Help send Kenji to the "Scientists March on Washington" event!

From the “all’s fair in love, war, and climate science” department comes this opportunity.

On Facebook, Dr. Roy Spencer made a comment related to a post on the original website calling for scientists to “March on Washington” to…

…take a stand for science in politics. Slashing funding and restricting scientists from communicating their findings (from tax-funded research!) with the public is absurd and cannot be allowed to stand as policy.

They add (bold mine):

Who can participate:

“Anyone who believes in empirical science. That’s it. That’s the only requirement. We will both have a diversity committee and a diverse steering committee that represents people of many backgrounds and identities. Science is done by POC, women, immigrants, LGBTQ, indigenous people, people of all beliefs and non-belief. We hope that this diversity is reflected in both the leadership of the march and the march itself.”

Dr. Spencer commented:

It is ironic that they emphasize “empirical science”, since that’s what argues against global warming being a problem. It’s the “theoretical science” they have to invoke to scare people.

But the comment by Dr. Spencer that motivates this post is this one:

Since *everyone* is invited to a “scientists march”, I’m reminded of the time Anthony Watts had his dog join the Union of Concerned Scientists.


Kenji might need a white lab coat though.

Long-time WUWT readers may recall that I put UCS to the test. Here’s excerpts:

Be a “concerned scientist” – valid credit card required

Reader DJ writes in Tips & Notes:

Since becoming a member of the Union of Concerned Scientists when I found out all you needed was a valid credit card, my curiosity about who and what they really are has spiked.

I decided to put that theory to the test. I am very proud to announce that a member of my family has been accepted into this prestigious organization. With pride, I present new UCS member, Kenji Watts:

Yes, Kenji is our dog. Apparently, the claim is true, all that is required to be a member of the illustrious group of “concerned scientists” is a valid credit card. No discerning questions were asked of me when I prepared Kenji’s application and no follow up check after the application was done. I simply put in his name, address, and provided a valid credit card that matched the address.

Here is his letter of acceptance:

Kenji is a Japanese Chin, hence the name. Read the full post here:

I replied to Dr. Spencer’s comment on FB with:

Kenji does believe in empirical science, why just the other day he sniffed out some empirical evidence of change on the lawn. Yeah, I figure if those protesters in SFO at AGU(16) can wear white lab coats, (see below) Kenji certainly can. UCS might even have to put out a press release “denying” his membership.


and…it tuns out that cyber-criminal Dr. Peter Gleick who admitted he took on a fake identity and used it to steal documents from the Heartland Institute, has announced his intentions of going in a Tweet:


So, it’s settled (the science march, not the science). If these clowns can go “stand up for science” (on the steps of a Catholic church in downtown San Francisco no less) then the only canine member ever accepted by the Union of Concerned Scientists can certainly go.

And it gets better, the march name and website have been changed….


….and now there’s no requirements to attend listed on the new website at all!

It gets better:

Well, OK then.

To do this, Kenji and I will need to fly from California to Washington DC. I’ll fly coach, probably Kenji will fly doggie carrier under the seat, which Southwest airlines allows for a $100 fee each way. Also, he’ll need to get a health certificate from the vet to fly. We’ll need to get a dog-friendly hotel for a couple of nights at a minimum, transportation to/from the hotel/event and I’ll need to make a sign to carry, get a custom white lab coat for Kenji, plus do some training with Kenji to get him acclimated to large crowds. Since he is so small, and could easily be stepped on, or kicked on purpose, I’ll likely get a chest carrier for small dogs like this one.

We’ll have a two-sided sign, one that shows support for science, and on the reverse, a picture of the worst climate monitoring station ever found by the surfacestations project at the University of Arizona with the question “If you measure climate in a parking lot, is it still science?”


Help Kenji go!

Estimated costs by the time this is all done is about $2000-2500. Since Kenji is still waitng for the #BigOil check, or a grant from the #KochBrothers and has no funds of his own, he’s asking WUWT readers to kick in some pocket change ($10-25 or set your own level) to help get there and “March for Science” (whenever that is they haven’t got the date set yet).

Of course, we’ll have pictures, commentary, and probably some hilarious reactions by people to this.

Captions for the other side of the sign are welcome. Right now, “My Dog is a member of the Union of Concerned Scientists” is the leading message.




Kenji has his own Twitter account, so be sure to follow him for updates.

