The ultimate 'Godwin effect' – Science In 1941: ‘Global Warming Caused Hitler’

For those who don’t know: Godwins law Via the GWPF and the department of “global warming causes everything” comes this blast from the past. It sounds just about as ridiculous as some of the claims being made today trying to link the Syrian war to climate change.

“Increasing warmer temperatures may produce a trend toward dictatorial governments”


Increasing warmer temperatures throughout the world may produce a trend toward dictatorial governments in the opinion of Dr Clarence A Mills, professor of experimental medicine at the University of Cincinnati. In fact, Dr Mills believes that the rise to power of Adolf Hitler in Germany and Benito Mussolini in Italy may be due in part to the gradual warming temperature of the world. —The Mason City Globe-Gazette, 27 March 1941

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    • Might be the cause of Hitler but we know that it didn’t help him to reach Moscow during the cold winters of the forties.

    • These idiots actually wear Emperor clothes. That includes Obama and Hillary. Unfortunately a lot of the cheering crowd think so too. The rest of us look at them and spend the rest of the day saying, “Not that! Not that! Out of my head, out of my head.”

      • Is that sort of like when you visit Disneyland and you have to take the Small World Rise and then you can’t get the damned ‘It’s a Small Small world’ song out of your head for days…Even weeks? You find yourself unconsciously whistling the tune at work.

      • You have to have sympathy for the Disney “cast members” who have to work the Small World ride.
        Or maybe not. I hear Disney is replacing them with foreign guest workers.

  1. Let’s see; we had a slight cooling trend in late19th and beginning 20th century. The good doctor says people became less docile and so we had WAR! Then we had slight warming, people becoming more docile, so, naturally, we had WAR! See how simple it is?

    • TOINETTE : Qui est votre médecin ?
      ARGAN : Monsieur Purgon.
      TOINETTE : Cet homme-là n’est point écrit sur mes tablettes entre les grands médecins. De quoi dit-il que vous êtes malade ?
      ARGAN : Il dit que c’est du foie, et d’autres disent que c’est de la rate.
      TOINETTE : Ce sont tous des ignorants. C’est du poumon que vous êtes malade.
      ARGAN : Du poumon ?
      TOINETTE : Oui. Que sentez-vous ?
      ARGAN : Je sens de temps en temps des douleurs de tête.
      TOINETTE : Justement, le poumon.
      ARGAN : Il me semble parfois que j’ai un voile devant les yeux.
      TOINETTE : Le poumon.
      ARGAN : J’ai quelquefois des maux de cœur.
      TOINETTE : Le poumon.
      ARGAN : Je sens parfois des lassitudes par tous les membres.
      TOINETTE : Le poumon.
      ARGAN : Et quelquefois il me prend des douleurs dans le ventre, comme si c’étaient des coliques.
      TOINETTE : Le poumon. Vous avez appétit à ce que vous mangez ?
      ARGAN : Oui, monsieur.
      TOINETTE : Le poumon. Vous aimez à boire un peu de vin.
      ARGAN : Oui, monsieur.
      TOINETTE : Le poumon. Il vous prend un petit sommeil après le repas, et vous êtes bien aise de dormir ?
      ARGAN : Oui, monsieur.
      TOINETTE : Le poumon, le poumon, vous dis-je. — (Molière, Le Malade imaginaire, acte III, scène 10)

      • via Google translate app
        TOINETTE: Who is your doctor?
        ARGAN: Mr. Purgon.
        TOINETTE: This man is not written on tablets between my great doctors. What he says you are sick?
        ARGAN: He says it’s the liver, and others say it is the spleen.
        TOINETTE: These are all ignorant. This is the lung that you are sick.
        ARGAN: Lung?
        TOINETTE: Yes. What do you feel?
        ARGAN: I feel sometimes headaches.
        TOINETTE: Exactly, the lung.
        ARGAN: It sometimes seems to me that I have a veil before the eyes.
        TOINETTE: Lung.
        ARGAN: I sometimes sore heart.
        TOINETTE: Lung.
        ARGAN: I sometimes feel weariness by all members.
        TOINETTE: Lung.
        ARGAN: And sometimes it takes me pain in the belly, as if it were colic.
        TOINETTE: Lung. You appetite to what you eat?
        ARGAN: Yes, sir.
        TOINETTE: Lung. Like to drink a little wine.
        ARGAN: Yes, sir.
        TOINETTE: Lung. It takes you a little sleep after the meal, and you are glad to sleep?
        ARGAN: Yes, sir.
        TOINETTE: The lung, lung, I tell you. – (Molière, The Imaginary Invalid, Act III, scene 10)

