How to Stop Mass Starvation from Global Warming

Guest essay by Jim Steele

Director emeritus Sierra Nevada Field Campus, San Francisco State University and author of Landscapes & Cycles: An Environmentalist’s Journey to Climate Skepticism

Pictures of this starving polar bear have been circulating throughout the worlds’ most trustworthy media outlets, providing undeniable proof that global warming is not just some theory conjured by soul‑less models that predict devastation a hundred years into the future. Global warming is here and now and this widespread starvation of animals across the globe is exactly what climate models and 97% of the scientists predicted. For further video proof compare these BBC videos.

One of the chief promoters of polar bear doom and gloom, Steve Amstrup, has used this new evidence to honestly promote starving bears but with the proper caveat saying, “Shrinking sea ice is causing polar bears to starve with higher frequency, but “you can’t say that any one individual is starving because of climate change”

Extrapolating back into history scientists assure us no bears ever died of natural causes until CO2 began rising. Although this polar bear has never been examined, (as was the case for the floating/drowned bears a few years ago) the most sophisticated models have determined there is a high confidence that there is a high probability that this polar bear is not sick, is not injured, and is not elderly. Obviously with a climate on steroids, the only plausible possibility is it’s a victim of rising CO2. Normally this area is covered by sea ice and carpeted with seals. But now in the dead of winter there are only small slivers of ice, so small it is forcing seals into the water to drown and bears can barely keep their balance while hunting. Science deniers and uncaring human chauvinists have scoffed that this is just one bear observed within one square kilometer. However given the Arctic covers 14 million square kilometers where no one has been taking pictures, models have extrapolated there are very likely 14 million other skinny bears. But scientists are a conservative lot and lowered their estimate to one million plus or minus 100. Still it is worse than we once thought. Global warming is also starving every species across the planet. And like this bear picture, there is abundant photographic proof of this human‑caused tragedy.



Global warming is increasing evaporation and that is drying our fields and pastures. The physics is well established: more CO2 means more evaporation. As a result, grass that once grew as high as a horses back, now barely reaches the bottom of their hooves. Without the normal lush pastures of the last Ice Ages, horses are starving. They are becoming so weak they are now incapable of carrying the smallest jockeys.


When CO2 concentrations were at pre-industrial levels during the Little Ice Age, horses remained thick and meaty throughout their lifetime. Meat from elderly horses was abundant and the main ingredient in dog food. But due to Big Oil and the selfish Koch brothers, CO2 rose and horses became increasingly emaciated and created a shortage of dog food. Only a pet hater, or anti-science Republican or denier Libertarian would ever deny that this epidemic of withering dogs is not real and requires immediate legislation.


When I was in graduate school, we would joke that if there was ever a nuclear holocaust, only insects and rats would ever survive. But according to reputable sources like Joe Romm, rising CO2 is like 400,000 Hiroshima bombs exploding every day. Unless you are a science denier, you can surely feel that heat. And like napalm these nuclear explosions are destroying our forests and prairies so that even the insects can no longer find refuge. Malnourished insects like the one below are the new normal. But there is still time to turn this global catastrophe around. But we must act now and elect every politician who tells a scary climate story!


I spent my career studying bird populations, analyzing how they adapt to changes in landscapes and natural weathers cycles. But the unprecedented 0.6°C global rise during the 20th century is happening faster than birds can evolve; faster than they can fly from a hot sunlit lawn into the cool shade of a tree. In what now appears to be a desperate bare bones approach, and a last ditch attempt to adapt to this unbearable heat not experienced in the last billion years, birds are shedding all their feathers. As the anthropocene heats up, fewer feathers are promoting life saving cross breezes to cool their internal organs. But as the world continues to warm and the last feather has been shed, they will certainly go extinct.


But it is not just wildlife that is suffering. During the last Ice Age humans never wanted for food and 5 course meals several times a day were not uncommon. But despite our technological achievements in agriculture, our best scientists are telling us global warming is increasingly taking food from out tables. The lastest proof in a press release from the journal Nature provided this startling photograph of the new normal in human dining. Furthermore a study by Naomi Klein reports every single scientist is warning against false beliefs that because the growing season has become longer than it was the during the Little Ice Age, more food can be grown. 99.9% of the scientist agree, global warming is due to humans and the apocalypse is real.


