How German schools take climate change "seriously"


Guest essay by Eric Worrall

The Washington Post thinks Americans don’t take Climate Change seriously enough. Opinion columnist Catherine Rampell thinks we should look to the example of how German teachers educate children about Climate Change.

Take Emmy-Noether-Schule, an 800-student secondary school in east Berlin I visited recently. Educators there consider climate change so pressing that they integrate it into just about every class you can think of (including, when the instructor is so inclined, Latin). About a quarter of the content in the 10th-grade English textbook, for example, is about threats to planet Earth. That means when kids learn to use the conditional mood in English, their grammar exercises rely on sentences like this: “If we don’t do something about global warming, more polar ice will start to melt.”

Likewise, in an 11th-grade geography class dedicated entirely to sustainability, students write poetry about klimawandel (climate change). My favorite couplet, from an ode by student Hannah Carsted: “The water level rises/ The fish are in a crisis.”

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I guess we can all learn something from the German example.

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  1. Who knows better than the Germans how to brainwash, and infiltrate the elastic minds of a generation?
    Hitler was a very good example of the techniques being used today, to push government-induced climaphobia!

      • Well, to be fair: The Global Warming Hype was invented in the US by Americans like Hansen & co. The Germans – as usually – want only to be “model students” of their rulers (today the Americans). They just have an urgent need to be perfect, that is to say in this case: perfectly brainwashed followers of the new green religion…
        BTW: One reason for this education folly in Germany is of course, that a great majority of all teachers are Greens or Socialists there.

      • smokey
        Actually it was more the other way round – the Germans during the war learning from the Soviet NKVD (now KGB). They copied for instance Vishinsky’s Soviet show trials, punishment batallions and other innovations. It has been commented that while the Soviet NKVD implemented Stalin’s terror with efficiency and thoroughness, the Na3i gestapo were relatively idle since the German people denounced their neighbours very willingly.

      • The KGB, actually the forerunner of the KGB, predate anything the Nazis did. No one takes a second place in oppression to the Russians.

      • “No one takes a second place in oppression to the Russians.”
        Polpot was an amateur, he only killed 50% of his people. Mao, amateur also… Let’s just call all of those who would “do harm to others for their own gain” evil. It’s a good definition and applies to a lot of organizationa and people we discuss here.

      • People just aren’t listening to enough Pink Floyd (the music, not their opinion and punditry)
        – Roger Waters

      • philsalmon
        June 9, 2015 at 4:20 pm
        “It has been commented that while the Soviet NKVD implemented Stalin’s terror with efficiency and thoroughness,”
        During the purge, Stalin gave out quotas of counterrevolutionaries to be executed, so the executioners had to or else THEY would be used to fulfill the quota.
        ” the Na3i gestapo were relatively idle since the German people denounced their neighbours very willingly.”
        Not so sure about that. Nazis bought Hollerith tabulator machines from Hollerith/IBM to build up the world’s first complete registry of the entire population of a nation. Only this enabled them to identify about every last Jew.

    • Not too far off the mark. Hitler’s propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels, studied Edward Benays, the Austrian-born American “Father of Public Relations and Propaganda.” The similarities and cross pollination between Nazi Germany and the progressive left in America of the 1930s seems to have resonant echos in both countries today…

      • Very true Jerry. We have an avowed socialist is running for president and a “re-distributional” socialist/communist is now president. Quite an advance in evil socialism from the 1930 to now.

    • “… they integrate it into just about every class … students write poetry … .
      And there are likely songs to sing … and band music… and speeches and cheers…
      “He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.” Adolf H1tler

      Ly1ing to children is abuse.
      Who lost the propaganda war,


      Truth will win.

      • The double irony, Janice, is that Emmy Nöther was a brilliant mathematician who proved, among other things, that symmetry in a dynamical physical system implied a conservation law. This is fundamental physics these days. One expects she’d be horrified to find that propaganda represented as science is force-fed to children in a school named in her honor.

      • Yes, Dr. Frank, very true! And I have no doubt that Max Planck would be horrified at his namesake in the climate dept. these days, too!

      • And he Republican leadership in the house and Senate performing roll over acts (not as cute as poodles) for Obama.

      • Dear Dr. Frank: It bothered me all last night, so here I am to say: thank you for INFORMING me about Nother. My comment made it sound as if I already knew about her. Thank you!

    • My, thoughts exactly. Next they’ll be marching shouting “Sig Gore.”

    • Well, they all learned it from Woodrow Wilson’s propagandist, Edward L. Bernays: Propaganda, which he later called “Public Relations.”

    • I’m not sure Hitler brainwashed anyone, but the US media has been brainwashing Americans for a century or more.

    • Who knows better than the Germans how to brainwash, and infiltrate the elastic minds of a generation?
      MusIims. Try going to a Madrassa, where they only study the Koran until aged eleven. And then they wonder why Muslim scientists cannot win Nobel prizes……!

      • There are Nobel prizes for Chemistry, Physics, Medicine and now even Economics, when are we going to get them for the most important science Climate?

    • In fact the Germans are very good at it, because laws continuing from Hitler means every child must get educated by the state without any exceptions. Hitler knew that if the state could control what the children learn, they could create loyal followers.

  2. History teaches us that when Germans get doctrinelized, results are tragic. The only salvation are free thinking Americans!

    • If I may correct your statement, historically the only answer is free thinking Britons who are willing to stand up for the less powerful (in 1914 Belgium, in 1939 Poland). when British leaders fail to do this then chaos results, Americans will eventually stand up for the less powerful when they have bankrupted the supporters of liberty.

      • Humph, the British finished their fighting for Poland after 1945. But then it was not free again but under the fist of Stalin…

      • Poland received only minimal support from GB against Germany, and none at all against the Russian invaders. In September 1939, after the German invasion, “most British bomber activity over Germany was the dropping of propaganda leaflets and reconnaissance.” –Wankerpedia
        France lied to the Poles. They announced an attack, but instead retreated to their own defensive lines.

      • Churchill was against the Normandy invasion. He wanted to head north from north east Italy. This would have limited the Soviet land grab.

      • The war against Germany didn’t end until about 1995 I think it was. It wasn’t until then there was a return to a unified Germany.

      • 🙂 I think it’s hard to argue with Richard of NZ there. As a Norwegian, I will say that a sympathetic friend without the means to defend the less powerful (“Norway is on their own”) is less valuable than a very powerful friend with people who were willing to do something like this:

        When Germans sunk the SS Henry Bacon in 1945 there was not enough space in the lifeboats. American crewmembers sacrificed their seats so that 19 Norwegian refugees aboard would survive

        Nothing can adequately explain or express gratitude for this.

      • Viking,
        Well said. Thanks.
        Not for nothing was the Britain of yore called Perfidious Albion.
        Churchill knew the IJN task force was going to attack Pearl Harbor, but didn’t tell the US. Of course, perfidious FDR probably knew, too.

      • I’m sorry that I’m a little late to reply to those who commented on my statement.
        “Gentle Tramp
        June 9, 2015 at 3:28 pm
        Humph, the British finished their fighting for Poland after 1945. But then it was not free again but under the fist of Stalin…
        Reply.. In 1945 Britain was bankrupt and totally war weary (my father got his call up telegram on 24th November 1939). Plus, the eastern European zone of influence was ceded to Stalin by FDR at Yalta against the wishes of Churchill.
        June 9, 2015 at 3:36 pm
        Poland received only minimal support from GB against Germany, and none at all against the Russian invaders
        Reply… Britain had no direct means of supporting Poland. It’s aircraft did not have the range to give support and naval support could not be provided as belligerant warships may only enter neutral waters to obtain essential repairs to make a vessel seaworthy. The waters between Denmark and Sweden are neutral waters. Germany built the Kiel canal to get around this difficulty. The British armed forces were at their normal 150,000 men scattered through three services and spread around the world. The Polish forces were more powerful! Britain nearly came to blows with Russia but the treaty between Finland and Germany was a complication. Can you imagine what it would have been like: Britain allied to Finland against Russia, allied with Russia against Germany, Germany allied with Finland against Russia etc.?
        ““most British bomber activity over Germany was the dropping of propaganda leaflets and reconnaissance.””
        Reply… There were treaties and conventions in place banning the bombing of non-military targets. Even the accidental bombing of civilians was looked down upon to such an extent that effectively no bombing was done. Even after the bombing of Warsaw (and later Rotterdam) the British tried to keep to the conventions for a considerable time.
        France lied to the Poles.
        Reply .. France is not Britain
        Brian in the US
        June 9, 2015 at 3:40 pm
        Churchill was against the Normandy invasion.
        Reply.. Churchill never had any doubts as to the character of Stalin. It was FDR who thought Stalin was not a monster and could be treated as a normal human being.

