Requesting some assistance

As some people may or may not know, I am a full member of the American Geophysical Union (AGU) in good standing. The AGU fall meeting is coming up, and I hope to attend so that I can cover what is being presented in the world of climate science, while keeping tabs on the antics of people like Michael Mann, Peter Gleick, and some of the other players.

2013 AGU Fall Meeting

There’s only one problem.

It is VERY expensive to attend. Just the registration alone costs $415.


Add a hotel for 3 days at the typical $150-200 per night rate in SFO, plus incidentals, and the cost to attend easily tops $1000. I’ll drive down to save money rather than take a plane.

While many attendees get the taxpayers (via their Universities) or their NGO’s via donors to pay for such things, WUWT has no such resources, and despite the claims common from detractors, we are still waiting for that ‘big oil check’ to arrive.

So, I thought I’d ask the readership if they can help out so that there will be somebody at AGU to report on climate science that can do so from the skeptic side. I anticipate there will be much follow-on science claims from the upcoming AR5 report, so there is likely to be ample items of interest. I envision a number of segments for WUWT-TV to be put up here.

As a side note, I hope to be able to do a WUWT get together/dinner to thank moderators and contributors as was done almost two years ago and any additional funds received will be put towards that.

Thanks for your consideration, and most of all thanks for reading WUWT.

Donations gratefully accepted: here

The goal has been met, and exceeded, and I am forever grateful to those who have been so very kind to help in this endeavor. The kindness on display has been both overwhelming and humbling. – Anthony



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Jimmy Haigh.

Done. All the best!

David Borth

Done. Hope you get enough to bring a small gift home for the wife and kids. Best of luck Anthony!



Done. Thank you for all you do.


Do you have a PO Box, if we prefer cash?


Also try the press/media registration, Anthony, which is free, and you certainly should qualify.
It would be a most newsworthy item if they think you don’t!
REPLY: I tried way back in 2007, but they didn’t consider WUWT to be “bona fide” then. I doubt they’ll approve now, but it is worth it I suppose just to get an answer again. – Anthony

I attended last year’s Fall AGU meeting in SF.
It was worthwhile to see many of the main players in the climate dialog.
I plan on attending again this year.
Anthony, I hope to see you there.

Rob Long

I read this site every day. Best $30 I’ve spent in a while. Thank you Anthony, and good luck at the conference.

David L.

What? Big Oil isn’t funding you heavily for this? Oh well, here’s some help from a guy who drives a big SUV.

ralph selman

Done. Here’s $50. Keep up the great work


Karl Juve

Done. Thanks for everything that you do

John W

Done…..keep up the fight!

Chip Javert

Probably the best investments I’ve made all year…

Africa Tom

Done! Thanks for asking and thanks for keeping the world informed!


Thanks for alll you do, Anthony. My small part to help….

Dave Kamakaris

Because of this site, I grind every ecocondriac, envirowacko, and warmista I come into contact with into dust. Totally my pleasure to donate.
Keep up the great work, Anthony, and be sure to let us know what the Mannians are up to.


Do they allow questions from the floor?
Will you be allowed to speak?
If so, I wish I could be there.

Brian Adams

Done, but fair warning – I may be associated with Big Oil (I own three automobiles powered by gasoline.)

Joe Public

Done. As the UK’s largest supermarket is fond of telling everyone…………
“Every little helps”


$50.00 done.


Done. Not a lot, but hope it helps.


Anthony – not being familiar with the US tax code I thought I would ask whether there is some way of making a “contribution” that is more tax effective than other ways – for example asking in comments that it should be used solely to defray WUWT business expenses, or perhaps your time in researching topics for future articles – or whatever. Would this help, or am I barking entirely up the wrong tree …?

Stephen Richards

$50 done but I’m not sure my old heart will be able to stand the report back. Have fun !!

Kees van der Pool


Chuck in Houston

$20 on the way. Thank you so much for all of your efforts here. WUWT has been absolutely invaluable to me over the past several years.



Paul Nottingham

You must have almost enough already Anthony.
Why not leave the appeal open and build a war-chest fo you or others to attend these kind of meetings?


I look forward to reading all about it!

kadaka (KD Knoebel)

Put a solar panel on the roof of your electric car, drive it over to Chico State University, park it with a locked donation box and a sign saying you’re collecting money for global warming research, which is perfectly true.
Heck, pull one from the “opposition” playbook. A tragedy from yesterday 8/27, a female student was killed right on the CSU campus by a large falling oak tree branch.
Mention on the sign how the increased atmospheric CO₂ may have increased the growth rate of the branch which could have caused it to fall unexpectedly. Which is also technically true.
Hey, since you’re driving there, why not take the electric car and collect as you go?

Marcel Crok

Hi Anthony
I am 99% percent sure you should get a free media pass; this will also give you access to the press briefings and the press room; I would be very surprised if they refuse this; they will have far more media exposure than most other journalists can give them.
REPLY: Thanks, I’ve submitted it using my press credential from Deer Creek Broadcasting/KPAY radio where I have been employed for ten years. We’ll see. Like I said I tried in 2007, but WUWT by itself wasn’t a “bona fide” media outlet. Now given its reach, as you point out it likely would be. Still, they wanted a business card and traditional media affiliation, so they have that now. I’ll file radio stories as well. We’ll see what happens. Still just the hotel bill alone was almost $800 through the AGU, so in any event I’ll need some help. – Anthony


A small token of my appreciation for all the work you and your colleagues do.

Mike J

I’m a long time lurker. It’s about time I tried to help (one of) the voice(s) of reason.

Kevin Lohse

Thrown my mite into the pot. If there’s any over, use it as you think fit. Enjoy your conference.

Marty Sorensen

Done. Politely tweak some of the alarmists while you’re there.

Andy Young

Best usd30 I’ve spent in a long time ! Many thanks Anthony

William Norton

I would like to contribute but there is a lot of private information required to donate by Visa. The stores do not ask for my phone number and address when I use Visa, why does this site?


Done. Money well spent.

Daniel Wisehart

Done. Wish I could send more.


$50 from the UK, sorry I can’t be there but you’d do a better job than me anyway. Given the amount of time I spend on your site and the reams of info I get from there I still owe you.
Sock it to them and I look forward to the reports.
PS when the inevitable Big Oil Cheque arrives don’t worry about repayment, an invite to your new yacht will be just fine 😉


Given the hotel bill is the major part of your expense, can a Bay Area reader provide you guest accommodations? I understand this might not be your first choice, but… I live in Boulder and am happy to offer you same if you visit here.

F. Schlobohm

Done. Good luck and all the best!!
Friedhelm Schlobohm

Paul Westhaver

Tried to donate Anthony but the Paypal portal insists on getting a phone number from me.
Ain’t gonna happen.
So I will send you a paper check and even give you my number. Paypal is not going to be privy to my number.
Address for snail mail?
Also Samuel Clemens was attributed with the phrase [the coldest winter I spent was a summer in San Francisco]… so a winter in San Francisco is even less appealing especially Union Square and the miasma of old leftist urine.
Have fun!


I agree, it’s a good idea use any excess to support various projects and people. A nonprofit org would be great!


Done as well….

William Norton

Willard? I used pay pal so all is well. Give’m hell.

Lady in Red

I don’t “do” PayPal. MasterCard…? or give me an address and I’ll send a check.
I never stayed in “AGU-arranged” hotels. Much too expensive. Look around; you’ll find cheaper…. Or, is there a WUWT fan who’ll gladly house a celebrity? ….Lady in Red

Jerry Haney

I donated $100, it is a small amount when compared to all you have done for science.


Done. Glad to help with this.


OK, done