Tuesday Tittering – Drill baby, drill

Josh writes:

Apparently Dana Nuccitelli works for the fossil fuel industry, see here and here, so I thought a cartoon of him at work would be helpful. If you want to get the slightly obscure but apposite references to Drillbit then Google is your friend 😉


Cartoons by Josh

UPDATE: Delingpole has a go at it here.

UPDATE2: Maybe we need a windmill in the background too. Revealed: Guardian climate blogger works for EPA, wind, solar contractor without disclosure

25 thoughts on “Tuesday Tittering – Drill baby, drill

  1. I wont post the link as it is rather crude, but input nuccitelli at urbandictionary.com
    It is not a recent entry.

  2. Urbandictionary is a ‘treasure-trove’-
    schmidt- (def’n 7) To massively overreact to the truth…
    mann- (def’n 1) A wicked man who encompasses all that is evil.
    mann- (def’n 2) To cry, complain, or argue something that most people would find pointless.
    mann- (def’n 2) A synonym to someone who is a band-aid and can’t take a hit even though they are the biggest person on the field/court.
    gore (def’n 10) A unit of carbon footprint measurement equivalent to 15 times the monthly US median carbon footprint.
    cook- (def’n 6) To alter or adjust accounting or other records (“books”), evidence, statements, etc., usually fraudulently or unethically, in such a way as to make them take on a different meaning or appearance.
    lewandowski- (def’n 3) The name given to a d-bag or someone committing acts of d-baggery.
    Who knew?

  3. In June of 2012 Tetra Tech, Dana’s fossil fuel employer, purchased a company engaged in shale oil extraction. Did I hear ‘Big Oil shill’ or should that be ‘Big Oil shale’. Never again will Dana be fast a loose with his mouth about big oil. He’ll probably shift to Big Gas.

    Colorado Energy News – June 7th, 2012
    Tetra Tech Expands Services to Niobrara, Bakken Shale Markets with Rooney Engineering Acquisition

  4. From the link for Delingpole he seems to have summed the global warming debate very nicely.

    Our beef with the alarmists is not over the issue “Do humans contribute to climate change?” It’s over “Do humans significantly contribute to climate chnage?” “Is there any evidence that this climate change is catastrophic or unprecedented?” “Do we need to do anything about it?” “Can we do anything about it?” “And are we sure that the cures currently being proposed aren’t worse than the problem they’re supposed to solve?”

    Every sceptical blogger should have this quote inserted automatically at the bottom of their pages.

  5. In Alberta, we’re smart enough to finish building the pipeline before pushing the oil through it.

  6. Isn’t it beautiful when our future mandatory electric cars receive their re-charge from a diesel fueled power generator? How “green” can you get. US DOLLAR GREEN that is.

  7. Nuccitelli is excellent when spread on toast. Of course, toast is hot, just like our anthropogenically changed climate.

  8. I find the hypocrisy nauseating. Thankfully, “Big Oil Shill” is no longer a weapon in their arsenal.

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