  3. A big reason why Ecomentalism is taking a nose-dive in England is because of teachers pushing it. Kids *HATE* teachers. And quite right, too.

    • English kids maybe. History teaches us that Germans are tragicaly more inclined to listen to their leaders…

      • i know folks that live in Germany and Austria that will tell you that this global warming idea is false.

      • The majority of Germans did not support Hitler’s policies. Though, few were willing to speak up for fear of the consequences. Which, I think illustrates the danger posed by any unelected, unaccountable political party gaining power. The risk is that the organisation in question may turn nasty even if it was not originally evil, and once that party has unlimited power it will be dangerous to oppose it. Climate change and the burning of the Reichstag have a lot in common.
        The Greens want to create a world power to control carbon dioxide emissions, and if that world power turned nasty and started exterminating people, it might take World War 3 to unseat it.

    • That 10-10 video featuring a teacher coolly and calmly blowing up two of her students might have had an effect?

      • That video clearly shows an unconscious desire on the part of warmists to kill children of people who don’t believe their lies.

    • KIds don’t hate teachers. But they don’t respect them if the teacher is obviously pushing crap on them.
      The East Germans pushed the virtues of Communism in schools for 50 years. At the end of that time there were as many committed Communists in the West as the East.

  4. Interesting that home-schooling in Germany is a criminal offense. The law dates back to pre-WWII, and was intended to enforce Party ideology on the masses. The law in still enforced, presumably for the same reason. In the US, Common Core education standards looks to bring the same sort of emphasis on Global Warming into the classroom.

    • You should read John Taylor Gatto on this subject,if you haven’t already. The entire Westen compulsory schooling regime originates from a proto-Nazi system designed primarily to indoctrinate, secondarily to educate.

  5. It’s Not Just Germany – While You Were Sleeping
    The U.S. “Common Core” began the construction of Climate Education in 2010. The following two articles report on the process. Thirteen states have already implemented Climate Studies as a focal means of teaching science. The New York Times [free] article notes that Common Core focus may crowd out basic sciences study. Physics and Chemistry may suffer. The wall Street Journal [Behind Paywall] by Paul Tice directly addresses the propaganda focus of the Common Core initiate.
    Have fun storming the castle!

  6. In the US Common Core is the vehicle to indoctrinate children. Those that complain are shamed and accused of being conspiracy theorists. I wonder how the Germans will handle the collapse of their industries and power shortages? Will they quietly go along “for the cause” while India, China, Australia, and the like prosper at their expense? We should probably thank them for being the guinea pigs. I doubt the advanced Western Cultures will succumb quietly to Green dominance.

  7. “The water level rises/ The fish are in a crisis.”
    Well that is not very promising.. as anything but the fish might be in a crisis if the water level rises…

    • Yes, I noticed the lack of a /sarc tag; I agree it’s not easy to drown fish by higher water levels (presumably of the oceans).

    • I dearly HOPE the teacher gave the kid a D- for that logic, if it was heartfelt. But, let’s also consider that the kid was intentionally using an ironic expression to tweak the teacher’s own stupidity, and to shout that the brainwashing job has failed, and that a free-thinking education broke through in spite of it. How cool would that be? A+

    • Stop and think about that for a moment: All of the Germans I the US either left Germany, or are descended from people who left Germany.
      Ever wonder why the US is a different kind of place than the countries that we all came from?
      Because the people who are here and the ones THAT GOT THE HELL OUT!

    • Here are just a few of those German-Americans:
      Dwight D. Eisenhower
      Carl Andrew Spaatz
      Chester W. Nimitz

      • P.S. I must honor Dr. Einstein’s personal preference, however, to not be known as a German (given how he was treated by some of them). He preferred Austrian (or Swiss), IIRC.

      • Sleepalot
        June 9, 2015 at 9:56 pm
        “(spelling?) … Hansen, Ehrlich, Mann, Gore, Schnieder, Schmitt, …”
        Hansen is likely Swedish, Gore is not a German word, the rest could be Germanic or Ashkenazim (which is Hebrew for German). Finding a consensus is a typical Jewish tradition; not a German one. German scientists have clashed with each other (e.g. Helmholtz vs. Weber), not formed consensi.

    • Wernher von Braun
      “Under NASA, he served as director of the newly formed Marshall Space Flight Center and as the chief architect of the Saturn V launch vehicle, the superbooster that propelled the Apollo spacecraft to the Moon. According to one NASA source, he is, “without doubt, the greatest rocket scientist in history” – Wiki
      The above map might be read as: Minnesotan Lebensraum

      • And look what this German heritage in Minnesota has resulted in! This is for ice-hockey fans – who, unlike the fish, would suffer if global warming were real!

      • It looks like the German American heartland is also the heartland of CAGW skepticism.

      • emsnews
        June 9, 2015 at 5:59 pm
        You are decidedly not alone and in very good company.
        There’s a Marilyn Monroe movie in which the plot turns on her character’s ability to understand German, having grown up in Wisconsin.

    • And one of the reasons why the U.S. stayed out of both world wars as long as they could. Besides the U.S. population back then was isolationist since the War of Independence and wanted stay out of European affairs.
      The colonies had Germans too back in 1775.

    • It is true that Americans have led in the campaign to alarm the world about rising CO2 and the dangers of global warming. But I don’t attribute that to any particular ethnicity. It’s more complicated.
      Part of it is what Henry Ford said: “History is Bunk.” The American instinct is to dismiss the past as a meaningful constraint upon the present and future. That is a good thing for innovation, but a bad thing to lack a context for understanding present events in comparison to what has happened before. So much of climate indoctrination involves hiding the historical context of natural variability, in order to claim today is unprecedented, and “this time it is different.”
      Another part of the American movement is semi-religious attitude for all things environmental. Again a good thing to prevent and clean up industrial pollution, but it morphs into condemnation of anything technological and a wistful illusion of returning to pristine nature.

  8. “Thirteen states have already implemented Climate Studies as a focal means of teaching science.”
    My Gosh! Science education at the secondary level has been replaced by indoctrination. “Climate Studies” are fit only to demonstrate (A) what a science looks like coming out of the birth canal or (B) how not to do science. In the latter case, the study should be preceded by an explanation of scientific method through the works of Kepler, Newton, Galileo, and Einstein. Other scientists could be included.

  9. so they want to spy on us, control our medical, control what we eat, control what we think, control our education…..

  10. I have a new favorite swear word!!! KLIMAWANDEL!!! From now on, anytime I see something totally outrageous, KLIMAWANDEL will come charging out of my mouth! Thanks for a really weird story and great word. Love it!

  11. Now that I’ve read through the comments, let’s not make the same mistake German did, accusing a group of people for all their ills. The tomato throwing at teachers going on here reminds me of the beginnings of the tomato throwing at Jews. Folks, rise above the enemy’s playbook. Teachers are not the culprit here.

    • Indeed.
      Besides, regardless of the actual level of indoctrination, it will fail to convert the kids. It is not for nothing that these tactics have always failed in the past even when, for a time, they have had tragic consequences.
      In the meantime, going off on the “Germans” resolves nothing.

      • We do need to acknowledge that fact, Brute, that it is not only Germans who do such things (and some above already have made this point). No ethnic group or race or country is exempt, that is, indeed, true, however…
        ignoring the lessons of history to save the feelings of some is done at our peril.

      • I do not think any of the discourse here or on any other blogs or internet discussion sites really resolves anything. It merely serves to disseminate opinion and information, and let people know what others are thinking.
        But if ever a thing was worthy of criticism, systematically lying to children under the guise of education has to be right up near the top of the list.
        No matter who is doing it.
        There is plenty of it going on here.
        But I agree with those who point out that children are not necessarily buying what their teachers are selling, no matter where or when or what the topic.
        Kids know all about lying and BS at a very young age, and will sit and listen, but later discuss amongst themselves how full of crap adults are.

