Trump reax: 'Doomsday Clock' likely to be moved closer to midnight


Press release:


White House in Transition, US-Russia Relations, North Korean Ambitions, Iran Nuclear Deal, and Uncertain Fate of Climate Solutions Among the Factors Being Weighed.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – NEWS ADVISORY – The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists will host a live international news conference at 10 a.m. EST/1500 GMT on January 26, 2017 to announce whether the minute hand of the iconic “Doomsday Clock” will be adjusted. The decision is made by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists’ Science and Security Board in consultation with the Board of Sponsors, which includes 15 Nobel Laureates.

Factors influencing the 2017 deliberations regarding any adjustment that may be made to the Doomsday Clock include: a rise in strident nationalism worldwide, President Donald Trump’s comments on nuclear arms and climate issues, a darkening global security landscape that is colored by increasingly sophisticated technology, and a growing disregard for scientific expertise.

In January 2016, the Doomsday Clock’s minute hand did not change, remaining at three minutes before midnight, the closest it has been to midnight since the early days of above-ground hydrogen bomb testing. The Clock was changed in 2015 from five to three minutes to midnight.

News event speakers for the Doomsday Clock announcement on January 26, 2017 will include:

* Lawrence Krauss, chair, Bulletin Board of Sponsors; director, Origins Project at Arizona State University; and Foundation Professor, School of Earth and Space Exploration and Physics Department, Arizona State University.

* Thomas Pickering, Bulletin Board of Sponsors; former US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs (1997-2000) and US Ambassador to the United Nations, the Russian Federation, India, Israel, El Salvador, Nigeria, and Jordan. Ambassador Pickering is currently focused on nonproliferation, most recently the Iran nuclear agreement.

* David Titley, Bulletin Science and Security Board; professor of practice, Pennsylvania State University Department of Meteorology, and founding director, Penn State’s Center for Solutions to Weather and Climate Risk. Dr. Titley is nationally known expert in the field of climate, the Arctic, and national security, and a retired rear admiral. While serving as Oceanographer and Navigator of the Navy, Dr. Titley initiated and led the U.S. Navy’s Task Force on Climate Change.

* Rachel Bronson, executive director and publisher, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists;

TO PARTICIPATE IN PERSON: You can attend the Doomsday Clock news event on January 26, 2017, 10 a.m. EST/1500 GMT at the National Press Club, 529 14th Street NW, Washington, D.C., in the First Amendment Lounge.  Attendance will be limited to credentialed members of the news media. For security reasons, all attendees must RSVP in advance by contacting: Patrick Mitchell, (703) 276-3266 and; or Alex Frank, (703) 276-3264 and

CAN’T PARTICIPATE IN PERSON?: Journalists unable to attend the live news conference can view a live streaming webcast of the event at


My personal opinion is that they’ll move it forward, and make Trump’s lack of climate concern a big part of it.

The real question is: Other than journos chasing a story, does anybody care? I sure don’t, because it’s nothing but a symbolic personification of a consensus opinion, and really has no impact beyond scaring people.

Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing. – Shakespeare’s MacBeth, Scene 5.5

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    • I love the quote: “Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing. – Shakespeare’s MacBeth, Scene 5.5, but pluralize it to “Told by idiots, full of sounds…” and thus Shakespeare gets it right 410 years later when he belatedly refers to the Doomsday Clock. Of course, “Doomsday Crock” might be preferred by the Bard!

      • ‘Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow,
        Creeps in this petty pace from day to day,
        To the last syllable of recorded time;
        And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
        The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!
        Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player
        That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
        And then is heard no more. It is a tale
        Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury
        Signifying nothing.’
        Macbeth Act v Scene 5
        ‘It has never been hard to tell the difference between a Scotsman with a grievance and a ray of sunshine.’
        P.G. Wodehouse
        Reading Wodehouse at the moment, good for the soul.

    • That idiotic clock is just one more figment of some jerk wad on the left wing of the political spectrum who has an idiotic notion that they can override Biblical Revelation. Get you shit in order because the fallout will occur no matter who is in power.

    • If it’s 3 min to midnight ( doomsday ) , what the hell does climate change matter ? We’ll all be dead before pass the hypothetical “tipping point” of 2 deg C anyway.
      If the clock ever works it way back to 23:30 maybe we can consider if AGW is an issue and push it to 23:31.
      Something that will take the best part of a century to ( allegedly ) become a problem is not an issue at 23:58. What the world is waking up to is that we have far more important and pressing issues the AGW, even if it is an issue at all.