It is the poorer nations, especially on Pacific Islands that are unfairly taking the brunt of global warming. Rising sea levels have flooded this couple’s island farm. Food that might normally be salvaged after a tsunami, were so completely dissolved by unprecedented ocean acidity, there was nothing to scavenge. As a result this couple and their neighbors have been forced to survive on the occasional coconut husks that wash on to their shores. Like statistics and graphs, photographs never lie or ever mislead. So please send all your money to any organization that promises to cut CO2 and spare the world from starvation, or maybe you or your children, or grandchildren or your great grandchildren or their children and their pets will suffer a similar horrible fate.


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  1. Gasp! Choke! There, but for the grace of God, go I — oh wait, I’m going soon enough. I blame Global Warming!

      • I’m sure the Polar Bear’s injured leg has nothing to do with it’s sudden weight loss !! Maybe it’s his hunting technique ???

      • @Marcus – Or it could be just a very sick or very old bear who just can’t cut it out there anymore. It’s a reminder that nature is not nice. If you think she/he is, then you haven’t grasped the full facts of the situation yet. It reminds me of a comment I heard an 8 or 9 year old girl make to her mother while watching the polar bears at the San Diego Zoo. “I hope I get to meet a polar bear in the wild when I grow up,” she said. I thought, “hopefully before you get a chance to reproduce.” But I kept quiet.

    • So does a picture of a fat and sassy polar bear, then, disprove the whole “climate change” Gaia-hustle? No?–Oh! I see, it doesn’t work that way–how could I be so stupid? Well thank you Professor Gruber, for the clarification.
      So now that Professor Gruber has straightened me out, here, I call on all the world’s leaders to cancel the upcoming Paris “climate change” confab and hold that hive-swarm, instead, as a zero-carbon video-conference, so as to save all the poor, poor, starving polar bears! Huh? What’s that Professor Gruber? You mean to say that that “it” doesn’t work that way? You mean to say that the whole world economy is hangin’ by a thread, at the moment, and the only “thing” standing between us and global catastrophic, economic collapse is the business activity generated by the NGO hot-babes workin’ the executive suites, at these CO2-spew Gaia-gabfests? Why didn’t I think of all that?–I am such an idiot!
      Wow! Let me just say that, I now understand that we are so very, very lucky that our world leadership is a bunch of brazen-hypocrite, carbon-piggie POLAR BEAR KILLERS!!! AND THAT’S A GOOD THING!!! And we’re all even luckier, that we have a super hive-tool, like Professor Gruber, managing our betters’ double-standard, greenwashed, eco-con flim-flam.
      P. S. And, oh by the way, Professor Gruber, do you think you could get your trough-providers to supply us despised, expendable peons some high-quality photos of the upcoming COP-15? And, I’m thinkin’ here of maybe a shot or two of the the Orly airport all stuffed with private jets flown in by by the COP-15, string-puller attendees. And, you know, maybe even some pictures of our Philosopher King and Queens at the conference in full bunga-bunga, party-animal, wild-and-crazy rip-form. And here I’m thinkin’ I could, you know, like, maybe put those photos on the wall next to the photo of the starving polar bear, topside, in the post, to remind myself that I need worry no more, because my betters are taking care of everything and all is well in hand.

      • Polar bears dying of natural causes – old age, cancer, seal bone stuck in its throat, local lack of seal pups for food, being a poor hunter etc – and natural climate change/cycles are both heresies in the wacky world of Klimatespeak.
        However the greatest Klimatespeak apostasy about polar bears is stating the fact that they suffer most when there has been an unusually cold Spring, making it difficult for them to access their favourite food of seal pups.
        “Don’t confuse me with the facts, my mind’s made up,” has, and always will be, the clarion call of the ecoloons spouting the gibberish of Klimatespeak.

      • Oops! In my above comment, I see that I’ve referred to “COP-15”, when it should have been “COP-21” (or something like that–honestly my head spins when trying to sort out any one of these interminable eco-flake, carbon-phobe, carbon-spew pow-wows from the myriad of others just like them. I mean, like, I bet even “bobthebear” has trouble keepin’ up with the hive’s latest rip-off activities, and he’s a hive-insider and everything).

      • It is my understanding that what matters most to polar bears is spring / early summer ice.
        Here is a story on sea ice and mortality.

        Paper – 8 August 2001
        Polar Bears and Seals in the Eastern Beaufort Sea and Amundsen Gulf:
        A Synthesis of Population Trends and Ecological Relationships over Three Decades
        …..Heavy ice conditions in the mid-1970s and mid-1980s caused significant declines in productivity of ringed seals, each of which lasted about 3 years and caused similar declines in the natality of polar bears and survival of subadults, after which reproductive success and survival of both species increased again….
        …..Polar bears reach their lightest weights in late March, just before the birth of the next cohort of ringed seal pups, which also suggests it is the success of their hunting in spring and early summer that determines whether or not bears are able to accumulate the body reserves necessary for survival, reproduction, and nursing of cubs through the rest of the year. …..
        …In the eastern Beaufort Sea, in years during and follow-ing heavy ice conditions in spring, we found a marked reduction in production of ringed seal pups and conse-quently in the natality of polar bears (Stirling and Lunn, 1997). The effect appeared to last for about three years, after which productivity of both seals and bears increased again….

