Friday Funny – "gone in an instant" – climate edition

At 1200PM EST today, Donald J. Trump took the oath of office and was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. At that same instant, the domain was switched, and in an instant, the climate change page which used to be front and center on the main web page, is no more. This side by side documents the change:


As Trump’s first order of business, he put up a page calling to end the worthless Climate Action Plan and the EPA’s “waters of the United States” draconian policy that turned puddles into protected waters.

You can hear the heads exploding already.


Added: BTW for those that think that the White House climate page was really “deleted” like those worried that climate data will be “deleted”, a new version of the WH website is just part of the normal transition, like changing the drapes and wallpaper and furniture in the White House.  For those that want to see the old WH web page, complete with climate action plan, see the archives:

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  1. “…One Nation, Under God, With Liberty and Justice For All.”
    May God bless the United States of America, and all who love it!

      • NBC has had a ball today, showing all the protesters and signs, having their reporters be supportive and ask all the right questions to help fuel the insanity. Then they switch to the rioting and confrontations to gratify sensationalism. Turned it off to go see what RTnews had to say.

      • Plenty of that going on in DC right now. Ugly around the edges. Bikers for Trump might have to get busy like they promised. DC police being far too premissive of obstruction and interference with civil rights of those who came to enjoy the inauguration.

      • So the climate has changed in Washington DC. I guess I should quit denying climate change.
        Here I was thinking that the earth’s Temperature lay between -94 deg. C, and about +60 deg. C
        But now it has gone incandescent.
        Wonderful; it even looks pretty at night, with all those sparks flying.

      • So I wonder where The Trump is going to get his $500 million back from, at the UN.
        I can think of some agencies that deserve to become unfunded.
        Way to go Mr. President. Don’t forget to ask for reasonable interest as well,on that short term loan.

      • Oh crrp don’t read RT unless you really want and believe in the Soviet Union coming back. Please.
        ABC is crap, BBC is crap, NBC is a big American crap, but RT is a big bunch of dangerous Russian propaganda. Ffs.

      • Of course RT News is in favor of Russian Expansionism: it’s Vladimir Putin’s On-Air Media Machine and his official position is to re-establish the Soviet Union (maybe not in name, but certainly in influence and geography).

      • really worth a look at the expression on john cooks face on the video image that headlines today’s post on sks. he looks a worried man 🙂

      • As to the rioting in DC: At least this time the protesters are burning down the place responsible for the anarchy.

      • If there’s a smell to Lefty heads exploding it isn’t pleasant, but more likely it’s just hot air. They may even be imploding. It’s only their sense of self importance that keeps their empty heads inflated!

      • I work in one of the more “progressive” cities on the Left Coast. The “fear and loathing” since election day has been quite potent in the air (we gained national and international news with our “peaceful” protests, some of which were set to go off today – like many places). Many of my leftist friends (who are fully supportive of AGW and who actually do work proving its many merits and claims) were assuring everyone yesterday that today’s protests were going to be peaceful.
        Funny thing was, among the no shows at work today because of the planned protests, the majority of them were the very same folks who were assuring us of their peaceful nature.
        Compared to the election day protest fiascoes (which lasted several nights and resulted in several millions of dollars of damage) tonight’s ended after only a couple of hours of tear gas, flash-bangs, pepper spray, and rubber bullet volleys (apparently the peaceful marchers were carrying billy-clubs, large sticks, throwing bottles, blocking bridges, and what not). Tomorrow is expecting a women’s march decrying, among a variety of things, atrocities against our planet and “fear for our children’s future”.
        Lefty-heads were exploding en-mass today and likely for the next couple of days, providing entertainment for those of us looking forward to even more to come in the coming weeks. The website redo was long overdue. On to Paris!

    • If you type in “climate change” in the search bar, the only thing that shows up is a bio of Mamie Eisenhower. BWAAH, HA, HA, HA, HA, HAAAAA.!!

    • J Mac
      I am an australian and am proud to say that I love the United States of America. Thank you for including me.

  2. Now if we could only get the anus orifice running the show here in Canada to accept a little bit of reality, we all would be much better off.

    • No such luck … Expect this narcissistic moron to double-down and show the Rest of the World what an Enlightened Leader He is, and how Canada is going to ‘show the way’. Just as the egregious Liberal Tag-Team of McGuinty and the execrable Wynne showed the World how Ontario was going to lead us to Nirvana. (Third World Status, more like.)

    • The Canadian FM station I listen to because the US stations lack signal strength seem to be piling on the Bash Trump Bandwagen pretty heavy, seems a lot of denial going on in Ontario. They talk about Middle-Class Canadians being two year in arears on their Hydro bill (Electric for us USians), but won’t admit the same policies that Trump is trying to eliminate (and worse) are the cause!

      • Careful what you listen to! That might be CBC! Wash your ears out with a little bleach and water. To get the Red out!

      • I seldom listen to CBC radio but I listened to CBC lots during Inauguration Day, it amounted to a continuous day long anti-Trump lament. It was sad and pathetic, but not surprising coming from the socialist run CBC.

  3. YESSSSSS!!!!
    The *only* thing the new site says is the the “/climate-actio-plan” can’t be found.
    Presum’ly ‘POOOOOF!’ … there isn’t one any more.
    I’m going out onto the streets to CELEBRATE!

