Friday Funny – Climate Olympics

There’s too many scientific sports to include in one panel. I was really looking forward to seeing Josh’s rendition of the 400 Meter Skeptics Hurdles.


35 thoughts on “Friday Funny – Climate Olympics

  1. 15.000 awarded to Josh. With no deductions. Could be higher, but these guys reduce the degree of difficulty. Unless they advance even beyond parody (they are close), which would result in a score of 18.233.

  2. LOL! thanks for the good laugh Josh!
    “I was really looking forward to seeing Josh’s rendition of the 400 Meter Skeptics Hurdles.”
    … and what about 3000 meters skeptics steeplechase track?

  3. Perfect rotation, feet together, toes pointed, and verticle, no splash entry. 10! 10! 10!. Had to throw the other 10’s out according to rules.

  4. Rock ‘n’ roll!
    I’m thinking Synchronised Swimming, though, especially the bit where they all surface, smiling and relieved, in perfect harmony. Yay the Team!

  5. Figure scating. One judge (Jones) leans over to the other and says “To keep that last performance out, we need to re-define a triple axle”,

  6. Arctic ocean canoe event was cancelled due to non cooperating climate conditions.
    And competitor frostbite.

  7. Dagfinn says: August 10, 2012 at 9:23 am
    “I know it’s not an olympic [sic] sport, but what about “America’s Next Top Climate Model”?
    Dagfinn, aren’t you aware that these are not ordinary, everyday models? These are super models, you know, the kind that are on magazine covers and are paid millions of dollars (aka grants).

  8. O/T, but Gleick is spouting same old nonsense on Twitter.
    “Peter Gleick ‏@PeterGleick
    Hot? Not only is 2012 the hottest year ever in the U.S., it is not even close. Brutal figure from NOAA. #climatechange
    You Twitter WUWT users should take him on. I don’t tweet.

  9. So much pun.
    Mental gymnastics.
    The marathon race (where the finish line is 20 feet away [well it is URGENT, we must act NOW] )
    Wrestling… with Steve McIntyre.
    Pole vault (over the high bar)

    • Josh, I hadn’t seen that one. Thanks. I realize the pun is too obvious to not have been used before.

  10. Also: the Rings of Collusion (another synchronisation event), the FOI Denial back somersault with a triple twist, the Uneven Parallel Drawing, the Springboard to Fame and a publication of contrary information event called The 400 Hurdles.

  11. Other possible events:
    Carbon Polo
    Message, or riding trick ponies sideways for the media
    News cycling

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