Would you, could you, shoot a goat in the Name of Climate Change?


By Steve Goreham

Originally published in The Washington Times.

O’Hare airport will finally get its goats. The Department of Aviation of the City of Chicago has awarded a contract to a private firm to provide 25 goats to munch vegetation at the city’s airport. These “green lawn mowers” will help reduce carbon dioxide emissions to sustain the planet.

Last fall, when the project was bid, Amy Malick, head of sustainability at the Department of Aviation, commented on the planned use of goats in hard-to-mow areas, “They may have steep slopes, very hard to get to with heavy machinery, and those machines also emit pollution. They’re burning fossil fuel. So as a sustainability initiative we’re looking to bring in animals that do not have emissions associated with them, at least to the same extent that heavy machinery would.”

A shepherd will herd the goats across 120 acres at four different sites on airport property. The 25 fuzzy critters are expected to clear vegetation each day from a square at least sixteen feet on a side.

Chicago is not the first city to employ animals to reduce airport vegetation. Sheep are used at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and goats are used at San Francisco International. Seattle-Tacoma International Airport deployed goats as early as 2008, but stopped because “it was not cost effective.” How can a guy with a lawn mower be as cost effective as a herd of goats?

A single one-way Boeing 747 flight from Chicago to London emits about 200 tons of carbon dioxide, or about 5,000 times the annual emissions from a gasoline-powered lawn mower of a homeowner. It appears that emissions savings from O’Hare goats will be relatively small. But what about methane emissions from the herd?

On the other side of the world, about 10,000 miles from Chicago, the government of Australia has a different solution for global warming. More than a million wild camels, called “feral” camels, roam the outback of Australia. They munch up the foliage and emit methane, a potent greenhouse gas, from both the nose end and the tail end. Each camel produces more than one ton of CO2-equivalent emissions per year. Feral goats are also part of this severe climate problem.


But the enlightened Australian government passed the Carbon Farming Initiative Act in December of 2011. The act calls for “The reduction of methane emissions through the management, in a humane manner, of feral goats, feral deer, feral pigs, or feral camels.” “Management” companies are now flying over the outback, shooting goats and camels from helicopters, and earning carbon credits. Maybe the Aussies should use goats instead of lawn mowers at airports?

So goats are both grazed and shot to reduce those evil carbon dioxide emissions. It’s all part of this mad, mad, mad world of Climatism.


Steve Goreham is Executive Director of the Climate Science Coalition of America and author of the new book The Mad, Mad, Mad World of Climatism: Mankind and Climate Change Mania.(which they don’t like at San Jose State Meteorology Dept.)


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Amr Marzouk

You can’t make this up.

cui bono

So a small neutron bomb in the outback could earn big money?


What they do to combat climate change is surely a bonanza of fresh material for stand up comedians.

I’d shoot a goat – they make a delicious stew, especially if you add some curry spices. Right up there with roast hog. Always looked forward to dinner at my Uncle’s farm.

Tom J

I was going to attempt to write something funny about this but then I realized it was hopeless. Completely hopeless. Thoroughly hopeless. As hopeless as hopeless can be. Jet aircraft travel juxtaposed with the Middle Ages. Forward!


Has Kevin Trenberth officially reached goat status yet …. ?

Why have a human shepherd herd the goats instead of a ‘natural’ herd management system….. like a pack of grey wolves….
which would provide some entertainment during those long tarmac layovers….
“Oh look Susie, the wolves are shredding another goat.”

Chris @njsnowfan

Goats munching grass along and near a major runway is a disaster than can be avoided by not having them there in the first place. I can see the headline now, Goat runs onto runway and is sucked into jet engine causing plane to crash and many people to die. WTF is wrong with people. I wonder how much $$ that guy or gal is making that came up with that brilliant plan and the man hours it has taken this far. Headline could read like this, Terrorist straps bomb to goat and blows up plane on runway. Goat shepherd from middle east…


Mowing the lawn sucks. Well managed got herds do work. They also have a certain charm.
Shooting feral camels is absurd (at least in my neighborhood.)

Tim Beatty

Isn’t the vegetation counted as sequestered carbon while eating and defecating is creating more CO2? As the Lorax, I say let it grow.

Lew Skannen

When I first heard that our amazing government was planning on killing goats to save the climate I thought it was one of those ridiculous ‘out of context’ misquotes that we sceptics are accused of all the time. Nope. Turns out it is true.
So it now raises a couple of questions.
Firstly – which animals next? I am not native to Australia so I may soon find myself on the list especially since I am a member of the animal group which emits the most CO2.
Secondly, if the camels don’t eat the grass and digest it is there a possibility that something else might?!
A kangaroo maybe. Admittedly they are native to Australia but so many?! Should there therefore not be some kind of upper limit to acceptible populations of kangaroos? This needs to be discussed, decided and implemented.
I can only conclude that what we really need is a bigger bureucracy to save us…

When will this silly but very damaging extremism end? Will the climate scientists ever come to grip with the serious consequences of the bad CO2 science they are continuing to shamelessly promote leading so many well meaning people and government agencies to do amazingly stupid things. It appears that only the climate scientists can bring it to an end. Please, please do what must eventually be done to save our civilization. Just say it, “We were wrong. Carbon Dioxide is not a dangerous greenhouse gas. There is no significant man-made global warming. There is no crisis. In the name of responsible science let us reconsider the issue of man made climate change.”