    • Cool smiley face, … von Steinkaninchen, my keyboard does not have an eye or nose key, so I have to do it like this … (^_^) … or if I want to project a REALLY big smile, like this … (^___^), … or with ears, like this …
      @(^_^)@ … , asleep … (-_-)…zzz, … sleeping, can’t be bothered to notice a comment, bored to sleep again if I even try … (-_-) (-_^) (-_-)…zzz

      • Sideways faces are not as convincing. (^_^)
        Oh, I forgot a couple … starry eyed … (*_*) … eyes glazed over, surprised, shocked … (#_#)…!!
        But no sideways faces for me. I’m just an upright-smiley-face sort of guy.

  4. Did anyone notice the before or after, like the polar bears, bald eagles circling the windmills, underemployed Americans, or small business owners? No, the ones that noticed were the former politicos with green business models based on tax credits and connections plus some grantees and climate psychology students.

  5. I just don’t understand how many millions of people can’t see that if their movie/bible (An Inconvenient Truth) were actually correct that NY would look like Venice by now… For heaven’s sake, their pet project, the Maldive islands are still above water! What proof against do you need?

  6. And MORE music!!!
    “Stars and Stripes Forever”


      • I was overjoyed and had tears in my eyes at the event, but, (lowered voice) the speech was pretty lame. The content was true (and I agreed with what he said), but it was needlessly repetitive, mind-thuddingly dull, and was the wrong kind of speech for the occasion (it sounded like another campaign speech). After the first few minutes, I kept yelling (but, still very happy about the event): “You were just sworn in! You WON. Why make another campaign speech??? Aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrgh who wrote that stuff??”
        (Oh, and, thanks for asking — Did YOU enjoy that speech?)

      • JM, I repectully disagree. His inauguration speech was largely written by himself. He apparently thought about it a lot. There were IMO three main messages.
        First, to the American electorate: I am going to do what I promised and for which you elected me. Things like borders, crime, jobs. No olive branches to SJW or snowflakes. Reaching out to Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren or Shelton Whitehouse or California santuary cities is a complete waste. Soros is already on record hoping Trump fails.
        Second, to Washington: no more business as usual. That was aimed not only at Beltway bandits, but also Congress critters and lawless bureaucrats like Gina McCarthy.
        Third, to other nations: we are a patsy no longer; America now comes first in our policies. Addresses things like Nato nations not pulling their weight. I thought the tone on that was about right. No longer the world’s policeman.
        Not the hope and change schmarm of Obumer, but rather a non-political business like Mr. Fixit publically rolling up his sleeves. Unlike politicians, simple WYSIWYG.

      • Janice Moore January 20, 2017 at 11:57 am
        …(it sounded like another campaign speech).

        Zackly what I said about three hours ago.
        An America First Energy Plan
        among other things at that link:
        The Trump Administration is also committed to clean coal technology,
        and to reviving America’s coal industry, which has been hurting for too long.

      • I agree with Janice that it wasn’t very well crafted, but then with Saint Ronald as the standard it’s hard to match up, but the message was loud and clear “NO MORE BUSINESS AS USUAL IN D.C.” … populist with Federalist and even local tones, and a good smack down to the Clintons and Obamas of the world.

      • “the speech was pretty lame”
        Obama (like many glib politicians) is ideologically poetic to the point of happy tears. Unfortunately underneath the pretty words lies deceit, hypocrisy and empty rhetoric. I suspect that when he looks in a mirror that there is no image. The Trump speech just indicates that he is (still) nearly incapable of “fancy speak” but that is irrelevant as he very succinctly laid out what needs to be done. Much prefer it to the typical BS.

      • Janice Moore January 20, 2017 at 11:57 am
        ristvan January 20, 2017 at 12:23 pm
        I think it was a good speech. emphasizing we are one people, even the snow flakes and SJW.
        Its the little things that may mean one thing to one person and something else to another. And yes he was reaching out to the other side, they need only to reach out themselves.
        Remember this, When Richmond fell (ACW1865) during the celebration Lincoln ask the band to play Dixie sending a message to the South.
        We are a good Nation a good people, and as Lincoln said the “Last best hope”
        So a toast my friends to Mr,, No President Trump the United States and confusion to her enemies

      • I thoroughly enjoyed President Trump’s acceptance speech! I think can be summed up succinctly:
        “To my fellow Americans, Americas Friends, Allies, and Enemies,
        Let there be not doubt about perceived ‘campaign rhetoric’.
        I said what I meant and I meant what I said!
        That is what we are going to do, starting today.”

      • For me, this is the money quote from the acceptance speech:

        Today’s ceremony, however, has a very special meaning because today we are not merely transferring power from one administration to another or from one party to another, but we are transferring power from Washington, DC, and giving it back to you, the people.

        When you get down to basics, that is the one, critical promise to keep. Make that happen and everything else becomes easier and less important because it allows We, the People to make our own choices and plans.

      • Note to Janice Moore.
        I didn’t listen to Trump’s speech but I read it. I have no problem realizing that the speech was written specifically for the people that elected him, not the intelligentsia that may or may not have done more than cast a ballot. That speech, to me, was not only well crafted for its purpose, but without a doubt had a bolstering affect on the people that carried him to the White House, the common high school graduate or drop out, that’s been busting their butts for the past 24 years of liberal “stick it to the working class” politics. I think it is one of the best speeches that I have read because it wasn’t intended to be “high and mighty,” it was intended to tell the people that they are not forgotten. Too bad you can’t appreciate the beauty of that speech.

      • I thought it delivered the right message, but was a little repetitious. Then again, hourses for courses. Sometimes you have to belabor your point.