  2. This completely corroborates everything John Kerry and Prince Charles are saying, and since we found out about it on the Internet it must be true

  3. End of Roman Warming period – and Attila the Hun.
    Cause – Effect. Or Effect – Cause.
    Not convinced.
    [Oooops sorry, opposite effect to that quoted]
    Ahhh waddaya know?
    Coincidence is – NOT – causation.
    (sorry about the emphasis, but, I suggest, needed!)
    Auto, looking back with imperfect knowledge.

    • For the new study, Weiss and co-authors David Kaniewski and Elise Van Campo from the Université de Toulouse, France, used pollen to reconstruct 10,000 years of climate history in the region. Their technique was to take a column of stratified sediment from the side of a dry river channel near Tell Leilan and identify the mix of plant types in different layers.
      The pollen record showed a pattern of climate fluctuations, with periods of relatively moist climate vegetation alternating with periods of arid climate vegetation. One such dry spell began suddenly around 1400 and lasted until the beginning of the 20th century.
      Because this part of Syria is semi-arid to start with and most farmers depend on a single crop of wheat or barley grown in the moist winter months, people then, as now, were highly vulnerable to climate fluctuations. In the absence of irrigation or other technological means of adapting, they practiced what Weiss characterizes as “habitat-tracking,” or moving to areas that could still sustain
      One such dry spell began suddenly around 1400 and lasted until the beginning of the 20th century.
      Little Ice Age ?

      • You have a point Robert. Long term droughts would explain a mass migration in search of better cropland, especially due to Syria’s poor infrastructure and noted lack of irrigation.
        However, it would not a large scale rebellion against a corrupt dictator, the presence of said corrupt dictator in the first place, or invasion by a group trying to found a religious empire that Al Qaeda calls extreme. You know, what the war is actually being fought over.

    • This was the heyday of Freudian psychology. The feds had an “expert” who declared that the Japanese ferocity and refusal to surrendur was due to over-early toilet training.
      Give the primitives a break.

  4. The question is, what causes mass hysterias and delusions such as the great Climate Scare?
    Must be something in the water.

    • I suspect it’s the result of application of some sort of psychedelic antifungal or insecticide on the ivy-covered walls of Academia.

      • Good theories, but still doesn’t get at the fundamentals, which have to to do with human traits of a desire to Believe in something, the desire to feel part of “the tribe” (tribalism), and intellectual sloth (trust “the experts), which can then be exploited by those seeking power, fame, etc.

  5. All due respect, but Dr. Mills was a rank amateur. Did he have his peer-review teams set up, or create a scary graph, or for God’s sake get a single grant? What kind of climate science is this? At least he got the press release out, and even back then the devoted climate scientist could count on friendly newspaper coverage.

  6. “Increasing warmer temperatures may produce a trend toward dictatorial governments”
    Maybe they’re onto something. As soon as climate models began predicting warmer temperatures, a whole slew of would-be-Hitlers and environmental Nazis sprang up to seize control of our lives. They’re meeting in Paris soon to plot world domination. Only this time, instead of gassing millions and putting them in the ovens, they plan to take away the gas and turn off the ovens so millions will starve or freeze to death.

    • I swear my comment above was not there at 5:00 pm, yet it is dated 4:16 pm. I think I entered the twilight zone.

  7. [Does anyone know what happens to comments that don’t show up when you post them? I tried to post it again when it failed to display, but Word Press warned me I was duplicating my previous post. So I refreshed and looked again, but no comment from me shows up anywhere. The same thing happened to me a few weeks ago. My comment disappeared into the ether, never to appear again. Do they put posts in moderation now without telling you?]

    • I changed my comment slightly to see if it might have been censored due to the use of a forbidden word. Let’s see what happens this time:
      “Increasing warmer temperatures may produce a trend toward dictatorial governments”
      Maybe they’re onto something. As soon as climate models began predicting warmer temperatures, a whole slew of would-be dictators and environmental fascists sprang up to seize control of our lives. They’re meeting in Paris soon to plot world domination. Only this time, instead of gassing millions and putting them in the ovens, they plan to take away the gas and turn off the ovens so millions will starve or freeze to death.

