Newsweek Disgracefully Links the Mt Everest Tragedy to Rising CO2


Guest essay by Jim Steele, Director emeritus Sierra Nevada Field Campus, San Francisco State University and author of Landscapes & Cycles: An Environmentalist’s Journey to Climate Skepticism

Its hard to tell if we are witnessing mass climate hysteria, or just loathsome fear mongering to promote a political agenda, but it is oh so predictable, and oh so sickening. Every weather event and every tragedy is now due rising CO2. To paraphrase Dr. Viner, “natural storms and earthquakes are now just a thing of the past”. With the help of a few alarmist scientists, the media bombards us with the meme that “Everything is caused by rising CO2.” Today the Seth Bornstein prize for yellow climate journalism goes to Newsweek.

Last August they tried to infect our psyche’s suggesting the horrific Ebola outbreak was a function of rising CO2 writing, “Ebola and Climate Change: Are Humans Responsible for the Severity of the Current Outbreak?”

This March they hawked the notion that the brutalities of the War in Syria are due to global warming firing off that “Climate Change Helped Create Conditions for War in Syria, Study Suggests.”

Now with tragic deaths from the earthquake-caused avalanche in Nepal, not even the ground we walk on is safe from the devastating effects of climate change, as Newsweek blathers “More Fatal Earthquakes to Come, Warn Climate Change Scientists”

“Climate change may play a critical role in triggering certain faults in certain places where they could kill a hell of a lot of people,” says Professor McGuire. Some of his colleagues suspect the process may already have started. “

Be Afraid!

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April 29, 2015 2:14 am

The public are not as stupid as these Newsweek Goebbels-clones imagine. They will realise, and are already realising, the truth that Karl Popper discovered when he turned his attention to Marxism. That is, that a theory that explains everything is the same as a theory that explains nothing.

Reply to  Phlogiston
April 29, 2015 2:17 am

Disgraceful indeed. Two things:
i) the effect is at most third order, practically unmeasurable.
ii) the effect is neutral. It causes change; it is as likely to suppress tectonic movement as encourage it.
These two things show that the article is “lying for Gaia.”

Reply to  Jit
April 29, 2015 6:35 am

The whole climate change movement is simply another front for Communism and one world government. They’re not even trying to hide it any more.
“At a news conference last week in Brussels, Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of U.N.’s Framework Convention on Climate Change, admitted that the goal of environmental activists is not to save the world from ecological calamity but to destroy capitalism.”

Reply to  Jit
April 30, 2015 12:19 am

And it all comes from tools like Christiana Figueres of the UN Borg:
[For the young’uns here, that’s the evil Dr. Smith in the upper left of the picture, from the old Lost In Space series.]

Reply to  Jit
May 5, 2015 4:26 pm

Hey, I had that shirt too:comment image?oh=f54c6911944ace4cb0a4659d2ec40eaa&oe=55E1AEC9

Reply to  Jit
May 5, 2015 4:45 pm

Cool shirt. Very cool! *cough*

Reply to  Jit
May 5, 2015 5:42 pm

Hey, I was seven! *sniff*

Reply to  Jit
May 5, 2015 5:44 pm

That is what seven year olds were wearing in the Summer of Love. My little sister was much mre mod, anyone can see.
Besides, I do not believe I was out clothes shopping for myself in those days.

Reply to  Jit
May 5, 2015 5:50 pm

In those days, I was honestly expecting to be getting a call from the Astronaut Academy any day. I can remember field trips where they showed us how to put on space suits, strap into the chair, brace for launch…seriously.
They were telling us that we would all be going into space before long.
Buncha liars!
S’pose some things have not changed much

Reply to  Jit
May 5, 2015 6:01 pm

I thought I was being groomed to be an astronaut, too. The nuns kept telling my parents I was taking up space in school.

Reply to  Phlogiston
April 29, 2015 3:50 am

This all reminds me of a 2011 paper called “The Psychology of Climate Change Communication: A Guide for Scientists, Journalists, Educators, Political Aides, and the Interested Public” put out by CRED at Columbia University. It dovetails with the Next Generation Science Standards pushing students to interpret through themes and concepts instead of a built up body of known facts. Ultimately both tie to the behavioral and social science concept that false beliefs grounded in emotion are just as influential on likely behavior as what is true. Manipulative themes like this though can supposedly change the future by altering present behaviors.
From these media reports to the Pope’s Encyclical to Ban Ki-Moon’s Dignity for All by 2030 to K-12 education ‘reforms’, everything is pushing the same way once accurately understood.

