Friday not so funny – 'off with their heads' !

From Bishop Hill, another ugly day in the climate wars. At least we have Josh.

off-with-their-headsAndrew Montford writes:


Who can forget the infamous threat from Greenpeace’s Gene Hasmi?

We know who you are. We know where you live. We know where you work.

And we be many, but you be few.

But was this a one-off? The evidence is suggesting otherwise. In the comments thread to a particularly sick Guardian post, which was adorned with a photo of a severed head, and which I will not therefore dignify with a link, comes this from commenter Bluecloud:

Should that not be [Matt] Ridley’s severed head in the photo?

and this from the same source:

We would actually solve a great deal of the world’s problems by chopping off everyone’s heads.

Why are you deniers so touchy? Mere calls for a beheading evolve such a strong response in you people.

Ask yourself a simple question: Would the world be a better place without Matt Ridley?

Need I answer that question?

Bluecloud turns out to be another Guardian author, Gary Evans, whose day job is as a boat-driver and translator for Greenpeace.

The Guardian and Greenpeace: sick, sick people.



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A translator? What does he do — translate sensible stuff into the moronic drivel that only Greenpeace people can understand?


Hate speech laws in the United Kingdom
The Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 inserted Section 4A into the Public Order Act 1986. That part prohibits anyone from causing alarm or distress. Section 4A states:
(1) A person is guilty of an offence if, with intent to cause a person harassment, alarm or distress, he— (a) uses threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour, or disorderly behaviour, or (b) displays any writing, sign or other visible representation which is threatening, abusive or insulting, thereby causing that or another person harassment, alarm or distress.
A person guilty of an offence under this section is liable on summary conviction to imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months or to a fine not exceeding level 5 on the standard scale or to both.[7]

Grey Lensman

But both the UK PM and french Pm stated that there is “No right to be not offended” backed up by the UK deputy PM stating
The deputy prime minister also said that in a free society, “people have to be free to offend each other”.
He added: “We have no right not to be offended.
Are they aware that such statements are against the law?


The person will be sent to the Ministry of Love for reorientation.


Looks like anyone can sue everyone based on this law. Alarmists cause me alarm and distress in their writings, so see you in court? Seems like a law primarily designed to be so vague as to maximise lawyer’s fees.

On 13 October 2001, Harry Hammond, an evangelist, was arrested and charged under section 5 of the Public Order Act (1986) because he had displayed to people in Bournemouth a large sign bearing the words “Jesus Gives Peace, Jesus is Alive, Stop Immorality, Stop Homosexuality, Stop Lesbianism, Jesus is Lord”. In April 2002, a magistrate convicted Hammond, fined him £300, and ordered him to pay costs of £395.[19][20][21]

If someone can be fined by the state for displaying a sign some find offensive, then is it such a far step to execute someone for displaying a comic some find offensive? The only difference I see is in the degree of punishment. However, in taking action against the evangelist, the UK has aligned itself with those that would silence what others find offensive.
In the case of the Guardian however, what was displayed was not simply offensive or insulting. It was threatening and abusive.

And you moderati put people on “Permanent Double Secret Probation” for not playing nice with these sanamabeeches?


By all means, let’s sink to their level. That would sure prove them wrong. /sarc

You are right Louis!
We should push for the opposite approach; we should ask alarmists to put their heads back on!
Alarmist’s using their heads is still unlikely though.
Great picture Josh!


ATHeoK has it. Brilliant. Their rallying cry is “off with their heads”, ours is “on with their heads” (or brains at least.

On with their heads. I like that. That slogan might actually get somewhere by showing us as more rational and safer to have around..


They have gone one further in my case and deleted my account in its entirety. Put up the truth in the Guardian once too often and you are digitally disappeared.

Down the memory hole.

Gerry, England

Truth at the Guardian? There’s an absurd concept.

More militaristic fanaticism by the ones who brought you the ovens of Auschwitz.

