#standupforscience rally at #AGU16 – another Manntastic production

Another Manntastic event, these flyers were being distributed at AGU yesterday.

Note the “lab coats and signs provided”. Much more sciency with labs coats, fer sure.

Here are some pictures and video from the rally. I wasn’t much impressed with the quality of the arguments:


The guy in the lab coat with the red glasses (front, center), the only one not holding the sign, seems to have been drinking


Here’s the video. Michael Mann and Naomi Oreskes speak, along with a cast of acolytes. You’ll see lots of hand-waving and feelings of persecution, such as “it struck me to my core” and..”the nightmare continues, and its getting worse every day”. Ironically, there were no comments regarding their fossil fueled airline flights to get here to wail about the uses of fossil fuels. My favorite is when Mann says he’s “shocked, shocked, about the politicization of science”….riiiiight. He pushed his most recent book, snore.

I’m not sure what, if anything they accomplished, except to put on a show. I don’t think serious people paid much attention to it. I surely didn’t, because science and clown-like theatrics really don’t mix.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that this rally was conducted on the steps of a Catholic Church, St. Patricks on Mission Street, which is right across from the Jessie Square/Yerba Buena gardens. Seems a perfect place to pitch a religion, doesn’t it?





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Paul Nevins

Being irony impaired is apparently very difficult for these people.


They are about ten years too late with the “stand up for science” gig. They should have come out and backed Judith Curry when she said it 2006.
Soon they will be clawing each other eyes out in the fight for rapidly disappearing funding once Team Trump hits the Hill.

John Silver

Science is dead
It shot itself in the head
Better lie down


The science is settled, we have no more need of you. Well done guys, here are your layoff notices.

Jerry C

John, let’s be very clear here. Climate science shot itself in the head by pushing a climate change theory that does not meet the requirements for being a scientific theory. A scientific theory is a coherent group of propositions formulated to explain a group of facts or phenomena in the natural world and repeatedly confirmed through experiment or observation. The biggest thing that a valid scientific theory has to do is be capable of observable and verifiable PREDICTION. In any other branch of science, the current theory of climate change would have thrown out over a decade ago and the people that lied and hid their data to push it would have been publically ridiculed, they would have lost their jobs, and they would never be taken seriously again unless many outside sources confirmed what they were trying to publish.


To Quote a different set of muppets, “Look Ma no brains”

Phil R

Paul Nevins
December 13, 2016 at 2:18 pm
Being irony impaired is NOT apparently very difficult for these people.
There, FIFY. :>)


I thought (with not too much effort ; ) that it was a commentary on their apparent psycho/emotional state . . troubled minds, anxious and defensive, to say the least . .

This partisan show of single-mindedness is embarrassing. Thanks for covering it, Anthony!


You can have a scientist, or you can have an activist. Not both.


My favorite is when Mann says he’s “shocked, shocked, about the politicization of science”…

Damned right. Why should anyone apart from Mickey Mann and his acolytes be allowed to politicize science? It’s shocking I tell you.
I for one am SHOCKED.

A revolution is only illegal in the third person – never the first person. (paraphrased from B, Franklin)


Perhaps Michael Mann is unaware of the context of Captain Renault’s statement “Shocked! Shocked I tell you..”
Renault was being sarcastically hypocritical in pointing out the duplicity of the situation.
The irony is palpable.


From this point forward, please label Michael Mann as a Democratic activist.

Pop Piasa

The ‘Model Fellowship of Mann’ speaks out to protect its scientology.

Pop Piasa

The signs should have said “Protect the Progressive Scientific Method”.
Or maybe “Don’t Bust My Bunsen Burner budget”.

How would you like to encounter any of these people when going in for an operation? “No, I think I’ll keep my prostate.”

the guy in the center holding the plastic booze cup is Bill Murray on loan from a recent visit to the White House earlier this week. “Cinderella story. Outta nowhere. A former greenskeeper, now , about to become
the Master’s Champion. It’s a mirac…It’s in the hole! It’s in the hole! It’s in the hole!”


Why is he dressed up as a pregnant woman?


At long last!
We all now know what a group of scientists looks like.
It is truly amazing.

Pop Piasa

Geez- the things eggheads have to come up with to get attention and generate money. Too many solvers of dubious problems. Let them work on cancer or heart research until the “climate calamity” starts claiming lives.