    • FYI: I took Hitle* and Naz* out of my comment, and it showed up this time. Is Godwin’s Law being enforced here even on a story about Godwin’s Law? Or was it just a strange coincidence?

      • No, but there are some words, including the one for criminal deception and any reference to the opposition during the second world war, that I’m fairly certain put your comment in automatic moderation.

    • They go to the moderation queue or the SPAM queue depending on what WordPress “thinks” of them. A site can add key words to the forbidden list, but not remove any supplied by WordPress (or even see them). The bulk of all spam etc. decisions by WordPress are made on WordPress rules, and I suspect there is a “voting off the island” algorithm with it learning from the collective actions of site moderators. I’ve also seen it start putting sceptics in the spam queue at my site, but after I fish them out a couple of times, it stopped. Even happened to ME at my own site!?! Likely due to being marked spam when commenting at warmers sites.
      You get an “awaiting moderation” message if in moderation. But spam just dissappears silently. So a post-and-poof means it is in the spam queue.

  8. “Increasing warmer temperatures throughout the world may produce a trend toward dictatorial governments in the opinion of Dr Clarence A Mills, professor of experimental medicine at the University of Cincinnati.”
    Experimental medicine? Rrrrrrriiiiiiiiggggggghhhhhhhtttttt!!!!!

    • Climate change: the field where people from all fields (even sociology and psychology) have a voice(*)
      (*) but people in physics, statistics, geosciences … can only open their mouth after being “peer reviewed”, many times

  9. It probably works the other way, too…global cooling and fears of a coming ice age brought down the Berlin Wall.
    I remember when global warming ate my homework.

  10. Louis
    November 24, 2015 at 4:16 pm
    Louis, you beat me to it. Dr Mills seems to be right. We have moved very close to the New World Order with elite dictators rationing out travel passes and managing all our daily lives. Sounds to me a bit like the 1000yr Reich that was being spouted then. In US now, you can be jailed for flushing a Koran down the toilet or have your name taken in UK if you bought a copy of Charlie Hebdo issue after the terrorist attack. Hey some of the proponents are burning books.
    I suppose readers younger than 30 don’t see anything wrong with this, having successfully completed lefty government proppogandized K-Grad School curricula.

    • We knew we had them when they refused to debate and started calling us deniers. In my case they are right in referring to me that way. I deny them my obedience. Come what may.

  11. There’s an obvious point that’s being missed here.
    Dr. Mills’ 1941 statement gives us a new long baseline. It’s clear, now, that a negative fixation on climate subverts mental hygiene and makes one an alarmist nut case. Look at the modern examples. Can there remain any doubt?
    I believe this explains the very sad analytical decline in a large number of scientists, and the thorough fatuousness of the entire IPCC.

    • I understand how
      – a bunch of scientivists,
      – many substandard academics with weak understanding of statistics and very low abstraction, generalisation, comparison, analysis, and math abilities,
      – totally unqualified “social scientists” (real social scientists can count correctly – even if some think their discipline isn’t essentially a matter of counting – and try to have some consistent methodology),
      – pure leftish/progressives/socialists in love with the idea of a “market failure” (whatever that means when there is no GHG market in the first place) and the need of “redistribution” of wealth,
      – pure greenies in love with the idea of industrial capitalism leading to the world destruction and that accumulation of wealth is bad,
      (just how these last groups two manage to get together should be a field of study for social science)
      can accept the failed and corrupt “science” of climatism (where “… because climate change” counts as an explanation of a phenomenon).
      But how can the rest of the “scientific community” (whatever that is) be so indolent?
      I see protests from a bunch of individuals. Sometimes they get together.
      Where are the institutions?
      Where is the community when whole fields become jokes?
      Yes, I am looking at you, biomedicine!

  12. Well who can argue with the results in our own background. The warmest year(hah!) ever and we’ve got the most fascist president since Wilson.

  13. “People are more docile and easily lead in warm weather than in cold, Dr. Mills insists.”
    The geographic view of history is the viewpoint that says soil and climate make people and civilizations follow the courses they do. As most really deficient theories, it is an ancient Greek idea.