Mike M

And next the bastages will use the death threats against us as evidence that we all deserve “protective custody”.

Kamikaze Dave

I’m tempted to say “Come and get me.” But instead I’ll just suggest not to give the pricks the satisfaction.

And we be many, but you be few.
But… you do not believe in private citizens owning guns. That puts you at a distinct disadvantage, no matter how many you ‘be’.

Sir Harry Flashman

Can you link to the Guardian article directly? The Bishop Hill post comes up “Page Not Found.”

Have a look in the Guardian yourself. It’s easy enough to do.


I see Richard Tol, part of the IPCC, got his comment deleted.

1d ago
This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our community standards. Replies may also be deleted. For more detail see our FAQs.

The Guardian are fighting a desperate battle, a battle they know they are losing. The Guardian continues it’s downward trend in circulation.


RichardSJTol apparently made TWO comments and BOTH were removed by the moderator. This is the Guardian’s modus operandi. At least Sir Harry Flashman can come here and make comments. Think about that Sir Harry.


The Guardian will also (very) frequently completely remove all evidence that there was ever a comment there in the first place. They leave a few behind with the moderator notation to give the appearance of not being extremely heavy-handed.
Don’t ever expect a reason to be given for the behaviour mind.


This might be one of Tols deleted comments according to Goddard.comment image


Hiya Flash,
So what’s your view on this mate?
Don’t hold back like you usually do………………….


It isn’t fair to say that everyone who disagrees with you is the same. Sir Harry Flashman is not Dana Nuticelli. He shouldn’t have to defend that unless he wants to.
The USSR and Germany opposed each other in WW2.
Was every ally against Stalin’s enemy a Stalinist?


Fair enough,
I wasn’t trying to grossly antagonise. Honest. I actually quite like whoever Mr Flashman is and he knows this. I’m equally sure I’d like his company from seeing his style. The evening would be one long mutual pisstake…Great stuff. Like my days in the military.
Mean that too…
But fair point M.

Sir Harry Flashman

Generally I think comments like that are reprehensible and reflect badly on the commenter, but I’d still like to see them in context. Or see the article at all to see how offensive it is. In any case the guy wrote one piece for the Guardian 5 years ago so it’s not like he represents their editorial policy or anything; just another obnoxious commenter.
And don’t let them know, but even I find the Guardian annoying and sanctimonious.




SHF – your annoyance may be age related. I’m embarrassed to say that I used to buy it, and take it seriously, until I was nearly forty.


an unkind person might imagine that a weak personality might try to make itself grander by associating with really big stuff like ” Oh my God, the world is going to end and only I can save it”.


I’ll just get a cape & wear my underpants on the outside ( but my mum says they need a wash first !! ), so can you wait ??

Gary Pearse

What about the leotards?


You got to see it from their perspective. After a day of hobnobbing and strategising with their allies and sponsors from BP, JPMorgan, Royal Dutch Shell, the Brit and Chinese govts, etc. etc., they need to vent the self-righteous steam of hypocrisy. The venom is more aimed to keep the warmistas towing the party line, including themselves.


That’s actually the strategy every single time. It is a message to keep their own tribe frightened. They lynch us, yes, but the objective is to control their peers. We are just their means and our “heads rolling” a warning to those of them that might be starting to think for themselves.
What will the green gulag look like?


For those new here the article with the offensive comment and offensive image was written by Dana Nuccitelli – Guardian environmental contributor and has worked for Tetra Tech oil and gas services company since June 2006.

BusinessWire – 6 June 2012
PASADENA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Tetra Tech, Inc. (NASDAQ:TTEK) announced today that it has acquired Rooney Engineering, Inc. (REI), an oil and gas pipeline planning and engineering firm based in Colorado. REI has worked on projects across the United States, including in Alaska and the Gulf Coast, but many of the firm’s current clients are strategically located in the Bakken and Niobrara shale oil regions. REI generates annual revenue of approximately US$30 million.


