student of Chinese (I spoke Cantonese the whole 2 years I lived in Hong Kong), it is the rare Chinaman who can pronounce an “r”.

      • I thought they usually just pronounced ‘r’ as ‘l’ and ‘l’ as ‘r’. Because of that I was always confused as to why no language instructor ever told them to just pronounce each the other way…

    • It’s all laughs now but many of us will rue the day DJT played softball with Paris long form exit. The whole UN Climate Framework should have been torched and team should have been in place to explain why. NASA and NOAA climate purged.
      As if the deep state was on our team and we had all the time in the world to execute.

      • It’s not over yet. He’s only been in office a few months so far, and the whole world has changed so drastically already. In another year from now we will likely not even recognize the world anymore.
        The left doesn’t de-escalate. They always double down, as the origin of their philosophy only values chutzpah. The left is heavily enlaid with Jewish belief systems.

      • Actually, Doodle, the world is beginning to look more recognizable all the time–it appears much more like how it was during the Reagan years or prior to that.
        The Democrats have destroyed what was once a prosperous nation and have polluted our country in a transformation that Obama started and Hillary would have accelerated had she been elected.
        To say the United States dodged a bullet is putting it mildly.

      • I don’t know if we dodged a bullet. More likely we moved enough so that the wound wasn’t immediately fatal.

  3. Remember that it is the deep state, the Democrats, and the never-trump “Republicans” that are all coming after the president. Formidable foes for Mr. Trump. I hope he knows what he is up against.

    • He’s approached it typical Bush RINO fashion as if they were normal people from generations past.
      That’s obtuse to reality. They’re trying to overturn the election with a conspiracy theory. The success of the AGW fraud only a shining example what a careful media mantra can achieve.

      • cwon14,
        “They’re trying to overturn the election with a conspiracy theory.”
        Which is to say they are conspiring to overturn the election.
        “The success of the AGW fraud only a shining example what a careful media mantra can achieve.”
        Which is to say what a conspiracy including the mass media can achieve.
        The notion that people in positions of power/authority can’t conspire is (to me) almost childishly naive, and the inability to shake off the conditioning (administered through the very same mass media) which it seems to me inhibits a great many otherwise intelligent people from applying their intelligence to the potential that many in positions of power/authority are conspiring, may very well prove fatal to our Republic, I fear.
        Of course a nation can be destroyed through conspiratorial means . . if the bulk of the smart folks of that nation are unable to believe it is happening . .

    • “Formidable foes for Mr. Trump.”
      Yes, this is serious business. But Trump just might be up to it because they have nothing apparently on Trump/Russia collusion, and nothing Comey said can be legitimately construed as illegal, so they really don’t have anything but this to try to harm Trump and it looks like a deadend. And Trump hasn’t been in Office long enough to have gotten into too much other trouble. The Dems look like they are flogging a dead horse, but I guess that doesn’t stop them from flogging, at least for a little while longer. The MSM’s true nature is being exposed to the Amerian public and the longer they cry wolf when there is no wolf, the lower the public’s opinion of them will be.
      We should not underestimate the forces arrayed against Trump, but we shouldn’t underestimate Trump, either.

      • … but in the absences of any wrong-doing, Robert Mueller will most likely prosecute someone on a procedural charge.

      • Robert Mueller should prosecute James Comey–he’s the guy who has admitted guilt in leaking information he had no business leaking.
        Of course, Comey and Mueller are as thick as Laurel and Hardy, (or Obama and Holder but that comparison makes me nauseous) so Mueller really should be replaced or the whole investigation suspended to prevent some innocent Republican from becoming a sacrificial scape goat.

      • I read a headline claiming Mueller hired a lawyer who used to represent the Clinton Foundation. I think that is totally inappropriate. No lawyers associated with the Clinton’s should be involved as part of the Special Counsel because if the Special Counsel does it’s job, they will be investigating both Clinton’s in the future, and probably a whole lot of others.
        Special Counsels can go where the evidence takes them. Will Mueller restrict his investigations to Russian collusion claims, or will he branch out into other areas? His friend Comey admitted last week that he was a leaker of information, possibly illegally. Will Mueller ignore this? Will Mueller ignore the possible collusion between the Obama Justice Department and the Hillary Clinton campaign, as outlined by Comey’s testimony?
        Time will tell. I definitely don’t like the idea of the Special Counsel hiring former Clinton attorneys. Definitely a conflict of interest. They hired a former Clinton attorney that used to work for the Clinton Foundation, yet there is a very good chance the Clinton Foundation will be investigated.

