Beyond bizarre: University of Graz music professor calls for skeptic death sentences

[Update, Parncutt has pulled his page, the webcite link still works, 1:00 am PDT 12/24/12 ~mod]

UPDATE2:  9AM PST 1/24 The Parncutt page now gets a 404 “file not found” error, which to me suggests that University of  Graz officials pulled the plug on it rather than Parncutt, as Parncutt alludes to and expects the reactions in his ugly essay and was prepared for them. Based on his demeanor, if he had pulled it, I posit that he would have left some rationalization essay in its place. In the wake of well known mass shootings this year, I suspect the University of Graz didn’t want this PR disaster on their hands before it got beyond the blogging world and into the MSM. See below for the page that I archived using an established and accepted archiving service  – Anthony

UPDATE3: 5AM Dec 25th, Parcutt’s page has returned, completely rewritten without a hint of the ugliness of the previous one. It’s a Festivus miracle! I blame the airing of grievances. – Anthony

The bizarre world of AGW proponentry continues. I wonder how David Appell will react to this one? Jo Nova tells us of the latest climate ugliness that is beyond bizzare, and, even more disturbing, we see who’s motiviating this man’s hate. – Anthony

Richard Parncutt

Jo Nova writes:

Death threats anyone? Austrian Prof: global warming deniers should be sentenced to death

Richard Parncutt,  Professor of Systematic Musicology, University of Graz, Austria, reckons people like Watts, Tallbloke, Singer, Michaels, Monckton, McIntyre and me (there are too many to list) should be executed. He’s gone full barking mad, and though he says these are his “personal opinions” they are listed on his university web site.

For all the bleating of those who say they’ve had real “death threats“, we get discussions about executing skeptics from Professors, wielding the tyrannical power of the state. Was he paid by the state to write these simplistic, immature, “solutions”? Do taxpayers fund his web expenses? (And what the heck is systematic musicology?)

Here’s a quote from Parncutt:

“I have always been opposed to the death penalty in all cases…”

“Even mass murderers [like Breivik] should not be executed, in my opinion.”

“GW deniers fall into a completely different category from Behring Breivik. They are already causing the deaths of hundreds of millions of future people. We could be speaking of billions, but I am making a conservative estimate.”

Read the whole story here at Jo Nova’s place:


This is the ranting of a person who has become propagandized.

Reading Parncutt’s web page at the University of Graz it becomes clear where his delusions originate from. He names the websites “Skeptical Science” and DeSmog blog as his sources.

“For a reputable summary of arguments for and against GW, see skepticalscience.”

“Much more would have happened by now if not for the GW deniers. An amazing number of people still believe that GW is a story made up by scientists with ulterior motives. For a long list of climate change deniers and their stories see desmogblog.”

As his affirmed sources for his article calling for the death of climate skeptics, John Cook and Jim Hoggan now own this despicable ugliness. The question is: will they care? And will they condemn this or agree by their silence?

My guess is neither John Cook nor Jim Hoggan will have the moral integrity to condemn this man’s delusional hatred. I hope to be proven wrong.

Since his page will likely be modified or disappeared once University of Graz officials realize they have a rogue PR disaster on their hands, I’ve permanently archived the page here:

Richard Parncutt. Death penalty for global warming deniers?. University of Graz. 2012-12-24. URL: Accessed: 2012-12-24. (Archived by WebCite® at


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Jimmy Haigh

The man’s a lunatic.


With enemies like these..


No Graz for you!

His last (and only second) “tweet” is interesting:


Mentioned this before this article was posted but it bears repeating , does anyone have access to/know how to use the “wayback machine” web archive ?
I can see this page getting “disappeared” rather quickly from the university website , assuming it`s not a spoof site or a send-up
Reply: Anyone can access the wayback at, but there is no way to permanently archive the information there. It the professor above or his IT dept adds a no archive tag to certain text files, it is likely that the information, even if now archived, will disappear in the future. Even webcite, which Anthony uses, will remove information at the copyright holder’s request, but it’s a little tougher for them. Print a PDF and save it, or taking screen grabs is another option, but there is no organized or centralized repository for such records. ~ mod


Re: My previous post
Ooops , just noticed , already done


If Herr Parncutt is serious, it helps explain how otherwise intelligent people embraced mass murdering ideologies like Communism and Nazism.

Chris Tangey

You talk about the Professor’s “solutions”, I was wondering why you didn’t just go the whole hog and call them “final solutions”, a term once quite popular in Austria. Hmm…why do I have this irresistible urge to draw a little black moustache on his picture…..?


