Monday Mirthiness – hilarious hate mail

People send me stuff. Today I got one of the most ridiculous pieces of hate mail, ever, from some fool in Belgium who can’t seem to figure out that what he’s ranting about has already been claimed. On the WUWT contact page it says this, apparently he can’t/won’t read.


So, here is what he sends.


Great way to convince somebody of your position, huh?

100% proven? Apparently he hasn’t seen all the “science is settled” claims made about AGW. Dude, get with the program.


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      • If that was an actual letter it would be covered in Spit and Snot. One of the great things about e-mail-whatever is affecting his mind is not transmitted by electrons1

        • I am getting up to 100 identical emails from you. Please reduce them to one. MG 
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  1. Um er ! Please Sir,
    If it hasn’t been proven (well more than 97%) that humans are causing global warming; (izzat similar to climate change), Why are some people wanting to shut down everything ??
    He sounds like he’s 100% certain, but then he asks you to wait till it’s 100% proven.

  2. In addition to “settled science” we also have a President who chides and abuses citizens from the podium with an NRDC/Green Peace script. That’s the new progressive style that ignores impact on science fact checking, science education, and waste of taxpayer funds for the pleasure of advocacy groups.

    • Not to mention that his mandate entitles him to dictate to the populace of the UK.
      Best of luck with that – It’s been tried before, with predictable results.
      We’re looking forward to the arrival of Air Force One!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Anthony,
    I hope you now feel suitably humbled after being put in your place by such a master of wit, sparking repartee & linguistic exactitude’s as M Broeckx.
    I’m sure we can all learn something about the warmists level of competence from his erudite issue.

    • Yeah, Oscar Wilde himself would have been envious of this guy’s eloquence and intelligence. 🙂

      • This brought back memories of a shaggy dog joke doing the rounds in my youth as follows.
        The master of repartee.
        One day the circus came to town and the youth attended. A clown came out during the program and engaged the audience. Addressing the youth he shouted, are you a full wit? No the youth answered. then you must be a full wit shouted the clown back. Enduring the laughter of the crowd the youth, embarrassed and ashamed, fled .
        Determined to better himself he enrolled in the school of repartee at a nearby city. Graduating with honours with a bachelor of repartee (BofR), he pursued his studies through MofR and on to Phd in repartee studies, becoming world famous as a repartee intellectual, able to decimate opponents with a mere few words in any situation. One day he returned home to visit and as chance would have it the same circus was in town. He decided to attend the performance and there came the same clown much older and non the wiser. Coincidentally, he unknowingly singed out the master of repartee and asked the old script. Are you a full wit? The master said no. the clown pressed on, than you must be a half wit. An anticipatory hush descended over the assembled throng as the master rose from his seat extending himself to full height and loudly proclaimed, Phuc off!

  4. I love how he advises you to be respectful, after demonstrating a complete lack of respect.
    It’s a bit like a pig giving advise on cleanliness.

    • Not fair to the pig. In fact pigs will do just about everything to stay out of filth – they do like mud but that’s because it protects their skin.

    • Or maybe just one of the Millennial college students (or a mimic) who visited this site outside his internet “safe space” and immediately had a mental breakdown which of course required a crybully rant to feel better.

      • He’ll be back, because the “safe space” gets too dull. A “safe space” is like parrots in an echo chamber, or perhaps like mirrors reflecting mirrors off into a long tunnel towards darkness. Like a moth, he’ll be back, attracted to the light.

      • It should be noted that temporary mental breakdowns are now available in bottles and cans. I’m not saying that is the case for “Mark Btfsplk,” but it should not be ruled out for certain well-known AGW advocates.

  5. “When it is 100% proven that humans cause global warming…” than you’ll probably read here first. Stay tuned.

  6. Well, they’ve been trying for almost 30 years to “prove” it’s caused by Human activity, & so far, failed miserably! Never mind, keep trying, don’t give up hope!

