The Josh-WUWT 2016 Climate Skeptics Calendar is now available

BUMPED: these are only going to be available for a limited time – get your order in now – Anthony

Here is your chance again to join “Josh of the Month Club”. This year includes cartoon from throughout the year, plus a special late addition to commemorate the recent Senate hearing where John Christy, Judith Curry, and Mark Steyn schooled senator Markey on climate and civics. Samples follow.


After the great response we had the last several years, Josh has sent his artwork across the pond to provide a special WUWT calendar for USA and Canadian readers again this year. It contains artwork more central to issues here on this side of the pond, along with some cartoons never before published on WUWT.

These make great Christmas gifts for yourself, your friends, or some of those special people like Mike Mann that need some cheer and enlightenment. Recall that Dr. Mann turned our simple gift into another conspiracy theory rant. No hard feelings, I’m happy to send him a new calendar again this year.

Here is the cover art and collage:


(note – low res, actual calendar print done with hi-res graphics):

And, in addition to regular holidays, it has some special days marked on the calendar too.

Each calendar is $19.99 plus $5 shipping (plus $1.35 packaging and handling -total $6.35) plus tax for your state (sorry, can’t escape that one) and will be shipped direct to you. Josh and I split the profit.

  • Printed on durable, matte cardstock
  • Hanger hole punched at the top
  • Measures 8½” x 11″ closed, 17″ x 11″ open
  • Delivery by US Mail (delivered in about 5-15 business days, may be slightly longer for Canada)
  • The delays that plagued our delivery last year have been solved, so that 5-15 days is accurate.


ORDERING: USA/Canadian readers can place calendar orders here.

NOTE: UK/European readers should order via Josh’s website here.

54 thoughts on “The Josh-WUWT 2016 Climate Skeptics Calendar is now available

  1. To avoid international shipping costs and so on, you should arrange to get this printed in the EU zone as well

  2. I’m not sure why, but I could not see the “select a number” part of the page. Turned out OK, because I only wanted one, but I wanted to let you know. I’m at work and maybe it didn’t get through our filters.

  3. I’ve been watching for a chance to post a “Go get ’em, Anthony!” encouragement for TODAY — ANTHONY’S BIG DAY AT AGU……. can’t wait any longer, so, I hope this thread is okay for that.
    On this day in history…
    Wright Brothers Make Aerospace History — Dec. 17, 1903


    And today, Anthony Watts, et. al., make science realism history at AGU!


    • While the Wright brothers were ingenious engineers (go, engineers! #(:)) ),
      the key to their achievement was: perseverance.
      Hang in there, mightily persevering Anthony, et. al.. Truth will win out in the end.

    • Err …… ,
      Jane’s All The Worlds Aircraft says that the first powered flight happened in Bridgeport, Conn., on 14th. August 1901. Gustave Whitehead made 2 flights, one of 1 and a quarter miles.
      Look it up on your search engine.

      • What in the world is your point, O Party Pooper Sea Dog? I never claimed the Wright Bros. made “the first powered flight.”
        Look it up on this thread.

      • You are a party pooper, proven by the TIMING of your nit-picking. You blew it — or you just could not care less about spoiling something happy. There was no point to nit-picking HERE. That is the “party pooper” part of this: you need not have said anything. It was not necessary. It only proved “Old Sea Dog” is a know-it-all PARTY POOPER. Congratulations! You are now known for: 1) knowledge and 2) being unkind.
        Many explorers “discovered” America — they all made history.
        That the Wright Bros. were not “first” does not change the fact that they made aerospace history.
        Aaa, why am I even talking to you?
        I am proving what a fool I am!
        I’ll try to redeem myself by not doing it again.

      • “… by not doing it again,” except to say, I forgive you, Old Sea Dog. Yes, yes, I realize you likely do not see the need. Believe me, I needed to.
        Merry Christmas — with love,

      • Sigh. Okay.
        Dear Old Sea Dog,
        It appears that my sharp tongue offended you. Your name implies that you may be around my dad’s age. I was wrong to speak so disrespectfully to an older man. Under the assumption (now), that you just bumbled (in my view, v. a .v the timing of your correction above) and were not being mean-spirited, please forgive my harsh rebuke.
        I hope that we can be “friends.”
        Your continued silence after reading this note will speak volumes (of course, I realize that you may just have left town on vacation or the like, too). If you wish to punish me for my disrespect, you can rest assured that your silence will do the job quite nicely.
        Yours, sincerely wishing you a Merry Christmas,

      • While folks like Columbus get credit for being the “last to discover” and hence making it stick, the Whitehead stuff I found was fascinating. I’m completely mystified why he didn’t get more credit, especially in Europe. Apparently some of the answer comes from being so successful of a motor builder that that took over his life. has a wealth of information. At least, the home page does, well worth reading some of it.

