Monday Mirthiness – NOAA vs. reality

There’s been quite a bit of wailing and gnashing of teeth over the Mail on Sunday article by David Rose who interviewed a NOAA whistleblower who says that Karl et al. embellished their 2015 “pausebuster” paper. NOAA Scientists Manipulated Temperature Data To Make Global Warming Seem Worse. Josh has his take on it.



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  1. Whilst it is pretty clear that the AGW propaganda is being seen through & almost being acknowledged too, they won’t give up that easily! I wonder what new “disaster” isgoing to befall mankind if we don’t adopt a globul guvment in the near future!!! They clearly need to read afew more Sci-Fi books & watch some more Sci-Fi movies, because everyone that portrays any kind of globul guvment implies it’s a frigging disaster!!!

    • It’s worse than we thought, I won’t even recover what I paid on my 320 sqm townhouse Brussels Centre!

    • I’ll predict a new record low arctic sea ice event for September 2017…
      Sadly, doesn’t seem much chance of that not happening this year.
      (Temps now expected to reach 50F above normal at N Pole this week – just above freezing there)

      • During the last glacial advance, much of Alaska was free of ice. Parts of the Arctic actually warming* could indicate that the Holocene is coming to a close.
        * (The “warming” supposedly measured is a decrease in the extents of the night-time lows, not a warming of the day-time temperatures. No warming there.)
        Meanwhile, please give us your prediction for the coming Antarctic ice extent. Thanks!

  2. Josh, thank you for sharing another fine cartoon-with-a-point (only suggestion I have is to remove the “?”).
    You can count the lack of responses on this thread as confirmation that you did a great job covering the issue: there’s simply nothing else to be said.

  3. The planet is cooling. Since mid 2015 there have been record low tempatures all over this planet. Now we are seeing crop failure follow suit with the common theme being cold, e.g. Rain and cold or drought and cold. And this is just the very beginning.
    The scientist who predicted this, the record cold and the crop failure can all be googled.
    It’s very sobering stuff.

    • Don’t be silly, Chris.
      While it’s true that the places where people actually live are seeing lower temperatures, there are huge swaths of the Earth’s surface that are seeing much, much higher temperatures. Of course, there’s no people there to notice it, but the adjusted instrument readings certainly agree. And if they don’t, they can always be adjusted some more.

      • ” Of course, there’s no people there to notice it, but the adjusted instrument readings certainly agree. And if they don’t, they can always be adjusted some more. ”
        Yep, especially those swaths of the Earth’s surface with no temperature-recording equipment present. They’re like blank pages, just waiting to be “corrected” to suit! /sarc

      • There have been a lot of problems in Southern Europe these past few months. Very wet and cold causing havoc with crops.

      • There have even been some satirical articles about it. I read one today about someone “dealing” smuggled veggies to vegans in England.

      • Oh yes.No spanish courgettes (zucchini) at sane prices Lettuce a thing of the past till March. Green heads exploding.

      • In southern Idaho the Potato and sugar beets were off the charts three months ago, today it’s been three weeks since I’ve been able reach the main highway. The pineapple express dropped a ton of snow coupled with the wind we ended up with 8 foot drifts in areas, the roads can’t be graded, to much snow without using a D9 to pull the grader with a V Plow. Snowmobiles are fun but don’t haul a lot, at 65 snowshoes suck. FYI: 22 years and never had 8 foot drifts, weather is not predictable. I did finally find where I left my snowblower

  4. Is this really a surprise to anyone? They have lied about this for decades.
    And it doesn’t even matter, if you look at min,max and dew point temps it would show there is no co2 warming( or so little it’s barely measurable), this could have proven this out 20 years ago.
    How can co2 cause it to be warmer tomorrow morning, if tonight it cools to the dew point + a couple of degrees, and neither are following co2?
    Cooling is water regulated just like warming is water regulated.
    This is about 90 hours of temp, rel humidity, and net radiation data. Temp in F, Rel in %, and Radiation in W/m^2
    This very specifically is regulating cooling to dew point temp. It will do this everywhere on the planet where rel humidity runs from from below about 70% rel humidity during the day to over 90% at night.
    Same data zoomed out
    If you do not understand how this is a temperature controlled regulator, ask!
    If you do, and you think about this, it is proof the modern temperature record has nothing to do with Co2, but moving warm water around the worlds oceans.

    • But micro, something magical happens high up in the atmosphere, where, by the way, Santa Clause flies during December of every year.
      Don’t kill that magic of alarmism or Santa. Think of the children!

    • Is this really a surprise to anyone? They have lied about this for decades.

      True, but as Climategate gave a glimpse of what went on behind the scenes in general, this has given us much more than a glimpse.
      The reality of “The Pause” was counter to what all the policies based on what Man’s CO2 was supposed to do.
      This exposed the shenanigans, not just the suspicions but the actions. And it was exposed by one they can’t claim isn’t a “Climate Scientist”.
      With Climategate we had “Mike’s Nature Trick”.
      Now we “Karl’s Data Trick”.

  5. I sent an email to BBCs Inside Science to ask if they were going to report on this.
    It’s a rabidly pro-alarmist programme, So I’m not holding my breath for a reply.