      • Piers Morgan of the UK Daily Mail summed it up nicely and I agree:
        “That was one of the most astonishing speeches I have ever heard. In fact, I’m not even sure it was a speech at all. It was a rip-roaring, saber-rattling, blisteringly tough, unashamedly populist tirade that will have shocked, stunned, enthralled or appalled the world in equal measure.” … ….
        “Instead, you took a massive fist and clunked it down on the rain-splattered heads of the Washington establishment – as they sat just yards away. You only spoke for sixteen minutes, but that was long enough to pound them into stupefied, eye-bulging silence.”
        A new Sheriff is in town and he is kicking asses and taking names.

    • Here in UK I’ve watched the inauguration of DJP with great pleasure and satisfaction. What a great spectacle – and we know how to do spectacle.
      And almost before being able draw breath, DJP’s changes are already under way! BRILL!!!! Climate page gone already. Coming on top of our Mrs May telling EU where to get off with our Brexit, its almost too much!! Almost, that is.
      Long may it be so.
      GO DJP!!!.

      • Now of course the challenge will be in keeping up. Those who just move in slow motion will stand out more for doing so now. Those who go in the opposite direction will be lost and sorry.

      • Here in the UK I’ve watched with increasing unease.
        Protectionism won’t help the poor if it’s combined with corporate tax cuts. The infrastructure investment needs money from somewhere. You can’t do that and shrink the pot without really making the poor bleed.
        Insulting his fellow politicians means more deadlock. A weaker USA.
        And “America First”? In the UK “Britain First” is a far right battle cry shouted when an MP was assassinated only last year. It’s not a good sign for democracy. And without democracy, what is the USA?
        I truly hope he does something to clean up climate science. But words are cheap. I’ll believe it when I see it. He used to be a Democrat like Al Gore, after all.

        • Corporate tax reductions (the highest in the first world) does not “shrink the pot”. It grows the pot. It may slow the tap, but then you have more taps so the pot is filled faster. Econ 101.

      • “And “America First”? In the UK “Britain First” is a far right battle cry shouted when an MP was assassinated only last year. It’s not a good sign for democracy.”
        Why would you even call it democracy if the elected office holders put something else first? You might want to think this through . .

      • M Courtney, Where do you think the “infrastructure investment” money comes from? What is it you and Chavez et al, don’t understand?

      • “Here in the UK I’ve watched with increasing unease.
        Protectionism won’t help the poor if it’s combined with corporate tax cuts. The infrastructure investment needs money from somewhere. You can’t do that and shrink the pot without really making the poor bleed.
        Insulting his fellow politicians means more deadlock. A weaker USA.”
        Trump isn’t proposing “protectionism” he just wants a fair shake out of the deals the U.S. makes with other nations. Running up hundreds of billions of dollars in trade deficits is not good for the American economy.
        As for insulting politicians, he is not insulting them (other than pointing out their failed history), he is putting them on notice that they better shape up or they are personally going to hear from Donald Trump.
        He has previously threatened to go into their districts and campaign against them if they oppose him, and I bet he will if it comes down to it. But it won’t, because most politicians are cowards who don’t want Trump breathing down their neck.
        “America First” does not mean we want to exclude other nations, it means we want American politicians to take care of America first, instead of building windmills in Asia.

      • “And “America First”?”
        What other country is an AMERICAN President supposed to put first?!?!?!?
        It’s just hilarious watching the Usual Suspects freak out about this. “How can Trump put America First, when there are Amazonian pigmy tribes who don’t have flush toilets?”
        And it’s even more hilarious to see them freak out about “America First!” when they’ve spent the last few weeks claiming that Trump is working for Russia.

      • An addition. I’m sure I’ll be corrected if I’m wrong.
        There are three parts where various instruments are highlighted before the last part.
        Each of the three was to represent the different section of the US (as thought of at the time), the North, the South and the West.
        The last part was a blending of all.

      • Janice,
        Big music fan that you seem to be – there is an interesting side story to today’s music — that being that Jackie Evancho and I were raised about an hour away from each other. Okay, there is a long time span, too.
        The National Anthem was sung by a 16 year old. Meanwhile, her older sibling is scheduled to undergo surgery, transitioning from Jacob to Juliet. A recent photo is here: Jackie and Juliet
        Lot of videos of Jackie singing and at least one with brother Jacob, a couple of years ago.
        Jacob sang better than I can but not like Jackie. Few can do that.

    • Sniff. You made an old gaffer tear up, Janice. While the Marine Band was not mine, I did, along with the rest of my 200 or so member marching band, past and present, presented that Sousa march in the 1976 Bicentennial Parade my old home town sponsored. I’ve been listening to the Army Chorus do a rendition of The Battle Hymn of the Republic. That one also brings tears to this old gaffer’s eyes. [youtube