  4. Funny cartoon. As a matter of well settled law, Comey testimoney raised no obstruction of justice issues. When none other than ultralib Alan Dershowitz of Harvard Law says so (he did) take it to the bank. AntiTrump MSM self destructing in plain view. To paraphrase the movie Apocolypse Now, love the smell of Warmunist self emulating napalm in the morning.

    • He had to put her back on the hook because the NYC Police were going to reveal what they found on that laptop if he didn’t. That would have put him in violation of a promise he made to Congress that he would tell them if anything came up. He sat on it for three weeks, and the Police were getting upset. So he was forced to move at the worst possible time for Hillary. If he hadn’t tried to influence the election by covering up the issue when it arose, he would not have had so much influence on the election. It is obvious he was being influenced by politicians. Didn’t work out well.

    • “For example, the proper response when Comey thought Trump wanted him to interfere with an investigation was simply to ASK whether Trump wanted him to interfere with the investigation.”
      I agree that Comey should have asked for clarification. Although there is the fact that Trump said he never said that to Comey, and he never asked Comey to swear allegiance to him, as Comey said he did. So somebody is lying.
      If Trump does have some tapes, things might get real interesting.

    • “Secondly, he made a gross error when he announced that Clinton was off the hook in the email saga.”
      Comey had no authority to let Clinton off the hook. The only way that could happen is if the Justice Department went along with Comey’s actions.
      It is the Attorney General’s job to decide whether a case needs prosecution. It is the FBI’s job to find out the facts of the case and advise the Justice Department about what was found and then the Justice Department decides whether to prosecute or not. In Hillary’s case, the Justice Department never uttered a peep publicly after Comey spoke about it.
      Comey also either deliberately misconstrued the law, or doesn’t know the law, when he said that he was not prosecuting Hillary because she did not “intend” to break the law, when the law says plainly that “intent” is not a factor to be used in prosecuting such cases. It doesn’t matter whether they intended to break the law or they did it accidentally, both cases are subject to prosecution.
      The rest of Comey’s later actions with Hillary and Trump seem to be mainly CYA.
      Comey definitely deserved to be fired.

    • I may have missed the question and Comey’s answer, but I would like to know why he thought an independent investigation was necessary. (His reason for leaking his memo to the media via a friend.) Because the FBI and other agencies could not do an unbiased investigation? The deep state at its worst.

    • “… Comey testimoney [sic] raised no obstruction of justice issues.”
      I am not familiar with the law and am not American, but can a POTUS obstruct justice? I ask because is it not true that he can pardon whomsoever he chooses for anything except impeachment?

      • It’s only obstruction if there is an active investigation and he doesn’t declare executive privilege.
        Impeachment is just bringing the President to testify in front of Congress, it’s not a trial or conviction. The President is basically immune from trial or conviction as long as he is a sitting President. The impeachment can lead to his removal if Congress votes him out but they would need 2/3rds to do so.
        So basically the left is just using this to burn air time and keep him framed in a negative light. They don’t want him to be viewed in a positive way, because it would end their grasp on the moral grounds for the way they have behaved for the past 50 years.
        Allowing Trump to be a popular President in a good light, would reverse the push towards Communism rather quickly. Reagan wasn’t even as dangerous for the left as Trump.

    • Comey’s testimony hurt Obama way more than Trump, when he testified that AG Lynch actively pressured him to tone down his descriptions of the Hillary investigation and his concerns about the meetings between Lynch and Bill Clinton on that airport tarmac.

  5. HumpDay Hilarity but isn’t it only Monday in the Western Hemisphere currently ?

  6. “Conspiracies and subterfuge are being seen everywhere…”
    This is unusual. Normally, the conspiracies and subterfuge are everywhere, but reasonably well hidden.

  7. While the cartoon is hilarious, …
    … There are tons of people wetting their pants about a Trump impeachment. There are pools everywhere.
    Washington is literally a “swamp made from people wetting their pants” about a chance get the “other side” out of the picture with some #FakeNews made-up controversy.
    If anybody here meets anybody from Russia, they have to recuse themselves from this site or we will all have to face impeachment. Not just Russia, but Iceland too (and Canada).
    Climate scientists are wetting their pants.