I’d gladly shoot that goat that was in that horrible Mountain Dew ad, whatever its name was. That was sick. Heard that they make great fajitas.


First they came for feral camels …

Janice Moore

Why were goat lawn mowers not cost-effective at Sea-Tac? Replacement cost for new goats (no doubt). The hungry, jobless, peasants of the Socialist State of Seattle kept killing the goats for food. (;|)

Chris @njsnowfan

Another Great Post from Joe Bastardi today. Do They Even Look?http://patriotpost.us/opinion/18098


Do you suppose that a single jet taking off at O’Hare might undo any reduction in CO2 the goats provide? Of course since CO2 isn’t harmful to the Earth or climate, “What does it mattter?” To quote Hillary.

Janice Moore

Loose Cannon: “… it now raises a couple of questions.
Firstly – which animals next?”
noaaprogrammer: “First they came for feral camels …”
I, for one, WILL SPEAK UP! — Before they come for… .


Steep slopes? Has this person in charge of O’Hare ever been to Chicago?


John Coleman says:
May 9, 2013 at 8:40 pm
When will this silly but very damaging extremism end?
The way it works in the private sector is that the let’s call him or her “CEO” comes to work one morning, usually a Board Meeting, and then goes home without a job.
Sometimes the reason is “We needed a change” – nothing more, nothing less.
Then it’s over.
It’s like being cured of constipation times 1000, or in this case (as far as the planet goes) times 1,000,000.
It’s going to happen soon, hence the recent very nervous twitching from the lying frauds.


Seriously? Goats on an air field.. what could possibly go wrong !!
and wtf was Glyophosphate invent for ???

For sure the Union of Airport Goatherds will strike if a shepherd gets the job.

Chris B

Maybe there’s a crop that could be planted, grown and harvested on that 120 acres rather than simply feeding methane generators that require human supervision.

It all sounds rather like Climategoat iv, sorry, I couldn’t help it ٩(͡๏̮͡๏)۶

Bill H

I wonder how planes will fair against goats on the runway? the smaller planes wont survive well..
Chopped goat via propeller.. I guess gutted, hide removed and thinly sliced is the name of the game… :).

Rob Dawg

What is steep inaccessible terrain doing so close to a runway? Break out the D-9 dozer and fix it.

Sounds like a job for Willis, From http://wattsupwiththat.com/2011/12/13/to-sahel-and-back/

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach
The Sahel, that stretch of harsh territory south of the Sahara desert, is a bleak region. I did some work there, in a couple three countries. I came away with the conviction that if every day, every person in the Sahel planted one fruit tree and killed one goat, in about twenty years it would be worth visiting.

For those reluctant to slaughter a goat, just send it to O’Hare.

Had my say over at Jo Nova’s, but got a slight slap on the wrist from one of the posters, whose goats are apparently charming …
My uncle’s goat would recycle all their waste, including the labels off the tin cans, and recycle a lot of other things that weren’t actually waste. He was also very affectionate, unless you turned round and walked away, then he would playfully butt you in the arse.
Intelligent and resourceful animals. When it comes to climate scientists versus goats, the smart money is on the goats.

Steve Goreham, have a look at the posts about methane on my blog (http://cementafriend.wordpress.com/2011/10/14/methane-good-or-bad/). Then go away and find some real proof about the BS and green scam that methane is anything more than an insignificant trace gas in the atmosphere.

What is interesting is that feral animals (camels, goats, pigs, cats, foxes, and more) are far and away the biggest environmental problem in Australia, but any proposal to control them invariably has the greenie animal lovers up in arms. But they are willing to cull them to ‘stop climate change’.
That is Greens in a nutshell. Refuse to deal with real problems, but more than happy to address imaginary problems.


So?! The West can’t beat the Goat Herders in Afgahnastan? so they’ve decided to join ’em? Mental, Just Mental.

R. de Haan

It will only be a matter of time before they start culling Australians.


John Coleman says:
May 9, 2013 at 8:40 pm
“Please, please do what must eventually be done to save our civilization. Just say it, “We were wrong. Carbon Dioxide is not a dangerous greenhouse gas.””

Very well said John.


R. de Haan says:
“It will only be a matter of time before they start culling Australians.”
Sure, but let’ start right at the top. !! PLEASE !!

