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The Week That Was: 2013-03-30 (March 30, 2013)  Brought to You by SEPP (www.SEPP.org) The Science and Environmental Policy Project


Quote of the Week: The first principle is that you must not fool yourself–and you are the easiest person to fool. So you have to be very careful about that. After you’ve not fooled yourself, it’s easy not to fool other scientists. You just have to be honest in a conventional way after that. Richard Feynman, Cargo Cult Science, 1974 [H/t Donna Laframboise]


Number of the Week: 1200 million metric tonnes!


Urgent: Reviewers Needed for Climate Change Reconsidered-2

The Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC) is seeking credentialed individuals who are willing to serve as reviewers of the forthcoming NIPCC report Climate Change Reconsidered-2. Reviewers will be needed between April and August 2013 for various chapters and sub-chapters of the report. A list of topics addressed in the report, and for which reviews will be needed, can be found under the links and sub-links listed on the NIPCC Web site’s Topical Archive page. To volunteer as a reviewer, or for more information, please send an email to NIPCC_contact@nipccreport.org.

Thank you, your help in this matter is greatly appreciated.


April Fools: April is upon us, and it is time to hold the SEPP April Fools contest. Using the following criteria, readers are requested to submit their nomination of a government official or political leader along with a sentence or two why that person should be considered:

· The nominee has advanced, or proposes to advance, significant expansion of governmental power, regulation, or control over the public or significant sections of the general economy.

· The nominee does so by declaring such measures are necessary to protect public health, welfare, or the environment.

· The nominee declares that physical science supports such measures.

· The physical science supporting the measures is flimsy at best, and possibly non-existent.

The final selection will be determined by a special SEPP panel. The name of the winner will be emblazoned with names of other winners of the great SEPP trophy – The Jackson – a lump of coal. Please submit your nomination to Ken@SEPP.org.



By Ken Haapala, Executive Vice President, Science and Environmental Policy Project (SEPP)

Greenhouse Re-Visited: Vincent Gray, a five time expert reviewer of the Assessment Reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), has reassessed his earlier review of the origins “greenhouse effect.” Also, he addresses many errors that arise in the models. They are too highly simplified versions of the climate system and fail to incorporate important components of the earth’s heat transfer system.

The paper (22 pages including references) may become controversial, as it should be. If Gray is correct, then the entire IPCC program, and the ones that parrot it, such as the U.S. Global Change Research Program and the EPA’s endangerment finding, are built on false assumptions that must be revised.

According to reports from the Government Accountability Office and the Congressional Research Service, from 1993 to 2012 the US Government has spent about $140 to 150 Billion on global warming / climate change – creating the Climate Establishment. Based on continuing resolutions, current spending is about $20 Billion per year. This figure does not include subsidies for unreliable wind and solar, or Biofuels.

No doubt, the Climate Establishment will bitterly contest any major revision of their ideas and models, in which they have expressed great, if scientifically unfounded, certainty. The following is not intended to be a summary of Gray’s assessment, but just a brief list of some of the highlights.

· In postulating that carbon dioxide is a major greenhouse gas, Svante August Arrhenius used the wrong measurements – ones of water vapor, not carbon dioxide. He did not make the measurements, but used those by Langley.

· Arrhenius greatly over estimated the concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere as compared with water vapor, by an average of 50 to 1.

· Guy Callendar, who continued the emphasis on carbon dioxide, ignored water vapor and believed that radiation was the only form of energy transfer in the climate system. He ignored the existence of conduction, convection, evaporation, and condensation as mechanisms of heat transfer.

· The IPCC has continued to emphasize radiation, ignoring the other mechanisms of heat transfer.

· The simplified model of the IPCC by Kiehl and Trenberth ignores the fact that the sun does not shine on the same place 24 hours a day. Measures of the average radiation from the earth are not suitable and measurements should include the difference between day and night.

· There are no estimates of the accuracy of the values of solar heating over oceans and land.

· The range in estimated values solar heating effects of oceans and land is significantly greater than the calculated values of warming effects from increasing carbon dioxide.

· Thus, the value of warming effects from increasing carbon dioxide cannot be calculated with scientific precision.

Gray differentiates between an actual greenhouse and the earth’s climate. For the earth, both ocean and atmospheric circulation are critical. The movements of fluids are chaotic, and have not been satisfactorily described by mathematics. He states that the IPCC falsely claims that the chaotic behavior is managed; pointing out that, based on their calculations, the energy subject to chaotic behavior is about 60 times greater than the estimate of the warming effect of increased carbon dioxide (97 v. 1.6 W/m squared).

Please see link under Challenging the Orthodoxy.


Cold Kills: After five cold winters in a row, northern European newspapers are carrying articles that express anger at politicians who have instituted policies “to fight global warming,” which are increasing energy prices to consumers. Granted, the cold winters are weather events, but so were warm spells previously claimed to prove global warming caused by CO2. For example, in Britain the 2003 heat wave was blamed for 2,000 deaths. The current cold spell is being blamed for upwards to 30,000 deaths. These are real deaths, with certificates, cause, and name; not imaginary deaths from questionable computer models, such as those used by the EPA. Green politicians and bureaucrats have lost touch with the public. Subsidies to consumers are not the same as affordable energy. Even the once-alarmist Economist is beginning the grasp the scope of the man-made problem. Please see links under Questioning the Orthodoxy, Questioning European Green, Changing Weather, and Health, Energy, and Climate


Spend More, Save More: As with the US, the British government has adapted the marketing concept that the more you spend, the more you save. The bureaucrats admit that their policies are increasing energy costs, particularly electricity, but claim if consumers buy more energy efficient appliances that have been mandate, the consumers will save in energy costs. What the bureaucrats do not consider is labor costs. For example under the standard cycle, some modern dishwashers in the US take about two to three times as long as older ones, for a slight savings in electricity. The consumer may consider the time lost is far more than the savings mandated by the bureaucrats.