    • I wonder what it is like for Russian immigrants living and working in Washington. Any of you reading?

  8. For a guy that supposedly everyone in the FBI just loves, Comey sure has made some bad errors in judgement. He oddly laid out in a press conference the evidence that Hillary illegally maintained a server in her home and illegally mishandled classified information, and then said there was no reason to prosecute. Later he foolishly announced that he was looking into Wiener’s laptop right before the election. Now he names the man who he gave the leak to regarding his meetings with Trump. If you’re going to tell everybody, why drag your poor chump friend into it with you? Why not leak it yourself?
    Well the Democrats hated him and now they love him. The democrats find themselves in the difficult position of supporting the nut job ‘resistance’ wherever it may go. They still have not grasped the fact that they are increasingly catering to a narrow group of constituents.

    • Prior to the election, most Democrats were demanding that Comey be fired. Now that Trump’s fired him, they want to impeach Trump over it.

    • Comey’s self-elevating opinion of his position is one of fantasy, not substance–there are numerous current and past FBI agents who have a completely opposite view of his performance, starting with Comey’s refusal to pursue Hillary when it’s reported that nearly 100% of his agents wanted prosecution. (None of them agreed with Comey’s statement that “no reasonable prosecutor” would bring such a case regarding her email server–that was an obvious deflection and most likely a bald-faced lie.)
      Only one thing prevented Comey from pursuing justice–loyalty to his president rather than loyalty to the Constitution. As I’ve stated above, Comey is the guy who should be prosecuted followed by the investigation of a series of scandals that happened during the Obama years.

    • Whimpy wind follower, even if the wind stinks. I wonder if the fence post he sits on smarts a bit.

  9. It’s not a nothing burger, but a Comey-Dog. In this case all bun, no meat, and no condiments.

  10. Enjoy it while we can. There’s a lot of money that is still trying to put the Progressives in power.

    • “They will not stop slinging”
      Sadly, that’s true. Mud slinging is all the Liberals have to offer. It’s all they have ever offered for as long as I have been watching them. It’s their “stock in trade”. And they are very good at it. An echo chamber like you wouldn’t believe. Well, maybe everyone does believe it now that they can see it up close and personal.
      The kind of vitriol coming from the Lunatic Left is unprecendented. Of course, they have socialist billionaires funding their madness so that increases the intensity enormously when compared to the past.
      Out-of-control Liberals are as dangerous to America as any foreign enemy. Maybe more dangerous. Imo, if the U.S. ever goes down it will be from domestic enemies, not foreign.

    • The socialist Robin Hood robs the middle class, gives a little to the poor, and lines his pockets with the rest.

  11. Mod:
    As Badger noted, “plane” is correct when one is referring to a particular level or standard, e.g., the following dictionary examples:
    “The poet’s treatment of the subject lifts it to a mystical plane.”
    “His work is on a completely different plane from (= is much better than) other writers.”
    [This usage is related to the idea of geometric planes, not the planes that fly, nor the plains that receive rain. Plainly, eh?]

  12. The guy is a 6’8″ pajama boy with girlie boy emotions. Give me a break. I think I’ll go throw up. But then he grew up during the pussification of the American male, so what can you expect?

    • I take offense. My cat hunts and eats wild rabbits half his size, and hangs around with raccoons. Much tougher than Comey.

      • I understand. My cat does likewise and has trained our 100lb chessie to allow her to sleep on her to keep warm. But that cat is no regular pussy.

      • Jim is I think using “pussy” in its original literal sense meaning “soft and furry”. This results in “pussy cat” or soft and furry cat. The “pussification of America or the world is when everyone, not merely men, became all soft and furry aka wimps!

  13. Wow. Cool. This must be just as funny:
    Inside Comey’s Brain:
    Trump: I hope the weather’s going to be terrible tomorrow!
    Comey: Oh my God! He’s ordering me to kill Roy Spencer to cover up global lukewarming!

    • Could have been if you had thought of it first. However sequels always suck compared to the original.

  14. Climate skepticism is making a big mistake aligning itself with Trump. He’ll take you down to the bottom of the ocean if you give him the chance.

