Watch President Trump announce decision on #ParisAgreement LIVE @12PM PST/3PM EST

This live feed direct from the Whitehouse will appear below at 3PM EST/Noon PST. In the meantime, you can read all bout the reasons why exiting the Paris Climate Accord is a good idea, not only for America, but the world.

UPDATE: 11:45AM PST, the live feed is up. Click play to see it….beginning soon.

183 thoughts on “Watch President Trump announce decision on #ParisAgreement LIVE @12PM PST/3PM EST

  1. My email alert for this WUWT post says “12PM EST” in its main heading. It does say 3PM EST within the email and in the title of this post. However, I nearly clicked on through my emails thinking I’d missed it. I noticed the “3PM EST” and now have the tab ready for a couple of hours’ time. I don’t know if you can adjust the email heading in case others do as I nearly did.

    • That’s only for PINK champagne on ice. And only in California. I think Trump will check out AND leave Hotel Paris.

  2. Let’s hope that this starts a trend. Australia and Canada have had skeptical PMs recently, but they were ousted by voters or their parties. Maybe with US leadership, other trading nations will see the light again. I’d like to get Japan, Korea and the UK on board. IMO, Italy and Brazil are also persuadable.
    While giving lip service to CACA, China, India and Russia are in reality deeply skeptical already. It’s possible that among major industrial states, France and Germany might soon be splendidly isolated in their CACA delusions, until and unless the downtrodden peasants rise up, pitchforks and torches in hand against their lunatic globalist masters.

    • Canada’s PM Justin Trudeau is a practical guy who talks left but rules right. He won’t do anything that brings the country into conflict with America. Thus far, Canada has followed the American lead with regard to climate policy.
      It will be interesting to see how Trudeau handles the new government in British Columbia (BC). Trudeau approved a pipeline to get Alberta oil to tide water. The Green party holds the balance of power in BC now and has vowed to shut down the pipeline.

    • He was introduced as the BBC science editor, but of course he has no scientific qualifications and he didn’t mention any science. It was all politics and propaganda.

  3. Dunno….Trump is his own man…
    whatever….If he does or does not….I’m sure he has his reasons
    …I trust his judgement
    I will say this, news has been reporting he’s out all week….it would not be like him to let a false rumor go that long

    • we’re out!….he did not miss one single thing…..called them on everything….and burned them all a new one

  4. I will believe it when I see and hear it myself, everyone on the Climate Change contrarian forums knows it is the right thing to do, but the pressure from the rest of world is immense.

    • The only thing I can say to you is….have faith Osborn…….could be really shocking..:)

    • Neil is the wedding day…the wedding day of the USA constitution with the people….:)
      As far as I can tell…

    • Wayne was offered the Kane role, but turned it down because the screenwriter Coleman was a Commie. Kramer, the producer was also suspected of being one. A number of other actors then also turned down the role until finally Cooper accepted, and won an Oscar.
      Cooper was a friendly witness before HUAC in the blacklisting days, but didn’t name names. He, like Wayne, was a conservative anti-communist, but came to see blacklisting as wrong. Wayne, OTOH was glad he helped drive Coleman out of the country to Britain.
      Kramer later lived in WA, and the author of the short story upon which the plot is based lived in OR.
      When I was in England, the press savaged Princess Grace of Monaco for wearing white to the wedding of UK Princess Anne. Funny, since they were both sluts. British media basically said, “You can take the Irish girl out of Philly, but not the Philly out of the girl”. Thank God that Kelly didn’t kill her daughter Stephanie in the car crash resulting from her stroke, brought on by her food and alcohol consumption habits.

  5. Fingers crossed. Here’s to hoping he does the right thing.
    Even if he does, I hope he has realized by now that this part of the swamp is actually a lot deeper than he realized before he was elected. “The end of the beginning” as Churchill phrased it, not the beginning of the end.
    Scott Pruitt must certainly know about what else is needed, and I hope his views prevail.

  6. I was looking at the counter , but as for now am not sure when actually it begins!
    Any help there, fro you guys, how many more minutes a way. I do not want to be missing this on Live..

