Alarmist movie preview the 'Years of Living Dangerously'

Sandi says in Tips and Notes:

You Tube has the Show Time full Premiere episode of “Years of Living Dangerously” documentary.

(about an hour 59:08)

Also see the Years of Living Dangerously website:

The first 10 minutes was about all I could watch for now, but really, I think all this will do is polarize the public more.


Readers are welcome to post notes about claims made that don’t hold up.


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Let’s hope it has as much ‘ success’ as the 10:10 splatter fest video , which in case we forget had big money and big names behind it too.

It is not a documentary it is a docudrama. Total propaganda from a bunch
Of loons.

David Wells

Where is the sick bucket?

Anticipating yet another Crockumentary, with ever more escalating Climateering, I reserved the hashtag #CameronLies back in December when I heard about the movie “Years of Living Dangerously”. Suggested usage on Twitter is something like Claim: xxxx Data Says: yyyyy #CameronLies

Only tangentially related by alarmist propaganda, I am travelling and took the opportunity to walk the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry. Some time was saved by my intolerance of its agit-prop exhibitions.

I took my family to Chicago and visited the Museum of Science and Industry. I was amazed at how much less intellectually challenging the presentations had become since I last visited in the early 90’s. Too much hype and entertainment, too little science.


1.35 minutes in to the scarementary, flying fossil fuel consuming peace jets are collecting air samples. What ever happened to balloons? Sorry, it’s too obvious of what’s coming up next.


All those fossil fuels squandered on telling us how bad squandering fossil fuels has been.
… I’m sure the producers bought some “carbon credits” to offset their “footprint”… just like they did with An Inconvenient Truth.
Years of Living Dangerously, with Michael C. Hall????? There’s a certain Dexteresque humor to that…..
Seriously, if the general public had any idea whatsoever on how much gas and diesel it takes to make an epic like this, they’d be outraged at the hypocrisy. I mean, just the craft service generator alone.

Lew Skannen

Syrian war and islamic terrorism are all traceable back to climate change. Surprise. I think that a couple of dead civilians were specifically traced back to the emissions from a Nissan I used to drive in the early 80’s in fact…

Years of Giving Languorously (Public Finance edition) coming soon. Hoho.


John Abrahams was waxing lyrical about the programme in the Guardian yesterday, calling it a “Global Warming Blockbuster”!!!
In reality the first episode is a strange melange of three themes.
Firstly, an Evangelical Christian climate scientist (Kathrene Hayhoe) attempting to persuade Texan Baptists that the drought in Texas is not the hand of God, but the result of God giving mankind the freedom to make mistakes which have lead to global warming and the drought. (Hmmm.)
Secondly, the corporate corruption and Government incompetance in Indonesia that is leading to deforestation, that will increase in atmospheric CO2. (Job for the UN if ever there was one)
Thirdly, the horrific bloodbath in Syria and the revelation that it was mainly triggered by Climate Change causing a prolonged drought. ( Wow, not sectarianism, ruthless authoritarian Government, appalling mismanagement of water resources, but CLIMATE CHANGE! ) For a better balanced analysis see

John Of Cloverdale WA, Australia

Not really on the subject. But I remember an excellent movie with a similar name (The Year of Living Dangerously) starring a young Mel Gibson and Sigourney Weaver. I think I would rather watch this movie again than Years of Living Dangerously


Wow. It is like they don’t realize that Texas and Syria are a part of the Northern Hemisphere’s Desert Belt. — John M Reynolds

Bruce Cobb

I’ve been trying to watch it, but the level of stupid is so strong that I can feel my brain shrinking by the second. The target audience would have to have the cranial capacity approaching that of an imbecile to believe any of it. Lots of appeals to emotion, and attempts at tying weather disasters of all kinds to manmade climate change. They seem particularly fond of using droughts, and then claiming how much worse they’ll get. The use of Hollywood actors to promote this garbage is both sickening and outrageous.
I’ve gotten as far as the part about deforestation due to demand for palm oil. Funny how they skip the part that a big reason for the increased demand was for biofuels, which are only in demand due to climate alarmism. Anyway, their “concern” stems solely from the CO2 being released in the process, which is mind-bogglingly stupid. It’s as if they view CO2 as some sort of poisonous gas poisoning our atmosphere.