      • Dear C.D.,
        I was so touched by your comment at 12:31pm, but, I wanted to see the inauguration parade (FINALLY found a good venue, C-SPAN, where the annoying announcers were not TALKING OVER THE MUSIC), so I delayed writing. I sure hope you come back here and see this.
        I was never in a marching band. Yet, my heart leaps up and my soul is deeply touched whenever I see one determinedly
        STEP, step, step, step
        STEP, step, step, step
        STEP, step, stepping steadily on.
        I don’t know why. Oh, certainly, the music is stirring, but it is much more than that, for I am rousingly moved by just a recording. There is just something about seeing those band members, looking at their faces, each one of them trying so hard to play their part without a mistake, each one having practiced many, many, hours at home, night after night, which touches me deeply.
        It may have to do with an illustration in the book Balconey People by Joyce Landorf Heatherly which I read a long time ago. (recounting this from memory, in italics just to distinguish)
        Football season was once again upon us, at Bedford Falls High School. For a month before school started, the football team practiced hard out on the hot, dry, field to be ready for their first game. And the band practiced hard in the hot, sweaty, band room. The night of the first home game, the bleachers were filled with people cheering on the team.
        At half-time, the fans stood up and stretched and talked and laughed and many left the stands, headed for the snack shack. And the band walked quickly onto the field. Lined up. And started to play. No one stopped talking. No one much was really listening. Except this one guy. One man stood up, waving his plaid jacket over his head. “That’s my boy!” he cried out, grinning from ear to ear, and, turning to say to anyone who might listen, “That’s my boy! Third row back, second from the end!” He was watching. And he was so proud, so very proud. And that’s like God. He sees you. You stand out like the a diamond glinting in the sun to him. Because he loves you. You see, you are important.

        Well, that idea resonates with me so deeply that whenever I watch a marching band, I look at as many members one at a time as I can. And I am moved. Every — single — one of those hard working, often “nerdy,” band members has sorrows and hopes and fears and joys and something about all of them striding along together, playing with all they’ve got, is so beautiful it moves me almost to tears.
        Well, that’s all, C.D.. Lol, that’s MORE than I should have needed to write about that, but, well, it’s hard to put something like that into words. Let me just say, I am so glad that you wrote to me. You can be proud to have been (to still be, you will ALWAYS be a musician) a band member. Marching bands are the best!
        Your WUWT marching band-loving friend,
        P.S. The most moving moment for me of that entire parade, and there were several, was when I saw to my great delight the Palmetto (Florida) high school marching band marching along in their green and black uniforms had MADE IT! I was one of the many who gave what we could via GoFundMe so they could take the trip of their dreams. Oh, boy, was that a moment. There they were! BIG SMILE. 🙂
        P.P.S. I note to tell me you saw this would be so nice to see, if you would be so kind.

      • Thank you, Janice 🙂 You nailed it (band/marching band, and indeed, any one that does performing arts, the way they should be approached and done. That’s why many of us (yeah, like Marines, once in a band, you’re always in a band of brothers/sisters-in-arms) cringe when entertainers go off the deep end doing foolish things for publicity.

    • Many people may not know it, but John Phillip Sousa who wrote this classic American tune also wrote these words for it:

      Unfurl the banner and raise it to the sky!
      Let Eagle cry from mountain high the never ending watch word of our nation.
      Now behold this gem of old, the wonder of the Western sky.
      The emblem of the brave and true, the flag of our liberty, flag of our destiny.
      Red and white and starry blue stream out of the banner so high.
      Every heart will sing a part as all across the land we raise our voices.
      Far and near, for all to hear, the echo of a chorus grand!
      Every heart will swell with pride to sing of our liberty, sing of our destiny.
      As with joy we now extol the flag waving over the land.
      Let us all hail the flag in one accord, let us cheer it with fervid elation.
      It’s the flag of the martyrs gone before, it’s the flag of flags, the banner of our nation.
      It’s a beacon for all who share our dream of a new day without domination.
      It’s the hope of the peoples now oppressed and a symbol of their own emancipation.
      Hooray for the flag of the free! May it wave as our standard forever.
      The gem of the land and the sea, ever hoist it proud and high.
      All nations remember the day when our fathers with mighty endeavor
      proclaimed as they marched to the fray that by their might and by their right, it waves forever.
      Every time the people hear the bell of freedom calling, (calling) one and all.
      Every living patriotic citizen will answer, (answer) freedom’s call.
      Everywhere the bold and gallant souls come forth to bear the cross of duty.
      Rising up as one to fight and die behind the flag of freedom’s beauty.
      Patriotic hearts will falter never, following the stars and stripes forever.
      Marching to the quest, to east or west, they quell distress, the freed oppressed cry out.
      Hooray for the flag of the free! May it wave as our standard forever.
      The gem of the land and the sea, ever hoist it proud and high.
      All nations remember the day when our fathers with mighty endeavor proclaimed as they marched to the fray,
      “Defended by our might, ever standing for the right, it waves forever!”
      Hail to the banner that waves the stars and stripes,
      we give our lives for Stars and Stripes!

      And you can hear the barber shop quartet Accoustix singing it here:

    • Janice, thank you for the music! I enjoyed all of it, but the Stars & Stripes was played so well it nearly brought tears to my eyes. I’ve heard the Marine Band (and most of the other big service bands), and their renditions seem to capture the true spirit of the music without once resorting to bombast. The piccolo player was outstanding!

  7. Here’s to stopping the Alarmist Tyranny dead in its tracks.
    Here’s to halving funding for Climate Science Studies, giving the other half to *PRE-INDUSTRIAL-REVOLUTION CLIMATE SCIENCE STUDIES* (since the beginnings of time), IN SEPARATE, INDEPENDENT, ACADEMIC INSTITUTIONS.

      • I beg to differ – the best will be the Supreme Court Judge appointees over the next 8 years.

