Climate Craziness of the Week: Another one for the list* Global Warming Makes Couples Cheat

AGW_infidelity1From the Al Gore Sex Poodle Institute and the “almost too stupid to print” department comes this: New report blames global warming for rising rates of infidelity

Victoria Milan, a dating website for people looking to cheat on their significant other, surveyed 5,000 of its members, both men and women. A shocking 72% of them responded that yes, their own Al Gore-esque stress about unpredictable weather is the cause of their extra-marital dalliances.

Guess the fact of their existing committed relationships was just an inconvenient truth. Survey respondents also reported that they’re more likely to sneak a little on the side in hot weather than in cold.

Survey respondents also reported that they’re more likely to sneak a little on the side in hot weather than in cold. That makes sense — after all, which would you say is sexier, a steamy Miami day or a polar vortex?

Full story:

Of course, the fact that the dating site itself encourages such dalliances can’t possibly be a factor, it MUST be global warming. Still, I blame Al Gore, who after all, invented the Internet, enabling such online sex shopping behavior in the first place.

* The Warm List – seen here:

64 thoughts on “Climate Craziness of the Week: Another one for the list* Global Warming Makes Couples Cheat

  1. Thanks — a — lot, An-th-ony — now that pesky Dave is staring at me out in the window. How am I ever going to get a tan?!

  2. Well, this story is nice and all that but we are missing the big picture here. Catastrophic Mann-Made Global Warming is causing Americans to cheat on their income taxes. This is a very important story and given a small grant I would be happy to investigate it further. (anyone got any spare grant application forms?)

  3. Has “Climate Affective Disorder” CAD, made it into the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) yet? Can’t wait to see that argued on TV’s Divorce Court.
    I know “Seasonal Affective Disorder” due to weather changes has. I have my “happy light” plugged in for my parrots to keep them stable during the winter season here. (About 8 months in Seattle)

  4. No need for me to cheat. My girl oscillates between princess and viking shield maiden. I always have choice at the press of a button (or the squeeze of a nipple).
    If she reads this, it’ll be the shield maiden for a while.

  5. Janice Moore says:
    Thanks — a — lot, An-th-ony — now that pesky Dave is staring at me out in the window. How am I ever going to get a tan?!
    Sorry Janice. It’s that pesky global warming!!

  6. When I was a kid Flip Wilson became famous for a variety of skits based on ” The devil made me do it.”
    So now all I have to tell my wife, is “Climate change made me do it”

  7. And since, all things considered, more sex poodling means . . . .
    more use of intimate lubricants that are petroleum based . . .
    which pushes us toward worse than we thought peak intimate petroleum lubricants . . .
    so bad, bad (good good) global warming.

  8. On hot days (much of the year here in Hervey Bay) there are lots of hot young women running around the local beach and bars, wearing very little. Sometimes I feel a little randy. Must be global warming.

  9. Global Warming made me do it!
    But seriously, I’ve been cold, and I’ve been hot, and hot wins. The only real difference between the sheets here in the tropics is that sex causes much more sweat (and there are fewer sheets).

  10. Janice Moore says: May 28, 2014 at 3:29 pm
    Well, of course I made a typo — this is very upsetting to me!!
    It wos globul warming wot made you do it.

  11. Maybe since these people are stupid enough to believe the AGW scam; it’s more that stupid people are cheating. 😉

  12. This explains everything.
    Alarmists are very much like spousal cheaters. They pile up one lie after another and those lead to bigger lies about more lies.
    And now the climate cheaters (alarmists) can say the weather made them do it.

  13. It’s the “they tell us we’re all gonna die, so I better go out and get some strange” syndrome.

  14. RACookPE1978
    Too many too beached (er, bleached) sun bathers at the beach wearing too little clothes in too hot a climate to bare (er, bear) resisting?

    Ouch – so there is a bad side to temperatures which encourage people to bare all! 🙂

  15. William Sears says:
    May 28, 2014 at 3:55 pm
    What ever happened to “baby, it’s cold outside”?
    The old Date Rape song!

  16. I visited the website that was, well, sorta like this-
    Victoria Milan
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    I am a – Married Man
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  17. It’s not only humans apparently.

    Scientific American. – Feb 17, 2012
    Climate Change Increases Mate-Swapping in Birds

    Women may go over the top as the world warms.

    Washington Times – April 30, 2013
    13 Democrats: Failing to fix climate change will drive women to prostitution
    …The claim comes from the argument that climate change hampers farmers and that most farmers in developing countries are female, Newser reported.
    Rep. Barbara Lee, California Democrat, said in The Hill that “food insecure women with limited socioeconomic resources may be vulnerable to situations such as sex work, transactional sex, and early marriage that put them at risk for HIV, STIs, unplanned pregnancy and poor reproductive health.”…..