      • If the DD clock does get moved, it will because of 8 years of Obama and Clinton, not because of three days of Trump.
        Obama deliberately and irresponsibly inflamed the situation with Russia in a perverted attempt to wreck Trump’s aims of having better relations before he ever got into office.
        Doubtless the Swedish Academy will give him another Peace Prize this year in recognition of his efforts.

    • Predicting imminent doom has been a sideline job for scientists of the ivory tower kind for as long as institutions have been cranking them out. This is evil propaganda which is again being timed to frighten the population. There is no other useful purpose to this speculation but to incite negativity.

  1. The “Atomic Scientists” Doomsday Clock disproves the old saw about even a broken clock being right twice a day…

  2. How far forward did they move the clock when Obama entered into a deal which gives Iran an unfettered path to nuclear weapons in what is now 13.5 years?

    • The lack of inspections and enforcement in the Obama agreement means that there is no need for the Iranians to wait one minute in their nuclear plans. Much less 13.5 years.

      • I am putting the agreement in its best possible light in order to demonstrate that it is utterly moronic.

    • North Korea continues work on its first strike EMP weapon. Their layer cake hydrogen enhanced weapon is the key along with ICBM capability to detonate at altitude over Canada to knock out US power grid.

      • Right on! The solution of hardening against EMP is at hand & would employ a lot of (electrical) industrial workers. Use a bit of the $’s being wasted on Global Warming “research”!

      • I saw an article just the other day about spray-on EMP protection. It was concrete mixed with metallic particles, in a consistency that could be sprayed on to just about any kind of structure.

      • Not just the power grid, pretty much every modern electronic device, i.e. all vehicles as well. My ’59 Porsche will run, to little avail. Will Trump have the will to take them out before they can deploy them? Thank Bill Clinton for their nukes.

      • Pretty much everything is already hardened to an EMP. A lightning bolt a few hundred feet away has many times the EMP potential than the worst case nuclear scenario.
        Electric lines are vulnerable because they run for miles and as such can build up huge charges.

  3. The Doomsday Clock has a quantum mechanism. Spooky. Perhaps they should run it several thousand, million more times until it reaches a consensus.

  4. So this is why they invented the calculus, it’s for infinite approach to the limit for political theater and headlines. At this rate China and North Korea could lay claims to the entire Pacific Ocean and it would not register but Trump and climate change would make it lurch forward with drama.

    • Just like the good old days, when capitulation to whatever the Soviets wanted moved the clock back, but any resistance to Soviet aggression was the surest way to advance the clock.

  5. Since media insists on Trump being Putin’s puppet, the clock should be moved back at least 60 minutes.

  6. It is time to have this useless memento disappear. All it has become is a tool for liberals push their agenda.

  7. I hope the clock will be moved forward at least 2,5 minutes. Then, they can start on the final countdown…will be fun to see them stretching out the seconds, until only one is left. And then…boom and doom or the gloom of oblivion?

  8. Whenever I see these people whining about Trump, the only thing that comes to mind is Kirk screaming “Kahn!” at the top of his lungs, looking completely deranged.
    Leftist Green: “Trump!!!!!”

  9. Doomsday; and a clock of imagined self-importance; how purile. Who are these people ?
    When they find out what carbonated oxygen is and what a “time-lag” is, then let the waling begin.
    I suspect the bedwetters’ bank accounts shall all be “adjusted” in this new adjustocene age !
    Tick – tock, tick – tock, another lovely day.

  10. In 1961, the year I was born, the Doomsday Clock was at 7 minutes.
    In that year:
    The US severs relations with Cuba. Castro announces he is a Marxist.
    The US test fires the Minuteman ICBM.
    Two B-52’s in 2 separate incidents crash each with 2 nuclear bombs on board.
    Both the US and USSR launch the first humans into space.
    The USSR detonates the most powerful Hydrogen Bomb ever developed, the Tsar Bomba.
    The Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba.
    A military coup in Syria.
    Construction of the Berlin Wall begins.
    There is a standoff of Soviet and American tanks at Checkpoint Charlie.
    Kennedy starts sending troops to South Vietnam. The war officially begins.
    The Doomsday people mean to tell me that today the clock is at only 3 minutes? Why, because of climate change?

    • Wow!
      If the ‘Doomsday Clock’ was at 7 minutes in 1961 and it’s at 3 minutes now, at that rate I calculate we have ‘only’ 42 years left to ‘ZERO’.
      REPENT! The End Is…… 42 Years Away!!!