    • Enjoy it, folks. While he’s right about the global warming alarmism, in every other way, this guy comes off as an authoritarian state supremacist. And while it will be nice to see federal funding for this claptrap go away, there are plenty of other sources for the greens to get money. Expect to see the usual suspects like Greenpeace, Sierra Club, et al increasing their drumbeats and making ever more dire predictions to get money out of the gullible. And unless Trump puts federal funding behind anti-hysteria research, the Green voice will ultimately win out because it’ll start looking like the government’s being a bully to those poor greens.
      This will all end in tears.

      • I hope he will follow Lomborg’s recommendation to shift funding from current “renewables” to breakthrough power research. And I hope he will hire people like Judy & Rud to serve as his climate spokesmen. And I hope he’ll encourage the formation of many congressional subcommittees to look into to many facets of the climate change controversy.

      • @psion: this guy comes off as an authoritarian state supremacist.
        Maybe. But an “authoritarian state supremacist” would be unlikely to say:

        today we are not merely transferring power from one administration to another or from one party to another, but we are transferring power from Washington, DC, and giving it back to you, the people.

        Time will tell if he means it.

      • Stock: “At least we have hope rather than Hillary’s jackboot”
        AGREED! There is no question that we would still have had an authoritarian state-supremacist in President Hillary, along with all the global warming alarmism, too. The focus might have been a bit different, but no less unpleasant.

  8. One by one all the pages are coming down. Word has it the LGBT page is gone too.
    BUT, as anyone who has ever worked for a company that changes hands or is bought out, or paid attention during past elections knows, that online tech teams swap out immediately and the first order of business is to pull ALL of the content that reflects the outgoing regime’s stances or viewpoints, and redesign with the incoming regime’s platforms. So it would be hasty and naive to think that in the next few days those pages won’t return with new shiny words and statements. Just saying…

    • 100% of the Obama White House pages are gone except for copies managed by a GSA archivist. the URL is directed to an entirely new and separate set of servers, that are housed out in Arlington, VA. Generally anyone working for Trump’s staff would have no access to anything from the Obama WH other than an archived copy, and only after the moment of swearing-in. Any similarity in content or look and feel is entirely at the discretion of the WH Director of Communications, as directed by the Chief of Staff and the President.

    • In reality, every single page will probably be replaced anyway, so there’s that. But it’s telling which were the very first to disappear, and most likely will not be replaced, like for like. I imagine some young webmaster sitting with finger poised over the “delete” key, waiting for the words “so help me God” to echo from the platform.

      • Lol Brian. I had a similar image in my head, only two guys…one hitting “delete” (archivist) one hitting enter (launcher), and then they shook hands and one was escorted out. 🙂

    • Most likely, they had the entire web site ready to go prior to the inauguration.
      At 12 noon, they merely changed the address at the various internet name servers to point to Trump’s site rather than Obama’s.

    • At least stop looking the other way on enforcement. They fine oil drilling sites that have a dead bird in a pond and look the other way on windmill and solar CSP bird deaths by the thousands.

      • It might not be that bad if it were Pigeons, English Sparrows and other avian vermin that are the main victims, but the raptor species which control overpopulation of many pests. Their numbers had already been reduced by human ignorance and now this threatens their recovery. Ivanpah in particular (the fake lake from Hell).

      • This on top of white nose fungus imported by European spelunkers, now decimating many species of North American bats. We lost the American Chestnut to invasive chestnut blight. Then the American Elm to invasive Dutch elm disease. Then maybe the American ash ( all 13 species) to invasive emerald ash borer imported from China (we are fighting back with biowarfare comprising 3 species of stinglss wasp biocontrols, see essay Greenhouse Effects for details). Pacific lionfish now decimating Florida’s tropical reefs. Now American bats decimated by white nose fungus from Europe. Guard the borders should mean to an ardent environmentalist like myself a lot more than illegal immigrants. Florida has got 19 foot long Burmese pythons decimating the Everglades fauna and African stucco eating giant snails. Enough, already. Guard the ecological borders as well as the geographic borders.

      • Pop Piasa…you just gave me a thought…everyone knows that at a certain angle, that Lake from Hell becomes a painfully reflective mirror….has anyone run an albedo calculation on that sucker? *grin*
        Maybe it’s causing the pause…….

  9. Now demand that other nations and the UN give back the taxpayer money shipped to them in support of a temporary political theme. Their services of paid-concern are no longer needed.

  10. AS much as I enjoy the irony of the situation, the plain fact is that the website referred to “the President’ policies” and the picture was of Obama. Not surprised they removed it. There’s a new President in town…

  11. Have not felt this optimistic about the direction of the country since 1980. All doom, gloom, and pending disaster when Reagan took office. None of that happened and the people regained their self-confidence. That more than anything led us to rally our friends in pushing our totalitarian foes over the cliff. They regrouped in the West as rancid watermelons. Let this be the day that their expected victory turned to ashes in the mouths.
    Many Canadians on this site. What great neighbors you are. Hang in there and fight. This nut will become a punchline like the tree he fell from. Vapid, narcissistic, arrogant, and painfully detached from the lives of the governed.

    • I would love to believe that us Canadians will kick JT out. But I do not believe that the Easterners have gotten over their love affair with him. I fear he will win another one or two elections.

      • Take courage, Jeff!
        We thought we were going to have Hillary and the Clinton Crime Foundation for the next 4 years….
        How was that ‘eventuality’ overcome? It required the hard work of a lot of grass roots citizens, motivating the apathetic voters in their precincts, districts, and states, to get conservative candidates elected at every level possible.
        You can do it also!
        May God bless America, our Canadian neighbors, and all who love our great countries!