  7. So Trump thinks it’s not the CO2, maybe he thinks ‘it’s the sun that done it’. Well if it’s good for the President of the United States is good enough for some of us.
    Ah, yes the sun, for May 2017 sunspot number in the old money (Wolf SSN) is down to 11 from the April’s 20 points while the new Svalgaard’s reconstructed number is at 18.8
    Composite graph is here

  8. Anthony please make sure, for the other guys, from the other side, to have a proper Live experience on this….if this is not much to ask for….

  9. Ths splash across the Fox News screen right now is:
    Officials tell Congressional Staffers U.S. is withdrawing

  10. News breaking on the BBC that he’s going to leave the Paris agreement. I can hear the howls of anguish from the watermelons already.

      Oh. Wow. That was SO disappointing.
      He cowtowed to Cohn, et al.!!!! COHN of all people!
      Out, but back in.

      • The forthright, strong, thing to do would be to simply get out.
        Getting back in is always an option. Saying so was not necessary and only serves to keep the CO2 wind/Tesla/solar hu$tle alive. It also keeps the bogus climate “science” grants, etc., going (just in case you know).
        In short: Trump did NOT “do the right thing.”
        I hope we never get back in — but, getting out this way keeps the CO2 sc@m alive.

      • Science: He also said he would

        “begin negotiations to re-enter”.

        I’m done raining on the parade. I’ll just walk back up the sidewalk against the flow of the crowd, here — the only person walking away with a heavy heart as the rest of WUWT rejoices.
        And hey, I am glad YOU are happy. You all deserve some joy.
        Even if it doesn’t last, that is a very good thing.
        Bye for now.

      • I know very well that the war isn´t over, but this one significant battle has been won. Cheer up, get some rest and get ready to fight the rest of this war together with us – we need you and we love you.

      • Science: Thank you. You have no idea how much I needed your kind words. Thank you, so much for taking the time. I will do that. 🙂

  11. Shepard Smith of Fox News is now promoting CAGW saying climate change is real, and that the U.S. is now at odds with every other country on Earth. Shepard sounds unhappy.
    Shepard is a liberal-type fellow.

    • I was disgusted by FOX’s lead-up to the speech. I’m so tired of the “is real” meme and fretting over rising sea and referring to CO2 as “pollution” and low CO2-energy as “clean energy.” Now I’m watching Fox Business. The market is rising, they’re saying his speech is all about our economy. Once again “climate change is real” statement by their guest, and many insinuations that we’re putting our economy above things that are more important.
      FOX has crossed over to the Dark Side.

  12. I wonder if he’s got some surprise he’ll spring on us. Maybe news of successful evaluations of Lockheed’s compact fusion power system. That would be ideal.

  13. He should start with, “isn’t the weather beautiful today? Hasn’t the climate just been wonderful?” That would be hilarious.

  14. I do wish he would come out. I’m getting tired of listening to these clueless pundits who are filling time while we wait for Trump.

    • A Fox News reporter today added up all the things Hillary blamed for her loss and it came to 24 different things! I guess we can add climate change to that list. And she might be right about climate change. A lot of people voted for Trump because of that issue.

    • The government has been fighting ISIS there for some time.
      Eleven soldiers were killed in a “friendly fire” air strike incident today.

  15. It’s in the 80s in D.C. this afternoon. He’s letting the media sit around in the sun so they are well cooked before the announcement.

  16. To the tune of O Come all yea faithful.
    Usually accompanied by aforesaid slow handclap:
    O’ why are we waiting
    why can’t we start changing
    why are we waiting
    always so frustrating
    why are we waiting
    we need rearranging
    why are we waiting

  17. They might have been waiting for the light to get just right. Vice President Pence looks great at that podium!

  18. I can’t play the posted live feed, it says my browser doesn’t support HTML5 video. I guess old XP computers just don’t matter anymore …

  19. Watching Chris Wallace and Shepard Smith on Fox News. They sound like CNN commentators. They should have a look at paleo-climatilogical ice core data which shows that when our planet warms, the warming comes first and then the CO2 rises as a result of the warming. The time lag after the warming comes to when CO2 rises is sometimes 600 to 800 years. This data shows the any rise of CO2 is the result of the warming, not causal of the warming.

