Bye Bye Lima – Roll On Paris

By Paul Homewood

h/t Joe Public


What do the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation, World Association of Girl Guides, the Solar Energy Industries Association, the Maryknoll Sisters of Dominic, Women in Europe for a Common Future and the University of East Anglia have in common? They’ve all just come back from a beano in Peru!

Along, that is, with 1342 other organisations.


The UK Government sent 36 delegates, while British universities managed 32 more. Even the Buddhists managed to send 10, including their Weather Risk Specialist, Mr Ming Peng.

Greenpeace, WWF, Christian Aid, FOE and Oxfam together despatched 148 people. Has nobody told them about duplication of effort? Are those who donate to such charities really happy to see their money lavished on nonsense like this?

Even the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (!) thought it worth sending 7 delegates. I thought they were not bothered about earthly affairs!

The list goes on. (Well I expect you guessed that already!).

Wait for it – the Bianca Jagger Human Rights Foundation sent their Chair, yes, Bianca, along with her research assistant.

As well as sending journalists, the BBC also sent 2 staff from BBC Media Action, described as the BBC’s international development charity. (More on them later).

At a conservative estimate of £5000 per head, the cost of participating must have been in the region of £50 million. Heaven knows what the carbon footprint was.

Well, I suppose it’s better than working. See you all in Paris next year!

108 thoughts on “Bye Bye Lima – Roll On Paris

  1. At least, Paris has enough limousines for the delegates. In Copenhagen they had to drive up limousines from as far as Belgium to transport the delegates in a style to which they would like to get accustomed.

  2. “the Buddhists managed to send 10, including their Weather Risk Specialist, Mr Ming Peng”
    There is nothing in the teachings or philosophy of Buddha that suggests or anoints anyone other than Buddha himself to be a spokesman or “representative”

    • “Parkinson’s law [a current form of the law is … a mathematical equation describing the rate at which bureaucracies expand over time] works everywhere” (Mikhail Gorbachev via Wiki).
      It’s settled science.

    • I think should credential someone to monitor this shindig, someone with USHCN survey experience, who’s maybe chipped in a chart or two to a surface station survey paper. Some retired guy who knows Paris well enough to be a tour guide and can get there real cheap flying standby. And lives in Texas.

    • Absolutely, rumors of a trough being rolled out always attracts ‘delegates’ with snouts at the ready. The standing they hope to get though is as courtiers to the ‘One World Government’ which will after all require a large international bureaucracy.

  3. Just think about this folks: flying first class, being carted around in limos, gourmet meals, photo-ops, young greenie groupies following you around, martinis by the pool, and a six figure income.
    Nice work if you can get it.
    Can you blame these people for wanting to keep this gravy train rolling?

  4. I’m beginning to see the sense in this global climate change disaster malarkey. I could do with a freebie trip to Paris, with all my family and friends. Anyone know how I go about getting the invites?

    • Tell people that if they don’t give up their toilets global temps will rise 2.89 deg C. Get a paper published to that effect. You will be on the train. And the train will have no flush toilets. A small price to pay.

      • Whoa there, M Simon. Nobody said anything about the Climatterati giving up anything. Once you’re one of them, you’ve already built up a personal Indulgence of Carbon Credits through ‘good works’ and activism that will allow you to travel the world in opulent style. Not for them the pains of a energy limited world, their work is far to important.
        /sarc (you’d think I wouldn’t need this, but THEY obviously believe every word)

    • There are probably persons in the Maldives who have never even been to the City of Light! This is unacceptable!
      BTW, when will the UN start its own carrier company to provide morally sustainable flights to the conferences? Maybe Airbus could build “diaper-jets” with recycled plastic bags for collecting emitted co2?

      • Electric aircraft is what they need. And if the battery life is too short to make it……well, that’s progress their style.

  5. according to the attendance list – Greenpeace sent TWO graffiti artists..
    one not enough!? 😉
    Mr. Francisco Javier Serrano
    Graffiti Artist
    Mr. Pablo Puron Carrillo De
    Graffiti Artist
    Not to worry though, they also sent:
    Mr. Sven Teske
    Senior Advisor Climate and Energy
    Greenpeace International
    who happens to be a IPCC contributing author….
    who we have heard about before:

    • according to the attendance list – Greenpeace sent TWO graffiti artists..
      one not enough!? 😉

      Have you seen how big those figures are on Nazca? They needed at least two to trample over just one figure!

      • I would love to have an official job as a graffiti artist, I wonder if the fact that I went to art school would be a resume enhancer or a hinderance to the likes of Greenpeace.