Reply to  Phlogiston
April 29, 2015 6:22 am

Would this be the same public that voted for Obama? Twice?

nutso fasst
Reply to  MarkW
April 29, 2015 9:29 am

And is there any hope they will change?

Reply to  MarkW
April 29, 2015 8:08 pm

Remember that Obama kept pretty quiet about Climate Change BEFORE the election. Back then he was all for clean coal and natural gas being a part of our energy production. I was only after he was assured a second term (and no longer had reelection to consider) that the truth came out. He knew the public in general wouldn’t get behind all this ‘De-Industrialization’ bull, as the midterms showed.

nutso fasst
Reply to  MarkW
April 30, 2015 7:11 am


Obama kept pretty quiet about Climate Change BEFORE the election.

Maybe it was just the media that kept quiet. Obama didn’t.
Obama has been beating the drum of climate change threat to humanity and promoting counterproductive government action since 2005. (Remember 2009, when the $6 billion “cash for clunkers” program hurt poor people while increasing “carbon pollution?”)
Here’s a list of his courageous statements in support of saving the planet:
Through executive action, Obama has created “climate change action” groups in every major executive department, enforcing conformance and purveying exaggerations and outright lies to the public.

Reply to  MarkW
April 30, 2015 9:25 am

: Did they vote for Obama? “Those who cast the votes decide nothing; those who count the votes decide everything.” —J. Stalin
Back in ’04, a local precinct with electronic voting returned a value of negative 23 million (plus or minus a few) on a local issue. This was clearly computer error. And yet, we can only say it was computer error because the number is ridiculous. What about numbers that looked reasonable — how do we know any of those were not computer error, merely errors with non-ridiculous values?
After that event failed to trigger a recount of all electronic results, I have not believed any vote count. They tell me to vote because “every vote counts”, and then completely ignore evidence of error, as if to say, “Who cares?”

Alan the Brit
April 29, 2015 2:16 am

I would have left a one word reply, but common decency prevents me from doing so!

Jimmy Haigh.
Reply to  Alan the Brit
April 29, 2015 2:24 am

Someone coined the term “Climate Bollocks” which describes this kind of crap perfectly.

Reply to  Jimmy Haigh.
April 29, 2015 2:56 am

Or crap.
The problem in here: rainfall triggers earthquakes, but it is not the reason for them. Now if scientists learn to detect the triggers, that means better preparedness to earthquakes, but it is clear that no amount of CO2 mitigation can stop earthquakes in Nepal.

“This effect could certainly have made the Nepal earthquake come sooner,” says Professor Roland Burgmann

The sooner the earthquake comes, the less devastating it becomes.

Reply to  Jimmy Haigh.
April 29, 2015 6:25 am

The epicenter for this earthquake was 20 miles down. I doubt rainfall had anything to do with it.

Reply to  Jimmy Haigh.
April 29, 2015 6:28 am

The straw on camel’s back is just a straw. Trigger is a trigger, it does not need to be the root cause.

Reply to  Jimmy Haigh.
April 29, 2015 6:45 am

Half an inch of rain, vs 20 miles of rock?

nutso fasst
Reply to  Jimmy Haigh.
April 29, 2015 9:30 am

‘Twas a butterfly what done it.

Reply to  Alan the Brit
April 29, 2015 6:24 am

The warmists declared some awhile back that the time for civility is past.
Perhaps we need to take them up on it.

April 29, 2015 2:17 am

at first i thought it was going to be satire, as insensitive as that might be right now.
written by Alex Renton,, whose previous Newsweek piece was headlined: “Forget Whisky, Scots Are Producing a New Tipple: Tea” 21 March 2015, so this is surely his LinkedIn:
LinkedIn: Alex Renton
Independent Media Production Professional
Location Edinburgh, UK, The Independent, London Evening Standard, Oxfam
Newspaper journalist – The Times, Guardian, Observer, Daily Mail.
Specialties: development and aid, food policy, food culture, food history, humanitarian response, food and health, food industry,
Campaign Director, 2011-2012
am an award-winning journalist (2010: Food journalist of the year; runner-up Amnesty award for work on human rights) . I work predominantly on food policy and culture, and on development issues around the world.
My work appears in the Times, Guardian, Observer, Daily Mail and Prospect magazine.
Reporter, features editor, media and advocacy coordinator
The Independent, London Evening Standard, Oxfam 1987-2004
how anyone can take the MSM seriously, i don’t know.