Dana Nuccitelli is a Guardian environmental contributor and has worked for Tetra Tech oil and gas services company since June 2006.

BusinessWire – 6 June 2012
PASADENA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Tetra Tech, Inc. (NASDAQ:TTEK) announced today that it has acquired Rooney Engineering, Inc. (REI), an oil and gas pipeline planning and engineering firm based in Colorado. REI has worked on projects across the United States, including in Alaska and the Gulf Coast, but many of the firm’s current clients are strategically located in the Bakken and Niobrara shale oil regions. REI generates annual revenue of approximately US$30 million.

Attack big oil and take big oil money. What’s not to like?


I can’t find those comments there now.
I also can’t find any rebuttal to Matt Ridley. But that may be my lack of observational ability. Dana seems convinced that the rebuttal is so obvious that he doesn’t need to make it.
He says:

“Rather than attack my arguments, my critics like to attack my motives.” That’s undoubtedly because when an individual keeps repeating the same myths over and over again, people eventually grow tired of debunking those myths and naturally question the motives of the individual who keeps making them.

Tired of debunking or incapable?


He didn’t respond to my questioning whether all those 10^22 joules represented 0.03C, in the broken graph story (although he did valiantly stand by Abraham); so my guess is the latter.

Brad Rich

In his statement about debunking and motives, who is he talking about? Himself?


So Greenpeace want[s] to reduce the world’s population, to solve an evironmental crisis.
But when I contacted Greenpeace about why they were not campaigning to reduce the world’s population, to solve a potential evironmental crisis, the reply from their HQ was: “we never have, and never will, campaign on population issues.” (Lisa Weatherley, Greenpeace.)
So condoms are taboo but beheading is, apparently, all the rage. Perhaps they have all changed their religion, and joined the great protection racket….


well I guess they could start at “reducing’ the “head” office of green peace.

Tykne Ture (@tykture)

Evil people need no arguments.


Too simplistic. They think they are right.
I disagree but being wrong isn’t being evil. Actions and intent are different.


No, they do need arguments to justify themselves. And they’re all too easily found.


Dark days for skeptics as the storm clouds gather. There’s so much hate in the world. And it’s hard to miss that the haters so easily delude themselves into thinking they’re the good guys. Terrorists come in many flavors.


Your right of free speech ends at the edge of my belief zone.


Lol – its fun being a global warming denier. We seem to have upset the elites.


What really upsets the elites os that we’re climate change defiers!


Islamic militants and environmentalist whackos. They have a solution to all of the world’s problems.


It’s becoming more and more difficult to tell the difference between environmental extremists and Islamic extremists. If we ever hear a politician say, “the future does not belong to those who slander the prophets of Gaia,” Josh had better take extra precautions, as being a cartoonist can be a high-risk line of work.

Thanks Josh. Good cartoon.
The Bishop of the Hill is right to point this infamy. Thanks, Andrew.

They hate someone fighting back. Ridley had already mentioned the move to vitriol:

Then a funny thing happened a few years ago. Those who disagreed with me stopped pointing out politely where or why they disagreed and started calling me names. One by one, many of the most prominent people in the climate debate began to throw vitriolic playground abuse at me. I was “paranoid”, “specious”, “risible”, “self-defaming”, “daft”, “lying”, “irrational”, an “idiot”.

and its consequence:

Most of the people who attack me seem to think I am a “denier” of climate change because that’s what a few hyperventilating bloggers keep saying about me. It’s not, of course, true. It’s these flame guardians who polarise such debates.

Him having the platform of The Times to say that makes them even madder. Someone has to up the ante. Josh’s counter, as always, is a massive reason to rejoice. The moral bankruptcy has to become plain for all to see, lest the violent fantasies of a few bear fruit.

Looks like the Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) are taking over the MSM…

Joe Civis

the progressive version of free speech has always been; ” your are free to say absolutely whatever you want…. as long as it is what I want you to say.”

