Friday Funny – The @sallykohn mega-climate madness edition

Sometimes, the best way to point out how climate alarmists have gone over the top, is to just let their own words speak for themselves. Such is the case of Sally Kohn, who bills herself as “America’s second favorite cable news lesbian.” and apparently, also a world renowned expert on weather, er, climate, or something.


The responses to this, are not just hilarious, but also quite instructive. Here are a few:

254 thoughts on “Friday Funny – The @sallykohn mega-climate madness edition

  1. I remember my grandmother telling me of snow in Chicago in June. Don’t know the when.

    • I also remember. It was my father’s birthday, June 21, sometime in the late 1940s to about 1950, I think. Dad took the family for a ride in the country around Huntington, IN. It started out sunny but cold, but then clouds came over, and it started to snow, at first lightly but then far more briskly, to the point where Dad pulled off the county road because he couldn’t see very well to drive. We sat there and watched it snow. It wasn’t sticking, of course; but who cared? It was snowing hard, in June! It lasted maybe 10 minutes and slowed down to very light snow; but it never switched to rain. I was probably 8 or 9 years old, but I remember that car ride vividly.

    • I live 90 miles west of Chicago. We have had snow or frost Memorial Day weekend many many times. Ruined many a festival. Forth Of July night with a jacket many times. Christmas day being attacked by mosquitoes in the 70s. Climate changes, so what?

  2. Having lived in Australia for the last 20 years as an expat American I have to ask, who the heck is Sally Kohn and why should I care? I will have to Skype my Mum back in The States and ask..”Do you know this person”?

    • She is on MSNBC, My Socialist Nightly Bolshevik Channel. Used to be called My Socialist Nightly Barrack Channel!

      • James, here in Blighty we have the Bolshevik Brainwashing Company. They should merge and name the thing… let’s see… aha!… Pravda.

      • Sorry Brent, but our media is worse than Pravda. Pravda was forced to put out propaganda. Our media do it voluntarily. The couple times I have visited the Pravda website, it had reasonable content. The sample size is too small to mean anything, but I thought I’d mention it.

      • Having a bad morning, not awake yet. Need to remind myself not to post until fully awake. I really did mean Brent. Was right the first time. My apologies.

    • I wish I didn’t know who she is. This is only one instance in which she has revealed her ignorance. A couple years ago, she and some other hosts ended their “show” holding their hands up to show their support for the Ferguson “protests”. This was AFTER strong evidence had come out that the “hands up” claim was false. That should give you an idea of how she views the world and reacts to it. Evidence is second to emotion and virtue signaling.

    • I am an old Ozzie and in the middle of one of our summers on christmas day around forty odd years ago it snowed. My place was about 1200 ft above sea level but it sure was a change from the 100f we were used too.

  3. Seems at least as well qualified to speak on climate as Anthony, Eric, Tony Heller: more qualified than Lord Monckton or James Delingpole

    [Hmmm. This comment is your defining moment here. At least these people have the courage to put their name behind their words, as do I. You, not so much, preferring to snipe from the shadows under the role of anonymous coward. – Anthony]


      How’s them polar bears, grief?

      • We should get Griff a t-shirt with that motto. Without the picture, it would say “I’m not stupid. I just have bad luck when I think.”
        Normally I hate ad hominem attacks. But I’ll give in to the urge since Griff started it.

      • I don’t know much about Griff, mostly just dropping in here to WUWT to browse the articles, with comments few and far between, but this pic is accurate, certainly not exculpatory of any mistreatment of an apparently well known trollish contributor. I’m among the least around here and, while possessing some science education, including meteorology, in over my head on many articles, but I am absolutely certain that I’m more qualified than the news lady with the dumb tweet on the subject of climate and weather – not saying much, I grant you. In general the tweets in response to the obvious climate and weather ignoramus are funny, indeed, I might add..

        Thanks to Anthony et al for the entertainment.