Reply to  pat
April 29, 2015 7:10 am

“Food policy.” Amen.
This month’s Nat Geo (May 2015, p 12), in a continuing series on food (their desire to have World Government take control of food***), says that due to warming, wheat production in Russia could “decrease up to 15 percent within five years.”
I don’t think they care what they say. They will dismiss any challenge to their orthodoxy. Saving the world means never having to say you are sorry.
*** As well as World Government taking over water supply, housing, transportation – actually, everything.

Reply to  Gamecock
April 29, 2015 8:20 am

A degree or two of warming will lengthen the growing season in Russia, and put millions of acres that are currently to cold to farm into production.
Then there’s the well known fact that enhanced CO2 increases crop yields.
For those fields at the southern end of the growing zone, if it’s too warm for wheat, shift to growing something else.

Retired Engineer Jim
Reply to  pat
April 29, 2015 9:54 am

“advocacy coordinator” – says it all.

April 29, 2015 2:18 am

The stupid is strong in these, the farce is with them…….

Reply to  Kit
April 29, 2015 5:58 am


John Downunder
April 29, 2015 2:28 am

Of course, If the earthquake had occurred in another 20 years, there would have been no ice to create an avalanche. 🙂

Reply to  John Downunder
April 29, 2015 4:00 am

True, true but does that mean we need to speed up global warming to save lives?
I’ll include the /sarc tag, though.

April 29, 2015 2:31 am

If UCL’s Professor Bill McGuire truly believes that CO2 causes earthquakes, perhaps it’s time he resign his professorship. Please get a job in a field that might benefit mankind such as a sanitation engineer or a rickshaw driver…Regards – JPP

Reply to  J. Philip Peterson
April 29, 2015 4:06 am

…..but would you really feel safe with him driving you around in a rickshaw??!! He needs locking up out of harms way ….

Uncle Mort
April 29, 2015 2:38 am

“Its hard to tell if we are witnessing mass climate hysteria, or just loathsome fear mongering”
Not that hard. Loathsome fear mongering is where the careers are.

Reply to  Uncle Mort
April 29, 2015 3:00 am

We are witnessing both of them, and an outright d3n1al is also present, no doubt.

Reply to  Uncle Mort
April 29, 2015 4:17 am

This is one of the worse (worst?) cases of Gaeaphobia I’ve seen.
Some otherwise intelligent human beings believe they are so evil, they spend their lives absolutely sure Mother Gaea will raise up to get her revenge on them.
Although, some never recover from it, many with proper treatment can return to productive careers.
But then, some people are really, really dumb.

April 29, 2015 2:51 am

As insane as it is the headline is now in the public mind. That is the catastrophe, cynical journalists and underinformed readers.
This year seems to be an unending tsunami of climate bollocks and now that Il Papa has signed up the circus is complete. We, the climate rationalists, bark but the caravan of collective climate insanity moves on. What a terrifying world of highly motivated ignorance is laying itself out before us.

Robert of Ottawa
Reply to  Keitho
April 29, 2015 6:10 am

The unending tsunami is due to CO2 and the upcoming Paris vacation for 10,000 free-loaders. It’s going to be a good year for hookers in Paris.

Reply to  Robert of Ottawa
April 29, 2015 7:44 am

“It’s going to be a good year for hookers in Paris.”
I don’t think so – they’re gonna have a whole lotta competition…

Warren Latham
April 29, 2015 2:52 am

Thank you to “Pat” for the information you provided concerning the so-called “writer” named Alex Renton: his article is ABSOLUTELY DISGRACEFUL.
His name is now on my list.
He will now be asked to declare (and pay back) the amount of money(s) he receives from the UK government office, the so-called Dept. of Energy and Climate Change and any of its’ QUANGO offices and agencies in respect of his article.
The same declaration will also be requested of McGuire, the “professor” at University College London whose writings (“Climate change may play a critical role in triggering certain faults in certain places where they could kill a hell of a lot of people,” says Professor McGuire.) are extremely misleading.
Thanks to Mr. Watts and his people at WUWT we are kept informed of these atrocious writings: they are all funded by government and the UN Gravy Train thieves.
The money paid by the UK government to the UN Gravy Train thieves must be stopped.
The writings Renton and McGuire are ABSOLUTELY DISGRACEFUL.

April 29, 2015 2:57 am

[SNIP ok konrad, that does it, I have been tolerant, but with this ugly comment, advocating not just dersion, but also assault, you are banned from WUWT – Anthony Watts ]

April 29, 2015 3:11 am

The reverse is more justified
Every conceivable major problem is caused by climate alarmism.