    • The problem is you’re looking too closely. You need to stand back and take in the scare story like the rest of the sheep. And pay no attention to the submarine- launched missiles in the Pakistan and NK tests. The real clock threat is electing liberal leaders who signal the all clear to aggressors that it’s okay for invasion of Crimea and claims of the international waters of the entire South China Sea….as starters.

      • No argument from me RG!
        Especially on China trying to annex the entirety of what is euphemistically called the “South China Sea’!
        As for the “The Dooms Day Clock and the Bully-Ten of Atomic Scientists”,
        I’ll take every opportunity I can find to illustrate them as laughable fools and (barely) useful tools!
        42 years…. and counting!
        (note to self: Buy more popcorn, butter, salt n beer…)

    • It’s because “IT”S WORSE THAN THEY THOUGHT!!!” In the mind of a progressive things only get worse, it’s that implicit worse-ness in all things that can only be seen and understood by the progressive mind.

      • Isn’t that the truth.
        Best example are children’s books. Each and every bloody book on animals, nature, stuff like that my 7-year old brings home from the school library, after first doing a reasonable job on the subject at hand, ends with a jeremiad “woe is the little critters, for humans have hunted them/polluted/destroyed their habitat almost to oblivion.” I skip over this drivel, or explicitly state that habitat protection in our western countries has been getting better, not worse, but it still drives me batty.

  11. “The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists”… my, doesn’t that sound important. Does Kenji have a subscription to this publication? Based upon his current affiliations within the community, I’m sure he qualifies as an “atomic scientist”

    • I’m somewhat aghast that scientists are responsible for this! If it was produced by humanities fringe, I’d just shrug and say “Typical”. But scientists! What sort?
      What scientific method do they use to calculate the time to doomsday? Or do they use a global ‘doomsday’ computer model?

  12. What we really need is a Dumbsday Clock. With Climate Alarmism, the Dumbsday Clock had approached midnight, where mankind’s dumbness would mean he would regress to caveman status. With Obama, I’d say the Dumbsday Clock had approached to within a minute or two of midnight, but now, with Trump, the clock is winding back full throttle.

  13. I’d like to see Trump establish the “Alarmism Cash Register”. They can have a constantly running total of all of the money being made from spreading fear.

  14. The one thing I never worry about is nuclear war where both sides have the ultimate weapon. That’s because, unlike a conventional war, where our leaders send out the great unwashed masses to do the fighting and dying, in a nuclear confrontation, it’s the leaders themselves whose lives are on the line.

    • Interviewer: “Do you have the power to… destroy the world?”
      The Tick: “Dear God, I hope not! That’s where I keep my stuff!”

  15. “A growing disregard for scientific expertise.”
    Duly noted. Since there is simply way too much real information in the public domain that “scientific expertise” is continually moving the goal posts by changing the raw data (they call it “adjustments”), not allowing for real QA/QC of their work, well, the list goes on and on ……
    I have no choice but to state that my personal opinion is that the “growing disregard for scientific expertise”, as it pertains to the real science surrounding CAGW, is that the clock should be moved much further away from Midnight, based on this direct quote.
    C’mon trolls, I await your attempts at responding.
    : )
    Put another way, bring it on ……

    • The Population Bomb was a dud. Oil didn’t Peak, Y2K didn’t crash all the computers, and the Ozone Hole didn’t do much off anything.
      Hell, They weren’t even right about Cholesterol or Stomach Ulcers.
      And just to top it all off, the people are coming to realize that then Climate Crisis isn’t happening either. because you can’t be told there’s only 10 years (or 5 years, or 500 days) to save the world, every year for 30 years straight without realizing something’s wrong.
      And now they are surprised that there’s “A growing disregard for scientific expertise.” Really? >_<

  16. You know board games and ping pong which are equally serious have made a comeback so why not. The reaction to Trump in office reminds me more each day of Reagan’s early period. Sheer panic. Trump may have an advantage as big media’s credibility is toast and Republicans are in a stronger position.
    No need to compromise. Nobody to compromise with if you were so inclined. Keep playing the workers against the professional Left. That worked for Reagan and should work again.

  17. The Doomsday Clock may be the only scientific forecast that’s that’s actually less accurate and reliable than the IPCC climate models.

