The Naughty Short List

Josh writes:

I don’t think S. Claus et al. will have been too pleased with the awful Greenpeace video so I suspect they are on the naughty list, which is way too short here of course. It has been rather a naughty year.  


Have a great holiday.

All the best



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Josh, make your naughty list bigger, not necessarily longer. I can’t read it easily. Are my eyes getting too old???

Gunga Din

And a Merry Christmas to Josh and all the denizens of WUWT!
(Including those who don’t celebrate it. “It’s the thought that counts.”)

John F. Hultquist

The size will be adjustable after Christmas when Santa brings you a real computer with a real screen.


Merry Christmas Josh. You never fail to bring us cheer throughout the year!

Hot under the collar

Even Al Qaeda and Vladimir Putin draw the line at taking Santa hostage – but not a line in the sand apparently for Greenpeace.


Use ctrl + to zoom in.
But what’s “Troughers”?


DirkH says: “But what’s “Troughers”?”
The Porkoisie, as someone called them a few months ago. .

Man Bearpig

Or think of an animal that eats from a trough hint I am half one 🙂

Troughers = corrupt politicians who take money from the green organisations in whose interests they act. Sometimes the word Troughers is also used to refer to Rent Seekers – companies (e.g. renewable energy providers) which lobby government to pass laws to force consumers to pay them money, to eliminate the option of consumers not paying them money.

Phillip Bratby

“Trougher”. See Josh’ cartoons of English MP super-trougher Tim Yeo.

Dubya G

Josh, excellent calendar (UK version), thanks so much for the effort you put into it. Hanging on the wall now just waiting for Jan 1 (and the inevitable snow!)
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a happy New Year.

Perhaps to be clearer, the naughty list should be on a sack of coal. really dirty coal.


jorgekafkazar says:
December 22, 2013 at 1:54 pm
“The Porkoisie, as someone called them a few months ago. .”
OIC. Thanks.

It’s been a good day for Dana, check out the Climate Prat of the Year competition at

Love the term “Troughers.”
Perfect way to also describe all the tech companies too insisting that digital learning and gaming replace textbooks.
Rest up and enjoy the rest of 2013. The transformative intentions for 2014 will take all of our energies and attention to side reports and details in footnotes to battle.

Hey Josh/Anthony, we need to import Crampus from Norway for the naughty ones…

Robert of Ottawa

Gosh! That Green piece of carp was so terribly awful.


Is there a Cartoons By Josh calendar in that Christmas box? 🙂


Well,,,,,,,,, the only holiday I could find on the 25th of December is Christmas.
What is the other holiday that dictates a happy holiday citation instead of Merry Christmas again?

Gail Combs

ATheoK says:
December 22, 2013 at 2:22 pm
Perhaps to be clearer, the naughty list should be on a sack of coal. really dirty coal.
Nah, a sack of coal goes to the real conservatives especially those suffering from fuel poverty.
Carbon starvation in glacial trees

2013 has to be the worst year ever for the social engineering/political correctness crowd ever. Decades of hard work and brainwashing effort has been undone by their actions. They swiped the hornets nest one too many times and are now getting the business end of the deal. The American people have had enough from the gun grab effort, the targeted shaming, character assassination, to the last straw the Duck Dynasty fiasco.
If you expect every word and utterance spoken or written to be sanitized politically correct speech like a Hollywood script, you’ve set yourself up for emotional failure and will always find offense in some form or another.
Individual words should not be elevated to the status of bullets and weapons to be used as an excuse to bring physical harm back on those saying such words. We already have enough laws and reasons to punish people for their actions. We don’t need a new class of thought crime law.


Add the “sierra club” to the list. Their lawyers (in conjunction w/EPA’s lawyers) are pretty much dictating overall business rules for nationwide electric utilities these days.


“Troughers” – those who have their snouts in the trough of public money. James Delingpole is particularly scathing on his blog
Do a search on “trougher”.
Merry Christmas or whatever you celebrate.