Harry Passfield

If you p*ssed on their parade would that make you a Peer reviewer?

george e. smith

So where were Mann and Orestes hiding while this was going on ??


Paul said….”Being irony impaired is apparently very difficult for these people.”.
Au contraire. Being irony impaired IS EXACTLY what these useful idjits are. They are born with it. Ignorance can be cured through learning….stupid is forever.

Will Nelson

If I may paraphrase Paul: These people are having a difficult time and irony impairedness aint helpin.

Old Mike

They remind me of lemmings, altogether now, “Hey ho, Hey ho, it’s of the cliff we go.”

Old Mike

“Off” the cliff not “of” the cliff, on the other hand some of them do like rather dense mineral material.


Claude Rains as Mickey Mann:

They had to use to use the unused lab coats for something, I suppose.
Climatologists don’t use or need labs, or experiments, or facts.
Hand waving and strident assertions are enough for climatologists!

george e. smith

You certainly don’t need a lab coat to model a perfectly non rotating planet, that is uniformly illuminated day and night.


You wear a lab coat in order to fool the peons.
What they are saying with the lab coat ploy is, “our science is so pathetically weak we can’t rely on it to prevail in the argument, so we have to use lab coats to fool the public into thinking we know more than we really know and they should trust us because we are the ones with the lab coats.
Intent to deceive. That’s a heck of a way to run a science program.




I like it!
In Spanish, Manntiroso.

Or this in Italian: the happy scientists look like escapees from the Mannicomio.


Naomi is right, climate change will cost the American public trillions – in increased taxes. And in increased prices due to taxes on business. The public will pay. The “scientists” will be the only ones to benefit as they become the new oligarchy, just like the socialist masters of the USSR, spending their ill-gotten gains on gaudy trinkets such sea-side mansions.

Steve Case

My thoughts exactly when she said that.

We skeptics have been ardently standing up for science, casting a critical eye on unproven hypotheses and providing alternative hypotheses. Science is never to be trusted unless a hypothesis is thoroughly vetted. Oreskes and Mann are trying to hoodwink people into thinking, if someone doubts their favored hypotheses, then it is an attack against science, when those criticisms are simply revealing the shortcomings of that favored hypothesis. While people like Trenberth try to enforce mindless groupthink by suggesting researchers never debate skeptics, as well as trying to reverse the null hypothesis, only the skeptics are maintaining the very foundation of the scientific process.
This rally should convene in front of Mann or Trenberth’s office demanding they stop corrupting the scientific process.

Jim, I agree. Am thinking the appropriate timing is just after 20 Jan 2017. About when a new administrations NSF senior officer announced all funding to them and theirs ceases because of abuse of science, pseudoscience, and nonscience.


Liberals simply pollute and corrupt everything. They are making a sham of science. These are activists, not scientists. Trump needs to go after universities.

If this is what Mann and Oreskes are reduced to, the end is nigh. Reminds me of Clintomrallies compared to Trump rallies. Note the “large” group of protesting scientists from among the about 24000 AGU attendees (last years number). Clearly 97% or more err, um, did NOT stand up for science. At least not this nonscience (pun intended). Thanks for another fascinating front line report on the spasmatic initial death throws of the warmunist cult religion. It appears last rites will need to be administered shortly after 20 Jan 2017.

Clinton rallies. Darned fat iPad fingers.

I can’t even see Oreskes or Mann in the “crowd” (don’t know what the other luminaries named in the flyer look like).

Michael Jankowski

Mann and Oreskes aren’t stand-up people.

If climate change is such a serious threat, then it will still be a threat with absolutely no funding whatsoever. Put your money where your mouth is: keeping doing “studies” that say it is a threat for free.
Of course, what will happen is they will loudly and publicly pout about a loss of funding and hope the Trumpster relents or is not re-elected. If neither happens, then the screaming banshees will have no choice but to move on because private jets and luxury homes aren’t free. The quest to stop the alarmists will only last until they run out of money. As long as they have enough money in reserve to pay for the high-life, it will survive. But if Trump isn’t re-elected, everything will quickly pick up where it left off.