      • @Janice Moore
        While we might be displeased wit the speed of acquisition, some of the lessons of history are being learned. It’s becoming more and more difficult to forget.
        But, yes, growing up (as an individual and as a society) is a hard process. After all, life itself is a complex experience.
        Parents, no matter how incompetent, are responsible for the survival of their young. Recourse to all sorts of lies is commonplace. This one about (C)AGW is a rather “white lie” compared to many others.

    • Dear Pamela,
      I agree that, so some degree, this is true. If the teachers do not teach the l1es about CO2 and climate they will likely lose their jobs. And yet… I ask myself: “Would I stand up in front of a classroom and at best tell my students things of which I had no idea of their truth or falsity (reckless abuse by lying) at worst, deliberately present as fact what I know to be mere, unsupported, conjecture?”
      There are degrees of culpability, but, each one of us has personal responsibility.
      The main culprits: the Enviroprofiteers (windmill promoters, mainly). They are the ultimate source of the abuse of these school children.
      With great respect for all good teachers and the hard work they put in trying to teach our children science facts,

    • Yes, they are. Real science teachers would resist such indoctrination.
      Well do I recall the anti-nuclear indoctrination of school kids in the 1980s, enthusiastically embraced by teachers.

    • Then what would you call them?
      …..principals, accomplices, accessories, aiders, abettors, and conspirators

    • Pamela,
      I see comments above that attribute climate change indoctrination to Common Core. I have taken only a cursory look at CC, and it seemed to me innocuous, even vague. I know you have done significant work with Oregon’s implementation. What is your take on what it actually says about climate science?

      • Common Core States Standards and NextGeneration Science Standards are two different entities. The former has no mention of AGW in it. The latter is fairly steeped in it. I support the CCSS and the assessments designed to monitor student achievement at this more rigorous level. I do not support the Science standards.
        Here are some resources you can use to read the two separate sets of standards, and take a look at the assessments being used. I have also included a link to the old early 1900’s authentic assessment that is quite similar to the rigor of the new assessments. Most states had a version of this long and rigorous test that took many days to complete. Having compared the contents of this old test with both the CCSS and the related assessments, it is clear that the new CCSS and the assessments share much in common with this old test. To be clear, don’t get me started on a discussion about CCSS and the assessments. These standards and the two assessment versions are far superior to the low hanging fruit our separate states were picking.
        As for the NextGeneration Science standards, what a pile of garbage not even a pig would eat. Granted there are some whole unblemished highlights, but the rotten fruit contaminates the entire thing.

    • Unfortunately, pupils tend to trust their teachers.How do we inject some kind of personal responsibility into teachers? They are obliged to teach what they are told to teach – Pamela, please tell me that I am wrong.

      • George,
        As noted above, thirteen states and the District of Columbia have now signed on to Common Core’s Next Generation of Science Standards. The new guidelines are packed with global warming-speak CACCA gobbledygook.
        From the Wall Street Journal (via BizNews):
        While publicly billed as the result of a state-led process, the new science standards rely on a framework developed by the Washington, D.C.-based National Research Council. That is the research arm of the National Academy of Sciences that works closely with the federal government on most scientific matters.
        All of the National Research Council’s work around global warming proceeds from the initial premise of its 2011 report, “America’s Climate Choices” which states that “climate change is already occurring, is based largely on human activities, and is supported by multiple lines of scientific evidence.” From the council’s perspective, the science of climate change has already been settled. Not surprisingly, global climate change is one of the disciplinary core ideas embedded in the Next Generation of Science Standards, making it required learning for students in grade, middle and high school.
        From Fox News:
        James Taylor, a senior fellow for environment and energy policy at The Heartland Institute, said the Common Core guidelines present a one-sided argument as fact without providing necessary context.
        “From kindergarten to high school graduation, they are pushing one side of the scientific discussion…They’re pushing an alarmist agenda that says humans are the major cause of global warming.”
        Students are taught by fifth grade that rising temperatures will affect all humans, and by eighth grade, they’re taught that greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels are a major factor in global warming.
        Taylor said the federal government’s attempt to indoctrinate young minds is the kind of overreach that happens when Big Brother takes over.
        “Once you take the education decisions out of the hands of local teachers and put them in the hands of activists in the federal government, you have these types of ridiculous statements.”

      • Sturgis conflates Common Core with NextGeneration Science Standards. Two different entities.
        Common Core States Standards do not have any mention of AGW. None. Nada. Nothing. In fact the CCSS bare close resemblance to the 1900’s 8th grade test and the standards that test reflect. Unfortunately, by the 60’s the dumbing down of standards was already full steam ahead. CCSS has reversed that trend and gone back to the early 1900’s.
        That said, I agree with him regarding the NGSS. It just irks me that he mixes the two separate issues together making one fugly document smear the other really good one.

      • Pamela,
        Common Core is not “good”. Imposition of federal and state standards on local schools is an affront to liberty in violation of the US constitution.
        And in practice, CC has meant and will mean more CACCA.

      • Sturgis talks out of his hat. It is clear he has not read the CCSS document in its entirety nor studied its correlation with US and state standards as they have changed since 1900. I have. My great grandmother gave the Oregon version of the 1900’s 8th grade test as a principal of a school in rural Oregon. One would do well to ask Sturgis what his credentials are in providing opinions related to standards and testing.

      • Pamela,
        I have elsewhere posted a link to direct quotation from the CC material.
        High school grads in 1915 were much better educated than today. Your defense of the nationalized curriculum imposed by statists isn’t surprising, given your vested interest in the present corrupted system which has so undermined our society and constitution since the 1960s.

    • Loosely related: Prof. Yanis Varoufakis taught at the University of East Anglia and at the University of Texas. Currently he is fully occupied as a Greek finance minister, trying to get more of other people’s money.

    • The teachers are not the culprits in this situation is correct, the only caveat is that just like scientists who must phrase and couch their research papers in the terminology climate catastrophe apropos or loose their jobs/funding/careers our school teachers are required to foist this common core crap whether they agree with it or not, lest they loose the jobs.

      • Ahhhhh, the “just following orders” defense. My goodness, how appropriate given the parallels already drawn to Hitler’s Nazi’s.
        Sorry but I think the teachers have significant culpability. The consequences of teachers teaching politically expedient lies are just too dreadful.

        • Mike Smith commented: “Sorry but I think the teachers have significant culpability. The consequences of teachers teaching politically expedient lies are just too dreadful.”
          You obviously do not understand teaching curriculum in public schools. It’s mandated, not chosen by the teacher. Some that I have talked with admit they gloss over the AGW agenda but many support it. If a state does not adopt Common Core they jeopardize Federal funding. It’s political. The UN/Agenda21/Socialist cabal is careful not to specifically state funds will be withheld but their actions prove their real intent. This is another one of those instances where “conspiracy theory” is claimed despite all the evidence otherwise. If you read what Common Core espouses you’ll understand it’s not all about learning critical thinking. Much of it is political agenda. Read it.

      • Let me be clear, and yes I am now shouting.

      • Conflate or confuse? Strangely enough, “conflate” is synonymous with “fuse”, while “confuse” is synonymous with “to fail to distinguish between”.

      • I chose the correct word. Sturgis an others lump them together as a fused whole. They are not.

      • David, did you read your two sources? Here is an excerpt from the second link you provided regarding English Language Arts and the Science Standards:
        CCR Reading Anchor #8: Delineate and evaluate the argument and specific claims in a text, including the validity of the reasoning as well as the relevance and sufficiency of the evidence.
         RST.6-8.8: “Distinguish among facts, reasoned judgment based on research findings, and speculation…”
         RST.9-10.8: “Assess the extent to which the reasoning and evidence in a text support the author’s claim or a recommendation for solving a scientific or technical problem.”
         RST.11-12.8: “Evaluate the hypotheses, data, analysis, and conclusions in a science or technical text, verifying the data when possible and corroborating or challenging conclusions with other sources of information.”
        I would suggest that this is a good thing to learn and may prove to be the future undoing of the garbage science we have been scrutinizing here on this blog.
        To come back to your two links, they only show how they wrote the science standards so that what was being introduced in math or reading, at grade 6 for example, was not being asked of students to apply to a science standard written at grade 3. Your links provide little evidence that CCSS are a climate warming driven agenda based solely on the attempt to build equivalent graded skills between the CCSS math, reading, writing, and speaking skills, and science skills.
        It seems that many commenting on this thread should maybe practice some of the CCSS skills.