Labeling: Proper labeling is important in marketing (propaganda). Many skeptics have studied the history of climate change and concluded that it is real, ongoing, significant, and natural; but, the human influence is minor. Many climate alarmists label these skeptics as climate change deniers, or science deniers. Similarly, it has become fashionable for some in the Climate Establishment to label the current era (say the past 250 years) as the Anthropocene, a geological epoch dominated by human activity.

With a touch of humor in a comment on Britain’s Climate Change Commission posted on Bishop Hill, James Evans suggests a label for latest period, (say last 50 years) – The Hubrisocene – an epoch dominated by ego that humans can control climate. Please see link under Challenging the Orthodoxy.


Character: Senator Inhofe stated he was proud to be one of those singled out in the film “Dirty Lying Bastards.” This attitude is contrasted by that of “I am a victim” Michael Mann, who claims that he was made a public figure by “science deniers” who severely criticized him. It is Mr. Mann’s hockey-stick that is the subject of intense criticism, because Mr. Mann’s study ignores significant prior studies with large amount of data that contradict the hockey-stick. Please see links under Communicating Better to the Public – Make things up and Oh’ Mann.


Renewable Mandates: In the US, the battle over renewable energy mandates is moving to the several states (Renewable Energy Standards or Portofolio). Some politicians are becoming aware that many citizens do not wish to pay for unreliable, expensive wind power. One hot-bed is the state legislature of North Carolina, which is taking up the issue this week. Please see link under Subsidies and Mandates Forever.


Save Energy, Move South? A new study estimates that the total energy use for indoor climate control is about 3.5 times more in the cold climate of Minneapolis, Minnesota, than in the warm climate of Miami, Florida. The study is quite interesting, but not exactly a fair comparison. Minneapolis is far inland and subject to intense heat and cold. Miami is on the east coast, and extremes in temperature are moderated by the Atlantic Ocean. A more valid study would compare cities distant from oceans, with approximately the same humidity, Minneapolis and Memphis, Tennessee may be appropriate. Please see link under Energy Issues – US.


Keystone XL: The fate of Keystone XL pipeline remains in the hands of the Administration in Washington. Obviously, Canadians with an interest in oil sands are disturbed by the delay. These interests include the government of Alberta, which will receive increased royalties with increased development. Pipelines are the safest way to move oil and gas. Without the pipeline, the oil is moving by rail, and one accident occurred this week.

An interesting proposal is to convert one of the pipelines in Canada’s Mainline from natural gas to oil. The Mainline carries natural gas east from Alberta, over the Canadian Shield, to the eastern cities of Canada. The Canadian Shield is a formidable barrier with extensive exposed bedrock, some of the oldest in the world. As discussed by Robert Bradley, in From Edison to Enron, building the Mainline east was expensive, both financially and politically, rather than building it south into the US around the Great Lakes then back north again,. If the gas pipeline can be physically converted, or if an oil pipeline can be built adjacent to it, then that may be a more practical venture than dealing with Washington. Please see Article # 2 and links under Energy Issues – Non-US.


Number of the Week: 1200 million metric tonnes! (1323 million short tons) Petroleum engineer, and world class track cyclist and coach, Norm Kalmanovitch calculates humans exhale approximately 1200 million metric tonnes of CO2 every year. “I based the number on an average calorie intake of 1200 calories which gives about 180 kg/person of CO2 per year. Seven billion people times 180 kg/person comes to 1260 million tonnes which I rounded off to 1200 million metric tonnes!” Of course this is approximate, but it gives some sense of proportion compared to claimed CO2 savings by certain policy measures.

For example, according to an article by John Dawson, the carbon tax scheme of Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard boasts that by 2020 it would cut CO2 emissions by 160 million tonnes – about thirteen percent (13%) of human emissions from breathing. Perhaps Australians should ask Ms. Gillard: Is breathing polluting?

Please see link under Cap and Trade and Carbon Taxes.



For the numbered articles below please see this week’s TWTW at: www.sepp.org. The articles are at the end of the pdf.

1. What Science Really Says about Religion

By Thomas P. Sheahen, American Thinker, Mar 26, 2013


[SEPP Comment: Thomas Sheahen is on the SEPP Board of Directors.]

2. Oil Spills Mount on Tracks

Minnesota Derailment Joins a Sharp Rise in Incidents in Years of Energy Boom

By Tom Fowler, WSJ, Mar 27, 2013


[SEPP Comment: Subsequent accounts placed the amount of the new spill to be a little over 300 barrels.]




Challenging the Orthodoxy

A Revisit on the “The Greenhouse Effect”

By Vincent Gray, The New Zealand Climate Coalition, Mar 27, 2013


European Institute For Climate And Energy Calls The New “Warm-Cold Hypothesis” Meteorological Nonsense!