Bruce Cobb
April 29, 2015 3:26 am

The lamestream snooze media continue to gleefully dig their own graves with this sort of pap. Amazing.

April 29, 2015 3:27 am

Thanks Jim, too true, unfortunately.
How did McGuire become a “professor”?
Professor of what?

April 29, 2015 3:35 am

The only thing surprising is that it took them a whole three days to capitalize on this.

April 29, 2015 3:35 am

Please, News-weak. It belongs in the same canary cage as Non-Scientific American.

Barbara Skolaut
Reply to  Doug Huffman
April 29, 2015 12:02 pm

Whatchoo got against canaries, Doug/

Andrew N
April 29, 2015 3:37 am

Climate porn?

April 29, 2015 3:38 am

As one commenter on Newsweek observes, “criminal level exaggeration”.
A junction of two plates that has over time elevated the highest mountains on the planet.
Strong and very shallow quake. It is easy to see why most of these buildings collapsed, and yet a surprising number intact or only superficially damaged. It can be done. But $1 billion a day being spent on the climate fantasy.

April 29, 2015 3:41 am

Some people have no shame

April 29, 2015 3:48 am

Blaming every catastrophe on something that involves self-blame is not a very big leap from making sacrifices to the gods to prevent them.
We have gone full circle.

Reply to  ImranCan
April 29, 2015 1:54 pm

Sir, it is no distance at all.
And the sacrificees, those that will be sacrificed, are many of the poor, especially the old and poor [in UK winters, they have a choice of heating OR eating, since power prices have risen to support ‘renewable energy’ – bird shredders, bird fryers, hydro is banned(!), and a bit of solar . . . . in England, and points north and cloudier]; much of the Third World, who are to be denied power at all, since the coal-powered stations they need are denied to them – they must have renewable immediately; and anyone with an independent mind, whose children – if I remember the video aright – are to have their heads exploded.
Oh and nukes – even the new-fangled ones – are anathema, worse than d3n1al1sts.
And the truly demonstrable Gods of the Climate will bring down derision, or, worse, carp, on the heads of the ‘doubters’.
See, also,
April 29, 2015 at 6:35 am
{Very near the top, above] – that, I think, is +shedloads & shedloads

April 29, 2015 3:55 am

I can understand the effect.
It is coupled to a wast interest in the “Climate change” and money that is found to any cause that might have a negative effect on humans.

April 29, 2015 3:55 am

So, two tectonic plates weighing billions of tons have been moving towards each other for billions of years, folding the overlying rocks into the Himalayas with the highest being over 29,000 feet. The cause of this is AGW ? Desperate, deluded idiots looking desperately for ways to maintain the scam which provides them with food clothing and a roof over their head which is more than the poor souls in Nepal have.

Gilbert K. Arnold
Reply to  andrewmharding
April 29, 2015 6:25 am

Well, actually the plates have been moving about for billions of years. However the Himalayas were formed about 60 million years ago as the Indian subcontinent slammed into Asia. A process which is still ongoing. One would naturally expect to see earthquakes in the region today. CO2 has nothing to do with. Prof. McGuire is patently WRONG!

Reply to  Gilbert K. Arnold
April 29, 2015 10:07 am

Gilbert, thank you, I stand corrected.
I am surprised that someone with this standard of education actually peddles this drivel.
Antony if you don’t object I would like to send this article to
where it most certainly will receive a wider audience!

Søren Bundgaard
April 29, 2015 4:01 am

Earthquakes and climate change – an interview with Prof Bill McGuire

Reply to  Søren Bundgaard
April 29, 2015 7:54 am

Then there is this catchy tune: CO2 Does Everything!

M Seward
April 29, 2015 4:10 am

I watched the baytvliverpool clip featuring “Professor” McGuire. What a bloody loon.
Frankly, I think the people responsible for this sort of brainless, alarmist filth are about on a moral par with the creeps from man-boy love association type outfits.

April 29, 2015 4:22 am

Seriously, do these people actually read their own alarmism?
I ask because as I read the quote, I started to feel a little embarrassed that such a learned person could say something as stupid.
This piece of twittery alone should move another umpteen thousand back from the dark side and into the realms of commonsense.
A quick glance at the comments show that people simply are not wearing these rediculous opportunistic alarmism after farts.

Reply to  Leigh
April 29, 2015 6:41 am

Educated beyond his intelligence.

Barbara Skolaut
Reply to  Leigh
April 29, 2015 12:05 pm

‘such a learned person”
Credendialed, not educated.