    • Did you just turn things bass-ak-wards?
      Skepticism regarding catastrophic global warming existed. No thanks to Trump.
      Trump did not like the Paris thing because of the money thing.
      He made little mention of climate.
      Wealthy societies are better able to protect the environment and squeeze efficiencies out of technology than are poor societies. For example my house uses a heat pump for warmth and cooling. Poor societies use dung and open windows.
      PS: “Climate skepticism” is a stupendously stupid saying.

    • I don’t think so, brokenyogi. Climate skeptics were being compared to literally that Austrian corporal long before Trump entered the race for the White House.
      Also, Trump will be gone in four or eight years. Global warmers are looking at the prospect of wearing the Bill Nye millstone around their necks for decades to come.

    • No. Barackward Obama took us to the bottom of the ‘Climate Change’ ocean. We are in ascent now, exhaling slowly on a free assent towards the surface and looking forward to that first BIG breath of beautiful air, with a huuuuuuge smile on our face!

  15. Comey’s problem is he needs to “get laid” in the Biblical Sense. The “Wife” is a transgender twice over and the kids (5) are dwarf actors and all are puppets to front his ambitions for the election (erection) to the Presidency in 2020.

  16. Comey is clearly a Democratic Deep State operative.
    Here is what likely actually led to his firing.
    May 2nd…Clinton goes on a full metal shrieking tour. “If the election had been October 27th, I’d have won!”
    May 2nd…Nate Silver publishes an article giving “statistical” credence to HRC’s statement of the same day.
    May 3rd…Comey testifies that thought of having influenced the election makes him nauseous. (this boy gets nauseous, queasy, icky a lot).
    Six days later Trump cans him rudely. Up until then, Trump was never sure if Comey’s bizzare behavior during the election and over the course of the Russian collusion “investigation” was the result of Comey trying to honestly navigate these minefields or something sinister. As an added irony bonus, Trump had Rosenstein write up the reasons Hillary gave for the firing as the reason Comey had to go. This all got lost in the noise of the anti-Trump obstruction-of-justice hysteria.
    There are two main pieces of evidence that argue against Comey being a Democratic operative.
    1. His announcement on 10/28 to reopen the HRC “matter”.
    I believe he was forced into this one by the rank and file as well as his promise to Congress. He didn’t have a choice or there would have been mutiny. He could also have faced contempt Congress charges.
    2. His throwing Loretta Lynch under the bus last Thursday.
    I believe this one was planned, probably with the cooperation and approval in advance of Lynch. Comey gave the red team just enough to wind them up, but not quite enough for any serious cracks in the wall to come out. There are probably fellow travelers at the FBI and DoJ all prepped to throw up obfuscation and cover. With both the media and the Democrats screaming “DIVERSION!”, it is likely any probe will go around in circles and come back with nothing.

    • You left out the bit about the New York City Police. It was they who found the laptop, it was they who told the FBI to come see what the heck was on it (630,000 State Dept emails?) and it was they who were going to say something to the press if the FBI sat on it any longer.
      His hand was forced because if the NYPD released it saying “We told the FBI 4 weeks ago,” his ass was grass before Congress.
      And how did the read 600k emails in a few days, and check all the 30,000 novel ones (the missing ones from her first 3 months that were not recovered because she had been using a BlackBerry at the time)?

  17. Hilarious cartoon!
    During Comey’s congressional hearing the other day, he said one reason he took notes on his meetings with Trump was because of the “nature of the person”.
    Obviously, this means Comey buys the Left’s evil caricature of Trump, and from the way Comey acted, it looked like he was actively trying to harm Trump with innuendo, done only after Comey no longer had his job because of Trump firing him. Comey’s attempt at revenge may backfire on him before it is all over.
    Comey’s “nature of the person” comment fits right in with this cartoon. That is just the way Comey or any other loony Lefty would interpret what Trump was saying: As something sinister, assuming the worst of Trump.

      • There was something small-minded and malicious about firing the guy in public in the middle of an address. Plain nasty.

  18. OK,there has been repeated reference to the NYPD having uncovered incriminating emails; and threatening to release them. Also, there may be some honest cops in the FBI who would surely be disgusted by the evident corruption of the Comey/Clinton saga.
    Where are they now?
    Were they just blowing smoke?
    Or are they just the Keystone rent-a-kops they appear to be?
    Are we justified in consigning the FBI and the NYPD to the total contempt bin?