    • Don’t feed the trolls. It doesn’t matter what you say to Griff. This person is looking for sound bites that they can take out of context in their next CAGW love fest to show how we don’t discuss the science. They also have the perception that no one here has any accomplishments in the sciences, government, or private sector. If you want to see such an exchange a good example is the recent post by Judith curry about the March of ” scientists “. It just goes on and on with a couple of useful idiots congratulating themselves on how civilized they are.

      • I’m sorry, but I can’t agree: I’m still giggling over the above “Bad luck thinking” poster; and I would never have seen it otherwise. Now 100% of the time when I see a Griff comment, I’m going to have “Too bad about the ‘bad luck thinking’ problem” run through my brain, then giggle all over again 😉

      • Wouldn’t you think people of any political persuasion should WELCOME news that “the Planet” may not be on imminent course for destruction after all? Yet the Griffs of this world CLING to their apocalyptic belief, sticking their fingers in their ears lest they hear of dissenting data. Do they WANT the world to end???

        • Yes, leftist religious zealots who spew globall warmining crap do want the world to end. They just don’t want to be the ones dying.

      • Goldrider, they know as well as the rest of us that nothing is going on.
        They just hope to use this as an excuse to impose the kind of economics they have always wanted.

      • Your point is noted,but have to disagree because at Tony Heller’s place,Griff gets a deluge of science based replies showing why we think he is wrong.

        The contrast between her feeble baloney and climate realist science based replies are expository for many to see.

        Griff along with other warmist bigots are terrible at this debate,which helps expose their entire delusion effectively.

      • I agree with you, rish. Griff is undeterred by logic, science and facts. HeSheIt still comes back for more. Must be writing a book.

      • I’ve always assumed griff was a sockpuppet for sou, out trolling for comments to put on her blog.

        Actually, I just noticed she hasn’t had a new post in almost 3 weeks. Maybe the post Trump collapsing of the Climate Faith has her looking for a new job.

        Lean times ahead for the Climate Faithful. Trump’s not just draining the swamp, he’s emptying the trough. And all the other countries are suddenly having second thought.

        • It could be some scientists are jumping ship. The climate ship has sprung a leak. I’ve been watching some of the latest on climate, while they still maintain co2 is a factor, they are now going into greater depth on the earth and it’s orbit and cycles. If the one analysis is correct, it could be a long time before we see another full blown ice age. However, the LIA hasn’t been explained, nor has the 1970s.
          Without the US sloping the trough, the money hogs just aren’t as interested.

      • Schitzree

        I really like that one: “Emptying the trough”.

        Wow. What a keeper. It is the fear that emptying the trough will bring change far more than good or bad logic which has the alarmists of every stripe on the run. Being accountable to the bill-payer is a new experience for the climate-mongering industry.

      • Griff must be a Troll because he does not toe the line as set out by the sceptics here, says things which people find challenging, and thinks for himself.
        That is absolutely forbidden.
        People are much more comfortable in an echo chamber and will not allow anything to disturb that comfort zone where they are 100 % correct at all times.
        So remember, you can criticise anyone on the mainstream climate science side if the are not Climate scientists, but it is absolutely forbidden on the sceptic side.
        Weather is not climate, a firm rule, unless the weather is quoted by a sceptic : “Two degrees here in Hicksville today ” !
        Any one who does not agree with any part of scepticism must be a far left Stalinist plotting world revolution.

        Griff persistently breaks these rules, so he must be receive severe and aggressive criticism for his crimes.
        And God forbid a lesbian woman discussing climate. What is the world coming to?

