What if you put on a presidentially sponsored climate rally, and nobody showed up?

It appears that is exactly what happened today, from Obama’s “Organizing For Action” website (now disappeared) there was this announcement:


Reality is a bitch sometimes:


See http://freebeacon.com/ofa-gets-zero-attendance-for-climate-change-rally/

Timing is everything I suppose. Checking the forecast helps too.

OFA’s climate change ‘rally’ has zero environmental impact, zero attendees | Twitchy

To be fair, there were multiple rallies scheduled today, and some did attract tens of people.


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Oh, this is amazing! Not ten minutes ago, I thought to myself, “We’ll know it’s over when no one shows up to these meetings, protests or lectures.”
Yes, I know one isn’t the whole, but it does seem that attendance is very clearly lighter nowadays.
Then this! So nice! Thank you! 😀

What, not even James Hansen? Or Bill McKibben? Watts has won then. Congratulations …


Was this planned before or after he flew his dog on a private helicopter to their summer vacation house?

It’s obvious that Climate Rallies cause cold, rainy weather. To prevent future Global WarmingClimate Change we must institute a feverish schedule of Climate Rallies.


Was Al Gore in Georgetown?


Looks like the Chicken Littles are coming home to roost.

Mike M

Maybe more like Chicken Littles are feeling a bit roostered.


The money hucksters were off spending their gains somewhere else and did not have time for such loose change events.


That does not stop the regime from forcing CO2 rules and Obamacare down our throats.

Mark Bofill

See, that’s the problem with bots. They can’t actually show up in RL.

It’s hard to protest global warming when you’re cold and wet.

High treason

If anyone makes a big deal of this in the media, they will just shrug it off saying someone goofed in the publicity (propaganda) department.

Paul Westhaver

It was a “virtual rally”…. attended by millions. See the clicks?
You deniers are such Luddites, Welcome to the the 3rd millennium
That was sarcasm for those of you who don’t know me.

george e. smith

“”””””……MattN says:
August 13, 2013 at 2:49 pm
Was this planned before or after he flew his dog on a private helicopter to their summer vacation house?……..””””””””””
Well it wasn’t a helicopter; it was an Osprey; the stupidest piece of flying scrap metal, ever to leave the ground.
You would never catch me riding in one of those junk piles..
As for “the dog”, actually it was BO, as in Barack Obama; the Presidential alter ego.
Anybody with that much of a self aggrandizement fetish, ought to take a page out of Icarus’s book, and not fly up towards the sun, in a pile of alloys, just waiting to plummet to earth.
If I were BO, I would chooses that much older flying bedstead gizmo, that looked like a jet elevated pulpit. It would be fitting for BO to be seen in a flying pulpit, specially fitted with stereo Tele-prompters.


I love the smell of political embarrassment in the morning. It smells like….Victory! 🙂

Unite Against Greenfleecing

No wonder the dog travels separate from the president, in the interest of national security the two are not allowed to travel together. Was there any canine present at the climate rally or maybe Biden was their holding the dog by the tail?
Rumor has it all the warmists were busy attending the Nazi Climate Bondage Show in Vegas.


The Gore Effect is alive and well!

Elmer, where were your cameras mate? The Chicken should have made an appearance!


I thought that given his background he would be using a flying carpet for this…. So much less environmental impact.


Witches can’t survive the rain. Prima facie evidence my statement is true.

David L.

But at least 97% of those that attended believe in AGW

Chuck Nolan

Excellent David L.


But the polls show a majority of people are concerned about our change of climate. LOL. What a bunch of climate clowns.


People are bored. People are not worried by our booming biosphere. People want more warmth not more cold. People want to eat, have good standards of living and healthy lives. It’s as simple as that. ‘Climate Change’ issues are on the edge of being vote losers.


Barry’s propagandists have totally lost it on Twitter


What Obummer …!

Gail Combs

elmer says:
August 13, 2013 at 3:05 pm
It’s hard to protest global warming when you’re cold and wet.
Listen to Elmer, He should know.

