Saturday satire – Welcome to the new era of climate

You’ve heard of the Holocene, and the Anthropocene…

The ‘Anthropocene‘ is a term widely used since its coining by Paul Crutzen and Eugene Stoermer in 2000 to denote the present time interval, in which many geologically significant conditions and processes are profoundly altered by human activities.

Well, hold onto your hats, er data.. Josh writes: Thanks to Robert B who thought up a great name for the era of climate science we are currently enduring…


– The Adjustocene, where no one will ever know what the temperature is.

Cartoons by Josh

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  1. The Adjustocene, where no one will ever know what the temperature is

    No one knows the temperature, but everyone knows the solution:
    1. Greater austerity
    2. Lower standard of living
    3. Higher taxes
    4. Restricted liberty

    (After all, it is your fault!)

    • No, not the temperature. He said our children wouldn’t know what snow is. Not the snow. See the parallel?

    • Lol, that will happen just a few miles up the road, just past those windmills on the horizon…
      Won’t that be neat? And for those who cannot afford a horse, the next best thing will be …. a Fred Flintstone Mobile!
      “Yabba, dabba, DOOOOOOOO!”

      I sure am looking forward to that.
      (and, Hi, Tom — GET OUT TO THAT RACETRACK THIS YEAR!! 🙂 )
      Thank you, Josh, for another fun, well-designed, cartoon with a powerful point!

  2. Very good. Thanks. Great for a laugh.
    “The Adjustocene, where no one will ever know what the temperature is.”
    Or perhaps:
    The Adjustocene, where no one will ever know what the temperature is … or was. But we know exactly what it will be 100 years from now because we will make adjustments to make it happen.

      • Good ones Caleb,
        Our current geological epoch, only 11,500 years old since the end of the last Ice Age, is called the Holocene.
        I suggest the last few decades of false temperature data “adjustments”, widely touted by global warming fraudsters, should be called the AssHolocene

  3. Brilliant as always Josh
    Hope this isn’t hijacking the thread but had to post it somewhere. It should be required viewing for all climate types.

  4. Climate science has a lot in common with the old Soviet Union:
    “In the Soviet Union, the future is certain. It is just the past that keeps changing.”

  5. I’m printing it with a really dirty carbon printer and adding to my Calendar for February. 😀

  6. Josh, here’s a suggestion I made in a stale thread that you may have missed:
    Draw a revised NOAA logo with a wind turbine along with the bird (reduced in size).

  7. I don’t see why we need to change Holocene. Given the people (such as Gore, Obama, Mann, etc.) involved in pushing the non-happening climate change couldn’t we just modify the term and call it the A..Holecene?

  8. Loved it. A question: Are there any restrictions on using the cartoons? I’d like to use it on one or more postings but don’t want to get in trouble…..
    Ian M

  9. I wonder if this was inspired in part by Mark Steyn’s comment in Cruz’s Senate hearing (to paraphrase): How can we be sure what the temperature will be in 2100 when we can’t predict what it was in 1950? [with the continuing adjustments]. It should have been a quote of the week.

    • Good point, Gary.
      Bob Tisdale’s Climate Models Fail also soundly substantiates and amplifies that accurate observation by Steyn:

      This book presents how poorly climate models simulate past climate on Earth and that climate models show no skill whatsoever at hindcasting — which means climate models FAIL, for they are not realistic, not even for the last few decades.
      {Further, regardless of what Karl, Mann, et. al. do with their data fiddling,}
      Instrument-based temperature records do nothing to prove the {conjecture} of human-induced global warming. The observations-based temperature records only indicate that temperatures had warmed (past tense) — not that manmade greenhouse gases were responsible for the warming.

      Climate Models Fail at 12, 13.
      Gary. Did you SEE my heartfelt comment of thanks to you (re: beauty of older women in older men’s eyes) about a month ago? I can post it again, but, I’d rather not! (kind of embarrassing, though I was so glad to tell you)

  10. early Eocene– Hyracotherium, a 0.4 meter horse
    late Eocene– Mesohippus 0.6 m horse
    middle Miocene– Merychippus, a 1.0 meter horse
    Pliocene—– Pliohippus, a 1,25 meter horse
    Pleistocene—- Equus, the modern horse
    Adjustocene— a big pile of excrement from all of above.

  11. Nailed it!
    And send that cartoon to every Congress critter with the message, “Your tax dollars at work.”

  12. One of your best, Josh. I remember seeing Robert B’s comment and thinking then that “Adjustocene” should not be lost. It’s just perfect. So, thank you both, Josh and Robert, that cartoon is going on my wall. 😀

  13. The Adjustocene has been brought to us by favour of a new high tech device the ‘Adjustascope’ TM
    With this sophisticated device anyone can conflate, combine and homogenise big data to conform to programmed reality. Wind powered so it may ‘neverfail’ TM.
    No one should be without one. Get one for the Kiddies now to keep ahead of the post science knowledge revolution. Innovate or go under.
    Apply for a grant now,save the planet!

  14. And dedicated Cluedo fans can already rule out the Conservatory, Library and the Observatory but the Reverend Green with the hockey stick are already no-brainers.

  15. Another wonderful visual commentary by Josh. I continue to be amazed how Josh can combine a telling comment with good humour and charity towards the target of his comment. It can only come from an honest, good heart. We are very fortunate to have Josh with us.

  16. Another one of those “I wish I would have thought of that” moments. Been having a lot of those lately!

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