      • Gotta believe Jeff! Wall is on side in Sask. Bang the Tory and Wildrose heads together in Alberta and just keep fighting. Justin shows his true colours everyday. Screw up after screw up. Ontario will throw out the Libs next election. As the pendulum swings back we have to be pushing hard to get rid of these Socialist boneheads as quickly and completely as possible.
        Politics is like hockey. Make their heads bleed! Lol!

    • I lived in Germany for 5.5 years 1978-1983. Spoke fluent German. My then wifes parents came over on a Luther tour of East Germany (he is now a retired Lutheran minister, then very active). So 20 pastors and their spouses, plus us as snuck alongs that the Stasi did not catch. Nor did they know we spoke fluent German, assuming from our American passports that we did not. Stupid Stazi. We entered East Germany through Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin. The stories we can tell of the deprivation and utter futility. NEVER thought the wall would fall. Saint Ronald Reagan made that happen. His Berlin speech: ‘Mr. Gorbaschev, tear down this wall!’ To this day I wonder whether he was divinely inspired, had inside CIA info on soviet Empire collapse, or both. Probably both.

      • “His Berlin speech: ‘Mr. Gorbaschev, tear down this wall!'”
        Mr. Reagan had the moral highground. Mr. Gorbachev obviously agreed.

  12. Oh man I so never thought it could ever happen. After decades of watching ignorant green witch doctors jumping up and down on the World stage, shrieking and gibbering and flinging poo at any who demur – they’re finally going to slink away into the bushes and glower.
    Donald J Trump: My brother. My captain. My king.

  13. I commute 47 miles each way to work.
    Work is close to liberal Austin, TX.
    I noticed something puzzling this morning.
    Usually most vehicles go over the speed limit of 75 mph.
    Yet this morning many vehicles weren’t even going the limit. Traffic was slow.
    At one point I was in the outside of three lanes going the limit of 75 mph and I was passing vehicles in the center and inside (faster) lanes.
    I put it down to liberals being so dismayed about today that they couldn’t even function well enough to drive.

  14. Maybe some of the “climate scientists” can start addressing what climate change is going to do to the United States instead of focusing on some made up global temperature. Should the folks here in Kansas begin to plan on switching from corn and wheat to cotton? Should the folks in Canada be switching from wheat to corn and soybeans? How about Southeast Asia, should they switch from rice to dry land wheat? WHAT do we have to do to Make America Great in the threat of climate change and WHEN.
    Getting some concrete answers from the scientists may force them to own up and say we don’t know even though the science is settled! I guarantee Trump isn’t going to continue throwing good money after bad with nothing but unproven answers as the product. How does the song go – “There is a time”.

    • Oh, Joel. That’s SO sweet. EXACTLY the thing to play, here today:

      (youtube) — Disney’s “Song of the South”)
      Happy memories of the very first movie I saw in a movie theater.
      “Mister bluebird on my shoulder… ” 🙂
      We CAN all “just get along.”
      Love conquers all.

      • I hate to break it to you Janice but Mr. Bluebird flew through a windmill shortly after filming his last scene.

      • Well. How kind of you to tell me that, Mr. Harmsworth.
        Uncle Remus came along just now, however, and whispered in my ear
        and you will be HAPPY TO HEAR THAT
        the little bluebird came through A-OK!
        (This song was written in his memory (he died in 1974). Yeah, it’s got a few extra details in it. Birds like to embellish, don’t you know. 😉 )

        “Evrahthing is satisfactual.”

  15. As joyous as I am over Trump being President there is a shadow over the US that will take a monumental effort to lift, Obama’s legacy to the US people still runs –> .
    If for no one else but the generation to come, Trump must initialize the removal of this burden.

      • Hear, hear. Why is it that EVERY — SINGLE — TIME
        we have a happy celebration thread on WUWT,
        a few Eeyores have to come along and dump water on the fireworks.
        Meh. I’m just going to ignore them.
        And pull out some more fireworks (and music!) 🙂

        (youtube — Tchaikovsky’s “1812 Overture”)
        WE WON!!!
        And THAT,
        just that,
        is cause for celebration.

      • And, yes, the Russian hymn, “God the Omnipotent” is worked into Tchaikovsky’s composition. So be it. And, after all, the Russian people are not our enemy.

    • He can rely on Paul Ryan to start that. Plus the supressed 2016 report about $135 billion in back office waste in DoD alone. Plus about $30billion in green subsidies- wind, solar, ethanol. Plus all the fed payments to sanctuary cities. Can revamp fuel taxes to help with infrastructure; haven’t been touched in almost 30 years. Revenue from dumped Chinese steel and aluminum excise taxes. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the deficit is not the only important agenda.

      • Don’t forget his statement a couple of days ago called for a 10% across the board budget cut for all/most federal agencies along with a 20% reduction (through attrition) in personnel. I don’t know how much of that he can get through but if you listen to the complainers there are a bunch of federal workers claiming to retire if he got elected. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

    • Yes. This has been building for decades.
      Let’s hope and pray that he looks at it as his own business’s debt and deals with it accordingly.
      Lots of people won’t be happy in the short run.
      But, if he holds to the ideal that the chief “business” of America is Freedom for it’s citizens, we’ll be moving in the right direction.
      Today’s losers won’t approve of him but their kids …

  16. The sea change with respect to how the US Government addresses global warming (which apparently is not!) is largely due to a small group of people. And to that effect, this blog has played a huge part in unifying the voices of the skeptical community. In my opinion, our country owes a huge debt of gratitude to our host, Anthony. He took on the beast and was personally beat up for it at great cost… but he never lost his humility and grace, even when dealing with people that lacked both of those attributes.