Also, if we don’t get enough donations to make it happen, they will be refunded. Thanks, Anthony


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Mr Bliss

Perhaps sending a small herd of sheep would be appropriate?

Hot under the collar

Anyone with a pet Lemming wanting to socialise with like minded Lemmings?


I went to a lemmings reunion – but I was the only one there….
(Stolen from Les Barker – Missing Persians File – absolutely hilarious)

Kevin Schurig

Didn’t Like Minded Lemmings open up for The Smith’s in ’86?

Bryan A

You could possibly wear a Sandwich Board with actual science information on it containing charts of #Theoretical-Climate-Science “adjusted data” vs #Empirical-Science “Measured Data”. Though it might become a target board.

george e. smith

“””””….. “
Who can participate:
“Anyone who believes in empirical science. That’s it. ……”””””
Well doesn’t “empirical” imply “observation” ??
Science itself implies observation; after all it is the real physical universe that science is all about; and NOTHING ELSE.
And as top scientist (Lord Rutherford) said: “If you have to do statistics, you should have done a better experiment. ”
Statistics is a particular branch of mathematics; and it is pure numerical origami.
So it isn’t science; empirical or not.
I’m all for real scienceence fiction.

george e. smith

Because of a site security alert messing with my typing ……real science; NOT science fiction ….
got scrambulated.

This book appears to support your concerns about statistics, George:

Pop Piasa

There will already be “sheep in wolves clothing” there.

Robert from oz

Be careful I think your dog is a spy and been indoctrinated by NOAA !

george e. smith

Kenji looks like one of those rare ” Dogs of Paradise ”
How is his show dancing prowess ??

george e. smith

“””””….. We’ll have a two-sided sign, one that shows support for science, and on the reverse, a picture of the worst climate monitoring station ever found by the surfacestations project at the University of Arizona with the question “If you measure climate in a parking lot, is it still science?” …..”””””
Hey watch it there !
That’s my Laptop desktop picture you are malignating .
I just might want to fly my aughtagyro off that parking lot, and I need to know if it is safe to take off with my wayback lawnmower engine.
The fence is not a problem; I can jump that; but I need to know the jumpway Temperature and humidity.


My wife Chris(tine) and I have been boosting this local charity: –
But my wife died, suddenly, unexpectedly, so this is a serious attempt to help the eponymous Morgan; so many folk are so good about my Chris. Much loved, a laughing, loving lady with so many friends.
Not this time. Sorry.
But anyone reading, who might like to help – every dollar, every Euro, every pound helps.

Lance of BC

I’m so sorry to hear this Auto, please except my condolences.

Sorry, Auto, meant to offer my thoughts and prayers earlier. Forgot. I wish you well in your time of grief.


to be fair, very few dogs have credit cards…

Tom in Florida

Once again you miss the forest because of the trees. The credit card was not in Kenji’s name, the application was. So the UCS did not care who paid as long as they paid.


I’d submit that Kenji has a higher IQ than many of the other members of the USC.
Oh, you’re not a member, are you Griff? Some things are so embarrassing…


sorry…the UCS. I was thinking Union of Soviet Collaborators.

Juan Slayton

Your statement reading USC is just fine here.
Juan the Bruin

Griff… We have nine dogs. Our credit card statements certainly make it seem as if the cards were theirs… 😉


Do you have a credit card? To be fair, I would not equate a dog with you. A well trained/informed dog will only bark at real threats.



george e. smith

Some credit cards ARE dogs.


Hello Griff,
I’ve been waiting for you to appear again because I’d be very interested in your view to a reply I made to you in an earlier thread where you equated CO2 emissions to “poisoning children”.
If you will recall I asked whether there was the same moral equivalence (i.e. that children are being harmed?)in your mind to the killing of babies in full-term abortions?
I am asking you again, kindly, what is your considered view?
Try to show a strength of character by a reasoned reply.


All that’s required is that Kenji have permission to use the card.


Sneaking in a bit of alt-80’s here, seems appropriate…
“White Coats” by New Model Army:

Pamela Gray

Not one to readily get sarcasm, I hope you will not go. These people have lost control of their faculties and are becoming more and more violent. So like the tantruming toddler in the grocery store after mommy said no to candy, they are best ignored when they gather in a group. If folks like this are willing to attack Scott Baio, they will attack a puppy.


