Hump Day Hilarity: Great moments in planet saving energy engineering

British fracking protestor Prajna has it all figured out. Tom Wilson interviewed this guy at the fracking protest in Balcombe England. A cartoon from Josh follows.



Have you protested before on energy issues?

Prajna: “Well, no. But I’ve designed a few energy things. I’ve designed an internal combustion engine that only has two moving parts, which is far too efficient to produce, otherwise oil companies would kill me.

I’ve had some top engineers working on it. My great uncle designed a perpetual motion machine. But he was busy looking for something that would insulate between magnets in order to produce it. Well actually I’ve had a look at the design since. I looked into buoyancy. I did all the maths on buoyancy.

It never seems to quite work, does it?

Prajna: “Well, this is the thing. It does work. It balances perfectly.”

Are you against the extraction of all fossil fuels in the UK?

Prajna: “Do you know, it would be a wonderful start if they just stopped suppressing free energy and starting encouraging it. But they’re not about that.”

Read the rest of the brilliant set of interviews here: I met the fracking protesters

Josh also has an excellent cartoon on fracking here


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are these the same people?……..

Radical Rodent

I have to admit, I sent this missive to Caroline Lucas (Green Party MP for Brighton), to open her eyes to the environmental devastation that she and her party have been ignoring for years:

Dear Mrs Lucas,
I have to ask – why you are protesting about hydraulic fracking taking place, despite the fact that it is far safer than the manual fracking that has been carried out throughout the world for decades, with little attempt to reduce it?
Manual fracking is considerably more hazardous than hydraulic fracking, as it involves sending a workforce into the locale to fracture the substrate; it also involves the use of many extremely dangerous chemicals – some highly explosive, and many known carcinogens – the removal of large quantities of substrate, despoiling vast areas of the surface, ruining many habitats, destroying environments, and creating huge risk of local tremors, many of which have been known to damage property and endanger life. Indeed, entire landscapes have been radically altered by manual fracking, resulting in the destruction of many environments. As I said before, this has been carried out in this country for decades, yet you have done nothing to control or prevent it, yet feel incumbent to interfere with the considerably safer process of hydraulic fracking – there are about 500,000 hydraulic fracking sites in the USA alone, and there has never been one instance of harm or damage to any individual, community or the environment. At the hundreds of manual fracking sites in this country, there have already been thousands deaths recorded, including many children, yet you are not making any protest about this devastation!
Yours sincerely,
Radical Rodent

I suppose I could have added more, but I wanted to keep the message short.
Originally posted this on Bishop Hill, where at least one person liked it.

Steve C

Beyond satire.


Same sort of people at the “Line 9” pipeline protests in Hamilton, Ontario:

Gunga Din

An internal combustion engine with only two moving parts?
Hmmm….A lump of iron serving as a piston in the combustion chamber to generate electricity as it moves across a magnetic field? Moving part number 2: a check valve of sorts for the fuel flow?
I wonder how often “Prajna” moves his parts?

Dodgy Geezer

…I’ve designed an internal combustion engine that only has two moving parts…
We already have an internal combustion engine with only ONE moving part. Frank Whittle invented it during the 1920s. We call it the ‘Jet Engine’…


It would be funny if it wasn’t so dangerous. As somebody said in comments somewhere else, in 1984/5 the police were roaming the country stopping flying pickets to enable businesses to continue to operate. Today, the exact opposite appears to be the norm. What went wrong? One answer to that question is the lack of balance.


Human high intelligence in action…..or not, as the case may be!


Guinevere is Eric Idle. Regan could be Michael Palin. Karl Marx in the first picture needs crutches now? Poor fella.


I got that beat. A turbine is an internal combustion engine with one moving part.

What a coincidence. My favorite perpetual motion machine is driven by buoyancy also.
The rotor is a chain of accurately formed buoyant spheres (e.g., ping pong balls) glued to fibers 1/2 ball diameter long. The stator chamber has an opening, at its lowest part, lined by a vertical cylinder of just ball clearing diameter that is low friction and three ball diameters long – through which the chain of balls is passed. See that two balls are always in the cylinder preventing flow. The chain is passed from the cylinder valve, up through the working liquid (buoyancy), over the side of chamber (on a wheel if you will), hanging down the side of the chamber (gravity normal force), and freely looping up into the cylinder valve.
The weight plus buoyancy should be sufficient to keep the chain in motion. Sadly it is not. I was in high school when I discovered why.

Kurt in Switzerland

Someone check his instant coffee powder. Please.
Kurt in Switzerland

Rhoda R

They vote.


As soon as people start talking about working perpetual motion machines I stop listening…


I’ve debated “free energy” advocates many times before. Many seem to hold two conflicting beliefs at once: (1) The laws of thermodynamics hold. (2) If you’re really clever, you can confuse Mother Nature enough that she gives up extra energy.
Must be a psychological term for this phenomenon.


Rhoda R says:
August 21, 2013 at 2:18 pm
They vote.
That’s the truly scary part…

Joe Crawford

Dodgy Geezer says (August 21, 2013 at 2:00 pm ): …”Frank Whittle invented it during the 1920s. We call it the ‘Jet Engine’…”
‘Ram Jet’ if I remember correctly.. and as OldWeirdHarold says (August 21, 2013 at 2:12 pm): “…I got that beat. A turbine is an internal combustion engine with one moving part.”
That seems to cover the cases for both zero and one moving part. I’m a bit dubious about Prajna’s design with two though.


