The 'Gore effect' turns ugly – CNN climate bias revealed

You know of the “Gore effect“, Wikiepedia describes it as  “…an informal and satirical term which alleges a causal relationship between unseasonable cold weather phenomena and global warming activism”, so it was appropriate to apply to the situation where the Gore’s Climate Reality Project group tried a political ploys that looked stupid: “I’m Too Hot” trucks and offers of free ice cream to this week’s Environmental Protection Agency hearings on power-plant emissions…when it was 58 degrees and raining. Obviously, CNN’s Bill Weir doesn’t understand satire, much less how to be a professional journalist.

From Mediaite:

It’s safe to say CNN anchor Bill Weir is not a fan of climate change deniers.

On Thursday, the Twitter account for Fox Nation, a blog run by Fox News, tweeted a link to a post headlined, “Climate Doesn’t Cooperate With Al Gore’s Group’s Visit to Denver EPA Hearings.”

The story, aggregated from the Washington Times, relates to a Denver visit by former Vice President Al Gore‘s “Climate Reality Project” for EPA hearings on power plant emissions.

The group showed up to hand out ice cream even though it was 58 degrees.

Weir retweeted the link, with his own comment: “Weather is not climate, you willfully ignorant fucksticks.”


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One wonders why he didn’t say same the same thing about Gore and his ice-cream trucks to treat the “I’m too hot” weather that never materialized. Oh, yeah, bias.

This is probably the best reason ever to tune out CNN, when they hire emotional children like this instead of journalistic professionals, it’s pretty much pointless to watch any longer.

After what I experienced recently, I’m beginning to think that most climate alarmists are nothing more than emotional children disguising themselves as professionals.

UPDATE: I posted this short message, twice. It was deleted both times, but the second time I saved a screen cap. Apparently Bill Weir has an ego that is easily bruised, or there’s somebody at CNN running interference.


You can look here as see that it is now missing.

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Class act, guys. No bias there at CNN.




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Sweet Old Bob

Yes. Sore LOSERS!

It’s the day at high school when the sophomores are allowed to run the place. They think they know it all, but are in reality completely clueless.

Pardon my ignorance, but what’s a f*ckstick?
REPLY: look down – Anthony

Definition of insanity: Doing (or claiming?) the same thing over and over, expecting a different result.


Thanks, I already cut the cable cord except for broadband internet signal. I’ll recheck and make sure there are no old CNN news app feeds or bookmarks anywhere on my devices. I don’t think I have any left though. I have very low tolerance for biased news sources, reality TV shows, and other glaring examples of content decline in this society. The double bonus is saving money at the same time, in this no-growth new normal.


He’ll get an offer to join the Obama team by next week, with mid 6-figure salary…

Sorry guys …ut Weir is right. look this is a good Blog and sometimes I agree with some of the posts & analysis.
But here YOU do science.
Dr Curry does Science.
Dr Pielke Jr does Science
Fox news commentators and their conservative followers who make a comment that TODAY in denver its 58 degrees … ” so where is Global warming ? …” do NOT grasp science.
They do not see the difference between a cool day in July and climate
Most of Fox nations viewers ( as we know ( are religiously oriented people that hate or distrust science. 58% of all conservatives think the world is 10,000 old or less. So when Bill Weir says that… he is correct
REPLY: you’ve missed the distinction between satire and science. this is satire – Anthony

He has to be a kid. Only a kid would be so ignorant as to think the filth words reflect on anyone but himself.
But I guess that is the best CNN can hire these days. Headed south with a bullet (OOPS! there goes the hate words).


Ask Bill Weir what the current believed temperature increase is to a doubling of CO2 from CO2 alone and no feedbacks from other sources. Watch Mr. Intelligent’s brain turn as he realizes all he knows is propaganda phrases. Get ready to hear a Gore-like absurdly high answer.

Quinn the Eskimo

That will make a fine addition to his curriculum vitae.

Iggy Slanter

“…nothing more than emotional children disguising themselves as professionals.”
You are too kind to the scumbags.


Mr. Weir is only partially right when he said “weather is not climate.” When it is cold, that is weather; when it is hot, that is climate change. I learned that from the AGWers themselves. They are a transparent lot, and ya gotta love ’em.


