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People send me stuff. Today reader Eyal Porat sent a 1 minute video entered into this contest:

:23 and :38


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have to admit..writing or reading via kero lantern isnt much fun..
toast over open coals tastes good:-) but how many can manage to have wood supply or fireplaces nowdays?
and its the pits in 40c summer days.

No instead of reality, we get position papers pushing the concept of a “plenty line” for all. Cultural and economic suicide but at least the bureaucrats will have a reason to continue to jet around.
See page 4 for concept and page 5 for the “implications of the plenty line in the United States.”

How, cool! Nearly subliminal! A well done clip!

I was considering mentioning this video to you and the :23 and :38, perhaps in tips and notes. Glad to see that someone else has.

Hey don’t despair there is a hope.
Scientists claimed the accepted theory of an opposite force to gravity, known as dark energy, was wrong, and said the reality was that the growth of the universe was slowing.
Deceleration of time was so gradual, it was imperceptible to humans.
The slowing down of time will eventually mean everything will appear to take place faster and faster until it eventually disappears.
“Then everything will be frozen, like a snapshot of one instant, for ever.”
Gary Gibbons, a cosmologist the University of Cambridge, told the news website RT that the idea was not as absurd as it sounded.

Jimmy Haigh.

Pretty good.
On the other side of the “fracking” issue, a mate of mine, who is right at the coalface in the UK fracking business, sent me this link:

The reason there is “Natural Gas” under every rock that you frack is that Methane is a natural by-product of Earth’s variable fission process. The decay of higher order atoms produces multiple lower order daughter atoms. Therefore, one Uranium atom begets multiple atoms of Hydrogen, Carbon and Oxygen to produce “Hydrocarbons”. Peak Oil, along with Carbon Forcing and Green Energy are the trifecta of government funded science LIES to control all forms of energy.

Matt in Houston

Like the video. Nicely done. Succinct, simple and directly to the point.
Now the odds of the enviro morons and their tyrannical political leaders getting any of it?
We are more likely to be struck by a planet killing asteroid in our lifetime.

We also have Prince Charles yesterday going on about the short time we have to ‘Save The World’. Another prophesy that will fail like all his others.
He seriously needs to get a job.

Richard M

Nice plug for WUWT on the computer screen. Too bad it was limited to 1 minute. I’m sure it could have gone on and done a lot more.

Dave N

So much the extreme greenies take for granted; it’ll only be when they start going without that they’ll realise what they had.
Of course there’ll be those that actually can go without, but many many more who thought they could, but really can’t.


Slick, succinct, entertaining – well done the video-creator! I did not notice the “:23 and :38” before watching, but caught both screen views of WUWT without the heads-up. For some reason my heart leapt both times.

greg holmes

I see the young and gullible greenies are at it again. I suppose it wasn’t so long ago it was the ban the fur lobby, all we got from that in the UK was bloody wild (released) mink running all over the place. They live with Mummy and do not pay the gas bills I guess.


“Therefore, one Uranium atom begets multiple atoms of Hydrogen, Carbon and Oxygen to produce “Hydrocarbons”.”
Nope, sorry. Creation of carbon requires a star. However, as carbonaceous chondrites show, there was a fair amount of carbon and water in the early Earth, and there still is carbon and water in the mantle.

@ AnonyMoose
“Matter is neither created nor destroyed”. The protons, neutrons and electrons of a large atom necessary form smaller atoms during fission. Radon is an Inert gas that CANNOT form compounds and has a half-life of 3.8 days. For there to be ANY Radon on Earth after ~4 billion years, this gas MUST be manufactured as a fission by-product. This is the simplest of endless number of examples, for more see [or the Geo-Nuclear tab at my website]


I liked it; so I “liked” it. If many WUWTers do the same it will perhaps go viral!
Antikudos to the antifrakkers in Britland highlighted by Jimmy Haigh. A more appropriate form of protest would be a candlelight vigil– with nonpetrol-based candles, of course.


To reduce my bills for electricity, I spent £543 on 18 LED downlighters; each 4 watt bulb delivers the light equivalent of a 35 watt halogen bulb. Whilst paying for only 72 watts instead of 630 watts per hour for illumination is good, as well as not having the trouble of replacing bulbs that are good for 40,000 hours, I also have now realised that I shall not live long enough to justify the expense.
On the whole, it’s better to be selfish. I spent most of my money on wine, women and song and then wasted the rest.

Tom G(ologist)

Wish I could watch it – I am a FaceBook ex-pat and won’t re-enlist. If there is a way to view without being a FB user, I would love to see it. For those interested, I invite you to read the post “Frick and Frac” on my blog: I think it is about the fourth post down the page if you scroll past a couple others


Nice plug !! Great vid all around

Thanks, everyone for being so kind about my little video. If any of you would like to vote for it in the competition you’ll need to go via Facebook.
Here’s the link to the competition :
There are othe entries which are wrth looking at too.

I’m actually quite humbled. It featured yesterday in a blog by Donna LaFramboise
( and today it’s on WUWT!
I wonder if Mr Romm would be interested . . .

Billy Liar

Ralph Tittley says:
June 18, 2012 at 11:08 am
Very nicely shot and good music too!

Harold Pierce Jr

This is nonsense! Uranium decays by emission of alpha particles which form helium. The end product from the uranium decay series is lead.
A possible reaction that produces methane is:
CO2 + 2OH2 + 3S —> CH4 + 3SO2
Also possible is:
CO2 + 2OH2 + 2Fe —> CH4 + 2Fe2O3

Tom G(ologist)

Thanks for the link to Donna’s site so I could watch it sans facebooking it. Great video. Succinct and powerful. Everyone should watch this one. I will pass along the link to all of my contacts.

Truly awesome video, excellent work!
Oh, and encore! encore!

Thanks for the mention! We hope all of your readers enter our contest. It’s not too late!