Watch President Trump announce decision on #ParisAgreement LIVE @12PM PST/3PM EST

This live feed direct from the Whitehouse will appear below at 3PM EST/Noon PST. In the meantime, you can read all bout the reasons why exiting the Paris Climate Accord is a good idea, not only for America, but the world.

UPDATE: 11:45AM PST, the live feed is up. Click play to see it….beginning soon.


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Awesome! Thanks for posting this on WUWT Anthony. What a great day for science and sound economic policy.

eddie willers

From an old guy who’s seen too much: We will be disappointed. I hope to be wrong, but my prediction is that we’ll get a “neither fish nor fowl” compromise that will satisfy no one.

Janice Moore
Bruce Cobb

The champagne’s on ice.

OMG! When you open it you’re releasing carbon dioxide!


That’s already in the models, don’t question it.

Champagne in the models? Sounds like someone’s going to have an epic evening….

In the glass now. 🙂

My email alert for this WUWT post says “12PM EST” in its main heading. It does say 3PM EST within the email and in the title of this post. However, I nearly clicked on through my emails thinking I’d missed it. I noticed the “3PM EST” and now have the tab ready for a couple of hours’ time. I don’t know if you can adjust the email heading in case others do as I nearly did.

The Original Mike M

The icing would be to also announce a plan to end biofuel mandates and subsidies.
… and save our hardwood forests of southeast USA – stop on all exports of wood as fuel.

PJ Brennan

Guys, I’m a bit worried….esp. reading about champagne on ice. Hope I’m wrong…

Neil Jordan

That’s only for PINK champagne on ice. And only in California. I think Trump will check out AND leave Hotel Paris.


Let’s hope a withdrawal from the UNFCCC
“The best way all along,” said Burnett, “was to withdraw from the underlying treaty, the United Nations Framework Commission on Climate Change, because that gets us out of Paris in a year. It gets us out of all of it in a year.”
Make my day! (year, century)


But do we know for sure? Best not celebrate in advance.

Tom Judd

Nuke it: Its the only way to make sure.


+100! That made me laugh out loud. And for that…I thank you!

Best not celebrate in advance.

TSLA stock gonna wobble more than the planet.

Bruce Cobb

The stock market is celebrating already; Dow is up 116 pts. as of 1:39.


Let’s hope that this starts a trend. Australia and Canada have had skeptical PMs recently, but they were ousted by voters or their parties. Maybe with US leadership, other trading nations will see the light again. I’d like to get Japan, Korea and the UK on board. IMO, Italy and Brazil are also persuadable.
While giving lip service to CACA, China, India and Russia are in reality deeply skeptical already. It’s possible that among major industrial states, France and Germany might soon be splendidly isolated in their CACA delusions, until and unless the downtrodden peasants rise up, pitchforks and torches in hand against their lunatic globalist masters.


Canada’s PM Justin Trudeau is a practical guy who talks left but rules right. He won’t do anything that brings the country into conflict with America. Thus far, Canada has followed the American lead with regard to climate policy.
It will be interesting to see how Trudeau handles the new government in British Columbia (BC). Trudeau approved a pipeline to get Alberta oil to tide water. The Green party holds the balance of power in BC now and has vowed to shut down the pipeline.


Either that or he does not want to lose provinces in any internal spat.


Rules right? My G*d, he is a social Marxist. And he rules like one.


I watched the BBC’s David Shukman on the news today and his lefty face was a peach . By the way look here Shukman made to look the lefty incompetant liar that he is.

He was introduced as the BBC science editor, but of course he has no scientific qualifications and he didn’t mention any science. It was all politics and propaganda.


Dunno….Trump is his own man…
whatever….If he does or does not….I’m sure he has his reasons
…I trust his judgement
I will say this, news has been reporting he’s out all week….it would not be like him to let a false rumor go that long


we’re out!….he did not miss one single thing…..called them on everything….and burned them all a new one

A C Osborn

I will believe it when I see and hear it myself, everyone on the Climate Change contrarian forums knows it is the right thing to do, but the pressure from the rest of world is immense.