I watched the whole 60 minutes. Basically its a series of current affairs stories that try and make out that the arch reason behind everything is a changing climate. The links they make are weak and tenuous and undone by some of their own commentary “droughts have always happened”. But the case for the link to these climatic events being human induced is almost completely absent. If that was the first episode I think they are in trouble. Overall very far from convincing re. any link to human induced warming. I don’t think I can be bothered to watch any more … too boring.


Should be the years of living safely,
deaths from extreme weather down 95% since the 1920’s.


Weather Underground’s Jeff Masters is really plugging it:
Among the gushing platitudes are gems like:
“The science is excellent, provided by climate science experts like Heidi Cullen, Michael Mann, Katharine Hayhoe, James Hansen, and Joe Romm.”


I haven’t watched it but i heard Harrison Ford was at NASA headquarters with tears in his eyes.
Harrison Ford to Director ” What is my motivation”
Director- ” Harrison, the Death star has wiped out the planet Leia, we need some tears”

Frank K.

Brewster says:
April 10, 2014 at 6:05 am
Weather Underground’s Jeff Masters is really plugging it:
Among the gushing platitudes are gems like:
“The science is excellent, provided by climate science experts like Heidi Cullen, Michael Mann, Katharine Hayhoe, James Hansen, and Joe Romm.”

Did he REALLY list these people — as experts?? [sigh]
Yet another reason to DUMP Weather Underground as a weather information propaganda site…


This is a downbeat movie which attaches blame for just about everything bad you can think of to “global warming” or “climate change” (they use both terms equally) which is caused by man-made carbon dioxide (or “carbon” as they still can’t manage the whole phrase “carbon dioxide”).
Harrison Ford and Don Cheadle go jumping all over the world from Texas to Syria and anywhere they can find “victims” of global warming. There are lots of q&a sessions along the lines of “How long have you lived here?…. How bad is this drought/water supply/lack of some necessity of life or other” and being told “We/I have lived here (X) years and this is the worst drought anyone can remember…etc”) the clear implication being that somehow man-made “carbon” is responsible for all their misfortunes.
A great deal of time is spent interviewing fighters in Syria, as if the Western lifestyle is somehow causing these ancient grievances to flare up and start getting people killed, and in Texas where they pray for rain every day because the drought has destroyed the cattle ranching and meat packing industry in Plainview. There is extensive coverage of the burning of forests and the planting of palm-oil plantations (that’s all our fault too).
The movie keeps repeating that these droughts and by implication every other unwanted weather event is caused by “our choices” as if droughts (for example) had never occurred before the industrialization of the West. This point of view is pounded into all the puzzled people affected by the Texas drought who turn up to hear an explanation from climate scientists as to why the rains won’t come.
What you won’t get from this movie is any sort of proof that man-made carbon dioxide is causing the climate to change, and always for the worse. There is no linkage or method or anything associated with the scientific method to demonstrate that man-made “carbon” is causing any weather event anywhere on Earth. The whole approach of the movie makers is to show (or just talk about) the “cause” and then to show the “effect” of man-made CO2, leaving the viewer to make a sort of pagan/magical link in their own mind between the two events.

Frank K.

By the way, since this is on Showtime, nobody will watch it (at least on cable). Everyone will be tuned to “Game of Thrones” (heh, heh).


And as a counterpoint, I’m waiting for a documentary entitled “The Years of Living Comfortably”.
Growth in wealth and health has been impressive over the last 200yrs and fossil fuels have been a key component in that growth.

I keep expecting them to say “BRAWNDO! Because it has ELECTROLYTES!!!”