By Translated by P. Gosselin, No Tricks Zone, Mar 29, 2013


[SEPP Comment: A rebuttal to the argument that a warm Arctic summer causes a cold European winter.]

Committee on Climate Change vs. Mail on Sunday

By David Whitehouse, GWPF, Mar 27, 2013


In their criticism of the Mail’s article Professor Sir Brian Hoskins on behalf of the committee, with assistance from Dr Steve Smith, science advisor to the committee, state that “like all scientists we take a skeptical stance, testing each assertion against the evidence.” If only they did. Throughout their riposte they emphasise models over real world data, and only select supporting research.

The CCC abandons science

By Andrew Montford, Bishop Hill, Mar 26, 2013 [H/t Bob Tisdale]


“It’s hard to take seriously someone who prefers models to empirical observation”

The science is settled: no warming

By Barry Brill, Quadrant, Mar 26, 2013


There have been three distinct warming episodes since the instrumental record began – 1860-80, 1912-40 and 1978-96 – but nobody suggests that any of them were linked by a “pause”

Ocean plankton sponge up nearly twice the carbon currently assumed

By Staff Writers, Irvine CA (SPX), Mar 24, 2013


Defending the Orthodoxy

Chief scientist warns climate change will bring extremes in weather

By Priyanka Shrestha, Energy Live, Mar 25, 2013 [H/t GWPF]


Significant reduction in temperature and vegetation seasonality over northern latitudes

By Staff Writers, Cape Cod MA (SPX). Mar 12, 2013


Climate Change Is the Risk That Increases All Others

By Larry Brillant, Skoll Global Threats, Mar 25, 2013


Questioning the Orthodoxy

Twenty-year hiatus in rising temperatures has climate scientists puzzled

By Graham Lloyd, The Australian, March 30, 2013 [H/t GWPF]


[SEPP Comment: Is the 90% certainty diminishing?]

A sensitive matter

The climate may be heating up less in response to greenhouse-gas emissions than was once thought. But that does not mean the problem is going away

By Staff Writers, The Economist, Mar 30, 2013


Climate change: an elite affectation

Rupert Darwall’s history of the idea of global warming shows how the belief in an impending manmade apocalypse emanated from the top of wealthy Western societies.

Book Review By Rob Lyons, Spiked, No Date


The Climate Science Caricatures…Jyllands-Posten Features Massive 4 Full Pages Of Climate Science Skepticism!

By P. Gosselin, No Tricks Zone, Mar 27, 2013


[SEPP Comment: Even in Denmark!]

Met Office or bookie’s office?

By Andrew Montford, Bishop Hill, Mar 29, 2013


James Hansen Says Coal Is Greening The Planet!?!

By Willis Eschenbach, WUWT, Mar 29, 2013


Dispelling myths about global warming

By Stan Robertson, WUWT, Mar 25, 2013


Climate Models Are So Flawed They Fail History

Editorial, IBD, Mar 28, 2013


Climate models aren’t good enough to hindcast, says new study

Posted by Anthony Watts, WUWT, Mar 25, 2013


Questioning European Green

It’s payback time for our insane energy policy

An obsession with CO2 has left us dangerously short of power as coal-powered stations are forced to close

By Christopher Booker, Telegraph, UK, Mar 23, 2013 [H/t Malcolm Ross]


The UK Energy Crisis in 3 simple awareness-raising pictures

Wrap up and think of Gaia

By Andrew Orlowski, The Register, Mar 25, 2013 [H/t GWPF]


Too much green energy is bad for Britain

The Tory part of the Coalition is beginning to recognise some painful truths, but it is time for the Coalition to tear up its energy policy before the lights go out

Editorial, Telegraph, UK, Mar 23, 2013 [H/t Malcolm Ross]


Households ‘will have to buy green appliances’ to benefit from Government energy bill boasts

Households will have to spend thousands of pounds buying new green appliances to benefit from the Government’s claims its policies are bringing down energy bills, it emerged last night.

By Rowena Mason, Telegraph, UK, Mar 27, 2013


Global warming: if only we’d listened to the experts, eh?

By James Delingpole, Telegraph, UK, Mar 25, 2013 [H/t ICECAP]


Questioning Green Elsewhere

Eco fascism

By Norm Kalmanovitch, Calgary Herald, Mar 25, 2013


The Dream of a World Without Oil

By Peter Wilson, American Thinker, Mar 25, 2013


Renewable Energy Myths

By Anthony Cox, NCTCS, Mar 29, 2013


Expanding the Orthodoxy

Job offer: Students wanted to be IPCC climate change reviewers

By David Zaruk, Risk Monger, Mar 25, 2013 [H/t Jo Nova]


Seeking a Common Ground

American Physical Society

By Judith Curry, Climate Etc, Mar 24, 2013


[SEPP Comment: Setting up a Topical Group on the Physics of Climate.]

The Climate Mechanisms of World Deserts and Limitations in Allan Savory’s thesis.

By Tim Ball, WUWT, Mar 25, 2013


[SEPP Comment: A lengthy comment on the proposal that cattle raising can limit climate change and desertification of grasslands.]

Stossel Show: Schmidt, Spencer, & Ridley on Global Warming

By Roy Spencer, His Blog, Mar 27, 2013


[SEPP Comment: Discussing the filming of a debate that is appearing on the Stossel Show.]