    • Educators are among the main culprits in formation of any ideological police state.
      Green fascist state is being created before our eyes, and educators (teachers) are willing accomplices in this process.
      Poor things are being forced to lie under the threat of losing their jobs? It may be a justification of sorts for those who lied under pressure. Count me out.

    • All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.
      If you fail to speak out you are complicit. If things are to change it has to start at the chalkface.

  12. The UK curriculum for A level seems to be only a composite of all the most alarmist positions with added alarmism and cherry picking thrown in.
    Take the Antartic for example (see link below) – only the Antartic peninsula warming is discussed.
    An impression is then given that Penguins are being wiped out. By what? Expanding sea ice? Is the land now too far from the sea for the poor blighters to walk?
    And regarding sea levels, we are told that, “There is a possibility that sea level rise could be higher than the IPPC estimates suggest”!!!!
    You heard it here first – IPCC model induced blind panic is not alarmist enough to be tolerated in British schools. Extra blind panic needed. Add as required. Serve hot.

    • and in order to pass their exams students will have to regurgitate these lies, one hopes that they pay lipservice to it, and as they walk out of the [exam] room screw up the biased knowledge and throw it in the bin.

    • There is actually no such thing as a UK curriculum. There is a national curriculum in England which, presentably, comes under the Secretary of State for Education. This particular politician has no say over education in Scotland.Schools in Scotland, and what is taught in them, come under the Cabinet Secretary for Education in the Scottish Government. I do not know what the situation is in Wales and Northern Ireland. But I can tell you that the Scottish Government is also barmy on the issue of climate.

  13. Scary stuff.
    I live in Belgium – the Flemish part – with my wife and 3 daughters. They also come home from school very thoroughly greenwashed, I’m in a minority of one in regards to the carbon dioxide myth. My girls even came home a while back singing this propaganda song:

    remarkable in English. My wife however has seen it all before. She grew up in the Soviet Union, and recoils from the hideous memory of endless political square-bashing on school playgrounds and carnivals, songs and long speeches glorifying the socialist revolution. The relentless aggression and mind-numbing tedium with which their teachers preached and prated a party line which they all grew up to discover was a complete falsehood. Now a similar disillusionment lies in wait for another generation of children.

      • Not a bloody thing. Every generation must be seduced by the sirens of Socialism. Twenty Holocausts worth of victims in the 20th Century. How many this time? My guess is half a billions casualties, including nuclear and post-nuclear sharia law.

      • Everyone always thinks that they are different. The people pushing this mind control groupthink believe themselves to be the truly enlightened ones that the world has long awaited.
        They fail to recognize that everyone who has engaged in such practices has thought the same thing.

      • Sad but true that each new generation must be inoculated anew against the siren call of socialisms national and international.

      • George,
        Americans didn’t start two world wars or exterminate tens of millions of their neighbors in death and labor camps and government-engineered famines during the 20th century. Europeans did. We did however end the wars, liberate the camps and help bring down the famine-inducing regime.

      • With a brainwash in our schools, we are in a danger of repeating Europe’s mistakes.

      • George,
        Sadly, many Americans want to ape Europe, despite the debacles and disasters it has suffered since the specter of socialism first haunted that beautiful continent.

      • GDK,
        It was a rhetorical question, but maybe it’s worse than we thought and they learned the wrong lessons from the horrific religious and ideological wars of 16th through 20th centuries, interrupted by balance of power and imperial wars.

      • Have Americans learned? The lesson might be, if you need to start a war, keep it on another continent.
        Europeans are still every year collecting explosives left by German, Russian, British and American troops. Russians and Ukrainian fight over their border leaving more to clear for becoming generations.

    • Thank you for sharing that, Phil. So, there ARE songs! (ugh) How distasteful for you and your wife to have to watch this. I take heart from your grim comment, however: truth does win. You and your wife are living proof! Hang in there, dad who is trying very hard, no doubt! Your children, thanks to you, are not fooled, either (or, at LEAST, will inquire into the facts and discover the truth for themselves).

      • Next step is for kids to rat out their skeptical parents, who are then to lose custody of their children because of child abuse and sent to mental hospitals for reeducation.

    • From the way these people are rugged up against the cold they could do with a little more global warming.

    • What’s missing in this video? A diverse group of people. Where are the Muslims, African immigrants, etc that have been swarming into Europe? Didn’t see any in this “lily white” cast.

      • Good question. But the little blonde girl was a crowd-pleaser, straight out of central casting for “Cabaret”, along with the balding, bespectacled old man, representing peer-reviewed “science”, leading the masses in their clenched-fist salutes, a cross between N@zi and Communist gestures.

  14. Eric,
    If it is true that the “opinion columnist” Catherine Rampell thinks we should look to the example of how German teachers educate children about Climate Change AND if those two paragraphs of hers are true, then I AGREE: we should look AT it of course but not, I repeat, not as an “example” !
    Here is a superb “example” of what is actually happening; it is in the you-tube, short video format. Perhaps the German “children” of Emmy-Noether-Schule could ask their teacher to show the video in school, especially to boost their knowledge of their mother tongue.
    Here it is children …

  15. Latin? perhaps they could talk about the Roman warm period? and what happened when it ended? what was it called? dark ages?

    • Along with the Voelkerwanderung migration period, aka barbarian invasions by Germanic climate refugees escaping the cold. And Huns and Avars.

      • The cold periods, like the Greek Dark Ages, Dark Ages and LIA, create real climate refugees and attendant wars. Climate change arguably drove the Huns and Avars off the steppes into Europe, forcing the Ostrogoths across the Danube, then increasing cold caused the descents on balmier climes of the Vandals, Visigoths, Lombards, Anglo-Saxons and Vikings.
        The Dark Ages Cold Period is also called the Migration Cold Period.

  16. The greatest “Threat to Planet Earth” (and those who inhabit it) is those who want to save it.

    • …and possibly poor editing for grammatical errors. “…ARE those…”. One must have the verb match the plural subject.

      • The subject is “greatest threat.” It’s and awkward construction though. My red pen would advise the student to reword the whole thing.
        : > )

  17. Germany has a poor provenance when it comes to brain washing their children. Let us not forget the Hitler Youth and the Nazi domination of the education system which resulted in such fanatic soldiers ready to die for that pathetic nasty little man!

  18. Haven’t the Germans, of all people, learned nothing from the Nazi regime?
    This stuff is almost straight out of the Hitler Youth manual. They could have a youth competition for words for a new National Anthem… to the tune of the Horst Wessel Song.

  19. I’m getting rather tired of the vegetarian lobby too–who are STILL publishing Ancel Keys’ long-debunked garbage about red meat and heart disease when virtually ALL the evidence points to refined carbs as the source of ALL the “diseases of civilization.” But these days it’s about eating to “save the planet.” Save it from COWS????!

    People of German descent and America have been linked for another reason. When the English crown passed to the House of Hanover from Germany in the 18th century it was only logical that people of German descent would pick the new colonies in America in which to settle. Many Americans have German surnames and are completely unaware or indifferent as to how that came about.

    • English royalty fought their German cousins in WWI. The English Battenbergs found it convenient to change their name to Mountbatten at that time.

  21. I think that I can summarize this from a historical and cultural perspective.
    Firstly the Germans were lead into catastrophe by a few nasty but charming men and indulged in an horrific five year long orgy of violence, mass murder, genocide and mass-rape in which tens of millions died. (Sod Godwin.)
    And then, just when you think that it’s time that we all moved on, they seem to have decided to apologize to the world by attempting to show how wonderfully easy it would be to convert a modern industrial nation over to running power extracted from the sun and wind.
    How kind of them. Aren’t we lucky.
    20 years into this project, and with 100’s of billions of euros spent on subsidies – the Germans have managed to derive 14.8% of their energy from Solar and Wind, in 2014.
    They also now have extraordinarily high electricity prices and a dependency on gas imports from their non-friend Mr Putin.
    I suppose that all they now need to do is spend a little more money on convincing the world that such a meagre achievement at so great a cost is a glorious success.
    Goebbels would be proud.
    As Churchill might have said, “never in the field of human bullshit, has so much money been spent by so many, on so little actual usable energy”.