  20. Hot Spit!
    It’s Another Great Day for President Trump, The United States Of America, and all who love Her!

    • Nah, Janice, this is good.
      He’s just told China, India and Europe to f*ck off until they can come back with a proper climate agreement, which they never can.
      It’s not going to happen.

      • I hope you are right, JohnK. Thanks for the reminder to “accentuate the positive.” Kinda lost my groove, I guess…

    • Ah , Ms J M ….let us run with patience … is a marathon ….
      8>)) …. so far so good ….let us hope UNFCCC is next .

      • I appreciate your trying to cheer me up, S. W. Bob, but, I just can’t feel good about being told:
        “Okay, family, I’m doing what is best for you, we’re leaving this malaria infested swamp. We’re going to move to a lovely place near the sea where we will live in —–
        a tent.
        Because we are likely to not be staying there —- I’m planning to talk to the guys down at the swamp; if we can negotiate for air-conditioning in our hut, this time (and indoor plumbing, too!) we’re going back.”
        Sounds GREAT, Dad.

      • Sorry, Bob — I’m so bummed I messed up your initials! And I just typed them and — whoa! lol, I’ll just call you Bob! Heh. 🙂

      • Janice,
        It seems to me Dad said we’ll be moving back . . as soon as it’s not a swamp ; )
        Seriously, I don’t think taking on the role of science debater would do much but serve the desires of the mass media armed alarmists, and, in a sense, I think he may be expressing his confidence in folks like those who take them on here . . who seem to me to have done a damn good job of keeping the “settled science” label from sticking.

      • I read on Snopes that he can’t get out of UNFCCC until 2020 because it was ratified by the Senate.

      • accordionsrule June 1, 2017 at 1:26 pm
        IMO he could leave the UNF CCCP before then with Senate approval.

      • Hi, Harry,
        It was HORRIBLE. He started off talking a bit about the !slam1c terrorism in the Philippines. Then, he listed some of the good things accomplished (e.g., over $350 billion in business contracts) during his recent trip abroad.
        Then, 🙁 he said that he was taking us out of the Paris climate agreement, but will be negotiating to get back in on better terms for the U.S..
        He did not qualify that. Just (paraphrase) “out, but, back in if the terms are right.”
        So, essentially: “CO2 is a serious issue that we have to deal with, I just don’t like the deal we got in Paris in 2015.”
        Waaaa — sorry, but, I am so disappointed.
        It is still livestreaming right now, but, later watch the same video here on youtube (the channel called “President Trump”):
        I like this channel for they post the entire video of events, not just a 3 or 10 minutes soundbite.
        You will find the remarks you asked about within the first 10 minutes.
        Sure glad I ate my lunch before I watched that. I have no appetite, now.
        Your WUWT ally,

      • Thank you, Janice. I understand your lack of appetite. However DJT is a supreme deal-maker and when he makes such a statement about ‘renegotiating’ I believe he is working on a ‘position’ – finessing his opposition. The left/green faction knows that he knows they are a busted flush: they are trying to protect their income stream, no the planet.

      • Thanks for the encouragement to keep hoping, Harry. I guess I’m just in a bad head space about life in general… or something… . I will keep my mouth shut (not that you asked that) and my eyes open, from now on. 🙂