With all due respect, I don’t think it’s very professional to re-post this kind of stuff. Please just ignore it. Otherwise you risk sinking to junior high levels yourself.


The Climate Reality Project stunt reminded me of the turkey giveaway episode from WKRP In Cincinnati.
“As God is my witness, I thought it was supposed to be hot in July.”

Isn’t the Global Average Temperature, this very instant, the Climate? At least as defined by the IPCC?
And if the Global Average Temperature this instant, isn’t weather, I don’t know what is.
Can someone please help me out here?

I wonder how he will be dealing wit the coming little ice age. My guess us that his *stick will drop off.

Paul says:
July 31, 2014 at 11:23 am
Friday humor a day early.

Trygve Eklund

I just mailed this to CNN:
This is about your attitude to climate policy(climate science reporting. It seems you have an “anchor” with an uncontrolled bias. This reflects on the overall quality of CNN.

john robertson

The Emoticons are all the cause exists of.
Never mind thinking anything through, its all about; How do you feel?
As the cult collapses I expect to be treated to ever more pathetic outbursts by these emotional delinquents.
However high profile sceptics may need to up their personal security as the implosion spreads.
These are not emotionally stable people.
The first reaction they seem to have, is that their delusions collapse is always the fault of some one else.They are never mistaken, it is always the work of us evil doubters, when reality smacks them along side the head.
I do expect violence from some of these people, because they constantly fantasize about it,they have cultivated a shared delusion where they are the Good, the Chosen and the Righteous….
As this crumbles they will become further unhinged… if it is possible to do so.
After all to go from seeing yourself as Saviour of the Planet to realizing you have been actively aiding and abetting the most racist anti humanist policies since the 1930s.. that one hell of a come down.
Kind of embarrassing to be supporting, Save the Planet, Kill the Poor. And to be too stupid to realize this on your own.

Ed Martin

Wish the ‘I’m Too Hot’ campaign would just go away, they have ruined summer so far.

climate is just the average WEATHER of the previous 30 years…….the climate does NOT control the weather in any way……….SIMPLE FACTS.

Yes Anthony, they are children. The last 30 years our children have been feed this climate B.S. & when they grow up they retained what was dilled into them since 1st grade. We have some serious deprogramming ahead. Logic & the planet it self will show how wrong the climate alarmist are in the long run. IMO.


(you can mod this comment)


He really said that. Wow!


David T. Show me the proof of your opinion that the majority of Fox News viewers believe the earth is 10000 years old.
From a non viewer


Let’s take look at Weir’s qualifications and see where the ignorance lies.

Genghis… NO you are not wrong but that wasn’t his point. Bill Weir’s is trying to a point out that some folks have trouble understanding basic concepts about science. Regardless of whether one accept AGW or doesnt.. regardless of what one thinks of Al Gore or Rush… one cool day or one hot day at any given location has nothing at all to do with proven or disproving anything regarding AGW.
The argument presented by Fox Nation and numerous other conservatives / skeptics when Al Gore (who IS a serious blowhole) shows up on a cool day in Denver to pedal his crack pot ideas… is every bit as ignorant and stupid as any comment made by Al Gore.
Indeed we even see such similar comments being made on a fairly advanced and scientifically literate blog such as this one. But if one were to take a look at some other Blogs such as lets say JOHN COLEMANS or REAL SCIENCE… You see numerous references being made to the fact that… Because we had a colder than normal winter…or a in active hurricane season… or a cool weak in the middle of July… that all AGW theory is total bullshit.

Contacting the sponsors of Weir’s show and forwarding Weir’s tweet to them could be an effective strategy.
Russell Seitz obviously doesn’t have a f*ckstick, and has suffered brain damage due to a build-up of his waste products.
I prefer to ignore slimeballs, but many people with physical disablities (I share your hearing loss and type with 6 fingers due to paralysis of my dominant hand, so I’m knowledgable, but any bias is based on normal human empathy) are unable to defend themselves. The morally and ethically disabled; Al Gore, Bill Weir and Russell Seitz, are parasites who survive by destroying others.