  22. VIDEO: 2 mins 18 secs:; 7 June: Rappler Philippines: Australian climate
    activist delivers country’s apology for Philippines
    Through a spoken word video, Chris Wright, a member of the Global Call for Climate Action, delivered his apology for vulnerable countries like the Philippines.
    “So this is an apology from an Australian, for the small part I played as Haiyan raged against your shores – ***But I can’t watch storms anymore,” said Wright.
    well-trained or brainwashed? from Chris’s LinkedIn:
    UNFCCC Fellow, Global Call for Climate Action, 2012 – 2013…
    amusing, tho putting faith in any YouGov poll is not advisable:
    8 June: UK Independent: Andrew Griffin: UK and US main barriers to
    addressing climate change, survey finds
    In a new survey taken months before officials meet for perhaps the most
    significant climate change talks ever held, YouGov found that people the US
    and UK lag far behind countries including China in wanting those talks to
    produce a meaningful commitment to address climate change…
    “Despite some lingering doubts, particularly in the US,
    a failure to reach an agreement in Paris would likely be met with
    disappointment throughout much of the world,” YouGov notes…
    ***The company noted that in China all questions were taken online, which
    could have affected the results.

    • “…for the small part I played … ” LAUGH — OUT — LOUD. Exaggerated sense of self-importance, no? Poor guy… with that kind of an ego, he figures everyone is listening into his cell phone conversations all the time so he never talks to anyone anymore. Pitiful.
      @ all the Chris Wright’s of the World:
      You need a healthy dose of the Anti-Hubris Medication of Dr. Carlin (heh):
      (language warning and, no, I do not agree with ALL he says, lol) — youtube

      True Gaia worshippers are not Envirostal1inists. They believe Gaia can take care of herself.
      {Note: I’m not a Gaia worshipper, just have talked with a couple — I only add this for those who might possibly read this who want to be Gaia worshippers and who are quite obviously confused in the HOPES that they will see that the l1e of AGW and the tenets of Gaiaism contradict each other. Next step…. the truth about God… . Okay, okay, I won’t start, DON’T WORRY, MIL, er STURGIS ;). +++++ Actually, hippies aren’t the main AGW accolytes. It’s the typical “liberal” (those who often just “feel” something is correct instead of looking at the evidence…) who is the main victim of the Enviroprofiteers’ propaganda.}

    • I wonder if the different responses to the survey were affected by the fact that voters in the US and UK know that they are going to be paying out 100billion dollars every year from 2016 , whilst voters from “countries including China” know that they will receive the 100billion dollars every year?
      Could that possible influence have crossed the “minds” of the Independent’s journalists or the polling agency YouGov.

  23. I’m in a different country, but sometimes it feels like I’m on a different planet.

    Klimate Kool ade will do that to you.

  24. From the dean of umass amherst to the grad uating class of 2014…his very first sentence was “the most important issue you will face is climate change”…..what bull

  25. So after the Merkel Youth program what’s next? – the re-opening of Auschwitz where all “deniers’ will face death in the CO2 chambers?
    But it IS re-assuring to know that “Americans were not only most likely to express indifference about climate change; we were also most likely to say our own government was already “doing too much” to stop it.”
    There is some hope then that it will be those stubborn damn Yankees with all their righteous might, who will not be dictated to by a totalitarian inquisition, once again save a free thinking European resistance.

  26. In the Free World, what the Germans are doing to innocent, young school children is called….Brainwashing. Hitler did the same thing. Despicable!!

  27. The next time one finds oneself shaking their heads in dismay, over the blind obedience to AGW catechism… remember this article. Fanatics do not just “happen”. Pity is the correct response but also fear… because the consequences can be a 1984ish horror. GK

  28. This sickens me. I have a 6 year old daughter, and I’m dreading the day she starts coming back from school with green propaganda.
    What do I do? Go to school and rip the teacher a new one? They are so stoopid and sure of themselves they wont even listen to reason.
    Damn Quebec and the damn carbon exchange, as well as its socialist teachers.

    • This is a problem with state or provincial and federal regimes usurping local control of public schools. In the good old days, skeptics could have run for the school board and had a say in curriculum. Now teachers’ unions are laws unto themselves and curriculum decided by distant regional and national governments.

      • Sturgis, it was local control that dumbed down the standards from the turn of the century (1900’s) in the first place. Why? They could get more federal money by being able to “successfully” teach more children. Back then it was just easier to ease the standards than it was to find new ways to teach children who struggled to learn. Thankfully, that kind of thinking has ended.

      • There should be no federal money in local schools, period. The central government arguably has a role to play in higher education, but should stay out of primary and secondary education.
        Helping out impoverished school districts lacking a property tax or other basis of funding was and should be a state responsibility.
        America’s decline will continue as long as the national regime continues to usurp powers which properly belong at the state and local levels and with private associations and the people.
        If local schools for whatever reason dumb down their curricula, then the market will correct them by parents voting with their feet and other means. Finally, there are the courts to ensure that public schools don’t teach religion as science.

      • You say things I actually agree with except for one really big issue. The issue that contradicts your states’ rights belief is that we are a Republic nation of states which defines who can be discriminated against. And Brown versus the Board of Education stipulated that a state cannot develop an educational system that discriminates against a protected class. If you don’t like that, you should lobby for your state to secede from the United States.

      • Pamela,
        As I said, there is a role for the courts. We can do away with public schools without discrimination.
        And actually I do favor secession, if the next president be a Democrat. It’s the only way. Constitutional amendments won’t work, since both parties are just wings of the government party.
        Eastern Oregon and Washington would first have to secede from west of the Cascades before joining with the Mountain West, Great Plains and South to form a more perfect, less united Union.

    • What do I do? Go to school and rip the teacher a new one? .
      Of course not. First of all, the teacher may well agree with you, but may not be in a position to do so publicly. They want to keep their jobs. So cut them some slack. Second, your duty to teach is not to the teacher, but to your daughter. You have two tasks:
      1. Teach her the difference between the right answer and the facts. When she is old enough (probably several years from now) at the mention of ice melting, walk through the WUWT Sea Ice Page with her. By the time you get to the end, she’ll have a different perspective. That’s just an example of course, there’s lots more.
      2. Make sure she understands the need to get good marks is predicated on getting the right answer. When she has graduated and it is her turn to rule the world, she can change the right answers to whatever she wishes.

      • dmh commented :
        “1. Teach her the difference between the right answer and the facts. When she is old enough (probably several years from now) at the mention of ice melting, walk through the WUWT Sea Ice Page with her. By the time you get to the end, she’ll have a different perspective. That’s just an example of course, there’s lots more.
        2. Make sure she understands the need to get good marks is predicated on getting the right answer. When she has graduated and it is her turn to rule the world, she can change the right answers to whatever she wishes.”
        Good for you and anyone who takes the time to teach their children rather than expecting the public school system to be responsible for all learning.

      • I agree. [Teach] her, what I believe is right, is up to me.
        And yes, I will have to teach her the difference between the “right” answer and the facts.
        I just find its really sad when a parent has to actively subvert the education system. Though its necessary, its a sorry sorry state of affairs.

      • This is one area in which my sons (the last one is graduating from high school this month) have listened to their Mom. I’ve taught them the need to be politically correct if necessary, for the sake of marks, but loaded them with facts, historical analogies (eg Lysenkoism) and rational arguments. They are all skeptical of CAGW. If only they would listen to me on other topics!

      • Dear Vigilant Fish,
        (so sorry — again! — for that time I assumed you were a man!! — horrors (JUST KIDDING, guys))
        Good — for — you, Mom! I’m smiling as I picture you listening to “Pomp and Circumstance” (or whatever they play at his commencement ceremony), sitting tall, maybe wiping a tear… . To have ALL of them graduate is wonderful. So happy for you! #(:))
        P.S. And they will listen… (they already have, more than you realize, you know)… . You will grow wiser with every passing year (Chinese fortune ;)).