AGW fraudsters like Parncutt, HAVE TO resort to threats of violence. Otherwise evenually the public will catch on, and realise that these people are pedling a deliberate and planned fraud. These people know that there has been no warming for 16 years now, and that if this trend continues for just another 4 years, then the public will all of a sudden realize, that there has been no warming for “20 years”, and this was nothing but a massive, deliberate and pre-meditated fraud. There will be calls for long jail sentances for these (alleged) fraudsters. I believe the like of Parncutt, Hansen et al., now realize they are going to jail for their deception and the billions wasted due to their fraud, so they are now doubling up their rhetoric, in a last ditch effort to convince anyone who listen.

Pablo an ex Pat

I am sorry Herr Professor but you premise is badly out of kilter with reality. The delusional people are not the science skeptiks but those who assert that the science is settled. Science is never settled. It is a subject for constant debate. to paraphrase Einstien said when the Nazi’s presented a book in which 100 eminent scientists said he was wrong “If I was wrong it would have taken only one to prove it”
Just because you believe that 1 x X = Y does not mean that all agree that your assumption that the number you have assumes = X is correct. If the assumed number for X is incorrect then the entire equation is suspect. It would appear more and more obvious that the X assumed by the IPCC and their cohorts with respect to Climate Forcing Mechanisms is incorrect. So if that is so then who, in the face of evidential proof, would be the “denier” then ?


Does John Gummer (UK politician) realise Parncutt cites The World Future Council as his inspiration? Gummer is a WFC member – listed on their website.


True believers of almost any stripe have the potential for great violence. As the models and reality diverge, the warmistas become more strident and shrill. This nutbar seems like a bad joke, but there are enough noble cause tyrants out there that the AGW “debate” could turn even uglier. Very scary.


I sent the following email to the university:
Dear Sirs,
I am astonished that you allow professor Parncutt to use your web site to advocate the violence of capital punishment against scientists who express opinions with which he disagrees. I thought you dispensed with this kind of thinking about the middle of the last century.
John Slayton
260 Sundance Ct
Azusa CA, USA
PS. I am a skeptic. If any of Professor Parncut’s have thoughts of taking it upon themselves to implement his program, be aware that I live in a country where citizens are authorized to arm and defend themselves from would-be assassins.

(Should read Parncutt’s followers)


wow so true history repeating itself. People becoming like Hitler without even realizing it.. must think more..


Funny thing for a leftie to say, considering that socialism, in all of its guises, has been the greatest single cause of death of man. To them, a 100 Million deaths here and there does not matter as long as the cause is right. Now they want to condemn mankind to a future of poverty and death to satisfy their lust for power.


I would say it was unbelievable, but it’s completely par. Those who don’t SAY this are actually thinking it. The thought, the very idea, that they might be wrong, or their assessment could be in error, never even seriously enters their heads. It jars them that others find their conclusions to be wrong. I’m certain that AGW believers are as convinced of their rightness as ANY religious fanatic.
And really, that’s what it is about. Religion. It has been centuries since any Christians seriously believed that nonbelievers should be killed, and, well Islam still seems to encourage the belief. And always, the same who mock and deride religion are completely unaware that they are in the grips of the replacement.
“Progressives” should be proud of what they have created. The success rate is staggering. Mr Hilter invaded Europe with a lower percentage of “true believers” and a higher percentage dragged unwilling into the pointless world-changing battle. The futility of both, however, is equal.
(For anyone keeping track, YES I’ve referenced both religion and Nazism in the same post, and YES I believe AGW believers and crusaders are completely identical in mindset, and will have equally or greater destructive results to civilization)

Steve C

What a poisonous little piece of propagandism. Used to be you had to lift the stone to see such creatures scuttling around. I wish our musical Prof a happy, Stockhausen-filled Christmas.



Sceptic lank

Hitler’s informative years were spent in Graz. Many of his relatives lived there. I suspect the Professor may be waving the family flag. Open the door of the Graz asylum please. Let him in and close it….Quickly!


Shorter version: “I am a neurotic beta male nerd and wish to take out my frustrated vengeance upon the world. I will construct a white knight fallacy and revenge fallacy to insulate myself from my own deep seated self loathing. “

Well we had English ‘luvvies’ and the bird from the X-files detonating children who didn’t believe in Global Warming, now we have a music academic….seems to me like the less one understands the science the more extreme one’s beliefs.