  6. Bianca has a research assistant!
    I had an RA in my doctoral program, but I’m sure I didn’t make as much – although we did some actual research.
    And now with NASA we’ll be able to picture the CO2 pollution from Paris.

    • We can expect a huge spike with all the uncorked champagne bottles.
      Jealousy – when I was in grad school I had to exist on beer – no money for champagne.

  7. The UK’s Dept of Energy & Climate Change sent 33 delegates.
    It will soon be renamed the “Department for the Accumulation of Air Miles”.

      • Sadly given the much better shopping and tourist opportunities Paris offers you can bet your bottom dollar this is a number that will increase for the next one , which I would not be surprised to find is the biggest one to date given the attractions Paris has .

      • I lived in Tanzania. Guess they really need money. So they had an aim. And they worked hard to get it from a possible source. Straight forward in the game. They have not invented it, but they have learned to play it. So why to blame them?

  8. The “Global Canopy Programme” … is that some sort of umbrella organization?
    Oh look, the Ethekwini municipality, (That’s Durbs by the sea for the non-saffers) has
    a “Climate Protection Branch”, how nice that Durban’s finest are out protecting the climate.

  9. An Australian newspaper, The Age, sent a global warmest to report on the conference for its readers. As Andrew Bolt describes it in his blog –
    “Marcus Priest was flown to Lima by the Clean Energy Council as the winner of its 2013 media award.
    The Clean Energy Council represents 550 business involved in renewable energy and energy efficiency, which directly profit from the global warming scare. Marcus Priest reporter is a former advisor to a Gillard Labor minister and a global warming crusader.
    So this is the global warming industry flying a sympathetic reporter it’s picked to report for The Age on a Lima global warming conference.
    Is The Age insane?”

    • Numbering in the ten’s of thousands by now, and still climbing. Luckily Emperors Cloths can be manufactured in unlimited number, all it takes is cash.

  10. Quote from the BBC Media Action link above. They tell us they are “distinct”.
    “BBC Media Action is the BBC’s international development charity. It is legally, financially and operationally independent from the BBC, but builds on the fundamental values and editorial standards of the BBC to guide its work.
    BBC Media Action grew out of earlier BBC initiatives, including a charity called “Marshall Plan of the Mind”. This was set up to encourage high standards of journalism in the Former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe in the 1990s.
    We now sit in BBC’s World Service Group (BBC World Service, BBC World News, BBC Monitoring and BBC Media Action).
    But although BBC World Service and BBC Media Action share a joint heritage and enjoy a very close relationship through broadcast partnerships that reach millions of people, our organisations are distinct.”
    ….Well, I guess the high standards of journalism in many of those counties (e.g., Russia. Belurus) did not develop quite as planned.

    • You appear to be missing the point: it’s the BBC’s standards of journalism that were lowered. Just have a look at say BBC World News.
      Lowered to Stalinist levels where CAGW/CACC alarmist propaganda is concerned.

    • “BBC Media Action grew out of earlier BBC initiatives, including a charity called “Marshall Plan of the Mind”. This was set up to encourage high standards of journalism in the Former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe in the 1990s.”
      Ah. Now we know where the MSM learned its climate change tricks.

      • BBC Media Action has 88 employees and annual income of £55.03m. The UK Charities Commission says that it operates solely in India where ” BBC MEDIA ACTION (INDIA) LIMITED IS FOCUSING ON HEALTH AND RESILIENCE AND HUMANITARIAN RESPONSE ISSUES IN INDIA.”.
        Of donors, the biggie is the UK government (£22.2m) but the EU chips in £2.8m and our American cousins send £3.3m (US Aid £1.3m plus £2m from the State Department).
        Among the employees are former nurse who is today employed as a script writer, a “Director, Policy and Learning”, “Director, USA”, “Head of Research, Nigeria”, “Head of ICT, India” who proudly writes of delivering “maternal and child health mobile phone content developed by BBC Media Action” and says that she is “exhausted – on the verge of illness”.
        I have to question why US public money is financing a UK operation to develop phone apps for India. I wonder how many wealth-producers are needed to create £55m of tax revenue, and guess at maybe 5000. In general I support the UK providing overseas aid to poor countries, but the “yield” here seems microscopic for me and my fellow 4999 taxpayers. The main beneficiaries seem to be the employees of the charity.

  11. One would have thought these people would have found it unspeakable to hold anything other than an internet conference in lieu of flying all over the globe. The cognitive dissonance, it burns!

    • As always, hypocrisy is one of the left’s favourite things along with having no shame when proved wrong. So it will be the standard answers – don’t do as I do, do as I say; it’s necessary to save the world; everyone is equal except that greenie warmists are more equal than others.