Jeez, these greens know nothing. The Syrian conflict was actually generated through a real fear by Assad, and his Alawite clan, that his people would be extinguished in a mass ‘elimination’.
You have to realise that the Alawites are not real Musl!ms (they celebrate Christmas and refuse to go to mosque). Thus they were grievously persecuted and lived in the gutters of Syrian society for more than a thousand years. But then came the French in the early 20th century, who were looking for allies in their governance of Syria. They chose the Alawites, because they were persecuted and half Christian, and put them in control of the army. And from there, to government.
Thus Assad and his Alawites knew that if they ever lost control in Syria, they would all be ‘eliminated’ and exiled. This is not Western politics, where loss of power results in a few years in opposition. This is Eastern politics, where a loss of power results in something far more serious. (Recall the ‘elimination’ of 3.5 million Armenian and Greek Christians from Turkey between 1900 and 1922.)
Thus it was obvious to anyone with knowledge of history that Assad would hang onto power at whatever cost, which is what i wrote in an article back in April 2011. And everyone said ‘rubbish’. But the future and the politics of Syria were obvious – Assad had no other option other than to face down all opposition. It was either that, or have 4 million Alawites and 4 million Christians ‘eliminated’ and exiled from Syria. (You will note that the Christians are allies of Assad, because they know he will protect them.)
In addition, it was not so surprising that someone like Obama would seek to back the Syrian terrorists, and thus potentially seek the ‘elimination’ and exile of 4 million Christians. You have to wonder which side this guy is on.
And the bottom line in this polemic, is that Climate Change has sweet FA to do with anything that is going on in Syria. Unlike climate ‘scientists’, I was able to predict everything that would happen in Syria three years in advance; and that makes Syrian politics more of a science than climate is.

Peter Miller

Wow, this is more full of holes than Swiss cheese.
If you didn’t know better, some of it is quite persuasive.
Classic ‘climate science’ at its best, full of deliberately misleading stuff that would easily persuade, or confuse, the gullible and uninformed.
Just another attempt to try and keep the Global Warming Industry’s gravy train on the tracks.

Martin 457

I love you all.

wws: “I keep expecting them to say “BRAWNDO! Because it has ELECTROLYTES!!!””
LOL! That’s what the farmers in Texas needs. Brawndo has what plants crave. 😛
This movie would actually be great fodder for a parody. Maybe have Bagdad Bob standing on a glacier with polar bears walking past in the background as he declares, “there are no polar bears in Alaska! Never!” Get Harrison Ford to board a time machine and go back in time 35 years or so to a weepy Sally Struthers wailing about famine in Africa. That must have been caused by CO2 as well. 🙂


a comment made at the Guardian, they are letting a few things through.
“About 9.5 minutes in, the NASA scientist uses the words “the models predict”. You may as well switch off at that point”


AJ says:
April 10, 2014 at 6:23 am
And as a counterpoint, I’m waiting for a documentary entitled “The Years of Living Comfortably”.
Getting there!
“World poverty is shrinking rapidly, new index reveals
UN development report uses nutrition and education as yardsticks as well as income..
…Some of the poorest people in the world are becoming significantly less poor, according to a groundbreaking academic study which has taken a new approach to measuring deprivation. The report, by Oxford University’s poverty and human development initiative, predicts that countries among the most impoverished in the world could see acute poverty eradicated within 20 years if they continue at present rates”

KRJ Pietersen

Ah well, all those poor folk in Texas will be relieved if the El Nino that may currently be brewing brings them above average rainfall, as El Ninos apparently tend to do.
In that sense, it’s a pity the series wasn’t delayed for some problem or other by up to about a year. The irony of its being aired while persistent rains rolled across the southern US would have been delicious.

This will appeal to the Climatists and their earnest Useful Idiots, as it just reiterates their ‘conventional wisdom’. All the ills of the world are caused by mankind’s evil ‘greenhouse gases’.
Time for a counter-movie. Here’s the theme:
ralfellis (April 10, 2014 at 6:35 am): Interesting take on the Syrian mess and the Alawites. Link to your article?
/Mr Lynn

Pamela Gray

I just had breakfast. Am not about to watch this bile.

ralfellis: this is a bit off topic for this blog, but given your expertise, I’m wondering if you read the review of Seymour M. Hersh’s new book in the London Review of Books:
Now I take no position on the veracity of Mr. Hersh’s claims, although it has always been widely believed that he has confidential sources both in the White House and the CIA, who wish to remain anonymous for obvious reasons. It’s quite a long piece, but to sum up, he makes the case that Erdogan in Turkey, with heavy covert backing from the US, has been the prime actor in the effort to overthrow Assad, to the point that Hersh suggests that the chemical weapons attack was a Turkish false-flag operation; and also, that the Russians are aware of this, which is one of the reasons they are so militant towards the west now.
As I said, I can’t know if this is true or false, but I do know that both the Turkish and American governments were bursting with outrage at his suggestions today. As the saying goes, he’s certainly made the right enemies.
p.s. He has an interesting sideline, almost a footnote to his piece, explaining Benghazi: he writes that Ambassador Stevens primary job was to collect as many of the weapons as could be had which were available after the fall of Qaddafi, in order to ship them to the Syrian insurgency. After several shipments had already been made, a local Libyan militia became upset about some part of this deal and attacked the compound, leading to the Ambassador’s death. This version of the story does provide a rationale for the extreme cover-up that’s been imposed on this story by all levels of the American Govm’t, and the unwillingness of anyone to talk about it. The answer, in this version, is *not* simple incompetence, but rather a fear that the biggest covert international gun running operation since Iran-Contra would be uncovered, to the embarrassment and discredit of everyone currently in power.
That may just have the Ring of Truth to it.
and of course, the response to all these very serious life and death real world issues is the standard magicians trick of misdirection – “Hey Look, over there! I see the climate changing!!!!”