  7. Obviously the guy believes in “global warming”. I even suspect he means anthropocentric global warming due to CO2 rather than just “the globe is warming” due to various natural reasons along with perhaps a bit of human activity.
    One wonders how so many became so confused on the issue. I knew the minute we went from “a new ice age is coming soon” to the globe “is going to fry due to CO2” that they did not know what they were talking about. (that and I knew neither J. Hansen nor C. Sagan was a decent scientist)
    This bloke believes folks like our host and most commenters here are “destroying the planet” via our use of energy which releases a trace of CO2. He believes that so much that he sends hate mail out to total strangers. Wow.
    We need to find a way to show these deluded people that CO2 does not do what they think it does.

    • I would alert South Korea to a possible watch list since they recently announced that they will not be meeting the Paris targets and in fact will be building a few snazzy coal fired power plants.
      I like the CO2 is greening the earth button someone made awhile back. A clear message delivered in a positive way.
      Maaaaaybe the new mass movement for social good will be the greening of the world !!!

  8. It might be a good idea for him to consider an anger management course. It’s just a suggestion, sir. If you happen to have a gun, please don’t shoot me. I’m only trying to help. I understand your frustration. It’s awful when the obvious truth just won’t be accepted by some people. I think ISIL suffers from the same frustration. They have a quick solution for non-believers: convert or die!

    • Btw, cha, the suffix “Ness” can also be added to root nouns, so you must be relying on your own assumptions about what “tony” intended. “Ness” indicates “the state of” the word it is modifying.
      Examples: tired+ness=tiredness, happy +ness=happiness (both were nouns to begin with)

      • ” tired+ness=tiredness, happy +ness=happiness (both were nouns to begin with) “
        ?? They were adjectives where I come from.

    • Come now, y’all. It is a silly word to have fun with. Does everything have to be serious 100% of the time? This is what poetic license is for.

  9. ‘You are an asshole….you should be more respectful.’
    I am guessing not the debate team captain.

  10. Interesting level of butchery of English there. You can be an “aswhole” but you must stay “respectfull.” You can be “awfully stupid” and an “idiot.” That looks like a tautology and an oxymoron in the same sentence.
    Hope he turns up to defend himself. He might learn something (e.g. that many denizens of this place do not dispute AGW but dispute level of same and the “C” in CAGW).

  11. A former Canadian prime minister will explain it to you.
    A proof is a proof. What kind of a proof? It’s a proof. A proof is a proof. And when you have a good proof, it’s because it’s proven.
    Jean Chretien

    • re: chretien
      On behalf of Canadians everywhere, I would just like to apologize for this guy ever being born.
      Drugs? Let dem come! It’s more trade!

      • No need to apologize, CodeTech. We’ve got @sshole losers in America, too.
        Unfortunately, there seem to be plenty to go around. 🙁

      • No worries CodeTech. We have them in UK and Australia too and I believe NZ has its own complement; Canada and the USA aren’t alone!

  12. Let’s see, they’ve got whiskey in Ireland, vodka in Russia, tequila in Mexico. What is it that people like him abuse in Belgium?

    • “What is it that people like him abuse in Belgium?”
      Belgian “French fries”? (une fois)

      • i go for a Duvel (strong beer on which foreigners and belgians get busted with being drunk or a gaegeleer (other strong beer) ROTFLMAO

      • Correctly a “zaakie met” which is a “bag with” and the condiment in question is mayonnaise. Being part Dutch I can confidently inform you that the traditional Dutch jokes about the Belgians are that they are stupid, smelly and love a “zaakie met.” The Belgian jokes about the Dutch are that they are mean misers. How was copper wire invented? Two Dutchmen fighting over a penny. /boomtish and so on…

    • Beer. Trappist Ale. Very good stuff. Very strong stuff. Don’t blame the bubbly though, it has a lot of CO2 in it. So maybe this happens when you ingest too much CO2.