That’s where you are wrong Jim, it’s all climate change. When it’s cold, global warming caused it. When it snows, ‘it only makes sense’ that global warming is causing it. Droughts? definitely global warming. Rain, a direct result of global warming. Just so you know, 2014 will be the hottest year on record. ( adjusting the record to reflect that is not a problem. Whatever it takes) And every storm is extreme, super, or unprecedented. Soon I expect them to link earthquakes and volcanoes will be caused by AGW.

Mickey Reno

Bill is nominating himself to be the next unemployed former CNN contributor, and I second his motion.


Sorry, Dave Tolleris, but you do not do science either, not if you repeat such propaganga about conservatives, who tend to be the best educated.
Also, climate is simply weather repeated over the long term with seasonal variation, or with little variation. Is weather climate ?- no, but climate is the sum of weather

David Tolleris says: I’m a trollolololo!
July 31, 2014 at 11:18 am
>Fox news commentators and their conservative followers who make a comment that TODAY
>in denver its 58 degrees … ” so where is Global warming ? …” do NOT grasp science.
Ho-hum, grow a sense of humor. That’s funny!
To paraphrase JimS: Weather is not climate when it is cold. Weather is proof of climate change when it is hot!
I’m at the beach right now… it’s sunny, clear and cold! Ususlly it’s blistering hot this time of year. Yesterday it was 48F at Dulles Airport in Wash DC. Broke the old all-time record by 3 degrees! But that’s all weather…
Enjoy your humorless life.

Bloke down the pub

elmer says:
July 31, 2014 at 11:09 am
Pardon my ignorance, but what’s a f*ckstick?
REPLY: look down – Anthony
When I looked down I saw a foot, at least it was 12″ , though I don’t use it a a rule.

William R

David Tolleris says:
“Most of Fox nations viewers ( as we know ( are religiously oriented people that hate or distrust science. 58% of all conservatives think the world is 10,000 old or less. So when Bill Weir says that… he is correct”
This is how liberals find it so easy to dismiss opposing arguments. They’re all just whacko religious idiots that hate science, right? So how is political activism, carnival stunts, and shutting down debate considered “pro science”?
Actually David, contrary to your “settled science”, I think most conservatives are not religious at all, but are more interested in preserving freedom and free markets, and fighting socialism.
There are stupid people on both sides of the political spectrum. Each side has their base that they pander to. The difference is that the conservative whacko religious nut fringe are also generally productive law abiding citizens that aren’t dependent on the welfare state.

Brian R

That’s why I almost turned on the furnace last night. I didn’t know that Gore groupies now commanded the same powers as the Great Gore himself.
Good to know.

I wish I could talk Big Al to have his global warming conference in Phoenix in July or Aug. because they could use some cool weather during these months.


Just what CNN needs. Another left winger! If you look at CNN for what they are, a leftwing activist group, and not a news channel it will stop being surprising.


Me thinks someone has been participating in “GIGO” statistics about Fox News picked up on The Beast or HuffPo. Here are some real numbers about prime-time viewing that matter. Fox beats all its direct competitors COMBINED. Note – I only watch 1 cable news show, Morning Joe, to see Mika’s bleached blonde head spin as she spouts WH talking points, so I have no horse in this race.
As if yesterday, 7/29:
FOXN 2,377,000
CNN 627,000
MSNBC 726,000
HLN 367,000


Funny, every heat wave, every storm that is marginally larger than average is proof of global warming.
However anyone who even implies that the third major cold wave of the year says anything about global warming is a “willfully ignorant f#33wit”.
If these guys couldn’t have double standards, they would have no standards at all.

Gary Pearse

David Tolleris says:
July 31, 2014 at 11:18 am
“Fox news commentators and their conservative followers who make a comment that TODAY in denver its 58 degrees … ” so where is Global warming ? …” do NOT grasp science.
They do not see the difference between a cool day in July and climate”
I trust you will agree then when it’s hot in July that this isn’t global warming, it’s weather. You’d be going against the greats: Hansen, Mann,………. One could argue, though the record cool July night and day in several places in Alabama (57C & 81 the other day) when the Team about 10 years ago was been telling us that snow will even be a thing of the past with global warming, Arctic ice will be gone, etc. This is especially true when temperatures of 100 years ago have also been pushed down and recent temps pried up by the temp keepers. Note the recent paper talking about extremes getting worse with global warming!! They are getting worried about this stuff and have widened their nets.


