The beginning of the end

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Guest post by Dr. Vincent Gray


APRIL 25th 2013

I have been neglecting you. Things have quieted down. I am 91 and it is high time I retired, like my friend Will Alexander in South Africa or my major protagonist, former Professor Martin Manning.. I thought I would call it a day on Newsletter No 300.

When I began, in 1991 I was still in China. I got involved in commenting on the Reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and I just completed those on the Fifth Report which will surely be my last.

To begin with I was the only critical voice in New Zealand. Last week I attended a packed meeting of the Press Club in Wellington to hear Lord Monckton tear apart the IPCC and everything connected with it. The University scientists will not listen to him. But one of the organisers of the meeting was from the Music Department.

But, surely, we are at the beginning of the end.

The globe has stopped warming; even when measured by the botched-up biased system that they favour.

The Kyoto Protocol is dead. Emissions by former members are in steady decline compared with those from non-members

The support literature has dried up. I used to go to the University every month and photocopy the latest scientific outrage for these Newsletters. The only recent feeble attempt was the rapidly discredited attempt by Marcott to fabricate yet another Hockey Stick at

The “Economist” magazine has expressed doubts

A recent report by the Influential [Norwegian] Research Institute SINTEF at

has shown that there is a genuine scientific controversy that should be encouraged; that it is by no means, “settled”

The Emissions Trading scheme is in retreat. European prices have headed for the bottom and they.are about to ditch their scheme. I do not know what has happened to our prices but you can all be assured that whatever happens to the Mighty River Power shares the incentives to go in for windmills and solar power will disappear and we can, eventually have a sensible, economical power policy which will include fracking, coal and small scale nuclear.

But you would hardly think so, listening to all of our politicians, or if you read the newspapers or watch TV. So let me finish by encouraging you all with this article by James Delingpole


Vincent Gray


New Zealand


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SINTEF is in Norway.

How do they get off a Free Way
Where they forgot to build exits
Exit 00 they see comming yet
No exit exist to use
Fatefull flaw for fast movers.
Wrap the windmills and call it art
Electric cars do not play music
Stock fraud has cases and they hope
John Corzin is a good sign for them.
Exit 00 seen out side the bus window
Late at night with a money hunger hang over
Fear at first, Is this real or something else I made up
Panic for some for days and months now
More than the quite desperation known prior.
A Free Way of No Return
They see, they know, it came
Now they just stare
Stare at you, stare at me, stare at the judge.
Judge has the gavel, raised,,,,

Dr Gray has a must read history of the GHG hypothesis,”The Greenhouse and It’s Effect” posted in July 2011. I recommend supplementing this with the original translation from French of the Fourier statements and the full transcript of the Tyndall absorption experiments posted at Timothy Casey’s Geologist-1011 site, both with after notes. In addition, the “History of Radiation” by Dr Matthias Kleespies will complete the history background necessary to confirm….that the GHG hypothesis has the false history provenance to accompany the false science.
Dr Gray also has posted his autobiography of his colorful life along with his contributions to science and humanity. Bless you Good Sir !

Bob Diaz

The first part of this song seems to fit:

Robert of Ottawa

Thank you for all your efforts, Vince.

Janice Moore

Dear Dr. Gray, thank you for all your hard work for hard science. WELL DONE!
I believe you are right, it is, indeed, “the beginning of the end.” And Sir Winston Churchill would I am most sure join me in giving you a standing ovation and would, I have no doubt, go so far as to say that it is at least “the end of the beginning.”


If I had a dime for every time that some AGW skeptic had declared this was the beginning of the end for AGW over the last 20 years, I’d be much richer than I am.
REPLY: No, you wouldn’t, because nobody would pay you for your whining condescending attitude constantly on display – Anthony

There is a list, maybe in Heaven, of the human beings who stood up to agw hysteria. Anthony Watts, Steve McIntyre, James Delingpole, JoNova, Willis the eagle, Bob Tisdale, and so many I forget. Vincent Gray is high on that list. Maybe way down at the end I’m on it too
Ther is another list, hopefully in HELL of those who promoted this scam. Mikey Mann, Jimbo Hansen, Seth Borenstein, and especially Al Gore. Dante did not create or imagine an Inferno hot or Cold enought for this bunch.
To me what is significant in this post is simply there has been a quieting of the media, academia, and the political sphere (other then the country idiot, Obama) about agw. More and more media, politico, and even citizens are speaking out about the farce. I smell a tidal wave coming which will wash Mann and his ilk to oblivion and social disgrace. With the internet and 24/7 news the world changes in a blink. Mikey Mann better blink fast, his day is coming.

