Chevron defeats the Greens with their own hubris

Story submitted by Eric Worrall

James Delingpole writing for Breitbart London has published a fascinating story of how green groups were undone by their own hubris and misleading evidence in their effort to sue Chevron Oil for billions of dollars for pollution.

Thanks to Chevron’s CEO John S Watson’s courageous decision to stand up to naked green bullying, and the arrogant stupidity of eco-campaigner Steven Donziger, the case against Chevron collapsed.

I don’t want to spoil the punchline – read Delingpole’s excellent post for more information about how green bullies lost a multi billion dollar potential court settlement, when they tripped over their own pride.


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From the Summary at Page 14 of the 500 page opinion of the Judge:
“Upon consideration of all of the evidence, including the credibility of the witnesses – though several of the most important declined to testify – the Court finds that Donziger began his involvement in this controversy with a desire to improve conditions in the area in which his Ecuadorian clients live. To be sure, he sought also to do well for himself while doing good for others, but there was nothing wrong with that. In the end, however, he and the Ecuadorian lawyers he led corrupted the Lago Agrio case. They submitted fraudulent evidence. They coerced one judge, first to use a court-appointed, supposedly impartial, “global expert” to make an overall damages assessment and, then, to appoint to that important role a man whom Donziger hand-picked and paid to “totally play ball” with the LAPs. They then paid a Colorado consulting firm secretly to write all or most of the global expert’s report, falsely presented the report as the work of the court-appointed and supposedly impartial expert, and told half-truths or worse to U.S. courts in attempts to prevent exposure of that and other wrongdoing. Ultimately, the LAP team wrote the Lago Agrio court’s Judgment themselves and promised $500,000 to the Ecuadorian judge to rule in their favor and sign their judgment. If ever there were a case warranting equitable relief with respect to a judgment procured by fraud, this is it.


While this result is a good one for truth and honesty, is there going to be any follow up prosecutions for fraudulent behaviour that Green groups exhibited during this case?
If the follow up does not happen then they will try again against someone else and hope their bullying is not challenged. Pain is the most effective deterrent. The more pain, the more effective the deterrent.

I just love the note in the Table of Contents of the 500 page Opinion.

“Appendices (in separately bound volume)”

Amen to this. Green is garbage.


The green parasites have finally been exposed in a court of law for what they truly are.
That is huge!

Speaking of ‘Greens’ – anybody else ever see the movie “Pandoras Promise”? (1hr 26min)
(A tale of Greenies ex-greenies who saw the light on nuclear power )



RICO the swine I say, Go!Chevron!!

Jim Bo

From Wall Street Journal

U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan on Monday found that New York lawyer Steven Donziger and his litigation team engaged in coercion, bribery, money laundering and other criminal conduct in their effort to obtain a multibillion dollar pollution judgment in Ecuador against Chevron Corp.

Would it be naive to expect that a federal indictment might be appropriately forthcoming?


An important battle.
Now for energy companies and other responsible productive organizations to stop feeding big green. The tide will clearly be turning when Shell, Exxon, Chevron and the rest cut off Grenpeace, WWF, 350, and the other parasites posing as environmental orgs.

Gail Combs

What is even better is they may also be taking down the law firm of Patton Boggs who lobbys for international customers. (I have another comment on the history of that firm)
Patton Boggs is the law firm that started the new improved lobbying industry in 1960s according to their website a decade ago.
Now they sy:

When Thomas Hale Boggs Jr. joined Patton Boggs, the year was 1966, Lyndon B. Johnson was president, and there were — by Boggs’s estimate — fewer than 100 people in Washington who called themselves lobbyists. The firm was a fledgling five-man operation trying to make its mark in lobbying, which at the time was considered an up-and-coming practice area. ¶A lot has changed. Today, Patton Boggs is the most lucrative lobby shop in Washington, and one of the most recognizable brands on K Street. The firm, which turns 50 this year, has about 550 lawyers, including 120 lobbyists….
At the time, small boutique lobbying firms were the industry standard, and they were mostly led by former heads of federal agencies who became lobbyists after leaving the government. Boggs and Patton envisioned a different kind of lobbying operation — one that was integrated into a major law firm, staffed with attorneys well-versed in the areas of law that lobbyists were looking to change.
“Tom saw the niche no one else saw — of substantive law combined with lobbying,” said the firm’s managing partner Ed Newberry. “So when a Patton Boggs lawyer went to the Hill to talk to the staff director, who was a well-trained lawyer, they were talking to them as a well-trained lawyer, not as a lobbyist who said, ‘Come on, do me a favor.’ ”
The formula served them well….

