US Climate Envoy to Fly to Morocco for Pre COP22 Conference

Arrival of a caravan outside a city in Morocco.

Arrival of a caravan outside a city in Morocco. Edwin Lord Weeks [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

According to a US State Department Press Release, the US Climate Envoy is flying to Morocco for a pre-climate conference conference.

U.S. Special Envoy for Climate Change Travel to Morocco

U.S. Special Envoy for Climate Change Dr. Jonathan Pershing will travel July 27-28 to Rabat, Morocco for meetings with Moroccan officials to discuss climate priorities for the year and plans for the upcoming 22nd Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP-22). Morocco will host COP-22 in Marrakesh, November 7-18, 2016 – the first climate conference since the successful adoption of the 2015 Paris Agreement.

Special Envoy Pershing will meet with counterparts at the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Environment, Energy and Agriculture, as well as members of the COP-22 commission and steering committee responsible for planning and hosting COP-22. In his meetings, Dr. Pershing will discuss next steps to address global climate change, as well as shared priorities for the year, including: rapid entry-into-force of the Paris Agreement, implementation of countries’ Nationally Determined Contributions, mobilizing private sector finance for low-carbon climate resilient solutions and clean energy, and climate adaptation and resilience.


Morocco is widely considered to be a climate leader.

My prediction is these climate conferences will continue to proliferate until they discover Skype.

65 thoughts on “US Climate Envoy to Fly to Morocco for Pre COP22 Conference

  1. He will do this on the solar powered plane of course, right?
    Oh, sorry, I forgot it will be windmill powered. They will put a big wind turbine up on top of it and use the electricity to make it fly. [/sarc]

      • ROFL, that was golden – thanks for the laugh!
        One thing that did strike me as peculiar was that the reporter seemed to have been taken in by the whole Heath Robinson-style hare-brained invention, and thought it was a great idea! :0)

    • He would have needed to have already left if he wants to get to Morroco by November by solar plane. Only 27 months to get round the World – probably been done quicker on a bicycle.

    • The technology to cross the Atlantic powered only by wind has been around for at least five centuries. Problem is that it takes a while. It took Columbus about 5 weeks.

    • Yes, quite.
      I was recently pondering on the fact that it took Solar Impulse 16 months to circumnavigate the planet and old matey boy just managed it in a balloon in 11 days.
      Just because something is achievable doesn’t necessarily mean it is a sensible thing to do. The headlong tilt at wind factories and so-called biofuels are other good examples.

  2. Gosh if they have to stop flying, getting mini vacations off the taxpayers while discussing the natural climate they might end up shouting “The Skype is falling, the Skype is falling.”

  3. These UNCC conference participants are well travelled people. In the last few years, they have been in Paris, Lima, Warsaw, and Doha. And don’t forget Bali. Must have been hard to be in Bali and stuck in meetings all day.

    • The usual suspects, buying CDOs without knowing what they are doing, to blind to see a worldwide financial crisis coming: HSH Nordbank, Deutsche Bank …
      but with the expertise about climate change and ‘decarbonizing’:
      Companies like Siemens, Deutsche Bank, energy companies RWE and E.on, as well as the German insurer Munich Re are all interested in getting involved despite the financial crisis. All of the companies claim that this is how they are fighting back against climate change.
      Bringing six billion poor people to clean prosperity and clean up the rich of 1.2 billion.
      In our perspective the key to decarbonize the world and fight global warming is the desert – in only six hours deserts receive as much energy from the sun as humankind consumes in a whole year.