Don’t know whether he will want to run again. He could chose and groom a successor if not Pence, like any CEO transition. But 4 years is enough to permanently change US course. Scotus, constitutional federalism, revised CAA and CWA, revised health care system, revamped and implemented immigration policy (it does not take 4 years to build a ‘wall’, revised tax code, revised basic rules on regulations, …
That which is most difficult and also requiring legislation can wait til after the 2018 Senate election, where Dems are disproportionately at risk. There is just so much other low hanging fruit after 8 years of Obumer.

Pat Frank

I hope he stays safe to get all that done, Rud. In my view, Mr. Trump is in much, much MUCHgreater danger from a malevolent physical attack by some extremist bigot than Mr. Obama ever was — if he was at all.

Joe Ebeni

YESSSSS!!!!! Stand up for SCIENCE all you climate DENIERS. Like scientific method, empirical evidence, replicatable findings, open data, process and procedures, reasonable non Ad Hominem debate over differences of opinions……..THAT kind of SCIENCE!!! Hope I don’t need a sarc tag anywhere.

How can anyone that calls himself a” scientist” stand there like a bunch of dopes? They haven’t a single free thought of their own if they can be willfully be duped like this. And these are “a leading” group of our science community? Wow we are in BIG trouble!

Fact: Man only emits about 5% of the annual CO2 emissions, the rest is from nature.
Fact: Water vapor causes most of the greenhouse effect
Fact: CO2 only causes20-30% of warming.
Fact: The rate of the current warming is statistically indistinguishable from earlier warm periods.
Fact: In most studies CO2 follows temperature, not leads it (a cause cannot follow the effect)
Fact: There has been no statistically-significant global warming since 1995.
Fact: Minoan, Egyptian, Roman and Medieval times were probably warmer than recently.
Fact: The Pacific Northwest has been cooling for the last 25+ years
Fact: Glaciers retreated FASTER in the 1930s than recently
Fact: Current ocean rise is within historical norms.
Fact: Solar cycles are a better fit to climate than CO2.
Fact: Man’s CO2 has never been proven to cause dangerous warming.
Fact: The IPCC says the earth may have cooled since 1998 or may have warmed – they don’t know because the amount of warming they claim is less than the uncertainty.
Fact: There is a strong likelihood that the major portion of the temperature change observed in the 20th century was due to natural variations.
Fact: Cold kills 20 times more people than heat

Steve Case

jim at 3:37 pm
Fact: The Pacific Northwest has been cooling for the last 25+ years

Gotta link fer dat?

tony mcleod

Hmm, that’s the trouble when you cut and paste stuff like this without checking it yourself. The first three are ok but you might want to go and check the rest, as most of them are patently false. But that’s ok, you keep cutting and pasting them anyway.


Do you have any support for that claim. Other than the one on the Pacific northwest, on which I have no knowledge, every one of those claims is definitely true.

Climate science need lab coats to protect themselves from sudden coffee spills as they stare at their non-Kardashian models and shriek: “It’s worse than we thought!”.

Mark from the Midwest

This is so sophomoric, I’m almost speechless, yeah, I got nuttin’


Mann, Oreskes, UCS… where is the science?

Amazing! A bunch of people out complaining about something that may or may not happen. Foolishness at its best.


“Support us in our delusion that also pays our salaries from your pocket!”

Mike Maguire

Listening to what these people say, reminds me of people in a cult with captured/brainwashed minds.
They have no clue that the last 4 decades have featured the best weather/climate on this planet since the Medieval Warm Period, 1,000 years ago.
The beneficial increase in atmospheric CO2, along with the outstanding growing conditions are contributing greatly to record smashing crop yields and world food production as well as the greening up of our planet.
But what do I know. I’m just an operational meteorologist that has tracked global weather/climate since 1982, dialing that into an assortment of elements that contribute to crop yields and energy use.
“One, two, three, everybody repeat after me 3 times “resistance! resistance! resistance!”
What they are resisting is the condition of having an open mind to objectively view our weather/climate as it has been occurring the past 4 decades.


Lab coats and pre-manufactured signs provided, scripted speeches, plenty of extras. The only thing missing to complete this episode of street theatre was the strips of duct tape over their mouths indicating that they are being “silenced” somehow. I guess that would have cut down on the free beer consumption, however, so that would not do.