Has Trenberth found the ‘missing’ heat?

By Judith Curry, Climate Etc, Mar 29, 2013


[SEPP Comment: Unlikely.]

New Hockey-Stick

Where’s the hockey stick? The ‘Marcott 9′ show no warming past 1950

By John Kehr, WUWT, Mar 26, 2013


The Gleick Affair

Not a Joke: Disgraced Thief Peter Gleick Poses for ‘Lifetime Achievement’ Award

By Jim Lakely, Somewhat Reasonable, Mar 24, 2013


Climate Fraudster? Have an Award

By Lord Monckton, WND, Mar 25, 2013


World Water Day 2013: Peter Gleick and Pacific Institute Honored with Lifetime Achievement Award at Silicon Valley Water Conservation Awards

By Staff Writers, Pacific Institute, Mar 22, 2013


Communicating Better to the Public – Exaggerate, or be Vague?

Study Links 2011 Quake to Technique at Oil Wells

By Henry Fountain, NYT, Mar 28, 2013


[SEPP Comment: The compelling evidence may be less than compelling.]

Ancient megavolcanoes killed half the world’s species

By Staff Writers, Washington (AFP), March 21, 2013


[SEPP Comment: Skeptics and alarmists largely agree that aerosols produced by volcanoes have cooling effect. Yet, the authors of this study state what killed the species was a warming of the world coming from massive increases in carbon dioxide, not the cooling that must have immediately come from massive injections of aerosols.]

Volcano-induced die-off paved way for dinosaurs, study suggests

New findings support the theory that a massive volcanic event tore apart Pangea and dramatically changed Earth’s climate, ushering in the biggest biological shift in the planet’s history.

By Geoffrey Mohan, LA Times, Mar 21, 2013


Communicating Better to the Public – Make things up.

Sen. Inhofe ‘proud’ to be target of climate flick ‘Greedy Lying Bastards’

By Ben Geman, The Hill, Mar 29, 2013


Lewandowsky, Cook claim 78,000 skeptics could see conspiracy survey at Cooks site where there is no link

By Jo Nova, Her Blog, Mar 29, 2013


[SEPP Comment: According to Jo Nova, when the authors were challenged as misrepresenting the scope of their survey, the Australian Research Council awarded Lewandowsky et al, another $338,000 (AUD).]

For the Sake of the Children

Climate crusaders urge us to Think of the children! But that can be used by anyone to advance any argument under the sun.

By Donna Laframboise, NFC, Mar 25, 2013


FrackNation Debunks Fantasyland

By Gordon Tomb, Energy Tribune, Mar 29, 2013


Climate change foes: ‘Sick’ science distorts facts

By Jeff Montgomery, The News Journal, Mar 19, 2013 [H/t ICECAP]


[SEPP Comment: Labeling Soon and Legates as climate change foes is blatant media distortion.]

Models v. Observations

Warm Bias: the Met Office’s Disastrous Track Record

The Met Office’s temperature forecasts issued in 12 out of the last 13 years have been too warm. None of the forecasts issued ended up too cold. That makes the errors systemic and significant.

By Staff Writers, GWPF, Mar 29, 2013


Measurement Issues

Aqua AMSU ch. 5 Bites the Dust

By Roy Spencer, His Blog, Mar 25, 2013


[SEPP Comment: It is not a sudden drop in atmospheric temperatures, it is instrument failure.]

Changing Weather

Britain’s colder than the Arctic: -10 degC freeze over Easter

BRITAIN will be colder than parts of Greenland this Easter with temperatures plunging to an Arctic -10C (14F)

By Lianne Kolirin, Express, UK, Mar 29, 2013


What planet are they living on? As freezing Britain faces a grave energy crisis, ministers unveil more green gimmicks and eco taxes. What folly

By Christopher Booker, Daily Mail, UK, Mar 26, 2013


When will this winter ever end?

British Summer Time and the cricket season are nearly upon us, yet as snow, bitter winds and floods once again disrupt the country, any sign of spring has been extinguished

By Michael Leapman, Telegraph, UK, Mar 22, 2013


White Easter: Germany Faces Coldest March Since 1883

Complaining about the weather has reached epidemic proportions in northern Germany this “spring.” And with good reason. With Easter just around the corner, meteorologists are telling us this could end up being the coldest March in Berlin and its surroundings since records began in the 1880s.

By Staff Writers, Spiegel, Mar 28, 2013 [H/t GWPF]


Supersized “XXL Winter…In Complete Contradiction To Climate Prognoses!” Reports Germany’s No. 1 Daily!

By P. Gosselin, No Tricks Zone, Mar 26, 2013


[SEPP Comment: Major German newspapers are finally getting the news.]

It’s weather, not climate

By Matt Ridley, His Blog, Mar 29, 2013


When it rains these days, does it pour?

By Staff Writers, St. Louis MO (SPX), Mar 25, 2013


[SEPP Comment: Only one site in 13 had and noticeable increase in storminess over 70 years. Unable to locate link to paper.]

Changing Climate

Scientists Warn of Ice Age,

By Ulli Kulke, Trans: Phillip Mueller, Die Welt, GWPF, Mar 26, 2013


[SEPP Comment: Hope not.]


