Tuesday toon – Mont Doom

Josh writes: There is a hilarious transcript which was posted on BishopHill of a BBC Radio programme on the Lancet’s latest Alarm fest – all, no doubt, part of the run up to Paris in December. Dr Hugh says

If one’s looking at the estimates that have been produced in this piece of research, we’re looking at billions of events, so billions of individual people being exposed to – let’s just say extreme heat-wave events, on their own, over the next decades. And of course this plays out, whilst we emphasise the climate effects, it’s playing out on a pretty stressed world system, as well, with reductions in water supplies and in topsoil, and so forth. And these things are coming together in a, in a – excusing the bad, sort of, pun or analogy – a perfect storm, really.


I was not sure a cartoon would be quite as entertaining so I went for more of a portrait.

Cartoons by Josh

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  1. we will go down in history as the “coddled culture”..
    I’d like to see this compared to all the genocides that are/have taken place.

    • I think its worse than coddled …there are no men…. just little boys with little toys …no principles… no back bone… no testosterone…

    • Jim, I’m working on a model for that, it will indicate many catastrophic outcomes with a fair amount of uncertainty, could you pony up 200 grand to study it further.

      • Mark
        Sterling – or Yen?
        Not Zim dollars; I assume
        A quadrillion does buy a de-ballasting event in a publicly operated urinal!
        Old Turkish Lire . . .
        My boy is a millionaire in Old Turkish Lire – saved my teeth from a can of Cola, in the ‘Oughties’ . . . .

    • The article makes it clear that these heat-waves are personal : “billions of individual people being exposed to – let’s just say extreme heat-wave events, on their own“.

    • At one event per second for the next 85 years, you could probably get to a couple of billion events.

    • Well… if my house is hit by, say, a hailstorm, and my neighbour’s house is hit by a hailstorm… that’s two hailstorms already.
      Right ? So ….

      • You’re on the right track, but what really matters is how many individual hailstones affected you personally. Then multiply by the number of people who could possibly be exposed to hailstones,,,

  2. well, when we started all this stuff it wasn’t supposed to turn out like this.
    (confused face )

  3. So if we manage to cut down a bit on red meat consumption and animal consumption, that’s fewer cows belching methane out of their ruminant’s stomachs, that’s less greenhouse gases but also means less bowel cancer for us blokes, it means less coronary disease and strokes and so forth.

    There’s good reasons for eating vegetables, but I wonder if the good professor has studied the ratio of methane produced by beef eaters to that producee by bean eaters.

    • Won’t less coronary disease and strokes lead to longer human lifetimes and related GHG emissions?

      • That’s what I figure so I’m gulping down those methane belchers as much as I can so it’s win win for these Greenies who don’t want either of us around messing up Gaia.
        It’s the considerate kinda guy I am trying to please everyone all the time.

    • And onions, leeks, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, turnips, parsnips, and all those other gas producing vegies.

  4. In my case, the “event” will be wiping the sweat from my brow one extra time every four days. This will be equal to 0.642 * butterfly wing flaps.

      • Of course, John Laurie knew a thing or two about doom. He served in the artillery in WW1, and saw that there were worse things than bread that didn’t rise properly.

  5. Anyone reading these comments needs to follow the link to the transcript of that Montgomery clown. Be very afraid as they walk among us.

  6. We are Doomed! Doomed as Doomed can be!
    Doom Sayers have been around for a long time. The entire CO2 will kill us all thing has been a crazed doomsday scenario from the get-go. There has been no science. The very idea of CO2 warming the planet rather than a warmed ocean releasing more CO2 did not pass the smell test from the beginning.
    We would be better off if it did warm up some more. Then maybe all those Ohio folk would stay put and stop moving to south to Florida. (and the rest of the snow birds to boot)

  7. Josh seems to be developing a style.
    I think it is important to bear in mind the possibility that there might be a Jesus.
    When I was younger I used to behave in consideration of some magical overseer would look at me and see if I made some error in my interactions with other people and my thoughts.
    spookily when those thoughts were so pure Jesus made my life successful by happy co-incidence
    I am not saying that this proof
    I am saying that belief in Jesus might help good things to happen in your life.