        • The shoe Gareth, is on the other foot. Griff isn’t breaking any rules. Griff isn’t a DEINER. Griff is defending the current climate regime. Griff was never in danger of being a criminal against humanity as those that supported CAGW. The only science I can see Griff doing is cutting and pasting. There now, from downtown Hicksville, with one flashing yellow light, I just fed a troll.
          By the way, I’m not against anything that is pertinent to climate. I do disagree with Isvalgaard. However, I do think he may be right on this solar cycle.
          And,yes, after 20 years and being connected to the Internet, hearing similar stories in other western countries about how warmist are trying to establish a political agenda, in light of statements by a wide variety of UN officials, in light of agenda 21, in light of the fact that they have publicly stated that a government such as China, which is communist, is perferre to democracy, then I don’t think I suffer from delusional paranoia

        • Are you new Gareth ? Every year a new bunch of true believers show up preaching and believing how small minded and stupid we are. Hicksville indeed. I know more than most, not as much as some. For the most part, most of the skeptics on here have solid credentials. Your thinking belies the fact that you don’t know anything of the skeptics on here, what they stand for, or the science that backs up their statements. From what I see you are just following the outline put out in phamlet form 2 decades ago on how to persuade doubters of AGW to accept it. It really doesn’t matter what kind of factual evidence I provide, it doesn’t matter what anybody else says. You have your self righteous opinions. You also try to bait people into meaningless jabber. Dead end arguments that go on and on. Am I writing this for you Gareth ? No . I writing it so others don’t answer your meaningless assertions. There, don’t I feel better. Wasted some time feeding another troll.

          • Once in ancient times there were 76 judges. They only had 2 rules. One was that they didn’t belive in capital punishment. And the second one was, if they all agreed, they were all wrong. Thanks Griff and Gareth.

      • Griff made an indenfensible inane personal comment, which was rightly shredded. ( you even made zero attempt to defend it. referring instead to other intelligent comments not in evidence)

        As for all skeptics marching in lock step, well that is a fantasy of your own mind, not made true because you state it.

    • They research the subject, in great depth, This woman doesn’t.

      Do you see how that works, or should we use smaller words?

    • Griff, please, for your own sake, stop, you’re just making yourself look oh so silly & irrelevant!

    • More qualified? Why? Because she wears her sexuality on her sleeve? I do not recall Mann or Hansen saying they were the first, second or third male chauvinists in climate science.

      So to the clowns on the left of us, all you have to do is qualify your statement with your sexual preference to become an expert.

      Sounds about right.

    • A liberal lawyer? Really, at least most of those mentioned have degrees in actual science, including meterology. A lawyer, a LIBERAL, self-identifed one, is equally qualified? Guess that explains a lot about your faith in graphs and following the MSM for your science lessons.

    • Ms. Kohn is an example of why it is so difficult (why we are so divided about every dang issue) to even identify what is or is not a problem for our countries which is the absolute first baby step to solving the solvable problems.

      It appears, Kohn has not spend 10 minutes researching the recent, historic, or paleo climate change record. The evidence does not support CAGW, it does not even support AGW.

      The so called, left have an infinite list of things they would like to spend money on. All of the developed countries have run out of money to spend on everything and our economies are growing slower and slower which is going to turn the debt problem into a crisis.

      Spending trillions and trillions of dollars which we do not have on green scams that do not work will not stop climate change and will make our economies less and less competitive.

      • “Spending trillions and trillions of dollars which we do not have on green scams that do not work will not stop climate change and will make our economies less and less competitive. ”

        Not to mention that it will make our economies less and less able to respond to weather disasters.

    • Well, Griff/seaice1/etc, you really are showing your bias. You seem to have a chronic problem evaluating credentials! Have you ever apologized to Crockford for your unfounded accusations? It might help your reputation.

      • Clyde

        To be fair to our house troll, he’s/she’s/it’s also burnished his/her/its reputation by attacking Dr Curry.

      • Well Clyde, you seem to have a problem evaluating what people said. You are suggesting I apologise for something I never said. That is forgivable, but is a bit rich in a post whose main point is criticising others for poor evaluation of credentials. Please try to attribute your criticisms properly.

      • The problem with griff being a false flag sockpuppet is that no Skeptic would have them say half the things they do, because it’s just too hard to believe even a diehard Climate Faithful could be that Ignorant.