I was thinking the same thing Pamela. That will not be a safe environment for one what actually believes in empirical science. The “tolerant” folks there will not be kind to one carrying the signs Kenji might have.

I agree. There will be a lot of very unpleasant and violent people there. If they recognise Anthony and Kenji, who knows will happen.

Also not wanting to rain on this parade, but unless you are surrounded by an overwhelming crowd of us, the additional expense you’ll have to pay for is solid security to protect you from the unhinged folks who want to string you up for ‘crimes against humanity’.


They call it “crimes against humanity”, but in real life, it is just disagreeing with them. What I mean is that I agree that you need a substantial security force of like-minded people to protect Kenji.


dangerous and complete loss of time, at best. Won’t do no good anyway


I am not a fan of the idea either Anthony, safety aside, I feel it is dumbing down your hard earned reputation. You’ve won just by signing up your dog, leave it at that. Instead I left a donation in the tip jar. Do as you wish with it, I think it will be put to better use there.

G. Karst

Silly idea and will achieve NOTHING. Good advice, would be: go back to bed until such ideas go away. GK

Mike the Morlock

Anthony. I agree with Pamela, it is not safe. The other side of the political discussion is now entering the violent stage, they will attack you physically. You may think that the CAGW bunch you normally deal with would never became violent, but now they have their own “brown shirts”. You have seen then busting windows and punching people.
If you do go, bring a gas mask, make that two. one for Kenji.


“Anthony. I agree with Pamela, it is not safe. The other side of the political discussion is now entering the violent stage, they will attack you physically.”
I agree, also. It only takes one deranged person to do something like that and in a group of leftwing protestors, there are bound to be more than one of those.
The Left’s last resort is physical violence, and they are not restrained by a moral compass because they think those who oppose them are not only wrong, but immoral, and so deserve to be attacked to whatever degree it takes to shut them up.
If you go, you need a large number of bodyguards, imo. You see how the Left is turning out the protestors over the ban on radical Islamists. Those were not spontaneous protests, they have been planned and funded well in advance for this moment, and I have every expectation that they have similar things planned for the Climate Change debate, only on a larger scale, so there’s no telling how many people may be at this March for Science. Probably a lot more than just the interested scientists.
I wouldn’t subject myself or my little dog to a leftist mob voluntarily. 🙂


Anthony, your idea to make a ‘statement’ is excellent but should be done with EXTREME caution. You would be confronting some really unstable people.
I have to agree with others here. You should have bodyguards. Unseen and shadowing would be best. The CAGW crowd is as crazy as the progressive left (cut from the same cloth). You are hated by them as much as as is President Trump. You and Kinji could very well be targeted.
Hopefully an anonymous donor will provide that security and the security detail should be seriously vetted.
I offer my help but my concealed carry is not recognized in DC. I still offer you my unarmed assistance within my means.


Stupid “marches” and “rallies” by leftists remind me of the earliest Tea Party rallies, back when people on both sides were involved (then the media convinced everyone that the Tea Party was horrible and full of [insert type of bigotry]). Living in the DC area, and knowing some people who attended, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that after these rallies were over, attendees went around picking up litter, etc., REGARDLESS of if it was from that rally. IIRC, even WaPo reported it. A friend told me it was one of the most positive and polite events she had ever attended.
Compare this to the nastiness of most of the so-called protests of late.


I was involved in several Tea Party events and we left places cleaner than we found them. I have seen lots of protests over the years, quite a few political rallies of various flavors and the one thing they all had in common was trash every where, restrooms and portAjohns trashed, shrubberies and trees and grass areas damaged, benches and garbage cans dumped over, random vandalism on vehicles and buildings. Been to rock concerts that were left more orderly than a lot of events on the National Mall.

Non Nomen

No risk no fun.

george e. smith

Well Pamela, at a lot of Universities these days, ALL of the Faculties have gone on the blink. I notice that those LGBTQ’s folks still discriminate against hermaphrodites.


Yes, George, universities have lost their faculties.

Gunga Din

Hmmm…Pamela has a point.
Perhaps there is a way to make your …er.. .Kenji’s presence publicly known yet not get mixed in with the crowd?
A Press Pass then find all the cameras?

Save our Jobs! No analysis need. The conculsion have been reached. The science is settled. It our job to adjust the data to match the science.


What? Not “LYSENKO RULES!!”?