    • Don’t forget chocolates, beer (300 different kinds…), real Belgian waffles (not what they sell for “Belgian” in the US), ice cream, Brussels sprouts (which I hate), chicory,… And a lot of al good food from all over the world, which we can enjoy here in a small country with a pub/bar/restaurant on every corner of the street…
      BTW “French” fries weren’t French at all, but a Belgian finding, but because the army in the first WW was mainly under French/Belgian command the English and American made it “French” when they did take that at home…

      • French fries were actually a NZ invention.
        Mid 19th century a French sailing ship in the Bay of Islands managed to upset the local Maori. A Maori war party caught a group of French sailors away from the protection of the ship’s cannons and as was the custom they ended up in a large oil filled cooking pot. The world’s first French fries.
        Here Mai.

      • How ridiculous … next you are going to claim you invented the pavlova and that Russel Crowe is a Kiwi. Actually, wait, you can keep him 😉

    • Let’s see, they’ve got whiskey in Ireland, vodka in Russia, tequila in Mexico. What is it that people like him abuse in Belgium?”
      My guess would be that he gets frequent visits from the Ether Bunny

  13. It’s hard to know whether Warmist Belief attracts the mentally unstable, or if it is a cause of same. Clearly, they have a hatred for humanity in general, but a particularly venemous hatred towards non-Believers.
    Worthy of study.

    • Hey Bruce! I do not pretend to be a psychiatrist, but I have observed a lot of CAGW enthusiasts and have noticed a pattern among those about whom I have known personal details. They all seem to have some major source of personal strife which they are unwilling to face or rectify. Maybe it is drug use, depression, bad marriage, elderly parents who require support, or perhaps financial problems. Embracing CAGW is a wonderful emotional crutch to them. It allows them to blame their ever present unhappiness on something which is external to themselves and which does not require them to make any great personal effort. CAGW does not make them happy, but it lets them tell themselves, “Of course I can’t sleep, of course I feel like the world is going to garbage! We are destroying the biosphere!” Instead of facing up to the fact that they are living in a hole which they need to get out of, they can tell themselves that bad men with CO2 are making them unhappy. They can recycle their trash bags and pretend that even though the world is dying, THEY are not responsible.

      • Jason, I think that like a lot of us they believed the CAGW position at first, but can’t say that they made a mistake and now have changed their minds like many of us here have done.
        So they bluster and rant because they can’t face the fact that they were taken in in the first place.

      • “A most basic desire of human nature is to feel important.”
        Adopting a “cause” can satisfy a need. This may be a (the?) major motivator in The Carbon War.

      • I believe you’re right, but I wouldn’t rule out a Messiah Complex in at least one very prominent Warmist.

  14. Wait a sec! According to all the AGW doomsayers, we’ve already hit the “tipping point”, the ice caps should be melted, coastal cities should be under 30 feet of water, and freak storms should be ravaging the world! Every record breaking weather event is PROOF!
    If this is the case, then:
    Isaiah 22:13
    But see, there is joy and revelry, slaughtering of cattle and killing of sheep, eating of meat and drinking of wine! “Let us eat and drink,” you say, “for tomorrow we die!”

  15. What are you going to do, mister?

    … Mark said, furiously shaking a pot-stained finger at the screen, “Zen Waves and Birds” music playing softly in the background, the smell of algae cooking on the dung-stove filling the air, along with….
    …. coal powered electricity running the computer… the phone charger…. the microwave (for the frozen burrito — oh, and the refrig/freezer — he’ll heat up after taking one bite of his holy food)…

    • Actually, Anthony. Come to think of it, he has paid you a high compliment. The man thinks you are God.
      Or maybe Santa. And that’s a pretty big compliment, too. Maybe, tell him…. “If you are really, really, good, Marky, I will be bringing you that new bicycle you admired last week. Oh, yes, I can see EVERYTHING you do.”
      Nah, that would be mean, for a guy like that would believe you and TOTALLY FREAK OUT.

      • I theeenk I know what the problem is. Poor Mark completely missed the point of this movie…
        “Bruce Almighty”


  16. This email appears to be from a recently “indoctrinated” 2nd grader encouraged by his re-educator to become active in the fight against global warming.