    • did anybody read that first Iaan Banks book ” the wasp factory” ?
      In male child there is no remorse, no affinity with another’s pain
      Is remorseless inquiry into ( what the fvck is all this about )

    • Whether or not it makes good things happen in your life, it makes good things happen in other lives.

  8. “Yeah, there’s no shortage of money – easy to fix that”.
    With that attitude he should have it “fixed” in no time. 😉

  9. I hear the British Jousting Association are going to publish a peer reviewed research article in “Lance It” proving that Medical Practitioners not mentioning climate change in their articles leads to fatal consequences at peer review.

  10. Wow! Just Wow! Open the hatch, here comes another load. How long till that bs show in Paris ? I can hardly wait.

  11. We have a doctor in Australia that follows this warmist line. He was so clever he fooled himself, so he went quiet for some time .
    We should be making efforts to clean water and we can do that by 3 ways, treating it after the event, stop putting rubbish into the water and by using top soil as a filter rather than sediment washing into river systems.
    CLean water and energy lift people out of poverty, not smarmy words.

    • Talking of doomists, the SMH here in Australia carried no less than 6 articles concerning climate change. There were about 5 the day before. Then the ABC and SBS continued repeating them almost every hour.

  12. It may be a scurrilous rumour, but I heard the doomster doctor got this way when he was a patient in his own hospital. His notes said ‘prick his boil’, but nurse spooner got it back to front.

  13. Among the gibberish Hughs spouts is the following word salad-esque gem, which I’ve divided by the commas used;
    “There are no,
    kind of,
    of all the scientists whom I know,
    that any will believe at all that climate change is not,
    in this circumstance,
    due to humans producing greenhouse gases.”
    Alarmists appear to be mentally ill.

  14. Oh dear… There were so many holes in his ‘steps’ we can take – talk about going around in a cotnradictory loop!

  15. COLD front hits Washington D.C. in June, proving CO2 heat causes Climate Change, only solution more redistribution of wealth.
    Comedy Central.
    Al Gore effect doubles down.

  16. A Pope in Paris in December for a meet up with these climate change nut jobs.
    Just love to have a real big freeze hit town the same time.
    Please, Please Al Gore effect do you stuff on time.

    • I saw in London a sad looking fellow in a raincoat wandering about with a board front and back upon which was written, ‘Too much protein is the work of the devil – Repent the end is nigh”….. and at the time I thought that the exemplar of pathos. The good Dr. has surpassed himself…finally, where pathos meets bathos.

      • Manfred, was that back in the mid-1970s? He used to include, “Less cheese, less lust…” Oxford Street wasn’t the same without him.

  17. …..”we’re looking at billions of events, so billions of individual people being exposed to – let’s just say extreme heat-wave events, on their own, over the next decades”
    If he were honest…..
    It would read
    …….”we’re looking at billions of measurements, so billions of individual people being exposed to – let’s just say extreme adjustments, over the next decades”

  18. The cartoon should have shown the body of a chicken, with flapping wings instead of arms.

    • @Khwarizmi well spotted
      “17,905,000 deaths globally” – an extraordinary claim with no extraordinary evidence presented.
      It’s preceded by another : “about $500 billion (2011 USD) of damage was done”
      ..There’s NO REFERENCE after the 2 sentences to an external source. (which is the normal Wikipedia requirement)
      – It seems like the article was created/maintained by some fanatics interested in hyping ‘weird weather’ using Wiki as their own webpage. I searched for proper external articles, but found nothing. Searching for “Northern Hemisphere” “Heat Wave” of “2010” just showed one amateur page and a China Daily July 2010 News story.

    • I was in Spain that summer and I did not think that it was particularly hot. If I recall, the heatwave was centred more over Russia/Eastern Europe.
      i do not recall at the time hearing about any deaths in Scandinavia, the UK or even Greece due to the heatwave, I do recall hearing about a few deaths in Spain (not many) and more deaths in France.
      The figure seems a gross exaggeration and even if one takes a wide view on heat related deaths, I doubt that a figure of more than a few thousand could be reached, and I bet the real number is well below that. It is nothing like the premature winter mortality figures seen recently in the UK due to a spate of colder than usual winters and ever increasing fuel poverty.