        Here is Susan the sceptic’s opinion backed by references.

        August 18, 2013
        Dr. Susan J. Crockford – zoologist
        “Polar bears have not been harmed by sea ice declines in summer – the evidence”
        February 19, 2015
        Dr. Susan Crockford
        Twenty good reasons not to worry about polar bears and climate change

      • declines in the natality of polar bears and survival of subadults
        Real sciency academic bafflegab!
        Back on earth we would say ‘declines in the birth rate of polar bears and survival of young bears’.

      • Well, polar bears have a life expectancy of about 18 years in the wild and about 30 years in a zoo – where their food is brought to them.
        It takes about a year for a polar bear to starve to death – and all polar bears starve to death because they are a climax predator and aren’t social animals.
        So about 1/30 or 1/40 polar bears at any one time will look like they are starving to death because they are old or injured.
        It sort of is what it is.

      • Mike: So does a picture of a fat and sassy polar bear, then, disprove the whole “climate change” Gaia-hustle? No?–Oh! I see, it doesn’t work that way–how could I be so stupid?

        good point – funny how the people who (correctly) insist that a day’s weather isn’t climate – can then insist a single polar bear represents the plight of polar bears

    • I thought I saw it in there somewhere – writ rather large. Ah yes, there it is in the first paragraph.
      And all the other ones.

      • I’ve notice some people seem to derive fun from commenting here on satire as if it were serious stuff. I think the rest really venting seriously didn’t read far enough down to see the other pictures. They do offer a substantial clue in case you are really dense.

      • It doesn’t seem like a lot of people, Jim, but it does seem kinda strange . . Like the propaganda has become so bizarre that some folks are actually expecting it to look like this piece.
        I’m pretty sure were not in Kansas anymore, my fellow Totos.

  2. Mass starvation and death at the barrel of a State Owned Militia is coming fast to Europe.
    The EU will not survive this!
    The “States” of the EU will quickly disintegrate to preserve their own interest deal death to the migrant invaders.
    Back to the 14th thru 15th century Europe and Dynasty Wars.

  3. I saw that photo on CNN and immediately thought…. why only one?
    If polar bear starvation was wide spread, there ought to be dozens and dozens and dozens. The fact that they have come up with a photo of only a single polar bear tells the real story. Had there been large numbers of starving bears there would have been more than one to take a picture of, not to mention they’d be invading human habitats in droves to root through garbage.

  4. I am not a farmer, but I do know a bit about agriculture.
    The author of this paper will know, or should know, that every species breeds up to the level of its food supply. Once that limit is reached, starvation is a natural limitation to species population.
    The photo of the skinny horse is deliberately misleading. Because of this limitation in food supply, every farm, every paddock or fenced field has what is called its carrying capacity. The farmer has a continuous management role to ensure that the carrying capacity is not exceeded. If it is, then he can either let the animals grow very skinny, or he can sell to reduce numbers and load on the food supply, or he can supplement food supply by adding hay, molasses, or some other source of food and energy.
    AT the same time, easy travel is enabling invasive species like couch grass and lantana to spread, killing off natural grasses and pastures. If you look at the horse photo, it looks like the grass is couch, and couch has very little nutritional value. If native grasses are grazed short, they exist as tussocks, not as continuous cover. I have seen large areas of farmland in South East asia that are now covered by couch grass, and always the animals grazing on this are skinny.
    As for the dog photo. It can be seen that the dog is captive to a human owner. Thus the dog’s food supply depends on what the owner feeds it. If the owner does not provide enough food, then the animal starves, because it can not hunt or forage for food.
    So the author of this article is disingenuous, or deliberately dishonest.

      • Yep, I’m an American who’s traveled extensively in Europe, and I can attest to the fact that there are no Europeans devoid of humor and lacking a sense of irony. None, zero, nada, zip. Also, their dimmest members are smarter, taller, and better looking than our best Americans.