    • Yeah, I suspect there are quite a few sub-types of warmist.
      There are those who have quite some knowledge and seem to be smitten by the whole “massive evidence” thing.
      Others have a lot less knowledge but see themselves as helping to save the planet.
      Still others that have less knowledge, believe in the consensus and are truly scared the planet is in trouble.
      I feel a bit sorry for the last lot.

    • It might be hard to know – googling Mark Broeckx shows the Belgians are singularly unimaginative when it come to names, apparently. Unless the EU has reached the point where they’ve discovered they can reduce paperwork for their automatons by only allowing a small set of new baby names in any given week. Seems the writer was one of many born the week they gave out “Mark Broeckx”…

  17. The author is probably the Mark Broeckx who, about 30 years ago, created a (small) group called UFO21 (because his age was 21 years then….!). He believed in flying saucers.

    • I think that 197% would be over-stressing the conceptual understanding of the key idea (what everybody knows is true), and would necessarily represent an example of needing to return to proper organizing principles such as place value and the laws of arithmetic to structure that idea properly.
      Then we would have to ask the student to justify, in a way that is appropriate to the student’s mathematical maturity, why this particular mathematical statement is true or where this mathematical rule comes from.
      Just saying 🙂

    • some day it will be 197% proven. (Common Core)

      …give or take how you feel about it at the moment. 😎

    • “Common core”
      Yeah, tried helping a couple of kids having trouble with algebra using the way I was taught in the ’60’s. They picked it up quickly but then said that the teachers wouldn’t let them do it that way as they had to do it by the their books. Just one of the complexities was that they really needed a math dictionary as a supplement. One would think that at this early stage, actually learning quick algebra methods and the uses to which it can be put would be more important than dull put-one-to-sleep definitions. However I guess the perfessors controlling D.C. know best.

  18. In Belgium they have a whole range of quite nasty light beers. Perhaps that’s his problem

  19. The question is, mister, what are you going to do when you discover nuance?
    Most “skeptics” accept that the GHE is enhanced by GHG emissions (it’s pretty obvious). The questions are by how much, what the climatic response is, and what the ecological effects might be.
    We’re faced with “people” claiming a 1% increase in GHE results in a 10% increase in temperature gain from the GHE. Not impossible, but we need some evidence in order to accept it as even possible let alone likely. None has been provided. Kinda like sasquatch.
    We’re also told that the living world is unable to adapt to a three degree increase in average temperature when many biomes have daily and/or annual variation an order of magnitude greater. Again, not impossible, but some evidence would go a long way toward acceptance. None has been provided. Kinda like the lock ness monster.
    ie: ‘Believe you heathen in our boogie man and pay your tithes or else!’

    • We’re faced with “people” claiming a 1% increase in GHE results in a 10% increase in temperature gain from the GHE. Not impossible, but we need some evidence in order to accept it as even possible let alone likely. None has been provided. Kinda like sasquatch.

      Ummmm… I think there might be a smidgen more evidence for Sasquatch, John ;o)

  20. The problem with this type of comment is that you can’t tell if someone is trolling or just stupid…

  21. I spent the weekend reading the first of Dorothy L. Sayers “Sir Peter Whimsey” mysteries — enjoying the wit, sparkling prose, subtle story, and cunning social commentary. Sadly, Ms. Sayers clearly wasted all those hours on honing her craft in the shadow of such writing as that of Mr. Broeckx. Georges Orwell and Will weep for self shame. Peggy Noonan wants to be him.
    We are unworthy that he should share such a gift with us.