    • Griff, your comment lacks any substance and is completely inaccurate as far as it goes. The people you mention would wipe the walls with you in a debate.

      In the meantime, the priceless comment “You’re not stupid, you just have bad luck when you think.” is probably the most gentle feedback you’ll get on the subject of your ignorance. It is also likely the funniest.

    • Giff:

      Well at least you’re not (still) attacking women is this latest post.

      Must be nice to be anonymous; but then, you’ve earned it.

    • Ha ha ha,

      foot in the mouth Griff, who fails to realize that Tony Heller has a GEOLOGY degree and Engineering degree. That Lord Monckton has a science degree too.

      Sally is a Cable News reporter……

      Don’t forget that Susan Crockford has a science degree as well.

      What do you have Griff?

      • I am not all that impressed that people have ‘degrees’, otherwise known as ‘names to be wise’. Some are not wise at all and some of the least useful opinions come from people with degrees in the subject at hand.

        In some cases there is benefit, for others, schooling is nothing more than becoming cloaked in the obscuring dust of acquired knowledge. If people learn how to think, that is useful. In too many cases they are taught not to think, to accept without question, and to repeat blindly the accumulated ignorance of their forefathers.

        The stunning advances in science and technology are because there is a continuous stream of well-educated and thinking practitioners. It is also true that many of the greatest innovations and advances in understanding came from people with no experience or training on the subject – the autodidacts. Being an expert can be very debilitating if their mind was closed along the way, of if they are filled with self-importance (ego). Of course you don’t have to go to school to pick up that all-too-common trait.

        A ‘degree’ doesn’t guarantee much, as well-evidenced by the nonsense that pours out of the climate alarm community.

    • Anthony, the ones that unquestioningly accept 100% of the AGW construct (or 100% of anything for that matter) have no idea of how they look to others. They reveal themselves as either aparatchiks or young people who are victims of ideological “core curricula” designer brain educations.

      Big changes are afoot. It will be interesting to see who are the last to cave on this egregious chapter in history.

    • Maybe if you read some of the articles here rather than spend so much time shaking your elbow you would not provoke such a response.

    • “Seems at least as well qualified to speak on climate as Anthony, Eric, Tony Heller: more qualified than Lord Monckton or James Delingpole”

      I can’t think of anything Sally *is* qualified to speak on, when it comes to science or politics. She is just about as far-left a radical as you will find. Completely deluded. There are a lot of her type in the MSM.

    • Are all people who hide behind pseudonyms cowards Anthony, or just the ones who disagree with sceptics? It seems a pretty common strategy here to hide behind various titles, but you select Griff for a pretty gross insult for doing what many others do. I’m blowed if I can see why.

  4. I would like to suggest that griff henceforth be referred to as Grief.

    Grief for his misplaced IQ

    Grief for his missing common sense

    Grief for the parents who raised him and now look on in silent shame.

  5. Trouble is with people like Sally is they never get educated, no matter how hard the rest of the world tries.

  6. Whoa, Griff, you’ve outdone yourself. We’ll have to use your comment as next weeks Friday Funny.

  7. She didn’t “speak on climate,” Griff.
    She spoke on one day of weather in NYC, and somehow connected this fleeting observation to her grief about Trump administration. Which would be sad if it weren’t so funny.

      • “sexual deviates are obviously and annoyingly overrepresented in mainstream media.”

        Yep…..Left wing PC apologists employing them to satisfy their sexual equalities policy, rather than on their abilities. The UK Labour party insist on gender equality and ended up with Harriet Harman and Diane Abbot.

        You would have thought they would have got a clue by now.

      • yeah thats puzzled me a bit
        we have close to 30% or more lgbqtwhatsits in media at least
        but theyre less than 5% or is that POINT 5 or so? of the population?
        so how the hell do they manage to cluster like that?
        or is it one gets in and the mates follow getting preferential treatment..