  17. a new version of the WH website is just part of the normal transition, like changing the drapes and wallpaper and furniture in the White House.

    And they change all the mattresses and bedding also (BuzzFeed take note). The WH staff is very busy while everyone else is watching the ceremony.

  18. I hope they go revamp the White House history pages and remove Obama from all the biographies of past presidents. What Obama’s team did to the simple presidential biographies to insert Barack Obama into EVERY SINGLE ONE of them was pure defilement and graffiti. I hope President Trump hires some real historians to redo the one to two page biographies in pure historical setting of their lives and get rid of the presentism that is so prevalent in current SJW historians.

    • He apparently skipped Washington, Ford and Eisenhower, but, yes, many of the later Presidents’ bios have been pointlessly Obamanized–unless the point is that Obama considers himself a god.
      I don’t know whose idea this sorry mess was, but if it was Obama’s, it’s narcissism of the most unhealthy kind. I’d sooner see a Chaka placa in the oval office.

  19. Very glad to finally see the beginning of the end of Obama and the Democratic Party’s climate alarmism idiocy that has done so much damage to America.
    President Trump will have his hands full getting control of government agencies including NASA, NOAA , EPA and the Department of Energy that Obama has so completely politicalized to support his massively misguided climate alarmism bs. There is indeed a huge swamp to clean out.
    Today is a very great day for America!

  20. This was the moment when the rise of the oceans of Leftist b*** s*** began to slow and our nation began to heal.

  21. Now rename the Yucca Mtn nuclear site as the Harry Reid Waste Dump and restart the facility that already had many billions of taxpayer money thrown at it and the NV economy and countless numbers of consultants.

    • Actually, why don’t we rescind the Jimmy Carter EO and restart the reprocessing of spent fuel rods so that hard mined and processed Uranium doesn’t go to waste. We can use Yucca to store the hot decommissioned reactor containment steel and concrete from old plants as we replace them.

      • Okay, that was what much of the DOE budget was for anyway along with nuclear weapons cleanup. That was before Bill Clinton used it as a pass through budget for unrelated spending and President He Who Must Not Be Named Anymore used it to fund crony green entities headed by former politicos.

      • Decommissioned reactor vessel steel/etc is currently buried (permanently) at Hanford. That is where the reactor vessel from the Trojan Nuclear Plant ended up. Yucdca mountain is designed to accept – for the VERY long term – irradiated spent fuel.

        • The problem with Yucca is that the geology of the area may change before the radioactive waste is safe. Then there is the problem of how to get it there safely.

  22. The deleted lead image was of jug-ears himself, giving us his backside as usual. Nice combo jettison.

  23. Happy to report my head did not explode. Fortunately I’ve been vaccinated against exploding head syndrome with frequent injections of WUWT.

  24. The NASA site still has this on their global climate change page:
    “Multiple studies published in peer-reviewed scientific journals1 show that 97 percent or more of actively publishing climate scientists agree: Climate-warming trends over the past century are extremely likely due to human activities.”
    The references in 1 show two quotes from studies by John Cook.
    I wonder how long that page is going to hold up.
    I’d replace the references to Cook’s study with the review of his study by Jose Duarte.

    • Steve January 20, 2017 at 2:47 pm
      Hmm John Cook, is he still coming to Mason Univ, or did he get a case of the “bugout blues” after Nov 8,

    • “The NASA site still has this on their global climate change page:
      “Multiple studies published in peer-reviewed scientific journals1 show that 97 percent or more of actively publishing climate scientists agree: Climate-warming trends over the past century are extremely likely due to human activities.”
      This goes to show just how dishonest NASA is to put this lie on their website as the truth. They know good and well this is a bogus study, yet they put it out there as the truth. Completely dishonest. I hope somebody is taking notes.

  25. The media luvvies here, BBC, ITV and Sky News, are distressed that Trump actually made it to the White House. Their anguish is amusing to watch but such satisfaction is wrecked by the irritation of their overwhelming disapproval of Trump and blatant bias.

    • Iain Dale on LBC was likening the inaugural speech to Benito Mussolini the Italian fascist leader. All adjectives being used imply a negative picture. I think it is helping them to try and forget Brexit. Such poor and anti-democratic losers.

      • All the U.S. Leftwing News channels are all “gloom and doom” over Trump. It’s kind of disturbing to see just how delusional some people can really get.
        It’s all handwringing on the Leftwing channels, but I watch Fox, the Rightwing channel and thoroughly enjoy their coverage “Fair and Balance” not “Glum and Unhappy” like you get from the rest of the MSM.
        Out with the old and failed, in with the new and successful.

        • Although we REALLY enjoyed the hours of inauguration coverage by Alex Jones and his cohorts on Infowars. Finally someone COMPLETELY off the news grid. Fox on days seems even a bit tainted.
          Though you could just feel the MSM pulse flowing through the local tweets and other social media feeds. The mind control engines have been quite effective making “man into their own image” as many appear to bow down to those false gods by repeating the same mantras without so much as a sliver of thought themselves.

      • “Fox on days seems even a bit tainted.”
        I’ll have to agree with you there. I had to turn the channel tonight after suffering through a few minutes of an attack on Trump from commentator Charles Krauthammer. He can be a real pain sometimes.
        There is a little clique of never-Trump reporters on Fox who can be quite irritating (to me, anyway) as they follow the MSM narrative of the day on Trump. Maybe they should change their attitudes. After all, Megyn Kelly is no longer at Fox, and it’s because of her feud with Trump. Others should feud with Trump at their own peril.

