Friday Funny – Josh at the London Climate Conference

Josh tells me that he live-tooned the London Climate conference, which we spoke of here last month. He’s sent along pictures and video for our amusement.

Day 1:


Here’s a video of that toon:


And Day2:


16 thoughts on “Friday Funny – Josh at the London Climate Conference

  1. Christopher could have brought them a nice big shovel instead of that tiny spade. I mean, he’s trying to help them dig themselves in deeper, right?

    • Monckton with shovel: “I come not to praise Caesar climate models but to bury Caesar climate models.”
      That was a nice doodle, Josh.

  2. Peer review: “I don’t like those!”
    Thank you for sharing your excellent — on — the — spot, wow! — artwork and creative writing, Josh!
    We’ve missed your cartoons (while you were working on Tiny the Turbine) around here.

  3. I love Josh’s cartoons but I have a special soft spot for his tooned conferences. They make so much sense.

  4. Thank you Anthony (and most especially to LMofBr. of course) and thanks to Josh: you are all held in the highest esteem.
    Absolutely bloody MARVELLOUS stuff !
    PS: I really do hope that the shyte-hawks in Washington, Berlin and London are reading this and choking on their own vomit. (… and no, I am not bitter … it goes much, much deeper than that: just think of how very many articles, paragraphs, words of wisdom, calculations, analyses, graphs, comments, safe-cracking e-mail openening documentaries have been put onto this WUWT website).
    Without WUWT and Heartland and SAPPorg (and all who sail in them) we should all be wearing brown shorts and swastikas by now.
    Never in the field of human conflict …
    Best Regards,

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