  22. …when it is 100% proven that humans are causing Global Warming…
    So he doesn’t think it’s ‘100% proven’ yet? Ask him what he thinks we need to do to get it up to 100%…

  23. Interestingly enough, Mark begins the first sentence of his statement with no less than a string of 3 insults then concludes that first sentence with “But You need to stay respectful” (a kind of 4th insult)
    Way to practice what you preach Mark…

  24. Don’t be too hard, I’m pretty sure this letter came from a potty-mouthed, eight-year old!

  25. I like what Ian Plimer says, “If you want me to believe that our 4% is causing warming, you have to prove to me that the other 96% isn’t” (or something to that effect 🙂 )

  26. nah i think i “know the guy” not sure but it looks like one of those Belgian believers that i did really dry off with this site and a lot of other facts…. oops
    if he would have used his forum name then i can be sure but i will leave that open…

    • Mark actually spelled it “aswhole” which mostly works, except that Anthony is really whole instead of merely being as whole. And “awfully stupid” might work if we interpreted it as “doing an awful job of being stupid” (since that’s roughly equivalent to “doing a great job of being intelligent”). I can’t think of any way to butcher the definition of “an idiot” to make it fit, though. Sorry, Mark, I tried.

  27. Or… what are you going to do when they prove man does have an influence on climate and that influence has prevented us from heading into another ice age? Without the warming caused by man millions of people and animals would have died from the increase in extreme cold weather patterns… What if they prove that? That man’s influence is actually helping to stabilize an otherwise downward global temperature trend that leads us back into an ice age like they were saying would happen back in the 1970s? Since climate models essentially assume a stable climate without man’s influence, and those models predict a much higher rise in global temperature than is actually happening, we assume the climate model simulation of man’s effect is over stated. But maybe the climate model’s assumption of a stable climate without man is the problem. What if those models were to keep the same simulation of man’s warming effect and then were correlated to real measured data by adjusting the assumptions that determine the climate change without man’s influence? That would show a trend of a decreasing global temperature that is being nullified by man’s warming influence and resulting in the overwhelmingly stable climate we have now.

  28. Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump · 1h1 hour ago
    Kasich has helped decimate the coal and steel industries in Ohio. I will bring them back! #MakeAmericaGreatAgain

  29. Here’s my full presentation from the recent conference in Vail. It starts with a truck driver getting arrested for smuggling… butter. Why?
    Perhaps it has something to do with why the whole world started getting obese and diabetic in 1984. And why these epidemics keep getting worse all the time, with new records broken every year.

  30. We all know where True Believers will hide when their CAGW ideology withers and dies;
    In Mommy’s basement.

      • Ya know it wasn’t but 50 years ago that we worried about the coming ice age. CAGW has had its turn in the tub. Maybe the true believers rally around the increased release of CO2 and the greening of the planet.
        Stranger things ..

  31. Maybe most of the Belgians don’t speak/write perfect English (which one? American, British, Scotish, Irish, Austrlian Canadian, etc.), like French fries (why French and not Belgian, by the way?), chocolate, waffels….and beer. But some are not as idiot as this one. Can you imagine all the efforts needed to “neutralize” such an idiot? And there are many like him around….also in the media and the political world. Some Belgians think, act and fight as you do against the AGW dogma and the stupidity of windfarms…in French, Flemish (actually a Dutch dialect spoken by the majority of Belgians) German, often also in Italian and Spanish….and finally in English. I am one of them, but living in the South of France waiting for climate change that could improve the awfull weather prevailing most of the time in Belgium. And you? in which language(s) are you communicating? How many blogs do you follow and how many posts a day do you send for fighting AGW? Anyway, I love this club, will continue to come on this website… and ask you in advance to forgive my spelling and gramatical mistakes, and also at times my quite esoteric language (a question of translation of my thoughs).

    • Henri, you did not do that badly with English. If you had not pointed out that you are not a native speaker, the few spelling errors would be not that noticable. (That’s why most word processing programs have spell check).

    • Hi, Henri Masson,
      Glad you are here. Most of us here know only one language well enough to try to comment in it. You deserve our admiration and respect for your fine writing in a non-native language. I like this club, too! 🙂 Sure, there are a few jerks in it (and to some, I am one of them, lololol), but, there are in any club. Just ignore them and you’ll have a great time learning and, often, laughing and enjoying some fine camaraderie.
      Keep on commenting — and don’t give your mistakes a second thought. The WUWTers whose opinion matters won’t.
      Your American Ally for Truth!