  18. Why bother with this phony, can’t keep time doomsday clock when you can have a real one!.
    From the description:

    Original Russian Air Force issue. Full mil-spec!
    Cockpit Panel Clock 129CS-55M (129ЧС-55M) for a Soviet TU nuclear bombers
    The original 2-day wind up chronometer
    The legendary “Doomsday” clock!
    These clocks have been designed for use in Tupolev 22 long-range bombers! With the 55M / IFF electronic block (Identification Friend or Foe).
    Fully mechanical, wind up clock with 3-day running reserve, 2-day launch sequence indicator, luminous hands and 24-hour (military time) clock face, with built-in 27-volt heater. Water-proof / vibration-proof, corrosion-resistant steel case withstands 10G’s. Tested from -76 °F (-60 °C) to +140 °F (+60 °C). 3⅓ inches (8.5 cm) diameter, 3⅓ inches (8.5 cm) deep
    You’re bidding on an excellent clock, which comes with original factory seals intact. Clock is guaranteed to be fully functional, historical military item. Serial # 097208

    You won’t find these babies stopping at 3 minutes till and having to be reset all the time! Show this to all your friends who are convinced they’re going to die because of global warming in a Trump administration.

  19. The world is a lot safer today, but no one is going to say that. No one can predict a “black swan” accident or miscalculation, of course, but one of the few things President Obama’s ever said that was perfectly accurate is that the world is generally more peaceful today than it was 40 or 50 years ago. link

    The setting of the clock bears little relationship to our actual danger. It is actually just “political hypochondria”. They should take two aspirin and call us again in the next decade.
    I remember when Ronald Reagan was elected and lots of people thought he was going to get us all blown up. I note, with some satisfaction, that they were wrong.

    • We have to recognize that, as the latest reports made clear, Vladimir Putin himself directed the covert cyber-attacks against our electoral system, against our democracy, apparently because he has a personal beef against me. — Hillary Clinton
      At least we don’t have a continuation of this spat to tempt the fate of the world.

      • Dastardly Vlad the Impailer has been accused of the insidious act of releasing DNC emails. Nobody has said that they were fraudulent, though . I doubt that he did it, but if he did, all Americans owe him a debt of gratitude for exposing the corruption of the Democrats.

  20. If they move the clock hands to 12:00, do the bombers take off and the missiles launch?
    Ours, theirs, everybody’s?

    • For some reason, that reminds me of something Ronald Reagan said:

      My fellow Americans, I’m pleased to tell you today that I’ve signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in five minutes. link

  21. Doomsday Clock … Who knew that this was a widely recognized symbolic thing ? Obviously not me – am I THAT out of touch ?
    Anyhow, I coined a new word (somebody else might have already beat me to it) — Trumpmageddon.
    Hence, Trump’s face would be on MY version of the doomsday clock, which gives me an idea to make up a few to sell on Ebay. (^_^).
    Come one, come all, … cash in your carbon credits to buy yourself one of these babies, if you have to. You might as well enjoy the luxuries of life in the little time you have left before the symbolic midnight hour strikes you down.
    It’s hideous, I must have one.
    … offered in a vintage cuckoo-clock styling or, for the more affluent crowd, a Rolex wrist-watch styling. Monthly-payment options available.
    … better than a Hillaryapocalypse, I guess, but we could do a clock with HER face on it too, for all those whiners who are still in denial over her loss. … got to reach out to all market segments, you know.

    • Ah, but my logic is flawed, I fear, since Hillary whiners would not be the ones motivated to buy either. Only good humored realists would buy, just as we buy Micky Mouse watches to celebrate cartoon characters.
      This is a cartoon we are living in now, right ?

  22. The Doomsday Clock.
    Of course they’ll set it forward. Good PR.
    Who set it up? Who says where it should be set? Based on what?
    (Will one of them please move the damn thing to “MIDNIGHT” so the rest of us (who haven’t just had a heart attack) can wake up tomorrow to a new day?)

  23. Yes, at this rate CO2 will grow to .045 percent of the atmosphere. I wonder how many more nukes and nuke delivery systems there will be by then.

  24. The Doomsday clock is the ultimate expression of liberal pessimism.
    They simply aren’t happy unless they are miserable.
    Oddly it is usually some failure in government that advances the clock. Yet they are always wanting government to get more and more involved in every aspect of our lives.

  25. “A symbolic clock is as nourishing to the intellect as a photo of oxygen to a drowning man.”
    Dr. Manhattan

      • Trump just tweeted he was going to send the Feds into Chicago, if the local politicians and law enforcement didn’t get busy and do something about the horrendous murder rate in Chicago.
        And yes, Trump can do just that, and Chicago’s governor and mayor can’t do a thing to stop him. Trump can take jurisdiction of the many federal crimes being committed in Chicago, like carrying a weapon after being convicted of a felony.