The only thing I can say to you is….have faith Osborn…….could be really shocking..:)

A C Osborn

Can we have a countdown clock for all of us outside the USA?


I think is already there. counting on it..:)
If I am not mistaken…

Janice Moore

As right now, A.C., you have about 25 minutes to go.

Neil Jordan

Sent notice of the event to my colleagues. Significantly, the announcement in the US west will be (high) noon. Cue the music:


Neil is the wedding day…the wedding day of the USA constitution with the people….:)
As far as I can tell…


The newlyweds consummated their nuptials off camera in reality:

Janice Moore



Wayne was offered the Kane role, but turned it down because the screenwriter Coleman was a Commie. Kramer, the producer was also suspected of being one. A number of other actors then also turned down the role until finally Cooper accepted, and won an Oscar.
Cooper was a friendly witness before HUAC in the blacklisting days, but didn’t name names. He, like Wayne, was a conservative anti-communist, but came to see blacklisting as wrong. Wayne, OTOH was glad he helped drive Coleman out of the country to Britain.
Kramer later lived in WA, and the author of the short story upon which the plot is based lived in OR.
When I was in England, the press savaged Princess Grace of Monaco for wearing white to the wedding of UK Princess Anne. Funny, since they were both sluts. British media basically said, “You can take the Irish girl out of Philly, but not the Philly out of the girl”. Thank God that Kelly didn’t kill her daughter Stephanie in the car crash resulting from her stroke, brought on by her food and alcohol consumption habits.


Next up, defund the UN.

michael hart

Fingers crossed. Here’s to hoping he does the right thing.
Even if he does, I hope he has realized by now that this part of the swamp is actually a lot deeper than he realized before he was elected. “The end of the beginning” as Churchill phrased it, not the beginning of the end.
Scott Pruitt must certainly know about what else is needed, and I hope his views prevail.


I was looking at the counter , but as for now am not sure when actually it begins!
Any help there, fro you guys, how many more minutes a way. I do not want to be missing this on Live..


9 more minutes, whiten.

So Trump thinks it’s not the CO2, maybe he thinks ‘it’s the sun that done it’. Well if it’s good for the President of the United States is good enough for some of us.
Ah, yes the sun, for May 2017 sunspot number in the old money (Wolf SSN) is down to 11 from the April’s 20 points while the new Svalgaard’s reconstructed number is at 18.8
Composite graph is here


Anthony please make sure, for the other guys, from the other side, to have a proper Live experience on this….if this is not much to ask for….

Rick K

T minus 10 minutes…

Janice Moore

And…..comment image

A wee bit sensitive on this side of the pond Janice. Not that there’s any reason you should know, but a keeper at a well know Zoo here was savaged to death by a tiger a couple of days ago.
Front page news all over the papers.

Janice Moore

I’m sorry, HotScot. I hoped it would be seen as a being in a completely different context here. It is a follow-up to another comment I made about a week ago on WUWT on this Trump-Paris issue: a Bengal Tiger crouching in the grass with the caption, “Timing is everything.”

Like I said, there’s no reason you should have known.
No harm, no foul.


Ths splash across the Fox News screen right now is:
Officials tell Congressional Staffers U.S. is withdrawing

Same with CNN…


Reported on radio NZ via Reuters. Withdrawing!


News breaking on the BBC that he’s going to leave the Paris agreement. I can hear the howls of anguish from the watermelons already.

Bruce Cobb

5 Minutes and counting.


Thanks Bruce

Paul Westhaver

Maybe science will grow back after the CAGW weeds are burned away.


Fox News says they confirm that President Trump is pulling out of the Paris Agreement.

If you are in the UK it’s live on BBC TV news channel.

He’s late!

Janice Moore

I’m watching this, now.

Paul Westhaver


Bruce Cobb

Thanks Janice. Nicer to look at anyway, with the feeling that you are there.