    • Are you new here? Dr Steele’s tongue had to be surgically removed from his cheek after typing this missive. The sarcasm in every sentence was about 1 yard (0.914 meter) thick. Dr. Steele was using an age old form of ridicule by taking the other side of the issue’s argument and pushing it to its extreme conclusion. If you read Dr. Steele’s large body of posts here and in his scientific work, you will see that he is a scientist who has come to the conclusion that the data does not mean what the alarmists think it means. He has attempted to point out the weakness of their arguments in a very gentlemanly manner in the past, but this is the first time I have seen him use subtle ridicule and open sarcasm in an essay (I may have missed the precedent.)
      The horse, dog, bird skeleton, stick bug, etc. were used to exemplify the bad extrapolation the alarmists are making from a photograph of ONE SICK/INJURED POLAR BEAR ON A TINY ICE FLOW as a indicator of the entirety of Arctic Circle ecological health. He wrote about them using the same tone the alarmists use in every article they write to drive the point home. Of course the horse should be fed with supplements to the weak grass, of course the dog is the product of his owner’s malfeasance, of course the stick bug was absolutely normal and not in any way an indicator of insect doom, and of course the bird skeleton was in no way related to CO2, just as the one polar bear in no way told us anything about the Arctic but Dr. Steele used those passages to show the absolute stupidity of the alarmists’ drone of doom.
      Perhaps, it was the end of a long day when you read this and that caused your sarcasm filter to fail, it happens to all of us on the internet sometimes (we really need that sarcasm font).

      • “… bad extrapolation the alarmists are making from a photograph of ONE SICK/INJURED POLAR BEAR ON A TINY ICE FLOW…” </blockquote"
        Not quite.
        "…bad extrapolation the alarmists are making from a photograph of ONE soaking wet hair matted down SICK/INJURED POLAR BEAR ON A TINY ICE FLOW…"
        Want to see a really skinny cat? Take any cat and give it a bath. The same goes for dogs, hamsters, gerbils, rabbits, cuy (guinea pig) or any animal with rather fluffy fur or feathers.
        I've seen pictures of that horse before, it was a horse 'rescued' from a residence where the animals were abused. Man caused starvation? Definitely, called neglect.
        I kept jumping from where I was reading up to the article's top and bottom and back to my reading position, looking for mea culpa, jokes on you, sarcasm or even belated/advance April's Fool.
        The author was Jim Steele, so it is either sarcasm or some truly deluded soul stole Jim's identification.

      • Old Engineer,
        yes, it was, but to an alarmist it was sweet music and gospel truth. Sarcasm only works on those with enough self-awareness to perceive it. So while we saw a 9-15 pound sledge, alarmists saw a true missive on the state of the world. That is why it is so hard to get through to some people.

    • Peter Davis
      Don’t read much, eh? Why don’t you start with “A Modest Proposal” by Jonathan Swift, and then comment. Then you won’t appear to be such a dolt.

  5. From the water streaming off his rear end, that bear just exited the water onto the cake of ice – or, that stream may just be a leftover artifact from photo-shopping a fat roly-poly polar bear into a skinny old bear on his last arthritic leg. (How insensitive of me.)

  6. Provide cheap energy, clean water, DDT, etc. some modern medicine and agricultural techniques and we can carry 20 billion people.

  7. The problem is water. Develop water supply net work so that every inch of the land surface could be kept always moist. Moisture content on the land surface controls temperature and rain cycle. Details in

      • Were the graphic pictures of starving starving, injured and dying animals up thread more appropriate for your 5 year old?

    • Pictures of dying/dead babies are no more graphic than pictures of equally dying/dead animals, unless you are a fragile snowflake Mod or a “Dad “pursing sick.dying.dead dead animal photos with his 5 year old, apparently.

    • Lots of real deaths due to war, abortion, lack of clean water, energy poverty, etc,
      None from global warming,
      [Snip. We get the point. No need to shock people with such graphic images. Anyone who is interested can do a simple search and click on “images”. But it is inappropriate to post those on this blog. Thanks for understanding. ~mod.]

  8. I first saw this in a friend’s Facebook feed with a link to the “I F__king Love Science” site:
    On that page the headline reads:
    “This Shocking Photograph Reveals The Reality Of Climate Change”
    However, the link though to the photographers site allows you very quickly to compare a paraphrase with the original:
    The paraphrase:

    Langenberger went on to say that although local scientists claim Svalbard’s bear population is stable,..

    What Langenberger actually said was:

    Experts claim the Svalbard population is stable, even rising.

    The photographer makes it clear that she was driven to challenge the science by the suffering she witnessed. For a site that claims to love science it is striking to find what appears to be a deliberately misquote of the source’s reference to that science.