    • Jean-Louis Borloo, Minister of environment (and energy, and something) of Nicolas Sarkozy, went near the North Pole to see the disappearing ice.
      He then explained how efficiency, avoiding energy use, and teleconferencing were such great things.
      The same clown signed the permit for fracking, as the Minister of energy, then did a campaign against fracking – when he wasn’t Minister anymore. (He later explained that he didn’t knew he was signing the permit.)
      Borloo was well known for his drinking habits, and for being obviously drunk on several occasions incl. in public. He is now too sick to do politics.

    • Final sentence of the article: “The hot air this week will be massive, the whole proceedings eminently mockable, but it would be far too early to write off this conference as a failure.”
      But failure is what Copenhagen (dubbed Hopenhagen by the PR machine) most definitely was!
      “…which led to disaster at the climate conference in Copenhagen in 2009…..A climate summit, the first since the 2009 debacle, in New York will launch the long run-in to a key conference in Paris in December 2015, which, instead of trying to impose carbon dioxide reductions on countries, will build on what they think they can achieve. Will it learn from our success with ozone and our failure in Copenhagen?”

  12. A brief digression: Einstein died nearly 60 years ago. In London today died a lady who was ordered by her furious husband not to talk to Albert Einstein. “So consumed with jealousy he then promptly savaged Einstein’s photograph with a pair of scissors”. The lady in question was a double Oscar winner Luise Rainer, 104 young.
    Happy New Year to all.

  13. and before Paris…
    Earth Science Conferences: 4th International Conference on Earth Science & Climate Change from June 16-18, 2015 at Alicante, Spain
    There are almost 500 societies and 3000 universities around the world for Earth Science. Europe is providing maximum funding for earth science and related field as compared to others..
    have seen some reports that the above will be held 15-17 June…if so, then just take a quick flight to Dubai for the next one!
    June 18-19, 2015: Dubai: ICCCT 2015 : XIII International Conference on Climate Change Technology
    The ICCCT 2015: XIII International Conference on Climate Change Technology aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results about all aspects of Climate Change Technology…
    Call for Submissions
    We encourage you to contribute to and help shape the conference through paper submissions. For the technical research track, we invite high quality submissions of papers describing original and unpublished results of conceptual, constructive, empirical, experimental, or theoretical work in all areas of Climate Change Technology…
    All submitted conference papers will be blind peer reviewed by three competent reviewers. The post conference proceedings will be published in the International Science Index and submitted to be indexed in the Thomson Reuters, CiteSeerX, Google Books and Google Scholar, EBSCO, SCOPUS, ERA and ProQuest…
    no doubt there are more.

  14. how could i leave out this one?
    World Climate Ltd: World Green Economy Summit 2015
    The World Green Economy Summit 2015 (WGES 2015) is the second annual summit of its series. It will follow in the steps of the inaugural World Green Economy Summit 2014 which brought together over 1,100 delegates and over 40 partners and sponsors.
    By working to become a long-term development platform, WGES 2015 will assist in establishing Dubai as “The Capital of the Green Economy”. Those attending will have the opportunity to become part of an exclusive network and make an impact on media, social networks and among business, government and finance leaders…
    The summit will take place April 22-23, 2015 at the Dubai World Trade Centre – Al Maktoum Hall alongside WETEX 2015, the annual Water, Energy, Technology and Environmental exhibition which in its previous edition attracted more than 1,500 exhibitors and 20,000 visitors…
    The World Green Economy Summit 2015 will be organized in collaboration with global business, international institutions, NGOs and both international and local media organizations. The 2014 World Green Economy Summit partnered with over 20 organizations such as UNDP, OECD, State of Green, ICC, CDP, R20, FICCI and over 25 companies like Citigroup, HSBC, BMW, Veolia and TrueBlue…
    The World Green Economy Summit 2014 welcomed over 15 major media organizations both local and international such as, Thomson Reuters, Dubai Media INC, GreenBiz Group, Cities Today, CNN and many more…

    • Where will the 2016 Summit be held? … The 2017 Summit? … How far into the future do these leeches plan to spend our money? … In perpetuum, or is there a final Summit from which they fling themselves into the valley of despair?

    • Thank you pat. Dubai is where the UTI met to discuss future regulation of all frequencies and the internet.
      It was just a parking lot in 1991.
      Now look at it.

    • Note that one of these bunfights is having its 4th event and the other its 2nd so these things are growing. Is there a link between the amount of hot air spoken at climate change events and the lack of heating of the atmosphere? Desperate propaganda events perhaps.