      • Janice,
        your President has just told the world that his country will do business their way.
        If anyone cares to contest that, they are welcome to come up with an alternative.
        They won’t because they couldn’t organise a f*ck in a brothel (excuse the analogy please, I seem to recall you are religious) and will come back with nothing of substance.
        Your president has just told the world, in plain language, which makes a change from the grand speeches of most politicians no one can understand, that Janice Moore is at the heart of America’s future.
        It will be ripped apart tonight (your time) by the green and leftist media. It will be analysed and examined in inconsequential inute detail by the elite intellectuals. But the message was clear, and repeated. Trump is doing business for America and no one else. And he did say it, thats his sworn responsibility.
        That was a speech that, above everything else said, f*uck you lot, It’s America’s way, or the highway. We’ll build a an economic machine with, or without you. It’s your choice.
        What’s more, he has the economic clout, the intellectual facilities, the physical brawn, and the natural enthusiasm and work ethic of Americans to do it.
        This speech had nothing to do with the Paris Accord.
        This was a Churchillian speech of motivation and encouragement to America, and as a Brit, I thought it was brilliant.
        Nor did I ever think I would say that of Trump.

  21. The Paris Accord is not about the climate it is about a redistribution of wealth.
    Good to hear that President Trump understands that.

  22. Trump knows China will never participate in a ‘fair’ climate change accord, hence NO renegotiated fair accord is possible. The offer to renegotiate is a canard only….

    • Indeed. France, Germany and Italy have already taken the bait : “No renegotiation!”
      They can’t say that he didn’t offer it.
      In fact, THEY are the ones who are shutting the US out.

  23. When was the last time we heard any politician stated quite as clearly that their President/Prime Minister backed their own country as Trump has, instead of giving away everything, crippling their own country?

  24. “The current agreement blocks the development of clean coal in America.”

    Unfortunately, he may need to do a lot more yet to encourage re-investment, such is the damage and long-lasting fear that has already been created under previous administrations.
    Meanwhile, I visited the BBC website, and once again saw a picture of white steam clouds photographed to make them look like black smoke. Some things will not be so easily changed.

  25. Trump talks in plain language that we can all understand instead of political gobbledygook.
    The first speech of his I have listened to.
    Very good in terms of communication.

    • hits every point….and burns them all a new one at the same time
      I love the man……..

      • Latitude,
        I must say I have had my doubts about him, but this is a big campaign promise delivered on. No weaselling, no if, but or however, excuses. The US is out of the Paris Accord.
        If the rest of the participants want to agree a new accord between them, that’s acceptable to the US, then the US will listen and engage. Fair enough.
        And I make no excuse for drawing yet another comparison to Brexit and Mrs. May, but she has told the EU much the same thing. We’ll exit Europe without a deal before having another crap one imposed on us. President Trump has just issued the world the same message.
        I have always maintained than any decision is better than no decision, no matter how bad.

  26. The Donald has his breeks on and is striding through the bullshit. He’s putting America first and encouraging ever other country to put their own peopl first, and that’s important.

      • Mashie peas are nice, especially wi’ a wee bit O’ Haggis.
        Up yer kilt!
        Good day for the world. Well perhaps more precisely, a good day for the US and the UK. There is a very common political bond here on a theme. ‘Fu*k you all, we’ll do it our way’

  27. Happy to see that our President isn’t buying what the climate scammers are selling!

  28. WOW, what a great day for commonsense, integrity, jobs, the economy and for science.
    Well done, Mr President.
    It is great to see a resurgent America.

  29. An excellent speech, with good reasons well stated. His comment on possible redoing an improved version had enough restrictions, that it is not possible, so have no fear on that account.

  30. Why would we even begin to consider renegotiating reentering the agreement, when its stated purpose is NOT scientifically supported? To reenter would be to accept extremely flawed premises.
    If it’s a trade deal, then call it a trade deal, and enter THAT. Call it the “Paris Trade Accord”, but get the damn word, “climate”, the heck out of there, especially when this word is subliminally tied to FLAWED CO2 claims.
    Get out and stay out.

    • “Why would we even begin to consider renegotiating reentering the agreement, when its stated purpose is NOT scientifically supported? To reenter would be to accept extremely flawed premises.”
      That’s my first thought, too, and probably what Janice is thinking, but we should probably give this aspect a little time to develop. We really don’t know what exactly is being talked about, and when we learn, we can tear it apart if necessary. But it could be just tossing a bone to the alamists, too, to quiet them down for a while.