      • dmh:
        There is no justification for lying to children.
        It is one of the most heinous crimes ever.
        Cowards always find justification for their cowardice.
        And then the thugs with guns will come for you at night, anyway, and all your lies and cowardice shall be in vain.

      • This advice would certainly apply to whatever assessment will be cooked up to test NextGeneration Science Standards. But Common Core States Standards assessments performance tasks in writing and math problem solving have no “right” answer. What they are looking for is a well-argued response, using whatever three sources are provided.

      • Make sure she understands the need to get good marks is predicated on getting the right answer.
        Not in my class, it isn’t. And not in my wife’s classes. And, to the best of my knowledge, not in very many of my colleagues. When teaching subjects where the facts may be in dispute, we look for rational argument, evidence, and cogent presentation. Encourage your kids to make the best presentation they can of what they really believe. Exception, of course, for the ideologue teacher who has a demonstrated track record of intolerance. But I don’t think there are nearly as many of those as this conversation would suggest.
        Just because teachers are bound to cover the topics set down in the curriculum does not mean they are forced to suppress nonconformist opinions.

        • John Slayton commented: “Just because teachers are bound to cover the topics set down in the curriculum does not mean they are forced to suppress nonconformist opinions.”
          Now I understand why some….Pam :-)….support CC. The standards set forth in CC are a lot like the ‘standards’ set forth in Agenda21. Very Utopian and quite frankly desirable for a learning environment. No Godwin. In my neck of the woods….urban, high density….the school district purchases curriculum that supposedly supports CC standards. No one teaches directly from the CC…..unless I’m wrong. And by my guess less than 1/2 of the inner city teachers today can deliver to CC standards much less understand what they really are. For the record I am married to a retired inner city teacher and my daughter teaches inner city today.

  29. I’m not sure how many people posting currently have kids in school right now, but there is no need to look to Germany as an example. Kids already get plenty of this in their current curriculum.
    Anyone that thinks Germany is doing more indoctrination than what is currently happening in the US, needs to pick up some school books and take a look… doesn’t matter what grade level.

    • Laughable for how wrong you are Mark. None of our textbooks harp on AGW. Granted we are a poor rural district in Oregon.

      • Pamela,
        Here is what CC actually says about “climate change”:
        Not as bad as could be, but still pretty bad.
        The risk is that once you nationalize and socialize public (and in effect private) primary and secondary education, a malevolent administration can abuse its power even further to indoctrinate kids. And few teachers would object, their being unionized public servants of the central regime, seeking to achieve the goals of their distant masters, rather than dedicated professionals hired by local school boards.

      • Sturgis, I have a challenge for you. What state do you come from? I would be interested in reading up on your state standards as well as educational history from the 1900’s onward and then offering a report.

      • Every state has a history related to the provision of public education. Oregon has such a history. Caveat: I always have to dig beyond the “official” record to get to the real goods, but it’s a start.

      • Pamela,
        Of course states have a history of supporting schools, especially in the West. Land was set aside to support schools.
        That’s why I say the states should be the level of government to support needy districts, not the federal regime, which has no business meddling in, let alone controlling, local schools.
        My great-grandmother was a pioneer one-room school teacher. My aunt was a high school and community college teacher, so I come from a long line of public school teachers.
        But since unionization, what was once a noble profession has now become a public employee job with little to no accountability. The oppression of big government begins in the state monopoly schools and indeed couldn’t work to suppress freedom without them.
        We spend more on “education” and get less (except more robbery of liberty) than any other country. The sooner the public schools are done away with, the sooner America will have a chance to free herself and be America again.
        I support giving poor parents vouchers to send their kids to private schools. If a community wants to set up its own private school to replace its suborned public school, great. But unionized public schools have to go if there is to be a hope for regenerating America.

  30. It would be nice if educators were as motivated to learn science as they are to teach it.

    • won’t matter a bit because the parents, whose direct responsibility the raising of their own children is- have defaulted, out of cowardice and will proceed to demonstrate by example that submission is the way the family avoids confronting evil – except when they also whine their apologias.

  31. Staggering, we truly are, breeding a generation of halfwits. This ‘learning’ is akin to grabbing a knife at the sharp end, it will only end in tears.

  32. Will the USA Air Force, Army and Navy acquiesce to the G-7 Obama-Merkel Demands of “Fossil Fuel Free World in 2085”?
    So the USA Air Force must replace all aircraft with hot-air balloons, the Army must replace all mechanized units with horse-drawn mechanisms and the Navy must re-institute Sails and Ors for propulsion.
    Answer: Mr. Obama and Mrs. Markel will not be seeing the morning sun on any day in the year 2056.
    Good reddens.
    Ha ha

  33. “It is the absolute right of the state to supervise the formation of public opinion.” Joseph Goebbels
    “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.” Lenin
    “When the state intervenes to insure the indoctrination of some doctrine, it does so because there is no conclusive evidence in favor of that doctrine.” Bertrand Russell

  34. As a German I say: I feel embarrassed of being German! It is disgusting what is going on in Germany, both at schools and at universities. You guys are right if you compare “Energiewende-Germany” with “Nazi-Germany”. The methods are the same and the Germans are open-minded for any indoctrination. It is awful!

    • Well I hop from project to project and the number of warmunist engineers has dropped to zero. In 2009 I was in a solar industry company surrounded by believers, I predicted a cold winter and Hamburg promptly froze over, I had fun (Hamburgers are helpless when there’s black ice on the street.)
      These days I don’t find anyone still defending the theory of manmade Global Warming. So, I see a trend there.
      The youngans are completely apathetic about it, the propaganda has backfired badly.

  35. Victory as WV School Board allows students to debate global warming
    – See more at:
    The West Virginia Board of Education voted yesterday to put an end to months of controversy and open up teaching standards to permit students to consider both sides in the climate debate.
    The Board voted 6-2 in favor of amending the standards to, as the Charleston Daily Mail reports, “allow students to use scientific models to form their own conclusions on the debated topic.”
    “Supporters of the changes, including board members Wade Linger and Tom Campbell, argued that ‘science is never settled’ and that debate will lead students into a deeper understanding of the issue,” the paper added.
    The vote represents a significant victory for student rights and for science. The scientific method demands consideration of all data, without regard for the impact this may have on a cherished theory. Open minds and free debate are essential to science and climate science is no exception.
    When the Board voted in December to amend teaching standards to allow students to consider both sides in the climate debate, global warming pressure groups were apoplectic.
    They ridiculed the Board and demanded it drop its revised standards and ban facts which question the man-made global warming narrative from the classroom.
    CFACT Executive Director Craig Rucker, Marc Morano, who edits CFACT’s Climate Depot news and information service and a contingent of students from CFACT Collegians chapters at the University of West Virginia and Marshall University testified before the Board, which voted in January to temporarily pull back the amended standards and further consider the matter.
    CFACT also asked readers to submit comments to the Board and large numbers did. Sources close to the West Virginia Board report that CFACT readers submitted thoughtful and persuasive comments that made a significant impact on the proceedings.
    The original standards forced students to only consider “rises” in temperature. The amended standards substitute “changes” and permits students to consider “natural forces” as well as human activity when they study the climate.
    The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change would do the world a lot of good if it adopts similar standards.
    Thanks to everyone who emailed their comment to the Board. Your voices were heard. Well done!
    Here’s the comment CFACT sent in
    Subject line:
    Protect students’ rights to all the facts about the climate
    The Board of Education should ensure that its science standards permit students to examine and learn from all the data and analysis about global warming.
    Must students be made ignorant of scientific data which shows that over the last 18 years climate computer models have consistently projected a warmer world than scientific observations record? Global warming has not occurred as projected during the entire lifetime of today’s school children.
    Should the actual recorded data of world temperature, sea levels, storms, droughts, floods and all the rest be banned from our classrooms? Is comparing this data to the pronouncements of highly funded global warming pressure groups heresy?
    Claims of an overwhelming scientific global warming consensus have been repeatedly and thoroughly debunked.
    The discussion is far from over. The true mind of science remains open to new data and alternative explanations. Whether and how much of the approximately 1/2 degree C of warming which occurred in the latter half of the 20th century is due to human industry has not been conclusively established. Neither have any of the incredibly expensive “solutions” proposed to address any global warming been shown to be meaningfully effective or worth their tremendous cost.
    The Board owes every child an open-minded education free of indoctrination.
    – See more at:

  36. When I was young it was a toss up, we would either die in Kennedy’s nuclear holocaust or from strontium 90 in our coffee. Asbestos was the building material of choice and you were not grown up if you needed your hands to smoke a cigarette. However the sepsis wards were becoming a thing of the past and there were very few cars on the streets to kill us. After all that I am unlikely to worry about the weather, but I would not do anything that might stop my grand children fitting in with their peer group at school.