  15. Next year will be a good one for the Parisian hotels, restaurants, taxi drivers, lobster supper chefs etc.
    That’s fine, we all have to make a living..
    But for heavens sake, if you are responsible for any world Heritage sites, or any other valuables
    watch it. Greenpeace vandals are on the way

    • That’s fine, we all have to make a living
      I’m sure the local
      putains will be rubbing their hands in anticipation of a week or two of good paying customers.

      • There is a law being prepared against the “prostitutive(?) system” “le système prostitutionnel” (whatever that means), with fines against clients.
        Few people really believe the law could be effective against criminal gangs, or help prostitutes in any way, and the STRASS (Syndicat du Travail Sexuel = syndicate of sexual work) is strongly opposed to that law.

  16. Eureka. My wife and I reckon we’ve found the reason why the world is apparently getting warmy warmy. About 50% of the heat in our kitchen conservatory definitely goes straight up through our conservatory roof. No amount of portable oil filled electric radiators or wall mounted electric convector heaters appears to make a jot of difference to the temperature inside. So, during cold spells (like right now), everyone who owns a conservatory (and heats it) is accountable for global warming. There. Solved. Also not helped when you have to regularly open the conservatory doors to let your pet dog out into the garden.
    (Sorry, it has gone midnight in the UK and the two bottles of Malmsey Madiera have gone down rather well with our dinner guests. They’ve gone home. We’re cold.)
    Paris 2015 . . . . Stick domestic conservatories on your agenda.

  17. Afghanistan sent three people. Don’t they have other more urgent concerns?
    Pontifical Catholic University of Peru – several people. So the Pope is being kept informed, hence his recent insensate outburst of eco-inanity, instead of Christianity
    Catholic Fund for Overseas (Arrested) Development – greenshirts don’t want third world development.
    Three from the Holy See

    • “Afghanistan sent three people. Don’t they have other more urgent concerns?”
      Of course. Getting on board ferries in the mediterranean as stowaways and lighting fires to keep warm.

    • Funded by taxpayers as usual. Lots of cash from the EU, government departments in France, Germany and Netherlands, and receives UN cash as well. Not the biggest NGO but add all these together and it mounts up.

  18. I think we have a solution, Lobby the UN to schedule the next 3 or 4 conferences based on minimising the carbon footprint for the attendees. we would probably then end up with the conference held in a airport hotel (within walking distance of the terminal) next to some domestic hub airport in the middle of the US. Also make sure that there is no methane producing meat on the menu and that all of the produce is sourced locally to minimise the footprint. In particular ensure that there is no imported wine or spirits served.
    Watch the attendance plummet and watch the enthusiasm of the green movement dissipate once the gravy train is cut out.

    • “Lobby the UN to schedule the next 3 or 4 conferences based on minimising the carbon footprint for the attendees…….”
      Exactly. There should be a conference to figure out how to the minimize the carbon footprint of all these green and leftist organizations who keep meeting and holding conferences around the world for the purpose of figuring out how to minimize the carbon footprint of humanity. You know, first things first.
      Or just forget the whole thing and have everybody stay home. /sarc

  19. “‘Women in Europe for a Common Future.’ WTF???”
    If you look at the history of this group, they were founded a short time after the Soviet Union fell apart, and after the USSR’s extensive covert funding to European leftist groups ceased to flow.
    Thousands of people formerly on the payroll of Moscow Centre suddenly were forced to find themselves a new gig.
    Absolutely classic environmentalist “watermelons”, in other words. Green on the outside, red on the inside.

    • Thanks Chris, I think I will suggest to them that they spell “women” “wimmin” so the rest of us get a clearer picture of who they are.

  20. The problem is that, whatever one’s view on cAGW may happen to be. it is clear that all these meetings are a complete and utter waste of time since China, at Rio in 2014, said that it was not even going to consider its position before 2020, and the latest rhetoric coming out from China is that it MAY start to curb its emissions around 2030.
    Without China on board, since it is now the largest CO2 emittter, nothing can be achieved. Other developing countries such as India are also not interested in curbing emissions and wish to pursue policies that would help lift their people out of abject poverty.
    Accordingly, there is no point in any meetings prior to 2020, at the very earliest. Any sensible person, whatever their views on cAGW may be, would recognise this as a fact.
    Of course, by 2020, the cAGW scenario may be in complete tatters since if the ‘pause’ (and I consider that name to be as good as any since we do not know what the future will bring), all the models will be outside their 95% confidence band, and there will be an ever growing plethora of papers suggesting a climate sensitivity below 2, probably below 1.7. That will make life very difficult in 2020 for those selling the idea of drastic and immediate action. The ‘settled’ science position will become ever increasingly difficult to sell and maintain.
    If one can add to that scenario, Antarctic ice at record observable highs, and a slow recovery to Arctic ice, it will be difficult to sell the need for any urgent and/or drastic action to be taken to curb CO2 emissions. This is especially so since everyone knows that these summits are a complete farce since everyone knows that China and India will take no action, before they are ready to do so, which would impede their economic development.
    Quite frankly nothing is achievable in such a diverse world with each country having different prorities. For once, the selfishness of man, may be man’s best friend.