Barbara Skolaut
Reply to  Barbara Skolaut
April 29, 2015 12:06 pm

Obviously I can’t type – so sue me. 🙁

Mark from the Midwest
April 29, 2015 4:33 am

It’s not premeditated fear mongering or mass hysteria. Outlets, like Newsweek, Rolling Stone, Bloomberg, … are now on a par with TMZ. They have immature editorial staffs, they think news needs to be “cutting edge.” They buy into narratives before they look for the facts. Newhouse, Murrow, Pulitzer are looking at it from the beyond and cringing violently.

April 29, 2015 4:50 am

There is one true link, however. The loss of Newsweek readership is related to CO2 …

Fred Love
April 29, 2015 4:51 am

This story has to be a hoax, and one in very poor taste at that. It seems Bill McGuire has built a career out of his headline-grabbing nonsense. But the schoolboy howlers in Renton’s report are too many and too evident for this to be anything but a sad attempt to sucker Newsweek’s remnant readership. Just consider the Mt. Pavlov claims, as one example. McGuire falsely states that the volcano erupts only in autumn and winter, yet the last three eruptions have commenced in August 2007, May 2013 and May 2014. He then ascribes these “winter” eruptions to the 10-15 cm seasonal rise in sea level caused by low pressure systems. It seems not to have occurred to the professor, or the ever-credulous Alex Renton, that this effect does nothing more than nullify the cause as far as crustal loading is concerned, but of course climate science does not admit to negative feedbacks. Nor would a climate zealot pay heed to more frequent and mundane variations in loading such as oceanic and crustal tides, (out of phase by a few hours), pressure systems and storms. We could also consider glacial rebound and even plate boundary convergence, but how trivial are these compared with the baleful outcomes of human existence.

April 29, 2015 4:51 am
April 29, 2015 4:56 am

Newsweek profiting from the misery and suffering of real people.
Doubtless Newsweek is making a substantial donation to the Red Cross.

jon sutton
April 29, 2015 5:00 am

“More Fatal Earthquakes to Come, Warn Climate Change Scientists”
I could safely make that prediction……………… and I’m just a plumber

April 29, 2015 5:12 am

… and the Iranian mullahs claim earthquakes are caused by “female immodesty” such as women showing some hair or a bit of ankle. The competition among the crazies is tough.

April 29, 2015 5:36 am

But.. CO2 does everything – the science is settled!

Reply to  Admad
April 29, 2015 7:59 am

Oops, I did it too.
But then, this has to spread, only 600 views roughly, so far.

Reply to  emsnews
April 29, 2015 10:06 am

Thank you!

April 29, 2015 5:40 am

Reblogged this on the WeatherAction News Blog and commented:
Perhaps Professor McGuire could explain the previous fault ruptures?
Saturday’s magnitude-7.8 earthquake struck to the north-west of Kathmandu
The last time the fault ruptured at this location was in back in 1344
It was preceded in 1255 by a big event to the east of Kathmandu
The last rupture there was in 1934, hinting strain might accumulate westward
2015’s quake follows the pattern with a gap between events of 80 years or so
When Bollinger and his colleagues saw this historic pattern of events, they became greatly concerned.
“We could see that both Kathmandu and Pokhara would now be particularly exposed to earthquakes rupturing the main fault, where it likely last did in 1344, between the two cities,” 

Disgraceful but don’t wait for the climate vultures to call the the Professor or Newsweek out.

Gary Pearse
April 29, 2015 5:56 am

How was the earthquake count in the 30s and 40s when (we will rediscover after the climate mess is re-corrected) it was as warm or warmer than now?

April 29, 2015 6:00 am

well a couple rags blamed iSIS on climate change so….no surprise here

Phil R
Reply to  Charlie
April 29, 2015 8:30 am

So it’s been confirmed, ISIS caused the earthquake!!

chris moffatt
April 29, 2015 6:05 am

Just checking on McGuire’s claim that Mt Pavlof only erupts in autumn and winter; Wikipedia (confirmed by other sources BTW) has this to say:
“Pavlof Volcano is a stratovolcano of the Aleutian Range on the Alaska Peninsula. It has been one of the most active in the United States since 1980, with eruptions recorded in 1980, 1981, 1983, 1986–1988, 1996–1997, August 15 to September 13, 2007, May 13 to August 8, 2013, and most recently May 31, 2014 and continuing as of June 3, 2014.”
There was also a minor event in December 2014. It would seem that Pavlof can actually erupt at any time of the year and that Professor McGuire is not averse to telling porkies if they will support and advance his pet hypothetical biases.

chris moffatt
Reply to  chris moffatt
April 29, 2015 6:20 am
April 29, 2015 6:06 am

When do these type of quotes by “scientists” get defined for what they are — “scientific malpractice”. Where is the shame from the rest of the scientific community?
It seems peer review is fundamentally broken.