    • Discovery magazine quoted Langenberger speculating it was a ““mere skeleton, hurt on her front leg, possibly by a desperate attempt to hunt a walrus while she was stuck on land.”
      It is telling is how quickly various “science” websites used this photo to hype bogus climate starvation, but worse how uncritically the public swallowed it as an example of climate change hell

      • Jim,
        I was taught that the polar bear was one of the best long distance swimmers among land based mammals. If that is so, how the heck can polar bears “get stuck on land”?

      • Here are the kids swimming. Point to these the next time an alarmist worries terribly about a polar bear cub that just can’t swim. Some die, some can swim………quite far.

        A.M. Pagano – et al – 2012
        Long-distance swimming by polar bears (Ursus maritimus) of the southern Beaufort Sea during years of extensive open water
        …..During 6 years (2004–2009), we identified 50 long-distance swims by 20 bears. Swim duration and distance ranged from 0.7 to 9.7 days (mean = 3.4 days) and 53.7 to 687.1 km (mean = 154.2 km), respectively……We show that adult female polar bears and their cubs are capable of swimming long distances during periods when extensive areas of open water are present……

        Sometimes they get a little lazy.

        Jon Aars et al – April 2010
        Polar bear cubs may reduce chilling from icy water by sitting on mother’s back
        …An important question is thus how female mothers and their cubs may behave to avoid that cubs get chilled, but at the same time making it possible for the families to hunt is those areas. We describe an observation of a polar bear cub on its mother’s back while the mother was swimming among ice floes in Svalbard, Norwegian Arctic….
        Polar Biology – Volume 33, Issue 4, pp 557-559

    • well I read they are considering shipping the “syrian” refugeees TO svalbard
      so skinny bears wont be thin for long.

  9. At least they’re consistent. They support the models, and that skinny bear has the figure for a shot at the modelling profession.

  10. The number one cause of starvation in the 20th century was centrally planned economics – the “red center” of the green watermelon.
    There’s about 100M data points to back that up. Some call those data points human beings.

  11. Who would have ever imagined that Polar Bears ever get old and unable to hunt and eventually starve to death. Wow!, This cannot be true, it must really be Global Warming/Climate Change.
    (Sarcasm Control off,)

  12. The bear photo has some strange artefacts. Zoom in. There’s what looks like a target in the centre at the bottom of it’s neck. Photoshopped?

  13. good job Jim. It will never cease to amaze me how certain folk will take a little information (a starving bear) and create an entire edifice to universal truth (the conclusion their prejudice suggests) and feel so smug and self righteous as they delude themselves

  14. CAGW pushers must also believe that polar bears and other animals remain in perfect health from birth to old age, never getting injured or getting in fights over territory, illness or diseases.

  15. An Emperor Penguin has been spotted in Antarctica with a stubbed toe, waddling around rather despondently on the ice. Researchers and media are at this moment busily preparing to burn vast amounts of fossil fuel in the bid to get the first definitive, live photographic evidence of climate change devastation happening now at the South Pole.

  16. Wet dogs and cats with normal weight also looks tiny when their fur is clinging to their body. You can see the water poring off the fur of the bear in the picture. Has anyone made a little bit of Photoshop added then this bear will look like size 0.
    I am always thinking about what was the climate at the time of the Vikings on Greenland – it must have been a lot warmer than today. How about the ice then both at sea and the ice on land? And what about the ice bears? Where they better swimmers then than today?
    A hate things that is not logical explained!

  17. Global warming is increasing evaporation and that is drying our fields and pastures. The physics is well established: more CO2 means more evaporation.

    And more evaporation means more precipitation. All that water does not remain in the sky forever.
    Also, more CO2 means faster Calvin cycle, But it is well established that 98% of climate scientists don’t know what is the Calvin cycle.

  18. One of the problems is that there is a correlation between warmth and animal size. All life prefers warmth and that is not simply why one sees greater bio diversity in warm humid areas such as tropical rain forests, but the largest animals are all found in warm climes such as the elephant, hippo, rhino, giraffe etc.
    In the past when it was very hot, we had even larger animals such as the dinosaurs.
    A warming world would be a god send for life on planet earth. Obviously, there would be some losers, but many more winners.
    I have never understood why on a water world inhabited by carbon life forms, anyone would object to the burning of fossil fuels given that the by product of which is CO2 and water. This is just what a water world inhabited by carbon life forms wants since they are two of the most essential ingredients for life on such a planet. Water and CO2 is the giver of life, and should be encouraged.

  19. I suppose when reality is against you with Arctic Ice continuing to recover and polar bear population in rude good health all you can do is resort to false sensationalism. Assisted as usual by an uncritical and fawning mass media.