Leonard Lane

Correct, that is the progressives’ position on everything not supporting their beliefs and also everyone that questions them.

I do not really think they have any true beliefs. All they crave is power; what they believe has nothing to do with their agenda.
Fen’s Law:
The Left believes in none of the things they lecture the rest of us about.


Thanks, but I think you – or your quote of
Fen’s Law:
The Left believes in none of the things they lecture the rest of us about.
may not, in fact, allow for the Machiavellian instincts of some on the Left.
For example:
St. Albert Gore (Jr.) is – I know, ‘cos Wikipedia [which, on this occasion I cannot edit (I wonder why? maybe – obviously a protection against Al Qaeda)] omits to confirm – is, in fact, not the owner of every mansion in the Northern Hemisphere.
He may not want to be such an owner . . . .
St. Albert Gore (Jr.) does not use private jets for all his transportation – some missions, from dining table to computer, for example, are usually performed on foot. Or so it is reported!
Michael Mann – father of Mann-made catastrophic Global Climate disruption ( so it’s the same as ever it was, or something) – is actually kind to animals, loves children* , and probably only use private jets if invited – and – look – only when he wants to fly somewhere, not for merely nipping down the local gas station for a frack-pack (or might that be a ‘six-pack’?)!
* Here Laureate Mann [I’m a Nobel Laureate, too, as I was a subject of the EU when I won a Prize for – something. Aaaah – whatever the EU won a prize for . . . . for me] seriously differs from some watermelons, who want to – shall we suggest – ‘disappear’ babies until the world population is a few hundred million [or ‘thousand’, I hear].
My apologies if I seem to have a slightly jaundiced view of some fellow members of my species.
Something to do with experience, maybe . . . . . ?
[Accredited Old Fart in London]


No different than RFK Jr. wanting to execute oil execs, or that guy whos name escapes me that said every time there’s a flood in Bangladesh that airline execs should be shot.
Suzuki’s not so unkind, jail would be enough for politicians who think differently than him.
They’re taking their talking points from the higher-ups.
With greenies it’s all about the death.

Hot under the collar

If it was mad hatters tea party “off with their heads” it would be funny, but in the current world terror climate (no pun intended) this is just sick.


I don’t take the Malthusian rantings of these absurd narcissists too seriously, but I have to agree, given the sadness and hopelessness surrounding the recent ISIS executions, that does seem like a particularly vile and tasteless comment to make. As other commenters have pointed out, there does seem to be a great deal of self loathing projected outwards from the more shrill camp of the alarmists. However it is a great gauge of how effectively a piece of skeptical scrutiny has hit the mark.

Robert B

Its not related to being a sceptic but from having fallen foul of people with similar attitudes that I have copped what Gene Hasmi seems to think is clever rather than immoral.
It has been almost two decades of utter crap. I go interstate often to see family and friends. Occasionally, I find that someone has been spreading rumours that I left town in a hurray because the police are after me.

David H.

I used to have that when I was younger. Except it was all of the old high school rivalries telling everyone I was in prison for murder. It was amusing to return home after 12 years away in the military to having them ask how getting gang raped in prison was. I never countered them and just told them it was like getting shot at in stupid pointless wars.

Dave N

..and calling for someone’s head *isn’t* “touchy”? My irony meter broke; again.

David H.

Remember they live in a swath of emotional drivel, so to them, it’s a joke.

Here at WUWT some time back there were a couple of “professors” from some California “University” who were burning a book. It was just a “joke” of course.

It seems that after about 32 hours, and after the story went global, appearing here and at JoNova, the slimeballs who run the Guardian eco pages finally took some action and removed the offensive comments .
Remember, these are the people who employ Nazi fantasist Dana to abuse and smear climate sceptics on an almost daily basis

James McCown

This is standard operating procedure for the left. I can recall being threatened by a classmate in graduate school because I mentioned I had watch[ed] Rush Limbaugh’s TV show. LOL.