I really hope Delingpole is correct and these parasites crash and burn.

Jeff Alberts

“Thanks to Chevron’s CEO John S Watson’s courages decision”
There’s Willis’ English again.
[Fixed, thanks. ~mod.]

john robertson

But this is standard operating procedure for our environmentally concerned citizens, basically they extort all development and any developer they can put the arm on.
It is not just the Ecuadorian government that is corrupt.
So many of our municipal and provincial governments have passed laws enabling this kind of shakedown.
Our Kleptocrats applaud this behaviour as “environmentally responsible”.

Gail Combs

I wonder if Obama will step in and either change the laws or give a blanket pardon.


My apologies in advance!
I hope this works. Still learning the new tablet browsers (not apple)……

Jim S

One of the names of the law firms is “Kohn, Swift & Graf(t)” . Lol


Might that be courageous?
[Fixed, thanks. ~mod.]


Brilliant journalism James Delingpole – finally a real journalist with courage, class, and extraordinary clarity in a field populated by earthworms. Thank you to this web site for posting this magnificent story not available in any known MSM outlet with this talent displayed by James.
Many of us here are not surprised by the depravity of the green machine or its members. They have lived a life of lies, deception, and greed for years and years. The troubling part of this story even as we comment is big oil’s financial sponsorship of all the lies, deceit, and greed. Here however is one oil executive that chose to fight and win. Rare indeed. That takes courage and decency to fight evil in this day and age. Bravo! But this is just one righteous man – the rest of the appeasers are still appeasers of the worst kind.


From the linked article “The damage was done in the Sixties, Seventies and Eighties in the Oriente region of Ecuador by Texaco and the national oil company Petroecuador.”
I watched a documentary about this last year I think it was, maybe the year before. While there was clearly significant enviromental damage, pollution and spills, it was clearly and mostly the result of the previous owners/operators. It was obvious to me that their Govn’t, Petroecudor and Texaco were pointing fingers at Chevron and were after a large payout using greenspin and emotion leaving facts and historical records out of the equation.

Janice Moore

Thanks for that video at 7:19, Oss Qss. That is a GREAT commercial, for it is a shocking exposé of just how e-v-I-L the Envirostalinist’s are. That one ad did more than a year’s worth of editorials for truth could do. It tore off “granny’s” bonnet and opened the eyes of millions of Americans to the truth about the big bad “Green” wolf (and the Big G socialist wolf, too).
(Just like a certain NUT on this site who proves that only a NUT could be against nuclear power, lol.)
“Green” = police state.
(And Audi’s are for Ecopatsies, heh, heh).

After following some of Delingpole’s links, what appalled me was finding out that there are now “investment funds” who specialize in “litigation finance”. The one that bankrolled this case (in addition to the law firms) is Burford Capital.

We provide financing in the areas of litigation and arbitration. Our goal is to “unlock” the value of the underlying claims to benefit our clients. We can fund a case, finance operating expenses, monetize a judgment, and more.

Also, I saw (as I’m sure others here did) lots of parallels with Climategate.
One aspect of the Chevron case, the judge’s decision being ghostwritten for him by the plaintiff, particularly reminded me of this email:

I expect that you have already been made aware of the petition to EPA from the Competitive Enterprise Institute (and Pat Michaels) calling for a re-opening of public comment on EPA’s prospective “endangerment” finding on greenhouse gases. CEI is charging that the CRU at East Anglia has destroyed the raw data for a portion of the global temperature record, thus destroying the integrity of the IPCC assessments and any other work that treats the UK Jones-Wigley global temperature data record as scientifically legitimate.
Who is responding to this charge on behalf of the science community? Surely someone will have to, if only because EPA will need to know exactly what to say.

Well done. NE day the world will look back on this freedom of stupid and wonder what they were thinking.

Rud Istvan

For those that follow these sorts of things, this has been coming for a long time. Now arrived.
As my Grandpa (a pioneer from Russia in California in the 1890s) used to say,
the chickens are coming home to roost.

What wonderful news! I hope the fraudsters don’t get to just walk away with empty pockets – I’m fed up with Green Slime shrugging off their sins and the world letting them get away with it. Crime is crime, and this one was deliberately planned and orchestrated. Eco-campaigner Steven Donziger was set to walk away with 600 MILLION as his personal share – if you or I tried that, we would never again see the outside of a jail cell!
Chevron, you beauty! Leading the way and showing the world how it’s done. With balls. I hope others take note.