    • Alexander. Did she speak on climate? She referred to a problem that people have assumed is climate. Maybe she was talking about some other problem and everyone has got the wrong end of the stick, which makes this whole discussion ridiculous. Or she did speak on climate. Which do you think it is?

      If it was climate then it was not a well informed comment as she was using isolated weather to make a point about climate. I recommend not using her as a source of information on climate. Just as I would recommend not using anyone who does similar.

      • OK seaice, give an example of what other problem you think she might be referring to.

        Also- “I recommend not using her as a source of information on climate.” Would you be willing to say that on, er, less skeptical sites? That would be admirable of you.

        • I would remove the qualifier “climate” as she thinks that if the president and VP are impeached, then a new election is forced. She is not too bright in any area.

      • seaice1 March 10, 2017 at 4:44 am

        Interesting thoughts, are you implying that she thinks the Russsians are hacking the New York weather?

        michael 🙂

      • OK, pretty much everyone agrees. Alexander was wrong, Griff was right (about that) and she did speak on climate change. All happy now (except Alexander)?

      • Eustace. I would say that anywhere. I don’t recommend getting scientific information from media personalities, cable news or even reputable media sources. They are useful for generating connections and informing that something has happened, but media is generally not very good at reporting science.

      • “…Maybe she was talking about some other problem and everyone has got the wrong end of the stick, which makes this whole discussion ridiculous…”

        Are you just trying to one-up Griff in a stupidity competition? Or are you one in the same person?

      • No sneeice.. she wasn’t talking about climate.

        .. she was blathering meaninglessly, with zero idea what she was talking about.

        Have you been helping to teaching her ???

      • No, she didn’t speak on climate.. she might have thought she was trying to.. but failed miserably.. like you do.

    • I think Grief enjoys pulling our chains and rattling our cages. He’ll keep it up so long as he gets the desired results. I guess that’s OK so long as we enjoy providing the desired results and taking a break from the discussion.

      • Agreed.

        I just wish he was a little more, you know, entertaining about it. Like, for example, wrapping his crap in witty commentary, not just the tired old meat-ax ad hominem. If there are quality of life improvements to toilet paper (quilting, double-ply, etc), why can’t WUWT get a better troll?

        Of course, if he lives under a rock, maybe this counts as witty.

      • Well said, Gil, and I agree. Trolls like Skankhunt42 and seaice1 are merely looking for responses. Two ways to control trolls:
        1. Get them to say their real names.
        2. Ignore them.

        Personally (and I know that I am speaking way out of line on this site, and I fully respect the site for this) I would recommend/prefer some form of restrictions to trolls. However that being said, I certainly don’t want WUWT to go the way of the “climate alarmist” sites and restrict those who have a conflicting viewpoint – for we would then fall into the unfortunate ways of the “climate alarmist” sites by doing so.

        Therefore, keep ’em coming, trolls! Makes me laugh, and as Readers Digest says, laughter is the best medicine.

    • Trump is being blamed for the weather, psoriasis, toenail fungus, ED, traffic jams and bellybutton lint. Just about everything, in fact, except the stock market’s recent gains. 😉

  8. Twitter at it’s best is like being in a good pub when there’s some lively banter going on. Now all it needs to sort out is the beer.

  9. She isn’t that stupid.
    Let’s face it, hardly anyone had ever heard of her.
    But now she’s Streisanding into public consciousness.

  10. Just wondering Griff , what’s your take on Elon Musk’s offer to South Australia .
    Elon says he can provide battery back up for Adelaide within 100 days of signing a contract or he will do it for free .

    • That’s great news.
      If it works and is cheap then every sunny or windy place should use it. And if it doesn’t work economically then it won’t be bought.

      Ignoring the impact of technology is one of the reasons that Malthus was wrong and that fears about tomorrow are always exaggerated.

      • “…and it’s cheap…”. LOL; that’s rich (so to speak).

        ps: has Elon ever invested significant amounts of his own money (aka: not taxpayer) in these schemes?