    • The problem with BBC’s Inside Science is that it’s just that.
      There is no perspective at all. It’s just cheerleading for a profession called scientist.
      The actual science is portrayed as radiant fire stolen from the gods by these modern Prometheans – a race apart from us.
      There is no reporting of debates. How could there be? We mere mortals born of woman couldn’t comprehend the lightning that astounds the presenter.

    • The BBC will avoid it like the plague. They only report fake news and this is much too truthful for the likes of Cardinal Harrabin and all their other “science” and environment correspondents.

  6. The current senior management and editorial staff of the BBC have invested so much in the climate fraud that the idea that they will ever willingly give even a fair hearing to the science based critique of alarmist claptrap is a fantasy. What is interesting is that increasingly the public seems to trust them less and less.
    More worrying is the gullibility- to be kind- of the laughable opposition in parliament which claims to be on the side of the poor and yet passionately supports a myth that levers money out of the pockets of the poor through, as has been well documented on WUWT, the most regressive energy taxation to line the pockets of the already super-wealthy, egged on by the media and acting luvvies we see complaining about recent election defeats.
    I don’t see much hope in the U.K. and hope Trump ends this insanity.

    • Yes, the BBC, New Scientist, UK government, Royal Society, UK Met Office, all UK universities. Every aspect of UK… All accept the science of global warming.
      Perhaps there is something in it, eh?
      I can’t see any reason why they would all ‘make it up’

      • Thirty years of alarmism by the climate trough parasites, whose income depends on continued alarmism for profits, fame and glory.
        Thirty years of very expensive non-science that accomplished zilch. Actually, it has accomplished negative numbers. England is not longer a production powerhouse of a country. Alarmism has virtually killed mining, manufacturing, husbandry, refining and even farming.
        Proud of that, are you giffiepoo? Millions of Pounds and Euros expended for higher electric bills, with no benefits.
        That is known as delusion, giffiepoo.

      • “Perhaps there is something in it, eh?”
        Please show us then. Explain to us what brought on the Little Ice Age, and what has allowed us to escape its clutches.
        As for those you listed, they are all following the gravy train. With all governmental funding to fake science being shut off in the US, what are your predictions regarding the scientific view in the US one year from now?

  7. Replication is supposed to be the heart and soul of the scientific method. The allegations are that this paper failed internal replication. It doesn’t get any worse than that.

    • That’s their ethics kicking in! They always limit themselves to fraud and deceit! Oh yeah, and intimidation! Oops! Forgot political maneuvering. and embezzlement- occasionally embezzlement-just a little bit, for the cause! Outstanding fellows and ladies, really!

    • Remarkably, it does get worse.
      The defence at the Guardian is that it can be reproduced, instead of replicated. Other studies doing different things can be produced that have the same findings.
      The point that those studies could reproduce other things too, if that was what was necessary, seems to elude them.
      But this is a new attack on science. It’s up there with reversing the null hypothesis.
      Reproduction is not Replication.

      • Ha! I read this as meaning: They can reproduce the studies (i.e., physically photocopy them or digitally copy the actual files), therefore ‘replication’ and validation.

  8. Hansen, Karl, Mann et al are not only wasting huge amounts of money and time, they are also diverting attention from two truly dangerous possibilities: Coronal Mass Ejections (Carrington Event) and asteroid impacts. Where would we be if all the money spent on global warming bs had been applied to hardening our electrical infrastructure or means of diverting / destroying dangerous asteroids?

    • Yep, it would take years, I think, to spot, assess, and calculate collision dates and diversion measures for asteroids. The more time and money we waste on CO2 climate change, the more time we take away from research and prep for the inevitable.
      Let’s see now, what’s more important to worry about, in terms of human survival? — a few CO2 molecules or a kilometer-wide chunk of rock slamming into the planet at unimaginable velocity? It’s a tough call, but I go with the big rock thing.
      … a few molecules of CO2 or a wave of solar particles threatening to reek havoc on the electrical functioning of civilization? Again, tough call, but I go with the electrical thing.

    • Nukes are the way to stop/divert asteroids but a nuke explosion in space has never been tested and won’t be. Nukes are bad.

  9. in any other industry which deals in such huge sums of public money this sort of fraud would be prosecuted … a defense contractor who behaved like this would be in the docket in no time …

  10. Vukcevic: Nature has gone totally off science then?
    John Harmsworth: sounds like the Spanish Inquisition:
    our 2 weapons are fear, and surprise;
    our 3 weapons are fear, surprise and ruthless efficiency….

  11. It’s worse than we thought! Looking at Josh’s graph, it is clear that the lies told by NOAA scientists increase at the same rate as CO2. Who knew that climate change causes lying? Is there anything the magic molecule can’t do?

    • On the plus side, the more they attempt to defend CO2 based CAGW and The Hockey Stick, the more N2O (more commonly known as “Laughing Gas”) seems to be released.
      (Of course, N2O itself is a greenhouse gas. Perhaps they should just admit the obvious so we can all cool off? 😎

  12. My bet is that climate scientists that have been living in fear are going to be more willing to come out of the closet. What has amazed me is how long it went on before someone developed a conscious.
    Climate Bullies Gone Wild; Caught on Tape and Print
    Climate “Science” on Trial; If Something is Understood, it can be Modeled
    How to Discuss Global Warming with a “Climate Alarmist.” Scientific Talking Points to Win the Debate.

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