Greetings from comrade Lysenko!


Another Lewandowsky. Why are there so many unhinged Australian (He was born and educated-indoctrinated in Australia) ‘professors’?

Peter Miller

At last, someone who makes Mann look good in comparison.


An apology to my fellow Antipodeans.
Lewandowsky is an American import.


funny – austrian calls for death penalty for people that don’t agree with him!
Totalitarianism is alive and well in Graz just wearing a different hat.


Time to stop calling things by their politically correct names. Thanks to some forgotten soul on this blog some days ago, the correct appelation for such creatures is “warmunists.” L

Parncutt is now officially off my Christmas card list.


They loose thier religion!
They went allin with the argument and belife that they had the science behind thier mathusian domesday religion. Now when its totally clear thet thier “science” is pure junnkscienca and they cant win any scientific debate this is whats left for them stupid hate from loosing. From riding on high horses they are now down in the mud and know that we are laughing at them. They all ready hated sceptics just for not beliving in CAGW doctrine when we on top of that proove them wrong they jiust cant handle the situation. These are dangerous people but thank good they are loosing influence and power. The staggering numbers if fruitcsces showing them slfes within the CAGW ranks just make yu wonder whats wrong with them all? Totally blind evil fanatics.

So he’s supporting a petition – with 199 supporters – 999,801 NEEDED
“…GW deniers fall into a completely different category from Behring Breivik. They are already causing the deaths of hundreds of millions of future people. We could be speaking of billions, but I am making a conservative estimate…”
Just think how many millions of “future people” we’d have now if there hadn’t been a forced removal of 5 – 6 million European Jews in 1945.

Don’t blame it on Austria.
The fruit loop is from Australia. He’s obviously got a bunch of galahs in the top paddock.

Peter Dunford

As a mass murderer of future people on a modest scale, I have to say that it’s really nice not having to fit actual murdering into my daily schedule or waste time wiping blood off my hands. I’ve seen Dexter, killing people is WORK. This way seems much easier.
Only thing is, I’m not quite sure what I’m doing that Parncutt isn’t, apart from not expressing absurd views. Oh, wait….


He’s a Prof. of Systematic Musicology????! What on Earth is that exactly? Did he make this rediculous statement expecting the world to end Dec 21, 2012? Another attempt to de-humanise those who hold a different PoV. Sounds very familar!

I am a music composer. Therefore, I am as much entitled to my opinion on climate matters as a mentally disturbed musicologist from the parasite-infested Museum of the Past Glory, which is Europe. However, my opinion on musicologists should carry a bit more weight, shouldn’t it?
Composers write music — good or bad, this is for listeners to decide. Musicians perform it — some are excellent, the others awful — this, again, is for the audience to decide. There are music teachers; some of them are useful. A good music teacher is usually an old person, a former successful professional performer; he demonstrates many technical skills and explains, how to acquire them. As in any teaching profession, good music teachers are rare. Effective musical education is possible only in a personal setting (one teacher, one student; frequent regular classes; practical demonstration and training only, no theoretical idle talk).
And then there are musicologists… Historically, these were summarily despised by successful professional musicians. Musicologists are useless chatterboxes, producing nothing but tons of scrap paper. Ostensibly they study the way music is written — but they cannot write music themselves, and no music composer ever used their scribbles as a guidance. Ostensibly musicologists are “scholars” — but (excuse me for not mincing words) a prostitute on a street corner is more useful to fellow human beings than a scholar of this sort. Unlike a musicologist, a prostitute has to earn her living by doing something real, however disgusting.
A musicologist is a truly pathetic academic parasite. He doesn’t satisfy any social or cultural need but consumes social resources to produce nothing but endless blah-blah about works of genius, the soul and essence of which he is incapable of comprehending.


Another indication that cagw is a religion. This is a call to kill the infidels.

He said “People will be saying that Parncutt has finally lost it.” Yes you are right mate. As a matter of fact you are going to loose your job. Idiot!!

Ken B

Now where did the University hide that red button. Boy, its all in the warmist camp, the Gliecks, The Lewandowskis’s, I wonder what they will Cook up next. Its rather pathetic to see them continue along this path…… but that’s what happens when Flim Flannery and tricks fail, they don’t like the truth.