It would seem they changed the requirement from “anyone who believes in empirical science” to “everyone who values science” because they were concerned that they wouldn’t have anyone from the CAGW crowd.


I think it is kind of gross to put the dog in a white lab coat. Couldn’t you make the coat out of some other animal, or even cotton ?

Bill Parsons

My .02 Cents: It’s cold out here (northern VA not too far from DC). Plus it’s the humid kind of cold that cuts through to your bones – so, depending on the date for this march, it might be a good idea to line that California dog’s lab coat with a nice thick layer of fleece.
Meanwhile, I’m thinking about a Senior demonstration in the capitol, to protest the dearth of port-a-potties and public benches… may call it the “Shuffle on Washington”.

Karl Compton

Labs have pretty thick fur and should keep Kenji warm, but finding an albino one will be hard!


Though the fur is only half the story. Labrador Retrievers were originally bred for bird hunting in wetlands, so their coats are particularly oily. The oily coating repels water and seals in air bubbles, keeping the dog’s skin warm and dry for longer. After a rain, my Lab-mixes look soaked on the outside but their inner fur and skin are still summer-day dry.

Tom Judd

A squirrel skin coat?

Tom in Florida

Perhaps someone near the march can go as a proxy for Kenji.

Anthony — I am in NC at the moment, but will be passing through the Chesapeake headed north on the venerable Golden Dawn with my son as Captain this time. If the dates match up, I’ll try to join you and Kenji. Good Luck — remember your old anti-war marching rules!
It might help to grant yourself a proper Press Pass, and display it.

Roy Spencer

“My dog is a member of the Union of Concerned Scientists” has my vote.


Dr. S., how come your golden retriever isn’t a member?

Gunga Din

He’s too smart for them?
(Kenji, no offense.)

michael hart

“White Coats are Coming!”

They’re coming to take them away…

I had no idea there was a video version of this appalling piece of dreck. And that’s even after buying the Dr Demento collection CD that has it. Just in case someone did come to take it away! Ha Haa!


Why not send a flock of parrots. They are very good at repeating to others whatever nonsense they are told.

Jaakko Kateenkorva

Or chicken. After all, the sky is falling!


And parrots often leave comments in the paper.

Aase Tolstrup

Please stay safe if you go. If not, I’m sure you’ll find some other way to use my small donation.


I thought the group on the steps were redundant ice-cream sellers.


For US readers, a translation: “I thought the group on the steps were out-of-work ice-cream vendors.” And they very well may have been.

Leo Smith

This is for cats belonging to Klimb-it Sign-tits going to the Con-frence

Richard Keen

Is the Tabby Tote included in the $100 fee charged by Southwest?

Not ‘my dog is’ but “I am a member of the UCS!”


So they make sure there’s diversity of sexuality, colour and religion, but for decades have had no interest in diversity of opinion.
And yet this is about science.

Eugene WR Gallun

Phoenix44 — RIGHT ON!!!!!! — Eugene WR Gallun

I hear the renowned scientists Gore and DiCaprio will be joining spokeswomen Streep and Jud on the podium.


comment image

Mike the Morlock

Khwarizmi January 30, 2017 at 7:14 am
very good, I missed it the first time I looked.
michael 🙂


Yeah! Dude with the beer and shades seems to be the only one both recognizing and enjoying the absurdity of the white-coats. (And it seems to be a rather homogeneous group of Melanin-challenged. Just saying, but I could be wrong.)

bill johnston

Is that Michael moore standing to the left of the guy with the red shirt?


I like the guy down front with beer in hand and shades. Keeping it real, brah!


And the “Protect Our” signs should read “Protect Our Cash Flow”.

Eugene WR Gallun

Anthony —
My dog is a member of the Union Of Concerned Scientists — what about yours?
First thought best thought? Perhaps not this time.
Eugene WR Gallun

Gunga Din

Maybe work in something about his dog being born with a white coat?
Maybe not. He wasn’t born a lab.


“He wasn’t born a lab, so he had to buy his own coat.”

Alan Watt, Climate Denialist Level 7

I’m in for $50. If you can persuade WIllis to join you I’ll kick in another $50. Please get a picture of you and Kenji wearing a lab coats.
All the best.


Tell us if you see snake oil stands at the march.

Craig Moore

I tried to send money but when I hit the paws button the screen froze.