    • Seek funding for a study of ingrown toenails caused by global warming.
      And look for compensation – from someone. Big Wind; Big Oil; Big Hydro; Big Bull5h1#, etc.
      When you have the hundreds of thousands [dollars, pounds, euros – matters not which] – say it’s worse than we thought.
      And call for millions more . . . .
      Repeat ‘ad nauseum’ . . . .
      Auto – in career-advisor mode! [PS – /sarc, a bit]

  20. while I DO see the humour
    the abused horse n dog pics arent funny
    and using that poor lass with the serious medical issue bottom left was a lot tasteless,
    theres other goofy intentionally anorexics pics would be better used

    • OZ,
      We see a lot of terminally skinny horses in the States since the animal rights people got the glue and dog food markets closed off here. You will see these toothless malnourished horses quite a bit and the owners are scared to have them put down due to the animal rights backlash. You have to wait for them to founder or collapse before the vet can intervene. Of course some people were sending perfectly serviceable horses to the butcher because they were inconvenient, but most really did wait until the horse was not going to do well on normal fodder. Now there are people dumping their older horses in the national parks because they don’t want to feed and provide vet care for a horse that can’t ride or pull. Thus we see the unintended consequence of do-gooders interfering with the market over a fairly small problem.

  21. “You see, the numbers don’t matter any more and the science is irrelevant; it’s all about propaganda. While you may be arguing the science, the big green killing machine just concentrates on creating an impression in the public consciousness, even if the impression is totally contradicted by the facts. Facts are irrelevant too.
    While you’re busy nailing them on points of scientific fact, they’re busy photoshopping Polar bears onto ice cubes floating in the Bering Sea. You’re aiming at them but they’re aiming at public opinion.”

  22. Information on the photo. .Which readers of WUWT will find interesting:
    – Photo taken on Svalbard by Kerstin Langenberger
    – Facebook, K. Langenberger:
    – Article published yesterday. Icelandic news web site
    – – google translation from icelandic to english:

    • Thanks for the link. Kerstin Langenberger is neither a scientist nor a polar biologist but has managed to link the health of polar bears in Svalbard to climate change.
      She says there’s been no census but she doubts the population is stable.
      She is cannon fodder to the green movement and no doubt will achieve lasting ignominy.

  23. The photographer’s own words demonstrate just how irrational the Climate Change Fundamentalists have become:
    “We were all stunned by the strange wound it had on its left foreleg: a long and seemingly clean cut. I cannot imagine another polar bear causing such a strange wound. I could think that it might have been cause by a walrus tusk, though, but I have never seen a wound like that and it is just a theory. If the wound was indeed caused by a walrus, then the animal (a rather small bear) must have been desperate (meaning: hungry) in order to take the risk of attacking a walrus and then gaining this fatal injury. So: even if the injury is the reason this bear is a mere skeleton, I think it is climate change that might be responsible for the animal to have that wound to start with. It’s a theory nobody can proof or disproof.

  24. In a population of 25,000 and max longevity of 30 years (averages closer to 20 years), there’s going to be around a thousand deaths every year. It shouldn’t be hard to get a picture of an ailing polar bear for publicity/extortion purposes.

  25. I am wondering if we could air-drop some food to these poor creatures. We could air-drop some climatologists. That way they could study the bears up close and personal — and not just imagine things in the comfort of their climate controlled university office. A win-win I think.

    • Mark
      Whilst I agree – the poor poleys do need feeding up – I believe the human rights – even of climatologists – need to be considered.
      A bit.
      Maybe give them parkas before the airdrop.
      Like you, I have no doubt that they will find their [first?] field expedition enlightening.
      Auto – with tongue, uvula, oesophagus, etc. well in cheek. Thanks.

    • * tears falling on keyboard* yes Mark, it would be the most compassionate thing to do! I’ll bet we could even get those kids (you know , the Google and the Facebook ones) that have all those extra private jets to take the climatologists and drop them off. Oh, but make sure their parkas are polyfill and not down (wouldn’t want to cause more suffering to innocent geese). Maybe the jetsters would also be willing to go back to pick up the clothing scraps.

    • Some commenters may have missed the satirical character of the post, I agree. However, some of the comments, not suggesting that you didn’t make the distinction yourself, Tim O, are directed, not to the post’s satire, but rather to the post’s point of departure–namely, the sorry, intellectually-corrupt hijacking of a compelling photo, featuring an emaciated polar bear, by some of the “world’s most trustworthy media outlets”, with the aim of using that picture’s visceral-punch as a propaganda-peg on which to hang non-sequitur, eco-flake scare-mongering of the crudest and most air-head friendly kind.