Thanks, Dr. Gray, you have done good.


Maybe you havent seen Obama’s latest tweets about “climate deniers”.
I’m afraid there is a long way to go yet.

Sam the First

Will somebody please tell The Guardian and Nutty Chelli?

a jones

The beginning of the End? I doubt it. These pernicious political perversions of science and moral panics tend to linger on for generations. But that it is the end of the beginning I am certain. The damage done is appalling but again that is usual: note how the UK is hurriedly attempting to innoculate against measles purely because of a scientific fraud which got much publicity from the MSM that it was dangerous. The emergency programme will work but people will still die from that unfounded scare which reached it’s peak of twenty years ago.
The unravelling of the groundless CO2 AGW alarmism will take longer, partly because it involves the energy industries which have long time scales, and partly because it still has a corrupt financial base supported by politicians and activists which took thirty years to build: and intended to defraud the hapless citizen: who has little defence against such shenigans.
But nevertheless dying it clearly is, not least because the WWW allowed concerned citizens a voice that they had not had before.
So I doubt it is the beginning of the end but it is a clear signal of the end of the beginning for a whole class of politicians, their financial cronies, their bureaucrats and all their activists and fellow travellers.
It is going to be a whole new world, the WWW you see is returning the power to the people.
Interesting times. .
Kindest Regards


dunno….Calif is still surging ahead…..

Janice Moore

If I had a dime for every time that some [whining[ly] condescending] joe said, “If I had a dime…,” I’d be much richer than I am.
Go, ANTHONY! [:)]
@ Stan Stendera — You DEFINITELY are on the list of Valiant Warriors for Truth!
Whether or not it is the beginning of the end or just the “end of the beginning,” VICTORY is assured.


Dr. Gray, as much as your facts are perfectly fine, I unfortunately think this is no cause for optimism and that the multi billion dollars world governance lobby will use any excuse to make “coups d’etat”, and subvert democratic processes to impose their rackett. I would truly be happy to be proven wrong…

New Peer-Reviewed Scientific Studies Chill Global Warming Fears
Posted By Marc Morano – Marc_Morano@EPW.Senate.Gov – 4:44 PM ET
Washington DC – An abundance of new peer-reviewed studies, analyses, and data error discoveries in the last several months has prompted scientists to declare that fear of catastrophic man-made global warming “bites the dust” and the scientific underpinnings for alarm may be “falling apart.” The latest study to cast doubt on climate fears finds that even a doubling of atmospheric carbon dioxide would not have the previously predicted dire impacts on global temperatures. This new study is not unique, as a host of recent peer-reviewed studies have cast a chill on global warming fears.


end times!
Barclays parts company with coal, carbon head
LONDON, April 25 (Reuters Point Carbon) – Louis Redshaw, Barclays bank’s head of carbon, coal and iron ore, has resigned his position as managing director, the second high profile loss on one of the carbon market’s biggest trading desks within the past three months…
ICE suspends trade in spot carbon credits
LONDON, April 25 (Reuters Point Carbon) – London-based ICE Futures Europe will suspend trade in its spot Certified Emissions Reductions (CERs) from close of business on Thursday to give it time to update the contract’s specifications, the bourse said…
REUTERS POLL-Analysts cut carbon price forecasts to 2020
LONDON, April 25 (Reuters) – Analysts have slashed forecasts for all European Union and United Nations’ carbon permit prices to 2020 after EU politicians rejected a plan to bolster the carbon market, sending prices to record lows…

jack morrow

TomRude says
Correct sir- the ones in power have an agenda and–they are in control.


Thankfully this tedious season of “The Great Global Warming Caper” is all but over. The rubenesque diva is reaching into the props box for the hat with the horns and the buses are warming up. Sadly for all the players in this sorry production they will not be moving on to new productions of “Bio-crisis! Bio-crisis! or “Sense and Sustainability”. This is the age of the Internet. They can scrub like Lady Macbeth, they can even use the Scotchbrite, but the filthy stain of AGW advocacy wilt not out. They lied, they censored and they vilified. Every pseudo scientist, journalist, activist, subsidy farmer and politician who promoted or sought to profit from this hoax will be held to account. Sceptics will never forgive and the Internet will never forget.