    • The usual suspects :
      On 7 June 2015, the then co-CEOs, Juergen Fitschen and Anshu Jain, both offered their resignations[9] to the bank’s supervisory board, which resignations were accepted. Anshu Jain’s resignation took effect on 30 June 2015, but he provided consultancy to the bank until January 2016. Juergen Fitschen temporarily continued as joint CEO until 19 May 2016. The appointment of John Cryan as joint CEO was announced, effective 1 July 2015; he became sole CEO at the end of Juergen Fitschen’s term.
      Internal email from 2005 describing Deutsche CDO traders view of the bubble
      Deutsche Bank was one of the major drivers of the collateralized debt obligation (CDO) market during the housing credit bubble from 2004 to 2008, creating ~$32,000,000,000 worth. The 2011 US Senate Permanent Select Committee on Investigations report on Wall Street and the Financial Crisis analyzed Deutsche Bank as a ‘case study’ of investment banking involvement in the mortgage bubble, CDO market, credit crunch, and recession. 
      But Germany hosts a ‘Willkommenskultur’, for people in crisis:

    • Interestingly Deutsche Bank was founded to collect money from ‘small savers’ to promote industrialization.
      Nowadays ‘small savers’ are a hindrance for big money. And decarbonization pairs with deindustralization.

  4. That’s it…I’m defecting
    There’s no money in de-nile….
    How do you become a “Climate Envoy”?…
    …I would love an all expences covered trip to Morocco…

    • First, you need to learn how to modify the laws of physics to show whatever you want.
      Next, you need to believe that a gazillion, mostly undocumented, data adjustments makes data better.
      Finally, you need to replace the scientific method with conformance to a political narrative.
      Now, you are on your way to becoming a Climate Envoy, but you will have to accept evil before you can qualify for the free vacations.

      • Sounds more like the definition of a “Climate Scientist” than that of a “Climate Envoy”. Oh, I forgot. They’re one and that same.

  5. I hope these Lestist CAGW zealots realize that the more taxpayer money they waste on CAGW, and the more hysterical and inevitable they make their dire CAGW predictions, the stronger the blowback will be against Leftists when the CAGW is officially disconfirmed in about 5~7 years, when significant global cooling ensues from cooling PDO/AMO ocean cycles and collapsing solar activity, leading to: significant increases of Arctic ice extents, a string of bitterly cold winters, reord cold temps are broken, numerous glaciers start growing, etc..

  6. “Ducks and pigs and chickens call … Colored cottons hang in the air … All on board ….” (1969) by Grahm Nash, originally published in “Marrakesh Express”

  7. Envoy Pershing had better take his own security detail … including a helicopter. No, it won’t do any good to ask once he’s over there, if the local “religion of peace” boys start to get restless.
    Ambassador Stevens asked repeatedly for extra security in Benghazi
    (another little “peace” religion hangout)
    and was denied — by H. Clinton.
    Oh, yes, Stevens was a very loyal administration factotum. That won’t help Pershing. Not one bit.
    There will be some video on youtube, some cartoon, or something….. something to whisper earnestly (“we’ll get those video people” or the like…..) into the Pershing’s family ears as they stand watching his flag-draped coffin being carried from the plane while the U.S. Marine Corps band plays, “Abide With Me.”

      To quote another commenter (forgot your name!), once again:

      Trump for president. Hillary for prison.

      On topic. The thread is about this administration’s wildly anti-American actions. The solution: boot them out of D.C..

      • Do like they did back in South Carolina in the late ’60s/early ’70s… blanket replace the incumbents (‘cept we’d probably have to do it two or three time before they get the word).

  8. Climate envoys, please lead by example. Only sail ships over water; only on a camelback over dry land.

  9. Global Warming cronyism is becoming the same as the Olympics & World Soccer …. the respective get-togethers have relatively little to do with the subject-at-hand and the details, compared with posturing for the aggrandizement of personal power & prestige, elitism, and living the hi-life.

    • A-greed, Ross! Most of these serial con artists should be in jail, not lobbying public servants for funds to misappropriate for themselves and their slimy cronies.

  10. There goes another $5,000,000 in travel and security expenses for another presidential appearance. When do they make the next run at carbon taxes for party slush fund priorities?

  11. This must be what they mean by ” redistribute defacto the world’s wealth.” You take the taxpayer’s money by the millions, then fly to another country to spend it on lobster, champagne, and whatever else with no limits. Eventually with enough conferences, the third world should see some uptick in their economies.

    • We have to get all those lobsters out of the ocean before they boil or the acidification gets ’em!