How on earth has there not been an Ethics Complaint submitted to disbar any American attorney involved in this debacle? Surely the federal judge has an obligation to submit it

What disgusts me most about the financing of lawsuits by groups like Burford, is that under the old English Common Law this was both a crime and a tort known as “Champarty”. A couple of hundred years ago our legal system saw this as flagrantly corrupt and criminal behavior, but now we have “advanced” so far that we no longer seem to be able to see anything wrong with it.


Everybody wins, any losses will be covered by the taxpayers.


A federal indictment, with Eric Holder as AG? Not likely.

Mac the Knife

Thank You God, for giving Chevron’s CEO John S Watson the courage to ‘stand your ground’.
And Thank You again God, for giving U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan the tenacity to dig through the details of the case… and the outtakes from that idiots self-aggrandizing movie… to discover the truth of the fr@ud and deliver the blows of justice about the head and shoulders of the Green Cabal
Hot Damn – Yes!!!

Here in Oz, wonder will ‘our’ ABC cover this?
More likely cover it up, hmmph.

Leonard Jones

I am going to give the John Galt award to both Chevron and Robinson Helicopter.
My state of the Peoples Republic Of California threatened to impose some new
Draconian regulations against the oil refineries. Chevron responded by asking
the Democrats in Sacramento, which of the two refineries (Richmond or El Segundo)
were they wiling to see closed? And how much tax revenue they were willing to forego.
The vampire tax suckers backed down in a millisecond!
The federal legislature called the owner of Robinson Helicopter (Just down the street from me,)
to testify under oath about the number of crashes and deaths associated with his products.
He said SCREW YOU! My products meet and exceed all safety standards. I sell cheap
rotary wing aircraft. In fact, I sell more than any other manufacturer in the world. So it stands
to reason that there are a higher number of crashes in my product.
He basically invited them to punish him! He told them fine me, I will shut down my factory and
deny the local, state and federal government untold millions in tax revenues.
We need more companies like this!

Chad Wozniak

Not likely the lapdog ass-kissing MSM will have anything to say about it here in the US either – unless they whine about their side getting its ass kicked.
Kudos to John S Watson and Chevron.

Mark Luhman

Jim Bo said
“From Wall Street Journal…
U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan on Monday found that New York lawyer Steven Donziger and his litigation team engaged in coercion, bribery, money laundering and other criminal conduct in their effort to obtain a multibillion dollar pollution judgment in Ecuador against Chevron Corp.
Would it be naive to expect that a federal indictment might be appropriately forthcoming?”
In a world of standards no. In today world yes it would be naive.


Maybe we should buy our gas at Chevron.

Colorado Wellington

Donziger. Petard. Hoist.

So the case was corrupt, but the judge explicitly says the court has no opinion on the validity of the case. He was only pronouncing on the corruption. Sadly, there’s no statement on whether Texaco/Chevron really does owe damages to Ecuador. I’m sure this will be picked up and used to show that Chevon “lost”.

Nigel S

Rud Istvan says: March 6, 2014 at 8:21 pm
Chickens are coming home…
To quote the great French philosopher Eric Cantona
‘When the seagulls follow the trawler, it is because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea.’


6 Mar: UK Daily Mail: Matt Chorley: Tory climate change sceptics told to ‘shut it’ by Lib Dem Ed Davey who insists the science is overwhelming
Energy Secretary launches fresh attack on coalition partners
Singles out Lord Lawson and Peter Lilley for criticism
Coalition increasingly split on the need to tackle global warming
Conservative climate change sceptics have been ordered to ‘shut it’, by the Lib Dems.
Energy Secretary Ed Davey said there was ‘overwhelming evidence’ of the need to cut carbon emissions…
Mr Davey told EurActiv, a Brussels-based news website: ‘My recommendation to most politicians who want to talk about the climate is to listen to the scientists and listen to the evidence.
‘Of course you can question it, but when there is overwhelming evidence you should tend to shut it.’
Mr Lilley responded: ‘People who try to silence their critics are revealing their own inability to respond to the arguments that people like I and Nigel Lawson put…
(following earlier stoush) But Michael Fallon, the senior Tory minister in Mr Davey’s energy department, hit back at his boss, insisting: ‘Unthinking climate change worship has damaged British industry and put up consumer bills.’…
One Cabinet minister told MailOnline: ‘He just isn’t very bright. Most of the people around the Cabinet table are bright, even if I disagree with them, but not Owen. He isn’t climate sceptic, he’s climate stupid.’
Today Mr Paterson told BBC Radio 4: ‘The climate is changing and there is clearly a human element.’