@Janice Moore
If you knew how happy your comment above made me feel you would have put it in neon blinking caps!


The decision making paradigm in the sciences are divergent. In pure science, the fact such as Aristotle’s concept of a heavy object falling faster than a ligther object stood the test of time as it was accepted for almost 2,000 years in a geographic area covering almost the whole Euro-asia land mass by some 1,000,000 learned men ( an average of 500 men claiming to be scholars) but it took only one person and an experiment to throw the whole concept out. On the other hand in jurisprudence, the decision of two judges concurring over the third judge is the law. The climate change debate has been going in circle because the pure scientists looks at the debate from their point of view that there is no such thing as consensus while the social activists looks at the debate from their perspective that UN and most governments have agreed on the UNFCCC ( the Kyoto is nothing more than the implementing rules of the UNFCCC) then that must be the law. There are a number of theories on the development of public policies and it would be important for pure scientists to note that in the development of public policies one of the basic principle is the “core beliefs” and the scientific facts are nothing more than screens to cover the core beliefs. Policy activist against the global warming debate should try to identify the window of opportunity to challenge the” core belief”. The economic crisis, the high unemployment rates and other shocks that affected the social and economic landscape of the developed world is a window of opportunity that must be exploited as it is much stronger than any of the scientific facts in changing the direction of public policy. For those interested in knowing more on the theories on how public policy changes direction could consult Prof. Sabatier’s excellent book on the subject.

If it wasn’t for Hockey Sticks (ie: FrankenGraphs), unconnectable anecdotes, and worthless computer projections the agw crowd doesn’t have a leg to stand on.


The Climate Cronies have the pockets of the politicians, the degenerate minds of University intellectuals, and pet media poodles. A very small percentage by head count, compared with their downstream victims.
We have millions of unemployed globally, we have billions looking at energy and food prices ever increasing, while wages and salaries are erroded by casino economics, we have a lot of very intelligent and angry people looking at these Cronies with much wiser eyes.
The Cronies have no control, they are shouting their fairy tales as loud as possible, to drown out the discontented murmur, from the Humanity they betrayed.
All they have is volume.
As Will says…
“Out, out, brief candle! Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more: it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” Macbeth Quote (Act V, Scene V).
Struts over Climate Cronies. Now comes the long walk to the Gallows.

The problem with us sceptics … is that we are fast becoming mainstream.
And that will be the end of us sceptics – for what role is there for sceptics when everyone agrees with us?

Argiris Diamantis

May-be it’s like Sir Winston Churchill once said: This is not the end, this is not even the beginning of the end, but it is the end of the beginning.
The greenies/warmists will not give that easily. First climate fraud David Viner predicted in 2000 that within decades snow would be a thing of the past. Children just wouldn’t know what snow was. Now the same people are blaming global warming for the terrible cold and heavy snowfall of recent years. Cooling is the new warming. But let’s hope the end of the global warming aka climate change nonsense will come soon. Each day this delusional hoax lasts is a day too many.

van Loon

Don’t underestimate the time it takes to seep in, easily 15-20 years.

Mark Hladik

‘Tis oft said that once the CAGW meme has been abandoned , the wacko leftie greenies of the world will simply move on to the next catastrophe-du-jour.
That “catastrophe” is likely going to be their oft-misspelled “fracking”, a process which as been used for decades, and is an old standard practice in the oil patch.
My niece sent me an article this morning, and asked me my ‘professional opinion’ of it. Sad to say it is long on drivel, mis-representation of information, and political advocacy.
In other words, same-‘ol, same-‘ol.
Mark H.


What a fine fellow. even if he is wrong, he is dignified, calm and overflows with integrity.
if he is right (and I believe he is) I am proud to be in his thread 🙂


I dunno. When rats abandon a sinking ship they find another floating one…

Dr T G Watkins

Thank you for your significant contributions Dr Gray.
It may well be the beginning of the end but the end is still a very long way away. Too many politicians have committed themselves to this madness and too many politicians, ‘scientists’ and renewables experts depend on this meme for their present and future economic well-being.
The whole scare is political rather than scientific as we all here know.
Agenda 21, Globe and various other programs need to be widely publicised.