  19. Give him a one-way ticket to the North Pole; let him ride out all this “doom” there and see if that helps.

    • “Give him a one-way ticket to the North Pole”
      A meeting with an endangered polar bear, would have the MSM shouting that AGW is causing the poor bears to change diet to blowhards and dolphins. Yikes, it’s much worse than we thought…

      • California is returning to its natural desert state?
        “If you can’t see what’s starting to happen right now in California, India, Pakistan, Australia ”
        Re Australia: You missed the brutal demise of Flannery’s “No more rain forever” prophecy… I think that was 4 years ago. You gotta update your song and dance it seems.

  20. It’s okay, guys. “Billions of people”–women of a certain age–have been surviving “extreme heat-wave events on their own” for thousands of years. No biggie. 🙂

  21. “So if we manage to cut down a bit on red meat consumption and animal consumption, that’s fewer cows belching methane out of their ruminant’s stomachs, that’s less greenhouse gases but also means less bowel cancer for us blokes, it means less coronary disease and strokes and so forth”
    One guy has so many things backwards lol.
    I’ve substantially upped my intake of meat, fat, and cholesterol while avoiding grains and sugar. I lost 30 lbs in 6 weeks, lowered my triglycerides and signs of inflammation. Hopefully people are beginning to understand cholesterol is necessary to survive and it’s the grains and sugars that cause inflammation which leads to heart attacks and strokes. I just made a shake this morning with 5 eggs yolks, high fat yogurt, avocado and some berries.

  22. we’re looking at billions of events, so billions of individual people being exposed to – let’s just say extreme heat-wave events, on their own, over the next decades.

    So let’s see, there has been billions of extreme heat waves? Or maybe it is billions of events times billions of people creating a ka-zillion of unclear but certainly bad events. And since when did people have to deal with bad events on their own. During WWII was Europe liberated and Jews freed from concentration camps on their own? During the massive earthquakes in China, did China just ignore the people affected? Do we have policeman, fireman, and hospitals just for show?
    This is the most childish, nonsensical gibberish I have heard in a while, is Dr Hugh mentally disabled or a heavy drinker?

    • @ALx He’s a “HEAVY BELIEVER” …and like an alcoholic in denial* about the real world, just like L.Ron Hubbard followers and other cultists. (*pity that this word has been hijacked of course)

  23. We don’t know when and we don’t know where, but somewhere sometime it will be hot and we’ll be right there claiming that it’s all your fault.

  24. Just a suggestion for Josh. Consider doing a redesign of the great seal of the US for the upcoming COP 21. In the foreground, a dead bald eagle, with a ribbon in it’s beak that says “died of a theory”, and in the background a wind tower, and an image of Obama, with a big ####-eating grin on his face and holding the UN flag in one hand and a hockey stick in the other.

  25. Leo Norekens – “Well… if my house is hit by, say, a hailstorm, and my neighbour’s house is hit by a hailstorm… that’s two hailstorms already.
    Right ? So ….”.
    Brilliant, I can confirm that Chromebooks don’t react well to red wine being sprayed on them from the nose and mouth – my solicitors will be in touch soonest!!

  26. It used to be that people that said “THE END IS NEAR” were just laughed at as you passed them on a street corner. Now they get time of radio and TV shows.
    What a sad, sad world we live in.

  27. With Met office predicting a cool sun cycle, we might be right to enjoy the sun this summer. It’s very possible that this summer is .04C warmer than summers will be 30 years from now. That could spell disaster for some highly sensitive vegetables somewhere. A few breeds of ultra temp sensitive fish might decrease in number by as much as 2%. Total freak out scenario. I would lines to home my wagon to three doom and gloom kids. Yes, eventually we are gonna butter our toasts for the last time, and that may be as soon as 62 years from now, unless life extension does us the great dishonour of allowing for cozy 150 year life spans. Yes, we have every reason to be utterly afraid