      • “M Courtney March 10, 2017 at 2:30 am

        That’s great news.
        If it works and is cheap ”

        It doesn’t and it won’t, but you can sure bet someone will be making lots of money if it goes ahead. If the South Australian residents get wind of this, then I hope they are talking to their local MP’s with strong indications that they will lose their voters if they are in any way thinking about implementing such crazy “fixes” to a problem created by the very same politicians.

    • How about he does it in a hundred days, or he does it for free, and his personal fortune is used to build enough reliable gas fired generators to cover the load when all the solar and wind generators fail?

      Think he would stretch his neck out that far? It is for the greater good after all.

    • M Courtney March 10, 2017 at 2:30 am
      Felflames March 10, 2017 at 3:43 am

      Hi , from what Robert is saying it is just the “battery back up” that Musk is promising to provide. How to charge them would be Adelaide’s problem. A fool and his money are soon parted. Musk is today’s PT Barnum, “There’s a sucker born every minute.”


    • yeah and his offered price doent inc transport from usa or fitting etc
      or the land to put it on?
      and using a smal setup in Cali as his ststement it works
      anyone got any info on the cali setups actual cost and effectiveness would be handy

  11. “America’s second favorite cable news lesbian.” OK, She not too smart otherwise she would bill herself as “The favorite cable news lesbian”. Why would any one want to promote them self as second?

  12. 40-50 Years ago you had so search hard to find really stupid people in the media, now they pop up all the time. What happened ?

    • Once upon a time competence was the primary means of advancement.
      Now that liberals run the show, adherence to the narrative is the only skill that matters.

    • “40-50 Years ago you had so search hard to find really stupid people in the media, now they pop up all the time. What happened ?”

      For one thing, the number of reporters we have today dwarfs the numbers back then. Back then there were fewer networks, fewer reporters, no internet.

      The news reporters were fairly straight in their reporting of events and the news from the end of World War II in 1945 to the latter/bloody years of the Vietnam war (after 1965).

      The Vietnam war polarized the Leftists in the news media with anti-war sentiment, and it has been politically polarized and downhill ever since: Left versus Right.

      And since the Left has owned the news media almost exclusively up until recently, it has been a one-sided cultural/political fight. Up until recently. 🙂

  13. Sally is thick as a brick but knows a little about self-promotion. Being a lesbian is not synonymous with stupidity. That’s just a coincidence.

  14. Having lived for 61 years on this Earth I have to ask “who the heck is Griff and why should I care?”

    • Well it is interesting to watch him attack women. He’s obviously had a material impact on Dr Crockford & Dr Curry (not).

      Poor little Griffy is trying so hard to be the living embodiment of Stalin’s “useful idiot”. Yea, he takes a beating here, but it’s bragging rights when he returns to the coven:

      “Whew! I really had a hard day at the keyboard today. I did 12 anonymous hits over at WUWT. Got in some great ad hominems on a couple PhD women – they never knew what hit ’em”. They now live in fear of the all-powerful Griffster sneaking up and doing it again. Oh yea, and the Republican war on women is terrible.

    • @ Menicholas, I just read that. I am not sure if I like that scenario. Paul Ryan as a fill in President? Wow that eventually might lead to Clinton getting elected!

  15. She is on cable news in what country? Never heard of her……. 2nd to who? Sheeze, I must be out of progressive touch……..

      • You’re fine. They are the ones that are “touched”.
        That is out of touch with reality.
        They love to promote what is “natural” and preserve “Nature” yet how they live is so contrary to what is really natural.

        (You don’t have to be “spiritual” to see that!)

      • lolz

        The more serious issue is I’ve started banning people who say ‘Trump’ and appear to think everybody should agree on. I’ve banned very very many, to my constant relief.