Richard G

Mike Haseler says:April 25, 2013 at 4:03 pm
“The problem with us sceptics … is that we are fast becoming mainstream.
And that will be the end of us sceptics – for what role is there for sceptics when everyone agrees with us?”
I am looking forward to being a skeptic who is out of work. Lets move on to more productive endeavors.


Mike Haseler says:
The problem with us sceptics … is that we are fast becoming mainstream.
And that will be the end of us sceptics – for what role is there for sceptics when everyone agrees with us?
Sadly, there is plenty of other scientific malpractice and dubious statistics to go after if one is so inclined. The medical field would be particularly fertile.

Bruce Cobb

The jig is up for climastrologists, and everyone knows it. Still, they’ll soldier on, not knowing what else to do. The top brass are just figuring an easy way out that doesn’t involve jail time. The infestation of government and schools with CAGW ideology will be tough to crack.
In five years it will be dead. The aftermath won’t be pretty.

Thanks to Dr. Gray and to Marc Morano for the EBW link. Devastating. How anybody can believe the feces coming out of the AGWers’ sphincters is beyond me. Last I looked, the definition of science wasn’t “feces.”
As for the anti-frackers, let’s send them the bill for any increase in gasoline prices we have to pay due to their malicious, perverted stupidity. And then prohibit them from using any kind of energy from any source (including burning excrement!) for any purpose (or maybe, as a gesture of mercy, let them burn feces to cook their food).

Lil Fella from OZ

Thank you for all your efforts in science Dr.Gray. Enjoy putting your feet up you deserve it.
Please note, I heard the Chairman of the IPCC, Rajendra Pachauri, state in an interview this year while visiting OZ that it would take many more years of non warming to change the thinking at IPCC. I think it was something like 40 years. Enough said!


Well done D. Gray! I’m sure after a few months of fiddling around it would be nice to have your learned comments kick even more sense into a deaf world in print and television.

Peter Ramsey

Obama is a dictator.
Congress can’t stop him.
Who you gonna call, the CIA?
The national debt is over $16 trillion, China is buying up oilfields in Texas and if anyone fights back, he will declare martial law.
AGW theory was just another “trojan horse”, it keeps honest scientists busy while the Marxist academics help the CIA organize for the “final solution”.
Meanwhile, oh forget it…
Boston was just a dress rehearsal.
Lenin called for an alliance with Islamic nationalists in 1924.
Communism in Russia is gone now but they still have Muslim terrorists.
The climate has changed, you’re a Muslim now and you don’t even know it.

@Charles Opalek PE:
No legs to stand on, but that huge pile of feces they have excreted may still prop them up for a while.

Ben D.

“The beginning of the end”
The climax for the climatologists will be a happy ending, the hockey stick will wilt…


joeldshore says:
April 25, 2013 at 2:34 pm
If I had a dime for every time that some AGW skeptic had declared this was the beginning of the end for AGW over the last 20 years, I’d be much richer than I am.
Yeah, and if you had a dime for every piece of direct evidence you could post showing that CO2 has any effect on global temperature, global climate change, climate weirding, climate crisis or climate nom du jour, you’d have the square root of f**k all.


Dear Dr. Grey,
Thankyou so very much, for your unstinting work in helping bulwark rational science.
At 91 years of age, you deserve your rest but even more-so, you deserve agknowlwedgement that your labours have not been in vain. If not for the strict empirical instincts of an older, wiser, generation of scientists and engineers found frequenting this page, then the presumpion of apriori certitude conjured up from the entrails of non-linear, computer modelled conjecture, might have gone unchallenged in its purported claims at constituting ‘hard’ scientific evidence.
May I join all those priori in offering heartfelt thanks.
With Much Regard.

Dr T G Watkins says:
April 25, 2013 at 4:44 pm
Thank you for your significant contributions Dr Gray.
It may well be the beginning of the end but the end is still a very long way away. Too many politicians have committed themselves to this madness and too many politicians, ‘scientists’ and renewables experts depend on this meme for their present and future economic well-being.
The whole scare is political rather than scientific as we all here know.
Agenda 21, Globe and various other programs need to be widely publicised.