    • And if the rest of the world were to offer America lots of money to stay in? You would still want to be out?
      It won’t happen, but the rest of the world under the Paris Accord have just taken a massive hit. One of it’s principle sponsors has said “we’re sick of your shit After squabbling amongst yourselves, when you can offer the US a fair deal, then come to OUR table and talk, until then, f*uck off”.
      The UK is doing the same with Europe. We are not sheep and once again, the US and the UK stand together on this.
      This is WW3, we have all just grown up enough not to fight it with ordnance.
      So it’s real progress, globally.

  31. It’s refreshing, every time, to hear the POTUS speak the truth instead of whitewashed political babble.

  32. There is some badness. Trump offers to renegotiate Paris. Pruitt refers to the carbon footprint.

    • This is a diplomatic language, bury something, but give the impression for the naive (stupid) it is still alive.

    • commieBob
      Why on earth do you think Ivanka is given the job of a green voice in the Whitehouse. It’s distraction politics and false hope to be dashed on the rocks of green despair when, and if, it suits America.

  33. Late, repetitious, narrowly focused, full of irrelevant partisan material about the great job he’s doing in other areas, rambling, incomplete.
    Still, he made the right choice in saying No; and I’m glad he didn’t punt the issue to the Senate, which would have been dangerous.

    • “full of irrelevant partisan material about the great job he’s doing in other areas,”
      Trump has to blow his own horn because the MSM are all focused on Russian collusion.

      • Let them deal with the Russians. They obviously have to sell their horror stories. In the meantime Trump can develop his policy. And there are a lot of other things going on. Do not underestimate Steve Bannon and Scott Pruitt and certainly not Mike Pence. I think the AGW crowd can still be glad that Trump is President and not Pence.

    • However, Trump did focus on the “killer” problem with the anti-CO2 crusade: the negative effect its high costs will have on many ordinary citizens in developed countries—and also blackouts and brownouts from grid instability at sigfnificant reliance on “renewables.” Those impacts would eventually have forced politicians to back off of further promotion of wind and solar. (This is already happening in some pioneering countries and provinces.) A lot of money would have been wasted for little effect. Trump is just employing everyday foresight in avoiding a futile, expensive gesture.

    • Roger Knights
      What’s wrong with fashionably late? perhaps he had to take a shit, who knows.
      The whole speech was about the Paris Accord, under any other circumstances he would have been applauded for sticking to the point.
      Irrelevant partisan material it may be to you, but the rest of America might not be as hightly educated as you, and they might enjoy a partisan message. I am almost certainly less well educated than you, and I damn well wish our PM would give a speech as rousing as Trumps, the only guy that did it here was Winston Churchill. Like him or love him, he united a nation with partisan speeches.
      And how can it have been rambling when you stated it was narrowly focussed?
      But we both agree, that irrespective of the content, the decision was correct.

  34. Tres bon!
    But wait! The Trump rebuke to world “leaders” can’t be finalized for four years, according to N Y Times climate referees.
    This claim prompted some pretty funny satirical comments from Mark Steyn this morning about the agreement being a “Honda Accord” with all four doors jammed shut… or a Hotel California accord.
    Whatever, I look forward to the other earnest, if slightly red-in-the-face signatories coming to their respective senses in approximately three… two… one….
    Whereupon Trump should welcome them with characteristic bombast to Team U.S.-Nicaragua-Syria.
    Who says politics makes for strange bedfellows? Go Team!

  35. Trump makes the point that American money would go to third world nations for the purpose of combating climate greenhouse gas emissions in those nations. Think a very relevant point here is that third world countries desperately need aid, but the sort of aid they need is the kind which will provide them with measurable benefits.
    Installing windturbines and solar panels will mainly line the pockets of the renewables installers and manufacturers. Which is no doubt the purpose of the deal. However, it will not provide nearly as much benefit to the local population as would installing coal, gas, nuclear or hydro power stations which run reliably, 24/7. That is what regions like Africa need, and if foreign aid is to be put into such regions we need to ensure it’s put into projects that will actually benefit the locals.

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