A youtube video — featuring Susan Rice?
Boy, there better not be any spontaneous protests.

Steve Oregon

The Day After Obtuse


“After the war, some of the leading cast members were brought to trial as part of the denazification process. They generally defended their participation in the film on the grounds that they had only done so under duress. ”

Tom J

I used to like Harrison Ford, but for some reason I resent having my taxpayer money shelled out to give him a thrill ride on a military jet.
P.S. Why does NASA need a military jet to collect to collect air samples in the first place? Ah, but ‘war is the health of the state’ so a military jet for scientific … er, government, purposes seems appropriate.


Nuccitelli’s column mate sold it like they were Hollywood press agents:
John Abraham: This new Showtime climate change documentary is a nonfiction thriller you won’t want to miss The only thing missing was a series of exclamation points (!!!!!)
I commented that they were flaking for it like a Hollywood press agents and called it an “indoctrimentary.” I was censored of course. What’s with all these censors among the warmists? What are they afraid of?
You have to read the column to believe it. Shameless.

Sadly, much like the “Mermaids” fakeumentary, many people will buy into this silly video.
The first thing that should be considered is why did the filmmakers and stars use so much fossil fuel to complain about fossil fuels?

Based on a early press release, back in December, I wrote an open letter to the producers of the “Years of Living Dangerously”:

“Sadly, much like the “Mermaids” fakeumentary” – sigh. I almost felt bad having to explain to my wife that it wasn’t really true, she enjoyed it so much.


wws says:
April 10, 2014 at 7:32 am
” to the point that Hersh suggests that the chemical weapons attack was a Turkish false-flag operation”
In May 2013, “rebels” were caught in Istanbul with 2 kg of Sarin. One Turkish report from that time:
More from that time exist.

Robert Wykoff

Is there a scene where describing how hot the atmosphere is they show it being dialed up to volume 11?

Bob: thank you for that. I missed it the first time around. I highly recommend it to all other readers.

Tom J

The presentation by Harrison Ford in this piece of artistic bowel movement has inspired me to conduct a test. Now, we’ve all heard that ‘97% of all climate scientists agree, global warming is a threat, and humans are responsible.’ I don’t wish to quibble with that statement, but instead, I’d like to propose a 2 part quiz which replaces ‘climate scientists’ with an empty space, and ‘humans’ with an empty space, and a selection of answers; a, b, or c; to replace each of those 2 empty spaces. Be assured, a 100% grade awaits everyone who takes this test. So, here goes:
97% of all ________ __________ agree, global warming is a threat…
Select one of the following answers to fill in the blanks:
a) mansion owners
b) mansion owners
c) mansion owners
…and ______ are responsible.
Select one of the following answers to fill in the blank:
a) little people
b) little people
c) little people
Congratulations! You scored 100%!