  26. the ultragreenie photographer who took that photo could have, and should have offered himself as food to that bear to save its life. It would be a noble thing to do and would reduce the number of surplus CO2-generating ultragreenies by one which would probably be enough to save something or other. OTOH maybe the sacrifice by the photographer and its attendant GHG savings would be offset by Polar Bear flatulence due to the unusual change in its diet. Not to worry there are many more ultragreenies, they don’t all have to be photographers, and so many bears to be saved. We’ll beat this CO2 thing yet.

  27. @dmh
    you said: “I saw that photo on CNN and immediately thought…. why only one?
    If polar bear starvation was wide spread, there ought to be dozens and dozens and dozens. The fact that they have come up with a photo of only a single polar bear tells the real story. Had there been large numbers of starving bears there would have been more than one to take a picture of, not to mention they’d be invading human habitats in droves to root through garbage.”
    Reasonable questions, but I suspect the answer is not what you think. I think Polar Bear starvation IS widespread, and there ARE dozens and dozens and dozens, and that there are large numbers of starving bears invading human habitats in droves to root through garbage. This Globe and Mail article reports the fact of bear raids as of 2011, as well as the opinion it’s caused by Global Warming.
    So why did they take just one pic of one bear? Only they know for sure. We can speculate that it was because they sought an iconic photo, or a symbolic one, or they were pressed for time, or lazy, or unlucky, or picky to select the most photogenic. Maybe they were scared of bears and ran away after getting only one photo. Their motive doesn’t matter, though few of those possibilities reflect well on them.
    But if it isn’t Global Warming starving the Bears, what is? Mother Nature, is my answer. Brad Rich’s post above covers some of the reason. But the fundamental fact is that Polar Bears are subject to Malthusian laws. A single breeding pair of Polar Bears will produce 8 offspring in their life. In an environment that sustains a fixed population, six of the offspring must die before reproducing, mostly from starvation. Some will die from intra-species violence, some from mischance, some from human hunting- but mostly from starvation. One of the fundamental features of our environment, that most predators starve, seems to be a perpetually closed book to soi-disant ‘environmentalists’, who treat it as a sign something’s gone wrong, rather than the natural functioning of the ecosystem. And they often ascribe that ‘wrongness’ to human activity. (This willful ignorance both angers and bewilders me.)
    Of course the Arctic is not currently an environment that sustains a fixed population. As Øyvind Davidsen says above, Norway reports their bears are fat as pigs. And the numbers are ever larger than early estimates; many sub-populations are known to be growing. But if the population doubles every generation, that’s still four polar bear cubs for every two adults, dying mostly from starvation.
    So yeah, I believe there’s thousands of starving polar bears. Evidence it’s anything unusual, let alone caused by Global Warming, hasn’t been provided. Why did they picture only the one? Who knows?

  28. “Shrinking sea ice is causing polar bears to starve with higher frequency, but “you can’t say that any one individual is starving because of climate change” – Steve Amstrup,

    Well Steve is half right, one starving polar bear does not make an epidemic of starving polar bears.
    Simply because Steve is able to easily pull assertions directly out of his arse is not adequate evidence supporting his other point of polar bears starving with higher frequency. Easily being able to pull assertions out of ones arse is only evidence of verbal flatulence.

  29. Last month, a homeowner in Rockaway County, NJ published on Youtube a video showing a family of black bears (mother and five cubs) that decided to invade their backyard and take a swim in the family’s backyard pool. It is cute. But what struck me was how healthy the five cubs are. They are well beyond the age where they are susceptible to disease risks or risks from predators. I don’t know the answer, but I wonder if it is “normal” for five bear cubs to survive to reach this age, which sure looks to me like they will likely make it to maturity and search for a mate to reproduce.

    The bear population in NJ is exploding. And by the looks of this bear family they appear to be extremely healthy and thriving. For several decades in the 20th century, it was believed the NJ bear population was virtually extinct. They held no hunts for decades. Then in 2003 they decided to do a one time hunt to cull the population which had grown to an estimated 1500 bears. The hunt was extremely well planned and the number of bears killed matched almost exactly the number authorities hoped would be culled based on the number of permits issued and hunter success rates based on empirical evidence. I forget the exact number but I want to say that around 700 bears were killed in the 2003 hunt, but don’t hold me to it if that is wrong. But it was not enough. The population continued to grow. So they instituted an annual hunt in 2010. Still not enough. The population continued to grow. This year the commission that overseas the hunts voted to increase the length of the bear hunting season. That’s because since 2010, 1900 bears have been killed and now the NJ population is estimated to be 3500-4000 bears. Don’t forget the population was estimated to be only 1500 in 2003 BEFORE the 2003 hunt.
    This explosive growth in the bear population is not unique to NJ. It is happening all over New England. Massachusetts has seen it’s bear population increase 9x since the early 1980s, growing from about 500 bears to over 4500.
    It seems to me that if animals like black bears near the top of the food chain are thriving then the habitat that supports the rest of the food chain is probably pretty healthy, too. The planet is not dying from too much CO2. The planet is thriving. Or at least American nature is.