Chad Wozniak

Maybe we skeptics missed an opportunity – to show up at the rally in our thousands, with our picket signs saying “Free CO2 Now!” “AGW = Absolutely Gone Wacko!” “”Stop Wind and Solar Power Pollution!” “Renewable Energy is Cruelty to Animals1” “Drill Baby Drill!” “Mine Baby Mine!” “Frack Baby Frack!” “Tote that Power Plant!” “Tote that Oil Refinery!” “Redistribute Rich Lefties’ Wealth First!” “Tax Global Warming Research Grants 100 Percent!”

Sure didn’t rain much today, nor was it cold. We’re just south of Washington DC. Weather was cloudy, somewhat humid and mildly warm. Our high hit mid-eighties and our low this past morning was probably just shy of 70F. Except for the clouds and mist, perfectly comfortable for patiently watching the pre dawn skies for Perseids; (I haven’t seen any yet over several nights.)
Perhaps I’ve just missed the showers during my nighttime forays, but you’d think I’d see at least one meteor in a forty five minute stakeout. No meteors, back to bed… Last night was a complete bust and didn’t watch for more than ten minutes before deciding that the Perseids space dust just wasn’t making it through clouds.
Anyway, the ground was not wet this morning and only a few sparse squalls passed through leaving raindrop splash patterns on mostly dry ground surfaces.
As for as the lack of attendees, that means no beer or food was being served. Otherwise, why would anyone bother attending an ofa oaf faith based event?
Don’t worry, I’m sure the presidential msm adorational will have GISS run statistical analysis on the numbers so they can ‘model’ the GISSmaginary attendance and reach group ofa ecstacy.

Chad Wozniak

I forgot to add, “Tote that Keystone Pipeline!”

lurker, passing through laughing

If we list the work of team Obama that only focused on actual problems and then actually dealing with them in ways that were effective, the list would be as short as this rally was empty.


“To be fair, there were multiple rallies scheduled today, and some did attract tens of people.”
Tens! Not even dozens?

I didn’t attend. Does that mean I’m part of the majority? I’m not used to that. Where do I go to reap my benefits?

Mark Urbo

They all went for a swim in the “iceless” Arctic and nobody has seen them since….

Obama could not come because he was busy deleting all his emails to the IRS….


Chad Wozniak on August 13, 2013 at 4:57 pm
AGW = Al Gore Wacko …

Gail Combs

Chad Wozniak says:
I prefer a sign reading: “Save a tree from starvation – BURN COAL”

Gail Combs

Mark Urbo says:
August 13, 2013 at 5:59 pm
They all went for a swim in the “iceless” Arctic and nobody has seen them since….
But the poley bears are well fed and laughing.

Mac the Knife

MattN says:
August 13, 2013 at 2:49 pm
Was this planned before or after he flew his dog on a private helicopter to their summer vacation house?
I know you meant that to illicit a laugh at the incongruous image of Obama’s dog getting its own helicopter ride… but I can’t laugh at this insanity anymore.
To date, the American taxpayer has reportedly contributed more than $1,000,000,000 (that’s right, 1 Billion dollars) to the care, feeding, golf, basketball, stylish clothing and vacation needs of Barack, Michelle, their 2 girls, and their portuguese water dog! With that in mind, at least 43% of the US electorate still has a ‘favorable view’ of the Obamas, because they care about the Poor sooooooooo much?! Consider that this lavish, outlandish and uncaring spending behavior by Our Dear Leader and family could have provided 1 million US citizens with $1,000 each to meet critical health care needs. A lot of grandmas didn’t get their critical medicines but Malia had a GREAT time in Mexico for ‘spring break’! Ugh.
Mind you, it was not a private helicopter that Obama used to solo fly the family flea bag over to their exclusive ocean front view. The MV-22 Osprey tilt rotor that ‘Bo’ was flown on to Marthas Vineyard can carry 24 Marines with full battle gear in conventional seating, or a maximum of 34 if the seats are removed and the Marines and all gear are anchored directly to the floor. It’s combined vertical takeoff/landing capabilities, speed, range, and load capacities are unmatched by other military helos. It costs approximately $11,400 per hour to operate…. That’s the equivalent of feeding 2,280 hungry folks a $5 meal every hour it is in the air. And Our Dear Leader uses it as a flying dog kennel for the family mutt! Obama told us that ‘sequester’ would cause severe cuts to critical military programs but it did not shut down Bo Bo the Wonder Dog’s military airline it seems. It’s the kind of insane and unjustifiable extravagance you’d expect from North Korea’s Kim Jong-un!
Only a socialist democrat could turn a blind eye to this unconscionable waste and abuse of military assets by Barack Hussein Obama and retinue! I’m glad that his Organizing For Action PAC is flailing and failing to draw any attention to the false canard of AGW but his profligate waste and imperial actions (obstruction of Keystone pipeline, IRS harassment of conservatives, Benghazi coverup, etc.) are worthy of a third world dictator and are placing our country profoundly at risk. I just can’t ‘laugh’ at it anymore.