    • Good point, Henri. Next time someone tries to ridicule your (or anyone else’s) “imperfect” English, ask them to proceed in French, Dutch or German. Cela devrait leur clouer le bec. Je zal ze naar adem zien happen. 😉

  32. Just got off the phone with a friend in Kenya, he asked me to review a project he is working on. In order to get funding he has to use renewable energy. Project is not feasible using renewables. Basically the environmentalist shut off the flow of capital for this project. The people in the area of the project, their lives will not improve ever without capital and cheap, reliable energy. Anyone who denies them this is committing genocide of a people and should be prosecuted for humanitarian crimes.
    Mark will have added to the misery of these people while he lives in a comfy socialist country.

    • jjs, your comment is one of the most powerful I have ever seen on WUWT, so I am repeating it with emphasis:

      Just got off the phone with a friend in Kenya,
      he asked me to review a project he is working on.
      In order to get funding he has to use renewable energy.
      Project is not feasible using renewables.
      Basically the environmentalist shut off the flow of capital for this project.
      The people in the area of the project, their lives will not improve ever
      without capital and cheap, reliable energy.
      Anyone who denies them this is committing genocide of a people
      and should be prosecuted for humanitarian crimes.
      Mark will have added to the misery of these people while he lives in a comfy socialist country.

    • Well the Greenies aren’t going to like this (where’s Obama when they need him):
      “USA uses TPP-like trade-court to kill massive Indian solar project”
      The Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission was on track to deliver deploy 20,000 MW of grid connected solar power by 2022 (“more than the current solar capacity of the world’s top five solar-producing countries combined”) but because India specified that the solar panels for it were to be domestically sourced, the USA sued it in WTO trade court and killed it.

      • Good one BFL.
        That fits very well with the notion that the stupidity of the day (whether Ozone, DDT, or the climate war) has really nothing to do with health or global warming or using clean energy, but is designed merely to serve UN global politics.

    • “In order to get funding he has to use renewable energy. Project is not feasible using renewables.”
      Submit the project with “renewable” energy, take the money, build the project with “non-renewable” power, photoshop windmills into project documentation. Win awards, get lots more funding, repeat. Everybody’s happy.
      For the humor-impaired: 🙂 🙂

  33. I judge people’s intelligence by whether or not they can see through the AGW scam. Bottom of the class for this one.

  34. There is a large number of people like this in europe. The Dutch jealously guard greenpiss, the french are 80% convinced that AGW and dangerous warming are real as do the germans and spaniards.

  35. I was thinking of the response being along the lines of Rick’s reply to the N@zis in Casablanca, when they asked him if he could imagine them in London:
    “When you get there, ask me.”

  36. I was thinking the same thing about full blown alarmists. What happens when they find out AGW is no problem at all, that the Sun really does control the climate and we’re entering a new little ice age?
    The deeper they are invested, the greater the cognitive dissonance.

    • I’m beginning to think that just like we wiggled from the coming ice age of the 70s to the sweltering nemesis of CAGW, there will be a mass movement to into CO2 in a “sustainable” fashion. This whole greening the world is a happy thing and likely to appeal to the movements.
      Get in early. Anoint a few early investors, get the UN involved. Maybe develop it as a peace driven initiative to green the middle east.

  37. At times like these I always think of General Armistead’s probably-apocryphal remark from the excellent movie “Gettysburg”:
    “All science trembles at the searing logic of your fiery intellect. “

  38. Mark, if it’s ever “100% proven” then I’m sure Anthony will be sending Mann 2 calendars a year.
    He might even send you one!

  39. This thread emphasises the inordinate time and effort required to answer trolls which was the cause of other blogs turning off comments.

  40. That letter from Mark Broeckx is highly amusing in a pathetic way. I think that Anthony could develop a very interesting section containing just similar abusive correspondence. It would be amusing if not illuminating.