  26. I have read that Obama’s own team took down their web pages, as they should. It’s just part of cleaning out the desk drawers. They made a copy of it called “ (like anyone cares).

  27. Reassuring it may be that the Whitehouse website has been scrubbed clean of reference to “climate change”. However, the only reference to coal there is the dreaded term “clean coal energy”. Question is, has the new Administration changed the definition of that term? Radically. Thanks to the alarmist industry, it means minimising or sequestering carbon dioxide emissions. Plain stupidity it is, of course, demonising that pristine gas essential to all life forms. My hope is that Trump will see to it that “clean coal energy” will be defined as just that: no particulate emissions like soot. He is on record, after all, as having alluded to just that.

  28. Today is a wonderful day not seen in at least 25 years, a return to reality. It’s the beginning of the end of climate change hysteria and lies. I’m extremely optimistic President Trump will succeed as no one before. Let the great times roll!!!!!

  29. This is a God-given answer – finally – to many years of hard work by myself and countless others, battling in anonymity against global warming, global cooling, AGW and climate change nonsense, which was developed by communists to strip the US of IRS wealth and was doing a great job of it. Go Trump. MAGA.

  30. Someday there will be a big budget Hollywood picture about the late great PR climate scare conspiracy run out of the White House and called out by Anthony Watts. But that won’t happen till some time after the popular release in China of the movie about the massacre in Tiananmen Square. Possibly long after

  31. Slightly O/T: Apparently wearing a mask (or otherwise covering your face) while committing a crime is a felony in the District of Columbia. So all the little SJW rioters are now facing jail time and permanent criminal records. Wonder if the knew that when they signed up?

  32. Let freedom ring!!! ding-ding-ding…. Round 1 begins!
    I wonder what the carbon footprint is for exploding Leftist heads?
    All the Leftist hyperventilatiing must be pumping out huge quantities of CO2!

  33. I, for one, will be happy when we can finally start talking about what Trump is actually doing, instead of all the things people say he will do. Saying things with great conviction cuts no ice with realists as the alarmists have learned – to their chagrin. GK

    • Me, too. And here we go! 🙂
      January 20, 2017 — Executive Order signed by Donald Trump to do the maximum that he can do at this time to stop enforcement of Obamacare:

      … exercise all authority and discretion available to them to waive, defer, grant exemptions from, or delay the implementation of any provision or requirement of {Obamacare} that would impose a fiscal burden on any State or a cost, fee, tax, penalty, or regulatory burden on individuals, families, healthcare providers, health insurers, patients, recipients of healthcare services, purchasers of health insurance, or makers of medical devices, products, or medications.

      (Source: )

  34. What a long strange trip this has been…
    …There’s nothing in the streets
    Looks any different to me
    And the slogans are replaced, by-the-buy
    And the parting on the left
    Are now parting on the right
    And the beards have all grown longer overnight
    I’ll tip my hat to the new constitution
    Take a bow for the new revolution
    Smile and grin at the change all around
    Pick up my guitar and play
    Just like yesterday
    Then I’ll get on my knees and pray
    We don’t get fooled again
    Don’t get fooled again
    No, no!
    Meet the new boss
    Same as the old boss

    • Dear Carla,
      Very good idea (to pray truth prevails), however, please note: the evidence, so far, clearly points to “the new boss” not being remotely like the “old boss.”
      Too much suspicion is not healthy. Let’s see what happens.

  35. I thought Washington was experiencing some really bad weather yesterday, then I realised it was all the snowflakes falling to the ground 😀

    • And when we watched that movie we all cheered and cried, “After all those years — FINALLY!” The day Rhett got his brain back.
      “Free at last, free at last,
      thank God Almighty,
      we’re free {of the socialists} at last.”

      • In case that is a pro-AGW video, as it appears to be, I’m NOT going to honor it with another view; it would only be more Cult of AGW religious material aimed at keeping the parishioners from coming to their senses and walking out the door.

      • I am not surprised that this theme would be used by those who would misuse the old Germanic myths and legends, which a very talented philologist and Professor of Anglo Saxon (Mercian) drew from, as well as the Norse edda, to give an “Edwardian” rendering of these had they survived. It is an old theme in the story of Fallen Man. I did not see it as pro-AGW as such, though the theme, as noted, could be misused for such.

      • I saw it actually more in response to the hypothetical question posed in this thread – “what to do, what to do”. The element I was (perhaps not so clearly) trying to point to was “This is war”. It has been the war of the minds for quite some time now, and the fact that our former Executive has chosen to engage in that battle with his own .org simply points to the fact that the war for the minds will continue unabated. And that some sacrifices will need be made (as in all wars) for victory to be attained.

  36. The climate has changed rapidly since November, at least in the US. Never before have so many snowflakes been seen in cities like SF, NY, Chicago…

  37. All together now, “Na na na na / Na na na na / Hey, hey, hey, Good-bye. (I wonder how many earworms, I might have just created. Sorry.

    • lol, HF, I could NOT figure out how “Na na na na / Na na na na / Hey, hey, hey, Good-bye” fit into the end of that Journey song…
      So, I looked up your lyrics on youtube and said, “Oh.” And quickly stopped it! (heh).
      Thanks for the fun. 🙂

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