Gunga Din

Next time ask it from, don’t try to send it to Santa Paws.

May I suggest you wear a Go-Pro camera to catch every reaction/argument? Not sure how you’d secure it without a helmet but you might need one of those too 🙂

My go pro has a head strap although there is a bit of a “dork factor’ when wearing it

The “dork factor’ might work as camouflage then

Exactly what I was thinking, and also, have another one or two people with the same cameras, in different areas, so as to be able to shoot from different angles–It will make for a good You Tube event, and , if anything goes awry, you will have evidence, Scientific Evidence, with time, place, form and event…See if you can get a wireless up link…


You’ve a wicked sense of humor, Anthony. And I rather doubt “they” will get it.

Darrell Demick

2hotel9, yes, I doubt that those supposed “scientists” will get it. Especially given that with all of the real data and information out there, they still don’t “get” what is (not) happening to the wonderful climate that this planet has.


Would it be possible to get someone to carry a “shave the polar bears” sign at this gathering. We are trying to get feseral funding and UCS volunteers for our Climate Change remediation project. Travel expenses, a can of shaving foam, and pack of disposable razors will be provided to our intrepid volunteers.


Now you done did it! I am going to get a bunch of bumper stickers with that printed.

Alan Watt, Climate Denialist Level 7

From the article:

In the past days, scientists have voiced concern over many issues – gag orders for government science agencies, funding freezes, and reversing science based policies. We recognize that these changes will differently and disproportionately affect minority scientists, science advocates, and the global communities impacted by these changes in American policies. Addressing these issues is imperative in understanding how recent developments will affect all people – not simply the most privileged among us. We take seriously your concerns that for this march to be meaningful, we must centralize diversity of the march’s organizers at all levels of planning. Diversity must also be reflected in the march itself —both through the mission statement and those who participate.

Looks to me like they would welcome species diversity.

Rhoda R

Identity ‘science’?

Gunga Din

“Diversity, we have a problem.”
Why are only “white” lab coats acceptable?
(to the thin skinned.)
/sarc /sarc /sarc /sarc /sarc etc.


A) Few scientists are actually “privileged”, except for the elitist types who organize these things, and they seem determined to be “scientists”. B) Those minorities are mostly getting fleeced by the AGW establishment. So-called consultants come from richer countries and charge beaucoup bucks to poorer countries for shoddy advice, then return to their extravagant lifestyles. C) “Science-based policies”? Since when do those exist?
D) Why in the world would any thinking person want to go be these jerks’ token [insert category]? As a woman, I find it offensive when someone fixates on the fact that I have a vagina, rather than acknowledging me as a human being. I am female, and I am a scientist. Neither has anything to do with the other. Anyone who is unwilling to see me as a scientist (full stop) can take a long walk off a short cliff.


Since CO2 is such a planetary emergency, I assume they will all be traveling to Washington without burning fossil fuels, such as via bicycle, or maybe on a magic carpet powered by pixie dust and unicorn farts?
Trump has his faults, but at least he does not appear to be bullied by hypocritical liberal professional agitators or their biased media co-conspirators.


who let the dog out ? who ? who ? who who ?

Kenji looks picked-on in the photo. Heartless humans.


Yea, I got a “get that camera outta my face” vibe from it.


Please keep your dog safe at that white coat march. I’m afraid I’ve been watching first hand what happens when academic liberals melt down at the “Not Even Wrong” physics site over the 90 day travel ban. Peter Woit has commented a military coup is completely understandable when one doesn’t get their way in an election, and others on his site are talking about ‘extra-constitutional’ methods of protest. Be careful.


Kenji should be able to fly for free as your “personal emotional support animal.” Just get him a Service Dog vest and you are all set.

John F. Hultquist

I think you need a letter from a real doctor for that. So, likely, that won’t happen.

MY doctor would give me a letter to have a support dog, or support hamster, or support monkey: Doesn’t everyone have a doctor who says “Sure, whatever you want…”?


I did, until Obamacare came along, now I’m lucky to see a Nurse Practitioner.


I’m lucky to see the receptionist, sometimes.

Mumbles McGuirck

I like the Go Pro idea to catch reactions, but it might be nice if someone (Marc Morano?) could record the march and interview the participants. Ask their name and occupation and why they’re marching. Chances are most are NOT scientists and have only vague idea of why they’re marching. The resulting video would be entertaining.
Ideas for the other side of your sign:
“Science is NEVER settled”
“IPCC Ignoring data since 1988”
“Fight green smog”
Other suggestions?