@ David Tolleris –
When a major pillar of the CAGW movement is the dog and pony show by Jim Hansen in 1988 where he had the room purposely warmed to drive home his opinion in the minds of the Senators and press in attendance, the Climate Fantasy Project having a similar stunt blow up in their faces is nothing but poetic justice.

Ralph Kramdon

It’s important to remember, hot days are climate change and cool days are just weather. /sarc

Mike Maguire

JimS says:
“Mr. Weir is only partially right when he said “weather is not climate.” When it is cold, that is weather; when it is hot, that is climate change”
That was how it used to be. When it got too cold for too long, that changed. In recent years. Research has discovered(only after the warming of the 80’s/90’s stopped) that, now blizzards and extreme cold are from global warming.
“A growing body of evidence suggests that the kind of extreme cold being experienced by much of the United States as we speak is a pattern that we can expect to see with increasing frequency as global warming continues,” Holdren asserts”
Funny how every single kind of bad weather is now linked with man burning fossil fuels/increasing CO2 and climate change/global warming.
In 32 years observing weather as an operational meteorologist and studying weather going back over a century, the evidence I see is that the last 3 decades have featured less extreme weather than previous decades…………with the exception of excessive rain events.


latecommer2014 says:
July 31, 2014 at 11:47 am
There was a poll a number of years ago that asked people if they believed that evolution based on random mutations alone was a proven fact.
Apparently 58% of conservatives answered no.
From this the lackwits concluded that 58% of conservatives believe in creationism and hence believe the earth is only 5000 years old.
In other words, from a lone fact, they added two unsupportable assumptions to arrive at a predetermined conclusion.

john robertson

@ David Tolleris 11:51.
Sure he is.
However using the CAGW Team IPCC ™ handbook.
Storms, heat waves, floods, droughts, famine are all signs and symptoms of CAGW.
The concept that science supports the myth of the magic gas is in tatters, the credibility of pathetic wee creatures such as Bill Weird and Al Gore is long gone.
Certainly some people have difficulty understanding basic concepts about science, for example extrapolating linear doom from cyclic behaviour is a classic.
#1 play from the UN IPCC.
Of course I am sure you have those empirical measurements conclusively linking rising emissions of carbon dioxide by mankind to the ever warming estimated Average Global Temperature.
Perhaps you could share them with the UN, as I am sure the eternally grateful IPCC would insist on granting you a Nobel Peace Prize.
What percentage of the planets current recovery from the little ice age is Anthropogenic?
Somehow the IPCC cannot find the first and cannot define the second, but by your comments above, you appear to be certain of both.
Or are you here to remind us mere mortals, that while standards are good; Double Standards are even better?
As the Media and the organizations concerned about CAGW have long used every weather event as evidence of their fantasy, yet you leap in to decry any who mock them using their own metric.
Finally AGW is yet to be measured and is indistinguishable from natural climate so far.
CAGW is the meme under debate and subject to mockery.
Catastrophic…no disaster? No problem.. No funding.


cassidy421 says:
July 31, 2014 at 11:51 am
I had the displeasure of dealing with Russel Seitz over on National Review, and I can assure he is as arrogant and ignorant as that post makes him seem.
Like Obama he’s been told since an early age that he is the smartest person in any room and actually believes it.

Robert W Turner

elmer says:
July 31, 2014 at 11:09 am
Pardon my ignorance, but what’s a f*ckstick?
REPLY: look down – Anthony
Okay, what’s an ignorant f*ckstick? Is Weir saying that’s where all of his intellect, wisdom, and emotions lie? It must be because I know it’s not stemming from that void between his ears. If only my f*ckstick had the intellectual power as his then maybe I’d get paid to be a schmuck as well.


What shall we do with the drunken sailor who believed in global warming as he believed in God forgetting the all important: King James Bible Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

On atheism one often hears the argument that something comes from nothing.
One can make the case that without God we could do no science.
I think it more probable that God exists than it is that something comes from nothing.
This prompted by the 58% comment.

Mark Bofill

David Tolleris,
Quick question. When climate scientists say ‘while no specific weather event can be attributed to global warming, it’s still the sort of thing we expect to see in a warming world.’, you jump on them for that, am I right?