Reply to  FTOP
April 29, 2015 6:43 am

Haven’t Ed and warren been claiming that all the scientists are on their side?

Reply to  FTOP
April 29, 2015 9:28 am

Quote: I read this piece by Dr. Tim Daughtry titled “Calling for a true conservative strategy” from Feb 4. 2013 today, and thought: What would our country look like if we simply capitulated to the far-left and let them win?
Daughtry has a line in the piece which is tragically accurate:
“The strategy (of the far-left) was one of immersion more than conversion. It was not necessary to convert students or consumers of news to leftist thinking; it was only necessary to surround them with liberalism as if there were no other respectable way of thinking. While conservatives were focused on winning the next election, the left focused on winning the next generation. And they are succeeding.”
Their “immersion” strategy has been a tremendous success. It has changed the debate landscape by altering the playing field from one where two different ideological belief systems competed against one another (individual liberty and limited government vs. heavy-handed rule by government elites), to one where heavy-handed government intervention in our lives is accepted as “the norm,” and arguing against big government makes you an “extremist” or something far worse in the eyes of the cultural “elites.” Unquote

Gary Pearse
April 29, 2015 6:13 am

Newsweek was heralding the science of an impending new ice age in the 1970s. Of course the journalists of that time have died or retired. I predict a mass extinction of all these antediluvian rags.

Alan McIntire
April 29, 2015 6:26 am

Earthquakes and volcanoes are the price we pay for residing on a planet with life. Eliminate continental drift, volcanoes, and earthquakes, and you get dead Mars..

Reply to  Alan McIntire
April 29, 2015 6:44 am

Continental drift.
Personally I’ve always liked a little sight seeing.

April 29, 2015 6:52 am

Hey. Not so “news” weak. I quit smoking because of CO2, and my house plants love it! /sarc
Was talking to a gal yesterday who was so upset that plants were using OXYGEN and expelling CO2. She wanted to remove all plants. I asked her if she was just stupid, or had mental problems. Said she learned it in school. This is what passes for school these days? I’m 57, and that’s not even close. We are down the hoops of the crapper. Good grief. Ask any farmer. Plants need and love CO2, and after they are done photosynthesing(sp?) it, they release O2. Time to get a rocket launcher.

Reply to  Justthinkin
April 29, 2015 8:22 am

I’d have asked what she planned on eating after they got rid of all the plants.

April 29, 2015 6:55 am

Oh. and I was taught that ignorance can be corrected…..stupid is forever.

Ed Zuiderwijk
April 29, 2015 7:13 am


David Chappell
April 29, 2015 7:17 am

Seven Years to Save the Planet, author Bill McGuire, published 2008. 2008+7=2015…Ummm? Slight miscalculation, perhaps?

April 29, 2015 7:43 am

Is there some payola system for publishers to engage in this crazy ant tactic? I’m seeing it develop and expand with local publications as well, starting with a few ridiculous stories, then interview question inserts on unrelated topics, etc. etc. It looks planned and monetized in addition to being obviously dumb.

Mark from the Midwest
Reply to  Resourceguy
April 29, 2015 8:04 am

Yes, there is a payloa system, it’s called “checkout sales.” National Enquirer started it with those catchy headlines like “Marilyn Monroe is Alive and Living in Toledo!” Now once legit pubs are doing it to slow their ascent to financial doom.

Reply to  Mark from the Midwest
April 29, 2015 10:43 am

No, I was thinking of a type of street money payola like spreading the wealth even among very low volume media outlets. It would be like an ad placement without identifying it as such.

April 29, 2015 7:56 am

I have a limerick that I feel is applicable:
Authority figures, foretelling
Hot doom (and our “myths” dispelling),
Cast great dispersions
On skeptical versions
(Which keep carbon credits from selling)!
Now, shriller and louder they’re yelling,
To drown out the doubters’ rebelling!
New taxes are “just”
(When you’ve gained public trust),
So “the questioners” (quickly) they’re quelling.
I’ve arrived at the realization
That industrial civilization
Is only a sin
If the green leftists win,
On their platform of demonization!
Apologies if you’ve already seen it.