Eugene WR Gallun

Give Greenpeace credit where credit is due.
After all it is the world’s largest employer of mentally incompetent people.
Eugene WR Gallun

Leonard Lane

Hardly, the biggest employer is the Obama Administration and his cronies.

Mike the Morlock

“Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent” Isaac Asimov
need I say more?

So is climate alarmism similar to shouting “fire” in a crowded theater? Is that protected free speech?


Brad Rich

I may disagree with someone, but I will defend their right to say it. I truly believe that. However, if you say something, you must suffer the consequences. I think Mr. Hitchens is vulgar, and mistaken about some things, but I agree with his basic concept that you are free to speak and listen. Listening will help me prepare my response. Allowing others to speak doesn’t imply my acceptance. Indeed, threats should be met with outrage. It is unfortunate (though not for the Guardian) that publicity surges with threats of violence.

Instead of trying to behead anyone who disagrees (and might have guns and ammo), wouldn’t it be a bit easier to show some empirical evidence of man-made climate change ? Like point at it with sword or something …..
…… if there was any, a 9-year old with a toy sword would be able to do it.


Meanwhile. . .
“It’s worse than we thought!”
What? ‘Science’ journalism, of course:

The U.S. has caused more global warming than any other country. Here’s how the Earth will get its revenge.
By Chris Mooney
Last year, we learned what is probably the worst global warming news yet — that we may have irrevocably destabilized the massive ice sheet of West Antarctica, which contains the equivalent of nearly 11 feet of sea level rise. The rate of West Antarctic ice loss has been ominously increasing, and there are fears that if too much goes, the slow and long-term process of ice sheet disintegration could accelerate. . .
/Mr Lynn

Look at the comments though. I haven’t done a count, but it’s looking like >97% are handing him his ass.


Yep, lots of polite commenters fighting the good fight.

Some a bit less than polite too, i.e. me

James in Perth

How nice! And on the same day the Wall Street Journal has a book review of “Killers of the King”.

Gunga Din

I knew someone back in the days of the USSR that had relatives in Moscow. (He may have also had dual citizenship.) He was talking with some students about the USA and freedoms etc. They liked what they heard. Then a young member of the Communist Party came up.
To make a long story short, he said that the Communist didn’t want peace. She said they did and there would be peace when the world accepted the wisdom of communism.
He said that he would never accept communism.
She said, “Then we will kill you.”
Her definition of “peace” seemed to be that peace would reign when all are eliminated that might oppose.
Different cause. Same solution.
(Same source?)

The closest analog to ‘consensus climate science’ is Lysenkoism under Stalin. Even the methods are more and more similar. Hence warmunism in essay Climatastrosophistry.
Which also documents several other equally ugly equivalent episodes from 2010 through fall 2014. Death, criminalization, mental institutionalization… Including 2 by Al Gore, which went largely unreported in MSM.


That explains what the “peace” in “Greenpeace” means.

Rick K

These are probably the same goons who would march with the “Je suis Charlie” crowd.
Totally unable to see their rampant hypocrisy and the ugly creatures they have become.

F. Ross

These are probably the same goons who would march with the “Je suis Charlie” crowd.
Totally unable to see their rampant hypocrisy and the ugly creatures they have become

Are you sure this is what you wish to say?
I do not speak French but it is my understanding the “Je suis Charlie” is much like saying “I am Charlie” [Hebdo] and promoting tolerance for and freedom of expression for journalists and their right to depict any historical character without fear of retribution.
It seems to me your statement refers to the “goons” as the intolerant environmentalists who would be unlikely to march with others supporting tolerance.
Or did I misunderstand your post?

Rick K

F. Ross,
I mean no disrespect for those supporting Charlie Hebdo and free speech.
However, I could easily see these “journalists” joining hand in hand with the “Je suis Charlie” crowd in support of press freedom, yet, upon returning to their lofty journalistic caves, turn right around advocate the beheading of those on the other side of the climate divide and totally missing the hypocrisy of both actions.