Janice Moore

You’re welcome, Bruce. Thank you so much for letting me know! 🙂

Janice Moore

Oh. Wow. That was SO disappointing.
He cowtowed to Cohn, et al.!!!! COHN of all people!
Out, but back in.

No – What kind of agreement could possibly have a significant impact on temperature without hurting the economy badly?


..I think you misunderstood what he said !!

Trump will not enter into a new agreement, simply because an agreement that has significant impact on temperature without hurting the people is impossible.

And, the totalitarians at United Nations will not have their way with United States of America.
That speech was a historical moment.

Janice Moore

The forthright, strong, thing to do would be to simply get out.
Getting back in is always an option. Saying so was not necessary and only serves to keep the CO2 wind/Tesla/solar hu$tle alive. It also keeps the bogus climate “science” grants, etc., going (just in case you know).
In short: Trump did NOT “do the right thing.”
I hope we never get back in — but, getting out this way keeps the CO2 sc@m alive.

Janice Moore

The speech could have been a “historical moment.”

He said he would exit the Paris agreement!

Janice Moore

Science: He also said he would

“begin negotiations to re-enter”.

I’m done raining on the parade. I’ll just walk back up the sidewalk against the flow of the crowd, here — the only person walking away with a heavy heart as the rest of WUWT rejoices.
And hey, I am glad YOU are happy. You all deserve some joy.
Even if it doesn’t last, that is a very good thing.
Bye for now.

I know very well that the war isn´t over, but this one significant battle has been won. Cheer up, get some rest and get ready to fight the rest of this war together with us – we need you and we love you.

Janice Moore

Science: Thank you. You have no idea how much I needed your kind words. Thank you, so much for taking the time. I will do that. 🙂


Shepard Smith of Fox News is now promoting CAGW saying climate change is real, and that the U.S. is now at odds with every other country on Earth. Shepard sounds unhappy.
Shepard is a liberal-type fellow.


I was disgusted by FOX’s lead-up to the speech. I’m so tired of the “is real” meme and fretting over rising sea and referring to CO2 as “pollution” and low CO2-energy as “clean energy.” Now I’m watching Fox Business. The market is rising, they’re saying his speech is all about our economy. Once again “climate change is real” statement by their guest, and many insinuations that we’re putting our economy above things that are more important.
FOX has crossed over to the Dark Side.

Bruce Cobb

Sheesh, what’s the holdup? 3:07 already, and nothing yet.


He is having a covfefe first

Janice Moore

lol 🙂


..Trump loves to make the media wait….Can’t blame him…


Donald is milking it for all it’s worth. 🙂

Roger Knights

Or he’s composing a twitter rebuttal to someone who is wrong on the Internet.

Roger Knights

I wonder if he’s got some surprise he’ll spring on us. Maybe news of successful evaluations of Lockheed’s compact fusion power system. That would be ideal.


He should start with, “isn’t the weather beautiful today? Hasn’t the climate just been wonderful?” That would be hilarious.

Oi, Donald, where’s yer troosers?
Get them on and get out here.


Ivanka is in tears, he is a caring and kind father ….

I’m certain Ivanka’s a stooge, just to make it look like Donald gives a flying f*ck about green socialists.


I do wish he would come out. I’m getting tired of listening to these clueless pundits who are filling time while we wait for Trump.

Whose responsible for the cheesy music?

David L. Hagen

“The Obama-negotiated accord imposes unrealistic targets on the U.S. for reducing our carbon emissions, while giving countries like China a free pass for years to come,” the White House said in a memo obtained by Bloomberg that was distributed to congressional staff and opponents of the pact.
Trump Plans to Withdraw From Landmark Paris Climate Accord

“Make up, MAKE UP!, where’s a God-dam hairdresser when you need one!”

Slow hand clap round the virtual world.


John Roberts just said it was normal for Trump to be this late.


Stock market it going up.


There’s Scott Pruitt. so it must be close.

Roger Knights

Bannon’s there too.

I wonder how much audience will be lost due to tardiness. 3:20EST — still no show.

Bruce Cobb

99 bottles of champagne on the wall….