Little Ice Age Triggered Social and Political Crisis

By Dominic Sandbrook, Sunday Times, Mar 24, 2013 [On GWPF web site]



Changing Cryosphere – Land / Sea Ice

Summer Melt Season Getting Longer On Antarctic Peninsula

By Staff Writer, Science Daily, Mar 27, 2013


Link to paper: Trends in Antarctic Peninsula surface melting conditions from observations and regional climate modeling

By Barrand, et at, Journal of Geophysical Research, Mar 27, 2013


[SEPP Comment: The climate/weather on the peninsula do not reflect the climate/weather on the continent.]

Changing Earth

Fires After The Asteroid Impact Probably Caused The K-Pg Extinction

By Staff Writers, London, UK (SPX), Mar 28, 2013


Link to paper: K-Pg extinction: Reevaluation of the heat-fire hypothesis

By Robertson, et al, Journal of Geophysical Research, Mar 26, 2013


Review of Recent Scientific Articles by NIPCC

For a full list of articles see www.NIPCCreport.org

How Does a Nondescript Shrimp Deal with Rising Temperatures?

Reference: Ravaux, J., Leger, N., Rabet, N., Morini, M., Zbinden, M., Thatje, S. and Shillito, B. 2012. Adaptation to thermally variable environments: capacity for acclimation of thermal limit and heat shock response in the shrimp Palaemonetes varians. Journal of Comparative Physiology B 182: 899-907.


Vegetative Growth in China: It’s Response to Climate Stressor

Reference: Xu, X., Piao, S., Wang, X., Chen, A., Ciais, P. and Myneni, R.B. 2012. Spatio-temporal patterns of the area experiencing negative vegetation growth anomalies in China over the last three decades. Environmental Research Letters 7: 10.1088/1748-9326/7/3/035701


CMIP3 Models Simulating Temperature and Precipitation in China

Reference: Miao, C., Duan, Q., Yang, L. and Borthwick, A.G.L. 2012. On the applicability of temperature and precipitation data from CMIP3 for China. PLoS ONE 7: e44659.


The Trend in Global Drought Over the Past Six Decades

Reference: Sheffield, J., Wood, E.F. and Roderick, M.L. 2012. Little change in global drought over the past 60 years. Nature 491: 435-437.


Litigation Issues

Green groups want Supreme Court to revive power plant rule

By Ben Geman, The Hill, Mar 29, 2013


Cap-and-Trade and Carbon Taxes

Professor Bolt and the dunce Quiggin

By John Dawson, Quadrant, Mar 26, 2013


IMF: End fossil fuel subsidies, tax carbon

By Zack Colman, The Hill, Mar 27, 2013



By Staff Writers, IMF, Jan 28, 2013


[SEPP Comment: IMF goes political!]

Duke Energy’s Rogers discusses impact of air regulations on energy investments

Transcript, EETV, Mar 25, 2013


[SEPP Comment: Regulated utilities do not object to carbon taxes because they can pass on the costs to the consumers.]

Subsidies and Mandates Forever

The biggest fight over renewable energy is now in the states

By Brad Plumer, Washington Post, Mar 15, 2013


Report: Some federal wind energy programs ‘duplicative’

By Zack Colman, The Hill, Mar 28, 2013


Natural gas considered for trucking fuel

By Staff Writers, Washington (UPI), Mar 22, 2013


[SEPP Comment: Why are Federal incentives needed? Already companies with major fleets are shifting to natural gas.]

Congressional Oversight Needed on Wind PTC Rulemaking

By Lisa Linowes, Master Resource, Mar 25, 2013


[SEPP Comment: More deals behind closed doors.]

EPA and other Regulators on the March

U.S. seeks land conservation to adapt to climate change

How to protect plants and animals from climate change? That’s the goal behind a new climate adaptation strategy released by the Obama administration.

By Wendy Koch, USA Today, Mar 26, 2013


[SEPP Comment: Others may call it land seizure.]

Obama administration moves ahead with sweeping rules requiring cleaner gasoline

By Juliet Eilperin, Washington Post, Mar 28, 2013 [H/t Timothy Wise]


New panel to advise EPA on ‘fracking’

By Ben Goad and Megan R. Wilson, The Hill, Mar 25, 2013


Energy Issues – Non-US

UK Shale Gas Green-Lighted With Tax Breaks

By Peter Glover, Energy Tribune, Mar 28, 2013


[SEPP Comment: To shore up government revenues, why not eliminate tax breaks on all forms of energy production.]

Time to turn TransCanada’s Mainline into oil pipeline

By Claudia Cattaneo, Financial Post, Mar 13, 2013


[SEPP Comment: Intriguing idea. Is it physically possible?]

North American’s Energy Boom (will Mexico join?)

By Maureen Crandall, Master Resource, Mar 27, 2013


Energy Issues — US

Wall Street Journal’s Crony Capitalist Conference Turns Sour

By Myron Ebell, Global Warming.org, Mar 27, 2013


Study: Environmentally Friendly People With Sustainable Lifestyles Live in the South

By Editor, TMT, Mar 28, 2013


Link to paper: Air conditioning versus heating: climate control is more energy demanding in Minneapolis than in Miami

By Michael Sivak, Environmental Research Letters, Mar 27, 2013


Oil Abundance and US Mideast Involvement

By Donn Dears, Power for USA, Mar 26, 2013


[SEPP Comment: Distinguishing between oil self-sufficiency and oil independence.]