All true, but perhaps therein lies the solution. We can vote the bums out!
It is long past time to start making politicians declare their positions on energy, climate, energy, CAGW, energy, ‘global governance’, energy—and energy. And then to make it clear to the voting public that candidates against fracking, coal mining, drilling, nuclear electricity, and all the other options we have for cheap, plentiful energy the world over—those candidates are anti-progress, anti-growth, anti-development, anti-prosperity, anti-jobs, and anti-everything-we-want-for-our-children.
Make that the mantra, and drum it into the voters heads, and they will start to turn out the socialist lapdogs of the ‘enviro’ movement. It’s time to make ‘environmentalism’ and ‘sustainability’ the dirty words they are.
The Climatists are working to propagandize the voters (and especially the young); it’s time to turn the tables on them. It is, as we’ve said, at bottom not a scientific but a political problem, and it’s going to take better politics to defeat them.
/Mr Lynn

Such clarity of mind – it is much too early for you to retire. Please keep going until you are 100.

Peter Ramsey says:
“Obama is a dictator.
Congress can’t stop him.
…and if anyone fights back, he will declare martial law.”
Anyone who believes that Obama is not waiting for the next major crisis to declare martial law, suspend habeus corpus, and rule by decree is hopelessly naive. He is truly the Manchurian Candidate.
Anyway, thanks, Dr Gray. You have been fighting the good fight. Agree w/Julian in Wales.


Everyone, make sure you save everything you can, making backup electronic and hard copies, to document the crash when it comes, and tend them well. In 20 years, we will need the evidence of what happened to fend off the next generation of power mad control freaks who want to save us from Catastrophic Global Cooling.


Thank you Dr. Gray!
AGW is beginning to look more and more like road kill on the information highway. It needs to be run over by the facts of physical reality a few more times.
Al Gore, one of the funders for the highway, seems be one of the larger road kills. The irony must hurt. Good deeds do not go unpunished.
The powers that be must be incredibly annoyed at the internet, and would probably like to limit access to it.

Way to go Doctor Gray!
I would also like to state my appreciation for the decades you’ve spent with weather, climate while keeping the anti-science alarmists at bay.
As you’re someone who has retired before, what do you plan to do next?


says: April 25, 2013 at 2:34 pm
Who he?
;-> “I couldn’t resist; the devil made me do it.” /sarc

Theo Goodwin

Mike Haseler says:
April 25, 2013 at 4:03 pm
“The problem with us sceptics … is that we are fast becoming mainstream.
And that will be the end of us sceptics – for what role is there for sceptics when everyone agrees with us?”
Mike, thanks for the set up. Now I will hit the ball out of the park.
The price of science is eternal, energetic, and unrelenting skepticism.
Skepticism must become a reflex in every scientist, every student of science, and every citizen. Every university department of science and every secondary teacher of science needs their own Anthony Watts until all have internalized Anthony Watts. The statists have already taken over the universities and they have established beachheads in all of the secondary schools. We have a lot of work to do.


Dear Dr Gray, thank you and all your fellow anti-AGW whom withstood the ‘running of the gauntlet’ that many of us have endured. Australia is still hanging loose, but with a new government in September, we shall see. The present opposition have stated they will remove the carbon tax now at $23 per tonne. James Hansen years ago was promoting nuclear as we have such a huge coast line. But near Ballina, they are burning sugar cane refuse, that is usually burnt anyway by farmers, that is capable of providing electricity for 50,000 homes. Well outside cities most inland townships rarely exceed 50,000 population, and less homes and industries. But it does not get any government subsidies. Google ‘Ballina sugar cane electricity plant’. New Zealand should scrap their carbon tax too. Especially planning to tax agriculture. Moos and baas are nasty little creatures that belch and pass methane? (We do too!) One idiot suggested we farm kangaroos who are methane free instead of cattle and sheep? He was an adviser on the carbon tax debacle to the present government. Didn’t he know, kangaroos are marsupials and are not domesticated, jump fences and withhold mated eggs until the environment is suitable to bear another potential embryonic ‘joey’. He was the person advising the government on carbon tax realizations. Best of luck in your ‘retirement’ we will forever hold you in esteem with our grateful thanks.