  37. The situation in the UK is also very troubling. Official inquiries into the extent of narrow-scope, one-sided, politically-loaded inclusion of climate topics throughout school curricula are very much to be hoped for in both countries. See our report here for more examples and arguments in favour of such investigations: In the meantime, it will largely be up to concerned parents checking out what is happening their local schools and trying to get a calmer, wider-scope coverage on climate. If only scare stories are prominent, then the children are indeed at risk of being brainwashed. That technique does involve stressing the targets by using emotionally powerful materials, distancing them from their previously trusted sources of support (for example, parents who question climate alarmism being dismissed as ‘deniers’ and declared to be needing their children’s help rather than the other way round), and making it clear that they will find life a lot easier if they conform to the viewpoint being imposed on them. The book ‘Inside American Education’ by Thomas Sowell provides many examples, not just in the climate area. The book ‘Facts, Not Fear’ by Michael Sanera and Jane S Shaw provides more illustrations of misleading teaching across a range of popular environmental topics, along with suggestions for remedial actions by parents.

  38. and yet Germany has the biggest machine in the world for extracting coal in its own country.

  39. Hold on one moment. How German teachers educate children about Climate Change? Really? Educate?
    The teachers are not educating children. The correct word is “indoctrinating” the children.

  40. It’s amazing what supposedly thinking, beings will swallow. Over and over again.

  41. The Gods of the Copybook Headings
    by Rudyard Kipling
    AS I PASS through my incarnations in every age and race,
    I make my proper prostrations to the Gods of the Market Place.
    Peering through reverent fingers I watch them flourish and fall,
    And the Gods of the Copybook Headings, I notice, outlast them all.
    We were living in trees when they met us. They showed us each in turn
    That Water would certainly wet us, as Fire would certainly burn:
    But we found them lacking in Uplift, Vision and Breadth of Mind,
    So we left them to teach the Gorillas while we followed the March of Mankind.
    We moved as the Spirit listed. They never altered their pace,
    Being neither cloud nor wind-borne like the Gods of the Market Place,
    But they always caught up with our progress, and presently word would come
    That a tribe had been wiped off its icefield, or the lights had gone out in Rome.
    With the Hopes that our World is built on they were utterly out of touch,
    They denied that the Moon was Stilton; they denied she was even Dutch;
    They denied that Wishes were Horses; they denied that a Pig had Wings;
    So we worshipped the Gods of the Market Who promised these beautiful things.
    When the Cambrian measures were forming, They promised perpetual peace.
    They swore, if we gave them our weapons, that the wars of the tribes would cease.
    But when we disarmed They sold us and delivered us bound to our foe,
    And the Gods of the Copybook Headings said: “Stick to the Devil you know.”
    On the first Feminian Sandstones we were promised the Fuller Life
    (Which started by loving our neighbour and ended by loving his wife)
    Till our women had no more children and the men lost reason and faith,
    And the Gods of the Copybook Headings said: “The Wages of Sin is Death.”
    In the Carboniferous Epoch we were promised abundance for all,
    By robbing selected Peter to pay for collective Paul;
    But, though we had plenty of money, there was nothing our money could buy,
    And the Gods of the Copybook Headings said: “If you don’t work you die.”
    Then the Gods of the Market tumbled, and their smooth-tongued wizards withdrew
    And the hearts of the meanest were humbled and began to believe it was true
    That All is not Gold that Glitters, and Two and Two make Four
    And the Gods of the Copybook Headings limped up to explain it once more.
    As it will be in the future, it was at the birth of Man
    There are only four things certain since Social Progress began.
    That the Dog returns to his Vomit and the Sow returns to her Mire,
    And the burnt Fool’s bandaged finger goes wabbling back to the Fire;
    And that after this is accomplished, and the brave new world begins
    When all men are paid for existing and no man must pay for his sins,
    As surely as Water will wet us, as surely as Fire will burn,
    The Gods of the Copybook Headings with terror and slaughter return!

    • I love that poem. The road to hell and all that.
      Just watched Kipling’s The Man Who Would Be King. What a wonderful film about the nature of power and its corrupting influence.

  42. “The water level rises/ The fish are in a crisis.”

    I would give this student an A for rhyming, and F for making sense. Fish would certainly enjoy the additional water to populate into.
    But that is Ok, nothing about global warming, green ideology, or the like has to make sense it only has to make you feel good about saving the planet, since the planet would be completely helpless without narcissistic self-serving self-righteousness.

    • They would eliminate mankind (with he exception of themselves and loved ones) if offered the choice. What a paradise to be living as folks did before the industrial age spoiled the planet!

  43. In Europe, today, it is percieved as stupid/petty and even racist to automatically associate anything German with Naziism. Just saying.
    Imagine associating anything that happens today in the Southern states with the fact that many people there have ancestors who used to own slaves (or used to be slaves!). It’s very similar.
    In fact, Germany isn’t any worse than any other country in the industrialized West. They all compete in self-hatred, giving up their traditions and culture and replacing them with an inferior and explosive blend of exotic backwardness, and dismantling anything their forefathers have ever built up and fought for…. Nothing “German” about that.

    • “In Europe, today, it is percieved as stupid/petty and even racist to automatically associate anything German with Naziism. Just saying.”
      No, it’s all the rage. Our government and its followers try to be as ungerman/interchangeably internationalistic/pro EU/Open Borders as possible. Wave a German Flag at a PEGIDA rally and ALL the MSM will call you a Nazi.
      We have a new old word for opposition, it is Nazi.
      The MSM is dying of course as a consequence. The state broadcasters are kept in a vertical position by forcefully extracting 8 bn EUR a year from the population.

  44. Plus ça change – two generations ago it was “Heil Hitler”, now it’s “Heil Klima”. (With a stop for “Heil Mao und Fidel” in between.)
    It’s no wonder that the level of indoctrination is constantly turned up: like all doctrinaire educational regimes, they note that pupils just shut their minds off as soon as the subject turns up in nauseating frequency to get it over with, and mouthe the required slogans to get passable grades. Unfortunately, that Kind of attitude tends to corrupt all other subject taught in these schools as well, from mathematics and physics to the most wishy-washy “humanistic” ones like religion, philosophy or German (known to German pupils as “laberfaecher”, blathering subjects, because they allow you to bluff your way into a good grade without the slightest effort and zero knowledge) .

  45. KLIMAWANDEL is the perfect word or expression for what occurs naturally that affects climate, and that climate effects. I do not speak German, but a derivative called Afrikaans, in which KLIMAAT and WANDEL are instantly recognizable and translatable.
    English has ‘wandered” too far from it’s Saxon roots (howls of outrage from the latin-celtic-norman-danish-angle brigades) to capture the meaning as elegantly and economically.
    KLIMA – “climate” is descriptive, allowing that there is not any single climate, nor any global climate, but multiple climates of which KLIMA refers to a particular, or climate in abstract.
    WANDEL – is normative, and a delightful word, which conveys the idea of the deviation from mean, and regression to mean, which is central to climate data observations.
    In English, “wander” might seem to directly translate, but there is a subtlety lacking, which
    “ramble” conveys then loses the basic meaning of ” wander” (in modern usage, ramble is
    more descriptive of incoherence or aimlessness)
    The words express “journey”, a travel, implying moving location, A to B, which implies a route
    or direction, via apparently aimless deviations, “off the beaten path”
    But it may equally hold true, for “wandering”, “rambling” “peregrination” and particularly for
    the WANDEL, that the route is a return to origin, or nearby. The Fox leaves the hole and hunts,
    wandering and rambling and returns to the same hole.
    What may appear to us in observing, a clear and linear trend, may in truth just be a long and
    interesting WANDEL back to our starting point.
    KILMAWANDEL does not contain any of the conviction of “climate CHANGE” or of the hideous
    “climate FORCING”, nor does it suggest anything global, or particular, “cooling” or “warming”
    The children will mostly forget what was required of them to answer in order to pass this particular school rite of passage, but WANDEL will remain with them.
    I like it, and will prefer to use KILMAWANDEL in future to discuss so called ‘climate change”
    just as I dislike the terms “hiatus” or “pause” in discussing the inflection points observed in
    long time series data.