Washington’s Control of Energy

In farewell speech, Salazar calls reducing oil imports a top achievement

By Zack Colman, The Hill, Mar 25, 2013


[SEPP Comment: Hypocrisy is his greatest achievement.]

Pipeline Economics: The dollars & cents of the energy export debate

By Dina O’Meara, Financial Post, Mar 25, 2013


Oil and Natural Gas – the Future or the Past?

Year in review: America’s amazing energy revolution

By Mark Perry, AEIdeas, Mar 27, 2013 [H/t GWPF]


Return of King Coal?

Upgrade coal power and cut 15% of emissions. Where is the Green applause?

By Jo Nova, Her Blog, Mar 27, 2013


Explanation of benefits of ultra super critical coal fired plants By Anton Lang. Just follow the Chinese leadership and experience in this Western technology

Nuclear Energy and Fears

Delay (Georgia Power reconfirms the perils of government-subsidized energy)

By Jim Clarkson, Master Resource, Mar 28, 2013


[SEPP Comment: Georgia Power appears to be competing with the wind industry in output of “smoke and mirrors.” The EPA is a good example why a government regulatory agency should not be responsible for the contracting and evaluation of science. Georgia Power may be a good reason why a regulated industry should not the responsible for the construction of power plants. The entire industry suffers when cost overruns become commonplace.]

Alternative, Green (“Clean”) Solar and Wind

Wind Industry: Killing 200,000 birds per year is ‘most benign’

By Steve Malloy, Junk Science, Mar 27, 2013


ExxonMobil paid $3.1 million for the deaths of 85 birds in 2009. On that scale, the wind industry should pay $7.3 billion annually.

U.S. and China waste billions on solar panel race

By Tim Carney, Washington Examiner, Mar 24, 2013


Using fluctuating wind power

By Staff Writers, Washington DC (SPX), Mar 27, 2013


[SEPP Comment: More added costs.]

Is The Sky The Limit For Wind Power?

By Christopher Joyce, NPR, Mar 27, 2013


Bosch abandons solar energy

By Ludwig Burger and Hendrik Sackmann, International Business Times, Mar 22, 2013 [H/t GWPF] Mar 22, 2013


[SEPP Comment: The subsidies were not enough.]

Alternative, Green (“Clean”) Vehicles

Batteries, the Achilles Heel

By Donn Dears, Power for USA, Mar 29, 2013


[SEPP Comment: Relearning that which was known 100 years ago.]

California Dreaming

Solterra Offers 100 Percent Solar Power Apartments

By Staff Writers, San Diego CA (SPX), Mar 27, 2013


[SEPP Comment: The fine print in the lease contracts will be interesting.]

Health, Energy, and Climate

It’s the cold, not global warming, that we should be worried about

No one seems upset that in modern Britain, old people are freezing to death as hidden taxes make fuel more expensive

By Fraser Nelson, Telegraph, UK, Mar 28, 2013 [H/t GWPF]


Speaking of the Children

By Donna Laframboise, NFC, Mar 26, 2013


Oh Mann!

Opinion: Life as a Target

Attacks on my work aimed at undermining climate change science have turned me into a public figure. I have come to embrace that role.

By Michael E. Mann, The Scientist, Mar 27, 2013


[SEPP Comment: See link immediately below and Monckton’s comments under Other News That May Be of Interest.]

Michael Mann pretends to be an involuntary ‘public figure’; Posturing for libel suit filed against Steyn, CEI?

By Steven Malloy, Junkscience, Mar 27, 2013


The descent of Mann’s legal standing

By Rob Ricket, WUWT, Mar 27, 2013


[SEPP Comment: Mann’s foot-in-the-mouth disease.]

How We Know the ‘Climate Crisis’ Isn’t Real

By Donna Laframboise, NFC, Mar 27, 2013


Other Scientific News

Thin films of nickel and iron oxides yield efficient solar water-splitting catalyst

By Staff Writers, Eugene, OR (SPX), Mar 22, 2013


Scientific Peer Review in Crisis

The case of the Danish Cohort

By Dariusz Leszczynski, The Scientist, Feb 25, 2013


New discovery may allow scientists to make fuel from CO2 in the atmosphere

By James Hataway, Phys Org, Mar 26, 2013


No link to paper

[SEPP Comment: What is meant by excess carbon dioxide? Duplicating what microbes have done for billions of years.]

Japan breaks China’s stranglehold on rare metals with sea-mud bonanza

Japanese scientists have found vast reserves of rare earth metals on the Pacific seabed that can be mined cheaply, a discovery that may break the Chinese monopoly on a crucial raw material needed in hi-tech industries and advanced weapons systems.

B y Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Telegraph, UK, Mar 24, 2013 [H/t GWPF]


[SEPP Comment: It remains to be demonstrated if the new finds are economically recoverable.]

CO2 could produce valuable chemical cheaply

By Staff Writers, Providence RI (SPX), Mar 25, 2013


Other News that May Be of Interest

Opinion: Life as a Target

By Christopher Monckton, WUWT, Mar 27, 2013


Radi-Aid: Africa helps freezing children in Norway

Video posted by Jo Nova, Her Blog, Mar 30, 2013


[SEPP Comment: A bit of humor, artistically done.]



Life After Oil and Gas

By Elisabeth Rosenthal, NYT, Mar 23, 2013


How to survive a worse-than-usual allergy season

By Dr. Clifford Bassett, Fox News, Mar 18, 2013 [H/t Paul Redfern]


[SEPP Comment: Plant growth causes pollens, which result in allergies. Is the solution no plants?]