Annie says:
August 21, 2013 at 2:06 pm
Human high intelligence in action…..or not, as the case may be!
see there are your two moving parts

Richard D

I’ll venture a guess on his college major: environmental studies, sociology or psychology. Presently, living in mom’s basement, unemployed and on the dole.


Wonder where he got the double wide folding chair…

M Courtney

Saw this on Bishop Hill. I laughed.
Then I felt guilty.
These people are not reaching their potential… but they are still people.
Prajna, for example, appears to have been damaged somehow. Maybe it was his lifestyle choice (dope). Maybe it was bad luck.
But I felt bad for laughing at him.


Anytime I’ve seen coverage of environmental protesters here in Oregon the same type of folks as those in England show up. Totally clueless about everything but convinced they know the “TRUTH”.

Doug UK

“Rhoda R says:
August 21, 2013 at 2:18 pm
They vote.”
Worse than that Rhoda – they breed.

John Spencer

UK Only Green MP Caroline Lucas arrested

R. Shearer

No smiles in that group.


OK, so they’re fruitcakes. But something about holding them up to ridicule leaves me feeling uneasy. A bit like picking on a disabled child at school. Does that sound cruel? It’s not meant to. I’ll just shut up now.


He could easily release the design for his engine into to public domain and then multiple companies would start to produce his “free energy”.
a. He is lying and there is no such design, or,
b. He wishes to monopolize the production of “free energy” for himself.


You really can’t make this stuff up.

The reason that it’s fair to hold them up to ridicule is that THESE are the people being used by the warmist establishment to try and pretend that there is some great grass roots movement that supports their anti-energy, top down controlling agenda.
No – their only real foot soldiers are hangers-on who hope to scam a buck or two, ideological loons, and the mentally incompetent. That needs to be repeatedly pointed out, and ridicule is the best tool to do that with.

My mother always told me. “Don’t mock the afflicted.”

Bruce Foutch

Perpetual motion machines?

Only one small problem. They don’t seem to produce any extra energy to do useful work.


Perpetual motion. AKA “drinky bird”.

Hot under the collar

Oh dear, and they have the temerity to psychoanalyse skeptics and call us “nutters”!


Meanwhile in Australia, the greens are promoting solar thermal in the desert just 500km from the nearest large city. Apparently they don’t know about line losses. By desert I mean uncleared rangeland and dry lake systems that cannot be cleared except after serious environmental assessment. So they want to despoil a near pristine environment to generate electricity in a place that means over a third of it would be lost before it can do any good.

Hippies are such dorks. What is the next best thing to free energy? How about 3c kWh from coal powered plants, and 2d gal gas? Voluntarily purchased and used as seen fit?
Anyone who has free energy to offer the world had better do so now while there is cheap abundant energy and means of production and distribution.
However, claiming that the economy must be destroyed first reveals that these activists are in reality waging economic warfare on free nations.

Is there any other free stuff he wants, besides energy, while we are on the subject? Free doctors, free college tuition, free contraceptives?

R. de Haan

They wage war on the economy just like the US and EU administration. A.O, EPA and the European Environmental Bureau (EBB) back up these protestor with hard cash.
We are at war. Time to behave like that.

OldWeirdHarold says:
August 21, 2013 at 3:55 pm
> Perpetual motion. AKA “drinky bird”.
Thermodynamic system. Works by creating a thermal gradient thanks to evaporative cooling. I don’t know of similar systems scaled up enough to do useful work.


I don’t get why people even want a perpetual motion machine, when there is so much energy available.
If you could somehow cheaply tap earth’s orbital velocity or say the geological heat of the Earth- that would be different.
Considering that we can tap the past energies of supernovas by using nuclear decay [fission reactors- which capable of providing nearly a infinite source energy]. The issue isn’t some lack of energy, it’s do people actually want to use it.

Perhaps he has a new religion for us, and a new organic vegetarian diet? Do we need to destroy the agricultural sector, along with electricity generation? Nationalize or destroy churches for a new religion which he likes better to just break out? The possibilities are just endless when you are a progressive with a plan.


Don’t feel sorry. He doesn’t feel sorry for you either. What he is doing is not innocent. He wants you and me to get poor and live in misery. This kind of people need to be exposed. They live in lala land and want everyone else to go there too. No way!

Mac the Knife

Yet another example indicating the shallow end of the gene pool needs a little more chlorine……

Brian H

R. de Haan;
Yep. Hand me my resolver.

Richards in Vancouver

Zeke says:
“Is there any other free stuff he wants, besides energy, while we are on the subject? Free doctors, free college tuition, free contraceptives?”
I say:
Please, please give him free contraceptives!

Richard of NZ

Latitude says:
August 21, 2013 at 1:33 pm
are these the same people?
The thing I noticed was that every car was on the wrong side of the road. How are pedestrians supposed to look out for the obviously wrong?
(Thats sarc by the way)


His chair has more moving parts than his combustion engine.

Donald P. McCollor

There is an IC engine with NO moving parts-a varient of the pulsejet (WW2 German V1 engine). Instead of flapper valves, the geometry produces pulsating air intake and exhaust thrust. Also excellent at converting fuel to noise…


RHS said:
August 21, 2013 at 2:50 pm
Wonder where he got the double wide folding chair…
No, it’s a love seat. A folding love seat.
(For folding love,… I reckon.)
Ok, I’ll shut up now too.

Green Sand

Re Prajna pose:-
That is not tea or coffee in the mug/cup. There is no liquid in the mug/cup, that is just the colour of a well used, on site, contaminated (dirty) drinking vessel. Interesting how variable “contamination” can be?