  19. I watched the committee hearing, and it appears to me that Comey was probably lying. The Committee came very close to nailing him, but even though the knife was thrust in a couple of times, it was not twisted and plunged deep into his heart.
    Comey is a lawyer. He admitted that words are important. Words are particularly important to lawyers and they spend much time arguing on the meaning of a word and the interpretation to be given to a phrase.
    Comey admitted that he was unaware of any case where the expression of a hope was considered to be an instruction, still less an instruction amounting to obstruction of an investigation. There is a reason for this, the expression of a hope is not a request or an instruction, and every lawyer would know that. Comey knew that as a lawyer.
    Why do we know that Comey knew that it was not an instruction? Because he never acted on it. He neither sought/attempted to pull back on the investigation, nor did he report the conversation to the DOJ. If Comey truly thought that Trump had given him an instruction, Comey was under a legal duty to report this to the DOJ. He did not report it to the DOJ so this means that he was either prepared to act illegally and in breach of his duties, or that he did not take the comment by Trump to amount to an instruction. The latter scenario being the most likely.
    So we see the fanciful position where Comey is seeking to dance. He is arguing that he took the comment as an instruction, but did not consider that it amounted to obstruction.
    No reasonable lawyer would have taken Trump’s comment as an instruction, since words and their meaning are important to a lawyer and all lawyers well know that the expression of a hope is not a request/instruction, and we also know that Comey did not report the comment to the DOJ further confirming that Comey did not take the comment to be an instruction.
    If that is the best that the Democrats can come up with, they are well short of a case for impeachment.
    It is well worth having a look at this brief clip:

  20. Further to my comment above, there is another good clip of Wheelers. She seems quite switched on to me.

  21. Currently, out of sudden, the Brits have much more fun too.
    British (ex)chancellor George Osborne confirms the definite existence of a ‘dead woman walking’. (apparently it’s the global warming effect, more research required)

    • The UK is fast descending into a DINO, ie., a democracy in name only.
      It is hard to believe this of a once great nation that created the Mother of Parliaments and the Magna Carta. there are many turning in their graves at this sorry state of affairs.

      • Cash for votes !
        a year ago £300M/week from Johnson & Gove and now Corbyn’s student fees, not that I expect you or anyone else would agree.

  22. Am I the first or only to observe that Comey’s actions, after each Presidential meeting, are consistent with Cindy wasting a wire?
    Darned if I could exit a high level meeting then afterwards record verbatim quotes in inverted commas. My memory is excellent, Comey’s might be genius level.
    Has anyone asked if Comey was wired? Revisit his evidence to the House with that in mind. To me it fits like a glove.
    People entering meetings prepared to secretly record verbatim are often people with an agenda to harm the other party.

  23. Delete ” Cindy wasting a wire”.
    Insert “Comey wearing a wire.”
    Change virtual keyboard program for this tablet.

  24. To the metallurgist, Covfefe is an alloy of 1 part cobalt, one part vanadium and 2 parts iron.
    In reality. a mix that it hopeless for any practical application, like much news reporting.
    Throw some stuff together and hope it works.

  25. Comey’s aim was to bring down Trump. But the end result is a lot of people breathing a sigh of relief that he was fired. The man is not stable enough to run an agency even in a lemonade parking lot.

  26. Can somebody remind me how many emails HRC could not find, and how many were subsequently found on the laptop by NYPD? I guess in all this exitement I kinda lost track myself.

  27. Considering how Global Warming is seen as a religion, another good subtitle for that picture would be the infamous “Will no-one rid me of this troublesome priest ?”

  28. Did Comey think he had leverage on President Trump as long as he didn’t admit to the public
    what he admitted in private ? How else can what he did be explained ? He could have deflated the false Trump / Russia gossip but purposely chose not to. Was that in the best interests of the country or Comey ?
    Comey revealed himself to be a political operative , passing himself off to be such an oh shucks kind of good ol boy . The some soft sensitive bullied victim act seems to be his go to happy place .
    Using a friend to leak information is cowardly . Trump’s only mistake was not firing this guy on day one . No one likes a person that has a pattern of throwing their bosses under the bus . It is just so chicken shit .

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