Climate Craziness of the Week – the new climate forcing

By Anthony Watts, WUWT, Mar 28, 2013


[SEPP Comment: Review of a silly editorial in the New York Times.]


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March 31, 2013 7:57 pm

Global warming has led to more ice in the sea around Antarctica and could help insulate the southern hemisphere from atmospheric warming.
A Dutch study says that unlike in the Arctic region, sea ice around Antarctica has expanded at a significant rate since 1985.
Published online in Nature Geoscience, the article suggests cool freshwater from melt beneath the Antarctic ice shelves has insulated offshore sea ice from the warming ocean beneath.
According to Richard Bintanja of the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute
So now its official that global warming will cool the southern hemisphere, I know its 1st April but as far as I am aware this is legitimate.

Goode 'nuff
March 31, 2013 8:58 pm

I came across something interesting, guess they are counting on something keeping the U.S. well away from default. Whatever that is?
Clean Edge – The Clean-Tech Market Authority
Download now to access the full report and all tables.
According to our research:
Biofuels (global production and wholesale pricing of ethanol and biodiesel) reached $95.2 billion in 2012, up from $83.0 billion the previous year, and are projected to grow to $177.7 billion by 2022. From 2011 to 2012, global biofuels production expanded from 27.9 billion gallons to 31.4 billion gallons of ethanol and biodiesel. Market size growth over the next decade is expected to be driven by added production, but also by modest price increases.
Wind power (new installation capital costs) is projected to grow from $73.8 billion in 2012, up from $71.5 billion the previous year, to $124.7 billion in 2022. Global wind capacity expanded by 44.7 gigawatts in 2012, a record year led by more than 13 GW added in both China and the U.S., and an additional 12.4 GW of new capacity in Europe.
Solar photovoltaics (including modules, system components, and installation) decreased from a record $91.6 billion in 2011 to $79.7 billion in 2012 as continued growth in annual capacity additions was not enough to offset falling PV prices. While total market revenues fell 19 percent – the first PV market contraction in Clean Energy Trends’ 12-year history – global installations expanded to a record of 30.9 GW in 2012, up from 29.6 GW the prior year. Germany remained the top market, adding 7.6 GW in 2012, followed by strong growth in China, Italy, and the U.S., which each added more than 3 GW. By 2022, solar PV revenues are expected to grow to $123.6 billion.
Together, we project these three sectors will continue to grow over the next decade, nearly doubling from $248.7 billion in 2012 to $426.1 billion in 2022.
Maybe they’re banking on Hillary Clinton winning in 2016?
U.S. Deficits and the National Debt – Council on Foreign Relations
During the 1990s, a combination of tax increases, spending reductions (particularly in defense), and an economic boom reduced the debt as a percentage of GDP and brought four consecutive years of budget surpluses beginning in 1998–the first such streak in forty years.
And the King of the Fiscal Squeeze Is…Bill Clinton? | Cato Institute
And the winner is….Bill Clinton. While Reagan did lop off four-tenths of a percentage point of government spending, as a percent of GDP, it simply does not match up to the Clinton fiscal squeeze. When President Clinton took office in 1993, government expenditures accounted for 22.1% of GDP. At the end of his second term, President Clinton’s big squeeze left the size of government, as a percent of GDP, at 18.2%. Since 1952, no other president has even come close…
Erskine Bowles, a co-chair of the president’s bipartisan deficit-reduction commission known as “Simpson-Bowles,” has called the nation’s compound interest burden one of the biggest long-term challenges facing the United States.
“We’ll be spending over $1 trillion a year on interest by 2020. That’s $1 trillion we can’t spend to educate our kids or to replace our badly worn-out infrastructure,” said Bowles at a recent forum hosted by IHS Global Insight. “What makes it doubly bad is that trillion will be spent principally in Asia, because that’s where our debt is.”

Fred from Canuckistan
March 31, 2013 9:23 pm

April fool? Only an outstanding Mann is possible.

March 31, 2013 9:27 pm

Please check this Reuters piece by Alister Doyle:
“Global warming is expanding the extent of sea ice around Antarctica in winter in a paradoxical shift caused by cold plumes of summer melt water that re-freeze fast when temperatures drop, a study showed on Sunday.”
April fool’s anyone?

R Barker
March 31, 2013 9:36 pm

There are so mony politicians deserving of the April Fool award. Where does one begin? Collectively the U S Congress is a very strong contender.

