The Josh 'climate selfie' – and livetooning the Michael Mann lecture at Bristol

Yesterday Josh finished all of his cartooning related to my trip to the UK, the meetings with skeptical friends, and the Mann lecture. I present them all here because he’s been waiting for me to recover from my trip enough to resume regularly scheduled programming. Now that I have mostly recovered (though still a bit stiff from air travel confinement), I can post them all here in one nice tidy package. Enjoy.

And, since I can never say this enough, thanks to all of my friends in the UK for their hospitality, their support, and traveling often hundreds of miles just to say hello. The trip, made possible by WUWT readers, was both successful, and humbling.

climate_selfie_UK_trip[ Josh adds: includes Anthony Watts, Nic Lewis, Andrew Montford, David & Kate Holland, Caroline K, Richard Drake, Katabasis, James Delingpole, Leo Hickman, Richard Betts, Barry Woods, Michel Opdebeeck, Stephan Lewandowsky, John Cook and me holding Michael Mann in place for this historic moment. Were you there too? I drew you in the back somewhere 😉 ]

The Mann Lecture at Bristol

(some thoughts here).

The first cartoon is from our meeting prior to the lecture at Caroline K’s house. The second is from the lecture itself.


We all signed and sent a nice postcard to Dr. Judith Curry after the meeting, which was promoted by some of the elements above. In the panel below, Prof. Lewandowsky was leaning up against the lectern exactly like that as he rambled off a long list of accolades for Dr. Mann during his introduction.Josh_mann-bristol_2


24 thoughts on “The Josh 'climate selfie' – and livetooning the Michael Mann lecture at Bristol

  1. Sigh, I should have gone…
    But my spiky gene pool would probably have been discordant.
    Still, now I feel like I was there. Thanks, Josh.

  2. Great ‘selfie’! I just want to know, is it Nic Lewis or Delingpole(?) goose-ing MM – or has he sat on his hockey-stick?

  3. Love them all. Michael Mann looks like he has just read the CEI brief, and his sphincter went into spasms.

  4. “I’m always right. And when I’m not, just tell me what to say and then I’ll be right.” — Climate Model

  5. M. Mann?
    So last century.
    He may as well take that final step and become a paid “expert” and spend his sunset years in court cases … he’s practically there already.

  6. “Use these tree rings, not these. (Don’t worry because Mike can tell the difference)”
    Q: How can Mike know which tree rings to use?
    A: It’s easy. They’re the ones which fit his favorite models. 🙂

  7. “‘Be nice'”. Just don’t disagree with me or I’ll sue! (As long as someone else pays the legal bills.)”

  8. Love the toons Josh, looking forward to the 2015 calendar.
    In a misquote.
    You came, you saw, you conquered.
    You weren’t invited, you didn’t say a word and you were treated like a hero! (rightly so)
    That must have rankled with his holy Mannness.
    Good job Mr Watts.
    James Bull

  9. Mann’s Penn State in the news:
    “This year, it was Penn State’s turn to continue the tradition of violating the Constitution on Constitution Day. But why? Lawyers for public universities should know that shutting down speech exposes them to First Amendment lawsuits. Furthermore, passing out copies of the Constitution performs a valuable educational service that many universities don’t perform on their own. If anything, Penn State should be thanking Jolie Davis and the other PSU YAF student activists.”

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