April 29, 2015 7:58 am

“You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”
Rahm Emanuel

April 29, 2015 8:03 am

Totally ludicrous BS. NewsWeek is now on par with those cheesy magazines you see in the grocery store checkout lines. I sincerely doubt the American public is as stupid as these magazines thing people are. Stop buying the product, the brand withers and dies.

Phil R
April 29, 2015 8:45 am

McGuire’s theory is about as insane as Velikovsky’s “Worlds in Collision.”

Reply to  Phil R
April 29, 2015 7:38 pm

Actually, there are modern theories that aren’t all that different from Velikovsky.

April 29, 2015 9:12 am

Notice that Newsweek has now changed its headline to read “More Fatal Earthquakes to Come, Geologists Warn. ”

April 29, 2015 9:20 am

The print version of Newsweek went out of business several years ago. In its death throes it solicited “guest editors” like Colbert, which went over like you’d expect. I wasn’t aware it even existed online; its digital branch is Daily Beast. The kind of reader that believes plate tectonics are driven by atmospheric gases. That’s what they’re left with.

April 29, 2015 9:22 am

Quote: I read this piece by Dr. Tim Daughtry titled “Calling for a true conservative strategy” from Feb 4. 2013 today, and thought: What would our country look like if we simply capitulated to the far-left and let them win?
Daughtry has a line in the piece which is tragically accurate:
“The strategy (of the far-left) was one of immersion more than conversion. It was not necessary to convert students or consumers of news to leftist thinking; it was only necessary to surround them with liberalism as if there were no other respectable way of thinking. While conservatives were focused on winning the next election, the left focused on winning the next generation. And they are succeeding.”
Their “immersion” strategy has been a tremendous success. It has changed the debate landscape by altering the playing field from one where two different ideological belief systems competed against one another (individual liberty and limited government vs. heavy-handed rule by government elites), to one where heavy-handed government intervention in our lives is accepted as “the norm,” and arguing against big government makes you an “extremist” or something far worse in the eyes of the cultural “elites.” Unquote

nutso fasst
April 29, 2015 9:37 am
Julian Williams in Wales
April 29, 2015 9:42 am

It seems however much rope they are given they never run out of ways to use it.

Dr K.A. Rodgers
April 29, 2015 9:56 am

Does a “Director emeritus” trump a “Professor emeritus”?

April 29, 2015 10:40 am

Oh, this is news to me………that Newsweek still exists. Or is it just an online group still using the old name under license? They set the record for longest credibility decline, since at least the 70s.

April 29, 2015 10:47 am

Fault movement can also release huge volumes of CO2 if prior policy programs had put it there over the years in sequester storage sites. Blame it on George Bush if anything happens later.

April 29, 2015 11:13 am

“Climate change may play a critical role in triggering certain faults in certain places where they could kill a hell of a lot of people,”says Professor McGuire
Well wait a minute there.
Apparently the professor is suggesting that before the IPCC, climate and earthquakes never killed anyone.
In which case this incontrovertible evidence casts suspicion on the IPCC as the ultimate cause of climate and earthquake related fatalities.
My silly hyperbole aside, McGuire’s hyperbole is just as silly except he is peddling it as serious science. Simply horrible behavior, and of course the idiots at Newsweek ready to lap it up.

April 29, 2015 12:02 pm

And there it is!
I was just remarking that some disingenuous Libtard was bound to tie earthquake deaths in Nepal to ACO2, sooner or later…
And there it is!

April 29, 2015 12:07 pm

Do realize the importance that the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Sphinx of Giza is a clock counting down the precession of the Earth?

Reply to  ren
April 29, 2015 10:07 pm

The heart of the Sphinx indicates the brightest star in the constellation Leo in the period of construction.

April 29, 2015 12:45 pm

No, no, no….two butterflies landed on an unseasonable dandelion in my front yard. I saw it!!

April 29, 2015 12:45 pm

From the Newsweek story
“It sounds like a pitch for a Hollywood apocalypse-fest – indeed the movie 2012 featured the Earth’s crust collapsing after a rapid heating of the Earth’s core. The mechanism here is rather more mundane, though potentially no less devastating.”
Climate change can be no less devastating than the spontaneous collapsing of the Earth’s crust depicted in the movie 2012? Its hard to believe anybody at Newsweek read this article before it went out. How can anybody read that and think “Yep, that’s good journalism, lets print it!” Even for a tabloid that is absurd.

Reply to  Steve
April 29, 2015 1:00 pm

It’s not journalism or a proofing problem if instead it is a type of ad placement like Google charges for banners and other ads. It is more of an eyeball count than journalism. It’s the new normal. Truth is a page hit rate rather than a hard item like the old definition.