Bill Illis

Science Justice NOW! (Whatever that means).
At least one of those guys in the front in the middle at the beginning was drunk and they kept the camera angle of him afterward. That is why the camera angle in so awkward throughout the vid.comment image

Chris Riley


Michael D Nelson

Remember when Bill Clinton was impeached by the House. The democrats gathered on the steps at the Capitol for a photo op to show to solidarity.
Where did is this gathering together come from.

CD in Wisconsin

These brilliant bulbs chose the right type of property on which to hold their rally. Couldn’t have chosen a more fitting place myself. Why didn’t Mann or Oreskes lead them in prayer…..?

CD in Wisconsin

….One other thing: To the guy in the back holding up the “Ice Has No Agenda, It Just Melts Sign”—- The Antarctic ice probably hasn’t had an agenda for the past few decades either—-it just kept growing……

I’ll be looking forward to hearing Willis’s impressions on this whole charade in San Francisco…

Thomas Graney

Ice has no agenda, it just melts. LOL


Two gals, Liza & Caroline, happened to meet in town one day.
Liza excitedly began, “Oh, Caroline honey, you would not bee…lieve what I’ been up to…”
Liza then launched into a monologue of how she had become a millionaire’s maid with all sorts of ‘perks’ and ‘privileges.’
Caroline politely and every so often responded with, “That’s jus’ faannn…tastic (fantastic)!”
After completing her 5 min. rant to Caroline, Liza asked, “By the way honey, what’ch y’all been up to?”
Caroline responded, “Oh, I’ jus’ been goin’ t’ Charm-School…”
Liza interrupted, “Oh, what’ch y’all been learnin’ in Charm-School?”
Caroline replied, “Well, right now we learnin’ how to say FAANNN…TASTIC! instead o’ BULL-SHIT!!”
[You too, now know the Charm-School definition of FANTASTIC!!…] 🙂


Science and Naomi Oreskes in the same phrase?
The mind boggles.

Paul Zrimsek

The guy in the red glasses is the most important person there. What’s science without beer review?

My Lab’s coat is black. But, I’m not a smart scientist.

Nick Darby

And the building adjacent to St Patrick’s is the Contemporary Jewish Museum, so lots of ideologies all round the square. BTW, the CJM is usually a very interesting place to visit.

golf charlie

Imagine what would happen if all Climate Scientists went on strike to protest about Trump. No one would even notice their increase in productivity.

When you have to have a science rally, with signs, slogans and megaphones, you know it’s not about science.

Agree with you, except on Bruckner.

You know, if they did less political grandstanding and more actual science with the scientific method we wouldn’t be at such loggerheads on the causes and nature of climate change.


The Lab Coat as a Status Symbol.
Warburton FE. Science. 1960.
Warburton FE.
Science. 1960 Mar 25;131(3404):895.

Gerald Machnee

They should be protecting the data from NOAA/NASA.

old construction worker

First: Who paid for the lab coats and signs? Second: Are all of them, in the lab coats, scientist?


What do we want?
“Lab Coats!”
When do we want them?
It’s not what it used to be!
Tenured Lives Matter!!!


LOL I am impressed that AGU seems to always pick locations for there conferences that are friendly for there demonstrations.


Lab coats and pre-printed signs, check. But who forgot the clown shoes?

Bill Nye was using them all at a bow tie convention.

I wouldn’t get too excited about Trump. His Secretary of State is a climate change proponent … like John Kerry…not good

Rex Tillerson a climate change proponent? More a climate realist. He’s certainly no John Kerry on climate.

You wait and see…

“You wait and see”.
Yep. I consider it the logical thing to do rather than rushing to judgement.

Anything a CEO of an energy company has to say on that subject I wouldn’t take at face value. Companies don’t “stand up for science,” they take advantage of the political situation as best they can. Aligning themselves with the prevailing green dogma and getting in on the business of subsidy farming seems more promising than stubbornly clinging to the unpopular truth that oil isn’t going anywhere, especially if the “Exxon knew” hucksters are already nipping at your heels.

Yea, but they are appealing to you from the steps of a church. Doesn’t that make you believe ? The new robes of the priests are white, how interesting. ( Part sarc, and part factual)

John F. Hultquist

Thanks Mr. W., interesting stuff.

Funny they all are now condemning the things they themselves have been doing for the last 8 yrs+

Why didn’t they have that rally in Minneapolis or a point farther north?