Al Gore on Obama's failed debate performance – 'it was the altitude', not the attitude

I would not have believed this if I wasn’t able to see it myself. This bloviation even tops Gore’s “Earth’s interior is millions of degrees” comment on live TV. Watch this video segment from Gore’s Current TV: 

So how does he explain Romney’s performance? High altitude training?

And to think this man almost became president and is the most globally recognized spokesman for global warming.

h/t to Chuck Johnson




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Tim Walker

I’m so glad he was not elected president.


On a somewhat related note, Gore no longer sees green energy as a wise investment:

And yet they wonder why they lose the respect of ordinary folk.

Doug Huffman

This is not the first speech and visit to “The Mile High” by the current POTUS.
Do I recall correctly that aircraft cabins are pressurized to about 2 miles, 10K feet?

Al Gore, the man who gave up the Presidency in order to take the easy, lucrative post of Speaker of the House.

Anthony. We are all slack-jawed with incredulous amazement.
To think: He was a heart-beat aways from the presidency.

David L. Hagen

Some people going to 10,000 ft do experience <a href="altitude sickness", and some get winded at 6,000 ft over sea level.
While it could have some effect, I think actual track record, a much different preparation, expectations, and no teleprompter, made the biggest differences.

You can’t make this stuff up. Amazing.


we have our fair share of idiot politicians in the UK. innumerate, the lot of them. they understand nothing but emote a lot. it’s about time we had some scientists stand for parliament.


Please tell me he is joking, please, pretty please!!

David L. Hagen

See: Altitude sickness @ NIH (eg above 8000 ft), Aclimitization

Andrew Newberg

Did the altitude impact Obama’s performance during his acceptance speech at the 2008 DNC…in Denver?

Billy Liar

Does Gore lose his brain whenever he flies in his corporate jet(s)?
(Normal cabin altitude ~8,000ft)

Steve R

As much time as Pres Obama has spent cruising around on AirForce 1 lately I would think he would be well conditioned for 5,000 ft altitude.


I’m so glad he was picked as “the most globally recognized spokesman for global warming”.
Couldn’t have asked for someone more ignorant of actual science.

Maybe you should donate your president to one of the ‘low countries’. Is the Netherlands low enough?

Doug Huffman says:
October 4, 2012 at 8:42 am

Do I recall correctly that aircraft cabins are pressurized to about 2 miles, 10K feet?

On trips I’ve brought my Thommen altimeter, I’ve generally seen 5,000 to 8,000 feet. Some older planes, e.g. 737, seem to have a pressure differential control so that changes in flight altitude show up in cabin pressure as a smaller altitude shift.
Fly into Denver and your ears don’t pop.

Mike Lewis

Wow, just wow.. And that man won a Nobel prize. He should win an Ig Nobel prize this year.


“it’s about time we had some scientists stand for parliament.”
Not climate scientists I hope! Maybe some engineers like Burt Rutan.


It wasn’t the Denver altitude, but the cabin pressure in Air Force One during the flight from Las Vegas that reduced Great Leader’s mental capacity. Seriously, equivalent cabin pressure is nominally over 5,000ft in a 747 at cruise altitude,, so should this imply that the POTUS should make no decisions on national or foreign policy for.. what… 3 hours after landing? 4? …
2 hours just wasn’t enough….

Perhaps the intellectual altitude of the debate was too high for Obama? Seems that was the reason for his lack of intellectual performance.
No real news there, we have already had 4 years of observation evidence showing his limitations.
Remember the line from that old Clint Eastwood movie: “a man has got to know his limitations”.
Time for a change. N’est ce pas?

Jimmy Haigh

Gore. As thick as two short planks.


oh brother — what a load of garbage spewing out of his mouth.

Latimer Alder

I’m a Brit and I’ve been to Denver three times direct from London. Don’t remember any breathing or neurological problems when I arrived. The only thing was that the air was very dry and I needed a lot of lip salve by day 3.
I love Gore…he is the sceptic’s best recruiting sergeant 🙂

Is anyone here really surprised? Remember, Gore not only invented the internet, he was the first to declare that smokers were responsible for global warming!
Heh, his next production will be titled, “An Inconvenient Mouth.”

And what altitude was Romney at, pray tell?
According to Gore, we need to ground Air Force One because we cannot trust the President to conduct White House business at an altitude > 5000′ or air pressure < 12.1 PSI.

cui bono

Gore thinks Obama works better at sea level?
How about below sea level?


PaulH says:
October 4, 2012 at 8:37 am
On a somewhat related note, Gore no longer sees green energy as a wise investment:
Love this article. Telling an inconvenient truth. Thanks for sharing.

Al Gore…. America’s Prince Charles!

Is he sure it wasn’t The Gore effect? Is he sure Obama brain didn’t freeze from close proximity to Al Gore?

How can anyone possibly be that stupid? The altitude didn’t change the facts of Obama’s support for “picking losers” – he was in DC at the time. What’s his excuse in that regard?