JB Goode

@Rick K
January 23, 2015 at 6:05 pm
‘However, I could easily see these “journalists” joining hand in hand with the “Je suis Charlie” crowd in support of press freedom, yet, upon returning to their lofty journalistic caves, turn right around advocate the beheading of those on the other side of the climate divide and totally missing the hypocrisy of both actions.’
You are 100% right Rick.


Plaudits to F.Ross for teasing out the intent of Rick K’s post.
If you know what you’re thinking, it might not occur to you that your succinctly poignant comment is pure ambiguity.

dennis dunton

I had no problem understanding Ricks post.


That is the most terrifying thing I have ever read, and it easily qualifies as hate speech. But the writer is not smart enough to understand her own stupidity.


What’s really disturbing is the number of people I run across who think the same way. It’s a growing position through most of the western world.

Every whiny, thin-skinned, PC nitwit with their panties in a knot, their nose out of joint, files a ton of law suits, calls for boycotts, organizes demonstrations, pickets the offender and even tangential connections. Pitch a fit, fall on the floor, kick your heels, toss a tantrum in the halls of Congress and silence more free speech more effectively than any pair of AK-47s.
Pretty much abolished the “n” word that way, didn’t you? Just ask Paula Deen. Or Si of Duck Dynasty. How about them Washington Redskins? A few radical, extremist, AGW alarmists are calling for incarceration and/or execution of climate change deniers, aka skeptics. Guess they only lack AK-47s, hoodies, and the list of names and addresses.
So Obama failed to send big enough big dogs to the demonstrations and stayed home himself. Powerful irony sensed it he did, bog o’ hypocrisy detected, umhmmm. Glassesasas housesasasa. Casting stonesasasas.
The press, staunch defenders of free speech, nothing but a giant sorry-ass joke.

Evidence of sociopathy.


Well, I guess it’s a good thing we still have a 2nd amendment. They’re welcome to take my head at the same time they pry my gun out of my cold dead hand. I doubt it will come to that though…at least, I hope not.

Mike the Morlock

SMC Friend, I don’t think they have heard the old saying… don’t bring a knife to a gun fight.
Why is it the people who are least skilled in dispensing violence are the first to embrace it?


Mike, that just means I’ll have a nice escort to hell when I finally run out of ammunition.
As for your question, I think it’s because they have no real personal experience with violence. It’s all a theoretical exercise for them.


Firing a gun into the air or even toward an enemy for the cameras is one thing.
Picking a target, then judging the bullet drop and if the wind might move the bullet 3 inches, is another.

Mike Maguire

The general population is littered with deranged individuals that have a hard time distinguishing between reality and perception.
Regardless of the situation, if you catch the attention of somebody that has a screw loose and strongly opposes your view and sees you as a threat to their objective, your life can be in danger.
I was a television meteorologist from 1982=93 for a CBS TV affiliate here in Indiana. In 1983/4, a deranged, gay male stalker decided that me dating my current wife was unacceptable in his world. He broke into my car, then my apartment twice(knew my schedule since I was on tv) then burned down my apartment and almost killed 5 people living in the apartments above me.
It may have been him that fired a 22 bullet into my car, 6 inches over my head in 1985.
Funny thing is that I grew up in Detroit amongst the violence and fights and all that stuff……but confrontations and hatred didn’t target just me.
However, when a deranged person decides to target you for something related to who you are or what your view is, don’t underestimate the danger.
I’ve written numerous articles about climate change and weather for our local paper. There are always plenty of comments. Some positive, some negative. A few of the negative comments have been so hateful and threatening as to bring my wife to tears…………..she just can’t understand the emotions that this subject triggers in some people.
I’m the volunteer scholastic chess coach for 4 different schools here and loved by hundreds of students and families. However, it only takes one of the many fanatical people to see you in opposition to their objective to present a legit threat to you.