Pat Frank
March 31, 2013 10:21 pm

Thomas Sheahen’s article is a shallow analysis. Newton himself knew about deterministic chaos, indicated by his comments about the non-predictability of planetary positions over very long times due to unpredictable perturbational influences. Newtonian physics as pre-determining all things was a philosophical position that any deep-thinking physicist of the 19th century would have (or should have) dismissed.
Further, it was not Newton-inspired deterministic thinking that upset the 19th century theological apple-cart. That was achieved by Darwin’s Theory of Evolution by way of mutation and natural selection. Evolutionary Theory removed the need for any special creation of humans.
Evolutionary Theory followed the religious earthquake of 1831 when Adam Sedgwick gave his last address as President of the Geological Society. He said this: “Having myself been a believer, and to the best of my power a propagator, of what I now regard as a philosophic heresy … I think it right as one of my last acts before I quit this Chair, thus publicly to read my recantation.
“We ought, indeed, to have paused before we first adopted the diluvian theory and referred all our old superficial gravel to the action of the Mosaic Flood. For of man, and the works of his hands, we have not yet found a single trace among the remnants of a former world entombed in these deposits.
” Sedgwick’s is one of the great examples of scientific integrity. He dismissed a heavily favored operating paradigm in favor of refuting facts. His retreat ended the historical validity of Noah’s flood and undermined the truth-standing of the Bible story.
Sedgwick’s revolution was followed in 1838, when Friedrich Bessel used parallax to determine the distance to 61 Cygni. He found it to be a stunning 60 trillion miles. This was the first indication of the huge size of the universe and destroyed any possible idea that god resided in a heaven just above the blue of the sky.
So, the course of the 19th century saw the end of the Blble as a credible source of information about history, geology, or evidence of special creation, and none of that involved Newtonian Physics.
Dr. Sheahen also missed the critical point that Gödel’s theorem is valid only for axiomatic systems. Science is non-axiomatic, and has been ever since Galileo set theory firmly at the mercy of empirical observation and experiment. Since logical positivism is a philosophical view of science, it was not science itself. The demise of logical positivism therefore had no impact on the content, relevance, or impact of science.
If “It is impossible to completely separate the objective from the subjective.,” as Sheahen has it, then I’d like to him to reveal the subjective content of Schrödinger’s equation, or of the Nernst equation, or any mathematical description within physical theory.
Sheahen’s conclusion that, “Included in their strident atheistic position is the belief that we’re all just a bunch of molecules, and hence the entire history of mankind must be just evolution by random chance.” begins with a straw-man, and finishes with a logical nonsequitur. No thoughtful person, atheist or not, thinks humans are no more than a bunch of molecules. And even if mindless person did think that, it would not logically follow that our history is just evolution by random chance. Evolutionary Theory distinguishes humans as culturally obligate. Cultural obligation means we as a species are wedded to the growth of knowledge. This alone requires that human history is determined in large part by human culture. As most atheists credit Evolutionary Theory, it logically follows that they respect human inputs into human history.
Dr. Sheahen’s entire article is a facile apologia. And he’s an MIT Ph.D. in Physics. One hopes his contributions to SEPP are more thoughtful and less misguided.

March 31, 2013 11:39 pm

Perhaps Australians should ask Ms. Gillard: Is breathing polluting?
Shhh! She’ll want to tax that as well!.

April 1, 2013 6:20 am

I cannot stress this enough.
China and India are going ahead full steam but the UK is saying “We’ll see…” smh
Thorium is plentiful in the UK. We even have stores of it from conventional nuclear power stations as “waste” which is fuel just waiting to be used. Imagine that… using our nuclear waste as fuel… no more crying about where to dump it when we can use it and burn it in the reactor.
Smaller, cheaper, safer and abundant. 1,000 years of electricity security!

April 1, 2013 8:04 am
April 1, 2013 8:29 am

Pat Frank says:
March 31, 2013 at 10:21 pm
“If “It is impossible to completely separate the objective from the subjective.,” as Sheahen has it, then I’d like to him to reveal the subjective content of Schrödinger’s equation, or of the Nernst equation, or any mathematical description within physical theory.”
I agree, and in this context, the Bohm-De Broglie interpretation of quantum theory ( as opposed to the Copenhagen interpretation ) is interesting. It posits that the wave function never collapses and allows the computation of trajectories of single quantae during the double slit experiment (or any other configuration). It is computationally equivalent to other interpretations of the Schrödinger equation and therefore a valid interpretation, not “new physics”.
(“a many world theory in chronic denial”)

April 1, 2013 5:03 pm

Ohhhh dear. Another one bites the dust. One by one our heroes come crashing down to earth. First it was Tiger, then it was Lance. On Valentine’s Day it was Oscar’s turn and now
the WUWT associate SEPP is exposed as having links to americanthinker.com, an ultra-far-right bigot-fest. John Cook must be laughing like a dingo…

Goode 'nuff
April 1, 2013 6:49 pm

Canadian oil is spilling 100 miles from my home. This isn’t going to be good for Keystone. Sam Walton’s show poney at the shareholder meetings in Razorback stadium (Hillary was on the board of directors) is sure to get lot$ of backing now. I often wonder what this country would be like if Hillary had been elected instead of Obama or W for that matter. Best time ever in history to be a gun maker!
Clean up begins for Exxon oil spill in Mayflower | todaysthv.com
Two ducks dead, others covered in oil after Exxon’s oil spill in Mayflower | todaysthv.com
* U.S. environmental agency categorizes pipe rupture as “major spill”
* Exxon shuts Pegasus pipeline after thousands of barrels spilled
* Twenty-two homes evacuated
* Second spill in the United States involving crude from Canada this week

Goode 'nuff
April 5, 2013 6:49 am

If you really care about the life and planet God gave us, post the best and worst of this oil industry. Possibly they’re less likely to keep taking clear risk.
Arkansas oil spill: Timeline — RT USA
Friday marks one week since an ExxonMobil pipeline burst in the town of Mayflower, Arkansas, spilling thousands of barrels of toxic tar sands. Town residents say they are being kept in the dark over compensation and the cleanup by Exxon…

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