Al Gore is the failed divinity student cum failed Vice President who supposedly was asked by Mother Earth to be the Supreme Gaia Priest . . . sounds like a character from a Mounty Python skit . . .

Frank K.

And now…a word from eminent climate alarmist scientist and Al Gore advisor, Dr. James Hansen, director of the premier center for climate alarmism science, NASA GISS:
Climate scientists are losing the public debate on global warming

Dr Hansen, who served as an adviser to Al Gore on his controversial documentary The Inconvenient Truth, said: “There is remarkable inconsistency between the scientific story and public story.”
“The science has become stronger and stronger over the past five years while the public perception is has gone in completely the other direction. That is not an accident.”
“There is a very concerted effort by people who would prefer to see business to continue as usual. They have been winning the public debate with the help of tremendous resources. Who knows how the East Anglia email fiasco came about?”

BTW – “tremendous resources”? He must be referring to WUWT!


How can anyone possibly be that stupid? It certainly didn’t change the facts about his support for “picking losers” – he was in DC when he did that. What’s his excuse in that regard?


Al Gore, a few fries short of a Happy Meal.


What a plonker! Only proves the axiom that you can’t defend the indefensible.
Obummer seems a nice enough.bloke, but you need someone able to think for himself and make the right decisions if he is to be a good president. I think it’s time for a change of leadership in the US.

Lar1 (@LarBren1) says:
October 4, 2012 at 8:54 am
Maybe you should donate your president to one of the ‘low countries’. Is the Netherlands low enough?

Only if we are allowed to drop him in a unused shaft of a abandoned coalmine.


old pilots words: “If you want to change your altitude, you have to chance your attitude.” About 20 years ago and old fighter pilot run an organisation to help kids back in society. Thats words was printed on his info-flyers….

Bearing in mind the US is the leader of the Western World from this side of the pond both Presidential candidates appear to be of a very poor calibre.

Chris B

If a small increase in a trace atmospheric gas can cause the oceans to boil, why can’t rarified air cause a president to freeze.


Let’s face it, we’ve basically been led by a tele-prompter for four years as “President”. Without memorized speeches or a tele-prompter, he’s a bit clueless if you get him out of his memorized context. I’d more like to know exactly who IS behind the tele-prompter and written speeches that wasn’t present at the debate last night, or even who is deeper behind the speech writers.
Watch for some method appearing off-screen in the last two debates that Obama can read and be queued from the podium and Mitt Romney had better mention it if present. Maybe his answers are queued by his ‘Black’Berry, is that why his head was always stuck down looking at the podium?

I hope that O”Bumble’s Team switches to using AlGore instead of John “Vietnam” Kerry for debate prep. Hilarity will ensue. It’s hard to believe that his podium was THAT much higher. Maybe it was the CO2 concentration his side of the stage?

A long time ago, I was a sky diver. The drop zone I frequented would occasionaly be visited by military types. One was a doctor. He told me that smokers (president Obama is a smoker) generally feel the effects of altitude at higher altitudes than non smokers (that is they adjust to oxygen deficiency better). I’ve heard that before (in mine rescue) and since (can’t remember where). There is an abstract here:
that seems to confirm this. So based on a smokers ability to adjust to high altitude faster than a non smoker, I’d have to say that Romney can claim that disadvantage. Note to Dr. Gore. Confirm your facts first. Please note. I understand that smoking greatly increases the probability of developing lung cancer and a number of other illnesses (just in case Dr. Lew is reading and looking for conspiracy nuts).


Al Gore has his head in the clouds.

Who knew that windbags are effected by the P-V-T limitations of the Ideal Gas Law ? ? ?
Solution: Move the next debate to Death Valley at -282 ft MSL….or the Dead Sea at -1388 ft MSL…or get the POTUS a Hyperbaric debate chamber….or….


Al Gore overlooks the fact that Obama had frequent altitude training when flying in Air Force One to Las Vegas, to Beyoncé and Jay-Z, to Hoover dam, just the past few weeks. Maybe he did that to prepare for the debate in high altitude Denver.
So, while his theory sounds interesting, I would counter it by saying – maybe Obama had too much altitude training and suffered neurological damage before he arrived in Denver already. Which would of course be another reason not to vote for him. Neurologically damaged presidents probably don’t work all that well.


Romney was there earlier, and perhaps he got some tips from John Elway who endorsed him.
This is not a totally ridiculous claim, as sports teams do have trouble playing in Denver.


Bob Mount says:
October 4, 2012 at 8:42 am
Al Gore, the man who gave up the Presidency in order to take the easy, lucrative post of Speaker of the House.

Ah, Bob? Al was Vice President. As such his job was to chair the senate. He was never Speaker of the House.

cui bono

Of course, with a few more years of global warming and rising waters, Denver will be at sea level. /sarc

Hmm… too bad we can’t arrange an outdoor debate in Death Valley in mid-August. There were some entire weeks this year where the daily high seemed to love being over 120!
– MJM, “If you can’t take the heat, get out of the debate!”