    I was wrong. It much, much worse than I thought.

  18. Well my “yin” is doing okay but all that global warming puts a twist in my “yang.”

  19. It’s reaching boiling point! Global warming leads to penis shrinkage, failing turtle relationships and sex change issues for lizards.

    August 31, 2007
    Sex and climate change
    Polar bear penis bones are shrinking…..
    there are one third more male birds out there than females,…..
    Female loggerhead turtles in Florida, US, increasingly rely on long-distance relationships with males in North Carolina…..
    Bearded dragon sex switched by heat……
    New Scientist

    There’s more.

    Mother Jones – Feb. 27, 2014
    Study: Global Warming Will Cause 180,000 More Rapes by 2099
    Global warming isn’t just going to melt the Arctic and flood our cities—it’s also going to make Americans more likely to kill each other…..

    No wonder politicians like global warming. It’s an excuse for failure on any issue you want. If interest rates go up, blame global warming.

  20. That must explain why there is so much “action” going on in retirement homes down in Florida.
    Of course cheating can go both ways. Listen very carefully to how this man handles news from his woman that she found somebody new. If you haven’t heard this song before, enjoy.

  21. Ohhhh Florida. You are THE sin state. Scandinavians are well known for their prudish nature.
    This study is just more garbage. You offer someone a silly excuse for their behaviour and they will pick it. I am going to cheat on my wife tonight because I am stressed whether tomorrow will be light showers with sunny intervals or overcast all day.

  22. From a visit to Sweden in the ’70’s: “Do you know how you can tell a real Swede coming out of a tobacco shop?” Answer: He’s got a bag of tobacco! How does this connect – – – The “Tobac” shops also sold the PORN (magazines, cards, pictures, 8mm films, you name it). Totally legal in the ’70’s in Sweden. Swedes being prudes, THAT’S A LAUGH! Yet, in many South American countries, if you go out on a “date” with a young seniorita, you may have to tolerate having her GRANDMOTHER with you! Yeah, yeah…yeah, hot climates breeds sexual looseness…NOT!

  23. If global warming makes trout more slutty, why wouldn’t it do the same to humans? /sarc

  24. In a strictly causal universe, everything affects everything else. So whatever happens (“locally speaking”) is affected by global warming.

  25. LOL – just scrolled up to read the rest of the comments – looks like jim Steele already got that ^_^

  26. Perhaps that is why Arab women are forced to wear those awful black tents a.k.a. niqabs. In the hot sun desert sun such garb must surely rev up / heat up the aforementioned ladies which we now realize was the purpose all along.
    Climate Change is such a wondrous tool for giving insights into the world.

  27. A shocking 72% of them responded that yes, their own Al Gore-esque stress about unpredictable weather is the cause of their extra-marital dalliances.

    Shouldn’t that be 97%?
    (But maybe Lew didn’t do this survey.)

  28. Well, I do wonder why we give a damn about what a dating site thinks, but if we are going to look at it, can we at least have a link to the actual source rather than to someones claims about it?

  29. The article presented doesn’t provide a link to where they got their information either.

  30. Lol, and everywhere I’ve looked all I find is links back to the original un-sourced article.

  31. Just FYI, I am no longer keeping track of the dumbest things I’ve ever read.
    But “liars say they’re lying because of global warming” is on the list somewhere.

  32. ♫ According to the Kinsey Report
    Every average man you know
    Much prefers his lovey dovey to court
    When the temperature is low
    But when the thermometer goes way up
    And the weather is sizzling hot
    Mr Pants, for romance, is not.
    (Cole Porter)

  33. Are we now at the Benny Hill stage…and here’s me thinking it were good old fashioned lust that led to infidelity. All that heavy breathing…all that CO2, oops, hang on…

  34. Those that cheat on science integrity and policy also are predisposed to cheat in other aspects of life, right Al?

  35. This is starting to look like the rat studies of cocaine and meth addiction to explain the increasing rate of nonsense AGW studies. Once the mind goes over the edge the rats just increase the rate of pressing the pleasure button for more, at the expense of all self control or food intake.

  36. Warmists are always looking for ways to push the envelope of stupidity to new limits never before achieved.

  37. Before Al Gore invented the internet there was Hollywood, which I now refer to as “the porn lobby”. The porn lobby has been very effective over the past 40 years in re-branding all kinds of previously shunned behavior as fun and exciting. The internet and YouTube just accelerate the process.

  38. Hahahaha !!!
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