  14. “People are more docile and easily lead in warm weather than in cold, Dr. Mills insists.”
    No, but when people or nations become prosperous, their neighbors want to invade them and take over their land..
    Academics are always saying the darndest things. Your history books are full of extremely bad reasoning. I once read that the Etruscans were invaded by the Romans because of “overpopulation.” Rapine and supremacy more like.

  15. “People are more docile and easily lead in warm weather than in cold, Dr. Mills insists.”
    Anything not to notice that Germany had caused two world wars as it attempted to take over Europe twice, under the second and third Rei chs.

  16. “Godwin’s Law” is inconsequential nonsense. It’s no different from “Jorge’s Law,” which states that if you stand at Hollywood and Vine for long, you’ll see a sports car pass by. These laws illustrate only the usefulness in their respective realms of both sports cars and the Hitler analogy, not any inherent, universal error in either.

  17. We need to act now according to the precautionary principle.
    To defeat the great danger of Jewish Bolshevism and Jewish international capitalism.
    Who would not be alarmed by this.
    Only the most stalwart skeptic.
    This is the greatest challenge of the era.
    Let’s willingly cooperate with the great project of our age, in order to save ourselves from whatever phantasm our great leaders construct in order to frighten us into compliance.
    Let’s just keep falling for the same hoax in a variety of different and often implausible disguises.
    [???? .mod]

      • Further, what if Chicken Little really is right, and the sky really is falling? Maybe we should begin immediately spending “trillions, destroying economies and ultimately killing people to prevent that from happening. Because that (the sky falling) would be terrible.

      • Their behaviour reveals their true motives.
        Judge them by their actions and not by their words. Since words are cheap.
        Although I do not think that Christiana Figueres and the like should be teleconferencing, either.
        They have no insights, no expertise and nothing of any use to contribute to this topic at all.

  18. I think the boffins in the UN hope this proposition is true. They want warmer temperatures so we all become so placidly docile that we will all let them take full control.

  19. I think this proves that the thermostat is set too high in the UN buildings so they are all developing megalomania and want to rule the world HAHAHAHA
    Or it could be another case of we know best syndrome.
    James Bull

  20. I think you can make the opposite argument that the end of the Western Roman Empire was caused by cooling temps. When temps begn to fall at the end of the Roman Warm Period in the early 5th Century, the Goths and other Germanic tribes were pressured to cross the Rhine and enter Roman territory (although the Romans briefly occupied territory as far as the Elbe) by the Huns & other groups seeking warmer temps causing the collapse of the already internally weakened western empire. If it had remained warm, there would have been no migratory pressure on the Goths,Vandals, VisiGoths, etc an the western Roman Empire would have tottered along for a few hundred more years.

  21. Witness the scoff-bot swarm. Deniers emerging from the Bog of Eternal Stench are complicit in hundreds of thousands of deaths/year 88% of them children. (WHO)

    • jfreed27,
      You asserted that “hundreds of thousands” of deaths are the result of “climate change”. Where do you get such nonsense?
      Prove to us you’re not a credulous fool: name just 10% of those who have died as a result of human-caused climate change.
      On second thought, I’ll make it real easy for you: name just one-tenth of one percent of those killed by ‘AGW/climate change’. That’s only ten names.
      You made the claim, now back it up. Show us you’re not a [climate propagandist] whose mind has been colonized by the ridiculous “climate change” hoax.
      The truth is that more CO2 has saved millions from starvation: agricultural productivity is measurably rising in lock-step along with the increase in harmless, beneficial CO2.
      But you and your ilk would put a stop to that, condemning the one-third of humanity that subsists on less than $2 a day to malnutrition and starvation. Really, could your side be any more despicable?

  22. The classic work, “The Spirit of Laws” by Charles de Montesquieu published in 1748 has some interesting chapters on the effect of climate on political systems. So the theory is quite old that different climates bring different acting people and different governments. In this particular work the conclusions are biased a bit by 18th century European prejudices. eBook is free on most of the distribution sources.

  23. All of these causal claims for political decisions are rubbish. What can be said with great confidence, however, is that the exceptionally cold European winters in 1941-1944 doomed Hitler’s campaign in Russia. BTW, Napoleon didn’t anticipate the Russian winter much better in 1812.

  24. If Hitler emerged today, he probably would have one a Nobel peace prize for finding a renewable fuel source to run furnaces.

    • Oh yea, needed a trigger warning.
      “The following comment includes explicit references to WWII events in Gernany. Don’t read if you are easily offended.”

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