April 29, 2015 12:55 pm

Since satellite measurements from RSS show the global average temperature now is essentially the same as it was 18 years ago, shouldn’t they be saying that the LACK of climate change caused the earthquake?

April 29, 2015 1:06 pm

Okay, so the climate change payola is now strictly paying for media placements by volume with no regard to reality. It was half detached from reality before but the business model and incentive program were changed.

April 29, 2015 3:40 pm

Somehow I was half-expecting that some idiot would blame this tragedy on CO². Everything from broken fingernails to cars that won’t start have been blamed on it, so what can we expect.
On the other hand, Nepal is home to the largest mountains on Earth (save for one), so the geology that formed those mountains is gonna do a little movin’ and shakin’ once in a while.
Why is it so hard for those science-deficient journalists, erm, presstitutes to understand?
OK, follow the money…..
Thoughts and prayers to the victims, in any case. Also that the aid gets to those who need it most quickly and without any extra hands in the till…..

April 29, 2015 5:19 pm

What is the transit time for a one degree temperature rise through 15km of rock?
My WAG is in the thousands of years. So this quake may have been triggered by the ice age ending 11 K years ago. Or it was the result of seismic strain due to the collision of India with Asia.
Question: Since when is the activity portrayed in this video considered science?

Walter Sobchak
April 29, 2015 6:41 pm

The earthquake in Nepal on 2015-04-25 at 06:11:26 (UTC) at Lamjung, Nepal. The epicenter was 28.147°N 84.708°E. and the center of the quake was 15Km under that point. The quake was assigned a magnitude of 7.8 and released approximately 32 PJ of energy.
15 Km under the earth’s surface the rock has a temperature of approximately 375°C.
How anything occurring in the atmosphere could affect that situation is not apparent. Allow me to posit that there is no plausible physical theory that could connect climate to events that deep at those temperatures.

Reply to  Walter Sobchak
April 30, 2015 10:14 pm

375.00000000001 must be the tipping point, ya know, with all that CO2 forcing /sarc

April 29, 2015 7:39 pm

The most astonishing thing here is that Newsweek is apparently still a thing.

Reply to  noloctd
April 30, 2015 12:42 am

Yes. I think Newsweak is only online now. I still have one of their last print issues. The cover shows a black hand shaking a red hand, with the caption:
We Are All Socialists Now
It gives me immense pleasure knowing that issue was their dying gasp.
[Also, for those late to the party and who might have missed it, here’s the UN’s climate chief, Christiana Figueres]:

Dr. S. Jeevananda Reddy
April 29, 2015 9:06 pm

It is most unfortunate even the print and electronic media is publishing such trash. This story was published in Indian media.
Dr. S. Jeevananda Reddy

April 29, 2015 11:16 pm

These alarmists are either evil, ……………or stupid. And I don’t think they’re stupid.

nutso fasst
Reply to  Mark Schreader
April 30, 2015 7:28 am

Civilization, in fact, grows more and more maudlin and hysterical; especially under democracy it tends to degenerate into a mere combat of crazes; the whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.
 —H. L. Mencken

Chris Wright
April 30, 2015 6:26 am

McGuire, who clearly should not be a professor, has stated that sceptics are similar to holocaust deniers. As well as disgusting, his comment is anti-science. The whole basis of science is scepticism – take nobody’s word is the ancient motto of the Royal Society – or it was before the climate loons took the Society over.
As far as I’m aware, the historical global earthquake data, corrected for reporting bias, shows no overall trend. If this is so, then McGuire is talking poisonous nonsense.
Also, the earthquake that occurred in the early 20th century was more powerful than the recent one and it killed 10,000. There is also a possible 70 year cycle of massive earthquakes in the area, so it was a disaster waiting to happen. Sadly, the current number of deaths may reach 10,000 but no doubt the modern population is much higher.
As always, many of the victims were killed by poverty, as the buildings were hopelessly inadequate. And yet extremists like McGuire are the very ones who want to ensure the developing world is kept in poverty by pushing up the cost of energy.
It’s not just bad and corrupt science. It’s immoral. It’s a crime against humanity. People like McGuire are literally using terror to push their extremist green views. Of course, there’s a name for people who use terror to further their own interests….

Mickey Reno
May 1, 2015 6:00 pm

In other words, if you drive an SUV, you just killed all those poor people in Nepal. My GOD! How can academic research sustain this level of crazy? I have very little faith in modern high school graduates, but won’t even they eventually twig to this crap and drift away from these kinds of professors?

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