  16. She’s obviously one of those who had a great education, and never let it go to her head.

  17. She’s close enough to a renowned expert for HuffPo, Facebook, and a majority of millennials.

  18. An intense cold snap is taking over the US East starting today. It is going to last one full week with frosts down to Florida. Get out your winter jackets and snow shovels again.

    A big storm is going to drop 15 inches of snow on New York on Tuesday and hit much of the eastern seaboard. That will be an eye-opener.

    I think we can check back with Miss Kohn after that.

    • Here in western PA we done got smacked, now temps falling throughout the day to single digits. We been ripped off, where is our globall warmining?!?!? 😉

      • I always check the forecast for Bradford — I’ve relatives there.
        Bradford Regional Airport (KBFD)
        Folks there are not in prison, but still they are punished.

        • Did they get caught in the huge power outage yesterday? Ya know, the one national media has barely mentioned? We are in Butler county, less than a mile from the Allegheny River, so the Pittsburgh forecast rarely applies to us.

    • Guys how disingenuous. You know Trenberth already has that stuff figured out and it turns out to be caused by, er, human emitted carbon dioxide induced global warming.

      • “Weather is not climate.” Until it suddenly is, whenever it’s convenient for the alarmists.
        “It is the trend that is important.” Until it suddenly isn’t, whenever it’s inconvenient for the alarmists.

  19. Rachel Maddow is a lesbian? Oh, dammit, there goes my fondest hope. In my mind, I was going to woo her and win her love and we were going to be one of the lucky breeding pairs to move to Antarctica and keep the human genome alive when the rest of the planet becomes uninhabitable. Our children were all going to look like Ira Flato.

  20. Oh there’s a problem all right, Miss Kohn. Only it’s not the one you think.

    I’d tell you to go look in the mirror, but IIRC, vampires can’t see their own reflections.

    (They live off the economic blood of others, don’t get much sun, and have a general superiority complex. Yep, their vampires.)

  21. The sad part about this is that she is fishing for like minded folk to join in on the wailing…and she will catch more than a small boatload. All with college degrees no less.

  22. No one finds it the least bit frightening or disturbing that this person is a cable news “journalist”?

    So, one day I’m driving along with my daughter listening to the local public radio station. They’re (inevitably) in the middle of their bi-weekly “Gimme Money” campaign. The (also inevitable) schpiel about being fair, honest, trustworthy spews forth and I guffaw. My daughter asks “You really don’t think they’re fair?”
    “Of course not.” I answer. “And I can refute that assertion with just two words – Kai Ryssdal.”
    I’ve used that on liberals in the past, and it doesn’t really matter which “celebrity” name you use. Substitute Diane Rehm, Carl Kasell, heck – The Car Guys – doesn’t matter.

    None have been able to effectively rebut it.

  23. “America’s second favorite cable news lesbian.”
    Did she get a silver medal for that ?

  24. Sounds like Leo diCaprio claiming a Chinook is horrific climate change after filming The Revenant in southern Alberta. Western Canada curled their lip and shook their heads. Even the Canadian PM guffawed at him.

  25. Wonder if Sally would have bemoaned the loss of glaciers 20,000 years ago when Puget Sound was covered by mile-thick ice?

    I grew up in South (New) Jersey. I do remember a day in June in the mid-1960s very distinctly. School had just ended for the year. I was out riding my Stingray bicycle on a nice low-60s F day replete with sunshine and a few clouds. Within a few hours the sky had thickened and it began to rain. The rain gave way to sleet and the sleet to snow flurries. In June. In New Jersey. Oh… the madness!

      • “Weather is not climate.” Until it suddenly is, whenever it’s convenient for the alarmists.
        “It is the trend that is important.” Until it suddenly isn’t, whenever it’s inconvenient for the alarmists.

  26. Kocin’s and Ucellini’s book “Northeast Storms” appears to be a little pricey on Amazon, but it is an extensive two-volume book that probably took a lot of work to compile. If I lived in the northeast, I might be tempted to get a copy.