  21. In 2015, let us give all our support to Senator James Inhofe … our one and only hope of finally bringing a halt to the ambitious, arrogant, unscrupulous ideology of environmentalism, which is the greatest threat to freedom, democracy, the market economy, and prosperity.

  22. With such a big show coming to town it is a dead cert there will be massive transport strikes. My advice would be to stay well clear.

  23. There is no climate change on Tchouri, hence we can look for the origin of life on it, according to Ségolène Royal, Ministry of ecology, durable development and energy.

  24. Paul. Don’t be too amused at the list of organizations. What percentage of the world are members or donors of these organizations? These people have been put on the world stage and they will be zealous pushers of the dogma when they get back home. Probably they will get funding for the evangelism that will follow. This is how it works. This is a deliberate plan. They realize the science idea has run into roadblocks and co-opting world organizations is their ultimate plan. Socialist elites are experts at this, having co-opted governments, universities, associations, agencies, Nobel committee …. of the scientific establishment (using cold hard cash and celebrity status of the players to lock them in) plus planned education curricula for children. They patiently lay this groundwork over many decades.
    Despite the scary percentage of the doctrinally ‘educated’ population that are useful fools, thankfully, the inertia of the rest of the system eventually wears on their patience and they blow it with ideological revelations, hysteria, threats and then have to collapse back into the woodwork until a new generation is ripe for this stuff. They will soon be retreating into the woodwork. We need to create sources of more objective education and get it into the system. We need to teach logic and ethics, hard science, reclaim the social sciences. We need to teach case histories of how this social virus operates. We need to teach children to think for themselves, to question, to verify….

    • In 1945 the accalimed Fabian socialist pervert Bertrand Russell suggested a pre-emptive depopulation of the USSR with nuclear weapons; so; if they have degenerated to simple parasitic slime that’s a boon for humanity.

  25. UN has listed 1348 interested parties with 11 185 participants in total, including observers and media.
    Nearly 188 (14%) parties represent governmental organizations with 6291 participants (56%) in total. These include for example, over 100 EU public civil servants and climate experts such as the second driver of the Embassy of Finland. The good news are that normally each governmental party has a vote in these type of UN events and the others observe.

  26. I suspect that many of the the small and off-topic organizations that attended did not do so out of any great interest in AGW themselves. I suspect they were offered an all-expenses-paid deal by various warmist foundations and other entities. Why? I suspect the warmists’ intent was to raise their consciounesses on the issue and get them to speak up on behalf of “action now.”
    Doesn’t that make sense?

  27. May I recommend signing on to follow Paul Homewood’s blog. His evidence based exposure of the climate fraudsters is relentless.

  28. As Polar Bears are thriving perhaps some could be spared to make up a delegation for the Paris Gig? The menu would be Canapes for the other delegates and ‘other delegates’ for the Polar Bears.

  29. Here are some more. There is not much time between some of the events, so start carbon carbon indulgences now to offset your jet flight emissions:
    The 9th Arctic Frontiers conference will be held in Tromsø, Norway, with the title: Climate and Energy, from Sunday 18 January to Friday 23 January 2015.
    2015 4th International Conference on Climate Change and Humanity (ICCCH 2015) will be held in Taipei, Taiwan during January 24-25, 2015.
    CLIMATE WORLD 2015 March 3-6, 2015 Expocentre Moscow (Krasnaya Presnya)
    Moscow, Russian Federation
    2015 Conference Registration and One-Year Membership to the Climate Change Knowledge Community UBC Robson Square Vancouver, British Columbia
    10-11 April 2015
    Climate Change Symposium – Adaptation and Mitigation 2015 3–5 May 2015
    Chicago, United States
    Climate Change Technology Conference 2015 Monday May 25th, 2015 – Wednesday May 27th, 2015 Montreal, Quebec
    3rd Annual International Conference on Ecology, Ecosystems and Climate Change, 13-16 July 2015, Athens, Greece
    World Engineers Summit on Climate Change 2015 Conference 21st to 24th July 2015
    Indigenous Climate Change Conference 2015. Hello readers, in this article you can get information about Indigenous Climate Change Conference 2015.
    There are many more.

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