I can see Parncutt now, compiling his list. And then going to bed dreaming of his mass killing of denier enemies. Sounds just like Hitler or Stalin to me. See this is the real under current of feeling with the Alarmist human haters, this will be privately applauded by a high percentage the Alarmists . I mean they hate themselves for being human, and they are saving the planet, so just imagine what they think of deniers? Yes they would really enjoy the killing. It was but a short step for Hitler to Treblinka.


I would not expect anything less from this crowd…

It is considered “politically incorrect” nowadays to judge a person by his or her appearance.
I vehemently disagree with this groundless notion: much of what you need to know about a human being is written, clearly and for all to see, on his or her face.
Just look at this professor Parncutt! Look at Michael Mann, look at Joe Romm, look at Peter Gleick. What pathetic faces, what nauseating, poisonous expressions, what turpitude! These are people making their living by lying. Professors do it at the behest of powerful masters, manipulators of society — but of course professors explain it to themselves as a saintly, self-effacing work for a precious cause (incidentally providing them with very comfortable living at taxpayers’ expense).
How else? Don’t we all want to think well of ourselves? Little worms want to have a high self-esteem, too.
Professors, professional liars… They are at it every moment of their existence. Constant preoccupation with weaving lies and rationalizing them in more and more devious words leaves an unmistakable impression on their appearance.


Shocking! What a queer statement! Welcome back in a medieval world!But just have a look on this “professors” site and you will see from his bundle of activities and opinions, that he’s obviously not burdend with his job. A notorious “Well-meaning-man” and, as you know, well-meant is the contrary to well-done!

Gail Combs

I am not at all surprised.
It was only a matter of time before we saw this type of insanity raise its head. Lewandowsky set the stage, Robyn Williams of the ABC took it a step further and now Parncutt is sending up the next trial balloon. Each time another line will be crossed until we are afraid to mention our disbelief in CAGW for fear of physical retaliation.
Everything was supposed to be a done deal by Copenhagen, 2009. Now the weather is very likely to turn cold as they darn well know and the time to ram through the global warming treaties is slipping away fast. The IPCC report was let out of the bag too soon so they HAVE to come up with a way to silence us.
The frustration of course is not about CAGW but about the possibility of losing the grand socialist utopia the CAGW scam was supposed to usher in. The whole scheme of Agenda 21 and ‘global governance’ is being revealed for what it is. In the USA state resolutions against Agenda 21 have passed in Tennessee and Alabama and are being pushed in many other states. There is even growing resentment of the ‘Global Governance’ poster child, the EU. Everything is falling apart before it could be solidly locked in however with Obama a second term president there is still hope and they will grab it and fight HARD.
Be very very careful Anthony. I have already had one outspoken on line/e-mail friend suddenly disappear in the height of a political battle so please do take care.

The only other time I ever heard of musicology was here.

Um, isn’t advocating for death of those whom you do not like considered “Hate Speech”?
Isn’t it a “Hate Crime” to advocate for the death of those whom you do not like?
Are not “Hate Speech” and “Hate Crimes” something that most Universities say are bad things?
If you take his statement and instead of “GW deniers” put in Blacks, Hispanics, Women, Gays, Jews, Asians, or heck, even “White male”; would it not be found vile, unacceptable, “Hate Speech”?
Waiting for the Hardcore Globalist Warmers to ‘spain why this time is different…

E.M. Smith,
Generally, hate speech is defined as speech against a protected class. Unfortunately, while convicted felons are a protected class in my home town, Climate Skeptics are not, and I doubt they are in Austriastan.

James Allison

[We try not to post things like that ~ mod]

Please don’t rush to judgement. You might be discussing a delightful person, a cultured and considerate person whose mind has been filled with extreme views in which he believes honestly and deeply. There are many people who sincerely believe that humanity is threatened and separating into two opposed groups, in the same way that The Sex Pistols are dangerous to the sacred music of Mozart.
You are not going to change this person by insult or reasoning. You should not bother, for that will merely renew his determination to utter more statements.
Why not just leave it alone now and use the old adage “All publicity is good publicity”?

son of mulder

I shall stick with my pseudonym.

Nigel S

He’s got ’em on the list — he’s got ’em on the list;
And they’ll none of ’em be missed — they’ll none of ’em be missed.
Then the idiot who praises, with enthusiastic tone,
All centuries but this, and every country but his own;…

Adam Gallon

So much for Parncutt’s petition!
“Sign this petition
with 199 supporters
999,801 NEEDED”
After 5 months’ he can only find 199 Ecoloons to support it.

Adam Gallon

The link has goe 404 already!