In keeping with Anthony’s paper (did it ever make it into print?)
“Who uses bad data to adjust good data? Only Climate Science”

Non Nomen

Freedom for Greenland – away with the ice!

Wear a “Vegan for Truth” shirt, or sign, and you will have front row access, like a VIP Pass.. Shake hands and take names..

Roger Knights

Here are a few zingers i came up with years ago:
They duck [from debate] like a quack
Climatologists [My favorite, due to its brevity]
Snakes on a Gravy Train
CliSci—Good enough for government work.
Cloudy science
The Overweening majority
A lab coat is the emperor’s new clothing.
Omni in verba. (On our say-so.)
Climate connivers
Freak and ye shall fund.

A lab coat is the emperor’s new clothing.
I like it! Slight modification
“Lab coats are the emperor’s new clothes.”

AGW is not Science

Some more suggestions…
“Consensus is antithetical to science.” (Remember that the next time someone hits you with the “97% of scientists agree” meme.)
“The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.” – H.L. Mencken (Best description of “climate change” BS you’ll ever hear, and penned long before anyone ever uttered that phrase in the context of human “contributions” thereto.)
“It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” –Upton Sinclair (Or, why the climate scientists pushing the supposed “consensus” point of view will never admit they’re wrong.)
“I know that most men—not only those considered clever, but even those who are very clever, and capable of understanding most difficult scientific, mathematical, or philosophic problems—can very seldom discern even the simplest and most obvious truth if it be such as to oblige them to admit the falsity of conclusions they have formed, perhaps with much difficulty—conclusions of which they are proud, which they have taught to others, and on which they have built their lives …” (Tolstoy) (Again, perfect description of why the climate scientists pushing the supposed “consensus” point of view will never admit they’re wrong.)
“On the one hand, as scientists we are ethically bound to the scientific method, on the other hand, we are not just scientists, but human beings as well. And like most people, we’d like to see the world a better place, which in this context translates into our working to reduce the risk of potentially disastrous climatic change. To do that, we need to get some broad-based support, to capture the public’s imagination. That, of course, entails getting loads of media coverage. So we have to offer up scary scenarios, make simplified, dramatic statements, and make little mention of the doubts we might have. Each of us has to decide what the right balance is between being effective and being honest.” – Stephen Schneider (So a “climate change” or “global warming” promoting scientist reveals how he thinks playing fast and loose with the truth is OK when you’re promoting “the cause.”)
“None of the models used by the IPCC are initialized to the observed state and none of the climate states in the models correspond even remotely to the current observed state.” – Kevin Trenberth (Reality revealed, behind closed doors of course (Climategate e-mails). Wonder why this didn’t make the front page of the NY Times or Washington Post?)
“I’m sure you agree–the Mann/Jones GRL [Geophysical Research Letters] paper was truly pathetic and should never have been published. I don’t want to be associated with that 2000 year reconstruction.” – Raymond Bradley (Contributing author to the original “Hockey Stick” fiasco – More truth you didn’t read on the front page of the NY Times or the Washington Post)
“If you think that [Yale professor James] Saiers is in the greenhouse skeptics camp, then, if we can find documentary evidence of this, we could go through official [American Geophysical Union] channels to get him ousted [as editor-in-chief of the Geophysical Research Letters journal].” – Tom Wigley and Kevin Trenberth (How “consensus” is achieved – (a) bully and exclude the viewpoints of those who don’t agree, and (b) remove editors of journals if they don’t agree, to ensure (a) can be achieved.)
“I can’t see either of these papers being in the next IPCC report. Kevin [Trenberth] and I will keep them out somehow—even if we have to redefine what the peer review literature is.” – Phil Jones (Why “publishing in peer reviewed journals” – or IPCC reports – is not a meaningful measure of what “scientists” think.)

AGW is not Science

Lost a big list to message board purgatory, but here’s the best short one:
“Consensus is antithetical to science.”


“…or kicked on purpose”
This sounds like conspiracy theory to me…


Watch out for the Soros funded paid protestors. They will not act like the climate cowards.