A shepherd herds sheep. Goats are herded by a goat-herd. They’ve got the wrong person for the job.

Evan Thomas

Philip Bradley covered most of Downunder’s feral animal problems but left out rabbits, cane toads and Indian minors ? miners perhaps; the latter are birds. There are lots of great Outback stories about goats, which were very popular for those needing fresh milk for children. Some towns had rules that locals could only own nannies, the local govt owned the billies in order to maintain herd quality. Never park a car under trees for shade thereabouts as the local goats would spring onto the bonnet or boot (trunk) in order graze the low hanging leaves. Goats are excellent at grazing unwanted species such as wild blackberries. Our Aussie Muslins are very partial to goats meat. Cheers from sunny Sydney.


LOL!! The world has gone completely mad.
I think a strong case can now be made for a CAGM theory (Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Moronism), where higher CO2 levels lead to an increase of moronic behavior.
The cause/effect correlation of this phenomenon must have an r value close to .99.
The gub’mint should give me a $billion grant to test this hypothesis.
I think higher CO2 levels inhibit the production of Cholinesterase causing many forms of neuroses, especially Delusions of Grandeur, and general mental impairment.


Wow. Shooting feral camels? Makes me want to throw a sandwich at mad Julia.
It is true. Goat in a piquant masala is tasty, but a bit more chewy than most meat. It’s ornery even when it’s dead.

Well Lew, are you Feral?
Lew Skannen says: May 9, 2013 at 8:39 pm “Firstly – which animals next? I am not native to Australia so I may soon find myself on the list “

Jean Parisot

Why not just pave those areas and install some weather stations, there should be enough jet wash to meet current standards.

I like camels. I like goats. Goats are wonderful animals! I don’t like climate scientists.

Janice Moore

٩(͡๏̮͡๏)۶ [artwork by AB on 5/9/13 at 9:02PM] — COOL.
“Hurrah for goats!”
How did you DO that (with this primitive little “Leave a Reply” “word processor”)!
Okay, I’m going to experiment to see if I can correctly guess at how to make /i/italics/i/ and /b/bold/b/ happen. And also /u/underline/u/.
Here goes…

Janice Moore

Back to the drawing board!


Those goats mignt not be as very environmentally friendly as they seem.
Remember goats eat all kinds of things. The Airport better have them very well fenced in as they can be right royal escape artists. Used to have 3 pet goats many years ago. They just loved stripping bark off trees. So they might end up taking out those CO2 saving carbon sink trees. Plus if they do escape they could start munching bits on parked aircraft. 🙂

Gene Selkov

OldWeirdHarold says:
> Steep slopes? Has this person in charge of O’Hare ever been to Chicago?
Acoustic berms at O’Hare are both tall and steep, especially on the west side, where they also serve as flood barriers. You don’t need to have been to Chicago to imagine that; most airports located in populated places have them. MDW is an exception; it has a wall at the end of each runway — there is no space for berms or for much else besides the runways and taxiways. But at O’Hare the berms are substantial and mowing them with a riding mower is a challenge.
No, can’t let the grass just grow at an airport. It is a fire hazard and airports require visibility on the ground. There must be no place to hide for anything or anyone that can get in the way of traffic. Geese and starlings are enough of a problem already. Goats can be easily shepherded with electric fences. Using them on the berms may or may not make sense, but people calling them “green” or “not green” are akin to neighbourhood dogs barking — get used to it.


First World problems?
Third World solutions!

Andrew Harding

So the Australians are sending snipers to travel 100’s of miles in helicopters to shoot feral camels and goats to reduce greenhouse gas emissions! Which moron thought that one up?
I have a better idea,maintain the grants for climate scientists but insist that instead of writing drivel and trying to put the fear of God into everyone, they are given scythes to cut grass at airports and rifles to walk in the outback and shoot anything that emits greenhouse gases! “Problem” solved!!!

Been there, done that… couldn’t shoot the goat. So a high fence got stretched out instead.
Had two Bobwhite Quail roosting in a tree maybe 100 yards from my bedroom windows. They would bob, bob, white all the way in of an evening and out next morning, going their separate ways. Then a feral cat ran across the back yard with one in its mouth. The other one also disappeared.
An act that is aimed at the disappearance of feral cats, I could go for that one. Gotta be some way cats contribute climate change. I know quail numbers are down.
Hope they read John Coleman, and it gets through.

Rupert Bravery

So they are using CO2 emitting helicopters to shoot camels and stop them emitting CO2. Has anyone done the maths..?


Rupert Bravery says:
May 9, 2013 at 11:37 pm
Of course not – anyone who does the math, even on the back of an envelope, quickly realises that these schemes are a complete waste of time and often totally and utterly counterproductive (i.e. generate more CO2 than they save). Of course, in this instance, the methane question seems to have been somewhat ignored by the ‘assessors’?