  41. Standard fare for climate scammers. I’ve had lots of similar ones on f/b. They run for cover when I ask for evidence to support their nonsense.

  42. Mark Broeckxvich, at one time Anthony was a believer. (Maybe a better word would be “accepter”?)
    Then he took a close look one of the pillars of its foundation, the surface stations themselves. (You know, where the numbers that make up GISS come from?) To say the numbers from many, many (did I say “many” yet?) of them that went into GISS, one of the pillars of CAGW, is built on sand would give the false impression that they are firmer than they are.
    Even “believers” know that. Otherwise, why would they keep “adjusting” them?
    (Anthony, if I’ve gotten something wrong here, please correct me.)

  43. A 1,000 watt bulb on a 2 watt wind/solar grid budget. You just wait ’til they get a windy and sunny day in Belgium! He’s gonna unload all 5 watts across your bow!

  44. When I lived in Belgium in the 80’s it was difficult working out street directions because the street signs were in dual language, Belgian French and Flemish. So, it ended up with the French speaking Belgians spraying out the Flemish name of a street and the Flemish speaking Belgians spraying out the French name of a street. I never knew where I was going, but could always find a pub and a place to get some friets and mayo!
    Maybe this “Mark” is lost?

  45. Anthony does have this bad habit of being annoying right all the time — Eugene WR Gallun

  46. There are lots of Nutticelli’s out there – Wild people who believe in wild weather. Inciters of the Warmist Brown Shirts.
    Over a decade ago, I wrote an article in the National Post, saying that Canada should not ratify the Kyoto Protocol.
    I soon received an angry, threatening email from someone who held me personally responsible for the flooding of the Prague.
    I replied:
    Dear Sir, you are entirely correct.
    I am the One fully responsible for the flooding of Prague.
    Now “run along”, or I’ll do it again.
    I feel like, y’know, under-appreciated, like TOTALLY! I mean, like, y’know, some of my friends have received like, numerous threats. And all I got was one lousy Nutticelli? Am I not worthy of like, multiple threats? Like, I mean, y’know: Have I not tried like, hard enough?

  47. Mark Broeckx said in an email,
    “…, but you [Anthony Watts] need to stay respectfull.”

    Mark Broeckx,
    You demand respect.
    OK, you have my negative respect.

  48. Such prose … erudition … sagacity … conviction!
    So … what is plan B? lol? Is there PDF?

  49. Oh dear. How embarrassing.
    Well, aside from his blatant ignorance, this is also a language issue. His problem (among others!) is that he has probably learned all his English from Hollywood movies, and fails to see the distinction between firm language and rudeness. He thinks that calling someone an A-hole by way of hello, is cool. This is rather common in Europe, especially among young people. They think they are fluent in English, while in fact all they can do is parrot their dubious movie heroes …
    I once knew a guy who had gotten an offer to sell his colt to a Finnish gentleman. He said he had told the Finnish gentleman that he couldn’t accept the offer. Knowing that he didn’t speak a word of Finnish and that his English was rather poor, I asked him how he had made that clear to the other guy. Well that’s simple, he said, I told him: “go F yourself”. 🙂

  50. I’ve noticed a general lack of grammar and spelling in many leftist posts today. I believe it is the millenials expressing themselves and demonstrating the value of a progressive education. Able to whine for hours on a single demonstration. More powerful than global warming (more hot air). 😉

  51. The overlords of a far away alien civilization have decided that humans are killing the pristine planet. Die pesky humans, die! Why, with the feedback loop firmly in place, global warming caused by humans will be 200% proven. And we all know what MAY occur. Disaster upon disaster. (sarc)

  52. Typical delusional warmist. Throws out multiple insults, then immediately demands that you be respectful.

  53. Belgium is the center for all things International Law. No doubt there’s much vestment from a large percentage of the populace there. If it were a Russian or even a Canadian it might be considered notable..

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