WWS says: April 10, 2014 at 7:32 am
… He makes the case that Erdogan in Turkey, with heavy covert backing from the US, has been the prime actor in the effort to overthrow Assad, to the point that Hersh suggests that the chemical weapons attack was a Turkish false-flag operation; and also, that the Russians are aware of this, which is one of the reasons they are so militant towards the west now.
Which is perfectly true. Although how much American backing Erdogan is getting from Barak Hussain Obama is a moot point, because most Turks hate America with a passion. Every single problem in Turkey is caused by America or Israel – apparently 😉
So the reasons for the Syrian crisis are religio-sectarian, and not due to climate. And this is why this topic is very pertinent to this thread. If we are to simplistically palm off the Syrian crisis onto ‘climate’, as the Greens want to do, then we will fail to understand the politics that really underlie this bitter civil and increasingly international conflict. And if we fail to understand the politics of Syria, and if Barak Hussain Obama had therefore backed the Sunni terrorists, this would have resulted in:
Four million Alawite Shias being eliminated and exiled from Syria.
Four million Armenian and Syriac Christians being eliminated and exiled from Syria.
The Syrian terrorists acquiring 2,000 tonnes of nerve gas.
The New York metro being unusable for the next 50 years.
Seriously. These terrorists hate America with a passion, and will bite the hand that feeds them with great pleasure. Aid from America and Europe is viewed by these groups as being Jizya – the institutional tax on non-Mus!ims.
Regards, Turkey – Erdogan is a Sunni Musl!m, and there has been a long history of Turkey ‘eliminating’ minority groups who are not Sunni. The 3.5 million Christians in the early 1900s being one such group. Do remember that Turkey was a Christian nation until 1453, and many cities were still majority Christian until the early 1900s. Read up on the destruction and burning of Greek Smyrna.
And do remember than many of the 4 million Christians in Syria, are refugees from Turkey, who fled the Armenian genocide in the early 20th century. Not surprisingly, they do not exactly like Turkey….
Another of the sects that has been persecuted for generations in Turkey is the Alevi, and yet the Alevi are related to the Alawi in Syria – Bashar Assad’s clan. Again, the Alevi are the more liberal, and artistic side of Is!am, and so they are viewed as being kuffer heretics. So when 36 poets and musicians gathered in Sivas to honour a famous Alevi poet, they were all burned to death by a rabid mob – in 1993. (f.f. to 2:30 mins)
Thus Turkey has long been anti-Assad, and tried to destabilize the Assad regime, and vice versa. Syria hated Turkey for stealing Hatay province, and for stealing their water; and Turkey hated Syria for backing the PKK. This is why Assad built up such a large chemical weapons store, to counter the threat from Turkey. (It is often claimed that this was a defence against Israel’s nuclear weapons, but the threat from Turkey was probably uppermost).
But Turkey has to tread carefully, for much of eastern Turkey does not want to be Turkish. Most of ‘Kurdistan’ wants to cede from Turkey, and a large proportion of the population in the southeast (Hatay, Mardin, Sirnak and Hakkari etc:) say they are Arab, not Turkish (and they speak Kurdish or Arabic too). The borderlands with Syria have long been a multicultural powder-keg, as most multicultural regions tend to be, and it would not take much to inflame the region. And this is Assad’s goal, of course. If he can agitate alongside the Kurds and Arabs, and cause strife in Turkey’s east, it takes the pressure away from Erdogan’s Imperial goals. (Erdogan wants to resurrect the Ottoman Empire, which ruled all of Syria in the 19th century….)
Interesting times, and all that.

Mumbles McGuirck

Tom J says:
April 10, 2014 at 7:49 am
I used to like Harrison Ford, but for some reason I resent having my taxpayer money shelled out to give him a thrill ride on a military jet.
P.S. Why does NASA need a military jet to collect to collect air samples in the first place?
You sort of answered your own question. NASA has a jet because it is too lame to take a celebrity up in their DC-8 to collect air samples. It is much more thrilling and photogenic to zoom around in a fighter jet.
I notice that Ford begins the film with the bald-faced assertion that greenhouse gases are the PRIMARY drivers of climate change. The script never looks back to reality from that point on.


Mr Lynn says: April 10, 2014 at 7:28 am
ralfellis (April 10, 2014 at 6:35 am): Interesting take on the Syrian mess and the Alawites. Link to your article?
The newspapers were small and not web-based, but this is a copy of the article. This article went out on 19 Apl 2012, based upon emails to the UK parliament sent on 27 Apl 2011:
A similar barrage of emails went to the UK parliament in August 2013 (organised to come from a few hundred concerned activists). Some 15 MPs replied with their thanks, and Cameron lost the vote by 13 votes.
Sorry, Cameron, but you did ask for it….


The low altitude, high speed, 80-degree-bank shots are cool! Watched the opening sequence 3 times!


Could be improved with some inverted maneuvers though. Maybe Mr. Ford’s stomach wasn’t up to it?