Matt Bergin

Bring a cattle prod or two (two are twice as much fun) with you to take care of the Soros protesters. Applied to the correct area a prod can produce instantaneous spectacular results, good for the giggle in you. Just what you need after a day dealing with a bunch of SJW’s. /sarc


Leave Kenji at home. Get a Rent-a-Doberman or Rent-a-Rotweiller. Much fun will be had by all. And get some extra camerafolks for the chewfest.


Kenji is a member so should go…..with his 6 personal Rotweiller bodyguards.

Greg Brenner

I’m in for a C-note. If you don’t go, please keep the donation to your most wonderful site!!!!
Also, please be careful out there. Some of these crazies are getting violent. Protect Kenji (and yourself).


If I were one of these “scientists” I wouldn’t call attention to myself. What ever list they sign will be sent to the personnel Department. What they produce has been garbage. A lot of good can be done by redirecting their salaries to more productive uses.
Smoking Gun #22: Climate “Science” isn’t science at all. Some described it as “Politicized” science, but in reality, it is just cleverly disguised politics.
Smoking Gun #28: The Global Warming Inquisition; documenting the Climate Bullies and their unhindered workplace harassment
Smoking Gun #30: The Consensus is more Con and NonSense than Science
Smoking Gun #32: Data Chiropractors “Adjust” Data
Smoking Gun #27: The Climate Slush Fund; wasting other people’s money, tracking where it goes, and finding better uses for it image?w=840


I love the “Stand Up for Our Communities” and “Ice has no agenda” sign. That picture just reeks of left-wing politics.
Exhibit W: The costs of fighting climate change are astronomical, and the benefits are basically immeasurable. image

Mike the Morlock

co2islife January 30, 2017 at 9:39 am
If you did not catch it look again at Khwarizmi January 30, 2017 at 7:14 am copy of said “picture”


“Stand Up for Our [Gated, Elite] Communities”
‘Ice has No Agenda [but We Do].”


Love it. “Spending Other People’s Money…That’s What We Do.” Entitled “Scientists,” I can’t think of anything worse. IMHO, these Government Scientists should be forced to work in the private sector before ever getting a Government Job. They simply don’t have the needed perspective.

AGW is not Science

What someone needs to do is show up with a “It’s ACCUMULATING at the SOUTH pole, idiot” sign and stand right next to the “Ice has no agenda” dope for a photo op. ;-D


Bravo, absolutely Genius.


Have to say that the claim that they use empirical data etc. is simply outrageous.


So let’s check the flow of funds here. If there is a 30 percent increase in protests and crowds in DC this year, that would boost domestic travel expenditures and presumably cut into foreign travel spending, mainly to Europe. Such shifts in discretionary spending will lower the trade deficit, increase domestic sales tax receipts, and lower the carbon emissions compared to jet excursions. Keep it up.


Their slogan should be “Scientist Jobs Matter.” The conflict of interest is a complete joke. They aren’t about “science” they are about self interest and self preservation. Tax Payers should not fund this kind of unprofessional, unscientific and unethical behavior.
Climate Bullies Gone Wild; Caught on Tape and Print

Mumbles McGuirck

Another sign idea:
“97% of climatologists agree:
Keep my funding going!”

Gunga Din

“I’m Kenji. I’m marching because someone is carrying me!”


Perfect. I wouldn’t mind if they keep their salary, and just stop pushing such expensive nonsense.
Smoking Gun #27: The Climate Slush Fund; wasting other people’s money, tracking where it goes, and finding better uses for it


I like to keep it simple
Latest Science:
Not Manmade
Not Dangerous
Not Important

AGW is not Science

Let’s make it more descriptive – and accurate:
“97% of climatologists agree – Keep funding the bullshit I peddle as “science.””


I still haven’t figured out why any “climate scientist™” needs a lab coat..
Its not as if they are doing any actual science. !

Mumbles McGuirck

It’s to keep the sh*t off of themselves.


They’re like Zero candy bars. White on the outside, brown on the inside.

Pop Piasa

I hope they all spend down their travel budgets on this trip and don’t get the opportunity to crowd up the Shawnee Nat. Forest during the total eclipse in August.

Darrell Demick

Ditto out west! Want to enjoy the total eclipse in Oregon on Monday, August 21, 2017!


Not looking forward to this event unless I can escape town. Hopefully will get out to my cabin and away from the crowds. I hadn’t thought of the Science March using up all the travel budgets, but we always hope!