John Blake

More rallies! Comrades, we need more rallies, a Klimat Clown on every shari’a-safe streetcorner, and we need ’em NOW. Anyone failing Dumbriscus in this, his sacred duty, will be liquidated on the spot.


There ought to have been catering. Maybe a buffet?
Reminds me rather much of that scene in A Christmas Carol where the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come brings Scrooge to the

…’Change, amongst the merchants; who hurried up and down, and chinked the money in their pockets, and conversed in groups, and looked at their watches, and trifled thoughtfully with their great gold seals; and so forth, as Scrooge had seen them often.

What sticks in my memory most about that part of the story had been their banter about attending Scrooge’s send-off:

“It’s likely to be a very cheap funeral,” said the same speaker; “for upon my life I don’t know of anybody to go to it. Suppose we make up a party and volunteer?”
“I don’t mind going if a lunch is provided,” observed the gentleman with the excrescence on his nose. “But I must be fed, if I make one.”


Mac the Knife on August 13, 2013 at 6:17 pm
Only a socialist democrat could turn a blind eye to this unconscionable waste …
Is he inspired by his party comrades in Sweden?

Dr. John M. Ware

Here in central Virginia, 100 miles from DC, we had a cloudy morning with occasional sprinkles; a total of a “trace” of rain. If I had not had other errands, I would have been in the garden working, and that little bit of rain would not have held me back. Further up the coast, in northern NJ and southeastern PA, now they got some real rain; DC, not so much. My thought is that the attendance included pretty much everyone who thought it worth the trouble to go.

Outrageous Ampersand

Unfortunately, y’all are missing the point.
President Asterisk is becoming increasingly irrelevant, but that doesn’t make the situation any better. Powerful interests have hitched themselves so tightly to his wagon that they can’t disengage, even as said wagon is going off a cliff. They can’t stop, because sometimes admitting you’re wrong is worse than simply the end of everything.
I’m reminded of the Dark Knight film: “in their desperation, they turned to a man they didn’t fully understand”.

Mario Lento

They did not properly market the event. Weren’t they supposed to offer Obamaphones to attendees?


“To be fair, there were multiple rallies scheduled today, and some did attract tens of people.”
Given the margin of error could it have even been dozens?

wayne Job

If you throw a party and no-one turns up, it gives one an empty feeling, what a shame.

Chad Wozniak

@Sadsjal –
Yes, and any number of others: Alarmist Goon Weirdos, Abnormal Gastropod Worms, etc.
If you really want to throw up, see the videos from C-SPAN where Rep. Steve Scalise is questioning BloodyMess. The clot’s effrontery is truly breathtaking – right after many minutes of testimony from various witnesses that CO2 does not drive climate, he still up and says everybody agrees that man’s CO2 emissions are causing global warming, nothing to discuss, case closed. It is as though he pretends not to hear anything but his own lies.
Facts not only won’t stop BloodyMess, he is sufficiently lacking in any emotion (other than raw rage or smug self-satisfaction, probably) to be even capable of feeling fear. He is so cocksure of his point that even a sudden new ice age probably won’t budge him. And if, as I suspect, he knows he is lying, that doesn’t bother him in the least, as it similarly would not bother any other sociopathic mentality.