  26. ‘Most Read from The Washington Post: The first days inside Trump’s White House: Fury, tumult and a reboot’
    Yep, end must be near. We have fury, tumult and reboot. Scary. The Fake News Media says so.

    • That’s what they said about Trump’s transition team, too. If there is no controversy in the Trump administration, then the MSM will make some up.

  27. They’ve been moving it so close to midnight over the last few years that it must surely be 5 past by now.

  28. Did they not pick up the clue when Hillary mentioned how long it takes to do the launch snap Count?

  29. Crank it forward to about 6:00 a.m. Anyone silly enough to be paying attention to that clock could just get a cup of coffee and wake up and find they weren’t doomed to begin with. Start the new day trying to find something else to worry about!

  30. Remember “Galaxy Quest”. The bomb, the threat, whatever always stops at 2 seconds before the time runs out. At 2 minutes or even one, we have lots and lots of time left!

  31. I would say a few important people are having a ‘growing regard’ for scientific information and a large number of poorly educated academicians are stumbling with understanding this.
    Buying into simply the term “ocean acidification” in and of it self shows this fact. C02 can’t bring the ocean to an acid level but can lower it’s alkalinity. ( Even under the 3-4 other pH scales.) Hence, a scientific statement would be ‘moving the ocean towards neutral’ or a ‘lowering of it’s alkalinity’ is a more precise statement of science. The other (OA) is just some science wrapped in politics.
    When alarmist someday realize this (if ever) the lightbulb might go on illuminating their own perverse interpretation of what has happened. Including this gross and blanket statement about ‘growing disregard’.
    Lastly, the fact that that they added “expertise” to ‘growing disregard for scientific expertise” is a phoney way of saying science is only properly done in consensus mode. BS to that. Anyone who has ever been in a detailed legal situation knows a great deal about dueling experts. With, frequently, 100% opposite views.
    So apparently, a bunch of nuclear scientists are so good at climate science AND understanding why ‘we’ (skeptics) are here that they feel empowered to lecture the rest of us.

  32. I would argue the biggest doomsday threats are natural not man made. Meteor strike anyone? How about a nice big volcano in the tropics? Perhaps an earthquake and tsunami to spoil your day…

    • Stopped clocks reflect stuck minds.
      My prediction? … at one minute before midnight, the world will explode due to natural causes, and there will be nobody left to appreciate the poetic irony of that moment.

  33. Why worry since it seems to me like this clock has been between 11:55 and 11:57 since I was a kid and that was more than a half-century ago. If time continues to move as slowly as the Doomsday Clock, I should still be alive in 2100 or beyond.

  34. With the Obama/Kerry nuclear WW III on the horizon,
    they likely should move it forward.
    The sock puppets Iran and N. Korea will make sure things happen.

  35. Vatican’s Doomsday Clock starting ticking after the First Council of Nicaea in AD 325.
    The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists’ Science and Security Board must hurry – they have at least 1600 years catching up to do.

  36. The Atomic Scientists’ Science and Security Board members may have an excuse of University of Cambridge’s blind-faith booster vaccine against scientificus methodicus virus*, but the chair, Foundation Professor Lawrence Krauss, School of Earth and Space Exploration and Physics Department in Arizona State University, should know better.

  37. Well people according to the democrats it is half past midnight and time for bed, the wailing and the inconsolables are having a well deserved rest, let sanity reign for the next 8 years.

  38. It started in 1947 at 7 minutes. Went to 3 when the Soviets tested their first nuc in 1949. It was at 2 minutes during the early days of Hydrogen bomb testing in 1953. It went to 3 minutes during the Reagan era until the Berlin wall came down when it went back the furthest it ever has to 17 minutes. It’s now at 3 minutes primarily because of Climate Change and the perceived failure of the developed world to destroy their economies to combat it. If they move it closer to midnight it will be at or beyond the 2 minute mark which is the lowest it’s been. This despite the fact that since WW II globally we have lived in relatively the most peaceful time and are producing more food per capita, and have the best quality of life, than during all the rest of human history.
    Timeline of the Doomsday Clock:

  39. Hmmm but didn’t Prince Charles announce that we had 100 months to save the planet?
    That was on 5 March 2009. Adding a hundred months takes us to 5 July this year.
    While they are adjusting the doomsday time they need to set the date as well, unless they’ve lost the user manual and we all know how hard that can be.

  40. History will show that President Obama’s “Iran Deal” undermined the fundamental soundness of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty by having the Security Council allow a signing state to ignore the provisions and continue to enrich.
    Now, that is “being on the wrong side of history.”

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