You know, everyone that believes science is invited to march! It’ll give the impression that you support their cause, regardless of your actual views which no one which no one will ever ask for or hear. Just or more body stumping for Big AGW whether you believe in it or not.

Janice Moore


Anthony likely will draw a lot of media attention if Kenji is along.


Lindzen has the correct approach. One can forget about tinkering type reforming of those in the Climate “Sceance” field. One needs a creative destruction approach. The people who have been feeding at the trough and are so vested in the ideology will never reform themselves.
Fortunately for them, the Pope has openings in the Clergy. It’s an obvious fit for the talents of the displaced Climate Clergy :: ))
MIT Climate Scientist Dr. Richard Lindzen urges Trump : “Cut the funding of climate science by 80% to 90% until the field cleans up
Pope Francis Laments ‘Hemorrhage’ of Priests and Nuns in the Catholic Church

Pop Piasa

Don’t all these marches and demonstrations actually boost the service sector economy around D.C. and its neighbors, not to mention the national transportation industry?
Maybe some will be good enough to get arrested and help fund the local law enforcement groups too.

Bill Parsons

At the March for Science, we are committed to … acting as accomplices with black, Latinx, Asian and Pacific Islander, indigenous, non-Christian, women, people with disabilities, poor, gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer, trans, non-binary, agender, and intersex scientists and science advocates.

Written like a true master of the language. Join in and be an “accomplice”. Be part of our agender.
How about a march on (against) parallel construction? Or on (against) Good Taste? Or just a march on (for) “PC”?


Someone please correct me if I am wrong, but I am under the impression that most people who know they are “intersex” do not broadcast it.
Did they seriously use the term “accomplices”? Either this is one of those scientists who cannot write, or somebody is finally being honest.

This wordsmithery could have been written by the Monty Pythons.


“At the March for Science, we are committed to … acting as accomplices with black, Latinx, Asian and Pacific Islander, indigenous, non-Christian, women, people with disabilities, poor, gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer, trans, non-binary, agender, and intersex scientists and science advocates.”
What is it with these people??
Why are they being so racist, genderist…… putting everybody into their own special pigeonholes ??


Somewhere the ghost of Martin Luther King is in mourning.


The Left is putting everybody into their own special pigeonholes because that’s what they do, divide people into groups, and then pit one group against another for possible political advantage. The Left claims to support all these groups, and claims the Right hates all these groups.


Balkanisation, its not a process for bonding rubber and cloth.

These “marches” are weird. I’ve attended a few at the state capitol…some to soeak, some to provide support, some to see what the cranks are about and be there like a graphite rod to quell signs of rioting.
Sometimes a totally twisted cause will have a tiny turn-out and be ridiculed everywhere but the local media, which will use image-framing and made-up numbers to make the lemmings believe it is wildly popular (50%-200% mote than actually showed up). And I’ve seen them do the opposite — frame images and fabricate numbers — to make the gullible readers/viewers believe the turn-out was much (30%-50%) smaller than it was. Sometimes, they do both, when there are counter-demonstrations. If you see close-ups, with empty space behind, that side was a bust even though it looks like a big crowd as the image flicks by on the evening propaganda.
Union of Concerned Pseudo-Scientists is closer to the mark. Then again, some of the other science associations, and engineering and computing associations have become a lot more divided over the last few decades…in time with falling professional ethics, and increasing credentialism, come to think of it.


I believe the Park Service stopped giving crowd estimates because some groups were mad that their low turnout was being exposed.


Yep, the “million man march” organizer threatened legal action when US Parks Police/Park Service reported their numbers as 120,000 back in ’95. Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam was highly irate over the reporting of accurate of crowd size. I was there that weekend, at The Wall along with a bunch of other vets. We figured it at around 200,000.


At the state level it is the capitol police. The same incentives are in play, though. They will usually give a rule-of-thumb range, based on area and density. The cage-liner, OTOH, has definite political biases.


I hear barking poodles when global warming advocates start yakking so I think Kenji will fit in perfectly.

Bill Parsons

In my case it’s barking german shepherds. An auditory defect called “Rin-Tin-Tinitis”.

AGW is not Science

In my case it’s sheep, for reasons that are probably obvious.


Well. I’ve made a donation but please be very very careful – I have to say I hope Janice et al aren’t right but …. .