  30. Oh, I thought polar bears always stayed healthy and never aged. I guess it was camera bias of the photo essay naturalist all along.

  31. My first impulse is to ask ‘what kind of idiot would believe one skeletal animal among a large healthy population proves the whole species is rapidly succumbing to environmental change?’
    And then I remembered that the world is full of idiots only too eager to lap up apocalyptic pablum.

  32. Polar bears were fat like pigs. Norwigan Polar Institute researches conducted an survey on polar bears in august 2015 on Svalbard and found that they all were full and round. A good ice year and good hunting possibilities have given them plenty to eat.
    They also commented on the picture above and said i gave a false impression and that facebook is not the right place to get accurate information. This bear was most likely old or sick and that nature is cruel.
    Article in norwegian translatet by google translate:

    • A fat polar bear population is good news for polar bear lovers, bad news for seals and seal lovers, and REALLY bad news for global warming alarmists.

  33. Enjoyed reading this very much Jim Steele!
    Even the most extreme view from the alarmist side, unless living in the realm of a delusional religious cult, would have to acknowledge that CO2 gets blamed for many negative consequences that lack the authentic science to support it and rarely gets credit for its known/proven positive contributions.
    What’s that you say? There are many, many millions that don’t acknowledge this/ see it that way?
    OK, then there are many, many millions that are living in the realm of a delusional religious cult!

  34. Not only are bears returning to NJ but since many farms have shut down in the NE, there is a lot more bear habitat now. Forests today are much much more extensive than 100 years ago or even 25 years ago.

  35. Hey Jim. I didn’t know you were aspiring to George Carlin’s territory. The humorous sarcasm is a nice change. The weather network was using that photo to promote yet another alarming climate change scare story (YAACCSS). I took the time to post a link on their site to Dr Susan Crockford’s site which I do every time they do a walrus haul out or polar bears are dying from too much CO2 story. Hopefully some of TWN’s readers go there and get the facts.

  36. Glad I wasn’t drinking a soda… or hot coffee… that is a great satirical piece… I’d say more that Onion worthy.

  37. Great fun, Jim!
    More seriously though, I recently attended a fancy cocktail party in Manhattan and saw so many well groomed and dressed, but clearly emaciated women that it suddenly hit me: climate change is not something which will only affect my great-grandchildren. It was suddenly HERE and NOW.
    To this day I remain overwhelmed by the sight of those pitiful wealthy matrons who were clearly unable to feed themselves in this hellish environment which humanity has created.

  38. Oh my. I figured this would be normal Jim Steele material, and saved it for when I had time to savor it.
    Instead, I learned what Jim’s breaking point is. And that he still writes well despite banging his on the wall.
    Just one little niggling suggestion – “99.9% of the scientist[s] agree,” should be 99.7%. That 7 is important, it’s our only hope of not reaching 100%.
    Great photos too – that starving praying mantis looks just like a walking stick.

  39. After having seen the pictures of the thin animals I am starting a new group — Overweight People For Global Warming.
    Eugene WR Gallun

  40. For the true starvation policy path, reduce Euro growth to zero for extended periods, use debt in lieu of hard choices, focus on non GMO and small scale farming, use tax resources for rooftop solar and electric cars for the rich, and attack the farming sector with a combination of water and soil over regulation down to the ditch level, ban pesticides and nutrient supplements, and make animal raising effectively illegal. That all takes time and effort to fully implement but it is underway…for the good of the elite shopper.

  41. Oh Come on people. This is definitely global warming all their prey have grown and they are fighting back against the polar bears. They are not submarines at the North pole but giant walrus.

  42. If, as you say, “the apocalypse is real”, then why do not you advocate praying to God ? The word, ‘apocalypse’ is from the Christian bible. You must read it, or, you couldn’t have known of the word. You should read it more thoroughly.
    I read all the way to the bottom. The two ladies are ‘clip images’. That certainly throws a shadow of doubt on the rest. CLIP IMAGES…YES. Can’t the polar bear get off the ice, and, go find food? I thought polar bears could swim.

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