rick payson

I didn’t know what the name of that crime is, wws. Thank you. That historically, is a crime, and is done with intentional will to thwart the interests of justice itself: which of course are that people even have enough faith on the justice system, to rely on it, principly,
and pursuit of real fairness such that investments and civilizational trade might go forth, in real world terms.
wws says:
March 6, 2014 at 8:27 pm
What disgusts me most about the financing of lawsuits by groups like Burford, is that under the old English Common Law this was both a crime and a tort known as “Champarty”. A couple of hundred years ago our legal system saw this as flagrantly corrupt and criminal behavior, but now we have “advanced” so far that we no longer seem to be able to see anything wrong with it.

Read the whole article a few hour ago. WoW quite a story!
Ecoloons were very proud of their work. lol pg

I have read multiple articles on this story over the years since the lawsuit was first initiated. The lawsuit was clearly bogus from the outset. If the situation in Ecuador had been so serious and devastating, then why didn’t their government come in and take care of the mess first and then sue afterwards. I imagine that the locals did suffer, but they should have blamed their lousy government for not taking care of their own people.


It is very nice indeed to see the climate hysteria Nazis struggle with their very own golden egg laying goose. If you’re going to make a mess of your mess kit check first for golden eggs provided by big energy.
If it weren’t for my monthly skeptic stipend from big oil I don’t know how I should survive my retirement years. Sarc off
Here’s a reality check. Big Energy knows exactly how much energy it takes to run the country. It matters not to them how they provide that energy, it will be provided. The result is X income. If they are required by law to stop doing it cheaply they will still take in X income. If they are required to provide it foolishly per the green sched, they will earn no less than that same X income. Energy policy won’t change on the provision end. In fact if they don’t earn X in energy they will probably find something else to do with their investment dollars. That is the nature of a free economy.
What does change is the cost to consumers. Every business has got to include the cost of energy in the price of a product. It is settled science that any increase in the cost of production will by paid by the wage earner. This is possible by increasing (reducing the cost of) the labor pool. The government too has no other source of income, and the government has never shown any interest in the problem of wage earner poverty. Their solution is to increase the rate of population growth by importing unskilled labor which pleases big business. Nicely symbiotic. Another fact: when we are driven to poverty we tend to vote for anyone with their hand out if it is clutching the promise of Yankee dollars. So while Barry fiddle’s or golfs, or just tries to keep out from under the angry glare of Michelle, matron saint of boy presidents, the country sloughs off into a financial abyss with nobody of skill at the helm.

Ivor Ward

I presume that the US Governments next step will be to set the Federal Tax Office on to Judge Lewis Kaplan and try and get him replaced by an activist shill. They are already trying to destroy corporations like Chevron…see:
This minor setback must not be allowed to divert the green gravy train…..There is a planet to be saved from its inhabitants by the chosen ones.


I hope you realize I’m not going to get any sleep tonight because I can’t put down “Judge Kaplan’s Opinion”. I was there in the 1970’s when all this was going down. My most vivid memories are of hundreds of people in line 24 hours a day hoping for work.


And of course the helicopter rides…


And, because I grew up in that neck of the woods, I speak and read Spanish fluently. Therefore I’ll probably read all of the decisions of the Ecuadoran courts. You guys are responsible for my lost productivity for the next week… 😉

R. de Haan

Now beat ABC and CBS with their hubris. 1300 days of one sided propaganda is too long.


Not surprised Russell didn’t want to get out of his air-conditioned car. For those of you who have not been down there, it’s really, really hot and humid. Also, the monkeys throw shit at you.

Mindert Eiting

‘Indeed. What Kaplan concluded beyond reasonable doubt was that Donziger’s case was constructed on a web of lies, deceit and corruption.’
For this behaviour a lawyer here would be dispelled from the Dutch Association of Lawyers.

Brian H

Watson’s courages decision

It was courageous, even.


And the snakes try to squeeze you to death, and the ten-foot catfish – forget the piranhas – will attack and eat you. Don’t even get me started on the arachnids and insects.