      • LOL! And we have to swallow all that champagne before the Co2 escapes into the atmosphere!!

  12. Very interesting place for a Geologist and Geophysicist but the date is potentially a LOL. Better keep the bar open on Nov. 8-9-10 since Nov. 8 is the election in the U.S. and Nov. 9 in Morocco.
    On Nov. 10 Pershing claws his way above the bar-top and asks for a beer. Bartender says, Sir you are obviously ill (a polite way of saying drunk). Pershing replies, Yes. Beer is medicine.
    Ha ha

  13. “Morocco will host COP-22 in Marrakesh, November 7-18, 2016 – the first climate conference since the successful adoption of the 2015 Paris Agreement.”
    if we have successful adoption of a climate agreement why do we need another meeting?

  14. I am just sick of this, how the heck do we stop it ? Frankly I am just pre ( pre) paring for the worst. I am already frightened for the collapse in the big inner cities, frankly the riots in Baltimore and others are going to be tea parties in comparison.

  15. So, the next UN IPCC COP (Conference Of The Partygoers) is coming up soon. It should be a lot of fun for those who are eligible to attend, I’m sure.
    It has always struck me as a bit odd, though, that the acolytes over at the Church of CAGW, who profess to condemn any activity which releases CO2, frequently descend on far-flung, exotic destinations for massive, fossil fuel-driven knees-ups.
    I wonder if there is an element of rank hypocrisy at play there…

  16. Dr. Pershing will discuss…
    rapid entry-into-force of the Paris Agreement,
    implementation of countries’ Nationally Determined Contributions,
    mobilizing private sector finance for low-carbon climate resilient solutions and clean energy,
    and climate adaptation and resilience.

    Yes they will go there and discuss, since they have no authority to act on any of those subjects. They only thing they do have authority on is setting up the next meeting, the only tangible outcome of these 11 days of fun in the sun.
    I want to go to Morocco and discuss stuff.

  17. oops missed an ending blockquote after “and climate adaptation and resilience.”
    [fixed correctly? .mod]

  18. A bunch of years ago a very experienced and now revered Democrat State Department Official was criticizing the Bush Administration for its actions, so the Reporter asked him, “What will you do if your Candidate wins?” He answered, “First I’ll have a Meeting.” I was driving at the time, so I thought maybe I should have had a meeting about doing it before I took off.
    But given their Specialty it sounds like these Climate Scientists [aren’t they all?] are trying to actually do something similar to answering the question, “How many Angels can fit on the head of a pin?”
    It’s Meetings all the way down.

  19. Climate conferences in tropical places are scripted movies with a pre-determined ending. Folks, the reporter’s script outlining what was said and done has already been written, recorded, and in the can. It’s just waiting for the final gavel to show it on the 6:00 news.

  20. There doesn’t seem to be much climate “change” in that region.

    The Sahara is the world’s largest hot desert and one of the harshest environments on the planet. It is third largest desert overall after Antarctica and the Arctic, which are cold deserts.

    To get a true understanding of CO2 ability to trap heat, the people atteding this meeting should do sleep naked in the dry desert. The dry deserts are a natural control for CO2 causing climate change. With no H20 available, only CO2 is left, and the result is some very very very very cold nights.

  21. Just what evidence of climate change is there in the Sahara Desert over the past 2,000 years? None.

  22. Attendance:
    1. A few hundred scientists.
    2. Hundreds of non-climate science specialists and professors.
    3. Several thousand political delegates.
    4. Tens of thousands of h for public hawkers looking for government and private funding and sales.
    Every year, all these tens of thousands get their annual 2 week all expenses paid work/vacation in a new place. Cancun, Bali, AbuDhabi, Paris, Cape Town, …..
    What would they do to ANYBODY that puts their annual vacation in jeopardy by saying the problem is minor or non-existent?

  23. Is it really safe for the US Climate Envoy to fly to Morocco?
    Isn’t climate change supposed to cause planes to fall from the sky when they go over the ocean, due to the risk that all the missing heat in the ocean might suddenly be released causing severe turbulence and wind shear?

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