    • Nice collection of video of the valiant attempts of engineers to give us the gift of flight. The music was discordant, for me, however… . There were men in those videos suffering great disappointment…. serious injury…. even dying… .
      I write here just to say to honor them and say to them: thank you. Thanks to your perseverance, this is where we have gone:
      History of Flight: “Hold on Tight to Your Dreams”

      (by Thunderhead472 on youtube)
      And you know what? It is only because each of them lived in a free country that all those engineers were able to make all that happen.
      That is why we cannot let the AGW envirostalinist-profiteer complex take over the free world.
      Science truth on WUWT (and in Josh’s artwork) is mainly about: FREEDOM.

  4. I’ll take a dozen……they’ll be collectors items in a few years when climate d.. ‘skepticism’ is a dim and distant oddball memory 😉

  5. Hey mods,
    I keep getting a warning popping up warning that this site is compromised….
    It looks like an official Microsoft warning page, but it references this site and “”
    [Nothing seen here – running Mozilla-Firefox. .mod]

    • Don M — for the past week, I have been getting giant “red screen” warnings from McAffee virus scan that “this site has dangerous content” (or something like that) — happens about once out of ever 20 times I access WUWT. AND I DON’T EVEN USE MCAFFEE (McAffee somehow has its own little “malware” in my computer and tells me I don’t have virus protection (I do!) and that I can “click here” and get McAffee. McAffee is a cyber-bully in my opinion. I don’t know how to get rid of McAf’s little pushy sales pitch code, so I just let it go. NOW, I am wondering if the “malicious or dangerous content” red screen is a ploy by McAffee…. but, it ONLY happens when I access WUWT, so….. hm.
      I have other malware protection — 2 brands, in fact and they are not upset about WUWT at all!

      • I didn’t think the wuwt site was infected, it’s just really odd that the giant red screen actually referenced WUWT. Either a mcaffee scam (I didn’t click the “click here to go to my site” icon), or somebody that doesn’t like WUWT has got past our protection and onto our drives with what is hopefully just an annoyance.

      • Odd, indeed, Don M.. And, yes, we shall just stay the course and ignore that pesky pirate’s red flag! 🙂

      • I seem to remember some software has a little checkbox that you have to uncheck during install not to install mcaffee as well. I think it is quite tricky to uninstall.

      • Thank you, zemlik and Man Bearpig (good to SEE you again — been awhile) — I have a feeling zemlik is correct, for McAfee reappears on my “Start” menu from time to time (I send it to the Recycle bin, but that monster crawls out and walks the cyber earth again!! — I don’t have the technical knowledge to fix it, so, I cope by ignoring … deleting when I can…. and growling. And, while it might be a good idea, I really do not care what McAfee thinks is a “safe” database — I DESPISE MCAFEE for being a marketing bully (it even crosses the line into deception, imo, for it clearly implies that one’s computer is “at risk” (sometimes with a “may be” qualifier) in its nasty little pop-ups.

    • I was getting that also a couple of days ago, not today.
      Windows 10 with default security settings.
      Must have been gremlins ??

      • Adding this just to log it for the record (in case …):
        On the big red screen, along with the McAfee symbol (a shield), it says that “” is what is involved. Why in the world anyone “reported” WUWT to Microsoft (as the big red screen claims) is a mystery… . “Dangerous” content (head shake).

    • I just got the warning today (December 23) from Microsoft Smartscreen. Apparently it thinks WUWT is linking to “” and so it warns me about continuing to WUWT. I ignore the warning about WUWT, but I don’t think I’ll be visiting reelfeed any time soon.

  6. Yes it does indeed appear that the history of Aviation was in the beginning fraught with all manner of crazy ideas, like today with the Anthropogenic Global Warming, the Climate Change, the Gore Global Warming, the Save the “Species” [fill in the blank], the Germany Did It or the USA Did It, and the parade of failures, the Run In The Morning For The Failures, and yes THE AGU Fall Meeting IS the parade of Failures One And All.
    AGU spends and wastes so much money on Failures!
    Ha ha
    [Gave two presentations and now my voice is horse-er than a horse; Queue Mr. Ed and the Orchestra!]

  7. A perfect time to dedicate a song for those who are represented in the calendar and those on the perimeter of such…… You know they are thinking “this” while they jockey for funding. Purchasing Science has come a long way in Climate. Just sayin……
    Think about it….

    • Cute (and good point — sadly, no, 97% of the scientists-for-hire will likely never get it…). Good for you to try… .
      Listening to as much as I could stand, just now, I realized that that song is the PERFECT metaphor for AGW junk science. Every time I would hear that song come on on the radio, I would turn it OFF (or turn the channel). That same lip-curling shudder also comes to me whenever I read any of the “… and that is how CLIMATE CHANGE (caused by human CO2 OF COURSE) affects the {fill — in — blank — with — your — pet — project}.
      I stop reading and turn off / turn the channel.
      AGW is SUCH a lousy, nails-on-chalkboard, mind-numbingly stupid, IRRITANT!!
      Thanks, OssQss — I FEEL BETTER, NOW!

      • I feel like yelling (Marcus — you are missing out, heh), using Abe’s quaint terminology:



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