    • Oscar,
      In English, we also have “wend”, which could now be considered archaic or at least arch. It’s the source of “went” as the irregular simple pass tense of “go”. Due to that linguistic robbery, the past tense of “wend” is now the regular “wended”.
      It’s fitting IMO that the Germanic root of “Wandel” may also be the source for the name of the people called Vandals, “barbarians” who sacked Rome in AD 455, thereby spawning the term “vandalism”.

  46. Last week I heard a Deutsche Welle report on a youth conference on climate. In Europe, maybe Germany. My thoughts jumped to the Children’s Crusade. The posting by Janice Moore provided another quote on the same subject: “He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.” Adolf H1tler

  47. If you live in the USA or the UK and you don’t want your children indoctrinated by the state ‘education’ system you have the option of homeschooling. An increasing number of parents in both countries are taking advantage of that option. However, in Germany, homeschooling is illegal. Recently, a German family, deprived of the homeschooling option in their own country sought, and received, asylum in the USA. However, that was after the Obama administration objected.
    Note that the laws against homeschooling were introduced by the Nazis.

  48. Ahem. Berlin has been the home of the crazies for centuries.
    It’s a lot like NYC or SF in that regard, only without the stock exchanges, the trade, or Silicon Valley.
    And much much more like Istanbul.

  49. There is a certain irony in teaching the AGW doctrine at schools to students. Anyone born this century ( and slightly earlier) has never experienced global warming. The properganda education on AGW would already be lost if the internet did not exist. I point my nephew who has been indoctrinated through our universities to this web site and I say read it for two weeks and see what you think. I’ve had no response in part because many who have been indoctrinated are afraid to see the truth. I’m sure it was very similar in Germany during the reign of the Nazis.

    • I’m sure it was very different, as information was only accessible through state controlled broadcasters (they still exist but they have competition now). And what little counterinformation existed came from the BBC, carefully, ahem, crafted.

  50. Is this really about Germans? It seems to me that enviro-fascists come in all nationalities, ethnicities and races.

    • Well about half of the people in Berlin *are* Germans, anyway.
      Ethnic Berliners, BTW, are totally obedient rule obsessed people. So you tell them jump and they say how high. Comes through centuries of Prussian discipline/indoctrination/Kant/Hegel. It doesn’t help that they’re also pretty collectivist.

    • Agree. Even those of us living at the southern tip of Africa are endlessly exposed to climate indocrination and eco-talibanism. Because of endemic corruption, however, the “thousands” of houses that can supposedly be served by every new wind or solar project attracts less attention than how much money some politician is making from the deal. As a result I like to believe that South Africans tend to be more sceptical about the warmist doctrine than people elsewhere. A cold southern hemisphere winter and numerous power outages in spite of all the “sustainable” energy projects doesn’t help the warmist cause much either.

  51. I was taught about the environmental crisis and resource shortages back in high school. Acid rain would destroy the remaining forests of Europe and all known oil reserves would be exhausted by the year 2000, causing a global catastrophe. All these valuable lessons helped teach me to be a skeptic, although admittedly I thought it was all nonsense back then too. But the teachers believed it all, or those who didn’t, didn’t, said nothing.

  52. of course those Germans are so stoopid. They even give all who want college and university free tuition.
    even non citizens.
    But I do like their cars

    • Ah, a Libtard. Well, actually our universities have two classes of courses: What you would call Liberal Arts, where everyone gets a degree – which entitles you to become a waiter – and hard sciences – where the university ruthlessly sieves out 90% of applicants with ridiculously hard maths and EE theory; to not drown under the costs. I am one of the survivors; I got my degree.

  53. “Till our women had no more children and the men lost reason and faith,
    And the Gods of the Copybook Headings said: “The Wages of Sin is Death.”
    Which is exactly why worrying about anything Germany is doing is pointless. How many children does Angela Merkel have? German demographics are in the toilet. And the chain was pulled a while back.
    And that is why you see this kind of thing. “Oh, we’re not dying! It’s the earth that’s dying! And we have to save it!”
    Puh, save yourselves first.

  54. The Germans have a history of group-think failures. It hasn’t served them well, bless their hearts. Heed the words of Forrest Gump when he said “Stupid is as stupid does”.

    • Alan McLeod says “We allow mythologists…”
      There is no “we” and nobody asked you whether I can or cannot indoctrinate my children.
      “What’s the difference?”
      Liberty, that’s what. USA has it, Germany does not; relatively speaking. The USA has a “First Amendment”. It makes a huge difference.
      What you consider myth I consider truth; and what I consider myth you might consider truth. I won’t teach your children and you won’t teach mine. Liberty is great.

  55. “I guess we can all learn something from the German example.”
    Yes: Not to be Germans. I knew there was some reason one of my ancestors left it.

  56. to Hannah Carsted: “The water level rises/ The fish are in a crisis.”
    when water levels fall / the fish will strand at all.
    new business field: strand fish sun cream. Renewable olive oils.

  57. I’m a bit confused here as I am an historian. Mind you I suspect I have been force fed too, being British. I didn’t know the KGB existed during the Zsar’s reign that ended in 1917.
    Some German’s including Hitler thought Germany never surrendered in 1918 and were so heavily penalized that they went broke very quickly (and didn’t end paying off the debt until 2010 I think). Rothchild’s Jewish owned bank bankrolled the allies in WW1 and bought the American’s intervention. In WW1 Rothchilds had an understanding from Baldwin, that as Britain had the Palestine mandate that they would allow the formation of Israel. Baldwin did not honor that agreement. The problem with Hitler is he did not understand WWI started as a war of attrition. But towards the end, the British Navy blockaded German supply lines, and although it was true no foreign enemy entered German territory, they were on the edge of starving their population and running short of supplies. Armistice was in their favor, unfortunately they ended up on the loosing side. However, in my view Germans can be very naive when it suits them. And let’s face it, they are continually being reminded in movies etc., of the Holocaust.

    • bushbunny
      Stalin’s KGB (expanded from Lenin’s NKVD, and before that the revolution’s guards) was a direct follow to the czars’ hundreds of years of slavery (serfdom) and enforced civil terror internal to the Russian/Ukrainian/Georgian/etc/etc/etc state dictatorship. St Petersburg was built with slave labor in the marshes of the Baltic. Roads, canals, dams, and cities were made by slave-labor since the Dark Ages out there.
      The KGB/NKVD/tsar state police used the same buildings, the same prisons, the same rifles and the same Siberian gold and steel mines to kill the decendents of the same people driven there hundreds of years before. It is no wonder that the Russian people (as a general mass) are more docile, accept dictatorial rule more readily than even the socialist Europeans: They have been bred that way for 1200 years. Any who complained were taken, robbed, enslaved, sent to Siberia, then killed. At least in Europe, those who wanted to fight dictators (church or state or kings or Mongols or Huns or Vandals or Franks or Vikings) could leave, could go to other lands (conquering those people) or could leave to America, South Africa, Australia, Canada, South America …
      If you believe in evolution, Europe represents those who refused to evolve: They accepted their state control.
      Russia and China (coldly and brutally summarized) represents that population group who remained alive by submitting to authority (or by becoming that authority – such as the Chinese bureaucrats who deliberately changed nothing for thousands of years of stagnant civilization), and thus who are bred for slavery and domination by others.
      America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina, Brasil and the like represent that population group who left oppression, left authority, rejected state control (at least initially) and faced extreme hardship to fight for the right to resist state authority. They chose difficulties but freedom, and those descendents (initially) continued those general genetic traits.
      Until recently at least – when the docile easy life of city-supported state-mandated controls and programs allowed those who choose to stay in cities under government control to again dominate the rest.

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