    Except on the 1765 storm:

    From what I quickly scanned, the 1888 storm sounded pretty bad as well:

    I for one cannot image how any climate alarmist can read this book (and look at the February 1954 record highs) and then turn around and claim today’s extreme meteorological events in the NE are in any way, shape or form unusual.

  27. I’m just surprised that this “Journalist” didn’t end her tweet with “Cash me ousside, how bow da?”

  28. My fave response, by Rick Moore;

    Google “cold front.”

    Says it all, really. Short and sweet. Climate retards are always getting climate and weather mixed up.

  29. It was sunny outside here yesterday and then suddenly, outta nowhere, these clouds moved in goodby sunny day! The temperature dropped, and it got even COLDER overnight! And Trump STILL doesn’t believe in man made climate change!

  30. Here in NH, the saying goes, if you don’t like the weather, just wait. Recently, we’ve had temps as high as the low 60’s. Tomorrow it may not make it out of the teens. And there is a possible snowstorm coming Tuesday. Yawn.

    • 😎
      I’ve lived in NH, OH, KY, KS, TX, plus.
      I’ve never lived or visited anywhere where some variation of “If you don’t like the weather, just wait. It’ll change.” wasn’t common.
      I guess Weather Change is a global catastrophic phenomenon.
      Or maybe it’s just restricted to the Northern Hemisphere. Or even just North America.
      HEY!! If the USA quits the UN, since it seems to be focused there, maybe we can save the rest of world from CNHNAWC!

      • News flash, San Francisco; 1898 (Chronical special from Fresno, April 16) :

        CALIFORNIA DROUGHT; Cattle and Sheep in danger of starvation;
        Because of drought more than 100,000 cattle and sheep will die in the County; Senator White has been asked to open the Sierra reservation to grazing (including national parks).

        [weather only changes for a little while … then it changes back. Mebbe we can call it climate when it doesn’t change back]

  31. Weather has always been chaotic. That’s why the past must be continually adjusted to show any change in climate…

    • Oh please. No need to start joking about various minorities. Or start misogynistic commenting. She is a sister in God to me, even I don’t have any.

  32. @ the mods, I noticed that whenever I leave a comment today it shows up for a second at the right place in the thread and then the page flips a few pages back up thread and I have to scroll down to pick it up again. Has anyone else noticed ? Just wondering.

  33. The more we think we know, the more there is to know!

    It might be considered far fetched by some, but there is a medical condition that could be a possible explanation for Sally’s confused thought processes. Although testosterone is considered a male sex hormone, women, whilst having it at relatively low levels, are more sensitive to its effects. Testosterone is produced by the testicles and in smaller amounts in women’s ovaries and has an androgenic effect associated with “manhood.” Endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) are known to have a feminising effect on men. Phthalates, added to plastics, have a disastrous effect on male hormones and reproductive health. They are linked to birth defects in male infants and appear to alter the genital tracts of boys to display female or intersex characteristics & behaviour. In like manner, EDCs can also increase the feminising effect of oestrogen in women, thus potentiating the androgenic qualities of testosterone produced by the ovaries.

    Other EDCs such as Bisphenol-A, Perfluorooctanoic acid and metalloestrogens are far more wide spread that 40 years ago. They leach out from human products such as personal hygiene products, chemical cleansers, or contraceptive drugs. They also end up in our food and drinking water.

    Non-fermented soy products contain anti-nutrients and hormone-like substances and are NOT health foods. It would seem that Soya milk lattes have a lot to answer for. A similar scandal; just like the CAGW scam!!!!!

  34. This is the most gruesome thread I have seen here.

    Is it ‘forbidden’ to say ‘I see / experience’ that differently.

    Is ‘freedom of mind’ unamerican.

  35. Well, it was -16°C last night, -12°C when I woke up at 6:00AM, and it is supposed to be 4°C by noon. That is normal winter weather her in Calgary. (yes DiCaprio, it has happened before) That is a 36°f swing in 12hours.

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