Re Mike Maguire:
A cardiologist was just shot and killed in Boston by the son of a patient in his care, who died. The doctor left a wife and three kids (a fourth on the way). Sometimes the crazies seem to win. Thank you for carrying on in spite of it all.
/Mr Lynn

Alan Robertson

Massachusetts has some of the toughest anti- gun laws on the books, yet those restrictive laws didn’t save the doctor. It’s the man, not the machine.

I wish I had a solution. It’s a sad commentary on our society that expressing a contrary opinion can trigger a death sentence from some lunatic. The best you can do is live every moment to its fullest. There’s no way to live your life without offending someone. Please everyone, be very careful out there and watch your back. We wouldn’t want to lose you.



I would invite the supporters of this outrageous comment to take one step in my direction and utter those words, it will be the last breath they take. I’m repulsed by these morons and such low brow intelligence makes me feel sorry for their parents, who, I’m sure, tried their hardest to teach right and wrong. Apologies fellow bloggers, I’m absolutely frustrated and I thank you for shedding the truth on this topic.


Gary Evans? He’s just trying to live up to the name.

Brent Hargreaves

Je suis aussi Charlie

Je suis Charlie Martel.


I always think to myself when I’m debating those kinds of people who the Bishop quotes, that if the revolution ever comes, if we are ever being ruled by some kind of eco-dictatorship, these are the people who will be the sadistic concentration camp guards.


Nah… they’re the first ones going to the gallows; the central comitee removes the competition first.


Yup, and they are surprised, too.

Mike the Morlock

Can we say “Robespierre”, “Night of the long knives”, Oh! and “Leon Trotsky”?
Just for a start.


Hey, 200 year old French Revolution approach, leftist SOP, what’s so surprising.

Patrick Bols

I advocate some cooler heads here. It does not help anyone to express frustrations in this way. Greenpeace is an organization that became rich by appealing to human empathy (and their emotional projections) with wild animals. The fact that the French scuttled their Rainbow Warrior was the best thing that ever happened to their coffers. Greenpeace will not change – their trade is way too lucrative. Simply ignore them – don’t call them names.


Just plug your nose…they will eat their own in the end. Knowledge is power, you know who they are.

Mickey Reno

How can anyone NOT like and appreciate Matt Ridley? The man invariably cheers me up every time he speaks. Some people just insist on believing the worst about everything, the world, the climate, other people…. and these sad sacks join Greenpiece and subscribe to the Graun.

How can anyone NOT like and appreciate Matt Ridley?


lyn roberts

Sounds of Nurses in hospital saying we could do so much better without patients. DUHHHH!!!!!!!!


‘We would actually solve a great deal of the world’s problems by chopping off everyone’s heads.’
If that what was actually writ, in toto, then that is hilarious. ‘Everyone’ would include himself and all humanity.


What about the last “man” standing, chop your own head off ?
What would be the point ?

I tried to do that once. It was rather pointless.


I keep asking those who believe that their use of fossil fuels is harming the planet, to stop using them. I don’t know why they refuse. If they stopped using they will die. Which is what they want.


If you take one life for speaking freely, we are Legion and we will come for you.


This just shows the facts and truth is winning and it scares them so much they are on a panic mode now.


It is too easy to be a digital eco-rebel.
Let’s meet in the real world and see how the discussion goes..
The bullying will not stop until the perpetrators experience a cost for such.
Bring your data and lets talk knowns and go from there.
Confront or conform is the question.

Many of the original red guards have 40 or more years invested in “the cause” together with these new hatchlings.
The new ones are core of hate not about climate but revolution and anarchy . They have over run reason and now tilt at life itself.
The new ones are even more out of bounds from reality than the first ones to fake tree ring data.

Anarchy: A theoretical social state in which there is no governing person or body of persons, but each individual has absolute liberty (without implication of disorder).”

Pompous Gits prefer liberty to slavery…