  28. To those people that still don’t understand, if you listen to the audio direct link the garbling tone is that of a cultist living outside the real world. It is like a panicking 5 year old failing to understand PERSPECTIVE & CONTEXT.
    I paraphrase : ‘The problem is huge & urgent ..whereas a zero CO2 fix is easy to implement’
    Consider his point #7 “The first is: we’ve got to phase out the use of coal, quickly.. VERY SEVERELY damages human health, just from the particulate pollution it creates.”
    When you are not in a cult you understand the difference between real big problems and minor problems
    People’s health is affected by “coal power station” particles.
    People’s health is affected by Open fire indoor cooking.
    .. It the second case we are talking we are talking about 5 million people/year dying many years earlier.
    .. Whereas in the case of new scrubber fitted power stations the effect is hours off some peoples lives .. So tiny it’s not going to appear on their death certificates. Lomborg explained on WUWT
    Open fire indoor cooking is like “burning 400 cigarettes an hour”, that is a problem worth tackling.. whereas stopping particulates by closing a modern coal power station isn’t.
    His next point #8 is that in imposing a huge carbon levy “countries don’t get poorer by doing that” “they get to keep that money and redistribute it. So actually that nation doesn’t become poorer – they can spend that money on reducing taxes” … Doesn’t that sound too romantic ?
    Likewise he ends with his simplistic solutions :
    “It is avoidable .. cut down a BIT on red meat consumption” “more active transport” ..is all that he mentions ..not disassembling the entire economy and lifestyle.

  29. More detail on his points, (apologies for long comment, matter of public record)
    #1 “it’s been largely ignored” No it hasn’t ..we’ve spent $ billions
    #2 Takes the extreme weather CO2 link as proven and happening. However it is still not proven, though possible.
    #3 He talks like a 5 year old all drama queening ..he’s not considered ANY POSITIVES.
    #4 “the threat is immediate”. No it isn’t – There were no proven climate dead yesterday – So it is unlikely there’ll be any tomorrow.
    “Climate change” has not been written on any death certificates so far.
    #5 “Is there a way of fixing it?” “we can fix this right now” “there’s no shortage of money”
    So tomorrow we can magically change the planet’s CO2 footprint ? really
    Let’s look at past efforts ..we have made $billions worth of effort and made no noticeable global decline in CO2. No cost/benefit analyses seem to be available for past CO2 saving measures.
    All that SEEMS to have happened is western countries have moved big industry offshore.
    – “there’s no shortage of money” – So you don’t find that claim laughable ?
    Mike Singleton said “investments in renewables in the EU have halved since 2012.”
    #6 “political will.. of 193 countries”
    – They can’t control movement of big humans IMMIGRATION, how can they agree on CO2 molecules?
    #9 I paraphrase his breathless garbling as ‘There is no debate ..No scientists say climate change is NOT .. due to humans producing greenhouse gases.. only debate is the solution’
    – Thats MISREPRESENTATION cos he needs the word ‘partially’ in there to make that true.
    If he puts the word ‘entirely’ in ..it would be by anyone’s measure untrue .. the IPCC went for 50%
    Anyway it’s the Strawman fallacy ! The actual talk is 1) about how much sensitivity is the CO2 to extra heat relationship..and that it ISN’T LINEAR (If it was there would not have been a temperature pause whilst in the last 15 years CO2 emissions have been historically huge.)
    The actual talk is 2) is whether a zero CO2 solution is needed right now, cos if sensitivity is low then it’s not a priority.
    #10 Presenter “Is this a clever way to change the narrative on climate change”
    I paraphrase his breathless garbling as ‘I want to say for human beings’ ..”that is a grave threat” ‘NOW’ ‘not just icebergs way in the future’..so he means YES
    #11 I paraphrase again : ‘It is SIMPLY avoidable * (ha ha !) a lot of SOME CO2 lifestyle changes also happen to be very healthy in their own right.’
    ” cut down a BIT on red meat consumption and animal consumption”, “more active transport”
    “worth many tens of billions in savings in our health service”.. That’s easy to say BUT is that how it plays out ? If I don’t die at 65 does the health service save money ? No I live longer and come into the health system for something else.
    * Again his romantic simplicity is remarkable – Failing to context a few MILLION westerners moving away from meat with the reality that a few BILLION new non-westerners will also be moving towards western style high consumption.

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